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by : Christina Ortega

Mrs. Applebee looked around the classroom, smiling as she watched all of her students taking their tests. After teaching for so many years, she found it easy to enjoy herself while seeing students in her class worry about midterms or sweat while taking a pop quiz. Today she was not disappointed.

She heard a snap and looked up to see Rocky DeSantos cursing at his pencil which had just snapped. “Damn piece of junk!” Rocky murmured, glancing at his teacher sadly.

Mrs. Applebee shook her head, trying to keep from smiling, and walked over to Rocky, handing him a pencil. Rocky nodded his thanks, and continued on the test.

Just then, the lights above the classroom flickered. Mrs. Applebee frowned. She knew that she shouldn’t have hired that cheap electrician to fix her lights.

Adam Park looked up at the lights momentarily, sighed, and buried his face in his hands before continuing on his test. Glancing over at Tommy Oliver, he gasped. Tommy was shaking his head, holding it as if in pain.

“Tommy,” Adam whispered, making sure that Mrs. Applebee wasn’t paying attention, “Are you OK?”

“I-think-so,” Tommy replied through gritted teeth, “It’s just that my head feels like crap.”

Rocky, who sat behind Tommy, poked him in the back, “Maybe you should ask to go to the nurse’s office.”

“And miss out on the test?” Tommy asked. “I was up all night studying! There’s no way I can miss the test. Besides, I probably just have a headache because I was studying so much. I’m never pulling an all-nighter again.” Adam and Rocky shook their heads, unconvinced. Tommy sighed and turned back to his test. Mrs. Applebee had heard the three talking, but realizing that they were no longer doing so, she decided to let it slide.

Above everyone’s heads, the lights continued to flicker and Tommy continued to grow more pale as his headache became worse and worse. Finally the pounding in his head became too much to bear, and Tommy raised his hand, rubbing his temple.

“Do you need something, Tommy?” Mrs. Applebee asked, walking over to the boy clad in white.

Tommy nodded, wincing at the pain the small action caused, “I n-need to go to t-the nurse’s office, please.”

“What’s wrong?” Mrs. Applebee asked, feeling her student’s head. It was burning up.

Tommy’s fists clamped together against the pain, “My head, i-it hurts.”

“Go ahead, Tommy,” Mrs. Applebee said. Seeing the troubled look in his eyes, she smiled, “Don’t worry about the test.”

Tommy stood up slowly and walked towards the door, rubbing his eyes to try and clear his vision.

Suddenly, the lights began to flash on and off faster. Mrs. Applebee looked at the lights in disgust. Turning to Tommy, she watched in horror as he glanced at the lights, grimaced, and fell to the ground, convulsing.

“Oh, damn!” Rocky yelled. Mrs. Applebee was quickly at Tommy’s side, trying to help him. She didn’t know what to do!

“Get all these desks out of his way!” Adam commanded, “We can’t let him hurt himself.” Rushing over to where Tommy was convulsing, Adam grabbed his head and arms, trying his best to keep him steady. Finally, his seizure ended, and Tommy looked at Adam, his face shiny with sweat.

“Are you OK, Tommy?” Adam asked.

Tommy shook his head. “Light hurts,” he croaked.

Adam turned to Rocky, who was among the other students in the class who had circled around them, “Turn the lights off.” Rocky nodded and quickly did as told.

“I’m going to call an ambulance,” Mrs. Applebee declared.

Tommy shook his head, beginning to stand. He was abruptly pushed back down by Adam, and seeing that he was in one of his rare ‘do anything to piss me off and I’ll kill you’ moods, Tommy decided not to argue with him. Shivering, Tommy looked up at Mrs. Applebee, “No, I don’t need to go to the hospital. I just want to go home.”

“Maybe it’s for the best, Tommy,” Rocky said, kneeling down by his friend and fellow power ranger.

“I really feel fine. This probably happened because I didn’t get any sleep last night,” Tommy argued. He looked at Adam with pleading eyes.

Adam sighed, “I think we should just let him go home. This probably did happen because Tommy was up all night studying.”

Mrs. Applebee nodded and turned to Cassandra Wilcocks, a student in the class with blond hair and an amazing figure. Many of the guys considered her to be the most beautiful girl in the school. “Cassandra, run down to the nurse’s office and tell her to call Mr. and Mrs. Oliver. Say that Tommy really is not feeling well, and he needs to go home.” Cassandra nodded, and scurried out of the room.

Finally Adam allowed Tommy to sit up with his back propped against Mrs. Applebee’s desk. Turning to his teacher, Tommy sadly shook his head, “I guess I failed the test.”

Mrs. Applebee watched in amazement as everyone in the class turned to her, morose expressions on their faces. She looked at Tommy only to find that he was giving her the saddest ‘I’m a lost, homeless puppy who’s cold and wet in the rain, and all I want is a little love’ expression that she had ever seen. Sighing, she grinned, “All right, I know when I’m beat. Retakes will be in 2 weeks.” The class cheered triumphantly.

Just then, Cassandra reentered the room. Walking up to Tommy, she said, “Nurse Owens wants you to come to her room with all of your stuff. Your parents should be here in ten minutes.” She shook her head, sympathetically, “I hope you feel better.”

“Thanks,” Tommy smiled, making sure to keep his eyes away from the sunbeams which were coming in through the open classroom window. Whatever had happened, he knew that it had something to do with the flickering lights in the room. Cassandra smiled and returned to her seat. The rest of the class followed except for Rocky, Adam, and Tommy.

Mrs. Applebee motioned towards Adam, “Would you two mind helping Tommy get to the nurse’s office? I don’t want him passing out on the way there.” Tommy blushed.

Adam and Rocky both nodded, and Adam grabbed Tommy’s hand, cautiously pulling him to his feet. Tommy rocked a bit at first, but was soon steady, and waited by the door as Adam and Rocky grabbed his backpack and his binder. As he left, Tommy could have sworn that he saw Cassandra wave goodbye. I must be seeing things Tommy told himself.

* * *

“Cassandra likes Tommy!” Rocky sang, bouncing through the hallways. Adam snickered.

Tommy blushed, “She does not!”

“Oh yes she does!” Rocky argued, patting his leader’s shoulder, “Couldn’t you tell that she was looking at you that whole time during class, and she waved to you while we were leaving?”

“Maybe she was waving at Adam,” Tommy suggested.

Adam shook his head, shyly, “Nah, why would she like me? Besides, I saw what Rocky saw. She wants you, man. Bad.”

“I’m going out with Kim, though!” Tommy whined, “Are you sure she likes me?”

Rocky and Adam glanced at eachother, sighing. Tommy shook his head, stopping a moment to lean on a set of lockers. Even though he didn’t feel as weak as he had, Tommy still felt dizzy, and his vision was a little clouded.

“You OK, man?” Adam asked, looking at Tommy, concerned.

Tommy nodded, “I’m just a little dizzy, but besides that I really do feel fine.”

“What happened anyway?” Rocky questioned, “I don’t believe all this all- nighter crap.”

“When the lights started to flash faster you just collapsed,” Adam informed him. “When they first began to flash did you start getting that headache you were talking about?”

Tommy merely nodded in admittance. Rocky frowned, “I wonder what was up with those lights.”

Suddenly Mike and Cheryl Oliver came running down the hallway. Mike Oliver frowned, “What the hell happened? We heard you had some kind of a seizure?”

“I did, but I feel fine now,” Tommy said.

“Well, we’re taking you to the hospital,” Cheryl Oliver declared, grabbing her adoptive son’s arm.

Tommy shook his head, “I’m really fine.”

“He pulled an all-nighter yesterday while studying for the test today,” Adam informed them, “Mrs. Applebee thinks that was the reason he had that seizure. Tommy should be fine if he just takes it easy for awhile.” Rocky nodded in agreement.

Mrs. Oliver sighed, “I guess that it makes more sense to take you straight home. You are able to stand, after all.”

“OK,” Mr. Oliver said, “but while you’re home you’re going to be up in your room resting, is that understood?”

