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An Average day on Power Rangers
by Hannah Wayne

[Bulk and Skull enter the Youth Center carrying video equipment. The two drop the equipment in front of the counter.]

Lt. Stone: What are you two doing?

Bulk: We got a job to film a documentary.

Stone: A documentry, huh?

Skull: Yep. We're gonna follow a group of teenagers around.

Stone: I see. Well just don't... don't break anything, ok?

Bulk: Sure thing lieutenant.

Skull: Why would we break anything?

Stone: (Shakes his head and walks away.)

[Bulk and Skull walk over to TJ, Cassie, Carlos, Ashley and Justin.]

Bulk: How would you guys like to participate in a documentary?

Ashley: I think I'll pass.

TJ: Wait Ash. What's it about?

Skull: We're gonna film a group of teenagers and show what their average day is like.

Carlos: (sarcastically) Sounds... interesting.

Bulk: It will be! Just you wait and see!

Cassie: So who's the lucky group?

Bulk: We were hoping you guys would volunteer.

Skull: (Nods in agreement with Bulk.)

Justin: (avoiding the answer) Uh... I have homework.

Carlos: (avoiding the answer) I have soccer practice.

Ashley: (same as Carlos and Justin) I have cheerleading practice.

Cassie: (trying to get out of the situation) I'm going to tryout for a band.

TJ: (encouraging the group) Now, now. I have baseball practice too, but that don't mean that Bulk and Skull can't film us. After all it IS about an average day in a teenager's life.

Justin: (sighing) Ok.

Carlos: I still ain't going to do it!

Bulk and Skull: (whining and pouting) PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE....

Cassie: Ok, ok. I give.

Ashley: Ha ha. Your stuck with Bulk and Skull following you around!

Cassie: Hey now! I'm not doing it if your not!

Justin: If Ash isn't doing it, I'm not either!

TJ: Come on guys! Where's the spirit?

Cassie: The guy's right. We ARE the Power-- Uh...good people. (smiles innocently)

Justin and Ashley: OK!

Carlos: Do I have to?

All: YES!

* * *

[Opening sequence. You know the one that shows all the actors names and plays the theme.]

* * *

[Later that day at Angel Grove High School.]

[Bulk and Skull are following the group around one by one. Bulk is directing Skull what to film.]

Bulk: Skull, Focus on TJ! (to TJ) So where are you going now Teej?

TJ: (irritated and pushing the camera away) I was planing on going to class.

Bulk: Oh.

Skull: (pointing the camera towards the ground.) Well, that's going to be boring.

Bulk: (pushing the camera back up) Will you keep filming?

Skull: Oh, sorry Bulkie.

TJ: (walking past the camera) If you will excuse me?

Bulk: Sure thing. (to Skull) Lets find Ashley. She's sure to let us film her!

Skull: Sure thing Bulkie. She loves to look at herself.

Bulk: Would you PLEASE stop calling me 'Bulkie'?!

Skull: Oh, sorry Bulkie-- Bulk. (grins)

[Bulk and Skull walk across the hall searching for Ashley. They find her looking at a mirror in her locker.]

Bulk: Hi, Ash.

Ashley: (looks away from the mirror and enthusiastically says her line) Hi, guys! (she closes her locker) What's up?!

Skull: TJ dumped us, so we decided to film you. After all you do have a high opinion of yourself.

Ashley: (not noticing Skulls last comment) Well you guys can film me!

Bulk: Thank you, Ash.

Ashley: No prob!

[Ashley walks down the hall and towards Cassie.]

Ashley: Hi, Cassie!

Cassie: (noticing the camera) Oh, Hi.

Ashley: So are we still on after school?

Cassie: (stareing at the camera) Yeah...

[Skull does a panoramic view of the two talking. Cassie is obviously irritated.]

Cassie: Do you have to do that?

Skull: (lowering the camera) Well, it gives more 'feeling' to the shot.

Cassie: Oh.

Ashley: (shrugging off the comments) Just pretend they're not there.

Cassie: That's easy for you to say. You LOVE looking at yourself.

Ashley: (upset) I do not!

Bulk: Hurry Skull! We can't miss this!

Cassie: And what do you call looking in the mirror twenty-four seven?

Ashley: (brushing her hair aside showing off for the camera) Checking my make-up.

Cassie: Same thing.

Ashley: Is not!

