Sun and Moon
by: Osiris
Part 5

Amy picked up her bookbag and continued on her walk to Raye's house. For a moment her shoe had come undone and she paused to tie it. It was Tuesday afternoon and Amy was heading over to Raye's for a meeting.

"I hope this meeting isn't too long, I have to meet Derrick to work on our project." thought Amy as she turned the corner and began to walk up the long flight of stairs that ascended to the temple.

As Amy came to the top of the stairs she saw the rest of the girls already there, even Serena had oddly shown up early today.

"Hey Amy, got some major news, Raye's got a boyfriend!" said Serena running over almost giddy with delight. Raye had followed in persuit while Mina and Lita sat on the steps leading into the temple. Luna and Artemis soon joined when they heard Amy's voice.

"He's not my boyfriend, you airhead!" Raye said boping Serena slightly in the head with a colored rod which with they make wishes at the temple.

"Ow! Well he did ask you out again, didn't he?" Serena said rubbing her head.

"Yeah, well it's only a movie so don't get your meatballs in a knot! You wouldn't know if I was merring the guy the way you've been carrying on!"

"Enough you two, we've got a lot to discuss." said Mina almost laughing at the way they were acting.

"Let's have the meeting outside today, Grandpa's not going to bother us, he's out for the afternoon." Raye suggested as they all sat down near the outside of the temple.

"So Amy what information have you got for us?" the snow white cat asked as he sat down next to Mina.

"The computer finished early this morning I finished the formating last night and set it to search. It would seem amost 5 thousand years ago the Earth was ruled by the Egyptians. The central leader being a god-like being called Ra and under him were two rulers named Osiris and Isis. Ra was a creature lived both in the inner most regions of the Sun and on a place on earth where the Sun's fire existed. Something like a gate had been formed at that spot linking the Earth and the Sun. So the Egyptians had built a great pyramid around it to worship Ra." Amy said taking a small breath.

"How could a piece of the sun exist on Earth?" Mina asked looking a little confused.

"Oh I surmise that it was mistaken for a inactive volcano. This was only the beggining of the turmoil between the Egyptians and Moon Kingdom, all beginning with their quest for the Eternity Circlet."

As Amy spoke Serena's mind began to wander, she gazed into the flickering fire in the nearby room. She felt her eyes begin to glaze over and she let Amy's words take form in her mind. Voices and images filled her senses, she felt like she was no longer herself. Leaving this life behind memories filled her vision forming together like a puzzle the pictures before her cleared formed together to be one.


"So our contacts on Earth say the Egyptians are looking for something called the Eternity Circlet?" A tall woman with planem blond hair said pacing back and forth before a large window. The window over looked the grandios city of the Moon Kingdom. Only a child when compared to the other planets the Moon Kingdom had grown steadily and now rivaled even Saturn. She was the first Queen of this kingdom, after the clan wars she had united the people with promises of peace and thus they had made her their Queen. Unity and order had taken presedence over division and pride, differences had been settled and peace had began to flourish all over the planet.

"Yes M'Queen, our sorces say the Egyptians have sent out contingent after contingent of soilders looking for something called the Eternity Circlet. The cult of Ra has been busy expending much man power in it's search." said the man dawned in a General's armour.

"What exactly is this Eternity Circlet? Why exactly do they want it so badly?" she asked still gazing out the window, the sun was setting casting off a bright red aura across the city. The silver shaded roof tops and the crystaline pillars caught the light making the city glimer like light off the ocean.

"We are not sure, there are legends but none do tell of where or what it was. Some say it's a power source, while others say it was a religous artifact. While others say..." the general paused.

"While others say what?" she said turning at his silence.

"While others say it is a weapon."

"A weapon..." Queen Eve said with a sigh. An unformal peace had existed for so long among the planets; none had declared war but yet no alliances of a amiable nature had been declared. On many sides fear had broken out, just how strong were the other worlds, all it would take is single attack and the entire solar system would be set a blaze.

