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Adam's Halloween Bash
Written by: Brandy Day (a.k.a. Hannah Wayne)

          October 31, 1997. It had been a dreary morning in Angel Grove. It had been raining all week and the forecast predicted the rain to last for at least four more days. Adam Park wasn't going to let a little bit of rain, ruin his party. He had been planing it for the last month. He had already rented the Juice Bar out for the day, hired a band and even went as far as hiring a caterer. Nothing was going to ruin his party.

          Adam and his friends, had spent all morning working on decorating the Juice Bar. They had most everything ready, but the band still hadn't shown. Adam was pacing back and forth across the Juice Bar worrying about the band.

         "Where are they?" Adam asked to no one. He had everything planed down to the last detail. He even had a banner hung across the Juice Bar that stated, "Fright Night. Be prepared for a scare."Adam wanted this to be the biggest and best Halloween party Angel Grove had ever seen.

         "I don't know," Cassie stated, "They might have gotten the directions wrong. Are you sure you gave them the correct address?"

         "Yes," Adam answered, "I gave them the correct address. I even told them which roads to turn down to get here."

         "Then I don't know where they are," Ashley stated, "Maybe their bus broke down."

         "I hope not! ," Adam replied, "I've been working on this bash for a month now and I want everything to be in perfect order."

         "I'm sure they'll be here," Tommy reassured, "Give them time. They might have got caught in the Halloween rush."

         "You're probably right," Adam replied.

         The party was to start at seven o'clock. Though it was only three, the gang had already gotten dressed for the party. Tommy was dressed as a vampire, while Cassie was dressed as a cat. T.J. came as a cowboy, while Carlos was dressed as Frankenstein and Ashley came as a witch. Tanya was dressed up as a fifty's dancing girl and Adam was dressed up as a zombie. Justin was dressed as an alien, while Rocky decided to come dressed as the grim reaper. Jason also was in on the party, he was dressed as a mummy, while his girlfriend, Emily, was dressed as Cleopatra. The group of friends didn't exactly match, but it was sure to be one wild party!

         Tommy had already tried to suck everyone's blood, not to mention scaring Cassie so bad that she nearly knocked over the coffin. Jason had scared Emily by popping out of the coffin, while Rocky had tried to kill Adam and put him in the coffin. It looked like the coffin was the star of the evening, while Justin just sat and watched as all of this took place.

         Jerome Stone was preparing for the rush of people by ordering twice his normal orders to stock the Juice Bar. He had also hired a cleaning crew to come after the party was all through and done with. He was always into the kids of Angel Grove having their annual Halloween bash.

         Each year a different person hosted the bash. Last year Tommy had hosted the Halloween, of all Halloweens. Everything that could possibly go wrong did. First off the D.J. didn't show, so Rocky was left in charge of the music, which wasn't the best of ideas. Second; he had found out he had booked the caterers for the day after the party. This didn't go to well, though Jerome was more than glad to help out. Third; the banner was not exactly as he had ordered. Instead of it reading, "Welcome to the 50th Annual Angel Grove Halloween Bash," it read, "We Come 50th Anul Agel Glrove Hallenseen Bashawk," which was obviously and totally, misspelled. Forth; Bulk and Skull showed up as the Siamese twins, which didn't go to well. Need any more be said? Fifth; somehow the Juice Bar caught on fire. They believed it was one of Bulk and Skull's "accidents," but nothing could be proven.

         Two hours had past and the band still hadn't shown. Adam was worried he was going to have to let Rocky be a D.J. Rocky had been begging since Adam started planing the party to be the D.J.

         Rocky was sitting atop the counter at the Juice Bar. "I promise I won't put on Michael Bolton this year," Rocky begged, "It was an accident last year anyhow."

         Adam paced across the Juice Bar, "I'm gonna wait for a few more minutes, before I decide."

         "Please," Rocky whined, "I won't put on the ‘Lion King' soundtrack. It was Justin's idea to put it on, anyhow."

         "No, it wasn't! ," Justin yelled, "You were the one who brought it along!"

         "Enough! ," T.J. quieted, "Adam has a decision to make and he doesn't need all of you whining and begging."

         "T.J.'s right," Carlos added, "It's not enough that he's been working on it for a solid month, but now it doesn't look like the band is gonna show."