Tommy nodded, relieved. Grabbing his stuff from Adam and Rocky, Tommy began to walk away, and Rocky whispered, “Cassandra will miss you.” Tommy swore silently as he glanced over his shoulder to see Rocky and Adam cracking up.

* * *

“Fuck this,” Tommy swore kicking the white and blue checked covers off of him. “Dad!” he yelled, “This is so boring!”

Mr. Oliver walked in the room, smiling, “You agreed to rest while you were home, and that’s what you’re going to do. Rest. I don’t want you doing any strenuous activity for the next couple of days, you got it?”

“Yes, sir,” Tommy groaned. It had been a day since he had had the seizure, and at the moment he felt downright energetic. Mr. Oliver chuckled and left the room.

Just then, the phone rang. Tommy picked up the receiver and held it to his ear, “Hello?”

“Tommy?” A voice called over the line.

Tommy smiled in recognition of the voice, “Hey, Kim. What’s going on?”

“I’m just sitting in my room, bored as hell,” Kimberly Hart, Tommy’s girlfriend, replied. She put a little lip gloss on her lips and puckered them for her mirror, smiling, “You sound like you’re having fun.”

“I’m lying in my bed because I’m not supposed to do anything physical for a long time. This sucks!”

Kim smiled, “Whatcha wearing?”


“Whatcha wearing?”

Tommy looked down at his attire, confused, “Just white shorts and a white tank top, why?”

Kim laughed, “I’m topless.”

Tommy swallowed hard. His face was beet red as his mind thought of his girlfriend without a shirt, “You sure know how to get me in the mood, Kim.”

Kim smiled, “I dunno. I guess the idea of you in shorts is kinda appealing. Are you wearing long shorts or short shorts.”

“Their boxers, Kim,” Tommy informed her, not being able to shake the idea of Kimberly Hart without anything above the waist. He felt his body respond to the thought, and lucky for him none of the family was in the room at the moment.

“Ooooh,” Kim purred. She had been going out with Tommy for more than a year, and just the thought of him made her get the chills all over. As she pictured her boyfriend, Kim felt herself perk up. She breathed deeply to calm herself. Deciding that it was time to change the subject, Kim quickly added, “You haven’t had any more seizures, have you?”

“Nope,” Tommy said, happy to feel his body relax. “I think that I had that seizure because of those blinking lights in Mrs. Applebee’s room.”

“Weird,” Kim exclaimed, pulling a white bra over her chest. Fastening it, she tugged a white midriff shirt over her head, and put a pink cardigan over it. Examining herself in the mirror, she grinned, “Do you want some company?”

“Sure,” Tommy said, “As long as you don’t mind me being in only boxers and a shirt.”

“I won’t mind at all,” Kim replied, “I’ll be right over.”

* * *

“Very sexy,” Kim commented seeing her boyfriend’s attire. Tommy blushed.

“Ha ha... hey, I thought you said you were topless!”

Kim smacked his arm playfully, “You’re hopeless.” She glanced around his room. A cool breeze flowed through the open window, and ruffled a few loose papers on Tommy’s desk. She smiled, “It’s a nice room.”

“Thanks, although your room is so much more cozy.”

Kim opened her mouth to say something when Tommy’s wrist communicator went off. Opening the door to see if anyone was around, Kim motioned to Tommy that the coast was clear. “We read you, Zordon,” Tommy said, flipping to leader mode.

“You must teleport to the command center immediately,” Zordon boomed over the communicator.

“We’re on our way,” Turning to Kim, Tommy added, “I guess I won’t be having any uneventful rest time after all.” Pushing a button on their communicators, Tommy and Kim disappeared in streaks of pink and white.

* * *

“What’s going on?” Kim asked.

Billy sighed, “Zedd and Rita have sent down another monster. It’s attacking the warehouse district.”

“This monster is called Flashing Frenzy, and it uses it’s flashing lights to blind it’s opponents. This will be very dangerous, rangers,” Zordon said.

“Ay yi yi!” Alpha exclaimed, “Flashing Frenzy is heading for the main part of Angel Grove!”

“There are a lot of homes there!” Aisha said, looking worriedly at the others.

“We have to stop it!” Kim declared.

“Wait,” Rocky glanced at Tommy, “Are you up to this?”

“Definitely,” Tommy assured him. “It’s morphin time!”





“Sabertooth Tiger!”


* * *

“Hey, it’s the rangers! This is going to be fun!” The monster called.

“Your flashing days are over, Frenzy!” Rocky yelled.

“Tengas, attack!” The monster commanded. A large group of Tengas charged the rangers.

Kim flipped over a Tenga and kicked it in the stomach, sending it plummeting to the ground. She then punched another one in the face.

Adam kicked at an oncoming Tenga, then turned around just in time to block a punch coming his way. Grabbing the Tenga’s fist, he flipped it onto it’s back.

Billy continued to block the blows coming towards him before kicking a Tenga right in the chest, sending it flying into two other ones. All three Tengas fell to the ground.

Aisha rolled beneath the legs of a Tenga and kicked it in the knees, sending it crashing to the ground. Jumping to her feet, Aisha punched another Tenga in the stomach.

Rocky fought one on one with a Tenga, easily conquering it and sending it falling to the grass. Turning around, Rocky kicked at a charging Tenga, kicking it right in the ass. “Oooh, that must’ve hurt!” Rocky exclaimed, unsympathetically/

Tommy faced another Tenga, finishing it off with a roundhouse kick. Turning to the group of Tengas coming his way, he pulled Saba out and aimed him at them. Red lasers shot from Saba’s eyes, disintegrating the Tenga’s.

“Good job, little buddy,” Tommy said.

“Thanks,” Saba replied, “You weren’t so bad yourself.”

Tommy smirked, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“It’s my turn” Flashing Frenzy yelled, attacking the rangers. Tommy moved towards the monster first but was pushed aside. Adam and Billy ran towards the monster only to be flipped on their backs. Aisha was kicked in the chest, and Rocky and Kim were both punched in the stomach.

Tommy looked over at Rocky, “You ready?”

“I’ve been wanting to try this,” Rocky replied, nodding.

The white and red rangers ran to the same spot and stood side by side. “Power Sword!” Rocky said. Instantly, the sword was in his hand.

Tommy pulled out Saba, and the two rangers joined the two weapons together. “Fire!” They screamed together. A red and white laser beam shot out from the two weapons, hitting the monster right in the stomach. The monster fell to the ground, groaning. Staggering to it’s feet, Flashing Frenzy growled, “I’ve had enough of this child’s play. It’s time for you to see my light show.”

Pulling out a strange looking device, the monster pointed it at Adam and fired. Adam was covered in a beam of green flashing light. He cried out and fell to his knees. “Adam!” Aisha yelled.

“I-I can’t see! My view is fogged!” Adam exclaimed. The monster attacked him, easily sending him crashing to the dirt. Adam rubbed at his helmet, trying to find the source of his blurry vision.

“I’m going to get you for that!” Rocky declared, running towards the monster. He had only taken a few steps when he was bathed in a green flashing light. Rocky froze in place and held his head in pain. “Everything’s clouded!” Rocky yelled, “I can’t see where the monster is!”

“Your turn, White Ranger,” The monster laughed, pointing the device at Tommy. Instead of freezing like Rocky and Adam had, Tommy passed out and began to convulse.

“What the hell is going on!?” Flashing Frenzy questioned himself, “The beam has never done this before!”

“I’m going to Tommy,” Kim informed the others, “You guys make sure that thing doesn’t hit me or either of you.” Aisha and Billy nodded and watched the monster intently.

Kim ran towards Tommy, kneeling down next to him, “Tommy? Tommy, can you hear me?” There was no response.

* * *

“What the hell is going on down there?” Lord Zedd exclaimed.

Finster shook his head, “The White Ranger is having a strange reaction to Flashing Frenzy’s device. Instead of being temporarily blinded, Tommy has begun to convulse.”

Rita came up behind her husband and her most trusted worker, “He’s having a seizure?”

“Yes, my queen,” Finster replied.

“Hm... we could use this to our advantage,” Zedd strategized, “GOLDAR!”

The golden armored creature ran into the throne room, “What can I do for you, Lord Zedd?”

