Sun and Moon
by: OsirisPart 6

"So Derrick, what kinda readings are you getting from that thing?" Jason asked as he sat down next to Derrick who was busy getting readings from a small rectangular computer. It was twice as long as wide and on it were blue with green buttons. The five boys were sitting in a reclusive booth in a local restaurant.

"Hmmm, it's made from some strange material, it's not like anything I've ever seen." he murmured hardly registering Jason's presence. Derrick would scan the small glowing object and then would write down the readings he got on a small pad of paper next to him.

A giant sweat drop formed on Jason's head as he tried to grasp the calculations, "Why don't you just punch these numbers into the computer and presto you have your answers?'

"I can't," replied Derrick never adverting his eyes from his task, "Just scanning this thing takes up all the computer memory. I need to up grade this thing, I've tried my best to cope with it but it's kinda hard and it's not like it was in the best condition when I first got it. All the files had been deleted and I had to create a whole new operating system for it. Nothing too complicated, I wish I had the original programming, I bet then it would work a lot better!"

"So what time are the girls getting here?" Mark asked as he stirred his straw in the half empty glass of soda.

"They said they would meet us here at two, but I don't know what's taking them!" Peter said as he looked back and forth for the small group of girls.

"Well Lita said she was going to cook a lot of food for the picnic. She told me when it comes to cooking she can get a little out of hand. She'll probably need all of us just to get the food out to the forest."

"What about that weird writing? What's it say?" Jason asked trying without success to make sense of small symbols.

"Not sure about that either, I ran them through a data base of all know languages and they have no similarities to anything ever recorded!"

"Hiyeeee!" Serena said as the girls entered the restaurant.

"Hey Derrick put that stuff away the girls are coming!"

"So are you guys ready to go?" asked Mina as the girls casually made their way to the back of the restaurant.

"Yeah we're just about finished here?" said Keith. They all got up and exited the restaurant. Outside the sun was high in the sky, casting down a warm glow on Tokyo. It was the perfect day for a picnic warm yet not so that it was uncomfortable.

"So, where exactly is this place you're taking us?" asked Jason as the small group walked down the road and away from mainstream Tokyo.

"Oh it's this wicked spot just out side of town, it's a little grove that's great for picnics. There's a trail that winds through the woods, a really cool river that runs down from the mountains and just east of it are some really awesom cliffs. The view is spectacular!" Mina said very excited about the excursion.

"The cliffs..." Serena thought to herself, "am I really ready to see that place again?" Only a few months before she had found herself falling over those same cliffs into a black horrible darkness worse than the unseeing void of night. Mina had brought up the idea two nights ago; she had totally forgotten what had happened there. Ironically Raye brought it up, she usually being the one to hurt Serena's feelings was now looking out for them. Yet despite their suggestion to forget it, she had reassured them it was ok. Despite Mina's guilty conscious for bringing it up, she made them see it was all right and despite her own feelings of fear and pain she made herself see that she couldn't live her life in fear.

"I'm not going to have that place hang over my head forever, I need to face it! Good thing I have my friends with me!" Serena thought, looking over to Peter she smiled. Without knowing what she was doing her small hand slowly moved over and grasped his. With a little shock in his face he simply took her hand and continued walking. He couldn't deny it anymore he had feelings for her, feelings that he guessed were unrequited.

"Take your hand away!" his conscious mind shouted, "But how can I be so cruel, she doesn't look that happy today. Maybe she just needed a friend, self control I won't think that she likes me! She has a boyfriend, one that she loves very much!" Peter and Serena had grown pretty close the past few weeks, the rest of the group had also started to paired off nicely. Keith and Lita solidifying their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend while Mina and Jason were still only dating. Amy and Derrick had stood their ground that they were only friends, but any fool could tell that would soon change. Mark and Raye on the other hand were having a few problems, Mark was sure about his feelings for Raye, while Raye still found small things about him annoying. Both of them wanting to be the dominant force in the relationship and that often started fights between them. Only two nights ago Raye had a fit when Mark offered to buy her popcorn at the movies. It seemed the natural course of events would soon come about, all had paired off and he knew his feelings for Serena were more than that of friendship.