         Adam paced across some more trying to decide what to do. He didn't want Rocky to be D.J., or at least by himself. He remembered all that music he had put on last year and didn't want to make the same mistake that Tommy did last time.

         Not only did it look as though the band wasn't going to show, but the caterer had called and had to cancel. At least he had Jerome to help out. It seemed as though all of Adam's plans had been canceled, but he was determined to make this bash happen.

         At six o'clock the band hadn't shown and it was obvious that they weren't coming. Adam was still pacing across the Juice Bar, trying to decide whether, or not to let Rocky be D.J.

         "Ok," Adam gave in, "Rocky you can be the D.J. It looks like the band is a no show."

         "YES! ," Rocky yelled.

         "WHAT? ," Tommy yelped, "You're actually going to let him be in charge of the music, after what happened last year?!"

         "Under one condition," Adam started. The others stopped whatever it was they were doing and listened to Adam. Rocky had completely stopped rejoicing and wore a disappointed face.

         "What's the condition? ," Rocky asked.

         "That Cassie helps you," Adam implied, "And T.J. approves all the music, before you play them."

         "You don't trust my taste in music? ," Cassie asked.

         "It's not that," Adam answered, "It's that Rocky might try to play some awful music when you have your back turned."

         "I don't have that bad of taste in music! ," Rocky yelped.

         "Oh," Jason implied, "Yes you do!"

         "Oh, really? ," Rocky was asking for it, "How bad is it?"

         Ashley wanted to put her two-cents worth in, "For my birthday, you gave me an album filled with elevator music."

         "I like that music! ," Rocky came back.

         "Not to mention at Christmas you played ‘Hail to the Chief'! ," Tanya added, "That's the song for the president!"

         "So," Rocky said, "I was in the mood."

         "Ok," Adam interrupted, "That's enough. We all know that Rocky has bad taste in music..."

         "That's an understatement! ," Justin interrupted Adam.

         Adam glared at Justin in such a way that the boy sunk into himself. "But he knows how to work the equipment," Adam finished.

         "Well," Rocky said, after the commotion settled, "At least I get to be D.J."

         "Shut up! ," The group cried.

         Tommy, Jason, and T.J. helped Jerome get the equipment out of the back. Everyone was moaning and groaning about Rocky being in charge of the music. Tommy, Jason, T.J., and Jerome all brought out the setup and placed it on a table that Tanya and Emily had setup. Tommy and Jason tried to hook up the system and got a big shock after they had plugged a cord into the wrong outlet.

         "Let me see that," Rocky pushed Tommy and Jason aside from the equipment, "I know how to hook this baby up."

         Tommy and Jason growled at Rocky as he hooked everything up. "Show off," Tommy said to Rocky.

         "Well at least I can hook it up without getting electrocuted," Rocky shot back.

         "Guys, guys, guys! ," Adam interrupted, "This is supposed to be fun, not furry!"

         "Adam's right," Tanya added, "Just cool off and lets get this party on the road!" Tanya stood by the counter twirling the fringes on her costume, "Hold on tight, it's going to be a bumpy night!" The others laughed at the way Tanya looked. Her words fit the mood perfectly.

         Emily helped Cassie ashley, and Tanya set up the food bar. Jerome had fixed a few things up. There were sandwiches, chips and dip, cookies, cake, punch, you name it there was one of each. The food bar was three tables long and was practically full. It looked as though there was enough to feed the entire town, of course they were hoping that the entire town did come.

         It was seven thirty and the party was fully underway. Rocky had the equipment setup, Cassie had the music picked and T.J. had approved it. The people were satisfied with the food and there were no complaints. Even though it looked like the night wasn't going to go well to begin with, all things were in tiptop shape now. Nothing was going to ruin the night.

         "It looks like everyone is having a good time," Tommy commented to Adam, "I guess not everything went bad."

         "Yeah I guess you're right," Adam replied, "I just hope everything stays that way."

         Adam walked around the Juice Bar making sure everything was going well, when Tanya stopped him and asked him to dance. Adam agreed and they danced to a slow song. When they were finished Adam walked off the dance floor and disappeared, though no one noticed. Adam reentered the Juice Bar and made his way around again.

