By: Hannah Wayne

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are owned by Saban Entertainment blah, blah, blah. I have used them without permission. So please don't tell anyone. I figure it's easier to ask forgiveness, than it is to ask permission. If I have disgraced you favorite Ranger, remember it is only a story. Read on!!

It was what seemed to be yet another normal day in Angel Grove, if any day in Angel Grove could be called normal. You see Angel Grove has a slight problem with SPACE ALIENS.

At the local teenage hangout, Ernie's Juice Bar, people were gathered around the television watching the latest update on the recent monster attack.

* * * *

The Television: "Today's top story is yet another monster attack in Angel Grove Park. Luckily it was halted by the Power Rangers. However there was one casualty, involving a citizen that was walking in the park during the attack.

The child was reported to be wearing blue, and appeared to be about 12 years old. His name has just been released as Justin Stewart. And in other news today...."

{A young man wearing green, who had been watching the report, went over to a table where his friends were sitting. He had a sad expression on his face.

As he sat down next to a girl in pink. She asked him what was wrong.}

The man in green: "A kid got killed during the attack this afternoon."

The girl in pink said: "It's not your fault Adam."

{Suddenly two men, Bulk and Skull, Were standing at the foot of the table.}
Skull: "Did you guys hear about that kid that got squashed today?"

Bulk: " I heard it was the Blue Ranger's fault."

Rocky: "It wasn't my fault!"

Skull: "Well duh! Your not even a Power Ranger!"

{Lt. Stone arrived as if though it were planed.}

Lt. Stone: "You two! Outside! Now!"

Bulk: "What's the matter Lt.?"

Lt. Stone: "You two did not even place a warning on that car that's double parked outside. Much less a ticket!"

Skull: "What car?"

Lt. Stone: "The yellow one?"

{Bulk and Skull looked at each other confused. Lt. Stone rolled his eyes.}

Lt. Stone: "You know the one in front of the Juice Bar?"

Tanya: "That's my car!" {Tanya then took off as fast as she could.}

Kat: "Well."

{Tommy then hit Rocky on the back of the head.}

Rocky: "What was that for?!"

Tommy: "You know what it was for."

{Ernie then gave them their drinks}

Ernie: "Hey! Did you guys hear about that kid today?"

Kat: "Yes unfortunately we did."

Rocky: "I heard it was the Red Ranger's fault."

{Ernie shook his head and left. Rocky suddenly fell back out of his chair, and the others laughed.}

Rocky: "What did you do that for?!"

Tommy: (while laughing) "You know."

Rocky: "This is war!!" {Rocky got up and left.}

Adam: (out of pure stupidity) "I heard it was the Pink Ranger's fault."

{Kat started to get up.} Kat: "I'll be right back."

{There was a sharp slam on the floor. Adam grabbed his foot and yelped.}

Kat: "Sorry."

Adam: (whining) "She did that on purpose!."

Tommy: (while taking a sip of his drink) "You deserved it."

{Adam and Tommy talked for a minute or two. Tanya suddenly appeared out of nowhere. She whispered something into Tommy's ear. He nodded his head.}

Tanya: "Adam, I need to talk to you. Now!"

Adam: (shrugging at Tommy) "Okay."

{Tommy didn't move. Adam and Tanya stepped outside.}

Outside: {Tanya looked around for a moment.}

Adam: "What?"

Tanya: "Do you think my tire is getting flat?"

{Adam walked around the car.} Adam: "Which tire?"

Tanya: (pointing to a full tire) "That one..... There."

Adam: "You brought me out here for that!!"

Tanya: "Yes! Now tell me is it getting flat?!"

Adam: "No!" {Adam then turned around and went back in. Tanya followed him.}

Back inside:

{Ernie had just left the table that Tommy was sitting at. Adam sat down and took a sip of his drink.}

Adam: "EW! Sickening! What happened to my drink?"

Tanya & Tommy: (in sync) "I don't know."