"Take your hand away! But I can't do that, I'm not a jerk. You'll be sorry!" Peter's mind said as he fought with himself, he knew in his own mind that he would be sorry. He only argued with himself in the third person when he was trying to deny his true feelings. It was only a matter of time before he would fall in love with her and as much as his logical mind fought against it something more powerful, something that lived in the depths of his soul, wouldn't let go of these feelings.


"So now Shu, Tefnut, you are prepared for your mission, are you not? You have studied these Sailors and are prepared for them?" Isis asked. She was dawned in a white silk gown that amply showed that she was with child.

"Yes my Queen!" Shu said her counter part remaining oddly quite. Shu was a woman of medium height with long blue hair that hung perfectly straight from her head. The back of her hair came down to her lower back and as it came along the forefront shortened; the only exception of this being two large lockes of hair that ran down before her eyes. She was dressed in a skin tight black suit that if not for the opening at the head would be mistaken for her actual skin. On her back were two large wings that were sharp and pointed on the tips, they had a metallic color and texture that reflected when in direct light.

Tefnut was a tall thin male, he wore no clothes having no need of them; his body existed in a pure liquid state. A column of water rose up to his stomach at which point it formed a abdomen and a chest. His head was human except he had neither a nose or a mouth. Tefnut nodded in silence to his queen. Extending his arm he blasted one of the zombie like soldiers. The soldier's body slammed into the near by wall and with a sickening crack fell down dead. A few seconds later, the body shimmered and disappeared; to fill the void each solider moved down one filling his space.

"I like you, if you succeed you'll definitely gain a higher rank!" said Isis smiling.

"Tefnut expresses himself through actions, only speaking at last resort, speech is something he finds insufficient to portray his meaning." said Shu smiling at her consort, "My Queen we have studied all there is on this Sailors and the previous battles that have occurred with them. We assure you, we will destroy them, or as Tefnut would put it." As she finished speaking she flew into the air extending a large blade that shot out from the back of her hand. As she descended it cut through one of the guards rendering his body into separate halves which quickly disintegrated in a shimmering light. As she landed she retracted the blade still covered in blood.

"Very Good, you too will find a high place in our new order. You both shall be notified when the next piece is found!" Isis said dismissing them.

They both nodded and then turned toward the other. Taking the others hand they both began to spin turning into a giant column of wind and water which twisted out of the hall and into the darkness.

"They work well together, a perfect combination, they compliment each other nicely." Osiris said coming up from behind the throne room.

"They do...they remind me of you and I when we were simply soldiers of Ra. So many long centuries ago, the years play on ones mind do they not." said Isis as she arose and took her husband's hand.

Walking to the wall they prepared to report to Ra. As the crack began to open Osiris said, "Many centuries will seem but mere seconds when we obtain the Eternity Circlet. Soon you and I will become eternal with Ra. Soon this world's life will be ours!"

Without answering she agreed and both of them walked contentedly into the light.


"This is a pretty nice place!" said Jason as the small group made their way through the wooded grove of trees. A small trail cut through the forest to a clearing. Surrounding them were large trees which were only beginning to show the change in season. The summer had over extended it's stay this year heading into the fall months. To the far of the clearing a brook babbled making the site an even more inviting place for a picnic.

Lita took out a large red and white blanket from the picnic basket and passed it to Amy and Derrick. Each taking an end they unfolded it and spread it down on the ground.

"So how can we help?" asked Mark.

"Actually why don't you go check the place out? I think the four of us are more than enough to set out the food!" said Mina reffering to herself, Lita, Jason and Keith. Mina sat down on the blanket and began to peak into the picnic basket.. She was wearing a bright yellow dress which shone brightly in the sun.

"Are you sure it looks like there's a lot there?" offered Derrick.

"Sorry about that, I got a little out of hand when I started cooking, but there's a lot of us here so it should be just enough." Lita said blushing slightly.

"A little out of hand Lita, there's enough here to feed an army. We could barely pull her away from the kitchen!" said Amy.

"Hey I'm not that bad! You guys go off and look around, we can take care of this."

"Are you sure?" asked Peter, "Me and Serena can help, right Serena? Serena?" Peter looked behind him an discovered that Serena was no where in sight.

