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Summary~ With Jaime and Tommy being controlled by Uriel’s evil spell the other rangers must find a way to free them and resolve the conflicts between themselves.

by Christina Ortega

The room was dark and silent except for the faint sound of Uriel’s breathing. Her bare chest was covered by the white blanket that she had draped around herself and the human who was cradling her lovingly in his arms. Stirring for a moment, she opened her eyes sleepily and turned to face the man dozing beside her. Putting her hand on his muscular chest she sighed contentedly as he awoke and smiled at her. “Have I awaken you, my Queen?”

Uriel shook her head and put her head against his shoulder, her breasts falling gently atop his stomach. “No, Tommy, you haven’t.” She glanced over his lean body, her eyes sparkling. “I just wanted to talk to you for a little bit.” The evil queen was almost surprised by how fond she had grown of the boy who had once been her soul’s hate. She had hated Tommy with a passion after he had made her look like a fool during their first meeting. Now, Uriel almost had to admit to herself that she had feelings for him.

(This isn’t really Tommy, though. You’re controlling him.) She reminded herself sorrowfully. The real Tommy at this point in time would have either killed her or she would have killed him. Realizing that the latter was probably what would have happened, Uriel lifted her head and kissed his lips softly, grinning as he put one of his hands through her long blond hair. (I don’t care that this isn’t really him.) She knew that, honestly, she never had cared.

Both Tommy Oliver and Jaime Talsik had been under her spell for about a week, though this week might as well have been a year. There had been nothing to do in the castle since Rashell had gone off to Hirpog to look into some evil readings coming from their area. With him gone, Zedd had paid her no mind and Rita had only chatted with her if no one else was around. Not that Uriel appreciated their company anymore than they appreciated hers.

“I get the feeling, my Queen, that you want to do more than just talk,” Tommy observed playfully. His brown eyes were soft and full of trust, and Uriel didn’t know whether the innocent expression made her want to laugh or cry. If only he knew the truth and would still want her!

Uriel chuckled lightly. “Is it that obvious?” With that, she moved her mouth away from his, kissing his neck before moving her mouth to his shoulders and chest. As he closed his eyes and relished these actions, Uriel moved back up to his mouth and pushed her tongue inside, enjoying his now familiar taste.

She remembered their first kiss, when he had been so foreign to her, and realized how much she had learned about him and Earthlings that week. Uriel had learned more now than she had during the rest of her life. It was obvious that, when they wanted to be, humans could be extremely passionate and gentle, and they felt a whole array of emotions that she couldn’t dream of feeling.

One of these, which interested her the most, was guilt and sorrow. To her, if things happened they happened, but during her study of activity on the Earth she discovered that humans would blame themselves if anything happened to another person. “Tell me what you’re feeling now, Tommy, so that I can understand your species.”

Tommy opened his eyes and looked at her, puzzled for a moment. “Very aroused,” He told her with a sly grin after a few minutes.

“Besides that,” Uriel said. “You know I can feel arousal. What else?”

Shrugging, Tommy put another hand through her hair before whispering. “Longing, confusion, and fear.” Seeing her curious expression, Tommy continued in a low voice. “I want to keep feeling you. That is longing. My confusion is caused by wondering what you feel for me and wondering what I really feel. Since I’ve known you...it has been like my emotions have been messed up to the point that I don’t know what I want anymore.”

“Why fear?” Uriel questioned. “Do I frighten you?” The thought, she had to admit, did hurt her. Uriel wanted this to work. She never wanted him to become good again. At the moment, she wished that they could stay in this position forever, and the idea that he was starting to come out of the trance she had placed him in dampened her spirits.

Shaking his head quickly, Tommy kissed her before murmuring, “I don’t want to lose you, and I’m afraid that I will.”

“You will not lose me,” Uriel told him, relieved by his answer. “I have no plans to leave you or kick you out.”

Nodding, Tommy smiled. “Good.” As she kissed him again, he closed his eyes and wondered why, all of a sudden, he was feeling guilty about what he was about to do.

* * *

Taking a break from his work in Angel Grove the next day, Jason Scott had gone out to Angel Grove lake and was sitting by the water in thought. Emily Johnson, his girlfriend, had barely talked to him that whole week, and when she had it had been in anger. He didn’t understand why she was so mad at him. Yes, he was feeling guilty that his best friend had been taken up to the moon, but there was nothing he could have done. Jason had been forced to make a choice, and, no matter how close he was with Tommy, Emily was his girlfriend, and now she wouldn’t even talk to him. (This is just great.)

In addition to this, Jason was even more infuriated by Jaime than he had been before. He knew that it wasn’t the Triphorian’s fault that he had been put under one of Uriel’s spells, but during that week Emily had been mourning his disappearance as if she seriously had feelings for him. Was it possible that his girlfriend was thinking of leaving him? That didn’t make his problems with Trini any better.

While Jason and Emily had been growing apart, he and Trini Kwan had been getting closer. He was sure that she still had feelings for her and, in all honesty, he still felt for her too, and yet he was in love with Emily. They were both beautiful, and now that Emily was showing signs that she wanted to break up with him, Jason was really beginning to contemplate dumping her and going for Trini. After all these years would she still want him?

Suddenly, a hand touched his shoulder and for a moment Jason was shocked, thinking that it was Tommy and that this whole week had just been a bad dream. Looking up, however, he realized that the newcomer was Zack and he had a solemn expression on his face. “You mind if I join you, Jase?”

“Go ahead,” Jason replied, “but I should warn you that I’m not going to be very talkative.” He wasn’t really in the mood to talk, but, in a way, he did want to let out what he was feeling.

Zack chuckled. “Like you ever are.” He sat down on the grass and looked at the lake for a moment before saying, “I remember coming out here after making a fool out of myself in front of Angela. She meant the world to me back then, but now...well...I don’t know. It isn’t like I could have kept the feelings up forever.”

Jason nodded, his face blank. “Yeah, I remember how you used to go for her. When we first went to the peace conference you really missed her. If we would have stayed I think she would have gone out with you. Seriously. You two made a cute couple.”

“So did you and Trini,” Zack observed. At his mention of the name, Jason closed his eyes and took in a deep breath before looking out at the lake again. Zack sighed. “Talk to me, Jase. Look, I know I’m not Tommy, but we used to be best friends and I can still tell when you need to let out some stuff.”

“I don’t have feelings for Trini,” Jason lied. “Zack, I’m going out with Emily now. Things have changed since you were last here.” (Things are changing, more than I can tell you, Zack. I wish you could understand what I’m going through.)

Zack growled at him. “Don’t give me that bullshit. You know as well as I do that your starting to feel for Trini again. Plus, Emily’s really pissed off at you. Just let it out, Jase. You can trust me to keep secrets. Hey, I’ve never told Tommy about you and Trini, have I?” He missed Jason trusting him as much or more than he trusted Tommy or his new friends. There had been a time, he mused, when he and Jason had been best friends and had had no secrets. Why couldn’t they be like that now? Had time really separated them that much?

“You’re right,” Jason said slowly. Putting a hand through his soft brown hair, he sighed. “The way Emily has been acting; it seems like she has feelings for Jaime. Plus, Trini seems to be showing interest in me again, and I don’t know what to do. Should I go for Trini or try to work things out with Emily?” Jason wondered if Zack would understand his dilemma; even to his ears it sounded like such a simple question, and yet it held such dire consequences with each option.

Pondering this, Zack glanced at him slowly. “What Emily has been showing is a lot of concern, both for Jaime and for Tommy. Whether she has feelings for the Silver Ranger, I can’t say, but you know I can’t answer that question, Jase. I want you and Trini to both be happy. She’s one of my best friends, and I still consider you one which is how I think of Kim, Billy, and Tommy, as well. We were the best team, and I would like nothing more than to see all of you happy, but you really can’t jump right into this situation with the idea that Emily definitely has feelings for another guy because you don’t really know. I mean, what if you find out that Trini really doesn’t have feelings for you and Emily still does after it’s too late?”

Jason nodded. “I don’t want that to happen, Zack, but it’s all so complicated. In all honesty, I think I love them both.” He had thought just a few weeks ago that it was impossible to love two women. Then again, at that time Jaime hadn’t even been on Earth yet and Emily had been as in love with him as ever. It was amazing how everything had changed in just a short amount of time.

