Disclaimer: I know that all characters in this story belong to Haim Saban, except for Gina.

By Ricochet


It was after Turbo. In this fanfic, there is no power ranger's in space. Diva Tox was defeated, not killed, and there was seemingly no threat. But Dimetria and Zordon both Knew that was a lie. They knew of the prophecies of all the previous evil's uniting, and they knew what they must do. Form a defense team from the most useful rangers in the ranger history. And that is what they did.

Adam Park had just finished teaching his karate class and was heading to the showers when a familiar sensation came over him, followed by green light.{Oh, no. Not again.} He thought.

Cassie Hummel (Who's last name I made up) was writing a song for the followup to her triple platinum debut album, when a wash of pink light surrounded her and she was promptly wisked away from her solid oak and brass desk.

Trini Kwan was finishing up a complex kata when the forest surrounding her dissapeared in a flash of yellow.

Katherine Hillard was coming out of her dance school, when a blast of pink light wisked her away.

Zach Taylor had just finished his latest job as a backround dancer in a music video when he dissapeared in an outburst of black light.

Billy Cranston was double checking the heated chemicals in a lab he was stationed in for NASA, when he dissapeared in a glimmer of blue light. {What the . . . .!}

"Here they come, Zordon and Dimetria."Said a frantic Alpha. 6 people suddenly landed on the Power Chamber's floor. Scrambling to his feet, Billy looked at the newly renovated Power Chamber.

"Zordon, I don't like what you've done with the place. What happened to all of our old power suits? And who is she?"He added as an afterthought, motioning to Cassie.

"This is our new pink ranger, cassie."

"Oh, what happened to Kat? And since when are the Power Ranger's needed again?"

"Kat chose me as her replacement when Dimetria told them to move on with their lives."Cassie explained. Looking at Billy, she added,"Who are you?"

"I'm the original blue power ranger."Said Billy."Where are the rest of the guys, anyway?"

"They are not needed."Zordon said. "All of you had something that was needed to fight the new threat, or perhaps, old threats."

"What do you mean, old threats?"Asked Adam, who had finally found his tongue.

"All of our previous foes banded together as one force."Zordon said. "We have combined the final traces of the Morphing power, Ninja power, Zeo power, and Turbo power to create an unimaginable power. Each of you has experienced one, two, or all of these powers. We have already chosen the positions for the team, from leader, to second and so-on in command."

"Kat, step forward."Kat obeyed Dimetria and allowed Alpha to hit him with a beam of red light."You are the red quad ranger, with the power of the sphinx."Kat came out of the light with a red suuit that resembled all four different ranger suits that had been previously mentioned in several aspects. The MMPR gloves and boots, the Ninja emblem of the spirit animal, only with a sphinx engraving, the Zeo common weapons (blaster, etcà), and the Turbo helmet.

"Adam, step forward."Said Zordon."You are the green quad ranger, with the power of the gargoyle."Adam did the same as jason. Alpha shot a bean of green light at Adam, and he stepped out after with a combination of all four power suits. On his chest was a circle with an engraving of a gargoyle.

"Cassie, step forward."Said Dimetria."You are the pink quad ranger, with the power of the pegasus.."She, too, was enveloped in a beam of pink light, and came out with a pink suit of all four suits combined. Her suit had a circle engraved with a pegasus on the chest.

"Zach, step forward. You are the black quad ranger with the power of the phoenix. "When he emerged, he was wearing a black suit, like Adam's, only with a unicorn engraving.

"Trini, step forward."Said Dimetria."You are the yellow quad ranger, with the power of the dragon."She was wearing a suit just like Cassie's, only yellow with a dragon engraving.

"Finally, Billy step forward. You are the leader, and the blue quad ranger, with the power of the griffin."Billy came forward and was enveloped in the blue light. When he came out, he had on a suit just like Zach's and Adam's, only with a shield that had an engraving of a griffin.

"Rangers, well, you know the drill. Do you accept the oath that you accepted previously?"Dimetria asked.

"I do."Said Billy, as the new team took off their helmets.

"Me too."Said Cassie.

"I'll third that motion."Trini replied.

"Count me in."Said Adam.

"Obviously, you know what I'd say."Zach laughed.

"Same right here."Seconded Kat to Zach's eager interjection to the conversation.

"Rangers, to morph you must say quad ranger power, then your colour and mythical animal, in that order."Dimetria said.

"Rangers, for some of you, it has been some time. But now I feel it is time for your first challenge. Our pernicious enemies, that are now known as the UFE, or United Forces of Evil are attacking with a team of what seems to be a mixture of Tengas, cogs, putties, and pirahnatrons. It pleasures me a great deal to once again say may the power protect you."

"It gives us a great deal of pleasure to hear it, Zordon, Dimetria."He turned to his team."Lets do it guys. It's Morphin time!"

