Disclaimer: 9:23 AM 12/20/97 copyright. I know that the power rangers and Divatox and Elgar and Porto all belong to Saban. I also want to say please don't use this story without my permission, and I don't want this used for profit. This story takes place after all the zeo's split to follow their own paths, yadda, yadda, yadda. In this fic series, Billy dumps his fishy girlfriend and comes back to earth as a total hottie, like he wasn't before he left. Yes, my favourite group is the BSB, and I know 'Christmastime' is their song. This is, so far, number two in the series, but I might make this one separate from the rest, seeing as it's a holiday one, and all. And I do think Billy, a.k.a. David Yost, would look adorable in a Santa hat.:-]
Author's Note: Please read the Stress Explanation first!

Western Christmas Stress
By: Ricochet

It was a beautiful winter day on Raven ave., but the mood in Aurora Mackenzie's room was anything but beautiful. Buried somewhere under the heaps of wrapping paper, tape, recipts, cards, christmas decor, and tickets to the dance at the local youth centre, was a teenage girl. Aurora woke up, yawned, stretched, and knocked over some wrapped toy donations for the christmas drive.

"oh s^#t!!!"She exclaimed loudly. With a look of the wonderful christmas joy that could turn someone to stone, she restacked the boxes.

"What a beautiful day, already I can tell I'm gonna have a 5 star rating for best mood today." She wasn't quite sure why, but sometimes, like 24/7, she wasn't exactly full of the christmas spirit.

"Maybe,"she wondered out loud,"I'm in such a pissy mood lately because I'm in charge of the pageant at church, have to bake 30 dozen cookies for the school Christmas fundraiser, I still have to buy gifts for my entire immediate and unimmediate family, T.J, Carlos, Justin, Cassie,Ashley, Star, Joe, and Billy. And I still have to make time to volunteer at the local homeless shelter, handle the christmas dance at the youth centre,make decorations for the dance, read to kids at the hospital, be editor of the school newspaper, help at the local pound, support the 'adopt an angel' project, study for tests, finish my 15 page book report on the digestive system for science, do my extra-credit projects for power-tech, foods and nutrition, and spanish, practice my piano and karate, still take time for myself, there's only 2 weeks before christmas, and it's that time of the month. I don't know, but that might be it."

* * *

"Only 14 more days until christmas."exclaimed Justin."Thats exactly 336 hours, 20160 minutes, or 1209600 seconds until the big day!!"

"Oh yeah," replied a groggy Aurora."This is information I will use for the rest of my life."

"Something wrong?" asked Billy.

"No, nothing's wrong."She replied.Billy looks so adorable in that santa hat.thought Aurora.

"Aurora," Billy said in his mincing tone. Aurora took one look into his light green eyes, and burst out laughing.

"What?"Billy asked.

"I'm sorry, it's just hard to take you seriously when you're wearing that adorable santa hat."She replied.

Just then the bell rang for optional study hall for freshman.

"Well, I promised Star that I would help her study for her huge test in science, so I'll see ya later boys."Aurora then headed off to the library.

TJ noticed Billys eyes following Aurora's slender body down the hall and took the liberty of alerting Billy that he noticed this.

"Billy Cranston!!"He exclaimed loudly in a mock scolding tone,"Keep your eyes to yourself young man!"

Billy reddened and shoved TJ down the hall."You be quiet, or I'll tell a certian someone in this school exactly what you think of them."

There was a long pause."You wouldn't."

"Wanna bet?"

"Man, you are evil, no beyond evil, you make the wicked witch of the west look like tinkerbell."

"Who, you mean Aurora? And, ya know, I thought I was more of a Dr. Jekyl, Mr.Hyde thing."

"That might actually be closer to the truth."

"I always thought so."This odd conversation continued, despite the odd looks they got from people as they walked down the hall.

Meanwhile in angel grove lake, it wasn't exactly christmasy either...

"Porto!!!Elgar!!!!Get in here...NOW!!"Screamed the current most evil lord[ess] of Angel Grove.

"Yeah, Aunty Diva?" Answered Elgar.

"Yes, your most evil worshipness?"Replied a mousy Porto.

"Finally,"said a bored sounding Divatox,"took you long enough."

"Sorry,"Said her two minions at the same time.

"Oh, whatever,"She waved it off."What is this christmas thing that happens on earth, anyway?"