“I can’t help you there,” Zack admitted, “but what I will say is that you can’t have them both. Look, I’ve gone through this also, Jase, and I know its hard to decipher your feelings, but I will say this. You have to look in your heart and discover whether you really love Emily and your feelings for Trini are just a longing to make her happy or a lust for the relationship you used to have with her. Either that or you really love Trini and your feelings for Emily are just the squimishness of change or the fear of hurting her. Honestly, if I could tell Tommy the same thing right now I would.”

“He’s not a good person to bring up,” Jason muttered. “I know it’s not my fault that he was captured, but I still can’t help but feel guilty.” (I’m sorry, Tommy. If by any possible way you can hear my thoughts, I’m sorry. How will I be able to face him when he gets back?)

Zack sighed. “I would feel guilty, too, and all I can say is that you did what you did and that you should be glad that the evil kingdom only got Jaime and Tommy and not Emily as well.” He rubbed the bridge of his nose before conceding, “I guess I’m going through something like what you are.”

“What do you mean?” Jason questioned.

“Well, Tanya--”

Jason frowned. “Shit, Zack. She’s got a boyfriend. Adam.” This did not sound good. Adam was one of his best friends, and he didn’t want Zack hurting him. Then again, he wanted to see Zack happy.

Zack nodded in admittance. “I know that, Jason, but she’s so...animated and kind. Angela was never like that to me, and I think...well, I don’t know. Adam was my replacement and he seems like a great guy, but Tanya is just so...I feel...what can I do?” This was really hard for him. Zack wanted Tanya...he had never been in this position before, and it felt awful.

“What you should do is push whatever your feeling aside until Tanya makes a move.” At Zack’s disappointed expression, Jason said, “Coming between two people is risky. You could lose Tanya and Adam’s friendship, as well as causing bad feelings between them. If Tanya is interested in you then she’ll do what she has to do with Adam. What you need to do is back away.” Jason knew it would be hard for Zack to do that, but it was the best thing to do. It was Tanya’s decision whether she wanted to break up with Adam, not his decision.

“Too bad no one told Kim that,” Zack remarked. “Believe me, Kim is a sweet girl, but what she did to Tommy and Kat was wrong. Even if she has been through a lot.” (Been through a lot? Jason doesn’t even know the half of it yet.)

Jason wondered silently whether he would be able to trust Zack with what he was feeling. Sighing, he leaned towards him. “If I tell you this you have to promise that you will tell no one.” It felt weird to be confiding in Zack like this after all this time. So much had changed since they were in school together.

“Always,” Zack said, caught off guard by Jason’s suddenly serious expression. “What is it, Jase?” When he got really serious like that it could not be a good sign.

“It’s Kim,” Jason voiced. “Maybe I just feel this way because Tommy is my best friend, but I can’t stand her anymore. When I found out she dumped him just like that I was furious, and now that she’s trying to come between him and Kat, who is a very sweet girl...sometimes I just want to smack some sense into her.”

Zack stayed quiet for a moment, surprised by this sudden outburst towards one of his closest friends. Finally, he replied, “Kim feels that she made a big mistake by dumping Tommy. There was this guy in Florida who seemed to love her, but then he became abusive.” As Jason’s eyes widened in shock, he continued. “She was able to get away from him, luckily, but now all of her self-esteem is gone. Now that she’s here again with Tommy, Kim is remembering how kind he was to her and how protective he was. Can you blame her for wanting him back?

I won’t tell her how you feel and, believe me, you have good reason to feel that way, but I just want you to understand that she’s not doing this because she wants to mess up Tommy’s life. It’s because she realizes her mistake and she’ll do anything to make him love her again. Oh, you can’t tell anyone this. Only Trini and we know, so it has to stay between us.”

“I didn’t know,” Jason whispered. His eyes narrowing, he shook his head. “Still... there are plenty of nice guys out there. Why does she have to do this to Tommy; to Kat?” It still didn’t make sense to him. Kim had to know that Kat and Tommy were together. Didn’t she know when to go for someone else?

Zack sighed. “Don’t you see, Jason? Kim’s afraid of going for anyone else. Tommy’s the only guy she’s ever really loved, and she feels safe with him. You have to understand that.” (Please understand, Jase. I don’t want to be between you and Kim on this issue. She’s only doing what her heart is telling her to do.)

(She needs to back off...) Jason shrugged. “I do understand, and I feel awful that Kim had to go through that, but things have changed. Tommy was finally back on his feet and now she’s confusing him all over again.”

Zack was about to argue this, when Jason’s communicator went off. He looked around to make sure no one was around before raising the device to his lips. “This is Jason. I read you, Zordon.”


“Beam me up, Zordon,” Zack muttered. In a moment he had teleported away.

Jason watched him go before looking down at his communicator. “I’m on my way, Zordon. It’s morphing time!”


After he had morphed, Jason pushed the teleportation button on his communicator and reached the park where he found the other rangers fighting off and army of tengas and jagas. Looking up from where he was fighting, Adam smiled. “Great timing, Jason.” With that, he kicked a jaga to the ground and punched a tenga in the head.

Jason quickly was attacked by a group of tengas and jagas and fought them before helping the other rangers defeat the evil troops. Before they knew it they had disappeared. “That was too easy,” Tanya observed cautiously. Could the moon forces have something else up their sleeve?

Rocky, on the other hand, whooped for joy. “We really kicked ass! Too bad there weren’t more of them!” This feeling of triumph always exhilarated him. To beat a squad of tengas made him feel powerful in a way.

“Calm down, Rocky,” Kat said with a laugh. “Besides, the evil powers probably have something else up their sleeves.” (Could? You know they always do, Katherine. Rita would never give up this easily.)

Suddenly, the rangers were alerted by a cold laugh coming from behind them. “That’s right, Rangers. They do.” Spinning around, the five found themselves facing an unmorphed Jaime Talsik who was walking casually closer to them, not at all phased by their morphed appearances.

(This is not good) Jason thought to himself. “Jaime, we’re your friends. Uriel has put you under a spell, and you have to snap out of it.” In all honesty, he was more worried by the fact that Tommy was nowhere to be seen. Was it possible that Rita and Zedd had gotten their revenge on him instead of making him evil? (Come on, Bro, where are you?)

“Nice try, Red Ranger,” Jaime said coolly, “but it will take more than that for you to defeat me.” They just didn’t understand that he would win the day. Triphorians could beat humans at anything.

Tanya looked at the other rangers before turning back to the Silver Ranger. “There’s only one of you and five of us. You don’t have any chance of winning. Come back to our side. You need to realize that we’re your friends.”

Jaime snickered in amusement. “I’m not afraid of you. Queen Uriel has trained me and I am sure that I can defeat you by myself.” He got into fighting stance, still unmorphed. His eyes were blank and the other rangers could tell by their darkness that he was still under the spell and was not doing and saying these things willfully.

“We should unmorph,” Adam suggested. “What if we hurt him? That’s probably what they want us to do.” Even if Jaime was working for Uriel right now he didn’t want to hurt a ranger.

Jason nodded. “Good idea. Let’s power down!” The other rangers did as told and soon they were back in regular form again.

Jaime sighed in disappointment. “Too bad. I was looking forward to a challenge. Oh well, we must make do with what we have.” With that, he charged the rangers and was able to knock Tanya and Rocky away before being somewhat restrained by Jason and Adam. Jaime glanced at them and laughed evilly. “You really don’t think this is the end, do you? SILVER RANGER POWER!”

Before the rangers could prepare themselves he had morphed into ranger form and had knocked Jason and Adam to the ground and was charging Kat. She flipped away from him and was quickly joined by the other rangers. “Ok, maybe we should power up now,” Rocky said with haste. “Great idea, Adam,” He added sarcastically.

“Hey, he was unmorphed before,” Adam dully responded. (Another idea backfired on me...)

Jason shrugged. “We do what we have to do. It’s morphing time!”






The five rangers stood facing Jaime and there was, momentarily, a standoff between the six. Finally, Jaime smirked. “Here we go, Rangers.” With that, he charged them.

They fought without any outcome for about fifteen minutes, and the rangers were amazed by how Jaime’s stamina kept up. He didn’t seem to be at all tired! The Silver Ranger grinned beneath his helmet. “You all are good, but not good enough. Silver Thunder!”

A horrible rumbling went through the sky and the rangers all cried out as sparks flew from their armor. Jason stood and growled. “That does it. Power Sword!” The red weapon appeared in his hands and he charged Jaime in fury.

He had nearly reached the Silver Ranger when a flash of white blinded him and he felt a horrible burning go through his body. Falling to the ground in pain he gasped as he saw the White Ranger materialize above him and chuckle darkly. “Hey, Bro.” (Tommy is evil, too. Oh shit...)

