Sun and Moon: The Quill of Destiny
by: Osiris
Part 1

"By the pricking of my thumb/something wicked this way comes."
weird sister -- Macbeth

The vast emptiness of space surrounded the approaching vessel. Enclosing it, preserving it, like a cocoon waiting to awaken. The giant pyramid shaped ship rushes past the once densely populated Saturn. The rings of Saturn shimmer as the light from the large pyramid zooms by. The giant planet Jupiter lies vacant of life, swirling forever forward, its giant storms raging. The ship passes Jupiter and then pass the red planet Mars. Leaving in its wake the once beautiful planet, eternally gripped in sunset. Once beautiful with its striking red sky line and its numerous canals carved all around the planet. A world once enwrapped in beauty now lay with the ruin of time. As the ship drew nearer Earth and the Moon it slows down. Turning direction away from the planet it turns to the Moon and begins its descent. The large vessel lands on the age old remains of the moon kingdom. Crushing the last embers of the civilization with a resounding quake.

Deep within the giant ship, deep down in the inner sanctums of the vessel, a giant monitor is focused on the Earth. A long hall is decorated with golden tapestries and hieroglyphics cover the walls. The floor is of a flawless marble, with a long black carpet dividing the hall in two. On each side guards humbly stand, silence hangs over their heads. Their eyes a cloudy white, void of all thought or control. Their souls usurped; they are but mind less zombies.

"How fitting this should be the place where we will wage our attack! 5000 years ago we were wrong fully taken from this earth and after 5000 years we return to take what is right fully ours!" said a tall thin woman enwrapped in long, flowing silks. Her skin a dark ebony and her eyes a rich brown, which entranced all around her. Around her neck is an elaborate necklace. The center of the necklace is a golden bust of a giant bird. The necklace spreads out with beads of gold, ivory, and sapphire. On her head she wore a golden crown with short curved horns encircled by a solar disk. She sat refinely on a throne at the head of the hall.

"The mighty Moon kingdom and the planets under her rule once robbed us of our birth right but we return again to take what is ours! The moon kingdom is no more, let the dynasty of Amon Ra be reborn!" she began once again.

"My Queen, my Isis," said a tall dark man who sat on a throne adjacent to her left. A long black beard decorated his chin, he was dressed in a black robe with a long golden head dress placed upon his head. At the top of the gold headdress was an ivory serpent, "We should not be too presumptuous, we have met no resistance yet, but they could have been expecting our arrival. Matrix scan for any unusual vessels in the solar system!" he commanded.

"No enemy vessels present." said a stark empty voice from the shadows of the hall.

"Scan the planets for life!" his consort queried.

"All planets except for Earth are void of life." said the voice once again.

"The moon kingdom...gone? The subterranean order of Mercury...gone? The imperil Mars Empire...gone? The silent realm of Saturn, the telepathic race that dwelt there, one of our mightiest foes! Second only to the moon kingdom...gone? Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto...all gone! How could this be, how could an entire solar system of life be gone, save for one soldiery planet! My Queen something has happened since we were here last." said the tall man, he rose to his feet and began to ponder the recent predicament.

"Osiris, my king isn't it enough to know that all our enemies have past into the dust of time. Now only a world of meager humans stand in our way or ruling the entire galaxy! We were so close before, so close to obtaining the eternity circlet! So close to winning the power for Ra! It is but a simple task of searching for it, but where would our age old enemies have hidden it." Isis said standing and putting her hand on her king's shoulders.

"Matrix scan the Earth for power signatures!" the king commanded.

"Power signatures positive. Fifteen power signatures present. Eight lie in a state of dormancy, six are slightly higher but exist in state of reticence and one is in a state of space-time instability. Five of the dormant powers seem to, however, be growing. Soon they will be in a state of reticence."

"Maybe the ancient kingdoms didn't leave this dimension without protecting it first, matrix pin point the locations of these powers!"

"Negative, powers are too weak to pinpoint. Nearest location identity, south eastern hemisphere, Japan, Tokyo." finished the voice.

