Mind Trap
By: Osiris
Part 3

     Serena's still body lay transfixed in the hospital bed.  The walls
a pale blue that seemed drained of all life.  Outside the window the moon
hung quietly looking down upon the town.
     The room was mainly bear except for a few chairs, a curtain, and 
the hospital bed where Serena lay.  To the left of the bed was a heart 
monitor connected to Serena.  She was alive.  Her heart beat was slow and 
danced along with the red moving line across the screen.  
     At the other end of the room sat a fairly young doctor watching
Serena sleep.  Pondering what had happened to the young girl that lay 
before him.  He was waiting for Serena's parents to come and Identify if
it was their daughter.
     He stood and walked over to the bed looking down at her.  Her hair
was quickly dried and moved out of the way for the doctors connivance.
She had been dried off and was quite alive but still her skin seemed cold
and clammy.  Void of all life.
     He pulled the chair over and placed the back towards the bed and
sat down facing Serena.
     "What made you do this huh?  What could have been so bad to take
your own life?" he thought looking down at Serena's silent body.
     "What troubles or stress could have pushed you to this?  I don't
think I'll ever understand.  How someone could ever take their own life?
Poor Girl." he thought.  He got up and went to the window.  The rain had
started again but softer this time.  The brunt of the storm had moved on
and the few remains of the storm drifted silently over the sky and off
over the ocean.


     Serena's parents, Lita, Amy and Raye quickly ran through the 
section of the hospital told to them by the secretary at the front desk.  
Serena's mom had composed her self but still the lingering features of pain 
and sorrow clouded her face.
     "Hello, we're the parents of the teenage girl brought here
not to long ago.  Where can we go to see her?" Serena's father said in a 
calm voice.  They were positioned in front of the desk of that section of the 
hospital.  The nurse looked up wards and pointed down the hall.
     "She's two doors down the hall and on the right.  The doctor will
be waiting for you.  I'm sorry only the parents can see her now.  You
three will have to wait until later." said the nurse on duty.
     Raye was about to blow an artery when she heard this.  She was going
to tell the nurse where to go but Lita grabbed her elbow signifying to back
off and let Serena's parents see her first.
     Raye looked up into Lita's face and recoiled from her attack.  
Serena's parents moved swiftly down the hall as the girls walked into the 
waiting room.


     The doctor was still looking out the window when Serena's parents
entered the room.  Serena's mom immediately ran and hugged Serena's limp body
when she first entered the room.  Serena's father did the same but holding 
her cold hand from the other side of the bed.
     "I'll take it your her parents." said the doctor.
     "Yes, what happened to her, is she all right?" said Serena's Mom 
spilling out question after question.
     "The good news is that she's alive.  The bad well she seems to have
gone into a catatonic state.  Her body seems to not be responding to 
the messages from the brain.  It's a similar state that stroke patients 
sometimes go into.  We don't know how long it will take for her to recover.  
It could be a matter of weeks, months, possibly years.  She was found on
an east side beach.  The police speculated that it was a suicide attempt.
It would appear she jumped from the cliffs that frequent the shore of 
the eastern coast of town.  Someone was driving home when they saw her and
called 911.  There is however something else that we were hoping you could
explain."  The doctor walked over and opened Serena's eyelids.  laying 
underneath were the two black orbs staring vacantly off into space.
Serena's parents were startled when they saw it.
     "Has her eyes ever been like this before?" he said hoping to find
an answer.
     "No, no her eyes were never like this.  They were always a shade of 
light blue.  What caused it?" her mother said.
     "We don't know.  In all my time in medical school and as a doctor I
have never seen or remotely heard of a case like this.  My closest guess
would be a bacterial infection of the Iris and Sclera.  We won't know 
for sure until the tests come back." said the doctor letting Serena's eye 
lids close once more.
     "Well I need you to fill out some forms and it would be good if 
someone could get her some clothes."
     "Yes, I'll get her some cloths and my wife will fill out the forms."
said Serena's father to the doctor.
     Serena's mother whispered into the daughter's ear, "Honey we have to
go but we'll be back soon.  Don't worry you'll be fine."
     She slowly let her go and left the room with the doctor and 
her husband.