Adam: "I don't know what you two did, but I'll get you for it!!"

{As Adam left Kat walked in and gave him a weird look.}

Back outside:

{Adam tried to start his car, but it did nothing. He tried again. And again. He popped the hood and got out. He adjusted the hood so it wouldn't fall. Then he looked around inside the engine. He then noticed the distributor cap was missing. He looked around for some answers. Then he realized Kat had walked in from outside!!}


Back inside:

{The others, except Rocky, were sitting around discussing each other. Then Adam stormed in.}

Adam: "Where is my distributor cap??!!"

{Tommy looked at Kat funny. Kat looked back.}

Kat: "Don't look at me like I did something wrong!!"

Tanya: "What did you do to his car?"

Kat: "I fixed it."

Adam: "It won't run!!"

Tommy: (in a calm voice) "Kat, what did you do with his distributor cap?"

{Kat looked at Tommy the same way she had looked at Adam earlier.}

Kat: "Did he try looking in the trunk?"

Adam: "In my trunk? How did you get into my trunk?"

Kat: (getting up) "There are things in my life you don't know about." {Kat then left.}

Adam: "I would like to know how she got into a locked car!"

Tommy: "I wonder if she used to steal cars for a living."

{Everyone laughed, except Adam, he left. Tommy got up and left also.}

Back outside:

{As Tommy walked outside he noticed a crowd standing around his car, that was being put onto a tow trunk. Bulk and Skull stood there with there arms crossed. Rocky was pointing and laughing.}

Tommy: "Where are you taking my car?!"

Rocky: (while laughing) "It's going to the impound lot."

Tommy: "Hey! I don't remember parking my car there!."

Rocky: (still laughing) "Yeah, I know you didn't." (laughing hysterically) "I moved it!"

{Tommy then picked up a screw driver, that was on the ground, he walked over to Rocky's car, and pierced holes in the tires. Rocky's mouth dropped open.}

Rocky: "What on earth did you do that for??!!"

Tommy: "You know what for!! You're not as stupid as you look!! Duh?"

{Then realizing piranatrons were driving off in the tow truck. Bulk and Skull freaked out and fainted. The other civilians ran for cover. Tommy and Rocky chased after the truck. They hopped into Kat's car and drove off. Kat then walked outside.}

Kat: "Where's my car?" (noticing Tommy & Rocky driving off in her car.) "Tommy!!

Rocky!! Get out of my car!!!" (she ran after them screaming a few more words.)

Back in Kat's car:

Rocky: "Ram him!"

Tommy: "No, this is Kat's car!"

{Rocky takes hold of the steering wheel. Turns it sharply to the right. They hit the tow truck. Tommy freaks.}

Tommy: "What on Earth do you think your doing?!"

Rocky: "Trying to stop those piranatrons and get your car back. What do you think I'm doing?"

Tommy: "I think your trying to be the idiot you are! That's what I think your doing!"

Rocky: "I thought you said I was smarter than I looked?!"

Tommy: "So I was wrong!! Okay?!?!"

Rocky: "Well we ain't going to stop them by driving along side of them!!"

Tommy: "Well...... you do have a point."

{During their argument they had receded to the back of the truck. Tommy put the pedal to the medal. They rammed into the back of the truck. They bounced back to their previous position.}

Tommy: (in anger) "Well that helped! Now what?!"

Rocky: "We try to blow out their tires! That's what!!"

{Tommy maneuvered the car to the side of the truck.}

Tommy: "Now how do we blow out the tires? You idiot!"

Rocky: "I'm not an idiot!! We simply..... Ummm..... We simply...... Ummm...... Hey do you have any ideas?"

{Tommy let out a sigh.}

Tommy: "Why don't we morph?!"

Rocky: "Good idea!! You over grown freak!! Why didn't you think of that before?!"

Tommy: "I'm not a freak you idiot! A lot of good your ideas helped!! Now lets morph and get it over with!!"

