Mind Trap
By: Osiris
Part 4

     The scouts and Darien looked on in shock as Queen Serenity appeared
before them.
     "Queen Serenity, how and why are you here?" asked Amy's inquisitive
     "There is no time to explain how I am here.  Serena is in great
danger.  Inside Serena's mind rages a great battle between good and evil.
She wasn't the one that jumped off the cliff.  A evil force gained control
and tried to destroy Serena the easiest way it knew how."
     "But how can we help Serena if this war is inside her mind?" asked
     "With the help of the crystal I have suspended time so that you can 
enter freely without having to worry about problems in this corporeal 
existence.  The best way to explain this is that the intangible world of our 
minds are as real and solid as reality.  Inside each of us is a world created 
by the events we share in our lives.  Something has invaded Serena's world 
and is attempting to destroy her.  Our readings weren't accurate until the 
dark forces took over but now we are sure of it." 
     "What do you mean our readings weren't accurate?" asked Raye looking
to the queen as if there was something she wasn't telling them.
     "As I said before there is not enough time to explain.  As the 
tangible world helps shape our own minds, so does the intangible world 
effect our reality.  This is why I need you to venture inside Serena's mind 
and destroy the evil presence.  We weren't able to get specific readings of 
what it is but the presence is there all the same."
     "But how do we get inside her mind?" asked Mina.
     "Well that's the easy part.  All you need to do is activate the 
sailor transport and my powers can direct your path.  Now hurry we don't have 
much time." said Serenity pressing them to continue.
     "Come on, we need to help Serena." said Darien.  He knew deep down
that this wasn't like Serena just to give up.  She needed him.  And as he
prepared to enter her mind he decided that if it came down to the choice of 
his life for hers then he would gladly sacrifice himself.
     The scouts quickly transformed into the scouts while Darien changed
to tuxedo mask.  They all linked hands and formed a circle around Darien.
     "Before you go one warning.  Serena's mind has some places deep 
inside which should be left alone.  We all have parts of ourselves that we
don't share with others.  Please be wary of the paths you take and the places
you go.  Now empty your minds and let my power in to direct you." as she
finished speaking Serenity raised her hands into the air.   The crystal 
was hovering again.  Both the Crystal and Serenity began to glow in unison 
and after a few moments five columns of pure light engulfed the five intrepid
warriors and sent them on their way.
     They could feel the power filling their minds.  They could see them 
selves passing through time and space.  Colors and lights twinkled before 
their eyes and before they even knew it they were gone.   Their physical 
bodies dissolved in the light and as they faded out of this reality so did 
the columns cease and lowered to the floor. 
     Serenity lowered her hands and composed her self.  Her body wasn't
used to using this much power.  She slowly walked over to Serena and smiled
down at her daughter.  She stroked her hair lovingly.  She looked upwards and 
thought, "Please, speed them on their way."


     Venus could feel her self coming out of the Sailor Transport.  Her 
mind always felt a little fuzzy after they did a transport.  She aloud her
mind to become accustomed to the new world around her.
     She slowly opened her eyes and smiled as she looked at the other 
scouts with a look of reassurance.  She released her grip as the other scouts
and Tuxedo Mask straightened their thoughts.
     Venus nonchalantly turned around wondering what to expect.  She was 
surprised to find her self on top of a high mountain.  From this height
they could see every thing in the realm.  At farthest reaches of the north 
east was an amazing castle which much resembled the palace that was on the
moon.  To the northwest stood a dark ominous pillar which struck up out of  
land which also was composed of darkness.  Between the two buildings there
seemed a war was being waged.  In the expanse between then and the castle
was a great water fall which crossed the country side and cascaded over a 
cliff.  A little beyond that was a dark forest.
     "Wow what a view!" said Jupiter as she stood next to Venus taking in 
the beauty of the land.
     "Yeah I know what you mean." replied Venus.
     "Why were we transported here?  Why not to where Serena is in 
danger?" asked Tuxedo Mask sounding a little confused.
     "Maybe Serenity's power could only transport us this far?" offered 
Mercury, "The first thing we should do is get off this mountain."
     Mercury put her hand up to her face and activated her visor, 
"My scans show a small settlement just south of that waterfall and at the 
bottom of this mountain.  That's probably the best place to start."
     They all agreed and started down the mountain.  The trip down wasn't
easy.  The mountain path twisted, turned and reached off in many directions.
A few times they became lost but eventually they made it to the bottom.