"Christmas,"Elgar replied, matter-of-factly,"is when family's exchange in gift-giving, a turkey dinner, and help those less fortunate, also every store on earth has a sale from 15 to 25% off all merchandise."

Divatox and Porto stood in slack-jawed awe as they stared at Elgar "Yeah, whatever."Divatox said."I want to know where it started."Divatox demanded.

"But your evilness..."Stuttered Porto.

"NOW!!!!You dare even incinuate saying no to me yov oversized marshmallow!!!!"she shrieked.

"I offer my most humble apoligy's, my queen. Christmas all started in a little town called Bethlehem a long time ago, when a small child was born...."

"I hope Diva doesn't decide to ruin christmas this time around with one of her cheesy monsters."Said T.J.

"Me too,"Agreed Billy."I didn't come back from Aquatar to worry about destroying a monster, I came back to lead a normal, fishwoman-less life"

[Authors note: in this fic, Billy is in the high school because he wanted to earn a little extra scratch, he works as a teachers assistant in the science lab, the school even gave him a locker:-]

"I hope so too,"cut in Justin,"I'm only 12 years old, its my legal duty to wake my parents at 6 in the morning, run downstairs in my pj's, open every present under the tree, get yelled at, apologize, eat, put up with annoying cousins, aunts that pinch my cheeks and go 'oh he's getting so big', and keep getting up out of bed when I'm supposed to be sleeping."

"Ahh, the joys of being young. But Justin, the difference from a normal night at your house would be.."Billy trailed off jokingly.

"I don't open a whole bunch of presents at 6:14 in the morning every day and don't put up with with my cousins and aunts 24/7."He replied matter-of-factly. All of the guys broke out laughing.

"Ugh,"stated Star, as she looked over Aurora's schedule,"Girl, do you have a life?"

Aurora snatched back the schedule."Yes I have a life."

"And you could fit it in where?"

"Well..."she said, flipping through the book,"I see your point."

Aurora winced as Star let her know that she had guzzled down half a litre of rootbeer with a huge burp."Well,"She said,"that was poetic."

"Oh, wasn't it?, "said Star."Now, is it my imagination, or are you alittle on edge lately."

"Look,"said Aurora."I just got wrapped up in giving, but thats a good thing, right?"

"In most cases,"Star replied wisely, "yes, but not in yours. You forgot about the simple joys in life, like oh say, off the top of my head, something like oh, um, snagging Billy?"

"Off the top of your head huh?"

"Look Aurora,"reasoned Star"there are 3 reasons why I brought this to your attention. 1, you are my best friend and I'm gonna be here for you. 2, you and Billy would make such a cute couple, and 3, Carlos told me that Billy was seriously jonesing to ask you to the christmas dance."

"Oh, sure."Aurora replied sarcastically."Wait... what do you mean was?"

"Oh, I thought you heard. Billy thought you weren't going, so he asked Missouri Hope."

"What?!"she screeched."Why of all people, did he ask her? She's a little wimbo! Thats a cross between a witch and a bimbo, I just made it up."

"Remember, she's nice to Billy because he's such a hottie. She's always flirting with him, so now that he asked her out, she'll really have something to go for."

"Star,"Aurora began, in a small pleading voice,"what do you think I should wear on Friday?"

"But what about the old folks home?"

"Forget the old farts, I'm going to that dance!"

"..and thats how the christmas tradition began."Porto finished.

"Oh, how dreadfully boring. Why on earth did you tell me that incredibly dull story?"Asked Divatox.

"Well..."Porto began.

"Oh, never mind."She demanded."Why don't you give me a present?"

"Because you never asked for one?"ventured Elgar.

"Oh,"Divatox sighed."must I spell everything out for you?"She watched Elgar as he logged on their new computer, and went to a chat room to pretend he was a woman.

"Ouhhh,"she groaned."forget it, stupid question. What I want for christmas is the rangers, bruised, bleeding, and broken, in other words, DEAD!!!!!"

"I'll see what I can do, my evilness."said Porto, a plan hatching in his mind. After shooing Divatox out of the room, by saying it was a suprise, he set to work. Finally he was finished and called Divatox back in.

"This is the Santa Stress."Explained Porto," He feeds off the energy of people with stress caused by christmas and uses it against his enemies. His evil is only second to yours."

