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Bullet Shaun M. Bullet

Rangers Reborn
A new generation of Power Rangers takes on roll of fighting evil!!

After a grueling struggle, The Rangers need time to relax. But
a welcome surprise is on the way for them.


Bullet Meaghan Bullet

"Lost and Found Series"

"Lost and Found"
Karone has been found, but the problem still isn't over.

"I'll be there for You"
Two new evil Rangers have been brought into the mix.

"I do it for You"
Karone is kidnapped, and Rocky will do anything to get her back.

As Long As You Love Me
Karone is having problems with her memories.

By Any Other Name
T.J. laments not having someone of his own.


BulletMega Red Ranger Bullet

Too Many Rangers
As Dark Spectre drains Zordon, the Rangers are helpless to stop it!


Bullet MeK Bullet

"Guardian Angel Series"
Kimberly, now a government agent, finds out she has a new assignment:
Protect the Power Rangers. But she's dead. . .

Part I, The Memoirs of Kimberly Hart
Part II, The New Girl
Part III, Discord


Bullet Stephanie Moffet Bullet

"The Clone Wars"

The Clone War
This fic is an alternate ending to: "Blue Ranger Gone Bad."

An Interlude: Explanations
Billy has a lot of healing to do. Can he do it?

The Machine Empire Strikes Back
Co-authored with Kristen Fallon

When Billy becomes ill, the Zeo Rangers have to turn to
his clone for help.

"X-Files/Power Rangers"

Missing: An X-Files Crossover
Agents Scully and Mulder take a trip to Angel Grove when
teens begin disappearing.

Disappearing Act: the sequel to "Missing"
Scully and Mulder step into the picture when Billy disappears.

"Stand Alones"

In The Beginning
Five total strangers find themselves pulled into a tight friendship
due to a horrific situation.

Power Drawbacks
Billy begins questioning himself and everything when tragedy
hits too close to home.

True Lies
Is Billy happy on Aquitar?

Grey Skies
When an accident involving his parents occurs,
Billy's life is turned upside down!


Bullet Christina Ortega Bullet

"The Allied Evil Series"
The Rangers are in hot water, when Rita and Zedd make
some new friends!

The New Evil
Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa have just returned to their palace on the
moon only to be greeted by Finster's old masters, Rashell and Uriel.
Now, the crew joins forces, and this union could spell doom for the
Zeo Rangers. Will they prevail, or will this be their final battle?

Perfect Likeness
Uriel summons the six warriors from Hirpog, and they go to Earth to
wreck havoc on the rangers' lives. Can the team defeat the new foes, or
will their whole team fall apart?

Blue Files
Rocky has been accused of murder. Will the others be able to explain
what happened to two certain FBI agents and a jury, or will the blue
ranger end up in jail? Will Rita, Zedd, Rashell, and Uriel even give
the rangers a chance to testify?

Golden Wars
A galactic war is drawing closer to Earth.

With Kim, Zack and Trini back home, how will it affect the Rangers?

With Jaime and Tommy being controlled by Uriel's evil
spell the other rangers must find a way to free them and
resolve the conflicts between themselves.

The Aquitian Rangers need help, and
the Earth Rangers are there to lend a hand!!

Return of Old Friends
With the Rangers back home on Earth, things are starting
to get complicated.

Triple Ninja
Two former rangers and the sister of a present
ranger travel to Phaedos to receive Ninja Powers
while the others are busy fighting on a world
where Bulk and Skull are legends.

Split Battle
Friendships and relationships are in danger, Tanya has been
kidnapped, and the moon powers have launched an attack on
Angel Grove. Will the rangers be able to trade Trey for Tanya,
and who are the mysterious Red and Silver Rangers?

Clear Terrain
A little bit of rest time. . .

The monarch of evil is displeased with Zedd, Rita, Uriel,
and Rashell, and he's going to send someone to
destroy the Rangers for good...

Zordon's Battle
Zordon puts a ranger's life in danger and risks his own mortality
when he decides to settle a score with an old foe.

White Dream
The rangers need a leader and the selected filler of Tommy's
vacated spot on the team is held back by guilt. What no one knows,
however, is that the White Ranger wasn't quite ready to leave.

Trials of the Heart
When numerous complications arise, the rangers learn one
important lesson: nothing will ever be simple again.

The Bargain
The Meledan is coming.


Tests, parties, Halloween, and horror...this is not
a normal day in the Power Rangers' world.

Halloween 2: The Shadow of Darkness
A dangerous demon has been released, and a ranger is near death.
Now, the alliance you never thought would be made is. Zordon, Rita,
and Zedd are teaming up to save the fallen ranger and stop this shadow
of darkness from destroying the whole galaxy.

"Questioning Identities"

The First Six : The Beginning
A look into the muddled minds of six teens...

"Stand Alones"

Tommy, Kat, and Adam all return from college over the winter holidays
after being in college for a few months. While back in Angel Grove,
Divatox decideds to make trouble, and Tommy realizes that he
has a stronger tie to TJ than he could have dreamed.

Tommy has been experiencing strange seizures involving blinking
lights. Zedd and Rita use this to their advantage and kidnap him.

Wounded and Alone - a MMPR/RSD Crossover
Kimberly, reminiscing over old times with Tommy, becomes so
depressed that she responds to an ad in the newspaper. Over in
California, Jake reads the letter she sent, and he feels like he
should help out.

Friendships and relationships can be forged on a giant ship, yet
when that ship starts to sing, everything changes.

Cold Season
Beating one of Rita and Zedd's monsters is hard enough when
at full health, but what if the whole team wasn't???

Losing Green
A new way for Tommy to become the White Ranger. . .

