Note: * Hello! Okay, this is my first fanfic that doesn't have to do with my fanfic series, The Guardian Saga, so cope with me. Please email me once you finish reading this story, I really value the response of anyone, whether you hate it or love it. By the way, this takes place BEFORE Andros met up with the Turbo Rangers. Also I'd like to give major thanks to Kay Enansi for writing her 'Universal Judgment' series because it majorly inspired me to write this story.

Wanderer Among the Stars
by: WhiteZeo

"Andros," a computerized feminine voice questioned, "Do you wish to keep in pursuit of Astronema and the Dark Fortress?

Andros nodded his head, hot tears streaming down his face. "No, D.E.C.A," he replied, sorrow filling his strained voice, as he brushed some of his brown, streaked blonde, hair out of his face, "Let her go. We can always catch up to her later on. We've already got our invitation to the party she's attending."

"Yes, Andros," D.E.C.A quietly responded to the Red Astro Ranger's response, the sorrow in her voice, somehow, evident.

Andros stood up from the chair he sat in on the bridge of the Astro Megaship and walked out of the room.

* * *

Silently walking down the quiet and bare hallways, which used to be filled with the cheers of his fellow rangers after a win over Astronema, Andros made his way to 'their' chamber.

The doors automatically opening in front of him, the boy slowly stepped into 'their' chamber.

The room was decorated brightly; cheerful colors all over the walls. The bed, which stood in front of Andros, was nicely made and to the left of the bed was a baby's crib. To the right of the bed was a dresser with a vase of dead red and pink roses, withered petals from the flowers littering the top surface.

Looking around himself, Andros desperately tried to hold his emotions at bay, but he couldn't hold them back; he wasn't strong enough.

Collapsing onto the bed, the tears began to flow like rivers from his eyes. *It's been a year since you've been gone, marked today. You taught me everything there was to know about life, you brought me out of my lonely shell.* Andros thought to himself, grabbing one of the pillows from the bed and hugging it tightly.

*Oh, Jenna. Where were you when I needed you most..................*


Andros stood on the simudeck, waiting for the Pink Astro Ranger, Jenna, to arrive. "One of these days that Jenna is going to be late for her own wedding!" he mumbled to himself, rapping his foot on the floor impatiently.

"Really?" a girl with fiery red hair and striking green eyes to match, walked onto the simudeck, smiling widely, "You would probably miss it, seeing how impatient you are, you would leave before it even started!"

"Shut up," Andros snapped, as she came to him, "What did you want to do?"

Tapping a few buttons on the control panel next to the two, Jenna replied, "I am going to take you back to the basics."

"Simudeck perimeters expanded," D.E.C.A reported over the speaker, a little red camera staring down on Jenna.

The Pink Astro Ranger looked up and saluted the little camera. "Thanks, D.E.C.A."

"You are welcome, Jenna."

Andros glared at her intently. "What are you trying to do?" he asked harshly; Ever since the two had become Astro Rangers ten months before, neither were the 'best of friends'.

Jenna took his hand; She was extremely happy on that day and not even grouchy Andros or the evil Dark Specter could ruin her happiness.

Pulling him towards the simudeck, she commanded, "Forest simulation."

A forest appeared around the two. "Jenna," Andros growled, he was not enjoying being kept in the dark.

"Telekinesis ball," the red head ordered.

A telekinesis ball appeared on the grassy ground.

Releasing her hold on Andros' hand, Jenna placed her hands in front of her and concentrated. A minute later, the telekinesis ball was floating off the ground and spinning in a clockwise manner. "Remember this?" the Pink Ranger queried the Red Ranger, moving the telekinesis ball so that it was spinning in front of him.

Andros' eyes bulged; No one knew his secret, did they? "No," he his voice shook, as he lied through his teeth, "I never learned how to use telekinesis."

Jenna sighed; She was going to have to pry more than she wanted to if Andros was going to at least try to give telekinesis a whirl again. "Look," she told him, losing her concentration and letting the telekinesis ball drop to the ground, "I know we haven't been on the best of terms ever since we met, Andros, but I am looking to change that. I want to help," Jenna lowered her voice a notch, "I know about Corone."

"How?!?!" he demanded angrily. *How could she possibly know what happened to Corone? I didn't even know this girl before ten months ago and she knows things about my childhood!*

"That doesn't matter right now," she avoided the question, "I just really want to help you master telekinesis again. I know you can do it, if you just try," Jenna was pleading now, her emerald eyes shining with kindness.

Andros' rage melted away as he smiled cockily; He couldn't believe it. Jenna, daughter of Nicolias, of the house of Thelias, was turning her into mush right there on the spot. "Okay," he gave in.

* * *

Hours later, they were still working on Andros' telekinesis.

His hands placed in front of him and the telekinesis ball laying on the ground, Andros concentrated long and hard, but the Red Astro Ranger still couldn't get it. "Aughhhh!" Andros threw his hands up in disgust, turning to Jenna who had been watching him, "I can't do this, Jenna. It has been too long!"

"I won't believe that, Andros," Jenna stood in front of the telekinesis ball and easily made it fly up from the ground, "If I can do it, you can do it!"

Suddenly, she jerked her hand and sent the ball spinning away into the trees. Once again taking Andros' hand, she pulled him and cried, "Come on! We have got to get the ball!"

The two chased the telekinesis ball for quite awhile, until it just dropped to the ground. Jenna halting to a stop quickly, Andros accidentally ran into her and made them both of them fall to the ground.

The two giggling, Jenna suddenly looked deeply into Andros' eyes, like she had never had done before, and found that Andros' was returning the deep gaze.

