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"Enter the Gold Ranger"

Part 1

"Found and Lost" An Alternate Episode:

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


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"Silver and Gold"
Trouble has followed a visitor to Earth, who is looking for help!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

"Sister, Sister"
Kat is having horrible nightmares. Are they just dreams
or is there something more sinsiter to them?

Book 1
Book 2

"The Green Order"
Tommy and Kat get some news from a stranger!

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4

"Stand Alones"

Lies and Decite
Sailor Moon Fans will enjoy this story!


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"Shades of the Prism Saga"

Higher Ground
Something isn't right in the universe!

The gathering of the group is complete. Now they must face
the greatest challenge of their lives.

"The Shadowing Forth Series"

Baptism of Fire
A future generation of Rangers face an evil greater than
anything their parents ever faced.

Red Sky At Morning
Oddity abounds, but that's not really so bad in Angel Grove.

Red Sky: Ranger Take Warning
Wraiths have a personal vendetta against the Rangers.

With Jett laying claim to a team member, the Rangers
face the worst threat, yet!

In the middle of the night, Will finds himself
deep in thought over some old photographs.

With Corry missing, the Rangers can't help
but feel deep despair at the situation. However,
the fight must continue.

Maelstrom II: Into the Darkness
Time for the Rangers to even up the score. They're
taking the fight to Jett's Realm and ending this once
and for all...they hope.

"Other Stories"

Much Ado About . . . Nothing
With another team of people in colored suits out there,
the Rangers intend to find out just what is going on!

During a trip home, Kat comes to a painful realization.

Missing Person
Is Karone . . . the only one lost?

Ode to the Guys of PR
A special salute to all the fellas who've been on the show *wink.*

Love You More
In an apartment in London, two lives are about to be
drastically changed.

In The Wake
Zordon is gone, but not forgotten!

Vengeance is Mine
What goes through a mysterious hero's head?


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"Under New Management"

"Letter From Zordon"
"Return to Angel Grove"
"Out With the Old..."
"Shift Into Zeo"


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"Ranger Scrolls"
Disclaimer: All known Power Ranger characters (Jason, Tanya, Mondo, ect.)
belong to Saban. Callisto belongs to Universal. Every other character, unless otherwise mentioned,
belongs to me. You're more than welcome to use them, just e-mail me and let me know first.

A New Ranger
Kat's cousin Carri comes to town.

Best In the Bigs
Carri gets a shock after going to baseball tryouts to watch Rocky.

Oh Brother
Josh Hillard comes to town for a visit.

Time Travel
Tommy and Katherine go on a small, unexpected trip.

Green With Evil
The bad guys couldn't have won, could they?

Archerina puts a spell on the rangers leaving only
one of them to protect Earth.

An Old Friend
Kim comes back to town for a visit.

A friend of the rangers has come to Angel Grove for a visit.

Trouble in Paradise
Things can't always be perfect.

A Sad Goodbye
Adam finally makes his decision.

Back to Action
Carri has been presented with a wondrous opportunity.

Across Alternate Universes
A different type of evil comes to Earth.

Blue Times
Everything can't always come out ok.

Two Loves
Kat has a difficult choice to make.

Old faces come back.


Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Trouble seems to follow Buffy everywhere.

Too Far Back
Rito screws up Zedd's plans and the rangers end up in some year BC.

New Enemy
USA High
When the gang from USA High shows up in
Angel Grove, wild times are certain.

Bad Alliances
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Spike and Drusilla create a new alliance.

A Second Hellmouth
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer/Pacific Blue
The mayor finds a way to distract the slayer.


Kat Times Two
Gasket wants to destroy the rangers and he starts by splitting Kat in half .

Worlds Apart/Worlds Together
A very powerful villain decides to pay Earth a visit.

"Stand Alones"

N'Sync Rangers
Zordon and Alpha must come up with five rangers and fast.

Kendrix accidentally unleashes a great evil.


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After Thoughts
Kimberly is on her way back to Angel Grove. . .

It's Time
It's a CAT fight to the death . . .


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The Child Within!
Rita and Zedd are after Adam's new friend, but so is King Mondo!

Adam's been acting strange, and it's tearing his friends up!


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"The Downfall Of Arrellia"

The Forthcoming
Rita Repulsa takes over the planet of Arrellia, and in
the process, gains a new henchmen, much against his will.

Finster learns just how cruel Rita Repulsa actually is.

Garren's Release
Finster's friend Garren is about to escape from Rita, although it may not
be the way he had planned.

Rita Repulsa has never been one to keep her word.

"Stand Alones"

The Nightchild
Finster's new monster is vicious and dangerous, and it's
most happy in the dark!

Alpha's having a bad day!


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The Purple Power
Justin finds himself smitten with the new mysterious Purple Ranger.

True Love, True Evil
The new Purple Ranger is now working for Divatox.

Rise of a New Enemy
An old villain brings the triggering half of a new set of powers.

"Standalone Fics"

Clear Skies
When you help others, good things can be the result.

Royal Pain
Even royalty doesn't always have it so easy.

