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When Sailor Meets Dragon
Chapter 9
By Jorge Carreras

Last time, we saw (or rather imagined this is a fanfic not a video) Queen Beryl collect Klapto and Nicto. While unimpressed with their Powers or lack thereof, Beryl, Metallica, and Li were quite impressed by the rumors of a vast army of 'invincible' skeleton warriors. They were on course to the world where Baron Dark and his minions still continue to battle Prince Lightstar and his merry band of rebels over the fate of the Lightstar Crystal, though noone on the ship, not even Klapto or Nicto knows about this crystal. (The series was cancelled without conclusion so there was no clear winner.) This voyage will doubtless take some time, so back to the ship holding Buulma, The DBZ gang, and the Sailor scouts, as well as Chad.

Vegita:"Mr, Narrator. I do have a bone to pick with you."

Jorge:"Yes, Vegita. What is it?"

Vegita:"My name is spelled V-E-G-E-T-A, not V-E-G-I-T-A. I'd appreciate it if you correct this spelling error from now on. I'd hate to see you blasted."

Vegeta then begins to power up a fireball in his right hand.

Jorge:"Ok, Vegeta. Thanks for bringing that to my attention."

Vegeta:"Good. You may continue the story now, without further protest from me. Assuming of course you don't mess with me again."

Jorge:"I get the point."

Goku:"Um. Vegeta, who are you talking to?"

Vegeta:"You couldn't handle it."

Rei:"I think this Vegeta guy might be losing it."

King Kai:"I resent that Rei. It's not unusual for disembodied voices to talk to you here."

Rei:"Oh great! We've all just jumped head first into the Twilight Zone!"

Luna:"As if talking cats wasn't weird enough."

Serena just starts laughing so hard tears go flying everywhere.

Kryllin (thinking):"These are the 'great warriors' that are going to beat that Beryl witch? We're doomed. I just know it."

The ship with the whole gang sets down on Earth. "Welcome to planet Earth. Thanks for flying Capsule Space lines. Please deposit $1,000,000 credits to reserve your next trip."

Goku:"We're here."

The ship door opens and everyone gets out. Ami follows Buulma into the workshop. She marvels at all the new technology. "Wow! Look at all this stuff! I could get lost in here!"

Dr. Willow:"Buulma, it's good to see you."

Buulma:"Dad! You're OK!"

She runs up to him and grabs him and starts crying. "It was horrible! I was so worried, and there was nothing I could do about it!"

Dr. Willow:"Buulma! You're alright!" {cough} "Well, I'm glad to see you've brought some new friends home."

Buulma:"Huh? Oh. This here is umm, what was your name again?"

Ami:"Ami Minako" {bows} "Pleased to meet you, Buulma and Dr. Willow."

Dr. Willow:"My pleasure."

Buulma:"The rest of her friends and the gang is just outside. One of them is the one who drove the 'Darkseeker demon' out of me. She's the one with the 'odango' hairdo."

Meanwhile just outside...

Vegeta:"cover Gohan's eyes."

Gohan:"I'll keep them shut!" Gohan closes his eyes tightly.

Jorge:"Um since I can't remember the exact phrase you use to bring forth that ball of synthetic moonlight, Vegeta. How about we just summon it wordlessly."

Vegeta:"I don't see why not."

Suddenly the moon sphere appears overhead. The crystal Serena is holding does react, but very strangely. It brightens then changes shape. Suddenly Serena becomes a very different Eternal Sailor Moon. She still has red jewels on her odangoes, but her eyes are red instead of their lovely blue. Her white gloves are replaced by green, pointed claws. Her angel wings are replaced with reptillian ones. We then hear the voice of the Eternal Dragon emerge from her.

So much power in such a fragile shell.

This shall be the chosen vessel for my revenge.

The Serena and Sailor Moon you know still resides here.

From this moment forth until the dragon balls are freed

She will be known as Eternal Dragon Moon.

She will fight in my stead. Continue to serve her well,

And you will be well rewarded.

Great trials and tribulations await you.

Do not lose heart.

You, Rini, as her daughter shall now claim your heritage.