Seeing the newcomer, Kat gasped. “Tommy...” This was not good. This really was not good. Would they be able to fight the Silver and White rangers without hurting them or getting killed themselves?

Apparently hearing her, Tommy turned towards Kat and smirked. “Yeah, that’s my name. Don’t wear it out.” He backed away towards Jaime and the two glanced at each other. Tommy pulled out Saba and the two yelled, “White Thunder!”

A white and gray light flew towards the ranger sending them all to the ground in agony again. Jaime laughed. “Give it up, Rangers.”

From the Power Chamber everyone watched the scene in horror. Emily looked towards Zordon. “I should go help them.” (Maybe I’ll be able to help Jaime, too.) Emily added mentally.


Sighing, Emily continued to argue with him. “Kat told me a week ago about an event that happened when the rangers were still Zeo rangers. Tommy was made evil by Prince Gasket and they broke the spell by trying to get him to remember who he was. Could that work here?”


“What if that will work, Zordon? Trini, Zack, and I could go and try to snap at least Tommy out of this, and hopefully he could convince Jaime,” Kim suggested.


Zack shrugged. “They have a point, Zordon. We should try.” At this point he would do anything to help get Tommy and this Silver Ranger back to normal.

“I agree, Zordon,” Trini stated. “We have to try.”


Kim nodded. “All right. Let’s go.” Alpha walked over to a console and pushed a few buttons making Emily, Kim, Zack, and Trini dissipate in flashes of gold.

Reaching the park, the four ran up to the other rangers. Tommy smiled evilly. “Ah, more assholes to play with.”

Emily leaned towards Kat, ignoring the spell-ridden White Ranger. “Zordon said that we should try to do what you guys did for Tommy when he was under Prince Gasket’s spell. If it doesn’t work we need to teleport up, though.”

Hearing her, Adam nodded. “Ok. Let’s power down!” The rangers did so and looked at Tommy and Jaime to see how they were going to react.

Jaime snickered. “Giving up so early, Rangers?” (This is too easy. I wonder what they’re going to do.)

Emily stepped towards him. “Jaime, Tommy, you have to remember us. We’re your friends. Please, you have to remember us.” Having never seen a ranger evil before, she had no idea how they had snapped Tommy out of his spells and if these methods would work now.

The two looked at each other, sighed, and walked closer to her. “Are we supposed to be intimidated?” Tommy questioned, bored by the whole situation. (Why aren’t they fighting us?)

“Tommy, Jaime, you have to realize that you’re under Uriel’s spell. Try to remember us,” Tanya said. “We’re your friends.” The White and Silver Rangers glanced at each other with confusion but didn’t say anything in response.

Rocky nodded. “Yeah, guys, remember us. You are not evil. Uriel has done this to you.” (Come on, Tommy...Jaime...remember!)

Jaime shrugged. “And you’re telling us this because...why? Are you trying to get us to unmorph or something?” It would be typical of the rangers to try to fool them into believing that they were their friends. He, personally, wasn’t about to fall for it.

“If you want to unmorph then you can,” Kim said. (I don’t know. Maybe it will work.) She seriously doubted it, however.

“Oh, you want an unmorphed fight because you know we have the advantage with our powers,” Tommy speculated. He looked at Jaime and the two chuckled with amusement. This was all starting to make sense to them.

Jason stepped towards them. “Well, if you’re too scared to...”

Tommy glared at him and frowned. “I don’t turn down challenges.” Who did this guy think he was to taunt him like he just did?

“Well, unless you unmorph then you are,” Adam said, realizing where Jason was going. If they could make Tommy and Jaime think that they were too cowardly to power down then maybe they would power down and they would have a better chance of turning them back to normal with their words.

Jaime grunted. “Fine. Power down!” The two rangers returned to normal and looked at each other before sighing. “All right, you want to go down the line and have us destroy one of you at a time or do you just want us to kill all of you at once?”

“I would have to say one at a time. Tommy knows I can beat him, so I’ll go against Jaime,” Jason said. (Ok, Jason, you’ve got to push him just like Kat did in Gasket’s arena. This is the same thing...

“You couldn’t beat me if you were morphed and I was blindfolded,” Tommy muttered. This guy was really beginning to annoy him.

Jason shrugged. “Yeah, well, you remember when we first met, Tommy?” (This might work after all.) “I beat you in that karate match by about two points.”

Tommy shook his head stubbornly. “No way, Jason, we were tied and that’s only because I had jet lag from flying into Angel Grove the day before...” His voice died away as the memory of their meeting came back to him. Tommy looked at Jason in amazement and backed away slightly before getting into fighting stance. “Not that it matters. I’ll beat you this time anyway. Come on. Make the first move.”

(He’s setting himself up) Jason realized. (A part of him wants to be freed.) “No, Tommy, you make the first move. Remember when we were both under Rita’s evil spell when you were the green ranger? We were about to fight in the hallway but Kim and Trini covered for us when Mrs. Applebee caught us.”

“I was only going to fight you because Bulk and Skull provoked us...” Again, his voice died away and he backed away even more, the fright evident in his eyes. (Who is this guy...what is all this stuff I’m remembering?)

Trini watched Jason in wonder. He had Tommy. He really had him. She could literally see the spell coming off of him. Jason saw it, too, and he walked closer to the confused White Ranger. “Yeah, well, I won that other fight in the Juice Bar later that day, and it wasn’t like Rita had given me extra powers or anything. I can just naturally beat you.”

Tommy shook his head. “We didn’t fight, Jason, and you know it. Zordon called us because there was some monster...” Backing away even further, he shook his head, perplexed, before glaring at Jason. “Stop doing this to me!” What was he doing? It was as if his words were stirring some weird thoughts within him...thoughts that he couldn’t even process within himself.

“I know you only had Trey give me the Golden Powers because David wasn’t able to take them.” Something told Jason that it would only take a little bit more and Tommy would be completely freed.

Tommy shook his head. “That’s a lie. Billy couldn’t take them, and I knew you were back from the peace conference because you wanted to finish up school here and, well, it had been a long time since you had been on the team, Jason. David is busy a lot of the time. Being a ranger would not be good for him...” His eyes widened in terror and he glanced at Jaime who had been watching what was happening before looking back to Jason. “What are you doing to me?” He asked weakly. (This is really beginning to scare me. Why won’t he stop?)

Kim and Zack watched in awe as Jason continued to near Tommy cautiously. The White Ranger seemed so afraid that he was literally shaking. Kat bit her lip. (Come on, Tommy. Please remember.) “If you still want to fight me you can, Bro. All I’m saying is that you won’t win. See, remember when you were under Rita’s power when you were first the Green Ranger? I defeated you then.”

Tommy shook his head and chuckled before he realized what he was doing. “You destroyed a fucking sword. That was all you did, Jason. Besides, the first time I fought you I kicked your ass, and then I would have killed you in the Dark Dimension if you...hadn’t teleported out...” He shivered in fright before rubbing his temples which were burning. Everything seemed to be coming back to him.

Groaning, he fell to his knees and buried his head in his hands. Jaime watched him with disdain and shook his head. “That will not happen to me.” With that, he teleported back to the moon before the others could stop him.

Jason closed the distance between himself and Tommy and knelt by him. “Are you ok, Bro?”

Tommy glanced at him and winced before looking around in a daze. “Where are we, Jason?” All of a sudden, he tensed. “Where’s Jaime?”

“He teleported away before we could stop him,” Jason muttered angrily. Calming himself, he looked his best friend over. “At least you’re free of Uriel’s spell.”

“Spell?” Tommy gazed at him in confusion. “What spell?” (What is Jason talking about? What am I doing here?)

His eyes wide, Jason questioned, “What’s the last thing you remember?”

Tommy licked his lips before saying, “Jaime was about to take me and Emily up to the moon with him. He was under some kind of spell.”

Kat, who had reached them, touched his shoulder. “You don’t remember anything else?”

“No,” Tommy told her. As the other’s neared him he glanced at them in horror. “What did I do? What happened to me? Oh shit, what did I do? Was I under a spell?” (I was under a spell? Damn it, I couldn’t have been! Why don’t I remember it!?)

Jason put his hand up to silence him. “Calm down, Bro, we’ll explain, but first we should get back to the Power Chamber. Zordon may have found a way to help Jaime.” Everyone else looked around, nodded, and teleported away.