“Go and kidnap the White Ranger. I would like to perform some tests on him here,” Zedd cackled.

“As you wish,” Goldar replied, and then he teleported out.

* * *

Goldar laughed evilly, “Ah, White Ranger, you are helpless against me!”

Tommy, who was now unmorphed, lay on the ground shivering. Kim had been whispering encouraging words into his ear, but now turned to Goldar, fiercely, “If you want him, you’re going to have to get through me!”

Goldar smirked, “_You_ want to challenge _me_!? Little ranger, I’m afraid that you overestimate your puny power.”

Aisha ran over to Kim and stepped behind her, “You’ll also have to get through me.”

Billy stood behind Aisha, “And me.”

Rocky and Adam, who had been trying to clear their eyesight, stepped behind Kim. “And us,” They chimed in unison.

Goldar chuckled, “As you wish. Tengas, attack!” A pack of Tengas appeared and charged at the rangers.

As the rangers were distracted Goldar stepped closer and closer to his past ally, “Soon, Tommy, you will pay for what you did to my Empress a long time ago.” As he closed the gap between himself and Tommy, Kim flipped over a group of Tengas and stepped in front of Goldar, “I don’t think so, Goldar.”

“Out of my way, little ranger,” Goldar growled, pulling out his sword.

“I’m warning you, Goldar. If you step any closer you will regret it.”

Goldar shook his head and took another step closer. Kim quickly called for her Power Bow and fired at the monster. Goldar was so startled that he fell over when the arrows hit him. Getting up, Goldar snorted, “You will regret that, Pink Ranger.”

“Leave us alone, Goldar,” Kim snarled, getting into fighting stance. Goldar lunged at the Pink Ranger and knocked her down in one swift and hard blow to the chest. Kim groaned and watched helplessly as Goldar picked up her leader, draped him over his shoulder, and teleported away.

“DAMN IT!” Kim cursed after getting up a few minutes later.

Adam ran over to her and placed his hands on her shoulders to calm her. Instead of calming down, Kim pushed Adam off of her and teleported, guilt-ridden, to the Command Center.

* * *

“So, Thomas, we meet again,” Lord Zedd said, spying his captive like a lion spies it’s prey before killing it.

“What do you want?” Tommy spat.

Zedd replied by digging his metal fingers into Tommy’s face. Tommy winced and pulled his bound hands closer to his face in order to shield it from further attack.

“Can’t I, as your rightful master, get a chance to see you?” Zedd asked innocently.

Tommy smirked, “Rightful master my ass.” He was rewarded with a sharp blow directly to the spine. Tommy’s back arched against the pain, and his teeth clenched together, muffling his agony-filled cries.

“Scorpina!” Rita called, smiling as she saw tears glisten in the White Ranger’s eyes.

“You called me, my Empress?” Scorpina asked, bowing.

“Take our prisoner to the Torture Chamber. I think we should have more fun with him,” Rita said sweetly.

Scorpina nodded, “As you wish.” Pulling the White Ranger to his feet, Scorpina dragged him to the Torture Chamber located just beneath the main palace, and threw him in, surprised that she felt slightly guilty about what she was doing.

* * *

“It’s my fault that Goldar took Tommy! If only I would have dodged that blow!” Kim exclaimed, pacing around the Command Center. Leaning against a console, Kim buried her head in her hands.

Aisha walked over to her distressed friend and placed a hand on her shoulder, “Goldar aimed that kick perfectly. No one could have dodged it!”

“Tommy could’ve,” Kim cried. A tear fell from her eye, but she quickly wiped it away.

“That might be true,” Rocky said, “But it wasn’t Tommy in that position, it was you, and I’m sure that if he saw how you stood up for him against Goldar, he would be really proud of you.”

A grin tugged at Kim’s mouth and she looked at Rocky, “You think so?”

Rocky nodded, “I know it.”

Before anyone could do anything Kim had started crying again, and after a minute Aisha joined her. The two hugged, and soon none of the guys could help but sniffle.

“It didn’t take much to get us started, did it?” Aisha giggled, tears streaming down her face.

Billy looked up, as he was the most in control, “It sure didn’t.”

Adam glanced at Kim, tears still shining in his eyes, “Kim started it.”

Alpha, who had stayed quiet the whole time with Zordon, finally spoke up, “Oh, ay yi yi yi! Now is one of the times that I wish I could cry.”

Kim looked at the little droid, puffy-eyed, “Aw, Alpha...”

Zordon cleared his throat, and all the rangers looked up at him, “I’m sorry to interrupt this moment, rangers, but we do need to locate Tommy and find a way to free him.”

Rocky sniffled, “Sorry, Zordon.”

“We’ll get right on it,” Adam whispered, wiping the remaining tears from his eyes.

“Well,” Billy began, “We can easily assume that Tommy is at Rita and Zedd’s palace on the moon, but the question is what the best method of attack would be.”

“I hope he’s OK,” Kim muttered, “Wherever he is.”

* * *

Goldar flinched as he heard the White Ranger’s screams echo throughout the lower chambers of the palace. Turning to Scorpina, he sighed as he realized she was as distressed as he was.

“I guess there was always a part of me that wanted him to join our side again,” Scorpina admitted.

“Personally, I never liked him,” Goldar said, “But now that I think back on his time here as the Green Ranger, I realize that he wasn’t so bad. It was pretty amazing to fight by his side in a battle. I’ll admit it to you now, Scorpina, I think he was more powerful than me when he was evil.”

“Why do you always attack him first? I mean, when you go into battle, you always go after Tommy. Why?” Scorpina asked.

Goldar sighed, “I guess it was just my way of proving that I could be as good as him or better. I hate being second best, but when Tommy was here, that’s what I was. Second best.”

The two were silent for a moment as Tommy cried out again. Even though part of him was pleased that Tommy was getting what was coming to him, another part of him was actually pining for his old associate.

Both monsters’ thoughts were ended as they heard their Empress call them, “GOLDAR! SCORPINA! GET UP HERE RIGHT NOW!” Scorpina and Goldar looked at eachother once more before teleporting back up to the throne room.

* * *

Tommy cried out as another energy bolt struck him in the hip. “Damn you all!” Tommy screamed, “Go to hell!”

“This is your hell, White Ranger, so enjoy yourself,” One of the masked torturers laughed, punching Tommy in the face. All of his muscles tightened, and Tommy breathed rapidly as he felt his lungs weaken.

The torture continued for Tommy Oliver until he finally gave in to the comfortable darkness.

* * *

“You called?” Goldar and Scorpina asked in unison.

“Yes,” Rita said, “Prepare a cell for the White Ranger, and make sure that there is a prisoner’s uniform waiting for him.”

“Yes, my Empress,” Scorpina said, and she teleported away.

Goldar was about to teleport as well, when Rita grabbed his arm, “I think Scorpina is weakening, Goldar.”

“What do you mean, my Empress?” Goldar asked.

Rita sighed, “I mean that I think she’s feeling sorry for the White Ranger, you big ape! So, I’m giving you a job to do.”

“Yes, my Empress?”

“Make sure that Tommy’s cell has lights that can easily be turned on and off,” Rita said, chuckling.

“Yes, my Empress, but for what purpose, if I may ask.”

“No, you may not ask,” Rita said, letting go of Goldar, “I’m not sure that you haven’t softened as well, Goldar, but let me just tell you that if you dare to defy me, you will live to regret it. Keep an eye on that Scorpina, too.”

“Yes, my Empress. May I leave?”

Rita nodded. Goldar teleported away.

After catching up with Scorpina, Goldar sighed, “She knows about how we feel about Tommy. I’m pretty sure that she saw some of the conversation we had earlier.”

“Bitch,” Scorpina whispered. Louder, she added, “What did she want?”

“She wants Tommy put in a room with easy access to lights,” Goldar explained.

“Lights? What could lights do to him?” Goldar shrugged, and the two started off in search of an appropriate cell.

* * *

“He’s definitely on the moon, guys,” Billy informed the others, “I checked for Tommy there, and the computer picked up his morphing energy, although you know that it’s being blocked.”