         Jason and Emily had danced to every song so far. Carlos and Ashley had danced a few songs together as they did with other people. Cassie and Rocky were in charge of the music and couldn't dance, though they did hum to a few of the songs. Tanya was getting a few dances in here and there with Adam, but most of her time was spent talking to Jerome behind the counter. Justin was sitting with them listening to their conversation.

         The storm had gotten worse after the party had started. Jerome had the television on and was watching updates on the weather. There was a tornado watch over the area and Justin was a bit frightened of what could happen. It was raining and very dark out, if there was any chance of there being a tornado around there, no one would have been able to see it.

         Suddenly there was a loud boom and the lights went out, along with the music.

         "Aw man! ," Rocky complained, "The power went out."

         "Everything is ok," Jerome reassured, "I'm sure the lights will come back on. If they don't, I have a generator out back."

         The storm raged even more. It looked as though the lights were out for the night. Jerome pulled out a portable radio and turned it to the local station.

         The radio blared across the Juice Bar, "This is WXIA radio, bringing you the best mix of today's music. For those of you who are just now tuning in, the weather has knocked out all power across town. A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for the following counties, along with a tornado watch...," The storm interrupted with a flash of lighting and a loud boom. The radio went out temporally and then came back on, "All of you at Angel Grove Gym and Juice Bar, I suggest that you turn on those generators, because it's going to be a long night. And now back to the music..."

         The crowd made a loud groan as the station started playing music.

         "Adam can you and couple of the others go out back and get those generators turned on? ," Jerome asked.

         "Sure thing man," Adam replied.

         Adam walked over to Tommy and asked him to help. Tommy agreed. Adam and Tommy gathered Jason, T.J., Carlos, and Rocky together and went out back. The rain poured down upon their heads as they exited out the back door. As they walked along the path leading them to the generators, a bolt of lighting came down from the sky and missed hitting anything. The group jumped as they saw the light and heard the thunder moments after. They all continued to the back where the generators were. The six of them tried to turn the generators on, but there was no luck. Then Jason noticed a black mark on the side of the main one.

         "Oh man! ," Jason exclaimed, "They've been hit by lighting!"

         "What? ," Tommy asked, "How do you know that?"

         "Come here and take a look for yourself," Jason answered. The storms lighting made a natural light for Tommy and the others to look at the bruised box.

         "Yeah," Carlos said, "They've been hit."

         "Looks like we're not going to have any lights tonight," Adam replied.

         The six headed back inside as the storm raged behind them. They shook themselves off as they entered the back door to see Jerome waiting for them.

         "Well? ," Jerome asked, "Why aren't the lights on?"

         "The generators have been hit by lighting," T.J. answered.

         Jerome rolled his eyes and mumbled a few words to himself. "It looks like this party's going to have to work without lights," Jerome replied.

         Jerome, Tommy, Rocky, T.J., Carlos, and Jason walked back into the Juice Bar. Adam explained that he needed to use the men's room. The others entered where the party was as Cassie, Tanya, and Justin sat at the counter waiting for an explanation as to why the lights were still out.

         "The generators were hit," Jerome explained to the three as lighting flashed and thunder boomed, "We're not going to have any light."

          Ashley walked up, only hearing that they weren't going to have any lights. "What? ," Ashley asked, confused, "Why aren't we going to have any lights?"

         "Lighting hit the generators," Justin explained.

         "Oh man," Ashley replied, "The crowd's not going to like that."

         "You're telling me," Cassie agreed.

         Jerome cleared his throat as the storm made itself known once again. "Excuse me! ," Jerome yelled over the crowd, "Excuse me!" The crowd quieted to listen to him. "I'm afraid that we won't be having any lights." The crowd moaned. "Now, now people! It's not going to be that bad. At least we have the radio and the phone."

         Jerome picked up the receiver to demonstrate they had an outside connection. He placed the phone to his ear and clicked the button on the base. This only meant one thing, the phone lines were dead also. When the crowd seen this they groaned again.

         "Now, now, I'm sure they'll be back soon," Jerome encouraged.

         The people walked around the room and danced to what music was on the radio. Adam had never come back from the restroom and Tanya had asked Tommy where he was.

         "I don't know," Tommy answered Tanya's question, "He was going to the restroom. He should have been back by now. I'll go check."