* * *

Returning to the moon, Jaime looked around the dimly lit throne room only to find Rita there waiting. The evil sorceress scowled at him. “You moron! Why didn’t you teleport Tommy out of there!?”

“The spell was already being broken, my Empress,” Jaime tried to explain. “I couldn’t teleport him back up here because he may have come out of it and done something here that we would have regretted.” As Rita shook her head he lowered his.

Uriel, who had watched what had happened, glanced down at the large Earth and was almost hypnotized by the swirling of the clouds and the blueness of the ocean. (He won’t be here anymore...Tommy has forgotten all about me.) She closed her eyes, sighed, and ran out of the room towards her chamber.

Once reaching it, she locked herself inside the room and thought about the past week. As she sat on her bed memories of laying on Tommy’s chest and kissing his soft lips came into her mind. Uriel could picture everything about him...his eyes...his smile...his hair...and now she feared that she would never hold him in her arms again.

(This isn’t over) Uriel told herself quietly. (He won’t leave you this easily. You have to make him remember...make him choose to be on your side. Then he will be with you and be honest about his feelings.) (Honesty?) (Why not?)

Suddenly there was a knock on her door and, going to answer it, Uriel found that it was Scorpina. The evil warrior’s silky black hair was flowing down her golden armor, and her face was glowing despite her age. “Why have you left the room, Uriel? Rita is calling for you.”

“One of my warriors has become good again,” Uriel muttered. She knew Scorpina wouldn’t understand her feelings for Tommy. Honestly, she couldn’t even understand them very well.

Scorpina sighed. “You shouldn’t get that upset about it. I forget how many times Rita and Zedd have made Tommy evil, but every time he is made good again. We just have to go on fighting until we destroy him and the rest of the rangers.” Inside, she could sense that something even more was bothering the evil queen. What could it be about Tommy Oliver that would distress her this much?

Uriel nodded. “Scorpina, you’re right. We’ll get those rangers soon.” (Hopefully I’ll get Tommy in another way...)

Unable to hide her curiosity, Scorpina sat next down on the bed next to Uriel. “There is something more, isn’t there? I can tell that something more about Tommy is bothering you. What is it? I won’t tell Rita or Zedd.”

“What about Goldar?”

Scorpina groaned. “He’s a dickweed. Now, tell me.” Her eyes shimmered with interest.

Uriel sighed. “I suppose you may have noticed that Tommy had come to my chamber every night of the week while he was evil.”

Already getting the idea, Scorpina nodded. “Yes, I have noticed that, although no one else has. Actually, maybe Jaime saw, but why would he care? Are you saying that you slept with Tommy Oliver for a week? Do you know how dangerous it can be with a human?” She had never imagined Uriel to go for the mortal type. Besides, wasn’t she married? (Not that marriage ever stops people from going after someone else.) “Their bodies are so fragile. If you aren’t careful you can break them. It isn’t that hard. Believe me, I’ve done it.”

“I did sleep with him, Scorpina,” Uriel admitted. She had decided that letting it out would be the only way to find out what she was feeling. Scorpina, Uriel knew, had had much more experience than she had with humans and perhaps she could explain her foreign feelings to her. “It was more than that, though. He was so...gentle. We, I don’t know how you say it...conversed during the night. He seemed to always know how to lift me up. Oh, Scorpina, you have no idea what it’s like to be married to a large raven that you were forced to. Sometimes you just need a little release. What do you think? This feeling...it is so human. What is it?”

(Oh shit, she’s not going to like this. Should I lie...no, if she finds out I lied Uriel will have my head.) “I don’t know exactly how to say this, Uriel, but...” This was not going to be good.

Uriel leaned towards her. “Yes?”

“Well,” Scorpina began. “I think you are actually in love with him. You love Tommy Oliver, and you’re upset because he won’t be with you anymore.” (There, I said it. Now to see how she reacts. Hopefully she won’t use me for target practice.)

Uriel’s eyes widened and she hastily shook her head in protest. “There must be some mistake. I can’t be in love with a human.” (Scorpina was kidding, wasn’t she? In love? Me? With a human!?) “Tommy just came to my chamber because I wanted some enjoyment.”

Scorpina sighed. “Well, I’m sure that was the case at the time, but besides the physical pleasure you experienced there was also emotional pleasure.” As Uriel nodded she rubbed her eyes. “I don’t know if I can explain this because it took me awhile to understand it myself, but after I leave you close your eyes and if you can’t get Tommy off of your mind...then you have a problem.” With that, she stood and left before Uriel could ask her anymore questions.

(That Scorpina) Uriel thought to herself (is always making trouble. She’s a liar. I don’t have any feelings for Tommy Oliver. In fact, I’ll be glad to kill him off during our next meeting. Scorpina...the fool.)

Lying back on her bed, Uriel closed her eyes and did her best to think of Rashell. What was he doing at that moment? Had he found anything interesting at Hirpog? Had Tommy remembered anything about what they had shared just the night before? (No, idiot, that’s wrong! Not Tommy!)

(Is Rita suspicious about why Tommy came down to my chamber every night...that’s Tommy again!) (Did she feel this way about Tommy when he went up her shirt...no!) This was harder than Scorpina had made it sound. Moaning in anguish, Uriel realized the truth. She loved Tommy Oliver. Whatever it was that Scorpina had described...she was feeling it. Damn that Tommy!

* * *

(Two nights later)

Zordon looked down at all his rangers, past and present, with an expression of concern on his face. He could tell that things were not good between them. Tommy still could not recall anything from his time in the evil kingdom, Jason was torn between his guilt, his anger, and his love, and Zack was caught between helping Jason out and dealing with his own dilemmas.

In addition to these things Kat and Kim were becoming more and more bitter towards each other, Emily was growing even more agitated towards Jason and worried about Jaime, Adam was beginning to notice Tanya’s strange moods towards him, Trini was dealing with her own feelings about Jason, and Rocky was literally caught in the middle of it all. This was not good at all.


(What gave the old man a clue?) Rocky wondered. In truth, it wasn’t that he was screwed, but everyone else’s iciness towards each other was leaving him perplexed and angry. Confused because he didn’t know how to make things right (or even what was really wrong in the first place) and irked because his friends were forcing him to choose sides, and that was something he didn’t want to do. Friendships were being lost, and he didn’t know how to save them.

Jason nodded slowly. “You’re right, Zordon. We have been under a lot of stress.” (Well, I’ve been under a lot of stress. I don’t know about the other rangers. Great, Emily won’t even look at me and every word out of her mouth is ‘Jaime this’ or ‘Jaime that’. The bastard. When we find him again I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.)


Zordon was giving them a ‘leave of absence’ so to speak. Tommy didn’t like that. Usually, Zordon would just say something like “go down to the crisis center and rest” or “go home and get some sleep”. (Then again, I’ve been on the team so long that whenever it’s me that is the focus of his concern he’ll either say “go to the damn hospital” or “get the hell into your bed because, frankly, you look like shit”.)

“What if you need us?” Adam asked. “Will you call?” (Like I don’t already know the answer...)

“I WILL CONTACT YOU IF NEEDED, ADAM. NOW, PLEASE GO AND TAKE SOME TIME TO YOURSELVES, RANGERS.” At first Tommy thought he would be spared, but as the massive head of their mentor turned to face him he already knew the words that were going to come at him before Zordon even said them. “YOU, GET THE HELL INTO BED.”

Tommy sighed and mumbled, “All right, Zordon.” With that, the ten rangers, past and present, teleported away from the Power Chamber.

Alpha, who had been watching them with interest, turned to Zordon. “Ay yi yi, Zordon, will they be ok?”

“THE RANGERS JUST NEED A LITTLE TIME TO SORT THROUGH THEIR FEELINGS, ALPHA. I’M SURE THAT ONCE THEY HAVE COME TO REALIZE WHAT THEIR HEARTS DESIRE THAT THEY WILL BE BACK TO NORMAL.” (Either that, or the whole team will fall apart.) Zordon added mentally. What would they do if the latter did happen?

* * *

Jason looked out over the lake which now held the shimmering light of the moon. His red, black, and creme flannel shirt stood out amongst the darkness of the night, and he glanced up at the star-filled sky, remembering what it felt like to hold Emily in his arms.

(Remembering) he repeated mentally. (She’s still your girlfriend. Nothing is official.) (Does that make you happy, Jason? Really? Trini would make you happy.) (I’m going out with Emily.) (Does she make you happy?)