“Even Rita and Zedd aren’t stupid enough to let Tommy morph while he’s there,” Rocky commented.

Aisha sighed, “Guess what I found at Angel Grove Park after the battle?” She pulled Tommy’s morpher from her pocket. Adam groaned.

Billy shrugged, “It’s better than Zedd having it and using it to make Tommy evil again.”

“Well, if he doesn’t have the ability to morph, what do Zedd and Rita want with him?” Kim asked, distressed.

Billy shook his head, mournfully, “Well, after Tommy turned good after the evil spell was broken while he was the Green Ranger, I’m sure that Rita has wanted to get back at him for a lot.”

Kim looked at Adam. He nodded, “From what you have told me about Tommy’s time as evil, it would make sense that Rita would still hold a grudge against him, and think of all the times Zedd has tried to turn Tommy back to evil! Together, they probably hate Tommy with a passion. Then, there’s this new thing with the seizures! Who knows what they could do to him!”

“What do we do?” Rocky asked, “How do we get him out of there? Do we just barge in and say ‘um, you have our leader. Can we have him back?’ I don’t think it will be that easy.”

“Rocky’s right,” Adam said, “We need a plan of attack.”

“Any ideas?” Aisha asked. No one said a thing.

Finally, Alpha spoke up, “Rangers, I’m running tests on the perimeter of the palace, and soon we should know exactly what we need and what we can or can’t do when and if you teleport up there.”

“How long will the analysis take?” Billy asked.

Alpha sighed, “It could take more than 5 hours!”

“Do it,” Kim said, “We can’t help Tommy until we get a decent idea of what we’re up against.”

Everyone nodded and busied themselves around the Command Center to pass the time.

* * *

“Goldar,” Zedd said, “Go get Tommy out of the Torture Chamber and bring him to his holding cell so that he can’t escape. We’ll start the tests tomorrow.”

“Tests, my Lord?” Scorpina questioned.

Zedd sighed. Maybe Rita is right. Scorpina might be softening. No matter, there’s nothing she can do for that power punk now “You will learn of the tests soon enough. Now, go get the White Ranger.”

“As you wish,” Goldar replied. He and Scorpina teleported out.

They ended up in the Torture Chamber where two of the Tengas were watching gleefully as the torturers whipped the unconscious Tommy. He was chained to a wall wearing nothing at all, with blood trickling from several open wounds running up his legs and stomach. His face was red from all the beatings he had endured, and the scars which Lord Zedd had given him were puffy.

“You may go,” Goldar told the torturers after sending the Tengas back to their holding room, “He is done for now.”

“If I may ask,” The first torturer spoke, “What has this mortal being done that he was to be beaten so severely?”

“He was unloyal to Empress Rita. This boy was the carrier of the Green Powers for a time,” Scorpina explained.

The second torturer gasped, “Rita gave the ancient powers to such a young earthling?”

Goldar merely nodded. The first torturer shook his head, “It was quite bothersome doing this. Actually this was the first time I actually felt bad to torture a person. I have never had to harm anyone as young as this boy.”

“Nor have I,” The second torturer agreed.

Scorpina nodded, “We must take him to his holding cell.”

The second torturer tilted his head, surprised, “A holding cell? Doesn’t Lord Zedd realize that there is no way this boy will be able to escape? He is too weak!”

“There may be people looking for him,” Goldar lied. He knew that the rangers would be unable to enter the palace in search of their lost leader until the next day. He stifled a snicker Even Zordon has limitations on what he can do in a certain amount of time.

Uncuffing Tommy, Goldar and Scorpina each wrapped one of his arms around them, and they teleported back to Tommy’s cell. Grabbing the prisoner garments that Scorpina had been told to get, they dressed him and laid him on the cold floor. Scorpina looked at the young ranger, “He’ll freeze down here.”

Goldar nodded, “I’ll do my best to find a blanket in the storage area down the hall.”

A few minutes later, Goldar returned with a surprisingly clean wool blanket and draped it over the sleeping boy. He sighed, “That’s the best we can do tonight. Let’s go.”

Scorpina turned away from Tommy and teleported back to the main chambers with Goldar.

* * *

Rita watched, amused, as the sleeping White Ranger shivered and pulled the blanket draped around him closer, “Just a few days ago, this prisoner was the biggest threat against our monsters, and now look at him.”

Zedd, who had just walked into the room, sighed, “A long time ago, this boy was under your control.”

“Maybe he will be under our control once again.”

Zedd looked at his wife, puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“These seizures,” Rita theorized. “I’ve learned much about happenings on Earth, and from the information I’ve gathered on people who have had seizures, they can usually leave the person disoriented and confused. Once we have made him had a few convulsions, we can convince him that he is still evil, and he will be one of us again.”

“And what if your plan doesn’t work?”

Rita cackled. “We’ll kill him off. Either way, there will be one less ranger to worry about, and without their leader, the rest of the Power Rangers will fall.”

* * *

Kim barely spoke to anyone the next day in school. It was all she could do to stop herself from breaking down entirely. She had been upset when Alpha had forced them all to go to school, but now she realized that it would be hard enough to explain Tommy’s disappearance without having to explain their disappearance as well. Just then, Cassandra ran up to her, gasping for breath, “Kim, oh gosh, I’m glad I found you!”

“What’s wrong?” Kim asked. She was feeling quite shy besides herself. Even though she was quite well known in the school, she knew that she would never be as popular as Cassandra Wilcocks. All the guys in the school adored her.

“Have you seen Tommy?”

“No,” Kim said, “I haven’t seen him since yesterday when I went to see how he was. Why?” This was partly the truth. She hadn’t seen Tommy since the prior day.

“Well, I called Tommy’s house last night to check on him, and his parents were going crazy because he had disappeared from his room. They said that you had come to see him, and they had gone out, but when they got back both of you were gone!”

Kim couldn’t help but begin to feel possessive Why would that slut be calling Tommy? She better understand that he’s mine! “I left because I had to work on some homework. That’s really weird.”

“Do me a favor,” Cassandra pleaded, “If you find Tommy, please tell me, because right now I’m worried out of my mind!”

“Don’t worry,” Kim said, trying not to sound angry, “I’ll be sure to tell you.”

“Thank you, Kimberly,” Cassandra smiled, “You don’t know how much this means to me.”

“I’m sure I don’t,” Kim replied, coolly. With that, Cassandra waved to her and walked down the hall, receiving lust-filled stares from half of the guys walking by. Kim frowned. “Whore,” she muttered. Looking up, Kim saw Rocky and Billy walking towards her.

“Is anything wrong?” Billy asked.

“You look really pissed off,” Rocky informed her.

Kim shook her head, rubbing the bridge of her nose, “I have a really strong feeling that Cassandra Wilcocks likes Tommy, and I feel like I can’t compete with her.”

“Tommy loves you, Kim,” Billy reassured her, “He wouldn’t drop you just because someone else likes him. Tommy cares about you, and he’d never betray your trust.”

“How can you be sure?” Kim whispered, “She’s so beautiful, and I’m so ordinary.”

“Ordinary my ass!” Rocky exclaimed, “You are way prettier than most of the girls in this school, Kim, and you have a much better personality than anyone I know. You’re smart, funny, outgoing, pretty, and your gymnastics are awesome. Besides,” Rocky said, leaning closer, “You’re a ranger, and could easily kick Cassandra’s butt.”

“You really believe that, Rocky?” Kim asked, beaming.

Rocky nodded, “I know it.”

Billy snickered, “But as I recall, a certain person had a small crush on Miss Wilcocks.”

Kim looked, surprised, at Rocky. He blushed and lowered his head. Billy chuckled.

“Hey, Billy,” Rocky said, changing the subject, “You stopped by the Command Center this morning. Is there any update on Tommy?”

“Negative,” Billy sighed, “Alpha still hasn’t received the results, but the computer should have finished the analysis by the time we get out of school today.”

“The sooner the better,” Kim said, and the two boys nodded.