         Tommy got up and walked to the mens room. There he looked around and found no obvious sign of him. Tommy continued to search for Adam, he looked in each stall and found no one. Tommy then entered the locker room, hoping Adam had went there. Tommy searched the locker room from one end to the other and found no trace of the missing boy. As Tommy went to leave, he found a note stuck on the door. It read:

                             "On a cold, dark and stormy night,
                             One guest of a party fright,
                             Disappeared into the night.
                             As the rain streaked down into the night,
                             The where-a-bouts of the missing one are in the unknown.
                             Where to look?
                             No one knows,
                             For the missing one is in a place untold.
                             Once the mystery is solved,
                             Will the dark uncover the missing one.
                             To start your search, start where you will end,
                             And the end will uncover the beginning.
                             Start your search now,
                             And the missing one will be found.
                             Hesitate and he will terminate,
                             For the unknown is relentless,
                             In keeping it's secrets hidden."

         Tommy studied the note carefully as the storm raged outside. The note was hand written carefully. He realized that this meant that Adam had been taken, but by whom? The note wasn't signed. Tommy looked carefully at what the note spoke. He searched the room once again hoping to find a clue to where Adam had disappeared to. He found nothing and decided to take the note and show it to his friends.

         Tommy entered the Juice Bar and walked over to the counter. There he found Cassie, Ashley, Tanya, T.J., Carlos, Justin, Rocky, and Jason. Jerome was over at the food table putting out a stock of more food. Though the storm had terminated the lights it hadn't terminated the crowd's appetite. The food was being gobbled up like a hord of pigs at dinnertime.

         "Well, did you find him? ," Tanya asked.

         Tommy sat down in one of the chairs as pulled out the note. "No, I'm afraid I didn't," Tommy answered. "All I found was this," Tommy said as he handed the note to Tanya.

         Tanya was sitting in the chair closest to Tommy. She read the note closely and carefully. "What does this mean? ," Tanya asked.

         "I don't know," Tommy replied, "I was hoping you guys could tell me."

         Tanya passed the note down to the others. When each finished reading the note, each shook their heads signaling they didn't know what it meant either. It seemed as though the group hadn't a clue as to where Adam had disappeared to. Jerome approached the group of teenagers.

         "What's up? ," Jerome asked.

         "Adam has disappeared," Ashley answered.

         "What? ," Jerome asked, trying to understand what they were saying, "Where did he go?"

         "That's just it," Justin replied, "We don't know."

         "All that was found was this note," Carlos added as he handed Jerome the note.

         Jerome read the note over and over as the storm raged outside the Juice Bar. "What this mean? ," Jerome asked as he waved the note around.

         "We don't know that either," Tommy answered, "I found it in the locker room."

         "I see," Jerome replied, "So he just disappeared into thin air? He had to go somewhere!" It was obvious that Jerome was frustrated. His face had started to turn a bit red and he was about to start yelling.

         "Calm down," Jason comforted, "We'll find him, right guys?"

         "Right, we'll get whoever took him," Rocky answered.

         "First we've got to find out what this note it trying to say," T.J. stated.

         Emily had walked over and over heard T.J.'s remark. "What's trying to say? ," Emily asked confused.

         "It seems our host has disappeared," Cassie finally spoke.

         "What? ," Emily asked the group as she walked over to Jason, "He just disappeared?"

         "It looks that way," Justin answered.

         "Well we have to find him," Carlos stated, "His mother won't be to happy, when she finds out he's gone."

         "Carlos is right," Cassie replied, "We have to find him. After all the note says if we don't start looking now he'll die."

         "It don't say he'll die," Tanya added, "It says, ‘He will terminate.'"

         "Isn't that the same thing? ," Rocky asked.

         "Actually, no," Ashley answered, "Terminate can also mean to bound, or limit. Just because it says he will terminate, doesn't mean that he's going to die. It can mean that he will be bound, or limited."

         "Oh," Rocky replied.

         "That's good to hear," Tanya added, "At least we know now that he's probably still alive."

         "Yea," Tommy added, "But the person, or persons, who took him are still here."

         "Tommy's right," Jerome replied, "We have to find out who took him."

         "But we have to solve this mystery, before we can find either of them," Justin added.