     Raye sat looking straight down the hall to Serena's room.  Her eyes
locked on it, waiting for some sign, for some movement from inside.  The
tension was getting to her.  What unnerved her even more was the fact that
she couldn't sense anything.  She was always able to sense good or bad vibes
about a situation but this time it was a total blank.  She figured that her
own feelings must have been getting in the way.  When she heard that Serena
had tried to commit suicide she felt an array of different feelings.  Fear,
nausea, despair, anger, and finally guilt.  Now the latter of the feelings
clouded her mind.  She felt so bad before but now it had only grew 10 fold.
     Raye took her eyes from the door for only a moment looking at Lita
and Amy.  Amy was sitting down with her head resting on her hand in deep 
thought.  She looked perplexed but all the while calm.  Lita on the other
hand had been pacing back and forth waiting for any sign of Serena's 
     Then Raye's attention was quickly directed back to the door way as it 
slowly opened.  Raye immediately got up and walked over to Serena's Parents.
     "So how is she?" she asked, then wondering if it was rude to just
ask outright without thinking of how they felt.
     But contrary to what Raye's thoughts Serena's mother looked up into 
Raye's face and said, "She's alive that's the main thing but she hasn't 
regained consciousness."
     Raye looked to the doctor and said, "Can we see her?"
     "I would advise against it.  Her body has gone through some extreme
trauma and it would be best if only her parents could see her.  Maybe in
a few hours when she has sleep more."
     Raye nodded and turned to Serena's father.  "Could you do me a favor?
Could you see if Renie and Sammy could go to a neighbors house?  Mina must
be a total wreck back at the house."
     "Yes no problem.  I have to go back to the house and get Serena some 
cloths anyway so I'll take care of that right away."


     Darien's car lay Idle in a bed of cars.  Each humming in the night 
air.  Darien was agitated.  He had been stuck in traffic for hours since
Mina had called.  Horrible thoughts went through his mind of Serena laying
there dying and he couldn't be there.  It frustrated him like hell.  
     He rolled down the car windows and let in the cold fresh air.  It 
calmed him a little.  When he heard that Serena was in the hospital he could
feel his heart beat start to race.  For awhile it pounded in his head.  He
was able to feel the blood flowing through his temples.  The night air felt
cool on his face.
     He watched the cars spread ahead in front of him.  Each one a cobble 
step of cars leading to Serena.
     He hit his dash board.  He was mad at him self.  He should be there,
with her.  If only he had taken the other road to the hospital instead of
this one then maybe he would have been there by now.  He blamed himself.
He blamed himself for everything.  But mostly for what happened to Serena.
     He looked at his watch and realized it was almost 12 o'clock.
He heard on the radio that there was an accident far up ahead and that 
traffic was backed up for miles.
     He turned on the radio and started listening to the music but it
didn't comfort him.  He put his hand into his pocket and pulled out the 
locket.  He opened it and slowly absorbed the music.  He looked out the 
window up into the silver moon which hung above.
     His voice was dry and quiet as he spoke, "Serena, where ever you
are, I am with you."