Then there was this whole thing with Tommy. Now that he was back Jason felt uncomfortable around him. Did Tommy blame him for his being put under a spell? Had he really forgotten everything about what had happened?

As he continued to have this mental battle with himself Trini walked through the ruined streets of Angel Grove and glanced around at all the rubble of the buildings yet to be rebuilt. She thought she even recognized the Youth Center sign, but she passed by it so quickly that the thought was lost on her.

Jason was Emily’s boyfriend. She knew that, and she also knew that she had no right to have any feelings for him, but the memories of their past relationship would not leave her. Trini remembered when Jason had found the courage to finally ask her out while they were at the peace conference...

He had showed up at her door wearing a white dress shirt and black slacks and, in his hand, were two tickets. Trini had only been wearing her yellow silk pajamas. Giggling, she had invited him in and had sat with him on the hard couch in her hotel room. “It’s funny,” she remembered telling Jason, “that I still wear yellow even though I’m not that ranger anymore.”

“Red will always be a dominant color in my wardrobe,” Jason had said to her. Clearing his throat, he had showed her one of the tickets that he had been holding and, to her amazement and delight, Trini had found it to be two tickets to see a play, The Glass Menagerie, which had always been one of her favorites.

“Wow, Jason, this is unbelievable,” Trini had told him. “I can’t believe you got tickets for us to go! What’s the occasion? My birthday isn’t for a couple more months!”

Jason had nodded slowly and put his hand on her bare thigh before whispering, “I need to tell you something.”

Trini had frowned but had not interrupted him. If Jason was confiding in solely her and not Zack it must be important. Jason had sighed. “When you and Richie...dated, I felt hurt. I didn’t know why. Maybe it was just that we had been best friends for so long and to see another guy replacing me was kind of hard.”

“Jason, I’ve broken up with Richie, and besides, no one could ever replace you. We’ve always been close,” Trini had said with a chuckle. (He can’t have gotten me tickets just because I broke up with Richie...what could it be that’s bothering him.) “Jason, whatever it is, I want you to tell me. You can tell me anything, all right?”

“Trini,” Jason had begun. “This is very hard for me to say because, as you said, we are best friends and I don’t want to ruin that. I think...I love you, Trini.” As Trini gaped at him in shock, Jason had quickly tried to make excuses for his words. “I’m not saying that you have to recuperate these feelings, but I had to get it out. Trini, I’ve felt this way for a long time, but I didn’t know how to tell you, and then this thing with Richie--”

“I love you, too, Jason,” Trini had said. “I guess I just didn’t know how to tell you, either.” It was true. She did love Jason, and she had for a long time, but how do you tell your best friend that you love them?

The mutual break up had been hard, and Trini knew that what Jason had hinted at that night had happened to them. The relationship, while beautiful, had caused their friendship to dwindle until they practically didn’t know who they were anymore. Even now they still weren’t at all close to where they had been before. (I want that comfort back) Trini thought to herself. (I want him back. There’s no way to ignore this anymore.)

Emily was walking through the park which was lonely and eerie because of the shadows coming from the trees in the pale moonlight. She leaned against one of the trees and crossed her arms over her stomach letting out a deep sigh. (I really hope Jaime is ok. What if he isn’t? What if Uriel is doing something horrible to him?)

(Jaime? What about Jason?) (What about him?) (You haven’t even glanced at him for a whole week!) (It was his fault that Jaime was taken.) (Yes, but Jason saved Tommy.) (That was only because he was guilt-ridden and he wanted to make it up to me.) (You really love Jaime, don’t you?) Love Jaime? The thought was new to her; she had never really thought about this before, but as she pondered it more she realized that it was probably the truth. Jason had been sulking the whole week and she hadn’t even cared. The only thing that had mattered was getting Jaime back, and they still hadn’t done that.

(So, are you saying that you want to break up with Jason?) (I love Jason.) (No, you just said you love Jaime.) (Jason in my boyfriend.) (Jaime is lonely, as are you.) (I love Jason.) (You love Jaime.)

Tommy lay in his bed inside of the facility where those helping to rebuild Angel Grove were staying until their homes were rebuilt. Looking up at the bleak white ceiling, he sighed and closed his eyes letting his thoughts mess with him for a little while.

Rocky had explained to him that he had been under Uriel’s evil spell. (Another one for the books.) How come this time he didn’t remember anything. When Rita turned him evil as the green ranger he had still known what he had done after the spell was broken, and the same thing happened when Gasket brainwashed him. Why was this time any different? He, at that point, would give anything to know what had happened during that week that he and Jaime had been missing, as Zordon had said.

Plus, there was still the thing with Kat and Kim. (It’s either one or the other, Tommy. Kat or Kim. Kim or Kat.) (I can’t choose.) (Then prepare for either a hell of a catfight or to be single for a long time.) Tommy didn’t understand how both of them could have such power over him. Wasn’t that supposed to happen with just ONE person? He had always loved those novels in which the man admits of his addiction with the power his female sole mate holds over him. “It is like a trance,” the man would admit, “and I never want to break free of her spell. Never, for she is my one and only love.”

He never told anyone of his silent love of romance novels, but they had always been a calming factor for him. If a battle had been tough or he was nervous about a date he would pick one up and read some of it. At this point he realized how strange they were compared to his own life. In the books the sole mates seem to be so clearly in love with each other and no one else. Were the books a little unrealistic, or was Tommy’s life just weird?

In addition to this, Jason had been acting strange ever since he had ‘gotten back’ from the moon palace. He had been avoiding him for the past few days and whenever Tommy had tried to talk to him he had merely given ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers to his questions and had turned away before he could say any more. (Great, first this thing with Kat and Kim, and after that there was the thing with the evil spell that I don’t remember anything about, and now my best friend won’t even talk to me and I don’t know why! What did I do to him that made him so mad at me?)

Kat was sitting outside of the facility in her soft pink shirt and black jeans. Glancing at the sky, she shook her head and wondered why Kim had to do this to her. Why did Kim have to come back and try to steal Tommy away from her, and why was Tommy going for it? Was it possible that he didn’t love her anymore or, worse, he had never loved her at all and everytime he had muttered those three words to her (I love you) that they had been a lie? It couldn’t be true...could it?

(Tommy is a great guy. He would never do that to you.) (Sure, he’s a great guy, but you know how hot he was with Kim and how bummed he was that she dumped him. He still loves her.) (Then how come he hasn’t said anything?) (Probably because he’s afraid of hurting you, Kat. You know him...always guilty about something.) It was his one flaw, she had to admit.

Kim was sitting on her bed in the room right across the hall from Tommy’s. Tommy. (I can’t get my mind off him.) (Well, you better. He’s Kat’s now.) (Kat...what does he see in her?) (Maybe you’re just coming on too strong. You need to tell him, Kim, if you want any hope of winning him back.) (Tell him about Jeff?) (Tommy will understand. He always has.) (You’re right. I’m going to tell him the truth and then we can get back to where we were. Watch out, Kat, he’s mine.)

Zack didn’t understand why he couldn’t let his feelings for Tanya go. As he walked by the lake he could only picture her face in his mind, but he knew Jason was right. He had to let her go. (You’ve only known her for a week, Zack. Chill.) (She’s just like Angela only better.) (So, you want a replacement for Angela and so you’re going for Tanya because she reminds you of her?) (No.)

Tanya shivered and pulled her yellow cardigan tighter around herself as she walked around on the outskirts of Angel Grove Park. She wondered what was happening to her. Tanya and Adam had been just fine before Zack showed up. (What do you see in that guy anyway, Tanya? He’s a prankster.) (He’s much more open than Adam. That’s appealing.)

What she didn’t know is how she could be thinking of dumping Adam after only knowing Zack for about a week. Tanya loved Adam. He was so kind and sweet, but a part of her wanted a man who wasn’t so reserved. (Get a hold of yourself, Tanya. Adam is the perfect guy. He’s cute, humble, honest, courageous...is Zack like that?) (I don’t know.)

(I don’t know why she’s treating me this way.) Adam said to himself while sitting on his bed. (Ever since the other rangers have shown up she’s been acting so distant towards me. Is it possible that she could be...that there’s someone else...nah, Tanya wouldn’t do that to me.) He let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes flopping back on his pillow and doing his best to sleep.

On the moon, Zedd laughed hideously. “Perfect, they are all separated and drowsy. We will destroy them. Tengas and jengas, attack those rangers!!”

Jaime, who had been watching him with fascination, stood and bowed his head. “Send me, my Lord. I will destroy those rangers including the one who betrayed you and my Queen.”