         "Well, what are we waiting for? ," Jason asked, "Lets get to it. We don't have all year!"

         The group went over the note, trying to figure out what it was trying to say. Though no one could figure out what it was pointing to. It was obvious that they were going to have some trouble solving this mystery.

         The storm raged as the clock read eight o'clock. The teens agreed to split up and look for Adam. Justin decided to search the locker room for more clues as Tommy and Rocky searched the crowd. Carlos, T.J., and Jason searched the storage room for a hint, while the girls read over the note looking for clues.

         Everyone met back up at the counter, except Justin.

         "Did you guys find anything? ," Emily asked.

         "Nothing," Jason answered. Jason looked around the group of friends, "Where's Justin?"

         They looked around among them and glanced over the crowd. The lighting flashed and the thunder boomed. "I don't know," Tommy stated, "I don't see him."

         "I'll go check the locker room," Jason replied.

         "I'll go with you," Rocky said.

         "Ok, come on," Jason stated as he stood to leave the others.

         "Be careful! ," Emily warned.

         Jason and Rocky entered the locker room as the heavy door slammed behind them. The lighting flashed as the two jumped. "Are you scared? ," Rocky asked.

         "No," Jason replied, while slightly trembling, "Why should I?"

         "I don't know," Rocky answered. He too was slightly trembling.

         The thunder boomed as they searched the locker room for clues of Justin's where-a-about's. It was clear that Justin's disappearance was connected to Adam's. Jason and Rocky clung to each other as they turned each corner. Though Jason was brave, the storm and the teens disappearance had made him weary. Rocky had always seemed confidant and proud, but the happenings of the night placed him on edge as well.

         As the lighting flashed and the thunder roared, the two came upon another note taped to a locker. It read:

                             "On this dark and stormy night,
                             The second guest of a party fight,
                             Disappears into the night.
                             As the storm raged outside,
                             The guests disappear, one, by one.
                             As the close friends of the missing ones search,
                             They remain hidden in a place of secrecy.
                             The remnants of the two are gone as are they.
                             The two wait in distress for this mystery to be solved.
                             Once the mysteries are solved,
                             The dark will lift its veil,
                             And uncover the missing.
                             You must finish what you have begun,
                             For the mysteries are not yet solved."

         Jason and Rocky read the note and then stare at one another. Each knows that the other knows not what the note means. The lighting flashes and the thunder crashes as the two leave the locker room. Jason and Rocky's faces are pale as they walk towards the group of friends. The two tremble in fear and speak not a word as they make their way through the crowd. Tommy and the others watch as the two make their approach. Jason and Rocky seat themselves in chairs around a table. They shake as they hand the note over in silence to Tommy.

         Tommy stares at the two for a moment and then precedes to read the note. He studies the note carefully as his face turns pale. Tommy then takes a seat and passes the note along.

         Jason has come out of his state of shock as he utters words he never thought he'd hear. "They got Justin too," Jason spoke.

         Rocky slowly turns his head to Jason as he prepares to speak. "I can't believe we let them get him too," Rocky spoke still in shock.

         Tanya precedes to read the note as the two speak. Once she finishes reading she passes the note to Carlos. "So now what are we gonna do? ," Tanya asked, "We can't just sit here and wait until they pop out. We've got to find them."

         "Tanya's right," Jerome states as he finishes the note.

         "Well, we have two missing people and two mysterious notes," Ashley spoke, "Now, we have to figure out what it all means."

         "It means we've gotta get out of here, before we're next! ," Rocky yelped.

         "Calm down, man," Tommy finally able to speak. "We're not going to let them get you. No matter how bad we want them to."

         "Ha, ha. Very funny," Rocky replied.

         "Whoever is doing this has a thing for the unknown," Carlos observed.

         Suddenly a man walked by the group. They couldn't help, but notice the man walk by. He had walked in such a rush, that he almost knocked Cassie off her stool. The man wore a long cape that almost reached the floor. He wore a white mask that covered his face so that it was impossible to identify him. He wore a tall, black, top hat upon his head. The man wore a black suit that looked much like a tuxedo and wore dark, black, shiny shoes and wore white gloves. He looked a bit like a magician, but he didn't walk like one.

         "Who was that? ," Cassie asked as she regained he balance.