Rocky: "Alright." (pausing for a moment) "You freak!"

Tommy: "Oh.... don't you get me started now!! And stop calling me a freak!!"

Rocky: "I'll stop calling you a freak when you stop calling me an idiot!!"

{Tommy stopped the car. They climbed out.}

Tommy: "Rocky, look and see if any ones around."

Rocky: "Why do I have to look?! So you can morph first?!"

Tommy: "No because I'm the leader!! That's why!! Now look around!!"

Rocky: "There is no one around!! Now lets get this over with!!"

Tommy: "Red Lighting Turbo Power!"

Rocky: (thinking _This is something a child should be saying._) "Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!"

Tommy: "Man!! Where did they go?!"

Rocky: "Well you're the leader you tell me!!"

Tommy: "Oh.... I'm going to get you for that!!"

Rocky: "For what?!" (bows) "Oh great leader of mine!!."

Tommy: "You know what for!! And don't do that!!!"

Rocky: "No I don't! Remember I'm an idiot!!"

Tommy: "Never mind!!! I've got to get my car back!! By the way who invited you to help me?!"

Rocky: "I did!!"

Back at the Juice Bar:

{Kat reenters the Juice Bar. Sits down next to Tanya. Adam had already left.}

Kat: "Do you know what those two over grown freaks did?!"

Tanya: "Who are you talking about?"

Kat: "Tommy and Rocky! They stole my car!!!"

Tanya:"How do you know they stole your car?"

Kat: "I saw them driving away in it!! That's how I know!!"

Tanya: "Calm down girl. Ain't none of this yelling going to get you anywhere."

Kat: "Yeah.... maybe you're right. It's just....... they make so mad sometimes. Hey! So what did you say to Adam?"

Tanya: "I didn't say anything."

Kat: "Well what did you do then?"

Tanya: "After you told me what he said about it being the Yellow Ranger's fault? I got Tommy to get him one of those awful tasting drinks. While I took him outside for a minute."

Kat: "That's the best you could do!!"

Tanya: "Yeah.... Well.... I do kind of like him and I didn't want to hurt him."

Kat: "Uh. Well! I'll do something!!" (screams) "After all it was the Green and Yellow Ranger's fault, that the boy got killed!!"

Tanya: (softly) "It wasn't my fault. Keep your voice down. Other people can hear you."

Kat: (screams) "I'll talk as loud as I want! Thank you very much!"

{Everyone stares at Kat.}

Tanya: (getting up to leave) "I'm leaving!"

Kat: "Poor Tanya. Did a certain Kat get you mad?"

Tanya: "Shut up. You're starting to get on my bad side."

Kat: "Oooh..... Now I'm reallllly scared...."

Tanya: "Be quiet!"

Kat: "You know. You are getting more, and more like Adam every day!"

Tanya: "And that's a bad thing?"

Kat: "Yes!! The little twirp is to...... is to....."

Tanya: (interrupting Kat) "Kat get your tongue?" (Tanya laughs at her own joke.)

Kat: "No!! The little twirp is to dang nice!!"

Tanya: "Watch what you say!! You will regret it someday!!"

{Tanya turns to leave. Kat mumbles something under her breath.}

Tanya: "What did you say?!?!"

Kat: "I said you look like some of the animals you cared for in Africa!! That's what I said!!"

{Everyone turns and looks at Kat.}

Tanya: "Right back at ya. Ya hyena!!!""

Kat: "Ooh.... I'm going to get her for that!"

Back at Adam's car:

Adam: (his hands are shaking from anger, while trying to put the distributor cap back on) "Ooh.... I'll make Kat pay for what she did!! I swear I will!!"

A voice says: "I agree!"

{Adam turns to see who it is.} "Oh.... Hi Tanya."

Tanya: "Need some help with that?"

Adam: (putting the cap on) "No I got it. Thanks though." (slams the hood down) "You agree with what?"