     After arriving at the bottom of the mountain they reached the  
small village.  It was a small, quaint town that encircled the main
square; where at the center was a great fountain.
     "So now what?" asked Jupiter, she was a little tired from the trip 
     "Well lets see if we can find some information from the locals." 
suggested Mars.  
     Mars quickly walked up to one of the houses and knocked on the large
oak door.  Inside you could here the rustling of people as some one came
over and started unlocking the door.  The door opened up and a little old 
lady stood at the threshold. 
     "Hello, I'm lost and..." began Mars but before she finished the 
woman slammed the door shut screaming some thing about "The betrayers".
     "That was rude!  I'll give her a piece of my mind." flamed Mars 
as she was about to knock again.
     "No Mars don't maybe she was frightened by the way you're dressed.
She looked really scared." said Tuxedo Mask coming up to Mars.
     "You're probably right.  Let me try." said Mercury as she transformed 
back to Amy, "You stay over there while I knock on another door."
     They agreed and moved out of eye shot of the door.  Amy waited until
they were out of sight and knocked on the next door.  Once again some one
inside quickly unlocked the door to see who it was.  This time a young woman
answered the door.
     "Hello, I'm lost and was wondering what's the best way to get to the
Royal Palace?" said Amy sounding very authentic.  
     "Who knew she was such a good lier?" thought Mars as she listened to 
the conversation.
     "The Palace!  Why would you want to be going there miss?" asked the
     "Personal reasons which I'm not at liberty to say." replied Amy.
     "Ok but don't say I didn't warn you.  With the princess being 
Kidnapped by the betrayers and the war the palace isn't such a hospitable
place.  Once all were welcome but with the war between the palace and the
dark forces the land has been in turmoil.  The best way to go is across the
river of change and through the Northern Forest.  There should be a bridge
that leads north.  I warn you again you would be better off else where.  
The northern province is unsafe especially the forest.  Rumors say it has 
become over thrown with monsters.  I hope you have safe travels and make it 
to your destination." 
     "Thank you." said Amy as the woman closed the door behind her.
     "So north it is." said Venus coming around the corner with the rest
of the scouts and Tuxedo Mask.  They looked to the north watching the
waterfall raging strongly as they pondered what was in store for them.


     The wind now was blowing strongly.  It screamed across the land
like a banshee calling to the dead.  The old tattered bridge swayed back
and forth in the wind.  It looked like it was ancient and hadn't been used
in a long time.  The Scouts and Tuxedo Mask stood on the southern side 
wondering how to handle this.
     "I wonder why they call it the river of change?" said Mars looking
at the river flow rapidly to the east and fall over the cliff.
     "Well we're in Serena's mind so maybe it symbolizes the dramatic
change in her life.  One day she was no longer Serena but Sailor moon, and 
the moon princess.  Then upon all of that she lost Darien, got him back, and
then lost him all over again.  The stress must have been terrible.  The 
violent nature of the river shows how much her life has changed." said 
Mercury.  She had been thinking about what it could mean for a long time and 
was waiting for someone to bring up the topic.
     They all paused for a moment looking at the river and realizing
what was to come next.
     "So who wants to go first?  It doesn't look strong enough to handle
all of us at the same time." said Jupiter breaking the ice and looking for 
someone to volunteer.
     Jupiter seemed a little worried.  She didn't like heights.  Ever 
since her parents were killed in the plane accident she had always tried to 
avoid heights and most of all planes.
     "I'll go first and then if it's ok I'll signal to proceed." said 
Tuxedo Mask as he griped the rails and slowly started to make his way across 
the bridge.  He could feel it moan with his weight upon it.  He guessed he 
was the heaviest of all of them.  
     The bridge swayed slightly as he crossed.  He watched where he 
stepped.  Some of the boards were worn from the weather and there were
spots in the bridge where the pieces had fallen away.  He could see 
the river flowing strongly beneath him.
     Tuxedo Mask was almost to the end.  One more step and he was there.
He firmly planted his feet on the ground; thankful that this part was over.
If it could handle his weight it could handle the girls.
     "Come on over!  It's ok!  Just watch where you step!" he shouted over
the raging of the river.
     "Come on lets go." said Mars.  She was the second across.  She didn't
seem to have any problems.  All the scouts slowly walked across the bridge
except for Jupiter.  She was the only one left on the other side.  She
watched the river Far below.
     "Oh how I hate heights!  Oh how I hate heights!" she repeated in her
mind as she took her first step.  She took each one slowly so she wouldn't 
     "I'm going to make it.  I'm going to make it!" she thought.  She was
about half way across.  She slowly placed her foot on one of the boards.