         "I don't know, but he was in a big hurry," Rocky answered.

         The group thought in silence as the time passed. The lighting crashed and the thunder boomed as they tried to find a way to solve the mystery. Everyone was curious as to whom was doing this.

         An hour passed by as the group sat in silence thinking.

         Tommy broke the silence, "Maybe we should do another search."

         "Maybe," Tanya stated, "But I'm not going by myself."

         "Yeah, we need to team up in groups of two and search the place from top to bottom," Rocky replied.

         "For a change, I'd have to agree with Rocky," Jason added, "We don't need to be alone."

         "Right," Tommy agreed, "Jason, you and Emily search the attic. Carlos, you and Ashley look for them in the locker room..."

         "The locker room? ," Carlos interrupted, "That's where they are disappearing from."

         "Well if you don't want to that's fine," Tommy replied.

         "No, we'll search there, right Carlos? ," Ashley answered.

         "Umm... Right," Carlos answered.

         "Ok then," Tommy continued, "T.J., you and Cassie check out the storage room. Rocky, you and Tanya look the basement over, while Jerome and I scan the crowd. Any questions?"

         "No," Tanya answered, "Lets get going."

         Each group split up and searched their assigned areas. Jason and Emily found nothing in the attic, as did T.J. and Cassie while searching the storage room. Rocky and Tanya searched the basement over in fear, but found nothing. Tommy and Jerome scanned the room for any signs of the mysterious man that had rushed by them earlier, but found nothing.

         Thirty minutes passed and each group gave up and entered the Juice and Gym part of the building. They sat around and told of what all they found, nothing. The group then noticed Carlos and Ashley missing.

         "Aw, man! ," Rocky cried, "They got them too!"

         "Calm down. I bet they're still checking the locker room," Tommy reassured.

         "I don't know, man," Jason replied, "There's defiantly something weird about the locker room. It was like we were being watched."

         "Yeah, It's weird," Rocky added.

         "Well I'll go look for them," Tommy stated.

         "I don't know if you should go alone. After all that seems to be where everyone is disappearing from," Cassie replied.

         "Ok then, you want to go with me? ," Tommy asked.

         "Umm... Ok. Why not? ," Cassie answered.

         "Because people are leaving the party there! ," Rocky cried out.

         "We'll be ok. There's not many of us left," Cassie said bravely.

         Tommy and Cassie left the group and headed for the locker room. When they entered it seemed as though someone was watching them. Cassie looked around the room for clues as the lightening flashed lighting up the room for a better view. Tommy and Cassie walked side by side as they searched the room. Their search turned up no Carlos, or Ashley. As they went to leave the lightening flashed and the thunder boomed as they seen a note taped to the door.

         "Oh no," Cassie whispered, "He, or she got them too."

         Tommy and Cassie stood in silence as they read the note:

                             "Once more on this dark and stormy night,
                             Two more guests of the party fight,
                             Disappear into the night.
                             The lightening flashes and thunder roars,
                             As the friends look in vain for their missing friends.
                             They search above,
                             They search below,
                             But they search in all the wrong places.
                             The search they have begun,
                             Is a search they must end,
                             For the unknown still holds the missing captive.
                             The dark will soon uncover it's veil,
                             For the friends are not one to leave their friends in need.
                             The unknown is waiting for it's next victim,
                             As each one searches for the last.
                             Soon all of the friends will be gone,
                             And no one will be left to search."

         When Tommy and Cassie finish reading the note they look around to see if anyone was watching. Once they were sure that no one was around, they glanced at one another in horror and ran out of the locker room as fast as they could.

         When Tommy and Cassie reached the others they were out of breath.

         "What happened?! ," Tanya asked.

         Tommy was out of breath, but still managed to answer Tanya, "It got them too."

         "It? ," Jason asked.

         "It, him, her, they, what's the difference? ," Cassie answered, "They're still gone."

         "Oh. I thought you had seen whoever took them," Jason replied disappointed.

         Tommy and Cassie took a seat and handed the note to Jason. Jason sat and read the note as his eyes widened when he finished. "Looks like he's after us all! ," Jason exclaimed.

         "That, or he's warning us of something," Cassie replied.

         Jason passed the note along to Tanya and the others. "It looks to me like he gave us a clue in this last note."