* * *

Tommy awoke from his dreamless sleep and looked at his surroundings. This kinda looks like a holding cell at Rita’s palace Tommy thought to himself. Just then, as he became fully awake, he gasped as burning pain shot through his whole body. Looking under the strange gray clothes that he was wearing, he saw many cuts and bruises going up and down his chest. Feeling his face, he winced as his fingers ran across the tender scars that Lord Zedd had made when he scratched him.

Just then, Rita Repulsa teleported into his cell, laughing, “Good morning, ranger. I’m certain that you slept well.”

Tommy looked at her hatefully, “Like anyone could sleep well in this hell hole.”

Rita feinted a look of hurt, “This is one of the better rooms, Tommy. I had hoped that you would have be comfortable. Oh yes, how did your torture session go yesterday.”

“I feel like crap. There, are you happy now? Leave me alone.”

Rita smiled, “No, I’m not fully satisfied, White Ranger. Actually, there’s something that I need from you.”

Tommy snorted, “I’ll never do or say anything that would benefit you.”

“All I need is for you to tell me about these seizures that you have been having. Do you have any idea why you have been having them?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you were responsible for them, somehow,” Tommy spat. He tried to stand and face his adversary, but his weak legs prevented him from doing so.

Rita watched her captive struggle and she chuckled, “Foolish ranger. Do you really think that even with your full strength and your power you would be able to defeat me?”

Tommy didn’t reply, but he glared at her angrily. She smiled, “Now, I have a little surprise for you. SCORPINA!”

“Yes, my Empress?” Scorpina asked, appearing outside of the cell.

“Flash the overhead lights on and off.”

Scorpina looked at her, puzzled, then did as she asked. The lights began to flash, and Tommy curled up, trying to hide himself from the blinking lights. Rita watched, pleased, as the White Ranger began to convulse after a few minutes. She cackled. “Don’t give yourself brain damage, Tommy.” Turning to Scorpina, she grinned triumphantly, “Watch him. After the seizure has ended, ask him a few questions to see if he’s forgotten anything yet. If he has, come to me, but if he hasn’t, go back to your chamber. I will call you again when I need you.”

“Yes, my Empress,” Scorpina bowed. Rita laughed and teleported away. Scorpina could do nothing but watch as Tommy continued to convulse. “Breath,” Scorpina reminded him as he shook uncontrollably.

Finally, the seizure ended and Tommy lay, shivering, on the floor. Scorpina got closer to him, but he moved back. “Go away,” he croaked, “Don’t get any closer.”

Scorpina froze in place and stared at the young boy. She couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, “Who are you?”

Tommy looked at her, confused. His eyes narrowed as his breathing finally calmed, “Go to hell.”

Scorpina smirked, “You really aren’t in any condition to give me orders. Now, tell me who you are, or I’ll be forced to throw you back in the torture chamber.”

“You know who I am,” Tommy spat, “I’m the white ranger.”

“Ah,” Scorpina said, “So you still know who you are.”

Tommy rolled onto his side, clutching his stomach. “Leave me alone,” he growled.

Scorpina merely nodded and teleported away.

* * *

“Kim’s taking this all really hard,” Aisha sighed. Placing her books in her locker, Aisha smoothed down her yellow shirt and continued walking with Rocky.

Rocky nodded, “This thing with Cassandra isn’t helping either.”

Aisha shook her head, “She really likes Tommy, doesn’t she?”

“She sure does.” Rocky rubbed the bridge of his nose, and turned to Aisha, “It’s amazing that of all the guys in this school, Cassandra had to fall for someone that’s already taken.”

“I know,” Aisha agreed, “Maybe you should just try and ask her out, Rocky.”

Rocky glanced at her, shocked, “Are you nuts!? _Me_ ask out _Cassandra Wilcocks_? I don’t think so, Aisha. It’s not that simple. You can’t just ask out Cassandra Wilcocks.”

Aisha shrugged, “Why not? I mean, don’t you think that she must feel kinda insecure because no one ever asks her out? I mean, all the guys in the school think that she is too good for them!”

Rocky nodded in defeat, “I guess your right. It’s just, I’m afraid of rejection, and besides, she really likes Tommy!”

Aisha smiled, “As awful as it sounds, Tommy isn’t here, and even if he were, he loves Kim, and would never break up with her because another girl likes him. He’s really faithful in that way.”

Rocky beamed, “You’re right, Aisha. At least I can try. The worst that she could say is no.” Aisha nodded in agreement. Just then, Rocky’s communicator went off.

The two backed into a corner and Rocky looked around before whispering, “We read you, Zordon.”

“Flashing Frenzy has grown and is on a rampage. You must meet the other rangers at the park. They are having a tough time with the putties.”

“You got it, Zordon. Rocky out.” Rocky looked around once more to make sure that no one was near by before calling out, “It’s morphing time!”

“Sabertooth Tiger!”


* * *

“Great timing,” Billy said, after barely dodging a putty’s kick. Rocky and Aisha looked around and realized that the others were still unmorphed and getting their butts kicked.

“Go ahead and morph, guys,” Rocky called out, punching a putty in the face, “We’ll hold them off.”

“Right,” Kim said, “It’s morphing time!”




* * *

Flashing Frenzy looked down at the rangers and cackled. “You rangers are no match for me!”

“That’s what you think!” Rocky yelled back, “Ready guys?”

“We need thunderzord power now!” They all called.

After getting into their zords they defeated the monster after just a 5 minute battle. After leaving their zords, Aisha giggled, “That must have been the stupidest monster that Rita and Zedd have come up with yet.”

“Definitely,” Adam agreed.

“I think this may have just been a diversion,” Billy declared.

“I know,” Kim nodded, “They still have Tommy.”

“Let’s get to the command center. Maybe Alpha has come up with something,” Rocky suggested.

“Yeah,” Adam said, “Let’s go.” They all teleported.

* * *

Goldar glanced at Scorpina as he continued to drag Tommy up to the throne room. Finally, Tommy just lost it, “Damn it, Goldar, I can walk!”

Goldar chuckled, “I seriously doubt it, White Ranger. You’re in no condition to walk, let alone fight, so you better do what we say.”

“Whatever, monkey boy,” Tommy muttered under his breath. Goldar heard him, and was going to hit him, but he decided not to. He didn’t know why, but something inside was telling him not to harm the White Ranger.

The trio reached the throne room and immediately Lord Zedd grabbed Tommy and held him up by the shirt, “So, White Ranger, I hear that you are being rather uncooperative to our tests.”

Tommy said nothing, but looked away from him and glanced at the floor. Lord Zedd cackled. “You know that all we want to do is find out what is causing your present condition, Thomas, and it would be wise for you to cooperate.”

Tommy shook his head, “The others will come for me.”

Zedd flung Tommy away from him, sending the ranger tumbling on the floor and landing painfully on his knees. Pain shot through him, and he breathed rapidly so that he would remain conscious. Snarling, Zedd turned to Goldar and Scorpina, “Return him to his cell.”

“As you wish,” The two chimed. Grabbing Tommy once again, they began the long walk back to the White Ranger’s chamber.

Once reaching it, Goldar and Scorpina gently balanced the boy against the wall, and they had just begun to walk away when the lights in Tommy’s cell began to flash again. Tommy fell to the ground and immediately began to convulse. The two monsters watched in disgust. Scorpina looked at Goldar, frustrated, “Damn it! Who are Rita and Zedd trying to break down, Tommy or us? Can’t they see that this plan isn’t working the way that they want it to?”

Goldar was about to reply, when Tommy sat up, sweating. Turning to him, Scorpina knelt down, “Are you OK?”

“I think so,” Tommy said, weakly.

Goldar looked at Scorpina, and then glanced down at the panting ranger, “Who are you?”

“Don’t you know? I’m Tommy Oliver,” Tommy replied, confused. He shivered and grabbed the blanket that was laying on the floor. Pulling it around him, he looked at the two creatures, “What am I doing here?”

“You don’t remember?” Scorpina asked. What did that seizure do to him? Could Rita and Zedd’s plan actually be working?

“No.” Tommy frantically looked at Goldar, “What happened?”

“You just had a seizure,” Goldar informed him. He noted the frightened look in the boy’s eyes, “What’s the last thing you remember?”

