DISCLAIMER: None of the characters in Part I are mine. Constellation and the rangers' secret pasts are. Please don't sue. I have no money.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first PR fic although I have others for other shows all over the web. I hope I am doing it right. There are some things you need to know: First of all, this takes place as if there were no Zeo Powers because in my opinion, that was when the show kind of started to go downhill (or maybe it was the arrival of Kat. I don't know) but it has the rangers, Tommy, Kat, Adam, Rocky, Tanya, and Billy (and Aisha is mentioned as well as the original rangers).

This is sort of a strange story so bear with me please. It kind of takes place in an alternate universe sort of thing. You'll understand (I hope) as you read on.

Oh by the way, if you don't like seeing your perfect heroes have not-so-perfect secrets in their pasts, read no further.

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The Guardian Angel Series
Part I; Memoirs of Kimberly Hart
By: MeK

Memoirs of Kimberly Hart

My name is Kimberly Hart, or at least it used to be. These days, I don't know who I am or what I am.
Once upon a time I was a happy teenage girl--an airhead, but happy being one. Now, I don't even think I'm human.

I guess you know the story of how I was recruited by Zordon of Eltair to save the world with four other teenagers; Jason, Trini, Zack, and Billy, and how we got the sixth member of our team, Tommy.

God, I say the names of them and I can feel myself go cold--even Trini and Zack who I never saw again face-to-face.

Anyway, I'm getting off the subject... you know all about what happened back then up to a point, when I left the team, supposedly to go to the Pan Global Games. Ha! What a crock!

No, in reality I had been recruited by a clandestine organization known only to us operatives as Constellation. They knew I'd been a Power Ranger--they'd been watching me since I was fourteen!

When they approached me they gave me no choice; told me if I didn't cooperate they'd reveal every single thing they knew about me and the rest of the Power Rangers to the world. They knew even more about my so-called friends than I did.

They knew about Rocky's parents--how they'd gone insane and killed his little brother and almost killed him in the process. About Aisha's old drug habits that she still struggled with. Adam's deep depressions when he was younger and tried to kill himself. Billy's jail record from when he'd been younger and used his genius mind to mearly steal millions of dollars through a computer but since it hadn't succeeded and he'd only been eleven at the time they'd let him off easier than most people would have. And they knew about the child--Tommy's little boy who'd been put up for adoption. Tommy had only been sixteen when he'd become a father, the mother not quite that. It appears my friends weren't the friends I thought they were.

Of course I can't say much; I have my deep, dark secret too. The one the other rangers never found out about. When I was little, my father--my real father, not the man my mother divorced years ago who adopted me--beat and molested a five year old...


And then my mother killed him when she found out.

The people at Constellation would have followed through with their threats and I couldn't let people know my name wasn't Kimberly Hart but Kimberly Beal and I was just street trash from New York City, not some spoiled airhead worried about clothes and hair. Not really.

When I entered Constellation they demanded I break off all contact with my former friends, that's when I wrote Tommy that letter. There was never anyone but him, just this black emptiness that seems to get worse every day I'm with Constellation.

Then they began the Shadow Project, two years after they recruited me.

I still shudder to remember all that happened but I guess it needs to be told. It was horrible! First they ambushed me by having an anonymous agent call the group of already paranoid drug dealers whose operation I was trying to infiltrate. I never had a chance and I was dead in ever way except physically--and even that was close--when they brought me back to Constellation.

To tell the truth I don't know how I survived that ordeal--maybe I didn't and they just tell me I did.

Anyhow when I woke up they'd implanted a chip in my brain. They'd accomplished with technology what Zordon's sorcery couldn't quite perfect. I was a fighting machine, if not invincible then close to it.

Legally I was dead.

Emotionally I am dead.

Constellation sent word to my mother and step-father in Paris--to everyone--that I had broken my neck and died in a fire. My mother had the dead agent's body they sent buried in Angel Grove Cemetary because she figured that was what I'd want--it had been my home for most of my life.

Now, one year after my "death" they're sending me back!

The rangers, all the same except for me and Aisha, who'd been replaced by a chick named Tanya (whose secret past I'm not even gonna start on at the moment!) are being targeted. But not because of Zordon or Alpha or any of that. The reason for my enemies going after them is because of me. They want to bring me out in the open once they get a hold of the rangers. Of course they don't know my old "friends" are the Power Rangers or that the world will be taken over by some very ugly (if inept) monsters if they succeed.

So now my assignment: Return to Angel Grove, protect the rangers while keeping the fact that I am alive from them at any cost (including taking my own life if absolutely necessary despite the fact that I am Constellation's only way of using their technology because of my former Ranger abilities unless they recruit another ranger), and return in one piece.

Pretty simple, huh?