When Sailor Meets Dragon
Chapter 8
By Jorge Carreras

Back to Goku's Ship...

Buulma finally manages to get free from the bed and runs over to the controls. After scanning them quickly, suddenly makes an unusual statement. "This course is flawless! I couldn't have done better myself! Still you should have let me try first, you blue haired twit!" Rei then steps up to Buulma and says, "Noone picks on Mercury like that, and if anyone is a blue haired twit around here it's you!" They suddenly start wrestling around. Buulma trips and falls on her butt, "Ow that hurt."


Buulma starts crying and wailing. Then Rei turns to Serena and says "She's as much of a crybaby as you are."

Serena:"Well, she's got your temper!"

The two scouts start glaring at each other.

Mercury:{frets} "Guys, can't we just drop this. Hey, Beryl's ship is turning!"


Everyone runs and looks out the window. Sure enough they see Beryl has given up pursuit and is headed elsewhere.

Vegita:"That doesn't make any sense. She had us beat. Now she's giving up? I don't buy it."

Goku:"Neither do I. She's up to something."

Gohan:"Umm, dad. Who are these people?"

Goku:"Huh? Oh. These are the Sailor Scout defenders of Earth, and this is their friend Tuxedo Mask."

Gohan:"Sailor Scouts? Really!? I have all their comic books. I had no idea they were real! WOW!"

Gohan runs up to each of the scouts shakes her hand and says her planet by name. "I never thought I would meet any of you. He whips out a comic book with Serena on the front holding her original crescent wand and asks for autographs.

Serena:"Hey, That's me! On a comic book no less!" Serena then goes to a quiet corner and starts reading it, then a sweat drop appears. "Mars, Do we really fight like that?"

The rest of the scouts go over and look, Mars gets a sweat drop too. The rest of the scouts just nod.

Jupiter:"Yep, you sure do."

Rei knowing that jupiter could kick her butt if she really wanted to just frowns and growls.

Goku:"Huh? I thought all girls acted like that. I mean all the women I ever met acted like that. Buulma, Chichi" <shrugs>

Gohan:{blush} "Forgive my dad. He may be a great fighter with a heart of gold, but he's spent most of his life in the woods alone. His manners still need a bit of work."

The scouts nod then quickly autograph the comic book.


Vegita and Goku:"You scouts know this Beryl better than anyone. What do you think she's up to?"

Mercury:"Since we just destroyed her eyes and ears in the form of that youma. I guess she's headed to get more troops."

Kryllin:"There's nothing out in that direction..."

Buulma:"Nicto and Klapto. Those weird, ugly, brain draining guys on that planetoid in the stellar wind. Or don't you remember that?"

Kryllin:"That's right. They read our minds and know almost everything we know. They could also project very beleivable, if not deadly illusions."

Gohan:"Yeah, but their fighting skills are lousy."

Mercury:"Well my visor could see through any illusion"

Buulma:"Don't bet on it. Those illusions are so real it even fooled my dragon ball seeker. As well as all my electronic equipment."

Mercury {sweatdrop} "Well, you seem to have a technical expertise at least equal to mine. So I'll take your word for it."

Buulma:"Yeah, I know. It's a curse. Gets me into all sorts of trouble."

(Considering Buulma, that's as close to a compliment as she usually gets.)

Jupiter:"There's also no way to tell what kind of monsters Beryl will create or find to send at us."

Gohan:"We should start training immediately. From what I read in the comics, and the 'myths and legends' of the Sailor Scouts you haven't had any gravity training, and neither has Buulma. Or we would do that now."

Goku:"And I've seen first hand that your fighting skills and power levels are pretty impressive, but nothing compared to what they could be if you trained under heavy gravity like we did."

Mercury:"Training in High Gravity? How high?"

Goku:"I personnally trained under 100 G once."

Scouts and Vegita:"100 G! Impossible. You should have been crushed like a bug!"

Goku:{shrug} (and I quote from the actual DBZ frieza saga) "Guess I have extra tough skin or something. How come you know so much about the scouts, Gohan?"

Gohan:"Mom making me study all those old books has its perks."

Sailor Moon:"Old books? This comic is brand new!"

Sailor Pluto:"We teleported from the past, remember?"

Sailor Moon:"Oh yeah. Silly me."

Mars:"Yes, silly you."

Mars and Moon:"PHHTRP!"

Luna and Artemis <sweatdrops>

Artemis:"Don't those two ever quit?"

Luna:"Not unless it's something really serious."

Sailor Moon:"Since we have to conserve our powers. We'd better power down, Rini."

The rest of the scouts nod and power down too.

Minako:"Gohan, did your books tell you why only Rini, Serena and Mina are the only scouts with cat guardians?"

Gohan:"Well, there were many theories, but nothing substantial. Although there was proof that Rei's crows are from her grandfather's temple, and are part of her priestly heritage."

Rei:"I was wondering where they came from. Though I'm not complaining. They did rescue grandfather once."

Chad:"Yes, it was when that Zoicite came. Those crows scared him off the first time. But not the second, when Sinsei was turned into a monster."


Goku:"Vegita, I was thinking. Can you still do that 'moonglow' thing."

Vegita:"Yes, why?"

Goku:"Perhaps it will recharge their crystals. It is worth a shot."

Vegita:"Interesting, but we should do it on a planet, and cover Gohan's eyes. His tail did grow back more than once you know. Especially since this ship is not big enough to hold a transformed Seyin."

