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Part 1
by Chris Bailey

A plane heading for Angel Grove airport was descending. A young woman sat at her chair and put her seatbelt around her ready for touchdown. She looked out of the window and had a nervous feeling, not knowing what to expect. She was here for one reason only, to be reunited with the person she cares about more than anyone else she has ever met. The only problem is that he is very much in love with someone else.

Life was busy at the Juice Bar. Lt. Stone was busy preparing a party to celebrate the return of Ernie after his trip to the Amazon to work a new bridge. There were only a few hours left and a lot of work had to be done. Kat, Adam and Tanya were helping him out. Justin was out the back looking after 'Bulk and Skull' and Tommy was at his uncle's garage. Adam was talking about his last performance in the stunt show before they start college the following week. Tanya pulled out some ribbon to hang above the door, "So I guess you had a good time this summer."

"Yeah, it was great fun. I think I learnt a lot."

"Good, the radio station has offered me a time slot at weekends so I'll be sticking around for a wile longer. What about you Kat."

Kat was tied up in helping out and seemed distant from the rest of the group. Tanya called her again. "Sorry. What did you say?"

"How did your student teaching position go?"


"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I don't know it's just I haven't seen much of Tommy recently and I'm beginning to think he's lost interest in me."

Adam put his arm around her and tried to reassure her that Tommy was just very busy at the track and he was sure that he was thinking of her. Kat agreed and continued her work.

Back at Angel Grove airport the plane had landed. A young woman wearing a purple shirt and black jeans collected her luggage. She carried her two cases to the exit and called out for a cab "Hey, Angel Grove Gym and Juice Bar please."

The car drove off heading towards the bar. She was still very nervous but was prepared for what she might encounter at the other end.

At the garage Tommy had just finished his driving practise for the day and was ready to join the others. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow at the same time?"

"Yeah that's fine." answered his uncle.

Tommy got into his Jeep and sat back and thought for a moment. He knew that today was a special day to him. It was four years ago that he moved to Angel Grove and four years ago he fell in love with Kimberly. He missed her greatly but he was with Kat now, but he still had very strong feelings for her. He started the engine and headed for the juice bar.

Meanwhile in Angel Grove lake Divatox was taking a break from evil. Porto, Elgar and Rygog were being as stupid as ever. Elgar was doing a spot of fishing. Rygog was planning a vacation and Porto was building something highly uninteresting. Divatox walked over to her periscope and looked through it. She saw a taxi and decided to investigate.

"Elgar, where is that cab going?"

"You really expect me to know that?"

"Huh, I guess that was a bit stupid of me. Rygog why don't you do some work for me and go up to the surface and find out who is in that car, I must know now."

"Yes, my underwater beauty."

Rygog collected some Pirahntotrons and teleported to the surface. Divatox looked through the periscope again. She could now see who was sat in the passenger seat.

"I know that girl, she was my sacrifice when I rescued my beloved Maligore. Well, maybe today isn't a good idea to take a break after all. The rangers are going to have a big surprise waiting for them. If they think they are going to win this time they are very wrong. Tommy, I have a sacrifice for you. Elgar, go up to the surface and tell Rygog I have had a change of plan. I want you to get to the destination of this cab before it arrives and bring me the passenger before she has a chance to say 'Hello.'"

"Yes Aunty D. I'm on my way"

Rygog and Elgar arrived outside Ernie's and waited for the cab to arrive. They knew they were safe, or at least the rangers were safe as they were inside the club and were busy working on other things. The Pirahntotrons were ready and waiting hiding behind bushes, trees and any place they could without being seen. Rygog and Elgar stood just around the side of the entrance. Elgar looked up and saw the yellow cab coming down.

"Hey, hey. Um, Rygog remind me again of what we have to do." Rygog quickly explained as the can stopped and the young girl got out. The cab drove off and she took a deep breath before proceeding into the club. Just as she was about to enter the door Elgar and Rygog jumped out.

"You look awfully familiar." she said.

"And so do you." replied Rygog

"Divatox... What does she want."

"She wants her sacrifice and this time no-one is here to help you." Elgar laughed.

Just then Tommy arrived and jumped out of his jeep. "Hey, what's going on here Elgar?"

The Pirahntotrons grabbed the woman and she turned around.



"Tommy help me"

"Elgar, Rygog, the Pirahntotrons and Kimberly teleported back to the sub. Tommy ran into the club and got the others. Kat was pleased to see him.

"Tommy,... What's wrong?" she asked.

"Divatox has Kimberly. She has just arrived and now they are gone." he sounded very upset and Kat felt as if he was trying to push her away.

"We'll get her back, don't worry."

"I feel responsible, I should have tried to stop them but I couldn't move, I felt trapped I..."

Tanya tried to comfort him but was unsuccessful. Tommy went back outside and got in his jeep and drove off. Tanya asked Kat how she was.

"This is it. I've lost him. Tommy has been dissing me for weeks now and I can't handle it anymore. Tommy still loves Kim, and even though she is a great friend I have to stop her. I mean, why has she come back? What does she want? What does Divatox want with her?"

"Kat I'm sure you'll work this out if you just talk, but right now we have to get to Divatox and get Kimberly back." said Adam.

"In the meantime we just wait. We don't know where she is, I just hope that Tommy is okay." said Justin.

"You're right, let's get to the Power Chamber and see if Dimitria and Alpha know where to find her. I have a feeling that we need to pull together, this is going to be too hard for Tommy on his own."

Part 2

The rangers arrived at the Power Chamber to try and locate Kimberly.

They knew Divatox had her but they didn't know where and why.

"Dimitria, do you have any idea as to where she could be, is there any way we can find her." asked Adam.