"Where'd she go?" Keith said looking around.

"She might have gone up to the cliffs?" said Mina her voice filled with worry.

"What's wrong?" Derrick asked.

"Nothing! I'll go look for her!" said Mina. Mina bit her lip slightly, it had been her idea to come out here. Regret filled her as she thought the worst.

"I'll go with you." Jason offered getting up from the picnic blanket.

"No, it would be better if I went alone." said Mina.

"Look Mina you stay here, I'll go look! Don't worry!" Peter replied, without giving her a chance to argue he ran off in the direction of the cliffs. Luckily Amy had pointed out where everything was before they arrived. Worry had began to stir in Peter's mind. "What was Mina so worried about? What could have possibly happened here?".


Serena's eyes slowly gazed across the horizon. She examined every bend and turn in the waves as she stood just before the cliffs. She stood on the edge where the grass ended and the stony towers began. The rocks were a soft brown which seemed dry and rough under the mid day sun.

Taking in a deep breath she stepped on to the rocky surface. Determination set in her mind she walked across the hard surface and to the cliffs edge where one stormy night only a few months ago she had jumped. The night blazed brightly in her mind, the way the winds pulled at her hair, the rain that beat down from above. The blackness that swam before her, taunting her, controlling her.

As she reached the cliff she sat down and wrapped her arms around her legs. Holding herself she looked again to the churning sea before her. The blue swirling mass roared as it crashed down on the rocks far below.

Still transfixed with the waves she didn't notice as Peter appeared behind her and for a moment he said nothing. He just watched as she sat and studies the waves, the horizon, the shimmering gold light that bounced off the water.

Saying nothing he sat down next to her and joined her in her silent vigil.

"You Ok?" he asked after a few moment.

"I don't know..." Serena replied still staring at the waves.

"What do you see when you look out there?"

"I don't know. If I knew that would be something. Something I could deal with but the not knowing is the hard part. What do you see when you look out there?"

"I see...I see life. Forever churning, changing, forever controlling, forever tossing you around without your say. It seems every time you think you have control something else shows up and knocks you for a loop."

"I think I know what you mean." "Is that what you see?"

"Sort of, not at all, maybe that's exactly it. I just don't know, I agree with you that I do see life but that's not all. It's like for awhile you'd just like to stop and gain some ground to stand on but life doesn't let you. Before you can get any grip on what you think is real something else comes up and makes you wonder is this what's real, is this your life or some dream?"

"It's like on your shoulders sits the weight of the world, a weight you didn't ask for or even understand. So much depends on you, and you don't know if you can manage to stay a float any longer." At this Serena said nothing, she simply leaned over and lay her head on Peter's shoulder. For a moment she simply left everything behind and was just Serena, no Sailor Moon, no Moon Princess, just plain and simple Serena.


"Raye, wait up!" said Mark as he made his way across the path of stepping stones. On the other side of the river a field of flowers lay. Raye walked slowly through the field admiring the beauty.

Looking back she exclaimed, "Hurry up Mark!".

"Sorry I almost slipped!" he retorted as he caught up with her.

Coming across some deep crimson flowers Raye gently dropped to her knees and began picking some. "This isn't like me!" she thought, "This is something like Mina or Serena would do. Maybe it's because of Mark? Do I like him that much? Some how I doubt that." Raye looked over at Mark who had began to pick some flowers along with her.

"Then again he is pretty cute," she thought to herself, "But if he tries to be the big macho guy one more time I swear I'm going to bop him!"

"How romantic!" said Raye as a couple slowly walked down the forest trail holding hands.

"Hey weren't they at the mountain climbing park last week?" said Mark as he recognized the couple. He was definitely sure they were there.

"I think you're right." said Raye passing it off as coincidence and continued to pick flowers.

"Raye." Mark said. Taking a beautiful red flower he placed it in her long black hair. Raye smiled sweetly at the gesture.

"How sweet?" a voice from above commented in a mocking tone, "We'll just have to do something about that!" A few feet above them a women dressed in black with giant wings blocked the sun.

"Typhoon Gale!" the woman said blasting Raye and Mark backwards.