Tanya: "I agree that Kat should pay for what she did."

Adam: (blushing) "Why do you say that? She didn't do anything to you."

Tanya: "Wanna bet. She told me that you said that it was my fault the boy died."

Adam: (heads towards the juice bar) "I didn't say that!!"

Tanya: (stopping him from going back inside) "No don't!!! It will only make things worse!!"

Adam: "Maybe......" (blushing even more) "Is that why my drink tasted so terrible?"

Tanya: (ignoring that Adam's blushing) "What are you talking about?"

Adam: "My drink. After you told Tommy something you asked me outside. And when I came back in my drink tasted awful!!"

Tanya: "Oh..... Yeah.... Sorry..... It just made me so mad!!" (pauses) "You know what I mean."

Adam: (face turns red) "Yeah... I know.... But why....."

Tanya: "But why what?"

Adam: "Nothing. Forget I said anything."

Tanya: "No. Tell me what you were going to say."

Adam: "I was going to ask why you would think I would say something like that?"

Tanya: "I don't know."

{There was a pause. Adam's face turns bright red.}

Adam: "I wouldn't do anything to hurt you!! I love you Tanya!!" (screams) "Ahhhh!" {Adam jumps in his car and drives off.}

Tanya: "Well....."

Back with Rocky and Tommy:

{By this time they had demorphed and started to fight each other, to see who was stronger. Instead of getting Tommy's car back.}

{Tommy throws a punch. Rocky jumps back. Tommy had missed him by inches. A tow truck drives by, without the piranatron driving, with Tommy's car on it. Rocky turns to Tommy.}

Rocky: "Your car!!!"

Tommy: (Tommy turns to see what he was talking about.) "My car!!!!!" (turns and hits Rocky in the gut. Rocky heaves over.)

Rocky: "What on Earth did you do that for?!" (Tommy ignores him and goes after his car.

Rocky stands back up.) "You'll pay for that!!!" (Tommy has now taken interest in what Rocky has to say.) "You egotistical, simple-minded, demented, side show freak, that couldn't become a Power Ranger without the help of evil!!!!!!!"

Tommy: (not having a clue as to half of what Rocky said) "Excuse me?!?!?!" (He steps forward. Standing face to face with his now enemy.) "What did you call me?!?!"

Rocky: (repeated his words) "I called you an egotistical, simple-minded, demented, side show freak, that couldn't become a Power Ranger without the help of evil!!!!! Do I have to repeat myself again?!?!"

Tommy: "No you don't have to repeat yourself!!! You just......" (He stopped to check his words.)

Rocky: (with great curiosity) "Yes?"

Tommy: "Nothing!! Never mind!!" (Tommy started to walk away.)

Rocky: (laughing) "You don't have the slightest idea as to what I said!!! Do you?"

{Tommy turned around to see Rocky's face. Rocky had stopped laughing at him and wore a stern face. Tommy walked up to Rocky.}

Tommy: "Don't you dare laugh at me!!!"(Tommy punched him hard enough to break a rib or two in the stomach. Rocky growled, and fell to his knees.) "Don't you ever laugh at me again!! Got it??!!"

Rocky: (who could barely say a word managed) "I got you."

{Tommy turned around, got back into Kat's car, and drove off, leaving Rocky lying there on the side of the road.}

Back in Adam's car:

{Adam decided it was best if he went home.)

Adam: (thinking aloud) "I can't believe what I did. I can't believe I said that to Tanya. I wonder what she thinks of me now?" (As he drove home he noticed Rocky lumped over on the side of the road.) "What in the world is Rocky doing?" (Adam stopped the car and got out.) "Rocky? What's wrong? Are you okay?"

{Rocky groaned.}

Adam: (extending his hand) "Here take my hand," (Rocky waved him away.) "Let me get you to the Power Chamber."

Rocky: (in obvious pain) "No I'll be fine. Just let me be alone. Okay?"