A Kerovian Christmas
It's the holiday season, and the Space Rangers are going to celebrate.


BulletMesh Patel Bullet

"Data Quest"

Part 1
Fans from Earth find themselves on Terra Venture
with the Galaxy Rangers.

Part 2
The Teens realise their dreams, to be Power Rangers.

Peace Breaks on Earth
The Peace breaks on Earth, with no one there to defend it.

Larger Data
The Galaxy Rangers are attacked and the Data Rangers with no zords.

A Ranger for a Book, Part 1
Furio has a plan that involves Mary.

A Ranger for a Book, Part 2
The Data Rangers think of surender.

Switching Places
The Galaxy Rangers visit Earth.

Water Water Nowhere
Hydro hog returns but will the Rangers be powerful
enough to stop him?

Deadly Races
Furio and Mesh Race.

Too Much Fishing
The Data Rangers are relaxing but is Furio?

Useless Data, Part 1
Mesh disappears and saves the Magna Defender.

Useless Data, Part 2
Mesh returns but is he the same?

Yellow Rose of Terra Venture
Krista and Maya talk.

Mind Games
Furio wants to play a game.

Green with Envy
Jessica is jealous of MESH?

A Fiery Friendship
Kate, Kendrix and Leo go to investigate Volcano trouble but
they get more than they can bargain for.

Rerun Miniseries, Part 1
Magna Defender
Furio turns back the clock for the Rangers meet the Magna Defender again.


BulletMichael Richards Bullet

"The Borg Collective"

Part 1
The Lightstar Ragers are facing their greatest enemy ever...
The Borg Collective. A Race of Cybernetic Creatures bent
on Assimilating the entire Universe into their Collective
Mind. And this might be one battle that the Lightstar
Rangers can not win....

Part 2
Alpha 6 travels to Earth to prepare the planet for the
attack that will take place against the Borg. He then
finds some old friends and some new ones and powers, and
readies for the ultimate battle.

"Stand Alones"

Trust, Lies, and Lockets
In space, Astronema is having dreams about an unfamilar
person in her past.


BulletRicochet Bullet

Billy's Got A Secret
Billy is hiding something from the Rangers. ..

A Total Twist
A Power Ranger Contract Parody.

Is Kat's sister something other than she appears to be?

I Want It That Way
Billy's heart is broken!

"The Compass Series"

Stress Explanation
An Introduction to the Compass Series.

Western Christmas Stress
A partial parody about that time of year again!


Bullet Robert L. Torres Bullet

Sibling Rivalry
Strong Language used.

Tommy learns that he has a long-lost twin brother, unfortunately Zedd,
Rita, and Master Vile also learn this and plan to use that information
for their own purposes.

"Other Stories"

The Countdown
a.k.a. Exit The Dragon, Enter The Tiger
The Former Green Ranger discovers a major secret. . .!

The Green Amulet
There's one final chance for Tommy to regain his Green powers.


BulletHannah Wayne Bullet


A New Turbo Ranger
A New Ranger joins the team.

Adam's Halloween Bash
It's Adam's turn to host the Halloween Party.

An Average Day On Power Rangers
What really goes on in Sabanland?


BulletWhiteZeo Bullet

"The Guardian Saga"

In My Mind
Tommy thinks about his girlfriend.

An Old Flame's Power
An old girlfriend brings trouble for Tommy!

Sweet Revenge
A new friend brings new Zords!

An Old Friend in Need
Kim's back, and that spells trouble for the team!

Lights, Camera, Death!
The star in a play, sponsored by AGHS, could wind up being death!

Red and White Engagement
Shannon and Tommy have a decision to make!

Challenges of Love
One too many Shannons, cause trouble for the team!

Holiday Wounds
The holiday season reveals secrets and surprises!

Dormant Evil
Evil lies within all, including the Power Rangers!

Remarkable Revelations
Secrets revealed and surprises announced!

Hope for The World
Will the Rangers be torn apart when tragedy strikes?

How Do I Live
Life without Shannon. Can Tommy survive?

Great Expectations
Shannon goes into labor . . .

In the Eyes of the Betrayer
Adam and Kat have a big secret they are keeping from
everyone... Seems like problems are abounding everywhere.

Imminent Departure
Tommy is in big trouble...

To Deceive
Calypso is in emergence. ..

Broken Wings
In the midst of a lot of chaos, Tommy and
Kim end up talking about a few things.

A Child's Innocence
A child is the most innocent being of all...isn't it?

One Moment In Time
Tommy takes the plunge...Literally.

Do What You Have To Do
The Rangers try to heal from recent events.

Purple Portals
The Rangers go travelling.

"The Cobwebs Before Her"

I Can't Make You Love Me!
Before Shannon arrives, Tommy must tell Kat something?

Together Again
The news that Shannon is coming to Angel Grove upsets Tommy.

Quit Playing Games with My Heart
A new relationship is forged during a discussion between
Kimberly and Jason.

My All
Shannon makes preparations to go back to Tommy.

I'll Never Break Your Heart
Rocky is very upset by Tommy breaking up with Kat.

Fourth Of July
Liyah needs some advice when it comes to her love life.

"Stand Alones"

Wanderer Among the Stars
Andros remembers friends and love gone.

Vermilion and Salmon are Alike
After Kim's heartbreaking letter, Tommy seeks peace.

Nothing Really Matters
Kat recalls just how much Tommy means to her,
and learns she means even more to him.

An Unplanned Amour
Tommy just can't keep away from the Pink Rangers!!

We Try
We can make it if we try. Good always prevails because we take
the extra effort to come out on top.

Reflection of Love
Love and other moments are just chemical reactions in your brain. .

You Made Me Forget
We all learn to move on...eventually.


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