"Have all the scientists and reseaches you can muster find out more about this Eternity Circlet, look into legend and myth if you must. Often legends are based on a grain of truth. Before I take action I need to know if their is a cause. Keep in contact with our people on earth, I want to know at a moments notice if they are close to find the Circlet."

"Yes my Queen!" the General said going down on one knee, "I'll have the finest researchers get to it right away." the general added before he turned and left through a large door at the end of the room. The room was left in silence, Queen Eve sat on the ledge of the window her mind agitated with worry.

"Mother!" said a young boy running into the room, he had short black hair and his face was pugey with youth. Following him was a tall man with blond hair who smiled thoughtfully at the innocence of youth.

Getting up from the window she scouped the little boy up in her arms, "Hello Cain, what have you and your father been doing today?" Queen Eve welcomed for the distraction. She loved her son so much, ruling an entire world was dificult enough he was one of the few rayes of pleasure left in her life.

"Me and Daddy went exploring in the garden. And, and, and I saw a blue jay and, and, and I climbed the big tree near the gate and I could see the whole garden from there and and and..." Cain said with delight.

"Calm down," she said laughing at his excitement, "You can hardly talk straight!"

"And and and we picked some berries and and and and Mom can I go over to Joshua's house? We're going to have a sleep over?"

"I don't see why not? What do you think Adam?" she said smiling broodly.

"Only if he cleans up his toy room first." said the king.

"Alright, I'll do it right now!" Cain said jumping from his mother's arms.

"Stop running or you'll hurt yourself!" she said being unable to stoopp smiling at his exsuberance.

"Where does he get the energy?" Adam commented rhtorically, "It must be from your side, when you were young you never acted like royalty now did you?"

"Oh," she said laughing, "And what so called King Adam went skinny diping in the river of tranquility?"

"And who came falling in after me?" he said wrapping his arms around her.

"Those were the days, hard to believe that only 12 years ago we were mere children of the clans Luna and Artemis, now we rule the entire Moon. How times do change?" she said pensively.

"I saw General Asher leaving on my way in, what did he want?" he asked. Both of them were now before the window admiring the setting of the sun.

"It wasn't good news, the Egyptians, specifcally the cult of Ra, have began searching for an artifact called the Eternity Circlet."

"So, why is he so concerned?" Adam asked now understanding her delima.

"It's possible that this artifact could be some kind of weapon, oh Adam if the Earth does attack it could send the moon into another war. After all we worked for uniting the many factions of the Moon we might lose it all. The alliances are too new and fresh, I'm afraid if too much strain is put on them they might break up and start waring again." Eve turned towards Adam and lay her head on his chest.

"Don't worry, General Asher will find out exactly what it is and then we shall put an end to this non-sense!"

"I hope you're right!" she said softly.

"Besides you have other things to be concerned about!" he said, "How far along exactly did the doctors say you were?"

"Three months, I'm only beginning to show!" she said laying her hand softly on her stomach, "Another child, do you think we'll survive parenthood again? Cain's only four, he yet to start growing and we already have another on the way!"

"Only time will tell my love! Only time will tell!"


"So who made this Eternity Circlet?" Luna asked interupting Amy's monologue and breaking Serena from her trance.

Serena's mind began to drift once again as Amy began to speak the images took form before her mind slowly like remembering a midnight dream.

"Actually in the files this is a great mystery. No one exactly knows who made the Eternity Circlet. It was once believed it was never made for evil purposes but as a weapon against evil."


"A weapon against evil you say? How so?" King Adam asked. Month's had passed since Queen Eve had ordered him to gain more information on the Eternity Circlet. They were in the great hall and both him and Queen Eve were sat listening to this new information.

Stepping forth from a small group of three scientists a man with a short dark beard continued, "My leige, we've studied many sources, both in fact and legend and have found out that it was designed to destroy evil. The Eternity Circlet was a weapon made by an ancient Earth culture. It was a last resort if the evil could not be destroyed, they had no intension on becoming evil so they would destroy themselves to destroy the evil."

"A very noble gesture!" Queen Eve said impressed by the self sacarafice.