Rini transforms also, but now has butterfly wings. Her tiara dissapears and the Moon Crescent appears on her forehead. Her skirt now has a bigger ribbon, and frills. Her Moon rod is replaced with a powerful sceptre. Her hair also grows alot longer.. almost touching the ground, with sharp, steel points on the end. She grows up to be a full sized teenager.

You are now known as Super Nova Eternal Moon.

(thats litterally Renewed Eternal moon.)

your powers and abilities have been greatly improved.

Continue to honor and help your mother and the other Sailor

Scouts. Greater things than even this shall come if you do so.

Both Sailor Moons then power down, but the voice continues.

Rini returns to her normal size (otherwise Gohan's gift of clothing would be torn to ribbons.)

"Use this gift wisely, for it is my last gift to you."

The artificial moonlight suddenly dissipates.

"Serena, use 'Eternal Dragon Moon Power' to activate"

"Rini, use 'Super Nova Power' to transform."

"I can say no more. Fare Well, proud victors."

Goku:"That was the Eternal Dragon!"

Serena:"That was weirder than anything I ever experienced."

Rini:"Wow! Brand new costume and hairdo!"

Serena:"I suddenly know things I've never known before! Every memory I've ever had, even as a baby in the Silver Millenium has come to me. I know where Beryl is headed and what she's got planned when she returns."

Suddenly Ami comes running out, "Hey guys, come check this out! Huh, Is that Rini?" Rini's hair is still ALOT longer than it used to be. Reaching the small of her back.

Rei:"You won't believe what you just missed, Ami. We have a new Sailor Moon and Sailor Nova Moon with us."


Serena and Rini nod. "Yes, we've been...changed."

Setsuna:"Your Crystals! They're not shining any more!"

Serena:"They don't need to. The Eternal Dragon has imbued them with his life force. Untill the Dragon Balls are freed from Beryl, he will reside there."

Rini gasps in horror. "I've got a dragon living in my Silver Crystal?"

Serena:"Not exactly, It's far too difficult to explain. But he will maintain our crystals the same way a good tenant maintains his home. Now what were you saying, Ami?"

Ami:"Um, we're tracking Beryl's ship on Dr. Willow's computer."

Serena:"This is good news. I can tell you exactly what she has in mind however."


Serena:"She's going to attempt to recruit a large, and powerful army of all but invincible warriors to send against us."

The scouts all gasp in horror.

Buulma faints but Vegeta catches her.

Mina:"So what are we going to do!? Shall we try to catch her?"

Ami:"No. Her ship is far too powerful. We'd be crushed. And the distance is too great to where she's headed."

Mina:"Then what?"

Serena:"Fortunately, these 'Skeleton Warriors' as they are called have their own enemies. We should try to reach them. Give them fair warning if nothing else."

Ami:"That's a good plan. You really have changed."

Rei:"Yeah. That actually makes sense."

Serena:"Thanks, Rei. I know you're trying to cheer me up, but I have too much on my shoulders right now."

Darien:"Perhaps we should talk, dear."

Serena:"You're sweet, husband. Maybe later"<wink>

Darien takes the clue and leaves the room.

Serena:"Mina, we need to talk. I just learned something very disturbing about us. In the meantime, Ami should go with Buulma and Dr. Willow to continue Tracking Beryl and when you determine the destination, contact that world and see if you can reach Prince Lightstar, or even Grimskull. They're the ones who lead the rebels. The rest of you can go shopping, check out Rei's temple, and see what if anything of Tokyo we can recognize. "

Rei:"Um we don't have any money."

Buulma:"I've got a collection of Dino-Caps here they can trade."

Serena:"Thanks, Buulma."

Buulma:"It's the least I could do for the one who drove that demon out of me."

Serena:"My pleasure."

The scouts take the map of the City and Dino-Caps buulma gives them and head to the mall. Ami and Buulma head back to Buulma's workshop to get to work. Darien kisses Serena on the hand, smiles and walks away to chat with the guys. Serena and Mina are left alone.

Mina:"Ok, now what did you want to talk about?"