         "How do you mean? ," Tommy asked.

         "He means when it says we've been looking in all the wrong places," Tanya answered.

         "Oh. I wonder what he means by that," Tommy stated.

         "I think he dropped us a hint. A light one at that," Rocky replied. Everyone looked at Rocky in shock once he finished his words. "What? ," Rocky asked.

         "Nothing," Jason answered. "I think we need to do a complete search of that locker room, no matter if we feel like we're being watched. Everyone has disappeared there, so wherever he's taking them to it has to be through there."

         "But there's no rooms you can access through there," Jerome replied.

         "That's what you know, but that doesn't mean that there isn't any hidden passages. After all this place was built when Angel Grove was founded. We don't know for sure if there isn't any hidden passages," Tommy stated.

         "I guess you're right," Jerome replied.

         "Well, what are we waiting for? We need to find them now," Rocky said.

         The group left the party and entered the locker room. Emily was scared as anyone could be. Everyone searched around the room looking for hidden passages. Emily and Jason were searching the back wall when Jason hit something and the wall opened up. The two fell forward and the wall closed behind them. The others only had time to see the wall closing.

         "He found it! ," Rocky exclaimed.

         "Yeah, but now we have to find them," Tanya added.

         Everyone walked over to the wall and searched for something that might open the passageway. Suddenly T.J. rubbed his hand over a lose brick. "Hey guys! I think I found it! ," T.J. exclaimed.

         Tommy and the others walked over to see what he had discovered. Tommy rubbed his hand over the brick and pushed, the wall opened slowly. "Good going T.J.," Tommy stated.

         The group walked through the passage carefully. The passage was dark until they came upon a lit torch. It had been placed in a small holder screwed to the wall. Tommy pulled the torch out of the holder and looked back to make sure everyone was still there. Tommy was in front of the group, followed closely by Tanya and Rocky. T.J. and Cassie follows behind Rocky and Tanya.

         The group walked a bit further. Every few steps there was a torch on the wall. Suddenly there was a yelp and a muffled sound at the back of the group. Tommy, Tanya, and Rocky turned to see what happened. T.J. and Cassie had disappeared.

         "Aw, man," Rocky said. "They got them too."

         "Don't worry. You two walk closer to me," Tommy said.

         Tanya and Rocky then walked at the side of Tommy. They walk a bit further when a gust of wind came and blew out the torch. The group then became frustrated and walked further despite the darkness.

         Tommy heard a noise and stopped. "Did you guys hear that? ," Tommy asked. Tanya then disappeared from his side. "Tanya! ," Tommy screamed. Suddenly Rocky vanished as well.
"Rocky! ," Tommy yelled in vain. All that could be heard was, "Tom--!!" It was clear that it was Rocky's voice that had been cut off. Tommy dropped what was left of the torch and ran after the two.

         Tommy ran and ran, but never came across them. "Dang! ," Tommy said out of breath.
_ Now what? ,_ he thought. Tommy then decided to continued back the way he had been going, before the groups disappearence.

         Tommy, the vampire, walked in the dark towards an unseen place. As he walked it looked as though an old horror flick. The vampire walked through the passage looking back in caution for the one who had been takeing his friends. If he was seen by anyone, or any thing, he looked like Dracula in a black and white movie.

         As he strolled though the passage silently, yet cautiously, he came upon a slight light up ahead.He glanced to his back and then preceded to walk towards the light. Tommy knew not what he was going to find, though he felt like he was prepared for anything.

         He aproached closer to the light it became brighter. Tommy found a large rock to the right side of the opening. Tommy hunched down behind the rock and looked inside the large room on the other side. Justin, Carlos, Ashley, Jason, Emily, T.J., Cassie, Tanya, Rocky, and Adam were all tied to a pole in the center of the room. A fire was brewing under a pot not far from them. The man that had knocked Cassie of balance on her stool earlier stood around them.

         "Tommy will come get us! ," Justin yelled.

         In a deep voice, the man in the costume spoke, "He will not, for he will be captured soon."

         Tommy looked to his back once more to see no one. He waited for the right time to strike an attack, when someone came from behind and grabbed him. "No! ," Tommy yelled in vain. Tommy glanced inside the room to see the man gone. As Tommy struggled he was finally able to see the man was the one attacking him. _ I was watching him the whole time! How did he get here? _ Tommy thought.