"Indeed, the Eternity Circlet was a weapon that would drain the very life force of the entire population. Yet the the strength of the individual who used it had to be great. The legends tell of a goddess who descended, the legend say specifially, "and so the goddess descended from the heavens bringing in eyes light and hope. Silently she made a promise that the evil would never win. A god willing to die for it's people. She promised that they would arise again and see a new dawn. Taking the Eternity Circlet born from the hearts and minds of the world she dawned the circlet and destroyed the evil." So the entire population died so that they could destroy the evil."

"So why is the cult of Ra trying to obtain it if it would destroy them?" King Adam asked confused about what power the circlet would actually hold for them.

"The cultists beleave that Ra wants to use the circlet to drain the life force of the Earth so that he may be able to pass from his prision. Our knowledge of the cult says that he is traped in his pyramid." said a second scientist.

"What would happen if Ra did escape?" King Adam asked.

"He would have the full power of both the Eternity Circlet and the Sun! In short he could combine the two and be more powerful than any other force in the universe!" said the third scientist grimly saying as he stepped forth.

"They must be stopped, for the safety of the universe they must be stopped. Contact the Mars and Venus, they will receive our message first. Send them all the information that we have gathered, the Moon has little defenses. If they should attack it would disasterious!"

"Have all the defenses on guard, once Mars and Venus are notified have them send help, if we do not stop them from obtaining the circlet all is lost! How many pieces have they left to find?" Queen Eve asked as General Asher entered the great hall.

"They have obtained four, all is left is the final piece!" General Asher said rushing up the stairs.

"We must move swiftly or all is lost!" said Queen Eve getting up from her throne. She was in the final months of her pregnancy and just arising from her throne was a difficult task.

"My love, you are in no condition to be co-ordinating a war, you have something else to worry about. Take Cain and leave on the next transport!" said Adam helping her walk down the plateau where the thrones sat.

"Adam I can't just sit by while my people go to war! I need to be here!" she said pleading with him.

"It's against my better judgement but I know better than to argue with you. But please take Cain and go underground where it's safe." Adam said worrying about his family, "I can take care of things here!"

"If I must I will guard our children, if this should be our last..." Queen Eve began.

"Don't speak like that! We will be triupant!" Adam said looking her deep in her eyes.

"Know I love you!" she said before they both kissed.

"Always!" he whispered in her ear, "Now hurry there's no telling how long it will be before they attack!"

Queen Eve walked as fast as she could down the long halls of the castle. People were rushing back and forth; soilders were rushing back and forth taking their battle positions, the help rushing underground. Passing through the busy halls she quickly walked up the flight of stairs leading to the royal suite. She entered her bed room closing the door firmly behind her.

"I may be the only defense the moon has!" she thought to her self as she went to the far corner of the room. Moving a picture of the Moon she pressed a small stone on the wall. To the left of the picture a door opened. Inside crystal walls shimmered with life. To the far end of the room was a small petastal upon which was a crystal.

"My mother gave me this crystal. I remember what you told me, the crystal's power comes from within. As your mother before you I will past this on to my first born child. But if need be I will use this power to save my people! Mother may God have mercy upon me!" Queen Eve picked up the small crystal, it glowed with energy as it lay in her hand. Deep inside her she felt the child move.

"My child, what of you, if I do use the silver star will you pay the price too?" As she placed her hand on her abdomen a loud crash was heard outside, the castle shook as the attack began.

"Mother!" came a small voice from outside the room, "Mother!"

"Cain!" she called with worry as she re-entered the bed room. Running over to Eve Cain wrapped his arms around her legs.

"They found it! Ra is free!" she sai placing her hand on the child's head, "Cain we have to hurry, we have to get underground!" Grasping the child's hand they both swiflty descended the stairs. Almost running they entered a large white room, giant windows covered the eastern wall, outside a bright ball of light was descending from the sky.

"Cain run!" she yelled pushing the child through the door.

King Adam appeared at the door just as Cain entered, "Eve hurry!" he shouted as the entire room filled with light.

"EVE!" King Adam shouted into the blinding light.