Serena:"This won't be easy for you to take, but we're twin sisters. Identical Twin sisters."

Mina:"Impossible! I'm from the Venus Kingdom, you're the Moon Princess."

Serena <Weeps a small tear>"True, Mina. Still, you are also Queen Serinity's daughter as much as I."


Serena:"We were seperated at birth. You know Queen Serenity would give her life for us. She already has so we could live again. She just had no choice."

Mina:"What do you mean?"

Serena:"It tore her apart, but when the Negaverse first attacked the Moon Kingdom, some of Beryl's henchmen broke into our crib and tried to take us. You were taken, I was left behind when the guards managed to drive Malachite away."

Mina:"That's awful!"

Serena:"Although, you are the elder sister, from that moment on. I was refered to as the Moon Princess, and was betrothed to the prince of Earth for marriage, just as Queen Serenity was."

Mina:"So I was originally to marry Darien."

Serena:"If the kidnapping had not taken place, yes."

Mina:"That's creepy."

Serena:"It gets worse. You were 'liberated' by the people of the Venus Kingdom, when Malachite was sent to attack it. The queen of Venus took pity on you, and realizing you were NOT a youma from the negaverse, and assuming that your parents were dead adopted you herself."

Mina:"So that's why I'm the princess of Venus."

Serena:"Yes, it wasn't until you first appeared in her court as the Princess of Venus, and we stood side by side that she realized you were her first born daughter."

Mina:"How horrible." <weeps>

Serena:"Yes, but she did give your 'mother' the Queen of Venus, Artemis, your Guardian Cat as your birthright. That's when the King and Queen knew the truth. Serenity told them not to tell you however. She thought it would be best if you lived your life without that particular turmoil."

Mina:"Then why are you telling me now?"

Serena:"This is not easy for me, but you need to know. If something, ANYTHING happens to me or Rini. It will be up to you to take the Moon Crystals and use them. To Carry on the legacy of the Moon Kingdom. I do not say this lightly. The battles to come will be fierce and furious. I do not know if we can handle it."

Mina:"We've beaten Beryl before! We can beat her again!"

Serena:"That's not what I mean. As fierce as that battle will be, it's nothing compared to what's going to come. I need you to be ready when the time comes."

Mina gasps in horror, and just nods. "I will always stand by your side."

Serena:"I knew I could count on you."

Serena and Mina hug each other and just start weeping.

Ami comes out and seeing Mina and Serena cry rushes over to help.

Serena:"Don't worry about us, we're just going over old times."

Ami nods. She doesn't understand what's going on, but decides to let the matter drop.

Mina looks at Serena and Serena just says. "The shouldn't know, not yet. Hopefully, they'll never need know." Mina nods in understanding. "Let's see if we can catch up to the others and do some shopping!"

Serena suddenly lights up. "Now that's the best Idea I've heard in a long time."

They run and catch up to the others. Hours pass, and after some furious shopping, they return with tons of packages of clothes. Serena of course is snacking on sweets in one hand while carrying her clothes in the other. Rei is overloaded with packages of clothes, and can't see where she's going. Chad is also loaded down with packages, though not as bad, and is acting as Rei's seeing eye dog.

Serena and Mina being twin sisters seperated at birth is the only way I could think to explain the bizzare plot twists in the Sailor Moon Series. As in the fact that the DNA from Serena's hair and Mina's hair is a perfect match in "Bad Hair Day." Why in fact Serena, Mina, and Rini are the only Sailors who have guardian cats. Finally this also explains why Serena and Mina have such similar personalities, and why Mina was Sailor V long before Serena became Sailor Moon. Unless, of course, the genetics of people in the moon kingdom are really weird, and the guardian cats of all the other Sailor Scouts were brutally slain in the battles with the negaverse and the Moon kingdom, and Queen serenity for some reason could not send their souls to the future to be reborn.

Now that the scouts have new clothes, and a new attitude can they handle the battle yet to come? Will Ami have any luck contacting Prince Lightstar and the rebels? How will Baron Dark respond to Beryl's meddling?

How will this all turn out?

Find out on the Next Chapter of When Sailor Meets Dragon!