"My king, these powers reside in Asia. Our search will begin in Egypt, the place of our birth. Surely the survivors of the exile would have learned what they could in hope for our return. If we can find the Eternity Circlet nothing will stand in our way!" said Isis as Osiris turned to his wife, she gently placed her hands on his chest.

"Of course my Queen you are right. We may avoid awakening these powers until it is too late for them. Come let us report to Ra." he gently took her hand and they both walked behind the thrones and up a flight of steps to a giant carving in the wall. It was that of a giant sun with a golden eye in the center. As they reached it the walls began to separate and open up for them to enter. A great light shone from inside, yet the brightness of the light did not hurt their eyes. They stepped forward into the shimmering light. The giant wall rumbled and close behind them, leaving the ancient hall silent like the vastness of space.

******************************* "I'm going to miss you!" said Serena as she held hands with Darien at the Tokyo airport terminal. Serena and Darien stood at the gateway to flight number 5. The airport terminal was busy with people. People were rushing for planes, children were looking onward at the bussel of activity and many people like Serena and Darien, were saying their heart felt good-byes.

"Don't worry, it's just for three months. Just until winter break, it won't be so bad. We'll write, I promise!" said Darien, hung over his shoulder was his carry on luggage.

"I know but Germany's so faraway! I'll miss you way to much!" said Serena.

"I know but we'll get through it! Trust me we've gotten through worst situations." he said with a devilish grin, "I better get going, my flight is leaving, don't forget to write!" he said as he leaned down and kissed her. After a few seconds they parted and waved good-bye.

"Bye!" said Darien as he waved good bye to the girls before he entered through the gate. Lita, Amy, Raye and Mina were waiting for Serena as she said her good-byes with Darien. Darien had been aspected to study a broad this term and would be studying in Germany until winter holidays. It was fall here in Tokyo and school was just starting up for Serena and the girls. Serena didn't know how she would get by the next three months with out him.

"Come let's watch as his plane takes off!" said Lita as she grabbed Serena's arm and they both raced over to the window. The rest of the girls followed in pursuit. The night was clear and the stars shone with an eerie brilliance. They watched as Darien's plane slowly began to move and pick up speed. It lifted delicately into the air and began its long journey to Germany.

"So what do you guys, want to do now?" asked Mina as the plane began to move out of sight.

"Sorry guys I got to get home, tomorrow's the first day of school and mom wants me home early." said Serena as she rolled her eyes.

"Yeah I've got to get home too, I have to go to sleep early tonight. I'm so excited, I'll be up half the night!" said Amy. The girls just grinned slightly at Amy's reaction to starting another school year, she seemed not to notice their reaction.

"Well come on guys we've got to get going or we'll miss our bus!" said Mina cheerfully.

The summer was ending and a new school year was beginning. For a change everything seemed quiet. They had defeated wise man and ever since then nothing had threatened the earth. Little did they know that new forces were gathering their powers. Both good and evil were brooding with energy, soon the silence and normal every day life would be broken and the earth would once again need the sailor scouts.

****************************** Serena lay pensively on her bed. She had arrived home a hour ago and went directly to bed. She was preparing her body for getting up tomorrow. She had no idea how she would be able to get up so early for school again. But Serena's mind was focused on other matters, ever since her mind had been taken over by legion she had made it her task to sort out her mind. Every now and then she would sort our her memories, separating this life from the last, memories of earth from memories of the moon. She found this gave her some peace, gave her the strength to hold on to her self. Truly she had lived many interesting life times, but yet none compared to that of the Moon. its shimmering reflection pools, its beautiful gardens and the purity of the memories she held there. She remembered balls and picnics; life there was so happy and so peaceful. Yes some times it was a lot of hard work, royalty had a lot to go with it, far more than she had ever expected but that hard work only heightened the happy times. She remembered family, friends and most of all her love, Darien. How happy those times had been, until that dreadful day when Beryl had arrived. She stopped her self, she wasn't ready yet to touch those memories. She reasserted her self and began to think again of how the Moon kingdom had once been. Yet something troubled her, something seemed hidden. Something was missing, with her new task she had gained greater control of her memories. She could reach out like they were physically before her and experience them as if it were the first time. Yet there were pieces missing, not forgotten but hidden. She didn't understand what was missing.