Divatox excitedly clapped her hands and gave an evil laugh." The rangers are about to have the worst christmas ever!!!"The Santa Stress joined her in an evil laugh. Divatox ended that with a wave of her hand."Now prepare for the attack."

"When isss that, my Queen?"Asked the Santa Stress.

Divatox let out another evil laugh."Right now."

"But Divatox,"Porto began,"thats during christmas holidays!"

Divatox squealed exitedly,"I know!! Now get to work."

It was Christmas eve and all of the rangers, past and present, were gathered around a warm fire in the Cranston house, toasting marshmallows. Even Aisha made it, thanks to the teleportation system.

"It is so cool to be back with my friends during christmas holidays." said Aisha."I haven't seen you guys in such a long time I don't even want anything else for christmas."

"Hey,"said Billy, standing up."how's about we tell stories about our 'saving the world' days, seeing as were all either current or ex-holders of supernatural powers that hold the world, or held the world, in it's sacred balance!?"

Everyone laughed as Billy threw his arms out at the last words. Ever since Billy came back from Aquatar, he had become a total spotlight hog.

"Billy,"Trini laughed,"the ham belongs in the fridge!"

Billy lowered his arms and put on a hurt sad puppy face and turned his back to Trini.

Trini laughed and pulled Billy down on the couch beside her,"Come here, handsome. I'm sorry for hurtin your feelings there."

"Ya right,"said Billy, still pretending to be hurt,"you're just saying that because in your warped mind, I'm good looking."

"In my warped mind huh?"

"Yeah, in your warped mind!"

"Really, well lets see what the ladies in this room have to say about that...ladies?"

Immediatly the girls broke into huge cheers and wolf whistles and pumped their arms, Billy blushed and took a bow, the guys just groaned. Just then, a familiar 6-toned beep souned, ending the teens fun. They all watched as Billy answered,"We read you Alpha."

"Rangers, Divatox has sent down a monster that feeds off of peoples stress energy caused by christmas, it is called the Santa Stress. And Billy, I think the rangers should take care of this by themselves, this monster is very dangerous and should be handled with expierience."

"Uh Alpha."Billy replied,"Who is the only person here that held power from the absolute beginning, and still holds power now? I'd say me. So don't give me this 'unexpierenced' crap because thats what it is, crap. So, no matter what you say, I'm going."

In the backround, Alpha could hear the other rangers cheering him on with stuff like, 'You go Billy' and 'You tell him, gourgeous'.

"C'mon guys,"Billy said,"compass shift, activate!"

The rangers watched as the 4 teammates held their respective letters out in front of them. Ribbons of their respective colours formed around them as they shouted their commands.

"Southern winds change!"

"Eastern winds change!"

"Western winds change!"

"Northern winds change!"

The ribbons closed around them as their weapons appeared on their hips, Billys shield appeared. Then they were gone.

"Ssssso many people with stress, ssssssso little time to zap them all"The Santa Stress hissed, as he zapped two people with the white ball on his hat. Billy caught the young woman, and Aurora caught the young man. Setting the two unconcious lovebirds on the ground under a picnic table Billy and Aurora ran over to fight the Santa Stress. Joe and Star were finishing up some pirahnatrons.

"Joe!"Star yelled."Billy and Aurora are taking a harsh beating! They need backup, lets GO!"Joe took one last kick at the final pirahnatron and followed Star to the major battle.

"This guy's tough!"Billy cried, raising his communicater to his face, he said."Zordon, we could use the ze...."But he was cut off mid-sentence when Joe and Star used their powers to take out the monster for a few seconds. "C'mon guys! While he's weak!"

"It's time for a stampede! Western mustangs CHARGE!"Aurora yelled.

"Northern light energy CHARGE!"The Santa Stress shared the same fate as many monsters before it who had the unfortunate luck of meeting Billy's power firsthand. Divatox didn't even have time to fire the torpedoes before her monster was turned to dust. "Another victory for the good guys!"Billy yelled."Now lets get back to the guys."

"Why do they always beat us!"Divatox bellowed,"ALL I wanted for christmas was a monster that could destroy the power rangers, and you couldn't even do that! Good help is soooo hard to find these days!"

"Weeeeell,"Said Billy, kicking up his heels and resting them on the coffee table,"looks like we didn't need your help after all! Maybe Zordon needs to trust us new kids alittle more."