Cassie: Is too!

Ashley: Is not! Is not!

[Cassie and Ashley get into a 'Is too. Is not.' battle.]

Bulk: Girls, girls, girls!

Ashley: (pirked up) Oh. Sorry. (giggles)

Cassie: (walks off)

Bulk: Hey Cassie! Where you going?!

Cassie: To the bathroom! Do you mind?!

Bulk and Skull: (look at each other) Oh.

Ashley: Well, are you guys comeing or not?

Bulk: (yawns) Coming.

[TV camera leaves Bulk, Skull and Ashley and focus on Justin and Carlos passing in the hall.]

Carlos: So, did you see the game last night?

Justin: What game?

Carlos: I don't know. I'm just trying to make conversation for the camera.

Justin: But Bulk and Skull aren't around.

Carlos: THAT camera! (points to the TV camera)

Justin: Oh. (embarrassed look)

Carlos: I'll ask again. Did you see the game last night?

Justin: (keeps glanceing at the TV camera) Uh, yeah. It was a bad game. (acting unconvincingly)

Director: CUT! Blake, you can act better than that!

Blake: I'm sorry. (looks down at his feet)

Director: Roger you're going to have to repeat that line ONE more time, ok?

Roger: (normal accent) Sure thing man.

Director: TAKE TWO!

Roger: Now?

Director: Yes, now!

Roger acting as Carlos with a spanish accent: Oh... So, Justin, did you see the big game last night?

Justin: (keeps glanceing at the TV camera) Yeah. It was pretty good! When James hit that ball, it was so cool how it just flew out of the park!

Director: CUT!

Blake: What?

Director: (mumbles something about over acting) Never mind!

* * *

[One of those irritating comercials go here.]

* * *

[After school in Angel Grove park. Bulk and Skull are still filming the rangers.]

TJ: That test in cem class was really hard.

Cassie: You're telling me? I got, what, three answers right?

Justin: (laughing) It wasn't that hard.

Cassie: Oh, shove it brain boy!

Ashley: CASSIE!!

Cassie: (irritated) What?!

Ashley: (a bit frightened) Never mind.

Carlos: So did you guys see the game last night?

Director: CUT!

Blake: I didn't do it! I swear! I was just sit--

Director: Not you, Roger!

Roger: (eating a sandwich) What?!

Director: That line came BEFORE the comercial break!

Roger: Oh.

Director: TAKE THREE!

Ashley: How am I doing Bulk?

Bulk: Fine. Just great! Keep it up!

Skull: (focusing the camera on Ashley's behind and drooling)

Off camera: WHY I OUGHTA---!!

Director: CUT!

Tracy: Johnny!

Johnny: (is charging Jason) I'm gonna kill him!!!

Jason: (falls back) Hey man--!

Johnny: (is pounding on Jason)

Director: SECURITY!!!

Johnny: (cursing) Don't you EVER look at her like that-----

[The sercurity team comes in and trys to stop the fight.]

Sercuity #1: (pulling on Johnny's shirt) Come on Johnny! That's enough!

Johnny: I'm gonna kill him!! I swear I am!!


[Everyone stops what they are doing, except Johnny, and looks at Tracy.]

Tracy: What?

Jason: (being beat to a pulp by Johnny) Hey man! I didn't mean anything by it!

Johnny: (saying words unmentionable as the sercuity team pulls him off Jason)

Sercuity #2: Hey man! This is a kids show!

Selwyn: I can't believe he did that!

Patricia: (covering Blake's eyes) Me either!

Blake: (struggling to break loose from Patricia's grasp) I WANNA SEE!! I WANNA SEE!!

Roger: (mouth dropped open and shocked) Oh no you don't...

* * *

[Another comercial break while they detain Johnny.]

* * *

[All of the actors are standing around as they put Johnny in the cop car.]

Tracy: I can't believe he did that.

Jason: (a black eye, swollen lip and a bloody nose) I can. He has wanted a swing at me, for some odd reason, since he started the show!

Blake: I wish I could have seen.

Roger: (mouth still open and still in shock) No you don't...

Selwyn: (speaking to Patricia and gesturing towards Roger) Maybe you should have covered his eyes.

Director: Ok. Everything is over. Back to work. ACTION!

[Jason has been allowed to finish filming.]

[All the rangers sit around looking at each other.]

TJ: Anything new?

Cassie: No.