"Who was missing?" she thought. Then understanding the reality of what she just thought she realized that it wasn't something that was missing but someone. But who? And why wasn't she able to remember?

"Is there anything wrong Serena?" asked Luna as she watched Serena with a troubled look on her face.

"No Luna, I'm just thinking of something." she said as she wrapped her arms around her legs and stared off into the night sky.

"Penny for your thoughts!" said Luna.

"A penny, if it were only so easy, if that's all I would have to pay!" Serena sighed, "I'll be ok, I just miss Darien."

"He'll be back soon, winter will come before you know it!" said Luna as she dismissed Serena's pensive state.

"If only the price were so low!" Serena said to her self. She forced a brief smile and got under the covers. She lay her head on her pillow and softly drifted off to sleep.

************************* The next day the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the last embers of the long indian summer were being lived out. Yet among all this beauty the students of cross roads junior high seemed miserable. Yes another year of school was starting, for some a promise of academic excellence, while for others a premonition of detention, grounding, and a season of unpleasantness. But despite these things the students held a fragment of excitement. Seeing old friends, sneering at long time enemies and passing rumors like there was no tomorrow. The hottest news had been of Serena and her new boyfriend. No one from school had heard of Serena's relationship but once started nothing could stop the rumors.

"Did you hear about Serena?" said a green haired girl.

"No why?" replied her friend.

"She's going out with a college man!" said the green haired girl with added enthuses.

"She going out with who? No way, you've got to be kidding me!!"

"No, it's the truth, I heard from Becky, who heard it from Eric, who heard it from Dave on the basketball team, who heard it from his girl friend, Erin, who heard it from Beth Ann, who heard it from Jeanna, who heard it from Sarah, who heard it from Nicole who was at the airport last night. Nicole was seeing off her relatives who had came from the summer when what should she see but Serena kissing this guy who looked almost in his twenties!"

"Nah! It was probably just a cousin or some other relative."

"I don't think so, from the way Nicole described the kiss they weren't related and if they were...well lets not go there. Anyway I also heard that she's having his BABY!!" The green haired girl squealed. She said the word baby too loud and every one was looking at her. Blushing slightly she drew her friend into one of the class rooms to finish gossiping.

Amy stood by at the main entrance. She was waiting for Serena and Lita.

"How naive!" Amy said to her self after seeing the ditsy girls gossiping like children. Amy rolled her eyes and then went back to the task of looking for Lita and Serena.

Coming up the walk was Lita and Serena. Lita looked unusually cheerful, while Serena on the other hand looked like the living dead. Serena yawned, stretching her mouth wide. Amy quickly ran up to them as she saw them coming.

"Hi Guys! Right on time!" said Amy as she greeted them.

"What do you mean we should've been here almost 15 minutes ago!" said Serena, she yawned once again.

"Like I said right on time!" said Amy with a jovial grin. She had been anticipating them being late. It was the first day of school and of course it wouldn't be complete with out Serena being late.

"Lita you look awfully happy today, what's up?" asked Amy as she noticed Lita's unusually happy disposition.

"What you didn't hear? We're supposed to be getting some new exchange students from an all boys school in Kyoto!" said Lita, as she looked back and forth for the new exchange students.

"Hmm, some new academic competitors!" Amy said smiling.

"Is that all you can think of, I'm seeing if I can get a boyfriend. Hey Serena's not the only one fated for true love!" said Lita grinning.

"Hey is that them over there?" asked Amy as she nudged Lita with her elbow. Across the way stood five young men. The tallest of the five was a boy with short black hair. He was dressed in regular blue jeans and a bright yellow shirt. The next tallest was a boy who stood five foot ten, he had short silver hair which drooped down slightly over his eyes. He had a green book bag hung over his shoulder. He talked casually with his friends and every now and then let out a brief chuckle. To his right was the shortest of the five, he had long green hair which he wore back in a pony tail. He had a boyish innocence about him, under his arm he carried two books. Across the outer book were words 'Advanced Physics'. When Amy noticed this she smiled at the prospect of someone new she could talk physics with. In front of him was a young man just slightly talker than the shortest. He had ruffled, short brown hair. Under his arms he carried a basketball. The last of the five was in the middle, he was neither exceptionally tall but not what you would say short. He was dressed in baggy white jogging pants and a long gray T-shirt.

