Too Many Rangers
Part 1
by Mega Red Ranger

Deep in outer space on the planet Verona, an alliance of evil villains awaits their wicked leader - Dark Spectre. The villains of this evil meeting are no strangers to each other, they all have one common goal, the destruction of the universe. Dark Spectre already has the mentor of the power rangers, Zordon, trapped, and is draining his power to use for his own. However, the Space Rangers have somehow managed to defeat his attempts at stopping their journey for Zordon thus far. But today may be different, today the villains are gathered on Verona to see what the latest plan of the evil monarch is.

Back on the Astro megaship, high above the planet earth, the 5 power rangers lie in hopes that the scan their onboard computer system D.E.C.A. has begun will reveal the true location of Zordon, and end their long journey. At the control console stands TJ, former leader of the power rangers while they were on earth. From the outside TJ looks calm and collected, but inside his mind races with memories of a time not so long ago. Visions of the destruction of the power Chamber, that he as leader was sworn to protect. The explosions noise still fills his mind. The Turbo powers are gone, and he cant help thinking its his fault. Maybe he wasn't much of a leader after all! Now the Rangers had new powers, and a new mission, but he wasn't the leader anymore, and perhaps due to just cause. He can't help but feel that he let his friends down.

"Scan Complete"D.E.C.A. Commands with a loud tone. "A massive surge of evil activity has been found in the northern sector of the Alpha Quadrant." Just then Andros joins TJ on the bridge of the Megaship. "Take us there D.E.C.A." Andros commands, and the other rangers prepare to go into hyper drive.

Back on Verona, Dark Spectre has made his grand entrance. "The time has come for the Power Rangers final demise, my fellow villains!!" He shouted."I have allowed the Astro Megaships computers to locate us here. I have waited too long Astronema, and you have failed me too many time! Now our opportunity knocks. When the rangers teleport to this planet we will ambush them with all of our forces. But then we will let them go!" Dark Spectre continued. "Let them go, are you insane" Lord Zedd interjected. "Do not question me fool! This battle has purpose, and in time that will be revealed to you. They near the planet prepare for battle!"The Rangers, not suspecting to be ambushed prepare for battle "Lets Rocket" they call out and head down on their galaxy gliders to the planets surface. "Welcome Rangers!!!" Dark Spectre declares. "To your final resting place, seize them! HAHAHAHA!"

Part 2

As the rangers looked around the planet they saw themselves surrounded. Truly there was no escape this time. On the right was Divatox, and her army of evil Piranatrons. To the left, the Machine Empire with a fleet of cogs blocked the way. Behind the Rangers stood Rita Repulsa, and Lord Zedd with a swarm of Putties and Tengu warriors. In front lay Ecliptor, Astronema, Darkonda, and a large number of Quantrons. Tj wished with all his heart that he could find a way to save his friends, and by doing that he could somehow make up for the destruction caused on earth, by his failures as leader. But he knew he couldn't. Even the Rangers, new, seemingly fearless leader Andros couldn't help them escape. The Rangers had no choice but to surrender.

Suddenly, a beam of light shot from the Dark Fortress high above the planet Verona, Under Dark Spectres evil commands, the ray took virtual copies of each ranger. Andros didn't know what Dark Spectre was planning, but he knew he couldn't wait for very long to act, his chance was coming. TJ looked at Carlos, and Carlos to Ashley, and Ashley at Cassie.

What was Andros planning?

Seconds later, a gold flash flew from the sky, then another and another, and before the Rangers knew it, they had a way out. But How? The Cogs had been dismantled, the Tengus feathers had been plucked, the Putties were reduced to clay lumps, the Quantrons, and Piranatrons were helpless. All in only a few seconds. Then from high above on a mountain top, all who were on the planet heard the mighty call "Its Time For A Gold Rush!!"

Andros knew that voice, he had once met it before while traveling alone in deep space, he fought for the side of good, it was Trey the Lord of Triforia, here to help his fellow rangers, it was the Gold Ranger. As Trey battled the forces of evil advancing against the Rangers on the planet, the other Rangers fled.

"Back to the Astro Megaship" Andros called to the others, and none of them seemed to argue, they teleported to safety. "Stop that Gold Ranger" King Mondo called to his fleeting forces. But before he could finish what he was saying, Trey, and the other Rangers were gone.

"After them Ecliptor" Astronema called out.

"No!" Dark Spectre shouted. "Let the Rangers go, I have what I need. The Ray I used on them has given me virtual images of them. With these I can finally create something that will stop those Rangers forever - An Army of Space Rangers! The Power Rangers, cannot defeat clones of themselves!!! Lord Zedd I place you in charge of this mission, do not fail me! Or you will face my wrath. "I would never dream of it Dark Spectre, you can count on me! To Serpentera Rita" Zedd called. In a flash they were gone. "My Ultimate plan will soon be realized! There will be too many rangers for them to defeat. The Rangers will die in a clone war."Dark Spectre concluded, and then disappeared.

Back on the Megaship the Rangers were all confused about what had happened.

"Does anyone have a clue?" Ashley asked. Andros said nothing, but he knew the battle ahead would be one the Rangers couldn't afford to lose.