Adam: "No you're hurt. I can't leave you here. Now come on. Take my hand." (extending his hand once more, hoping that his friend would except it.)

{Rocky stopped and grabbed his stomach. He groaned once again. Adam leaned over to help his friend up.}

Adam: (in a worried voice) "What happened man?"

Rocky: (voice squeaking) "Tommy and I had an argument,"

Adam: "That must have been some argument. Never mind that." (looking around cautiously) "We've got to get you to the Power Chamber." {Adam looked around again. They teleported out.}

Back at the juice bar:

{Tommy drives up. Kat runs over.}

Tommy: (thinks aloud) "Oh man! Kat is going to kill me!" (Tommy parks the car and rolls down the window.) "Hi Kat!"

Kat: "Hello?! Is that all you have to say?! You stole my car and all you have to say is 'Hi!

Kat'?! I think I deserve more than that!!!"

Tommy: (getting out of the car and speaking nervously) "Thanks for letting me borrow your car."

Kat: "Borrow?! You didn't ask me to borrow it!!"

Tommy: (walking away from Kat) "Some piranatrons stole my car. So I jumped in the first car I saw, and it happened to be your car."

Kat: "Don't you walk away from me!" (suddenly notices the dents in her car, pointing to the dents) "You dented my car!!!"

Tommy: "I know. It was Rocky's idea. I'll pay for the damage."

Kat: "Rocky?!?! He wouldn't do any thing like that!!!"

Tommy: "Well he did."

Kat: (thinks) _Why would sweet little Rocky suggest a thing like that?_ (Kat turns to Tommy.) "Speaking of Rocky. Where is he?"

{Tommy turns to her. He shoots her an angry look.}

Tommy: (He shoots her an angry look) "Don't you ever speak that name in my presence again." (starts to walks away, looking over his shoulder) "By the way I will pay for the damage to your car."

Kat: "I hope so!!" (thinks) _What is wrong with him? What happened?_

In the Power Chamber:

{Adam and Rocky teleport in. }

Alpha: (helping Adam sit Rocky on the examine table) "Ay yi yi yi yi. What happened?"


{Rocky is now lying down on the examining table.}

Adam: "He will only say that he and Tommy had an argument."

Alpha: "That must have been some argument!"


Alpha: "Yes, Zordon?"


{Alpha leaves the main chamber.}

Adam: "Is he going to be okay?"


Adam: "No! I mean Rocky! Will he be okay?!"

Zordon: "OH.... YES ROCKY WILL BE JUST FINE." (mumbles something under his breath.)

Adam: "What was that, Zordon? Did you say something?"

Zordon: "NO ADAM, I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING." (says something again.)

Adam: "Now I heard that!!"

Zordon: (speaking with a southern accent) "I TOLD YOU, ADAM, I DIDN'T SAY NOTHIN'!"

Adam: (echoing across the Power Chamber) "Yes you did! You said 'Unfortunately Rocky will be okay'!"

Alpha: (enters the main chamber) "Unfortunately what?"

Zordon: (no longer has the southern accent) "NEVER MIND, ALPHA. RIGHT NOW YOU NEED TO HELP BILLY."

Rocky: "Billy? Billy's on Aquitar. I'm Rocky." (grunts, and squeezes his stomach.)


Alpha: "Ay yi yi yi yi! You know, Rocky. He's the blue ranger!"

Adam: "Zordon are you okay?"


Alpha: (waving his hand as if to help him to remember) "Since Rocky, Adam, and Aisha all joined us."

Zordon: "WHO ARE THEY?"

Adam: "Never mind we'll explain later. Right now we need to get Rocky better."

Zordon: "WHATEVER!!"

Still in the Power Chamber:

{Zordon is still trying to remember who Rocky, Adam, and Aisha are. Meanwhile Adam and Alpha have fixed Rocky's ribs. Alpha contacts the others.}

{Tanya and Tommy and Kat teleport in.}

Tommy: (not noticing Rocky lying on the examining table) "Yes Alpha?"