Tommy swallowed hard and glanced at the floor, “I, um, was on top of a building calling to the Dragonzord. I felt funny, like I was doing something wrong. Jason was telling me that I had to stop but I couldn’t. I wanted to, but I couldn’t stop myself.” Looking up at Goldar, he smiled, “I guess I must have hit my head and gone into shock or something like that.”

Goldar looked at Scorpina in shock. She returned the startled look and cleared her throat, “So, you are the green ranger?”

Tommy nodded. Goldar shook his head, “You work for Rita?”

“Yes,” Tommy said. He looked at the two, puzzled, “What’s wrong? Goldar, did the Power Rangers do something to Rita? What’s going on?” Glancing at his shirt which was covered with blood, he looked at Scorpina, scared, “What happened to me?”

Scorpina looked at Goldar, then she returned her gaze to Tommy, “Um, we need to go talk to Finster. Why don’t you try and get some rest. Those rangers really hit you hard.”

Tommy looked at her blankly, then nodded and rolled onto his side. The two troubled monsters glanced once more at the boy and then teleported away in search of Finster.

* * *

“Ay yi yi yi yi!” Alpha exclaimed, hitting a console in final frustration. Looking up at Zordon, he sighed, “Getting Tommy back won’t be easy.”

“I realize that, Alpha, but we must try,” Zordon said.

Just then, the rangers teleported in. Adam walked over to Alpha, “Any news on Tommy?”

“Yes, Adam. I just got the readouts back from the palace.”

“What do they say?” Kim asked.

Alpha sighed, “Zedd and Rita aren’t making this easy. The maximum people we can send to the moon is 2 because we’ll need to teleport Tommy out, and only three people can teleport away from the moon base. One person must be male, and the other must be female.”

“I’m in,” Kim said quickly.

Billy looked at her, concerned, “Are you sure that you’ll be OK?”

“I’m positive. I need to do this,” Kim assured him.

Rocky nodded, “Count me in, too.”

Adam frowned, “Are you sure, Rocky, because you know that I could-”

“As the second in command, I feel like I should go, Adam. Thank you for your willingness.”

Adam looked at Billy and the two sighed. Whenever Rocky flipped into leader mode, he could be quite annoying. Aisha looked at Zordon, “When can they leave?”

“The morphing energy connecting to the moon is temporarily being blocked off. You should be able to go tonight.”

Kim and Rocky looked at eachother and then joined the others in working on other things to pass the time.

* * *

“You want what!?” Finster asked, shocked.

Scorpina sighed, “We want a sleeping potion, Finster. Please, you must do this!”

Finster shook his head, “I can’t. If Rita and Zedd were to find out, I would be disintegrated in a second!”

“You know that part of you has a soft spot for the former Green Ranger,” Goldar persisted, “Besides, Rita trusts you, and will never suspect a thing!”

Finster hesitantly nodded, “Very well.”

* * *

Goldar and Scorpina returned to Tommy’s cell just to find the lights flashing. The ranger was convulsing once again. Silently cursing to himself, Goldar knelt by the White Ranger and told Scorpina to help him keep Tommy steady. In a matter of minutes, the seizure was over and Tommy was gasping for breath.

“Are you OK?” Scorpina asked.

Tommy nodded, shuddering, “I-I’m OK.”

“What color ranger are you?” Goldar asked. This was the moment of truth.

“W-white, why?” Tommy asked, wiping his face on his sleeve. Scorpina sighed with relief.

Just then, Rita entered the cell, smiling, “Well, isn’t this a lovely sight? HAHAHAHA!”

Ignoring her, Goldar continued looking at Tommy, “Do you need some water?” Tommy nodded. Goldar left the room.

Rita watched her henchman leave, then turned back to the quivering White Ranger, “I’m so sorry that you’re feeling so much pain, ranger. Maybe if you had your morpher it would help the pain. I just happen to have powers waiting for you, Tommy, if you would just become evil again.”

“Never,” Tommy whispered. At that moment, Goldar returned with a cup of water and handed it to Tommy. Taking a big gulp, he nearly gagged at the bitter taste. There’s something else in this Looking at Goldar, Tommy could have sworn that he saw the monster wink. Why do I feel like he’s trying to help me?

Rita scowled, “You really are in no position to argue with me.”

Tommy felt his eyelids droop, and he glanced once more at his former master, “Go back to hell.” Then, he rolled onto his side and closed his eyes, letting sleep overcome him.

Rita went crazy, “I didn’t tell you that you could sleep! Get up, you little shit! You always were a goody goody brat, now get up!” Tommy didn’t move. She pointed her staff and the ceiling and the lights began to blink. Tommy still didn’t move. “GOLDAR!” Rita screamed, “WHY ISN’T HE HAVING ONE OF THOSE SEIZURES!?”

Goldar went over to Tommy and shook him lightly. Looking once again at his Empress, he sighed, “He’s unconscious, my Empress.”

“Unconscious!? That’s impossible!” Rita screamed.

Scorpina shook her head, “No it’s not. After all of these seizures it’s absolutely natural for Tommy’s body to shut down and rest. I’m just surprised it didn’t shut down earlier.”

Rita rubbed her temple, “Fine. How long does he have to rest?”

“Maybe a couple of hours, my Empress,” Goldar said.

Rita groaned, “All right. Goldar, go to Finster and tell him to make something that will wake him up, and Scorpina, you stay with him. I have a headache.” With that, Rita teleported away.

Scorpina smiled, “I can’t believe that worked!”

Goldar nodded, “Now, we have to get him back to Earth undetected.”

“Can you believe that we ever worked for those idiots up there?” Scorpina exclaimed. Goldar shook his head. Scorpina looked down at the sleeping ranger, “We won’t be able to get out undetected, but hopefully the rangers will see us quickly and get to Tommy before Lord Zedd and Rita can stop us.”

“Let’s go,” Goldar said, picking Tommy up and placing him gently over his shoulder. The boy remained asleep as the two monsters teleported away from the palace.

* * *

“Ay yi yi!” Alpha exclaimed.

Billy ran over to the droid, “What’s wrong?”

“Rangers, look at the viewing globe!” Alpha said. Running over to the globe, the rangers watched as Scorpina and Goldar walked through the park with Tommy slung over the gold-armored monkey’s shoulder.

“Well, I guess we won’t be going to the palace,” Rocky said.

“Let’s get out there, guys. We have to get Tommy back,” Kim said.

Adam nodded, “It’s morphing time!”




“Sabertooth Tiger!”


* * *

“Scorpina!” Goldar called, “There they are!”

All the rangers got into fighting stance. Kim glared at the two monsters, “Give us Tommy back!”

“With pleasure,” Scorpina said, and the rangers were surprised to hear no sarcasm in her voice. Goldar laid Tommy on the ground and the two stepped back, allowing the rangers to circle around him.

Adam felt Tommy’s pulse, “He’s alive, but-”

“He’s sleeping,” Goldar interrupted, “We had to have Finster make a sleeping potion so that Rita wouldn’t suspect anything.”

Rocky got up and looked at the two monsters suspiciously, “What do you want?”

“Nothing,” Scorpina replied, “Except to apologize for all we’ve done.”

“Could it be a trick?” Aisha asked Billy.

He shrugged, “Anything’s possible, but why would they give Tommy back if this was all a joke?”

“We’ve returned to the good side,” Goldar said, holding out his hand, “And we want to be your allies.”

Kim looked at the others. Rocky glanced at Goldar and hesitantly shook the monsters hand. Just then, a blinding light shot out from the two monsters. All of the rangers blocked their eyes, and Kim grabbed Tommy in her arms to protect him from the blinding flash. When the light disappeared, the rangers looked up in shock. Before them, they no longer saw two monsters. Scorpina had turned to a teenage Asian girl with shiny black hair and glimmering eyes. Goldar had turned into an olive-skinned boy with short, black hair. His eyes were hazel, and he was smiling brightly. Looking at the rangers, Goldar hugged Scorpina, “We have been freed, Alexis!”

“Yes, Brandon,” Scorpina nodded, “We are free.”

The rangers looked at the two, startled. “What happened?” Rocky asked.