She felt it break, a sudden shock of terror flashed through her mind.  With
a flash of instincts she grasped onto the bridge.  There she dangled from
the bridge.  She trembled with fear.
     "Jupiter!" shouted Mars as she watched her friend fall and grasp on
to the bridge.
     Tuxedo Mask quickly started moving across the bridge to where Jupiter
was.  The bridge quivered at the extra weight.  The ropes at the southern
side started twitching and one by one the threads started to break.
     "Hang on Jupiter!  Don't look down!" shouted Tuxedo mask as the gap 
between them grew shorter.  
     Jupiter didn't respond.  She was frozen with fear.  
Tuxedo Mask reached down his hand to her.
     "Jupiter take my hand!" he called to her.  The threads at the 
southern end started to pop and break quicker now.
     "I can't!  I can't move!" she barely got out.
     "Jupiter you have to!  If not for your self then for Serena, she 
needs you now more than ever!"
     Jupiter's mind flashed back to when her and Serena had first become 
friends.  Serena hadn't been afraid of her.  She was a good friend.
The scene then switched to when Serena hadn't wanted her to go and fight
because she gave blood for her friend.  She remember seeing the worry in
Serena's face that night.  The scene then changed again to yesterday, this
time to the battle at the zoo.  She remembered the pain in Serena's eyes.
A sudden feeling of strength grew inside her.
     "I won't let her down again." she whispered and reached her hand up
to Tuxedo Mask.  He grasped it and pulled her up.  
     "Hold on tight!" he said as she got up on the bridge.  Tuxedo Mask 
had realized the ropes were breaking.  He began to run with Jupiter holding 
on tightly to him.  He was almost there when the ropes snapped.  He could
feel the bridge falling out from under him.  He took a final leap.  They
flew through the air for what seemed like eternity and then landed on
the soft ground of the northern side.


     Darkness.  She gazed upward into the darkness.  It filled the entire
ceiling of the foreboding hall.  It was thick and dark.  It embodied death;
it was drained of all life.  The shadows far above swayed back and forth.
And all this delighted her.
     There stood in the long hall five mysterious strangers.  The hall
stretched upward; the ceiling was undetermined for it reached high above
the darkness and into nothingness.
     Ahead of the five strangers lay a black throne twisted out of steel.
In the chair was a dark crystal which glowed softly with a purple light.
     "So how was the battle?" said one of the strangers.
     "Perfect!  We gained more ground today and I got a chance to 
"silence" some of those weaklings.  The soldiers of the palace are
 pushovers.  I had the privilege of showing them their own bodies after 
I cut off their heads." replied the woman who had been overjoyed by 
the darkness which hung above their heads.
     "Well this stupid battle would have not been necessary if you stupid
twits had finished the job and destroyed her on the cliff.  We finally gain
control and you morons couldn't finish the job." said another.  This one was
a man.  His voice was much deeper than the rest.
     "Hey don't blame us.  It's not our fault someone found her!" said
     "Well next time account for such things.  This battle against the
palace might be enjoyable but remember our mission." said the man again, "Is
there anything else to report?"
     "My scans showed earlier this afternoon a great power but it 
subsided.  Yet there are some similar powers heading north to the palace.
The last readings I took showed them at the river of change."
     "So they should be heading for the northern forest.  Perfect!  Send
a message to one of your beasts.  Tell it to be expecting dinner.  Make sure
it takes care of these intruders!  This meeting is over, we will reconvene
in 12 hours." said the man.  He was clearly the leader of the group.
     "One more thing.  When will she be reborn?" said one of the 
     The man looked over his shoulder and at the crystal, "She'll awaken
in 3 days.  Then we will crush our enemies and take over the palace."
     They all laughed and turned their own separate ways to retire for 
the evening.  One of them walked down a long hall in the opposite direction
of the throne.  She exited out through a large gate way and on to a balcony.
She tossed her long hair out of her face and looked out over the country side.
The sun was setting over the horizon.  The land glowed with the last rays
of light.  She slowly walked out of the shadows and into the dying light of
the day.  It was Mars.  Her hair was the same cold raven black.  She was 
dressed in her scout uniform and her features were the same.  The only thing
different were her eyes.  They shone like the black of night.  She laughed 
with an air of evil at the joy she gotten from the lives she took today.
     "Soon she'll awaken and this world will be ours to do with as we