"Stop toying with those puny mortals, we're here for the Circlet!" said her counterpart who had arose from the stream. Turning towards the walking couple he blasted them with a steady stream of water.

Only stunning them they fell to side of the path moaning in pain. Looking up at the two the young man placed himself between them and the girl. His face was filled with determination, he had no intent on letting them hurt the girl.

"Silly boy it's not your girl friend we want! It's you!" she said as she blasted the boy with a gold beam.


Serena's head still lay on Peter's shoulder. He was fighting every urge in his body to put his arm around her. He wanted to comfort her so much but he knew his heart couldn't take it.

Raising her head slightly her stare met his and locked. Her head slowly began to move closer to his as they both knew what was going to happen.

Waking them from their trance came came a loud crash which drew them both back into the real world.

"What was that?" Serena said getting to her feet.

"Let's go find out!" Peter said as the both took off down the forest trail. As they made it to the bottom they came upon the stream. Nearby a monster was scanning a boy with a bright beam while another did battle with a boy wearing red armor. A little ways behind him Raye lay unconscious.

"Damn not now! They're attacking, but I can't change here, Serena would know who I am. But I have to, I've got to help Mark!" thought Peter, concentrating Peter put his hand behind him in which appeared his sword. Having no other choice he held it high in the air.

"Moon Crystal Power!" The words hit the air like thunder and hit Peter almost twice as hard. Looking over at Serena she began to float in the air. Light began to dance all around her as ribbons tightened forming a sailor scout uniform. Her forehead began to glow brightly as a Tiara appeared. Striking a pose she was fully transformed into Sailor Moon.

"Peter I can't explain now," she said but before she finished her attention caught the silver sword in Peter's hand, "Where did you get that?" she said as she began to put two and two together.

"You're..." Peter began still in shock.

"And you're..." Serena repeated eyes wide. From across the field Aries battled with the water beast blocking it's attack with his shield.

"No time to talk, we have to help him! Pan Power, suit up!" Silver beams of light shot from his sword and wrapped around Peter changing him into Sailor Pan.

From the other side of the river the rest of the group were watching what had just occurred. Seeing Raye lying on the ground she went to her, "Raye are you all right?" "Yeah I'm fine Lita, I just wasn't especting the attack. Where's Mark?" she asked managing to support herself.

"Ahh, he's over there." Lita said pointing to Sailor Aries.

"What! Mark's Sailor Aries! And that would mean! And they're all!"

"I'm afraid so! But we've got to help them, Jupiter Star Power!" Lita said pulling out her transformation pen.

"Mars Star Power!"

"Venus Star Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!" Each of the girls moved amongst ribbons of light, streaks of lightening and bursting bubbles as they changed into their alter identities.

"Come on lets go!" said Jason as his bow and quiver appeared.

"Eros Power, Suit up!"

"Hermes Power, Suit up!"

"Zeus Power, Suit up!"

Shu's beam finally ended and the young boys eye's began to glow brightly, vacantly they stared up at the dark angel that floated before him. On his forehead formed the sign of the Eternity circlet and slowly it floated forth shimmering in the air. Shu reached for the third piece of the Eternity Circlet.

"Eros Blinding Light!" came a voice from behind her, a bright beam sliced through the air hitting Shu's hand and knocking the third piece off into the sky landing some where in the near by grove.

Shu looked down at her wounded hand, her suit and skin had been singed and a black substance began to ooze from the cut. Raising her head she said nothing, only staring sharply at the Sailor Shogun brightly clad in golden armor.

Raising both hands in the air she floated up wards. She screamed shrilly and with a quick motion of her hands she sent a violet gust of wind at the scouts knocking some of them down. Turning towards the grove of trees she went after the third piece.

"Jupiter, Eros, Mars, Hermes, after her!" Pan said as he got to his feet and chased after Shu into the forest.

"Moon Scepter Elimination!" Sailor Moon said sending a crescent moon at Tefnut. Moving quickly to the side he avoided it continuing his attack.

"Go, we've got this under control!" Sailor Moon said as her sailors hesitated slightly.

"Eros Amour Entourei!" said Sailor Eros as he shot one of his arrows into the trees and used it to swing through the forest. Following him Jupiter began to sprint into the woods.