     Lita lay stretched out on the couch in the waiting room.  Curled up
on one of the chairs was Amy.  Mina was sitting across from Amy in a soft
chair adjacent to the couch.  The hours had dragged on that night, each one
passing slowly after another.
     "You should go home and get some rest.  You look really tired." said 
Raye looking at Serena's Parents  with deep compassion.
     "Yeah we were up early to take Renie to the zoo.  But I don't want
to leave Serena."
     "But you need your rest.  You being tired is not going to bring her
back to us any quicker.  Go home and come back in the morning.   If anything      
happens we'll call you right away.  Plus Renie and Sammy would probably start
to worry if you came home late." said Raye trying to connivance Serena's 
     "Maybe you're right.  We'll be back about 9:00 tomorrow.  Call us if
anything happens." said Serena's father.  The night had take it's toll and
he looked really tired.
     "Don't worry we will.  Now you go home and get some rest."
     Serena's mom and dad took their coats and walked slowly out of the
hospital, holding each other.  It had been a long night.
     Raye went over and sat down next to the girls.  They sat there in a
tense silence.  Each looking at each other.  It had been the first time
they had been actually alone with each other after Serena had left this 
     "So where do think Darien is?  He should have been here by now." 
said Amy breaking the silence.
     No answer came.  Each looked at each other wondering what had 
happened to him.  Each thinking the worst.  Had he been hurt somehow?
Did he give up on her?  Could he actually have not even cared to come
to the hospital?  No, he was worried on the phone.  He still loved her.
They knew that but still they couldn't understand why he wasn't here.
     The doctor walked up the hall and into the waiting room.  He was 
doing his late rounds and was shocked to find the girls still there.
     "They must be close friends, they stayed even longer than the 
parents." he thought.
     He walked up to the girls and said, "If you want to see Serena now
she should be able to take visitors."
     They all got up, stretched, and went in to see Serena.  As Raye  
entered the room she could feel a sudden feeling of emptiness.  She hadn't
been in the hospital room yet to see Serena but now after entering the 
room she had felt a sudden feeling of negative vibes.  She decided to keep
it to her self thinking that it was probably just the negative feelings 
Serena had before the storm.  
     They all stood around Serena's bed.  They could feel themselves on
the verge of tears.
     "Oh Serena, were so sorry.  We didn't mean for anything like this 
to happen." said Mina as she weeping over her friend.
     Serena didn't respond.  Her body just lay there with a dead silence.
     "Serena, I know you can here me.  You're going to be fine." said Amy
as she squeezed Serena's clammy hand.
     Serena remained silent.  Every thing that was her was locked deep
     "Hey Serena if you wake up I'll cook you all the food you want." 
joked Lita through tears.
     Raye could hardly look at Serena.  She turned her gaze to the window,
her eyes trembling.
     "I know this might be a little much considering how long we 
have been waiting but, " Raye paused choking down a sob, "But could I have
a moment alone with her?" She said this never taking her eyes from the 
     They all paused looking at Raye.  They could see how much she was 
     "No problem, we'll be in the waiting room." offered Mina putting 
her hand on Raye's shoulder.  They all quietly left leaving Raye alone with 
     Raye slowly walked over and sat down to the right of Serena.  She 
tried to hold back her tears as best she could.
     "Serena I'm sorry.  I didn't mean what I said.  I was just in a bad
mood and I took it out on you." said Raye hoping that Serena would give
her some kind of response.
     She didn't.  She lay as still as ever.
     Raye started to cry and become angry.  "Why?  Why did you do this?
Why!  Why did you do it you stupid ditz!" she said these words through anger
but she was mad at both Serena and herself.  Raye was crying harder now.
Her head on the side of Serena's bed she started to pour out her feelings.
Tears overflowed her face, she couldn't keep it in any longer.  The momentum
of her grief and sadness had engulfed her.
     "What am I doing?" Raye said softly. "This isn't like me."  Raye was
always hard on Serena but when it came down to it she would have given 
her own life for her.  And now she had totally let her down.


     The traffic had finally cleared and Darien was pulling into the 
parking lot.  He quickly shut off the car and ran inside.
     "Hello, where is the girl that was brought in not to long ago.  She
has long blond hair, blue eyes, and two meatballs on her head." said Darien.
     The nurse gave him a funny look when he had said meatballs, but then
thinking about it she realized that they could have looked that way.
     "I'm sorry visiting hours are over, come back at 8:30 tomorrow." said
the nurse being very uncooperative.
     "You don't understand.  I've been stuck in traffic for hours and I 
need to see her."
     "Are you family?" asked the nurse.
     "No I'm, I'm her boyfriend." said Darien realizing that he didn't 
care about the stupid dreams anymore.  They were what kept Serena and him
apart and caused this.
     "I'm sorry if you had been accompanied by the family you would 
normally be allowed but as I can see you're not." said the nurse looking 
back down at her paper work.
     "Please you have to let me in, you don't understand." said Darien
his voice was agitated, he had to get to her.
     "No sir you don't understand.  You are not family and it's past 
visiting hours.  Please leave before I have to call security." said the 
nurse her voice becoming threatening.
     "Darien?" said Amy as she walked over to the front desk.  Amy had
decided to walk around the hospital a little to clear her head.  She was
passing by the front desk when she heard Darien arguing with the nurse.
     "Amy, how's Serena?  This nurse won't let me see her." said Darien.
     "She's o.k for now but she hasn't regained consciousness.  Now why
won't the nurse let you see her?" said Amy transferring her gaze from Darien
to the nurse.
     "It's past hours and his not family.  It's against hospital policy
to let him in." said the nurse repeating her case.
     "Well he's with me." said Amy.
     "Sorry miss.  I had to follow rules or I would have lost my job.  Go
on right up." said the nurse.  As she apologized and looked back down to 
her work.
     "Come on Darien.  I'll bring you to her room." said Amy leading 
Darien to the elevator.