"Oh my God, the one in the gray looks just like my old boy friend Freddy!" Lita said glassy eyed. Amy simply rolled her eyes why Serena yawned again, this time she shook her head and forced her self to wake up.

"So what do you think, Serena? Isn't the one with the silver hair cute?" Lita said as she pulled Serena in front of her to get a better view.

Serena gazed over at the young man across the hall. She paused for a moment. That face, why did it feel so familiar? Her stare fixed on him as he talked with his friends. For a moment the conversation changed, during that point he looked around. His eyes met Serena's. For what seemed like forever their stares locked. After a few moments the first bell rang, telling everyone to get to class. Both of their trances broke, the boys said their good-byes and went off to their first class.

"Well Serena, what do you think?" said Lita again.

"Hello Serena, earth to Serena this is Amy speaking, come in Serena." said Amy waving her hand in front of Serena's face.

"Yeah," she paused slightly, "He's alright, I supposed." said Serena.

"You know Serena, Darien might be your boyfriend but that doesn't mean you can't look at other people. He's gonna be gone for three months!" said Lita.

"Yeah but this isn't just some little teenage fling, this is more!" said Serena in defense of her and Darien's love. She felt a little guilty for looking at someone else.

"Well if we don't get going we're going to be late for class, I'll see you guys later!" said Amy as she waved good-bye to her friends and ran off down the hall to homeroom class.

"Yeah I have to go too Serena, I'll see you at lunch!" said Lita as she ran off in the opposite direction.

Serena just stood there for a moment, looking out the window.

"How easy this would be if you were here." thought Serena as she gazed up into the blue sky.

Again the bell rang showing Serena that she was late. Serena quickly ran off down the hall. Flying down the hall Serena swiftly raced into her class room and shut the door behind her. Unfortunately the door slammed as it went.

"Serena!" Miss Haruna scolded, "It figures you would be late! Take a seat."

"Miss Haruna! What are you doing teaching grade 10?!" said Serena in astonishment.

"If you must know the grade nine class this year is far smaller than last years. Due to this my job was to be terminated, but thankfully they offered me a job teaching grade 10." Miss Haruna answered.

"Oh great, another year of Miss Haruna!" Serena thought.

"Before we begin I'd like to introduce a new student to our school, he is an exchange student from the all boys school in Kyoto. His name is Peter Balder, so Peter how do you find crossroads junior high?" asked Miss Haruna.

Serena glanced behind her only to see the boy with the silver hair that she seen in the halls. She turned around quickly hoping he wouldn't have noticed her.

"But how couldn't he, I just embarrassed myself in front of the whole class! Serena why are you doing this, you're acting like a child! You're with Darien now!" Serena thought to herself.

"I like it just fine Miss, the people here are friendly and I feel right at home." said Peter as he stood to answer the teacher.

"I'll assign someone to show you around school, any volunteers?" she asked. Serena moved farther down in her desk.

"Please don't pick me!" she thought, a year ago she would have died to be chosen but now it was the last thing she needed.

Most of the class had raised their hands, the ratio of girls to boys, however, was much greater. All the girls in the class had raised their hands except Serena.

Miss Haruna noticed Serena's unwillingness to volunteer and chose her specifically for that reason.

"Serena would you escort Peter around school today, I see by your schedule you have most of the same classes?" Miss Haruna asked rhetorically.

"Yes Miss Haruna." Serena said with a little resentment, Miss Haruna didn't notice.

"What am I being so worried about! It's just a guy!" Serena said to herself. Serena gazed lazily out the window. It was going to be a long three months.

******************************************* The wall behind the thrones in the main hall of the pyramid began to open once again and out of the light stepped Osiris and Isis. They both walked around the thrones and were seated.

"We have our orders, let us see to them. I will go at your leave my king." said Isis as she departed from his side and walked over to a small circle to the right of the throne. In a beam of light she was transportered out of the hall.

Osiris stood and began to speak, "Rahorakhty come forth!"