“You may go, Silver Ranger, only if the rangers join together to defeat our armies. Then you may kill them...but remember the deal,” Rita told him from where she had been standing in the doorway of the throne room.

Scorpina and Uriel, who had also been in the doorway, walked into the throne room and looked at each other. Uriel cleared her throat. “I have a score to settle with the White Ranger. He will be yours, but I must seek my revenge.”

“Pitiful,” Rita murmured under her breath. “Very well, Uriel, do as you will as soon as the rangers have joined together. I have no doubt that they will. Tengas and jengas are excellent fighters but they are also idiotic and slow. You will have your revenge, Uriel. I promise you that.”

“Ay yi yi!” Alpha exclaimed in the Power Chamber as he looked at different consoles. “Zordon, an army of tengas and jengas have been sent to Earth to attack the rangers. They are separated and are unprepared!”


“I’m contacting them now. Ay yi yi, rangers, please come in!”

* * *

Tommy lay fast asleep on his cot when his communicator sounded faintly at first and then with a louder sound. Stirring, he rubbed his eyes and looked around only to find himself face to face with a tenga who was inspecting his body like an animal inspects its prey before eating it. Gasping, he was caught off guard when a jaga and another tenga grabbed him and pulled him out of his bed, throwing him onto the hard ground.

He winced and stood, smoothing down his white undershirt before muttering, “Great, this is just what I need right now.” As he began to fight the evil army around him he was unaware of the continuous beep of his communicator.

“I read you, Zordon,” Jason called into the small device around his wrist, “but I’m kinda busy right now. There’s a lot of jagas and tengas attacking me.” He grunted as one of the jagas kicked him to the ground.


Jason nodded. “I got it. Jason out.” Looking at the armies of evil soldiers swarming around him he shrugged. “Sorry, guys, but duty calls.” With that, he teleported out leaving the tengas and jagas to look at each other with confusion before following him.

Reaching Angel Grove Park, Jason found that Adam, Tanya, Kat, and Rocky were already there and morphed. There seemed to be hundreds of jagas and tengas swarming around them. He turned around and sighed as he saw another group of jagas and tengas, probably those that he had been about to fight, running into the area. “Here we go,” he muttered.


Jason charged an oncoming group of tengas and pulled out his power sword, slashing most of them to death and injuring the rest. With a satisfied smile, he moved on to the next group of unoccupied evil warriors.

Hearing his communicator beep, Adam flipped over a group of jengas and put the device up to his lips. “This is Adam. I read you, Zordon.”

“TELEPORT UP TO THE POWER CHAMBER IMMEDIATELY, ADAM. WE MUST INFORM YOU HOW TO CURE JAIME IF HE IS SENT TO EARTH AGAIN.” Adam nodded and pushed the button on his communicator which teleported him up to the Power Chamber.

Reaching it, he was caught off guard as Alpha placed a large needle filled with a syrum in his hands. “Alpha, what is this? Why can’t Jaime’s spell be broken by using words like Jason did with Tommy?”

“We have done some readings from Jaime’s last battle with you and this syrum is the only way to cure him without seriously injuring him,” Alpha explained.


“I understand, Zordon.” Adam said.


Adam took another look at the large needle before weakly inquiring. “Are you sure this won’t hurt him?”


Trini, who had been watching the two converse, stepped forward. “Zordon, where is Tommy? Why hasn’t he teleported into the park yet?” She had an awful feeling about this. Yes, Tommy was known for being late but never in battle.


“Ay yi yi!” Alpha exclaimed. “He is somewhere in Angel Grove, but there is a force field blocking his location.”

Kim’s eyes widened at this news. “What? Well, how do we get through it?” (Damn the evil powers. Haven’t they ever heard of a fair fight?) (Like you need to wonder about it, Kim.)


“What if no one teleports in, though?” Kim questioned, this time more worriedly. Was it possible that he could be stuck there and they would never know how to get to him?

“BE PATIENT, KIMBERLY,” Zordon chided her gently. Kim merely scowled and looked through the viewing globe at the fight which was in progress.

From the moon, Rita and Zedd were just as confused about the force field as those in the Power Chamber. “What the hell is that!?” Rita exclaimed. “Did those moronic jengas and tengas do it?”

“They probably did,” Zedd muttered. “The fools. Now we can’t see what is going on in there.”

Uriel watched them with a smug smile on her face before saying, “Excuse me for a moment.” She glanced at Jaime. “Go.” He nodded and teleported away in a flash of silver. As he left Uriel walked down the hallway and into her chamber. Once she was there, she concentrated all of her energy on the area where she had laid the force field over Tommy. “You will remember me,” she murmured. “One way or the other, you will remember.”

* * *

Tommy turned away at the bright flash that appeared by his side and, as it dissipated, he glanced at the newcomer. He growled. “What do you want, Bitch?”

Uriel smiled sorrowfully at him before looking at the tengas and jagas that were watching her with confusion. “Leave us,” she commanded. They tilted their heads, still puzzled, before doing as she asked. No man or creature who knew Uriel’s full power would dare to challenge her will. As Tommy gazed at her, his eyes blank, Uriel walked towards him, smirking as he got into fighting stance. “Oh, Tommy, if I had wanted you dead I could have done it.” She motioned towards his cot. “Have a seat. You’ve been under a lot of stress lately.”

“I’m not falling for that,” Tommy hissed. “If you’re going to attack me get on with it.” She was acting too...calm for his liking. (There must be something up her sleeve. Stay alert, Tommy.)

“Attack...kill...is that all you think I do?” As he made no effort to answer her question, Uriel sighed. “You know nothing of my inner personality, Tommy.”

The White Ranger shook his head. “I don’t need or want to know what you feel, if you feel anything at all. You’re evil. That’s all I need to know.”

Uriel shrugged. “Perhaps, but we can feel other emotions besides hate. I learned a new one just today as I was talking to Scorpina.” Tommy narrowed his eyes and her and clenched his fists. Seeing that he was not going to interrupt her, she took another casual step towards him. “You have forgotten everything that happened during the time that you were under my spell, Tommy. Don’t you want to know what you did?”

“Fight me,” Tommy muttered, trying to evade her questions. There was something in her voice that he couldn’t place his finger. It almost sounded like...desperation? That was impossible. (Evil can’t feel such longing...can it? Longing for what?) “What is the point to all these questions?” he asked as she continued staring at him, her large blue eyes clear. “Why have you come to me now if you do not intend to kill me?”

(I was hoping he would ask that.) “I have come to show you what we have shared when you were under my spell, Tommy.”

The White Ranger narrowed his eyes at her. “What we shared? What does that mean? What are you trying to tell me? If you’re trying to make me understand something then you might as well tell me.”

“I’ll do better,” Uriel whispered seductively. “What I will do, Tommy, is show you what we shared together.” Before he could protest, she had closed the distance between them and was kissing his lips fiercely.

Tommy immediately did his best to pull away from her, but he could not. It was as if in her arms he was powerless, and his body was unable to stop responding to her touches. As all of his muscles relaxed and he began to feel horribly tired, he began to dream...dream of things he could not believe. Faintly he made out the visions of himself in bed with another woman. She was showering him in kisses, and he was allowing her to do it. (I’ve never done that.)

Her face became clearer to him then, and Tommy gasped as he recognized the beautiful woman as Uriel. She was cradling his head in her arms now. They were kissing passionately, and he was putting his fingers through her silky blond hair. (Oh my gosh...I did not do that. I could not have done that.)

In Angel Grove Park, Jaime seemed to be responding to these telepathic images as well. His steps faltered, and he glanced all around as he felt Uriel’s presence. What she had not remembered was that she had sent him to Earth, and on Earth he could sense her telepathic thoughts even if they were not directed towards him. The three of them (Uriel, Tommy, and Jaime) were united as one.

Visions of Tommy and Uriel flooded his mind until he felt himself close to illness. Staggering like a drunken man, he nearly toppled on top of Jason who stepped out of his way. Jaime fell to his knees and looked up at the sky in silent wonderment. His mind and sight were clouded and he could barely remember where he was and why he was there. The only thing going through his mind at that moment was the image of Uriel and Tommy in the evil Queen’s chamber making secret love.

Adam, who had been watching his abrupt change of attitude, took that opportunity to step behind him and push the needle into the Silver Ranger’s arm. As Jaime hissed in pain Kat and Tanya stepped towards him and watched as he convulsed and unmorphed. As Rocky and Jason also came nearer the Silver Ranger looked at all of them with silent puzzlement before rubbing his temple. “What am I doing here? Jason? Katherine? Adam?”