Everyone just shudders at the thought. If the 30 foot ape didn't kill them. Explosive decompression in space would.

Gohan:"We should definitely start working our hand to hand fighting techniques. Since that is Nicto and and Klapto's weakness."

Jupiter:"Not a bad plan. I'll start."

Gohan:"I know you're the best hand to hand fighter of the group. I'd like to spar with you."

Goku:"Sounds good to me."

Minako:"Um, No offense, but unless you're alot stronger than you look. I'm afraid I'd wind up hurting you. Besides, this dress wasn't built for fighting."

Serena:"How long until we get to Earth?"

Buulma:"About 6 hours, why?"

Serena:{Fidgets}"Well I gotta, you know?"


Buulma:"Down the stairs and to the left."

Serena:"Thanks." She moves incredibly quick for someone in a wedding dress.

Minako:"Come to think about it, do you have any change of clothes?"

Sweatdrops appear on everyone's forehead.

Pluto:"Umm, we didn't have time for that on the way."

Gohan:"I think I got something in Rini's size. I always pack extra clothes."

Gohan opens his suitcase He and rini start rummaging through it. Rini picks out the cute Sailor Suit, Chichi always Pushes Gohan into.

Gohan :"It's you."

Buulma:"You'll have to wait till she comes out. This ship wasn't built to hold this many people."

Sailor Scouts. "I guess the rest of us will have to wait till we get to Earth huh?"

Serena. "Wait for what?"

Rini:"My turn." She runs and slides down the pole.


Serena:"Huh? Oh. You don't have to shout."

All eyes turn to Buulma "Oh no! First I was dragged on here by a Youma, second you guys aren't the right size. Nothing would fit."

Rini suddenly arrives looking precious.Serena suddenly does a double take. "You look sooo cute!" Serena grabs her and starts snuggling.

Back on Beryl's Ship...

Li:"We are approaching the planetoid now, Beryl."

Metallica:"You have both done well, Beryl and Li. Do NOT take me for granted; however, or you will pay!"

Li:"Of course not, great Negaforce. What would you have us do?"

Metallica:"I like you, Li. You show the proper respect. Proceed with recruiting Nicto and Klapto."

Li:"With pleasure. Beryl, if you would be so kind. Could you please teleport them to us?"

Beryl:"Since you asked so nicely, I will gladly do so."

Beryl waves her hands over the Dragon Balls in a rapid and complicated series of movements. Suddenly Klapto and Nicto appear before her.

Nicto and Klapto:"Where are we? Who are you? What do you want?"

Beryl:"I am Queen Beryl of the Negaverse! BOW before me!"

Beryl forms a huge ball of darkness and points it at the two villains. Not being total morons, Klapto and Nicto bow as she commanded.

Beryl:"That's better." The ball of dark energy dissapears. "As for what we want. We wish to make use of your 'unusual talents' to crush our enemies."


Li:"Yes we."

Nicto:"LI! We heard about you. Queen Beryl must indeed be very powerful to hold you in her sway."

Metallica:"Flattery will get you nowhere. At least not with me. Although, I do appreciate the occasional groveling."

Beryl:"We heard about your 'brain drain' and your ability to create deadly illusions and wish to use them to crush the defenders of Earth."

Nicto:"The defenders of Earth? Just so happens we have a score to settle with some of them."

Metallica:"We heard that too. Revenge can be sweet, but be warned. You will strike only when I command you or when Beryl does in my stead. Otherwise, you will not live long enough to regret it."

Beryl:"Now describe your talents to us. So we can plan the best way to use them."

Klapto:"We can drain the knowledge of any helpless or unconcious victim, then using that knowledge, craft illusions that are so real, they won't know untill its too late."


Metallica:"Interesting, but not very useful for us now. Beryl, return them to the planetoid until we find some true warriors."

Klapto:"Wait, we don't want to go back. Wouldn't it be better if we stayed with you?"

Beryl:"The negaforce was being generous. We usually 'dispose of' monsters who are of no use to us. I can do so now if you insist."

Nicto:"What my friend meant to say was, that if we stay with you we can lead you to a legion of invincible warriors."

Metallica:"Ah, now that is very interesting. Tell me more."

Klapto:<sigh with little bubble>"Great Negaforce, We have heard from other 'unfortunates' that crashed on our barren waste of a planetoid about an army of invincible Skeleton Warriors lead by a Baron Dark, I think. Although I'm not sure about his name."

(Note: Skeleton Warriors is a cartoon series produced by Landmark Entertainment. This series was canceled in its second season late 1995, and Landmark Entertainment seems to have folded. Though I could be wrong.)

Beryl:"Now you've peaked my interest. Tell us the way to them."

Nicto:"We'll be glad to show you."

Li:"Excellent! Since you've been so helpful, you get the honor of recruiting this Baron Dark for us."

Klapto:{Sweatdrops}"Sure, why not?"

Beryl's ship then turns in the direction of the planet where Baron Dark allegedly resides. Will Nicto and Klapto succeed in recruiting Baron Dark and his legion of Skeleton Warriors? Aside from the obvious, what dark designs does the deadly trio of Metallica, Beryl, and Li have in mind? Will the Sailor Scouts find a change of clothes when they reach Earth? For the answers to these and other questions tune in to When Sailor Meets Dragon Chapter 9.