From the shadows the growl of a lion echoed through the halls. Then half way down the black carpet a sphinx appeared in mid sprint. It ran to the foot of the stairs leading to the throne. its eyes shimmered brightly and its entire body began to glow white. It began to change and formed a tall man with the main of a lion and black wings sprouting from his back. His skin was a deep gold and his eyes were black.

"Yes my king, you called for my services!" Rahorakhty said as he kneeled down on one knee.

"I have a mission for you. I want you to venture to Earth. Specifically to the great pyramid at Giza. We have reason to believe that the hidden location of the Eternity Circlet is there. The survivors of the exile flourished but were always held in control by the kingdom of the moon." he paused turning around and pacing for a moment, "Go there and search the pyramid for any knowledge of the Eternity Circlet." Osiris finished.

Rahorakhty nodded and transformed back into the sphinx. He ran back down the great hall and vanished into a ball of light.

********************************** After a half hour of home room Serena departed for her next class. Homeroom was boring as it usually was on the first day, filling out forms and getting sheets to bring home to get signed. The school always made sure that their student profiles were up to date.

Serena walked causally out of the class room, forgetting her duties to the new exchange student.

"Serena!" said a voice from behind her, it was Peter.

"Oh I'm sorry Peter I forgot, I'm not at my best today, you know first day of school and all." she said trying not to sound nervous. She didn't know why she would have any reason to feel nervous.

"That's ok, I know what you mean, I don't usually like the first day of school. I tend to sleep in a lot during the summer." he said.

"So what do you have next? I've got Chemistry but I don't have the slightest clue where to go."

"I've got Chemistry too. It's just down the hall. Third class on the right." replied Serena.

"Serena!" shouted a voice from behind her. It was the same green haired girl who was gossiping earlier this morning, "Hey Serena is it true, you're going out with a college student and you're having his baby!"

"WHAT!!! Oh get your minds out of the gutter!" said Serena sounding really annoyed. Serena turned on her heals and picked up her pace. Peter followed in pursuit.

"Some people can be real jerks." said Peter as he caught up with her.

"Yeah, my relationships are none of her business!" said Serena, it had been the first she had heard of the rumors.

"So does that mean you are going out with a college student?" asked Peter.

"Yeah, he's my boyfriend, but I'm not having his baby." said Serena, the whole incident had left her rather annoyed.

Peter looked some what disappointed when he heard she had a boy friend, "Well I kinda figured that, you know how rumors can be, I wish people would mind their own business. Actually I heard the rumors earlier toady but I didn't know who they were talking about." Peter said.

"And you still don't mind hanging around with me today?" asked Serena some what puzzled.

"I don't usually trust rumors, I like to judge something for myself before I make a decision." he said as he opened the door for Serena. They both walked in and took a seat, incidentally Peter sat behind Serena.

"Thanks for not believing the rumors." she whispered back at him.

"Hey don't mention it!" he replied.

****************************** Lita sat quietly in the gym. She was in gym class, but this year it was optional to choose what sport they wanted. So when Lita saw it was possible to take a martial arts course she jumped at the chance. She figured it would give her some extra time to train, just in case the Sailor Scouts were needed again, and she was already good at it.

"Instant A!" Lita thought, if anything at all at least this course would bring up her GPA. The class was composed of more guys than girls, in fact in a class of 30 there were only 7 girls. Lita, however, didn't mind the situation at all.

Lita was sat indian style among a big group of others her age. She started looking around to see who got in the class. Unfortunately she didn't know many of the people in the class, Serena and Amy weren't interested in sports as much as she was. Of course they played volley ball, and tennis sometimes but for the most part Amy was devoted to her studies and Serena didn't have much time for after school activities because of her flare for always getting detention.

After a few moments the teacher came in. He was dressed in the same white Gi that the rest of the class had been dressed in.

"Good Morning Class!" said the instructor as he walked over the blue mats that covered the gym floor. The gym was very large, it was painted with the school colors: blue, white and gray. At the center of the gym and on two of the walls opposite each other were giant paintings of the school's mascot. A giant gray M with a white stallion was painted on the walls. Across the top the words "Cross Roads' Mavericks" were painted in big blue letters.

"Good Morning sensei!" said the class with respect.