         The mystery man took Tommy into the room and stood him in front of the others. "He's got you too! ," Justin yelled.

         "I do not have him, for he has me," The man answered.

         "What?! ," Tommy asked shocked and confused.

         "This is the mystery and it is soon to be solved. Am I not right Adam? ," The mystery man answered.

         Adam smiled as he spoke the word, "Right."

         "What? ," Rocky asked.

         The mystery man then removed his veil and relveled Jerome B. Stone's face. "Lt. Stone?! ," Ashley asked shocked.

         "Yes, it's me. Adam put me up to this."

         Jerome then walked over to the group and untied them. "But you were in the Juice Bar when you ran by," Carlos obsereved.

         "No, that was me," Adam said as he stood.

         "So why did you two do this and how? ," Cassie asked.

         "Well," Adam started. "Since it's Halloween I thought you guys needed a good scare. Not to mention trying to top the last fifty years of the Bash."

         "Oh," Tommy said still stuned.

         "Adam has been planing this gag for the last three months. He asked me about two months ago to help him," Jerome added.

         "But you told us you started planing about a month ago," T.J. said to Adam.

         "That's what I told you. I didn't want anyone to catch on to the prank I was going to pull. But unfortunatly Justin here found my notes for the party."

         "That's why I was the second to go. I was afraid I was going to say something."

         "So all of this was all a joke? ," Jason asked.

         "Yep, every last bit of it. Even the generator," Jerome answered.

         "But it had been hit by lightening. I seen it for myself," Carlos stated.

         "That was paint. The generator was unplugged," Adam clarified.

         "Oh, What about the band and the caterer? ," Cassie asked.

         "Oh, the band I booked, but they really didn't show. The caterer I never booked."

         "I can't believe we fell for this! ," Emily stated.

         Tanya walked over to Adam and punched him in the arm. "Why didn't you tell me?! ," Tanya asked.

         "Ouch," Adam whined as he rubbed his arm. Tanya packed a good punch when she wanted. "Well, I didn't want any of you to know."

         "Wait. Jerome, you said you didn't know about any secret passages, but I guess that was part of the prank too," Rocky observed.

         "You guessed right. I've known about these passages for as long as I've been around," Jerome answered.

         Tommy stepped out of his shocked and asked his question. "How did you stand here and talk to Justin while nabbing me? I didn't see you move."

         Jerome smirked and crossed his arms as he was about to answer Tommy's innocent question. "I was a simple illusion trick. Some mirrors and a video player was all it took," Jerome said with pride.

         "But you and Justin were talking to one another," Tommy corrected.

         Justin took his turn on answering this question. "I was really talking, but Lt. Stone's voice was recorded. It looked to you, and to everyone else, like we were talking to one another. Simple trickery really."

         "Oh," Tommy stated. "I'm guessing that the lights going out and the phone being off line were planned too."

         "Actually, I left the party at one time and set a device to turn the lights off at a certain time. Just in case the lighting didn't hit the transformer," Adam corrected.

         "But what about the phones? They aren't hooked to the electricity like the lights are," Tanya asked.

         Adam and Jerome looked at one another. Finally Jerome decided to answer the question. "That wasn't part of the plan. But hey, it made it all the more spookier!"

         "But what if one of us became scared enough to call for help? ," Carlos asked.

         Adam answered his question this time. "I knew you guys wouldn't call," Adam smirked. "Tommy wouldn't let you."

         Tommy gave an all out innocent smile and glanced at the others, "What?"

         The friends asked all of their questions and listened as Adam, Jerome and Justin answered them. Once all of the questions had been answered they all exited the passage and entered the party. The storm had blown over and most of the crowd had left. Jerome and Adam started cleaning up the party as the rest went home.

         Sure enough it was a frightening party. Adam had earned the right to say he had scariest Halloween party yet, though none of the other guests knew about what had happened. Next year is sure to be a wild night... Rocky is hosting!


* * *

On a footnote: Katherine Hillard was not in this story for a good reason, in my opinion. On the television show she would have been in England on Halloween and wouldn't have made it to the party. If it were not for this fact, she would have been in the story. I'm regretfully sorry to all the Kat fans out there.