Alexis looked at the rangers and grinned, “Many years ago Brandon and I were placed under Rita’s evil spell and turned into hideous monsters after we had fought against their evil for decades. It was said that one day the spell would be broken when we became one with the warriors of good, which is you.”

“The spell began to wear off when Tommy was in the palace,” Brandon continued, “Now, the prophecy has been fulfilled, and we have you to thank.”

Just then, the rangers heard Zordon speak over Rocky’s communicator, “Rangers, teleport to the command center with Alexis and Brandon.”

“You got it, Zordon,” Rocky said. Everyone teleported.

* * *

“Hurray! The evil spell has been broken!” Alpha exclaimed.

“Yes, Alpha,” Zordon agreed, “This is a wonderful occasion.”

“It’s good to rejoin your side, Zordon,” Brandon said. Looking at Tommy who was beginning to stir, he added, “We owe our freedom to Tommy.”

Tommy’s eyes opened, and he rubbed his temple, “What happened? My head is spinning.” He spotted Brandon and Alexis standing by him, “Who are you?”

Alexis chuckled, “I was once Scorpina, and he was once Goldar, but you, White Ranger, helped break the spell that was placed on us, and now we are free. I am Alexis and he is Brandon.”

Tommy looked at them, confused, “Scorpina and Goldar?”

Brandon smiled, “That’s right, Tommy.”

Kim walked over and grabbed her boyfriend’s hand, “It sounds like you were busy while you were in the palace on the moon.”

Tommy nodded, “I guess so, but I don’t remember very much.”

Looking at his leader closely for the first time, Adam winced sympathetically, “Man, Tommy, you must have undergone some heavy beatings. Your face is all scratched up, and your clothes are covered with blood.”

“At least you won’t be having any more seizures,” Brandon said.

Tommy tilted his head, puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“That sleeping potion that I slipped you also had some sort of medication in it. Finster said that it would cure your condition. Finster said that your seizures were being caused by some mishap when you received the White Ranger powers. It was something to do with the light of pure good that was given to you when you became the White Ranger. Somehow, the light was overpowering, and you became very sensitive to blinking lights, but in the potion I gave you there is some chemical that Finster used that will calm your body. This will help with the siezures,” Brandon explained. Tommy nodded.

Aisha looked at everyone, “I don’t mean to ruin this moment, but how are we going to explain this to Tommy’s parents?” The whole group silenced as everyone thought.

* * *

Mrs. Oliver opened the door just to find her son standing there. “Tommy! Oh my gosh!” Mrs. Oliver screamed, hugging her son. Tommy winced.

“What the hell happened to you?” Mr. Oliver asked, observing all the scratches and bruises on Tommy’s body.

Tommy sighed, “I was walking by an alleyway, and I was attacked by a big gang. I fought back, but there were too many of them, and I was weak as it was.”

Mrs. Oliver looked at her son sternly, “What were you doing out? I thought we told you to stay in the house while you were recovering.”

“I needed some air, Mom,” Tommy said, “I just wasn’t comfortable!”

“Comfortable my ass! Shit, Tommy, you could have been killed!” Mr. Oliver roared. Tommy hung his head in shame.

Mrs. Oliver embraced her son once more before throwing a coat at him, “We’re taking you to the hospital.”

‘Mom-” Tommy began.

Mrs. Oliver would hear none of it, “Don’t you ‘mom’ me! You’re going to the hospital, and that’s final!”

Tommy sighed and looked at his dad with his puppy dog eyes. Mr. Oliver shook his head, “Not even that face you do will do you any good. You’re going to the hospital, and that’s final!”

* * *

Kim kissed Tommy on the forehead and rubbed his hand, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine. The doctor said that my rib was bruised, but besides that, there’s no serious damage. I should be out of here in a day or two.”

“That’s good to hear,” Kim replied.

Just then, Cassandra entered the hospital room. Looking at Kim, she sighed, “Tommy, I need to talk to you...alone.”

“Actually,” Kim began, “I wasn’t finished in-”

“Sure,” Tommy said. Turning to Kim, he said, “Kim, can you give us a few minutes?”

Kim bit her lip to keep from crying. She nodded, “I’ll be outside.”


With that, Kim slowly left the room. Cassandra smiled at Tommy and sat down in the chair next to his bed, “I’m sorry about what happened to you.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Tommy said, “At least they didn’t do any permanent damage.”

“You could have been killed!” Cassandra exclaimed.

Tommy shook his head, “But I wasn’t.”

Cassandra grinned, and sat on the edge of his bed, “I was really worried about you.”

“I’m sorry that I made you worry,” Tommy replied.

Cassandra moved closer to him, “I don’t know what I would have done if something had happened to you.”

Tommy looked down, “Luckily, they didn’t do anything to me.”

When he looked up again, Tommy saw that Cassandra’s face was right in front of his. Before he knew what had happened, Cassandra’s lips had made contact with his, and she was kissing him full force. Tommy’s eyes widened, and he tried to move away, but he felt frozen. Finally, he was able to break the kiss. Gasping, he looked at Cassandra, “We can’t do this.”

“Why not?” Cassandra asked, sweetly. She caressed his face, “I love you.”

“No you don’t,” Tommy said, looking into her eyes, “And even if you do, I can never return the gesture. You are a great friend, Cassandra, but I love Kim, and I could never leave her. It would kill me. I’m sorry.”

Cassandra looked as if she was about to cry, “Are you sure?”

“I’m positive, Cassandra,” Tommy replied. He smiled, and held out his hand, “Can we still be friends?”

“Always,” Cassandra replied. Grabbing his hand, she shook it, but then ended up embracing him. Tommy hugged her back.

Smiling, he asked, “Do you know Rocky DeSantos from our class?”

“What about him?” Cassandra asked.

Tommy beamed, “Do you like him at all?”

Cassandra blushed, “Maybe. Why?” Tommy grinned.

* * *

After Cassandra left, Kim entered the room. Tommy smiled at her. She sighed, “I think we should just end our relationship.”

Tommy’s eyes nearly bulged out of his sockets, “WHAT!?”

“Well, I want you to be happy,” Kim explained, “I don’t want to stand in your way, and if you like Cassandra, then I won’t hold you back.”

Tommy shook his head, chuckling, “Kim, I love you. Cassandra did like me, but I turned her down.”

Now it was Kim’s turn to be shocked, “You turned Cassandra down for me!?”

“Why are you surprised?” Tommy asked. “I love you, Kim.”

Kim smiled, “I love you , too.”

* * *

“Well,” Mrs. Applebee addressed the class, “Let’s try this test taking again.” Looking at Tommy, she smiled, “I got the lights fixed.” Tommy blushed.

As the test went on, Cassandra glanced at Rocky repeatedly. Tommy caught her, causing her to start giggling. Tommy chuckled. Rocky glanced up from his test and looked at the two, wondering what was so funny.

Later on, Rocky couldn’t help but look at Cassandra. To his surprise, she was staring at him! As their eyes met, Cassandra looked away and blushed. Rocky shrugged. Tommy, who had watched the whole thing, began to laugh again. Cassandra quickly joined him. Adam, who had also seen the exchange, tried to stifle a snicker, but didn’t succeed. Mrs. Applebee looked up as the whole class began to laugh. She tried to keep order, but the class was unstoppable. Finally, the laughter died down, and Mrs. Applebee cleared her throat loudly, “Well, would anyone like to tell me what was so funny?”

Half of the class shrugged. Cassandra and Tommy exchanged glances. Mrs. Applebee looked at Tommy, “Mr. Oliver, would you care to enlighten me?”

Tommy glanced up at Mrs. Applebee and forced himself to calm down, “No, Mrs. Applebee. I’m very sorry.”

“Me too,” Cassandra said. She still had a case of the giggles, and Tommy couldn’t help but chuckle. Adam shook his head, smiling. Rocky was totally oblivious as to what was going on, and glanced at the three suspiciously.

Mrs. Applebee frowned, “I’m sure that whatever happened was very funny, but why don’t you finish the test before you decide to tell any more jokes.”