"Welcome to the first day of martial arts class. This course goes more into depth study of the different martial arts styles of the orient. In this class we won't be playing any sports or games like you are used to in previous years." The Sensei paused briefly watching the class for their response. He didn't want any one here who didn't want to be here.

"We will be doing mostly hand and foot fighting styles such as Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Aikido. You will also be learning throws and grappling when we do the section on judo. In that section you will also learn how to land from a throw. Later in the year you will be learning how to fight with weapons when we do Kendo. We will also be leaning some Tai Chi Chuan. For today we will be doing some simple punches and kicks to get us started." finished the instructor. For the next half hour the instructor showed them some simple punches, kicks and blocks; most of which they already learned in previous years. Lita found them pretty easy and quite frankly boring, how she yearned for a battle with the negaverse. It had been really quiet since Renie had left. Yet she could feel something beginning to brew, she felt it in her blood, her bones. Yes something was definitely happening.

"I wonder if this is the way Raye feels all the time?" Lita thought to her self.

"Ok, now that you know some simple moves I want you to break off in pairs of two. For the rest of the class we will practice these moves one on one." said the instructor.

"Alright!" thought Lita at the prospect of doing a little 'battle'. Of course it was only practice but any practice she could get would be nice. She had all these built up energies since the last battle with the dark moon family. The class had already began to split up into groups as Lita looked for a partner. Sadly everyone had broken off into pairs, no one asking Lita because of her reputation.

"Well isn't this great, now what do I do?!" she thought to her self with frustration.

"Lita!" called out her instructor, "Come over here!" Doing as she was told Lita jogged across the gym to the teacher. Standing next to the teacher was the boy with the white pants and the gray shirt she had seen earlier.

"Lita we have a uneven number of boys and girls so would you like to be partners with Keith? He's one of our exchange students from Kyoto."

"But sir she's a girl!" Keith said in protest. Lita glared over at him for the sexist remark.

"Maybe you're right Keith, I'll have Lita take it easy on you." he said as he smiled at Lita. He was well aware from having her in previous classes and also from her reputation that she was both strong of body and will.

Lita and Keith walked over to one of the mats and started practicing. They both bowed to each other and took a fighting stance. Lita smiled as they began, she was going to teach Keith a little lesson. Lita came in first with a punch that Keith easily blocked. Lita wasn't putting her entire strength into it, if she had she would have broken his arm. Then Keith tried a punch, Lita quickly moved out of the way.

"He's good!" Lita thought to her self, "But he's holding back because I'm a girl, I wonder what he would be like in a real battle!"

They continued like that with punches and kicks for the remainder of the period. Lita was very surprised, no one in real life had every came to par with her own skills in fighting. The only time she had real competition was against the negaverse.

They both stopped for a second, as the teacher told everyone to do a few more punches and kicks and then hit the showers.

"You know Lita you're pretty good for a girl!" he said, of course he thought he was paying her a compliment.

"Pretty good for a girl! I'll show you pretty good!" Lita said. All her built up emotions were rising to the top. It was the last thing Keith expected when she threw him across the mat.

Keith landed on the mat with a loud thud. The entire class were now looking at them. Every one was whispering, saying that Lita was beating up the exchange student. If the rumors hadn't been bad enough already.

"Oh Keith! I'm so sorry!" she said as she ran over to him and helped him up.

"That's ok, it'll teach me to keep my big mouth shut next time." he said smiling as he rubbed his head.

"That's enough class! Everybody hit the showers!" said the teacher. The class all started to depart and the gym was quickly emptying.

"Well see ya!" said Lita a little reluctantly.

"Lita wait!" he said as he grabbed a hold of her elbow, "Do you want to eat lunch together? I'm new and was wondering if you could show me around?" he said hoping she would say yes.

"Ahh," Lita said, "Yeah, sure. Why not? I'll meet you in front of the school."

"Great!" he said as they both parted and headed to the change rooms.

************************ Darkness seemed to fill each and every inch of the burial tomb. Nothing moved, nothing stirred. The dark was whole and filling, like this place was to be left in darkness forever. That light should never be shone on the things that lie within.