"Quad Ranger power, red sphinx!"

"Quad Ranger power, green gargoyle!"

"Quad Ranger power, pink pegasus!"

"Quad Ranger power, black pheonix!"

"Quad Ranger power, yellow dragon!"

"Quad Ranger power, blue griffin!"

"Nothing can stop us now!"Cried the leader of the newest evil soldiers, who's title I have yet to invent.

"That's what you think."Came a female voice from a figure in red.

"We're gonna take you down!"Said another voice from a body in green

"You mess with fire, you're gonna get burned."Yelled a figure in black.

"And right now you're walking on coals!"Cried a female voice cried a yellow spandex-clad figure

"You're gonna wish you'd never been artificially created in a lab somewhere!"Yelled a girl in pink.

"Cut with the 'Austin Powers' lines, will ya, TJ!"Cried a figure in blue."We're just gonna kick their feathered, clay, mechanical, fishy, no offense alien rangers, asses all the way back to their base!"

"Lets do it!"Cried all six voices at once. One by one, five more figures appeared, and attacked the soldiers.

"Kat! You and Adam take those guys over there! Zach and Trini take those ones to my left. Cassie, you're with meàLETS DO IT!!"Billy yelled out orders as if he was born to be a leader. Within a matter of minutes, all of the soldiers were scattered on the ground.

"While we were fighting, I thought of a name for them."Said Cassie.

"Okay, Cassie, what's your idea?"Asked Billy, when they were back a the Power Chamber, with their helmets off.

"Well, just like us, they are a mixture of four different powers, so I figured, why not call them tetrads, cuz that basically means four."She looked at them."Unless you guys can come up with something better."

"No, I think it's a great name."Said Billy.

"Well, you of all people should know, you were, after all, the first person here to EVER receive powers."Cassie said, as they powered down.

"Ya know, I never thought about it that way."Said Kat.

"Yeah, and you were here even after you gave up your powers."Said Adam."But wasn't Trini an original ranger? And Zach, too."

"Yeah, I know. Cassie is the only one here to never have held a pure MMPR power before. That means you must have done a really, really, REALLY good job as a Turbo ranger."Billy smiled."Hey, I'm not stuck doing maintenance this time around! Sweet!"

"Billy, we never knew you felt short changed!"Said Kat.

"C'mon, guys."Said Billy."Lets lighten the mood here. We're rangers again! We just gained our first victory! It's a time to celebrate!"

"Billy is right."Said Zordon."You should not be here, dwelling in the past as you are, right now. Go have fun. Last I checked, it was 8:30, and you are all legally allowed in cabarets. Go and dance, but don't get drunk."

"Yes, father."Said Billy, as they teleported out.

"Besides, the hangovers really suck!"Billy finished, about a block from the hottest new dance club, the Music Box."This place has a great rep, and a drink limit of 4. Plus, no strippers or exotic dancers!"

"Billy, you've been hung over!"Said Kat.

"C'mon Kat, I do have a life! OF course I've gotten drunk. Who hasn't?"Billy smirked."I had planned on never, EVER, doing it again, but that's because hangovers from vodka tend to be worse."He laughed."Man, she was loaded! I never want to taste German Vodka as long as I live."Everyone laughed.

"Who's she?"Trini asked.

"Oh, this girl I met at my university named Gina."He paused for a second."It's really hard to believe the last time I was a ranger was when I was around 17. Now I'm 26, and I'm a scientist, AND a ranger. And it's also really shocking I ever went out with her. She almost had me thinking about marriage, then I found out she was only dating me for the free tutoring, money, and the fact I was, unbelievably, a part time model, so that would explain the dating me for my looks thing. Well, she's a slut, haven't talked to her in 3 years, moved on, dated here and there. Last I heard, she's still stag."

"So, what happened to the modeling thing?"Asked Cassie.

"Eh, I do the odd shoot fer ole times sake."He sat down at a table and ordered a double straight vodka on the rocks. When he got an odd look from everyone he merely said"What? I said I'd never touch GERMAN Vodka. And after 4 years, I CAN hold my liquor one hell of a lot better now."

"I'll order aà"Cassie paused to look over the drink menu."peach cooler."

"I'll have a glass of red wine."Said Kat.

"I'll stick to an LGD."Said Jason.

"I'll have the same as Jason, here."Said Zach.

"So, Trini."Said Billy."What are you doing for a living, nowadays?"

"I'm a kindergarten teacher at a public elementary school."She said."Hey, has anyone here met that special someone, yet?"

"As I've already mentioned, I've dated here and there, but nothing serious."Billy said."I'm beginning to wonder if I'm destined to die a bacholer."He shuddered."Dear GOD no!"Everyone laughed. So did Zordon and Demitria as they watched on the viewing globe. This new team was already bonding, it was the start, and renewal, of beautiful friendships.