Ashley: Nothing here.

Carlos: I wonder who won the soccer game today.

TJ: I think the Jays did.

Cassie: Darn.



* * *

[Premature comercial break.]

* * *

[For some odd reason Ashley is driving Tanya's old car in the dessert. And Bulk and Skull are still filming.]

Bulk: What are we out here for Ash?

Ashley: (driving recklessly and has a fixed smile on her face) No reason.

Skull: Hey Ash, you do know there is a cliff up ahead, right?

Ashley: Yep.

[Bulk and Skull glare at one another. And then decide to jump out of the car. Ashley and Tanya's car fall over the cliff and crash into a firey ball of flames.]

Director: CUT!

Paul: Hey now. I had NOTHING to do with that!

[Everyone looks at Jason.]

Jason: (talking with a nasel type pitch) Hey I didn't either!

Director: Dust Tracy off and bring her back in!

[A man walks up with Tracy by his side. Oddly, the man looks a bit like David Yost.]

Man: Here she is.

Director: Thanks, David. Here's your paycheck.

David: Ooo. A whole quarter!

Director: You can go home now. And Tracy...

Tracy: (her face is mangled and a smirk is fairly visible) Yes?

Director: Fix yourself up.

[The other actors are stareing at Tracy as her face is pulled completely off and placed back on, expecially Blake.]

Blake: (running scared) SHE'S AN ALIEN!!! (Roger follows not far behind)

Director: Of course. (to Tracy) You look much better.

Tracy: (face is on upside down) Thanks.

* * *

[Another unnecessary comercial break goes here.]

* * *

[Everything is normal, to the naked eye. TJ, Cassie, Carlos, Ashley and Justin are all in the Youth Center. Bulk and Skull are reloading the camera in the background.]

TJ: Things sure have been quiet around here lately.

Cassie: Yeah. Divatox hasn't sent any monsters in a while.

[Justin and Carlos are keeping as far away from Ashley as possiable.]

Ahsley: (to Justin and Carlos) What's wrong with you two?

Justin and Carlos: (in sync) Nothing.

Ashley: Ok. I'm going to go order a Smothie. Does anyone else want one?

Carlos and Justin: (in sync) NO!

Ashley: O... K... (leaves)

TJ: So, does anyone know what to do now?

Carlos: STAY AWAY FROM ASH! (Justin nods in agreement)

Cassie: O... K....

Director: Where's that six tone beep when you need it?!

[Suddenly their wrists make a six tone beep.]

Director: Thank you.

[Everyone get up and walk over to the lockers. Justin and Carlos avoiding all eye contact with Ashley.]

TJ: (talking into his wrist which doesn't have the comunicator on it) Yeah Alpha?

Alpha 6: Yo! I see you guys are bored and can't carry on a conversation. Do ya wanna fight one of those big things that like to beat everyone up?

Jason: (off screen) NO NOT JOHNNY!!! (runs and hides in a corner)

David: (some reason hasn't left and is watching as Jason runs screaming) Yeeeeeeeah...

Cassie: I think we're up to it Alpha 6.

Alpha 6: Yo. Then get your < censored > over to the park!

Justin: Now there's some words!

TJ: Justins!

Justin: Teej, there's only one of me... That was last week.

TJ: Oh.

Alpha 6: Hyo, are you < censored > gonna get your < censored > to the < censored > park, or what?!

Ashley: We're on our way!

[The group magicly disappear from the Youth Center in a flash of light. A couple walks up and see the group disappear.]

Guy: There goes TJ and friends again. Alpha must have made a monster to keep them from getting bored again.

Gal: Must have.

* * *

[In the park Justin is fighting a REALLY big monster all by himself while the others fight the small piranhatrons.]

TJ: Dang is this easy! (takes out a tron with one hand)

Cassie: You're telling me?

Carlos: Yep! (thumps a piranhatron and watches as it disappears)

Justin: Would you plea... Never mind!

Ashley: (walks up to Justin and kneels down at his side) What's the matter?

Justin: AHHH!!! (runs away from the monster and Ashley) Stay away!!! (puts fingers up in a cross formation as he runs and falls, getting up repeatedly and falling back down)

Cassie: What's up with him?

Ashley: (shrugging) I don't know. (walks over to Carlos) Need some help?

Carlos: NO!!! (runs to where ever Justin is)

Ashley: (shurggs it off) I guess we need to take care of the monster, eh?