But amongst the darkness of the tomb a light started to glow, and in a sphere of light appeared a figure. Rahorakhty transformed and became humanoid. Holding his hand out in front of him he formed a small orb of light. The light from the ball illuminated the tomb. The tomb was filled with ancient relics from a time long forgotten. From a time that dwelt far, far away from Tokyo. The room was littered with golden statues and pots. Bowls that once must of held food stood now empty in the ancient tomb. Long lost toys of a king's youth scattered a corner of the room. To the back of the room was a opening. Rahorakhty walked pass the items and through the large door way. The next room was covered with centuries of dust, to the far of the room was a giant sun with an eye elegantly carved in the center. On the right wall was a mural of a man sat on a throne. Before him were two people waiting for his decree. Next to the man on the throne was a scale and behind him a terrible beast. On the left wall was another mural. This one was of a tall woman with great horns sprouting from a crown. Between these two horns a bright sun connected the two. She was leading another, possibly a queen, to see the king. Below the large carving of the sun was a golden sarcophagus.

Rahorakhty stepped forward leaving foot steps in the dust. He walked up and stood before the giant sun. Some thing from behind the walls started to hum to life. The eye of the sun began to glow and admitted a orange beam which scanned Rahorakhty up and down.

"Energy signature verification!" echoed a voice from behind the walls. The hall seemed to come to life, the dust that lay still for thousands of years stirred to life as the sarcophagus began to descend beneath the floor. In its place arose a crystal pyramid on a stone pedestal.

Rahorakhty walked forward and picked up the object, he smiled as he gazed into the shimmering light from the pyramid.

"Osiris shall be pleased!" he thought to him self. Rahorakhty turned and disappeared into a ball of light in which he appeared. The ancient tomb lay silent once again, darkness filling its halls. What was to be forgotten had been awaken and the consequences would be grave.

****************************** Amy walked casually into her computer tech class. She was familiar with many of the people here. They were the same people in many of her advanced classes. To the far right, however, was sat some one she didn't know. It was the boy who had she had seen earlier today. Being some what late she walked over and took a seat that was next to his. Amy turned and smiled at him.

"Hi my name's Amy!" she said with a bright smile and extending her hand.

"Hi, I'm Derrick. I'm new here, I just arrived from Kyoto." he said shaking Amy's hand.

"Yeah, I think everybody knows. We're only a little school and news travels fast here." said Amy.

"You're in my physics class right? You sit two desks in front of me." said Derrick as he pulled back some hair out of his face. He had long straight, green hair which some times came down around his face.

"You're very observant aren't you?" said Amy as the teacher came into the class room.

"I get by." he replied to her.

"Good day class. Welcome to Computer Tech. Many of you here are the top students in your grade. I expect this course should carry on with out too many problems. Each year I choose one student to help me with the class, I find there can be too many questions for one teacher to handle. This is why I'm choosing a student assistant to help answer questions. I'm going to pick from the very top of the list." said the teacher. Everyone gave a slight glance at Amy, figuring she would be chosen.

"I have all your transcripts here. Is a Derrick Matthews present?" said the teacher. Everybody looked a little in shock, someone smarter than Amy was a strange occurrence. The only one that had ever come even close was Greg.

"Here Miss!" said Derrick raising his hand.

"Derrick this transcript of your grades say you have a ninety-nine average, you'll be my student assistant." said the teacher as she sat down at her desk.

"Congrads Derrick!" whispered Amy.

"Thanks, you know I thought you were going to get it! Like you said news travels fast around here!"

"For your first assignment I want you to familiarize your self with the many parts of the computer. I would like a 1500 word report describing each part. This is a sheet with the different parts you will be respondsible for." said the teacher passing sheets out to everyone.

"I would like a cover page, table of contents, foot notes, and a reference list. You can use whatever sources you want. You may work in groups of two or solitary if you wish." said the teacher describing the project.

"Hey Amy do you want to work with me? We can work on it together at the Library." said Derrick.

