Author's notes: I just shagged up something and totally deleted my author's notes and I'm not in the mood to write them out again. So briefly here it is, 1) there is a lot of dramatic irony in the first 5 parts, that is when the reader knows something taht the characters are not aware of. Ex. Darien being tuxedo mask, 2) I made a foolish play on words with one of the names when you put two and two together you will understand. When you realise it you'll probably say, "Oh my god, how stupid!" Anway watch out for it, you'll see it when it happens. I didn't do it on purpose i just put a unfortunate name with a characte from mythology.

Sun and Moon: The Quill of Destiny
by: Osiris
Part 2

The front of Crossroads High lay quiet as the bright sun shone down on the peaceful setting. The trees and grass glowed with the last rays of summers warmth. Then the silence was suddenly broken and the last bell rang. The first day of school was officially over. Students started pouring out of the front doors like flood waters.

Mixed in the brew were Serena and Peter. Serena put up her hand blocking the sun's light.

"I'd thought school would never end! I don't know how I'm going to last another year of this!" said Serena to Peter.

"Yeah I know what you mean, another year of boring lectures and annoying homework seems unbelievable!" he replied. As they walked down the path in front of the school Peter spotted some of his friend's from his old school.

"Hey Serena, wait here a sec!" Peter said as he went over to talk to his friends.

"Hey guys what are ya at?" said Peter to his friends.

"Not much, I'm heading off for a job interview." said the boy with the short black hair he had been talking to earlier.

"Where too?" asked Peter.

"Over on Cherry Hill, there's supposed to be some kind of Temple over there. My dad suggested I respond to their help wanted ad in the paper. Actually I better get going or I'll be late. See ya later!"

"See ya Mark!" said Peter as Mark jogged off down the street and towards Cherry Hill.

"What about you Jason?" asked Peter.

"Sorry bud I've got Basketball practice..." he said while spinning the ball on one finger, "By the way who's the girl with the blond hair?" Jason asked.

"Oh she's a friend I met today."

"A friend is she? Yeah right!" joked Jason.

"No it's not like that, she's got a boy friend." said Peter a little defensively.

Mean while Serena sat patiently on the steps of the school.

"Hey Serena!" said a voice from behind her, Lita walked up with Keith and they both sat down next to her.

"Hi Lita who's your friend?" asked Serena.

"Oh this is Keith I met him in gym class. Keith this is Serena!" said Lita.

"Hello Keith." said Serena, "You're Peter's friend, right?"

"Yeah, you know Peter?" Keith said with surprise.

"Yeah we met today in home room, the teacher asked me to show him around the school."

"So what did he tell you about me?" inquired Peter.

"Well no not really, Lita was checking out the..." Serena began but never finished.

"I was checking out the book lists, yeah I was checking out the book lists for this semester and Serena saw you two talking." Lita finished with a hand over Serena's mouth muffling her words. Lita smiled nonchalantly as Serena managed to pull free.

"Are you O.K. Lita?" asked Keith.

"Sure it's just sometimes I love to hug my friend!" she said as she hugged Serena, "Shut up Serena!" Lita whispered into her ear.

Keith looked at both of the girls a little strange, "O...K.. what ever you say."

"So where you two off to?" asked Serena as she pulled free once again from Lita.

"We're going over to the park to hang out, do you and Peter want to come?" offered Keith.

"Yeah O.k, here comes Peter now, I'll ask him." said Serena as Peter walked on over.

"Hey Keith what are you doing here?" said Peter.

"I met Serena's friend Lita in gym!" answered Keith.

"Oh, hey Serena, sorry about that I was just talking to a few of my friends. They have stuff to do and I wouldn't see them until tomorrow. So what's up?" he asked as he sat down next to Serena.

"Well we were going to head over to the park and wanted to know if you and Serena wanted to come?"

"Yeah sure! Sounds like fun, lets go!" said Peter as the four stood up to leave.

"But wait, Amy's not out yet! We just can't leave her." said Serena as she noticed Amy's absence.

"You're right, lets just wait here until she comes out." said Lita.

They all sat down once again and started chatting. They waited five minutes and then Amy came out the doors followed by Errick.

"Hey guys sorry to make you wait! Who's you're new friends?" asked Amy in her typical sweet voice.

"Well this is Keith, I met him in gym class and this is Peter. Serena met him in homeroom today." said Lita as she smiled at Amy.

"So who's this?" said Serena as she slithered over to Amy, her voice full of innuendo.

"Oh this is Errick, we met today in Computer class. We were going over to the library. We're partners in our first computers project, it's all about the parts of the computer. Do you want to join us?" said Amy a little too excited over the prospect of doing homework.

"Yeah me and Peter know Errick, in fact he's an exchange student like the rest of our friends. Hey Errick!" said Keith as he waved at Errick.

"So do you guys want to help?" asked Amy again.

"Oh Amy why do you always have to work so hard! It's the first day of school! You and Errick come over to the park with us and we'll have an Ice cream!" exclaimed Serena.

"Well I don't know?" said Amy hesitating.

"We really should get started!" added Errick echoing Amy's tone.

"Come on Errick, it'll be fun." said Peter.

"Well O.K., but only for a little while. Then we have to go." said Amy giving in to Serena's pleadings.


The dark hall of the Pyramid lay silent as Osiris entered and sat down at his throne.

"Imhotep, I command you to come forth!" he said with an awe inspiring tone. As he finished the crystal pyramid hummed to life and the image of Imhotep appeared before him.

"My king, I have good news to report. I have found the energy signatures of the Eternity Circlet. These are the same ones you used to obtain it the first time. Yet our archives have been partially erased with time and some of the signatures may take longer to pin point the location. We have set the computers to search the city for the best signature we have. It's only a matter of time before it locates the first piece!"

"Good work Imhotep, when Ra rules I'll make sure your program is not erased." said Osiris.

"It is my honor to serve you oh great Pharaoh!" he said kneeling down on one knee, "I leave you now so I may assist the computer in the search!" As quickly as the image appeared it vanished.

Osiris smiled at the prospect of having the Eternity circlet once more in his possession. He began to laugh devilishly; the sound echoed through the hall and chilled even the soulless zombies that stood guard.