"Grab my hand! We'll come around from the other side and block her path!" Hermes said to Mars.

"Hermes Flash Freezing!" Hermes shouted as Mars took his hand, in a blur of red and blue they vanished.

"Zeus Thunder Tornado!" Sailor Zeus said as he quickly performed his attack, the thunder tornado sped at him but Tefnut simply dissolved into the water bed disappearing from view.

"Where'd he go?" Venus said as the field of trodden flowers lay silent, the only sound being the babbling of the river.

"Keep your eyes open, he can attack from anywhere! If I'm right he has control over this whole river!" Mercury said.

"Aries behind you!" Venus shouted as Tefnut appeared from the river. Without time to retaliate Aries was blasted with a column of water. His body flew through the air like a rag doll, his armor giving little if any protection to the blast.

"Venus Love Chain Encircle!" Venus shouted as she formed a bright yellow ribbon which shot through Tefnut. For a moment a gaping hole formed in his chest, laughing as he looked downwards it slowly reformed.

"Damn, how are we supposed to beat this guy?!" Zeus said frustrated that none of their attacks were working.


Jupiter began to catch up with Pan who was still chasing Shu deeply into the forest. A short distance away Eros moved from tree to tree with ease.

"We can't let her get this piece of the Eternity Circlet!" said Jupiter to Pan as they ran through the forest, "This will give them two pieces!"

"So that's what they call it! The Eternity Circlet! And what do you mean two pieces they only have one!" said Pan.

"You mean you took the second piece! Why didn't you tell us! We could have worked together all this time!"

"We didn't know who you were! For all we know you could have been worse than them!" Pan said keeping his eyes trained on Shu who was slowly getting farther away from them.

"You could have trusted us! I mean we're both Sailors, we wouldn't have betrayed you!"

"Sorry but I believe in actions not words. Too often those you think are good betray you to evil!" said Pan bitterly. Speeding up he ran ahead of Jupiter.

"God what's his problem!" Jupiter thought as she too began to gain speed.

A few yards ahead the grove stopped opening into a big clearing. In the center of the clearing the Eternity Circlet slowly turned letting off an unnatural light.

"Finally!" she said as she flew forward to get it.

"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!" Sailor Mars shouted as she entered the clearing from the opposite end. The attack hit Shu straight on sending her slamming into the ground. By this time her skin tight suit had been ripped and burned mostly away exposing silver skin.

"There's no where to go!" Pan said watching Shu struggling to get up.

"You're surrounded!" said Jupiter as she too entered the clearing. In all directions she was blocked.

"Ha, you think you can defeat me!" Shu voice said muffled slightly by the pain. In a moment of pure concentration she stood up, around her shone a bright silver aura. Screaming out loud a surge of energy reformed her suit. Shu stood ready for battle once again, unfortunately her wings were of no use to her, they had not yet recovered but were slowly on the mend.

Spinning in the air she formed a dark Tornado which spun around the grove knocking down most of the sailors. All except Pan lay unconscious on the ground.

Coming out of her attack she slowly walked over to the third piece of the Eternity Circlet, she smiled at a job well done. As she stepped closer her look soon changed to that of anger. The third piece began to glow black for a moment and with a small burst of light it shot off high into the sky and out of sight.

"Where'd it go?!" said Shu with rage.

"Some where you can't get it!" said Pan now on his feet with his sword before him.

"The masters shall be mad, maybe bringing your head might make them spare my life!" Raising her right arm upward a long blade extended, "Come little boy and feel the taste of death!" Jumping at him she slashed with her blade, the sword met it eagerly. Pushing her away he began to swing the sword, each blow meeting with her blade.

Both panting heavily they stared at each other, each trying to guess the others next avenue of attack.

"I underestimated you!" she said, her gaze never leaving his.

"That can be deadly." he replied, the words struck her reminding her of what Isis had said.

Moving her wings she felt they had revived and had given her the ability to fly once again.

"This ends now Sailor Shogun!" Shu said, by this time the rest had only begun to come to and started to rise from the ground.

Flying high into the sky she regrouped for her attack, "Heaven's Screaming Wale!" she said her blade now filled with energy she descended swiftly on Pan.