"I usually work alone but I can make an exception. I'll meet you after school!" said Amy as she turned around in her desk. Amy listened to the teacher for a few moments but than after realizing she was not saying any thing of consequence quickly lost interest and thought of other things; a bad habit which she had gained from Serena. She had began to think of Greg. She had gotten a letter from him the other day. He had wrote to tell her he was doing fine. His family had moved again because of his dad's job. He had also some bad news to tell her. He had met someone. How when she read those words she froze. Some where in the back of her mind she had always imagined that she would end up with Greg the same way that Serena would end up with Darien. It was hard to accept but she realized it was for the best. Greg felt he had to tell her, his conscious was nagging at him and he couldn't stand it any longer. He still wanted to remain friends with Amy but as far as having a romantic future that part of their relationship was over.

Amy looked over to Derrick who was intently listening to the teacher. Derrick looked over briefly to Amy and smiled back. Amy felt new inside, despite the fact she was a little upset over Greg's letter she felt a little better. She felt free, it was a new day, a new life, with new possibilities.

*************************************** Osiris sat patiently in the main hall as he's queen teleported in.

"So how is your task going my Queen?" he asked her.

"It is going well Osiris, I have spoken with the priests. They say that we can go forward with the plan as soon as the stars are in position. Have you any word on the where abouts of the Eternity Circlet?" she said taking a seat next to Osiris.

"I am waiting for word now." said Osiris. As he finished a sphere of light appeared before them and Rahorakhty appeared.

"Rahorakhty, what do you have to report?" inquired Osiris.

"I found this at the pyramid of Giza." said Rahorakhty as he walked up the stairs and held up the crystal pyramid before his rulers.

"You've done well Rahorakhty, when we find the Eternity Circlet you will be highly rewarded!" said Isis.

Osiris stood and placed the pyramid on a small control panel on the side of the throne. From the orb appeared a green light which created a hologram before them. It was one of an ancient Egyptian priest.

"I am Imhotep, high priest to the pharaoh. Osiris, Isis we have waited for your return." said the high priest.

"What news do you bring us Imhotep?" asked Isis.

"After the exile the dynasty of Ra faltered, but was succeeded by those who escaped the exile. Queen Eve and King Adam of the moon didn't want to leave the people of Egypt with out a ruler so they chose a Pharaoh from one of the high priests. They wiped all memories of Ra, Osiris, Isis and the Eternity Circlet. They did this to many of those who served under your rule. Yet some of us escaped and hid among the common foke. This was their first mistake! For years later we returned under false identities. We knew you would one day return so we hid away a message for you. Your enemies took the Eternity Circlet and broke it into five pieces. Hiding it where they never thought we would look they put the pieces in the souls of innocent humans. It was passed down from parent to child, never to be rediscovered."

"Imhotep, can you tell us of what has happened to the empires of this solar system? They seem to all have vanished." asked Osiris.

"Our scans told us that one thousand years ago the moon kingdom and the rest of the planets were attacked by a dark force know as the negaverse. This negaverse, led by beryl but controlled by Metallia, lay waste to the the moon kingdom and her allies. After the war all planets except Earth were destroyed. Yet the battle ended abruptly when Queen Serenity of the moon used her crystal to imprison the negaverse. Unfortunately for her she had to imprison her people and her daughter. She then for her own reasons released them from the prison, sending them to the future. It was hoped the negaverse would never awaken but she was mistaken. To keep the future safe she had sent the princes and her body guards, the Sailor Scouts, to protect the Earth. Those warriors awoke one year ago when the negaverse broke free. After several months of battle the princess and her guards defeated Beryl with the silver Imperialm crystal. Those powers now lay silent for nothing threatens the earth."

"These Sailors could stand as a problem. This silver crystal sounds an awful lot like the silver star that Eve used to banish us from Earth. Imhotep you will stand as our advisor, I command you to learn more about this silver crystal." said Isis as she arose and began to pace. The priest bowed and the hologram faded away as the crystal pyramid turned to other tasks.

"Do not worry my Queen, destiny has decreed that we shall rule under the power of Ra. It is our birth right!" said Osiris as he rose to comfort his wife.

"Yes perhaps but last time we didn't account for the strength of Queen Eve. I will not let her descendant do the same. I will not succumb to these sailors or even their princess. I am a Queen and a queen must rule. This is our part to play, destiny has wrote our stories long ago and we shall play the parts she wrote for us!"