Hard Knock Life
As far as Kilika is concerned, Earth can offer some things Triforia can't.


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"The Close Encounters Trilogy"

Close Encounters
Tommy seems to have made a new friend that is determined to
come between him and the team.

Dreams are Strange Creatures
Tommy learns more about Jan, including precisely what she
wants from him.

And Carthers' are even Stranger!
Jan considers letting Tommy go, despite the pain and trauma
associated with the process.


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"Power Rangers Strike {1}"

Power Rangers Strike, Part 1
Power Rangers Strike, Part 2
Power Rangers Strike, Part 3

"Power Rangers Strike {2}"

Power Rangers Strike {2}, Part 4
Power Rangers Strike {2}, Part 5


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"Yellow Panther Series"
Trini must face her ultimate test against her worst nightmare.

Return of the Mantis
A monster from Trini's past brings her closer to the
legacy from her mother.

Eyes of the Feline
Trini returns to AG to find her friends, but Victoria follows. . .

Trini and her friends face many difficulties as they visit Phaedos.

If I Die
Trini fights Victoria Soulless to the death, but she survive?

Viva Forever
Can three women save Trini's life, before it's too late???

"The Purple Power Series"
The tale of Karla, Purple Ranger.

Purple Griffin
Karla Eldrid must help the Rangers with her power and brains.

Let the Phoenix Fly
Will Karla be responsible for Kim's death?

The Leopard's Roar
The Rangers go get Ninjetti to stop Zedd and Rita. Will
Karla and the Leopard be enough?

The Power of Unity
Karla goes to her past to find the power.

"Aquitian Rangers of Earth"

United by Will
A very different beginning.

"Innate Silver "
Dulcea's adopted daughter joins the lives of the Rangers.

The Conquering
Diana Argent and her friends find the Great Power,
and try their best to fight Ahriman.

Cold Shoulder
Trini and Diana are jealous as the guys they like go to
the dance with other people . . . but Ahriman has made a hang
out that could destory them all!

Divine Silver
Diana finds the secrets of her past....

"The Purple Lightstar Ranger Saga"
Andros has found a special new friend.

Free On Ice
Andros is having second thoughts about only living to find Korone.

Astronema isn't playing games anymore.

"Other Stories"

If That's What it Takes
Trini comes back and Billy has an important question for her ???

White Dimension
Emily, Billy, and Jason are captured. Kimberly, Tommy, and Zack
are too busy fighting Scorpina to save them.............

When You Cry
Billy can't get his mind off Trini.

Full of Grace
Tragedy strikes Trini too close to home.

"Non-PR Stories"

The Inner Power
Pluto has a secret.


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"Trini The Vampire Slayer"

We Do What We Have To
Buggy and Trini team up to fight the darkness.

Loss of Darkness
Trini has taken up a new job.


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"On the Wings of the Morning"

On the Wings of the Morning
After the war, everyone thinks over the past and the present.

Brothers and Sisters
The relatives of the Rangers are in danger when some old enemies return.

Cat's in the Cradle
Ashley faces down Carlos' father.

Deserts of Water
Phantom has a great deal of guilt to carry.

Falling Leaves
There's something in the air.

"Lost Hope"

Tears in Heaven
What happened in the alternate universe?

A Little Fire
They search for Andros.

Pangs of Change
On route to Earth, Andros recalls the past as he is
confronted with the truth about his sister.


Another Ditch
After ten hard years, Cassie returns to Angel Grove with a son in tow.

Cool Breeze
Secrets can be hard to keep. Especially if you are Phantom.

New Freedom
Phantom and Ashley duel it out.

A Reason To Believe
Monty Python can explain anything.

Broken Glass
Ecliptor shows up in town and things get complicated.

One Way Street
Cassie and her father talk.


Love Stinks
The title says it all!

A Heartbeat
A heart that's beating . . . .

Unanswered Prayers
Kat's worried about Kimberly's return . . . !

Learning to Live Again
Karone is having a hard time assimilating her old past with her present life.

Angels Would Fall
Phantom's time on this world is over, but can he still save Cassie?

Meredith Brooks Song
Karone thinks about her past.

A Twist of Fate
Cassie learns that sometimes Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome is
waiting for you right underneath your nose.

The Council
A gathering of animals.


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Paladar`'s Exclusive

"Revolution, A Beginning"

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

A New Power, And A Dangerous Merger!

Part 1


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Paladar`'s Exclusive

The Return
Will Zhane stay on KO-35??

"Galactic Doubles"

Part One

"After Lightspeed"

A Losing Battle
Five years after Lightspeed Rescue, Carter Greyson
fights a battle that he isn't quite prepared to lose.

There's a reunion of sorts after Carter's death,
but Amber's not expecting it at all.


I'll Love You Forever
While a prisoner inside Lord Dread's base, Scout finds something he
never though he

Who Killed the Captain?
Who dun it?

Please Remember Me
A song from his past helps Captain Power come to terms with Pilot's death.

Beyond the Invisible
Ranger's in for the surprise of her life when she's reunited with her little sister


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