"So Queen Eve, ruler of the Moon Kingdom you have arrived at the end of your life. Bow before me!" the light said.

"Who are you?!" she yelled into the brilliance of the sun.

"I am Ra! God of the sun, ruler of Earth and soon the Moon!" the light boomed it's voice filling the entire castle.

"Mother!" Cain shouted from the doorway. Adam held him back but cain persisted trying to get to her witha ll his might. Tears began began stream down his face as did they from Adam's.

"Cain...Adam...I love you." she whispered softly.

"Prepare to meet oblvion!" the light continued.

"Over my dead body! Moon Cosmic Power!" Queen Eve said with determination as she held the cyrstal high above her head. A pink light shone forth from the cyrstal tearing away at Ra's light.

"Mother!" Cain shouted once more as he broke free from Adam's arms.

"Cain! Eve!" Adam shouted as they both disapeared into the light.

"Never again will you threten my people!" Eve said with determination, she could feel her strength fading. "Just a few minutes longer!" she thought entrapping Ra in his pyramid and sending it off into space.

"No!" Ra screamed feeling the pull of the crystal, "You will not stop me! A child! You will be my salvation and my vengence! Let my dark light touch your soul!"

"No!" she screamed she could hear Ra in her mind, she feel his light corupting the innocent.

Then with the mere passing over a single moment it wall all over, Ra's light was trapped inside the pyramid and thrown across the galaxy. Eve opened her eyes to see Cain crying over her body.

"Cain..." as she looked to her right Adam was there holding her hand, her body was so empty she couldn't register his touch, "Adam..."

"Eve don't die! You can't leave me!" Adam said holding the flat of her palm against his forehead. Her senses milding picking up stimuli sensed he was shaking all over.

"My love, protect...protect our children! Both of our children!" as she spoke the last of her breath rattled out of her lungs and she was gone.

"Eve!" Adam shrily screamed, his voice echoed across time and space, leaving the marble walls of a place, leaving the moon and back to Earth to the silent planet where Serena sat vacantly gazing into nothingness.

"Serena!" shouted Raye.

"Serena, Earth to Serena! Pay attension Serena this is important!" Luna said scolding Serena for her vacant expression.

"Serena you should be listening not day dreaming!" Raye said getting angry as she usually did when Serena did something wrong.

"Sorry guys!" said Serena shaking her head, "My mind just drifted off for a second there!"

"Well pay more attension next time!" said Raye.

"Will I start again?" Amy said in her polite manner not wanting to encur anymore arguments.

"No I'll fill her in on the rest later, pay more attension this time Serena!" Luna said.

"Well anyway after Queen Eve used this Silver Star, which I believe is Serena's Silver Crystal, she died. But the child inside her was surprising still alive. Queen Eve died but the child survived and they called him Abel. The information at this point is very jumbled. I can only make out some words. Betrayl, Banishment, and the word Wandering. That's all there is."

"So it looks like Ra is back and he's looking for the Eternity Circlet? We have to be ready, we can't let him get any more pieces!" said Luna enthusizing the improtance of this mission.

"What happened to the last piece?" Artemis asked.

"I'm not sure after those monsters were destroyed we were all pretty upset about Serena. I didn't see who got it!" explained Lita.

"Hopefully it was taken by those Sailor Shogun, at least that way it keeps it out of the hands of Ra!" commented Raye.

"Yes it's good that Ra didn't get the piece but we still shouldn't trust these Shogun. You girls have got to be ready if they should attack again!" warned Luna.

"By the way, what did you tell the guys after we disappeared?" Mina asked.

"Well Peter said that the guys had left briefly to go get something to eat. They said when they came back you were gone, luckily they never saw you coming out of the rest room as Sailor Scouts. Peter said that he had met up with them and figured that you went down the mountain trail out of danger."

"Good thing they did!" Lita said releaved they got away with it all too quicklly.

"You all should be more careful, now that you all are dating you have to hide your secret better. If they were to know it could be dangerous to both you and them, this Ra character would certain do anything to them to get to you!" Artemis pointed out.