"Excaliber Infinity Strike!" Pan said as he leap quickly meeting her in mid air. Both blades cascaded with energy and with a bright explosion both adversaries flew back and slammed into the ground.

Pan got to his feet and joined the rest of the sailors as they closed in on Shu, her energy now seriously depleted.


"I may know of away to stop him!" said Mercury, a lightbulb going off in her head.

"If he's made of water, then I can freeze him making your attacks more effective!"

"Go for it Mercury!" Moon said as she dodged one of Tefnut's columnsof water.

"Shine Aqua Illusion!" Mercury said created a wave of ice, the attacks surrounded Tefnut freezing him where he stood like an ice sculpture carved in a state of rage.

"Good work Mercury, I'll take it from here! Moon Scepter Elimination!" Swinging her scepter the blast hit the frozen Tefnut and he shattered into a thousand pieces. His echoing screaming escaping as the white hot power of the scepter momentarily thawed him.


The scream rang out through the whole forest. Shu looked up in shock and pain, still laying on the ground, as she heard it.

"Tefnut! No!" she yelled, as she flew off into the sky and back to the river.

"What was that?" Eros said.

"I don't know but we better find out!" said Mars looking back to where the scream had come from.

"Everybody hold hands, we need to get back there now!" Pan said, "Hermes get us out of here!"

"Right! Hermes Flash Freezing!" In a flash of color they vanished speeding off towards the river.


"Finally we got him!" Venus said happily as the small pieces of ice lay all around the field.

"Tefnut!" Shu said as she descended from the sky.

"Looks like we got trouble!" Aries said as he prepared to fight.

"Tefnut come back!" she pleaded holding one of the pieces of ice, as she spoke all the pieces slowly melted and formed together. Tefnut limped forward and grasped Shu's shoulder for support.

"Looks like we didn't get him so good!" said Venus down trodden that their plan hadn't worked.

"Not so fast Venus," Mercury said as she activated her visor, "My visor says he is only half as strong as before. Both of them are a lot weaker than when they first attacked!"

"Hey guys can we help?" said Jupiter as the rest of the team appeared behind Shu and Tefnut.

"Right in time, Jupiter!" said Zeus.

"Shu did you get the third piece?" Tefnut managed to say.

"Unfortunately no, it flew off into the sky before I could. I don't know what happened to it." she said concerned for his health.

"Osiris and Isis shall be mad, what will we do?" he asked, he could feel his energy reserves depleting. He would need to recharge soon if he was to survive.

"Let us destroy these Sailors!" she said bitterly, "Take my hand, Love, feel my energy!" Taking her hand they both started to glow a bright yellow and merged into one being, a silhouette of light rose to it's feet where the two once stood.

"El Nino Hurricane Force!" it said, it's voice composed that of both Shu and Tefnut. Raising it's hands it disappeared forming a great storm. All around torrential rains fell like ice, the winds howled beating down upon all the sailors forcing them to hold on to what ever they could. Lightening crashed from the sky burning the ground around them. The air was alive with rocks and rain. Flowers flew wildly in the tempest blinding everything in a few feets distance.

"We have to do something!" said Sailor Moon shouting over the wind.

"How can we fight this! How can you fight a storm?" Aries said, holding on to a nearby tree.

"Look way up there!" Jupiter shouted pointing to a glowing ball of light high above the storm.

"If we destroy that we destroy the storm and them!" said Mercury, holding on to Hermes who was using every bit of strength to keep from blowing away.

"The winds too strong! We can't use any of our attacks!" Eros shouted trying to use his bow, "It's useless, there's nothing we can do!"

"Yes there is!" shouted Pan over the loud winds, "If we pool all our powers we should be able to created enough energy to destroy it!"

"His Right! We can do it if we all channel our power into one blast!" Hermes agreed, his voice desperately trying to over come the winds.

"Let's Go! Moon Crystal Power!"

"Aries Power!"

"Venus Star Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!"

"Hermes Power!"

"Jupiter Star Power!"

"Mars Star Power!"

"Zeus Power!"

"Eros Power!"