Moving his lips towards hers, they kissed passionately.

Moments later, as she wrapped her arms around Andros' muscular body, Jenna realized her back was no longer touching the ground. Looking around herself, she was stunned. "You're doing it, Andros! We are levitating!" she cried, as Andros looked up to see that they were truly levitating off the 'grass' ground.

As he was taken over by surprise, the boy lost his concentration and sent the couple free-falling to the ground.

"See, I knew you could do it!" Jenna exclaimed, as she laughed.

"Yeah. All thanks to you," Andros grinned, leaning in for another passionate kiss.


"Jenna, you brave beauty," Andros wept, still remembering the woman he loved more than anything, "You should have let me die right there at Astronema's hand. It would have been so much better than living life without you and the others.............."


Andros paced up and down the bridge, trying to come to a decision. "Hurry up, Andros! I'm getting dizzy!" a boy with short black hair and the brown eyes of a hawk urged the Red Astro Ranger.

"This isn't exactly the one minute decision here, Davius," Andros yapped, looking up quickly from his pacing at the Blue Astro Ranger.

"Just let me go, Andros. I'm fine," Jenna pleaded, rubbing her stomach softly, "I am only three months in."

A girl with long locks of blonde hair and sharp blue eyes immediately protested, "No, you can't go, Jenna. You would be endangering the life of not only one, but TWO people in the process."

"But Ameylia, if she feels fine she should be able to go," Davius disagreed, taking the Pink Astro Ranger's side.

Ameylia turned to a man with brunette hair and warm hazel eyes, who was about to speak. "I agree with Ameylia. Jenna would be endangering two lives instead of one if she was to go out there," he said.

"It's a tie. Andros," Jenna looked upon her leader and lover, "You're the tie breaker. Either I stay or I go."

He stopped pacing suddenly and told the Pink Astro Ranger, "I agree with Ameylia and Troy, Jenna. Please forgive me, but I don't want you out there fighting Astronema when you're pregnant with our child."

"I understand," Jenna's face saddened, "Just come back in one piece, Andros."

"Of course," Andros took her face in his hands and kissed Jenna's cheek softly.

Falling back, he shouted, "Let's Rocket!"

Morphing quickly, Andros, Davius, Troy, and Ameylia became the Red, Blue, Black, and Yellow Astro Rangers respectively and ran towards the holding bay, where their Galaxy Gliders were held.

Watching them, Jenna silently prayed in her mind that they would return.

* * *

"Aughhhh!" Ameylia cried, as a group of quantrons all began to attack her.

Right after the four had landed on the desolate planet of Kyora, where, for some reason, Astronema had stopped, they were attacked by thousands of the villianess' henchmen. "AMEYLIA!" Troy screamed, watching the girl get enveloped by the monsters.

He tried to run to her, but something had paralyzed him from the waist down. Looking straight he saw Astronema glaring at him, her staff at hand and anger glowing in her eyes. "What do you want, you leather freak!" he barked, as Astronema approached him.

"I just wanted to do this," Astronema answered, pulling a dagger from her boot.

Quickly, before Troy could stop her, the purple-haired villain shoved the dagger into Troy's abdomen and he quickly dropped to the ground, dead on the spot.

Near them, Ameylia witnessed the death of her beloved briefly, as she executed a spin kick to a quantron's head. But as she stopped fighting to run to Troy's body, two quantrons, one behind and one in front, shoved their metal blades into the Yellow Astro's body, her last sight being of Davius, also dying at the same moment, by Astronema's hand.

"Don't you just love it," Astronema giggled, watching the two rangers bodies fall to the ground, "Yellow, Black, and Blue Astro are dead," she counted, "Red Astro is fighting..............Where is the Pink Astro Ranger?!?!"

Walking over to where Andros fought, she shooed the quantrons away and snapped at him, "Where is she, Red Astro?"

"Who?" Andros yapped.

"Don't deny me, Red Astro," Astronema growled, "Where is Pink Astro?"


"You lie," she raised her staff, "Ah, but who really cares? She isn't the most powerful. You are."

Astronema's staff changing into one of the quantron blades, she twirled it expertly. "Die, Red Astro."

Just as her blade was about to come in contact with Andros' chest, a pink light flashed in front of Andros and 'it' took the blow instead. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jenna's pain staked scream filled the air.

"I knew she would save you," Astronema smirked, removing her blade from the Pink Astro Ranger's chest, "I really must be going now, Red Astro. I will leave you to mourn their deaths. After all, without them, you're nothing but a wanderer among the stars," she mocked, before disappearing within a purple flash of light.

Jenna's body in his arms, Andros quickly removed her helmet, then his own. "Hold on, Jenna. I'll get you to the Megaship and you'll be alright," he whispered, cradling her head in his hands.

Jenna's eyes fluttered open and met Andros' for one last time. "No," Jenna replied, beginning to cough up blood as she spoke, "I love you, Andros."

"Don't talk like that," Andros urged, "You just hang on, promise?"

He received no answer to his question as Jenna's eyes rolled into her head and Andros' love was stripped away from him forever.

Tears running down his cheeks, he set Jenna's body down on the ground and screamed up towards space, "CURSE YOU, ASTRONEMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Andros," D.E.C.A's voice brought Andros to reality.

"Yeah, D.E.C.A?"

"I am picking up Surmarian planet on scanning range," D.E.C.A answered, "I think you should see this."

"Sure. I'll be right there."

Standing up from the floor, Andros swore, walking out of the chamber, "I will avenge their deaths, Astronema. Even if it's the last thing I do..............."