"Where do you think would be the best hiding place for someone as evil and powerful as Divatox?" she responded.

"Yo yo yo, look here Adam, the best thing to do is to just wait until Divatox decides to do something. You'll be able to track this Kimberly babe then." said Alpha.

Adam rolled his eyes. They were all eager to head out and find her, but Alpha was right, they need to wait first.

On the sub Divatox confronted Kimberly. Kim just starred back at her.

"What is it that you want Divatox?"

"Well, let me see.... complete power over the galaxy, the destruction of the turbo rangers, ultimate revenge on Dimitria. Take your pick."

"What do you want with me?"

"Kimberly, you of all people should know that the best things are worth waiting for. But I need a sacrifice and I saw you were in town and I put two and two together and came out with Kim and Kat equals... Tommy"

"Tommy, Tommy, you think I'm in love with Tommy?"

"Well aren't you?" Kimberly turned her head away, "I thought so." Divatox turned back towards the periscope and looked into it. Elgar was polishing Rygog's armour. "Look, will you stand still?"

"Elgar will you just get on with it!"

Divatox just looked at the pair before noticing Katherine sitting alone by the lake. "RYGOG!! Go up to the surface and get Katherine. Two pink rangers is just what I need in order for my plan to run smoothly." Rygog teleported up to the surface whilst Divatox made sure he did exactly what he was asked.


"Rygog, what now?"

"Katherine, that is no way to speak to a friend is it?"

"Friend, ha."

Several Pirahntotrons appeared and began attacking Kat. She tried to reach her communicator just as it smashed out her hand and Rygog stepped on it.

"Shift Into Turbo, Wind Chaser Turbo Power!"

The other rangers were back at the youth center continuing the preparations for Ernie's return. Justin was blowing up the balloons, Tanya was hanging the streamers, Adam was painting the posters and the chimps were creating havoc. "Hey, don't you think we should check up on Tommy? I haven't seen him for a couple of hours and I'm a little worried." said Tanya.

"Okay, let's go around the back." said Adam.

Just then the communicator beeped. The teens went to the lockers and asked Alpha what was going on. Alpha told them that Rygog has surrounded Kat and she was in big trouble.

"Okay, thanks Alpha, Shift Into Turbo!" yelled Justin.

Tommy was cleaning the cars at the garage when he was contacted by Alpha, "I'm on my way, Shift Into Turbo!"

The rangers arrived at the lake but they saw nothing. "Where are they?" asked Justin.

Tommy said that he didn't know but they should keep an eye out and split up around the lake to see if Divatox was up to something. Just then he caught a glimpse of the pink ranger and jumped up to get Rygog. Rygog carefully placed a small detonator on Kat. "Hahaha, only twenty seconds left." said Rygog and continued the countdown. There was nothing the rangers could do. The detonator beeped and went off. "KAT!" yelled the rangers. She disappeared and so did Rygog.

"What happened to her?" asked Justin just as a monster appeared. The missiles were launched and the monster grew.

"I'm Deciditor, and I have some decisions for you to make. Kat or Kim, you can't have both and which ever you pick the other will be destroyed." The Deciditor laughed and began crushing Angel Grove.

"We can't even call on the Zords without Kat." said Adam.

"I know, but look..." said Tanya as the Blue Senturion arrived.

"I am here, I always catch the criminal." he said proudly.

After a short fight the Deciditor vanished, but was not destroyed. "He will be back and we'll be ready for him. No one can escape arrest." Tommy vowed revenge on Divatox but he needed time to clear his head. He knew that if he didn't want to fail he had to stay level headed and open minded.

Back on the Sub, Divatox was going through her plans. "O-Kay, we have Kimberly, we have Katherine all we need now is something to keep the rangers entertained for a while."

"Like what, my sweet pirate?" asked Porto.

"Remember Murathias?"

"Yes." "Well, something similar, but not. I plan on using the girls to distract, I plan on planting enough detonators, I plan on plenty of catching up with old friends. But.. the best part of it is that I plan on setting up my own timeline. The Millennium Message may come to path, but I have to find out more. Each little ranger will have their own timeline to defend and the best part is, I'm sending a little friend with them. Unless they reveal their powers they can't morph. Ashley, Carlos and Jenny. Hey, why not even Lt. Stone?"

"This sounds dangerous." said Rygog

"You doubt me. Well be ready... and the best part is we will use all our own monsters. Non of that reused trash you see in kids shows these days." Divatox laughed. "The fog is getting thicker rangers, and you're running low on gas!"

Adam and Ashley were busy preparing the party. They were all looking forward to Ernie's return and felt they needed to show him just how much. Ashley pinned up Adam's posters when she felt dizzy and fell off the chair.

"Ashley, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fi.. whoa..."

Both of them began to feel very dizzy and things began becoming a blur. Once Adam could get his head back together he found himself and Ashley back in the city, but it was very different. He didn't know what to tell Ashley.

"Adam, where are we?"

Adam saw a man running, "Hey, what is going on?"

The man replied, "What do you mean, what is going on? The Power Rangers have been over powered and evil is taking over."

Adam thought for a moment as the man ran on. He then remembered the millennium message and what he saw in the images.

"Ashley, I have a feeling you're not going to like this."

Back in 1997, Divatox was looking through the time barrier and planning her next move.

"Aunty D."

"What Elgar?"

"I think you should take a look at this."

Divatox changed the positioning on the periscope and saw an image of Katherine and Kimberly on the screen. They were both tied up next to the volcano on Murathias. Kat and Kim both opened their eyes and they glew red.

"Yes, they are evil!!!!!" yelled Divatox in delight. "Now for my ultimate plan to take effect"