"Hey,"Said Aisha,"the dance is in 1 hour, and nobody's ready yet. C'mon, everybody lets move it, move it, move it!"Aisha clapped her hands as she talked.

"So, are you really gonna go with Missouri?"Tommy asked, as he pulled his hair back in a ponytail.

"Guess so."Billy said, as he pretended to polish TJ's head, who threatened him with spray-on deodorant."I don't think Aurora even cares."

"Yeah, right."Said Justin,"All Star and Aurora ever talk about is how Aurora could snag you!"Justin adjusted his blue bow tie, since the dance was formal, all the guys were getting suited up.

"Well, if she wants to go with me, she'll ask me to dance."Billy said, as he fixed his hair, then held a towel up to his face to save himself from TJ's spray deodorant attack.

"So, you don't care about Billy going with Missouri?"Star asked, as she fixed Kim's hair and stuck a hair stick through the back.

"No I don't."Said Aurora, as she looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a sequined purple dress, with one inch shoulder straps, and a slit up the front of the left leg. She was wearing 4 inch black stilettos, had her hair done like Drusilla's from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', and was wearing scented purple body glitter that was on her eyelids, shoulders, and cheeks. She was wearing a supershiny grape lipgloss, and a tiny silver pendant with a purple crystal, matching earrings, and matching tennis bracelet. Needless to say, she was a knockout.

"You look gorgeous."Trini said, placing her hands on her new friend's shoulders.

Trini had opted for a pretty orange minidress, and black clunky heels. Star, being the funky one, went for an outfit like the one Aqua's lead singer wore to the World Music Awards, only with a pink army pattern, and a miniskirt. Kat wore a gold minidress and matching gold stilletos. Cassie, with a little pushing, wore a light pink babydoll dress and white platform knee boots. Aisha wore an orange heel length tube dress, and had orange heels. Ashley wore a yellow miniskirt and half top with clear heels. Kim wore a pink velvet skirt and white velvet top with pink flower patterns. Tanya wore an outfit like the one Scary Spice wore in the 'STOP' video, only much yellower and no feathery fringe around the coat. Sara, Justin's date and Cassie's 12 year-old cousin, wore a cute little sky-blue dress and 2-inch black heels.

"Billy looks sooo good."Star said.

"He's look even better if he didn't have that wimbo on his arm." Aurora hissed."What does he see in her?"

"If you mean 'on her' not much."Trini joked. Missouri wore a skin-tight black half halter-top, and a matching micro-miniskirt."Is that a skirt, or a band-aid." Missouri caught sight of Aurora looking at them and made laughing motions.

"Hold me back, I want to claw her eyes out."Aurora warned.

Finally, when the dance was almost over, the DJ said,"Okay, we're gonna sloooow things down alittle bit, with a song I got by a group from Tampa, but have just come out in the US. This is the Backstreet Boys and 'Chrismas time'."

"Its a slow song."Star squealed, hitting Aurora on the arm,"Ask him to dance."The music began, and finally the singing. Thats when Aurora got up to cut in. She walked quickly over to them and tapped Billy on the shoulder.

"May I cut in?"She asked.

"Hell, yeah."Billy took one look at her, and took her hand.

There is something special,
about this time of year,
the Christmas feelings everywhere
I just got home to join you
I've been away too long
(been away too long)
but now I'm back to share my love
Friends are reunited
One big family
With love enough to last throughout the years
(its christmas time)
Christmastime, time to share our love
Come and join, the tidings to the world
Christmastime, best time of the year,
Yes its Christmastime
(Oh, Christmastime)
You and me, together
sleighride in the park
loving kiss, ((All)straight from)straight from my heart
Snowflakes falling gently
The smell of chestnuts in the air
The Christmas lights, they gleam across the sky
(Oh, whoa, its Christmastime)
Christmas time, time to share our love
Come and join the tidings to the world
Christmas time, best time of the year
Yes its Christmas time(Mhmm, oh yeah)
Do you remember the way it felt so right,
when I held you close to me, oh yeah
Do you remember, those cold christmas nights
when we saw((all)saw the world,) the world in harmony
Christmastime, time to share our love
Come and join, the tidings to the world
Christmas time, time to share our love
Yes it's christmastime
(Fade away)

Somewhere around 'loving kiss straight from my heart', Aurora and Billy's heads came together in a loving kiss.



Author's Note: (I'll let you think up your own sequels, until I come up with something)