Kat knelt by his side and unmorphed. “Do you remember anything, Jaime? For the past week you have been under Uriel’s evil spell.” She silently hoped that he didn’t remember. Her own time as evil had scarred her for life, and she knew Tommy’s experiences had been far worse.

Jaime shook his head. “The last thing I remember was being confronted by Uriel. I recall giving into the spell, but I don’t remember anything after that.” As he faintly heard Jason suggest that they teleport up to the Power Chamber to find out where Tommy was Jaime glanced back up at the sky. What he had told Kat was a lie. He could still see those images of Tommy with Uriel in bed together, although he wasn’t sure if these things were real or if he had just imagined them in a moment of evil insanity.

When they reached the Power Chamber Emily, who had been watching the viewing globe, ran over to Jaime and threw her arms around him. “You have no idea how worried I was about you.”

“I’m sorry to have scared you, Emily,” Jason told her tenderly. He returned her embrace and was oblivious to Jason who was giving them the most morose look that any person had ever seen from him. At that moment it seemed that his whole world had shattered in this one action.

Tanya glanced at him with worry before looking up at Zordon. “Where’s Tommy, Zordon? Is he all right?”

Kim nodded. “Yeah, have you been able to break through the force field, Zordon?” She was really worried about Tommy. (Something must be wrong with him if Zordon hasn’t said anything.)

For once their mentor seemed to be at a loss of words before turning to Alpha. “HAVE YOU FOUND ANYTHING, ALPHA?”

“Ay yi yi, I have tracked a teleportation beam that entered Tommy’s room at the shelter!” The little being declared with concern.

“You have to teleport him out of there,” Kat exclaimed. “He still isn’t completely stable, Zordon.”


The little droid nodded. “Right away, Zordon.” With that, he frantically began pushing buttons on multiple consoles as the other rangers watched him in silence.

From Tommy’s room, the White Ranger was glancing at Uriel in shock. “Have you come here only to show these things to me, or do you want to make a fool of me by making up these lies?”

“What we shared was...I can’t explain it to you, Ranger,” Uriel admitted. “You must remember. Join me, Tommy. We will be so happy together.”

Tommy snarled at her. “Never. I’ll never betray my friends and be your sex slave.” (How could she even ask me that?)

Those words pierced her like a knife going through her heart. (Don’t give up. He’s just confused.) “What do you have here, Tommy? Katherine? Does she please you? In addition, there is another woman trying to make you miserable, and your best friend won’t even talk to you!”

“Jason has things going on in his own life that he needs time to deal with,” Tommy told her. Any edge from his voice was gone, and he barely realized that he was now speaking to Uriel as if she were a normal person. “With Kim and Kat...I haven’t worked it out, but all you’re doing is making my situation worse!”

Uriel chuckled wearily before putting her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek. As he closed his eyes and tried to turn away from her her chuckling became small giggles as she moved to his neck and back to his mouth. Slowly she could feel him giving in to her, and, as his tension dissipated again Uriel put a hand through his long brown hair. Finally, after waiting for a long time, she felt him return her kisses as his hands roamed her barely clothed body. The smooth black silk of her dress was pleasing to his fingers, and he did this for a few moments before pulling away from her.

As she gazed at him with confusion he shook his head. “No, I won’t do this.”

“You need love, Tommy, and I can give it to you,” Uriel said to him. “Don’t decide with your mind. Decide with your heart.” She kissed him again and pulled away just as quickly, watching him to see what he would do.

Slowly, he stepped back towards the far side of the room. Shaking his head again, he motioned out the window towards the sky before muttering, “I will go to Zordon and tell him what happened, but I owe you this much. Go now.”

Uriel frowned with both confusion and regret. “Why are you doing this?”

“I am in love with another woman, and I could never love you. Uriel, you are evil, and I cannot love evil, and yet I feel that I owe you, so I am going to let you escape here with your life.”

“You dare say that to me!?” Uriel flushed with fury. “I have the upper hand here, Thomas Oliver! You cannot teleport out of here; there is a force field around your area. I will have you. You will be mine.”

At first, Tommy’s expression turned to one of fright, but this quickly turned into a look of sadness as he walked closer to her. “This is why I could never love you. You claim to feel for me and yet you hold me like a prisoner. If you truly loved me, Uriel, you would let me go.”

Though she didn’t want to accept these words, Uriel knew he was right. She watched him warily before waving her hands in a circle and pointing them up at the ceiling after that. After doing that, she sighed. “The force field is gone, but know this, White Ranger: there are only three ways to escape the inevitable at this point. You could choose to love me and give up those wretched girls who you care for so deeply, I can kill you, or you can kill me. If none of these things happen this will not be over. Know that.”

Tommy nodded in acceptance. “I understand, but we can’t change the way things are. Uriel, I will not love you, and I will not kill you. If you kill me then do it, but if you do not then you’re right. This is not over.”

Uriel looked at him sorrowfully before walking towards him and embracing his muscular form. She pushed her blond hair out of her face before saying, “You will see me again.” With these final words, she disappeared in another bright flash.

She had only been gone for a few minutes when Tommy’s communicator beeped. Tearing his eyes away from the spot where she had stood just moments earlier, he pulled his wrist up to his lips and glanced out the window before murmuring, “This is Tommy. I read you, Zordon.”


The White Ranger shook his head and sighed. “I’m fine, Zordon. Actually, I’m really tired and you caught me just about to go to sleep.”


“Look, I’ll go up there tomorrow to explain, but I really need to rest.” With that, he switched his communicator off so that Zordon could not contact him again that night before climbing onto his cot and pulling the flimsy blanket tighter around his shoulders. As he expected that it would, the argument that had been plaguing his mind for so long came back to him. (Kat or Kim...) As he pondered this, he shuddered as a new thought entered his mind. (Kat, Kim, or Uriel...damn...)

* * *

(A night later)

Lasers lit up the walls like many different colored flashlights. As the music blared people danced both conservatively and outrageously to it. Smoke flowed throughout the large club while people tried to talk over the loud songs being played.

Kim stepped into the club and jumped around with excitement. “It has been so long since I’ve been to one of these places.” She was so glad that Zordon had allowed them to go to the club outside of Angel Grove where most of the workers would go to relieve some strain. Kim even thought she recognized some of the people inside from her years at Angel Grove High.

As the former pink ranger instinctively grabbed for Tommy’s hand, Kat caught her in the process and pushed her hand away. “All right, Kim, I haven’t wanted to say anything to you, but this has gone too far.”

Faking a look of amazement, Kim sneered. “Whatever could you be referring to, Kat?” As if planned, a song began to float throughout the club as those who knew the two women turned to watch the argument.

You need to give it up.
Had about enough?
It’s not hard to see
the boy is mine...

“Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about,” Kat growled. “You’ve been flirting with my boyfriend since the moment you got here, and, frankly, it has been pissing me off.”

“He used to be mine,” Kim snarled. “Some best friend you were to come in and take him from me.”

Kat laughed in wonder. “Take Tommy from you!? You gave him up by sending him a letter that broke his heart. Kimberly, you’ve already hurt him once. I don’t want you hurting him again.”

I’m sorry that you
seem to be confused.
He belongs to me.
The boy is mine...

Kim frowned. “Look, I made a mistake, and you have no idea what I have been through in Florida. I love Tommy, Katherine. Why can’t you understand that?”

“It isn’t true. You had your chance and you blew it,” Kat growled. “He’s mine now, Kim, and I love him, too.”

See I know that you may be
just a bit jealous of me,
but you’re blind if you can’t see
that his love is all in me...

Tommy watched them both with fascination. Yes, he knew there had been tension between all three of them, but this...this was unexpected. Honestly, this was the first time that two girls had really fought over him!

You need to give it up.
Had about enough?
It’s not hard to see
the boy is mine...

Jason watched as Tommy came between the two pink rangers, one past and one present. He didn’t even realize that he had called out to his best friend until the White Ranger looked at him, tried to reassure him with a smile that said ‘I know what I’m doing’, and turned back to the two women.

I’m sorry that you
seem to be confused.
He belongs to me.
The boy is mine...

“Kim, I need to talk to you,” Tommy said. At Kat’s pleading expression, Tommy touched her shoulder. “I’ll be back in one second.” His words, however, did not comfort her, and she did her best not to cry out as if struck by a hard blow. This was it...this was really it. Tommy was dumping her.