"Pan Power!" "Unite!" they all said together. Each of the sailors began to glow brightly and the shimmering light of each sailors began to flow and spiral blindly in the raging winds. A storm of sparkling energy raged all around them, the winds picking up speed screaming through the air, flowers being thrown into the mix. With one last flare of power the winds went even faster and all the powers formed one blinding white light which surrounded the glowing ball high above, destroying it and ending the storm.

As it exploded the winds immediately stopped, the thunder and lighting grew silent and the rains ran dry. The storm ended and everybody got back to their feet and looked around. The beautiful meadow had been destroyed, the river was a dark brown with mud. It was clogged with branchs and torn flowers. Trees lay like blown down leaning heavily on each other and some had even tore straight from the roots. The field of billowing flowers was now ravaged, only the broken remains of stems were left in their place. A stunned silence hung over all of them as they looked around at the devastation. Only a hour before this had been a beautiful peaceful place and now it lay empty like a war zone.

As each looked at the other with shock and dismay, tiny sparkles of light started to float gently down from above. Like snow they drifted all around them and covered the entire field in light.

From the center of the sparkling dust appeared a small glowing orb, on which flashed each of the sailors symbols. Drifting slowly down it landed softly in Sailor Moon's out stretched palms. As Sailor Moon bowed her head the orb flashed brightly and a wave of light covered the entire area returning it to it's former beauty. Beneath them the fragrant field of flowers happily rustled in a small breeze, smiling warmly up to the sun.

"Are you ok Serena?" asked Peter coming up to her.

"I'm fine Peter, I couldn't be better!", she said smiling warmly, "We have a lot to talk about!"

"Let's go back to the Temple, we should get out of here before anybody shows up!" offered Raye as they all transformed back into their civilian clothes.

"It's looks like it's going to be a long night, I'm so hungry it's not funny! Let order a Pizza! Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!" Serena said becoming more like herself.

"Sounds like a plan! Too bad all your food got destroyed Lita." said Peter sympathetically.

"That's ok, I can always make more!" she said smiling, "It's what I'm good at!"


"They failed again!" Osiris said with anger as he slammed his fist down on the throne.

"And what happened to the third piece, Imhotep?" Isis asked as she placed her hand on Osiris' arm comforting him.

"It would seem my Queen that if the Eternity Circlet is not claimed and remains outside of the body, it seeks a new host to live in."

"At least those nasty Sailor didn't get it! Time and time again they have been a thorn in our side!"

"Do not worry my love, we will claim the Eternity Circlet and then we shall..." said Isis stopping in mid sentence.

"What is it Isis? What's wrong?" Osiris said, his mood changing from angry to worry.

"Nothing, it''s just Horus is awake. I can feel him moving inside me." she said her hands lay softly on her swollen stomach.

"The child is restless! Soon he shall awaken, and then take revenge on those damn Sailors!"

"Yes, this child yearns for revenge. Soon his silence shall come, and soon this world will be ours!"

"Come we must go report to Ra! He shall be angry but I am sure he shall grant us more time. Without us he has no one to retrieve the circlet, he has only to lose if he should punish us." Taking her hand he and Isis went to Ra hoping he would be forgiving.


"So you were all princesses a thousand years ago?" Keith said as his friend and he listened to the scouts tell the story of where they came from. They all returned to Raye's and were talking for quite a long time. It was night now and they had just finished eating supper. On the small table betweem them lay a few empty pizza boxes.

"Yes we all were princesses of our own planets, in a peaceful time called the Silver Millennium. Yet everything was destroyed by an evil witch named Beryl. With the power of the Negaverse she destroyed the Moon kingdom and all the other planets. The only thing left was the Earth. But before she could wallow in her victory the Queen of the Moon, Queen Serenity, trapped the Negaverse and Beryl. Then with the last of her power she sent us to the future." Mercury said.

"Wow, it's quite a story!" commented Jason.

"Our purpose was to rule over the solar system and guard Princess Serena. The Moon was the strongest planet and had ensured the peace for as long as anyone can remember." said Lita.

"So how do we fit into all of this?" Derrick asked, so far had heard nothing of them being mentioned.

"That we don't know." said Mina, "We didn't know there was any other sailors! The only other Sailor we know of is Sailor Pluto, she visited us from the future."