Tanya: "What's up?"

Kat: (noticing Rocky, and nodding at him) "What happened to him?"


Tommy: (looking confused) "What are you talking about? Were Tommy, Kat, and Tanya. That's who we are."

Alpha: (walking over to them) "It seems that Zordon is having a little amnesia today."

Zordon: (talking to himself) "Who are Tommy, Kat, and Tanya?"

Tommy: (looking at the little robot confused) " What's that?"

Adam: (walking over, and patting Tommy on the back) "It means that he forgot a few things."

Tommy: "Oh. Okay." (starts thinking)

Tanya: "What's wrong with Rocky?" (walking over to Rocky)

Alpha: "All that he will say is that he and Tommy had an argument."
Tommy: (not hearing what was being said and still not noticing Rocky) quot;How do you get"

Adam: "You can get it several ways. We don't know how Zordon got it though."

Tommy: "Oh. So Zordon is just stupid? Right?"

Rocky: (sitting up) "No idiot! He don't remember us!" (Tanya pushing Rocky back down)

Tommy: (ignoring Rocky) "So he's dumb now?"

Adam: "No nothing like that. He just don't remember us."


Alpha: "No Zordon. We've had Tommy here since the second season. During the third season when Jason, Trini, and Zack left. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha came in their place. Aisha left and Tanya came, and Kimberly left Kat came during the forth season. Also Jason came and left during the fourth. I think that covers it. Any more Questions?"


Everyone: "Never mind!!"

Zordon: "OH..... OK..... WHATEVER!!"


{After a long explanation about what amnesia was Tommy had finally noticed Rocky. They had an all out fight. Adam and Kat had to hold Tommy back, so that he wouldn't beat the living daylights out of Rocky. While Tanya and Alpha held Rocky back, so that he wouldn't get hurt. During the fight Zordon was still trying to figure out who was who. When things finally calmed down, they left Alpha to try to help Zordon figure out what has happened over the last few years.}

Three days later:

{Zordon has finally regained a little of his memory, but he still doesn't quite know how or why he forgot everything. Tommy and Rocky are no longer trying to kill each other, but still will not talk to each other unless they have to. Tanya and Adam has forgiven Kat. Kat has forgiven Tommy, for smashing her car. Tommy kept his promise and had Kat's car fixed. Adam hasn't mentioned the incident, where he yelled feeling about Tanya. Tanya hasn't said anything about it either. They are now at the juice bar. Tanya, Rocky, and Adam are sitting around the television watching the news. Kat and Tommy are sitting at a table talking.}

Kat: "Thanks for picking up my car."

Tommy: "Your welcome."

Tanya: "Shhhh....! Their about to say something about the attack the other day!" (everyone in the juice bar quiets)

Television: "We are now updating our story on Saturday's attack, where the young boy, Justin Stewart, died. Witnesses say that the boy seemed to leap under the Zord's feet. The boy's parents say that he had been having a slight case of depression. They refuse to comment on whether or not he was suicidal. Officials will not say whether or not it was murder, or suicide. They are asking if anyone knows anything they are asked to contact Angel Grove police. The telephone number is, '555-6524'. In other news......."

{Ernie's Juice Bar began to stir again.}

Kat: "I feel so bad about that."

Rocky: (walks over and puts his hand on Kat's shoulder) "There was nothing we could do. You heard what they said."

Tommy: (glares at Rocky) "Rocky's right. There was nothing you could do."

{During this time Adam and Tanya were talking among themselves.}

Tanya: (screams at the top of her lungs) "I can't take this anymore!!! Adam I love you!!!" Ahhhh!!! What have I done??!! (gets up out of her seat, runs out of the juice bar)

{Everyone watches as Tanya leaves.}

Adam: (blushing) "Well....."

Kat: (looking at Adam, speaking to no one) "Where did that come from?"