“Yes, Mrs. Applebee,” Tommy, Cassandra, and Adam chimed in unison. The test was completed in silence.

After class, Cassandra walked over to Rocky’s desk, and smiled, “Would you mind walking a lonely girl to her next class?”

Rocky swallowed hard. “S-sure,” He croaked. Tommy and Adam, who had just reached the door, heard Rocky and began snickering.

Cassandra looked up, grinning, “Get out of here.” The two boys continued laughing as they left the room.

“Well, let’s go,” Rocky said, regaining control.

While walking down the hallway, Cassandra glanced at Rocky. Her hair was hanging loose, and she was wearing a pastel green sweater with blue flares. She smiled, “I guess you’ve heard about Gina’s party on Friday.”

“Yeah,” Rocky said, not sure where the conversation was going, “I’m going to go. How about you?”

“Definitely,” Cassandra replied. She cleared her throat, “I need someone to go with, though.”

Rocky nearly collapsed. “W-who do you have in mind?”

“You,” Cassandra said, hesitantly, “If you want to.”

“Of course!” Rocky exclaimed, “I would love to take you.”

“Great,” Cassandra exclaimed. Kissing him on the cheek, she turned towards a classroom, “This is my next class. Call me later, Rocky.”

“OK,” Rocky managed. After Cassandra entered her classroom, Rocky whooped for joy, earning many stares from passing students and teachers. Blushing, he quickly ran to his next class.

* * *

“Adam!” Gina Williams shrieked, “I’m so glad you could come!” Music blared throughout the house, and Adam felt like he was about isclaimer~

“Thanks for inviting me!” Adam yelled over the music. He brought his date closer, “This is Alexis!”

“Nice to meet you!” Gina screamed. “Go on in!”

Adam guided Alexis through Gina’s living room and downstairs to the basement where the music was booming from large speakers. The walls seemed to shake with the beat of the music. Almost instantly Adam found Tommy and Kim sitting in a chair together, laughing. Walking over to them, Adam smiled, “I’m going to go deaf!”

“What!?” Kim called. Adam sighed. Tommy laughed.

“It seems like the house is going to fall down!” Alexis yelled.

Tommy nodded, “I’ll bet you in two hours police are going to come and tell us the neighbors are complaining!”

“Where’s everyone else!?” Adam asked.

Kim pointed to a corner of the room, “Rocky and Cassandra are over there, um, making out! Aisha is here somewhere!”

“Aw, is she alone!?” Adam asked.

“Nope!” Tommy screamed, “She’s here with Brandon!”

“What about Billy!?” Alexis asked.

“Oh, he’s over there!” Kim yelled, pointing towards the center of the room. Adam laughed as he saw Billy dancing with a girl from their science class, Laura Holden.

“Do you want to dance!?” Tommy asked Kim. She nodded, and the two hit the floor together. Adam and Alexis took their spot and began talking (well, yelling) about all the things that had happened in their life.

Meanwhile, Rocky and Cassandra were talking in the corner. “I’m so glad that you asked me out, Cassandra!” Rocky yelled over the music, “I was scared to ask you myself!”

‘You should be thanking Tommy!” Cassandra replied, “He’s the one that told me that you would say yes!”

“I thought you liked Tommy!” Rocky screamed.

“I did!” Cassandra admitted, “It wasn’t meant to be! Besides, I’m happy being with you, Rocky!”

“You wanna dance!?” Rocky asked.

“I’d love to!” Cassandra replied, and the two moved next to Tommy and Kim. All four teens laughed happily and everyone had fun that night.

Together, the 10 walked home after the party. Aisha giggled and almost fell on top of Brandon, “Someone spiked the punch!”

Brandon, who was chuckling, agreed. Billy sighed I’m so happy that I’ve never gotten drunk and ended up looking that stupid.

“Luckily we didn’t have any,” Laura said, laughing as Aisha almost tripped on the pavement.

5 minutes later, the group passed Aisha’s home, and she stumbled up the steps, fumbling with the door lock until she finally got it open. “Man, was she out of it!” Rocky exclaimed. Cassandra giggled.

A few minutes later, the group passed Laura’s house. She pecked Billy on the cheek and ran up the steps and into her house. Tommy patted Billy on the back, “Always the lady’s man.” Billy blushed.

The house right next to Laura’s was Cassandra’s, and she kissed Rocky passionately, said her good-byes to everyone, and walked up to her house. Once she was out of sight Brandon and Alexis looked at eachother. Alexis sighed, “I guess we better go up to the Command Center. We’re going to stay there until we can get enough money to buy an apartment for ourselves.”

Adam nodded and rubbed Alexis’ hand, “I had fun tonight.”

“Me too, Adam,” Alexis agreed, “I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.”

“Neither have I,” Brandon said. Looking at Tommy, he smirked, “Beating you up was always kinda fun, though.”

Tommy chuckled, “You never beat me up.”

Brandon shook his head, laughing, “I see your memory has gotten a little rusty.” Tommy smirked. Saying goodbye to everyone, the two teleported away leaving only Tommy, Kim, Billy, Rocky, and Adam.

After reaching Billy’s house, Billy wished everyone a goodnight and entered his house. Adam sighed, “And then there were 4.”

Rocky nodded, “That was fun, you guys.”

“I’m telling you, though, it was kinda weird to know that the former Scorpina and Goldar are now like us! They were partying with everyone, and I guess it just felt weird!” Kim admitted.

Adam shook his head, “Scor- I mean, Alexis was really sweet. I couldn’t believe that the person I was with tonight used to be Scorpina!”

The group reached Rocky’s house, and he waved goodbye. Then, he entered his house, and the trio heard his dad yelling at him for missing curfew.

Tommy smiled, “I missed curfew, too, but it’s not like my dad will care, and my mom will most likely be asleep.”

“I think everyone missed curfew tonight. I mean, it’s almost 1:30am!” Adam exclaimed.

“You guys,” Kim said, “It’s been way to long since we’ve had this much fun.”

“I agree,” Adam declared, “Every time someone throws a party we get interrupted by Zedd and Rita. I guess that’s the drawback to being a ranger.”

“Yeah,” Tommy said, “But I wouldn’t give up being a ranger.”

“Neither would I,” Kim agreed.

Adam smiled, “I wouldn’t either.”

The trio reached Adam’s house, and after saying his goodnights, Adam entered the dark home. Kim and Tommy continued on, hand in hand.

“The night is so beautiful,” Kim exclaimed, looking at the stars.

Tommy smirked, “It’s actually morning.”

Kim swatted his arm, “Whatever.” She stopped abruptly and faced him, “I love you so much.”

Tommy smiled, “I love you too, Kim.”

“I know you do, but you don’t know how much I thought that you were going to leave me for Cassandra! She’s just so beautiful, and I didn’t feel like I could compare to her.”

“Kim,” Tommy began, “In my eyes you are a million times more beautiful than Cassandra will ever be. You are the most wonderful person that I know, and I would never let you go just because Cassandra Wilcocks liked me. Besides, now Rocky is happy, so everything worked out.”

“I agree,” Kim said.

The duo reached Kim’s house. Turning to face Tommy, Kim pushed herself higher, and the two’s lips met. The kiss seemed to last for eternity as the stars twinkled up above. When it finally ended, Kim, smiled, “Goodnight,” She whispered.

“Goodnight,” Tommy said, kissing her hand. Kim hugged him and proceeded to enter her house, glancing back at him one more time. Then, she entered the house and closed the door. Tommy waited until Kim’s room light went on before he walked away whispering, “Sleep well, my pink angel.”

As Tommy walked away, Kim watched him from her window. “Thank you, Lord, for bringing my white prince back to me,” she quickly prayed, sighing as Tommy disappeared into the misty night.

The End

Well, that was fun! I hope everyone enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. What was wrong with Tommy? Don’t ask me, I haven’t figured it out myself, but I’m going to say that the seizures were caused by something that happened when ommy got the White Ranger powers. Please, I love feedback, so E-mail me. Thanks again for reading! Oh, and about Goldar and Scorpina turning good, I really don’t think that is going to happen, but I liked the idea so I put it in. Thank again for reading.