       Raye was still sat next to Serena but this time her emotions were
under control.  Next to her sat Lita and on the other side sat Amy.  They
were all in to see her.
     "Where did Amy go?" asked Raye.
     "She went for a walk to clear her head.  That doesn't seem like a bad
idea." said Mina. 
     The door knob started to turn, they expected to see Amy but to their
surprise Darien came in.  Darien went over to Serena had held her hand.  
Looking lovingly down at her.
     "Come on lets give him some time alone with her." whispered Lita to
the rest of the scouts.
     "Just give me a second." said Raye as she walked over to Darien.
"Maybe you should keep hold on to this." She said after the scouts had left.
She handed over Serena's broach.  Darien looked at her puzzled.
     "But why do you have it?" asked Darien looking for an answer in 
Raye's face.
     "Well Serena and the scouts sort of got into a fight and she said 
she didn't want to be Sailor moon anymore.  She threw to the ground." said
Raye feeling the guilt return.
     "Hey this isn't your fault.  I'm just as much to blame.  I was 
talking to her this afternoon and she ran off crying.  I should have went
after her but I felt she needed to be alone." said Darien bowing his head
as he started to feel how Raye did.
     "Don't worry, she's strong.  She can fight this." said Raye.  
They both hugged, an awkward moment for both of them.  They remembered back 
to when they were dating.  Raye looked up into Darien's eyes.  She still 
loved him, but she knew that he loved Serena.  She had pushed this feelings 
deep down inside her.  Sometimes it hurt to see them together but Raye was 
glad they were happy together.  How could turn her eyes from him?  She
couldn't, she would always love him.  She didn't know why but she would
never let anyone know this.  She loved both Darien and Serena too much
to tell them.  They released slowly, Raye turned quietly and left the room.
     Darien turned toward Serena and sat down next to her bed.  He stroked
her hair softly.  He took her hand and held it in his.  It felt so soft and
weak.  It hurt him so much to see her like this.  He thought of all the time
he had wasted.  Time when they could have been together.
     Darien slowly reached over and kissed her forehead.  
     "Serena.  It's me Darien.  You have to come back to me.  You need to
fight.  You need to fight harder then you ever have.  Harder then against
Beryl, harder then against the doom tree.  Please Serena come back to me.
I love you."  said Darien.  He could feel a single tear run down his cheek.
     "Serena I need you.  Life is empty without you.  If you only knew
how lonely I was without you.  Please come back to me."  Darien open her 
broach.  The crystal shimmered in the light from the florescent lights above.
He placed it on her chest.
     "Please, help me bring her back."
     As he spoke the crystal inside broke free from the broach and floated
into the air.  It shimmered with a peculiar glow and released a beam of energy
filling the entire room, filling the entire hospital, the entire world, the
entire universe.  His eyes widened as he watched the crystal turn and pour
out energy.


     The girls were shocked to see the pink light spilling out from under
the door and fill the room.  Yet to their shock the nurses seemed not to 
notice they simply froze on the spot.  Each caught in what ever act they
were doing.
     Raye looked strangely at the nurse which she was talking to.  The
nurse's mouth was open wide.  She wasn't even breathing.
     "Hellooooo, any body home?" said Raye as she knocked on the nurses
head as if it were a door.
     Amy dropped the magazine she was holding when she saw the light.  It
froze to in mid air.
     The light ceased and each scout looked at each other with questioning
expressions on their faces.  They quickly went to Serena's room.
     Inside Darien was standing looking at the crystal.  It hovered 
about four feet in the air, turning and letting out a strange glow that they
had never seen before.  Around the crystal a shining gold outline formed
the shape of a slender young woman.  The crystal flashed one more time and
standing in front of them stood Queen Serenity holding the crystal.
     She was dressed in a white silk dress which freely flowed to the 
ground.  Her hair a platinum blond which much resembled Serena's.  She
slowly opened her eyes and greeted Darien and the scouts.  
     She spoke softly but still with the air of urgency in her voice.                                               
     "Serena is in terrible danger."