TJ: (reading a book) Na. Justin can handle it.

Cassie: Justin and Carlos are gone.

TJ: When did they get fired?!

Director: CUT!

Selwyn: What did I do?

Director: They haven't been fired... yet. (glares at Blake and Roger holding on tightly to David's leg and shivering)

David: (still hasn't left) Can you help me out here?

Tracy: (walks over to David) Here let me help.

Blake and Roger: KEEP HER AWAY!!!

Director: Umm... Tracy....

Tracy: Yeah, yeah, I know. Keep away from them... Geez...

Director: Are you guys going to film or what?

Blake: Will SHE be there? (Roger shakes his head in displeasue agreeing with Justin)

Director: Yes.

Blake: (squeezes tighter to David's leg with Roger) Then we ain't filming! (Roger shakeing his head in agreement)

David: (falls down in pain from Blake and Roger holding on) OW!!!

Director: (walks over to Roger and Justin offering them some candy) Come on boys.

Roger: Is that chocolate?

Blake: DON'T GIVE IN!!

Roger: I.... can't... help.... it... It's.... too.... strong.... (Roger lets go and grabs the candy from the director's hand and starts chowing down like a pig)

Patricia, Selwyn, Tracy, David and Blake: SICK!!!

* * *

[Comercial break while they clean the chocolate off Roger.]

* * *

[Somehow the moster that Alpha 6 created to keep the rangers from being bored is now forty stories high.]

TJ: Dang! When did that happen?!

Cassie: (shruggs) Beats me.

Justin: Guys. I think we need some Zord power here...

TJ: Oh yeah. We need RESCUE ZORD POWER NOW!!

Carlos: I'm scared of hights...


[All the rangers are now in the Rescue Megazord. ]

Ashley: How do we get rid of him again?

Cassie: We are supposed to waste some time fighting him, while in the prosess lose most all of the power in the zord. Then we pull out two big cannon things and kill it.

Ashley: Oh yeah.


Rangers: YES!!!

TJ: What was that call again?

Justin: Don't look at me... I'm still down cause I missed the Johnny verses Jason fight.

Cassie: It was better that you did see it...

Carlos: (remembering the event and nodding) Yep... Darn good thing...


[Two cannon like objects appear on the megazord's shoulders. Two bright flashes of light come out of each, somehow destroying the monster.]

All: YEAH!!

* * *

[A comercial break that doesn't really need to be here, but pays for the show.]

* * *

[Everyone is at the Youth Center.]

Bulk: Well, guys. The documentary is off.

TJ: Why?

Skull: It seems that our boss doesn't want footage off you guys argueing and some cuts of Ash's butt.

Ashley: Why not? Ain't it pretty enough?! (drops pants and point to her butt) Ain't this beautiful?!

[Cassie covers Carlos' eyes with her right hand while TJ covers Justin's with his left.]

Cassie: (shocked) Uh... yeah...

TJ, Bulk, Skull and Lt. Stone: (drool)

[Johnny has somehow escaped and is chargeing Skull. Ashley pulls her pants back up.]

Director: CUT!!! BIG CUT!!!

Tracy: (shocked) Johnny! They told me you didn't have bail!

Blake: (struggleing with Selwyn) LET ME SEE!! I WANNA SEE JOHNNY POUND JASON!!

Roger: (places Patricia's left hand over her right and covers both with his own) NO!!! Not again!!

[Police, task force, sercuity, FBI, CIA and the MIB swarm over Johnny as he pounds Jason.]

Hiam Saban: How did today's filming go?



Actor #1 = Selwyn Ward - TJ
Actor #2 = Patricia Ja Lee - Cassie
Actor #3 = Tracy Lynn Cruz - Ashley
Actor #4 = Roger Velasco - Carlos
Actor #5 = Blake Foster - Justin

Actor #6 = Jason Narvy - Skull
Actor #7 = Paul Schrier - Bulk
Actor #8 = Greg Bullock - Lt. Stone

Actor #9 = Alpha 6
Actor #10 = Director
Actor #11 = Johnny Yong Bosch
Actor #12 = David Yost
Actor #13 = Hiam Saban

On a footnote:
All of the characters and actors in this fan-fiction were not willing to give up their name and/or rights for me to use. I was forced to use brutal force in obtaining these names for your pleasure.