I think that you should realize;
try to understand why
he is a part of my life.
I know it’s killing you inside...

“Sure, Tommy,” Kim said coolly. She sent a casual smile at Kat before walking with him over to a corner of the club. Those who knew the two began murmuring to each other. They all knew that Kim and Tommy, the hottest couple while they had been in school, would get back together. It was obvious.

You can say what you want to say.
What we have you can’t say.
From the truth you can’t escape.
I can tell the real from the fake...

Tommy looked back at Kat before looking into Kim’s soft eyes. At her hopeful expression, he sighed. “Kim, your coming back has been really hard for me. It has stirred up a lot of old feelings inside of me, and, well, it has caused some problems between Kat and me.”

“I’ve been feeling it, too, Tommy,” Kim told him. “Ever since I’ve been back I’ve felt drawn to you.” (He’s going to do it! He’s going to ask you out again, Kim!)

You need to give it up.
Had about enough?
It’s not hard to see
the boy is mine...

“Ever since I came out of the spell Uriel had me under I’ve been doing a lot of thinking,” Tommy continued. “Well, about a lot of things. Being a ranger, knowing who my true friends are, and about you...about what these feelings were. You know me...I have trouble sorting out my emotions sometimes.”

Kim nodded in remembrance. “Yeah, I know, Tommy. You try to make yourself a big macho kinda guy, when you don’t need to be. Whatever you’re feeling you need to tell me.”

I’m sorry that you
seem to be confused.
He belongs to me.
The boy is mine...

“Kim,” Tommy began. He took in a deep breath, knowing that what he was about to say was going to be difficult. “What I’ve been feeling is not love. Your coming back here has brought back a lot of confusion, but when I thought about it I realized that I was longing for what we were, and we can never go back to that.

“You can’t be serious.” (This is not happening.) “We can try, Tommy,” Kim said hastily. “I’ll try if you’ll try. We can go back to being as we were.”

Tommy shook his head. “Please, this is really hard for me as it is, Kim. You know as well as I do that we can never be what we were. Too much has happened. Besides, I love Katherine. Don’t get me wrong, Kim. I love you, but it is that feeling that I had before we were lovers...there’s this longing inside of me for that friendship we shared. I miss that, too, Kim, more than I miss what we have. That is what I want to strive for. I’ll try for that friendship if you do. Kim, I don’t want everything between us to end because of this.”

The boys is mine.
Not yours.
But mine.
Not yours.
But mine.
Not yours.
But mine.

Kim sighed and rubbed her eyes before responding slowly, “Tommy, you can’t do this to me and expect me to want to reconcile our friendship. You just broke my heart, Tommy.”

“You broke mine, Kim,” Tommy exclaimed, exasperated. “At least I’m doing this in person! Do you realize how hard this is for me, and do you know why I’m doing this in person? Because I don’t want to hurt you like you hurt me. I didn’t want you to get some letter in the mail that took about five minutes to write!”

Before she could stop herself, Kim slapped him. Hard. “How dare you! That letter was hard enough for me to write, Thomas Oliver!” A tear rolled down her cheek and she turned away from him and ran out of the exit and went to look for an open area before teleporting home in misery.

The boy is mine.

Kat, who had been watching the whole exchange, walked to Tommy’s side and touched his arm. “What happened?” (Did Tommy...leave her for me? Oh shit...)

Tommy glanced at her with sadness before hugging her like a helpless child hugs his mother. Caught off guard, Kat stumbled back a few steps before doing her best to support his weight. As she caressed his back she heard him mumble, “I’m sorry, Kat. I love you, and I’m sorry for hurting you.”

“She will get over you,” Kat said softly, doing her best to hide her joy. Tommy really did love her...she felt that she was happier than she had been when he asked her out for the first time. “I love you, too, Tommy.”

Jason watched his best friend in awe, not believing that Tommy had had the courage to do that. He had never thought that Tommy would have had the strength to let her down like that. Then again, when love was on the line, there was no telling what people were capable of. Jason glanced to where Emily was standing next to Jaime before turning to Trini who had unconsciously grabbed his hand as she was watching Tommy and Kat. As a slow song began to play. “Do you want to dance?”

Trini looked up at him before motioning towards Emily. “What about your girlfriend?”

He shook his head. “Forget Emily. She seems content with Jaime.” Trini looked at Emily and nodded before walking out to the dance floor with Jason. The two held each other gently at first and then more intimately as the song began to pick up momentum.

Snapped out of her stupor, Emily caught sight of Jason and Trini dancing and she became enraged. (First he loses Tommy to the evil powers and now this!?) She stomped over to them and tapped Jason’s shoulder in anger.

Gazing at her, Jason sighed. “What?”

“What do you mean ‘what’!?” Emily frowned deeply at him. “You’re dancing with another woman, damn you, and all you can say is ‘what’!?”

“You ignore me for a week and spend all your time nowadays with another guy!” Jason hollered at her. As Emily gasped at his harsh tone of voice, Jason shook his head. “This is where we end, Emily. I’m sorry, but I can’t go on like this.”

Trini looked at them both in shock. Emily took a moment to regain her bearings before letting out a shaky breath. “Ok, Jason, I’ll be fine without you.” She stole a final glance at him before walking deeper into the crowd away from the two.

Touching Jason’s shoulder, Trini leaned towards him. “Are you sure that you know what you’re doing?”

Jason nodded. “Yeah, Trini, although I need to know this from you. Take me back.”

“What!?” Trini exclaimed, startled.

“Take me back,” Jason repeated. “Please, Trini, I know what I feel. Please.”

At that moment, a huge joy came over her and she threw her arms around his neck. “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to hear you say that.”

Jason chuckled and kissed her cheek softly. “Is that a yes?” Trini merely nodded and leaned her head against his shoulder in contentment.

* * *

“Damn those rangers,” Rita muttered. “Everytime they find some way to defeat us.”

Zedd scowled. “Uriel’s spells weren’t strong enough.” The two looked around only to find that Uriel was not in the throne room. “Where the hell is Uriel!?” Zedd demanded.

Scorpina, who had just entered the room, bowed before them before saying, “Queen Uriel has retired early. She was, um, complaining about a headache.”

Rita sighed. “Well, I have a headache. I don’t blame her.” Yawning, she began to move towards the door. “I’m tired, Zeddy. Why don’t you keep watch on those rangers for me while I go to sleep?”

“I don’t understand why I have to keep watch when we have servants to do it for us,” Zedd mumbled to himself. As Rita left the room with Scorpina, Zedd used his radar-like eyes to pinpoint the rangers. He quickly found the club and inspected those inside. The White Ranger was dancing with the Pink Ranger as the Red Ranger was with the former Yellow Ranger. The others were talking by the doorway except for the Gold Ranger who had strayed further into the club and the former Pink Ranger who had gone home in despair.

Zedd sighed and shook his head. “They lead such confusing, miserable little lives.” With that, he sat down on his throne and rested his head on his hand as he did his best to stay awake.

Uriel, meanwhile, was in her chamber sitting on her bed. (This is not over, Tommy. You will hear from me again.) She flopped back on the bed and picked up the silver object that had been laying by her side, raising it in front of her eyes so that she could look at it.

Sitting up again, she rubbed her eyes wearily and glanced at the necklace in her hands again before fastening it around her neck and glancing at the floor. “I’ll see you soon, Tommy.” She muttered.

Crawling across the bed to her pillow, Uriel put her head on it and sighed. Closing her eyes, she raised her hand to her chest and twirled the necklace a few times around her finger before closing her hand around the silver arrowhead.

From Hirpog Rashell was talking to a few of his followers there while looking through a viewing monitor that was showing him a specific area in space. One of the people, a tall woman, looked at the consoles around them as alarms began to go off. “We’re picking up a reading.”

Rashell squaked as a large ship appeared on the screen. “What the hell is that thing!?”

“It looks like a submarine,” a man voiced. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say that it belonged to Divatox.”

“Divatox would dare to try and take the Earth from us?” Rashell growled with fury. How dare that bitch do that. She was perfectly content on her own planet.

The woman who had spoken before shook her head. “If these readings are correct, she isn’t heading for Earth.”

Rashell tilted his head in confusion. “Where else would she be going in that area. Earth is the largest planet in that sector.”

“It is not the only, though.” The man said. “Divatox isn’t heading for Earth. Her coordinates are set on the water planet. Aquitar.”

The End... for now

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