"So none of you have your memories from that time?" asked Peter.

"None of us remember directly what happened except Serena." said Raye, everybody's attention turning to Serena.

"Serena, do you remember anything about the Sailor Shogun?" Peter asked.

"I'm, I'm sorry I don't. I have no memory of the Sailor Shogun, I'm so sorry Peter! I know how much you want to know where you came from."

"That's ok, it's not your fault. But there still remains the question, where we came from."

"So do you have any information on this new enemy?" Jason inquired.

Getting up from the table Serena went to the door, "I'm going outside for awhile, Amy you can fill them in can't you?".

Serena opened the door and slowly closed it behind her. The outside air was invigorating, it's cool crisp darkness only bridled by the light of the moon. The trees rustled with a small breeze, the sound resembling a soft rain as it pitter-pattered on the ground.

"Are you sure you're all right Serena?" said Peter from behind her.

"I'm fine, I just need some time to think." she said turning towards him.

"Do you mind if I stay with you awhile?" he asked waiting for her response.

"Sure, I could do with some company!" Smiling Peter walked over and leaned against the rail.

"So you're Sailor Pan?" she began trying to break the silence, "I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself!"

"And you're Sailor Moon, God how many times have we been tip toeing around trying to hide who we were? I'm surprised we didn't figure it out sooner!"

"And you, you never once let it slip that you were someone else! You know I'm really sorry I don't remember anything about your pasts!"

"Don't worry yourself about it! Yes it would be nice to know who we were but just being Peter is fine!"

"It's not all that's it's cracked up to be you know. Knowing who you were before this life time, I mean. It's like I have all these different people inside me fighting for control. There's so much that I can't keep it all straight!"

"Well it sounds better than feeling like something's missing. I've always had this nagging feeling that I lost something very important a long time ago and until I find out what that was I won't be complete."

"I think I know what you mean." Serena said now becoming silent. Looking up she gazed at the shimmering Moon, long ago the positions were reversed and she gazed at the Earth.

"I wanted to say that you really did good at the mountain climbing park. I didn't know you had such power!"

"Neither did I, sometimes it scares me. I have such power for a purpose, what can my destiny hold? I have no idea, and that terrifies me!"

"If you ever need me I'll be there!" Peter said, almost rushing at the words afraid he wouldn't have the courage to say them, "If you need a friend, someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, a person to fight by you, well I'm always going to be there for you!"

Serena slowly turned towards him, his silver hair shone white in moon light. It hung down over part of his face hiding his expression. Raising his hand he ran it through his hair uncovering his face. Turning towards her he smiled. Softly he raised his hand to her face, gently he touched the side of her cheek.

"Thank you." she said softly, her eyes locked with his and even if she wanted to she couldn't look away.

Slowly his face neared hers and they kissed. Her arms wrapped gently around him. His left arm tenderly moved around her side and held her delicately. The kissed ended gradually and they both embraced; her arms held him even closer. His left arm wrapped around her back as his right hand lay softly on her head. Small diamond like tears began to bleed down Serena's face; tears of both sadness and joy mixing in one out pouring of emotion.

"I, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have, I can't..." Serena said as she pulled away from him, "I'm sorry Peter, I'm sorry!" Peter saw the tears in her eyes but didn't know what they meant. Turning she ran off into the dark.

"Serena wait!" Peter said running after her, "Serena wait!" he repeated as he caught up with her and grasped her hand. They both stood in front of the great steps before Raye's temple. In the background the Moon hung brightly, it seemed like it almost filled the sky.

"What's wrong, what did I do? I'm sorry!" said Peter pleading with her.

"I'm sorry Peter, I can't!" she said as she turned towards him, yet never looking him in the eye. She knew if she did she wouldn't be able to turn away, "I'm with someone and I love him!" The words stung like ice as she spoke them. Slowly he let go of her hand and both of them stood before the moon, like stone statues trapped in a scene of sadness.

"I'm sorry Peter!" as she ran off down the stairs and out of sight.

"I'm sorry too, Serena." he whispered as he stood looking up at the giant moon high above, "I'm sorry too."

To be Continued...