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Prologue, "Enter The Gold Ranger!"
by Dean

When we last left Tommy and the rest of the Rangers, Tommy had found his long-lost brother, David Trueheart. But their reunion was abruptly cut short when David was captured by the Cogs and transported to an underground cave, with the now whole arrowhead as the ransom for his release!

Meanwhile, Mondo and Machina have unleashed Mace-Face on Angel Grove! When the Rangers attempted to use their Zeo Megazord and the Red Battlezord against Mace-Face, they were unable to make a dent in his armor, much less defeat him! The Rangers were forced to regroup back at the Power Chamber, where Billy informed them that he has designed a new Zeo Megazord-Red Battlezord interface, and that it will form the ZeoMegaBattleZord. But Billy cautioned them that the new configuration depends solely on the Red Battlezord's control system, and that if Tommy's thoughts and emotions aren't clear, it won't work.

The Rangers went back into action, where they attempted to bring the 2 zords together. Unfortunately, Tommy was too consumed with worry about his brother, and the Rangers were unable to bring the 2 zords together after a couple attempts.

Back at the Power Chamber, Alpha finally found the location of David in the cave, which was located several hundred feet below the reservation.

Tommy then teleported to the reservation, and used the arrowhead to locate the spot above which David was being kept. But his attempt in using the arrowhead to teleport down to the cave was unsuccessful due to eh energy shield King Mondo put around the cave. Then, to make matters worse, Mondo materialized at that same time, and demanded that Tommy give him the arrowhead in exchange for David. Having exhausted all other options, Tommy had no other choice but to give Mondo the arrowhead. But Mondo lied! He never freed David, and an entire summer would pass before we would find out what happens next.

"Found and Lost"
Alternate Pt. 2: "Enter the Gold Ranger!"

Tommy made the mistake of giving the arrowhead to Mondo, who never made good on his promise to give David in exchange for the arrowhead!

Tommy attempted to fight Mondo, bot Mondo used his staff to hold him at bay! Sensing futility in another attempt, Tommy had no choice to teleport back to the Power Chamber.

Once there, Billy informed his and the other Rangers that the paintings inside the cave were moving! They were moving around David, circling closer and closer! David, alone and frightened, had no idea what was going on around him!

Finally, the moving cave drawings came together, and they then collapsed the cave wall, revealing a hidden passageway! Mondo's energy shield was not powerful enough to hold off this event, and it collapsed on that one side, much to the anger of King Mondo, who exclaimed "The cave drawings came together and destroyed my energy shield! This is your fault, Klank!"

However, sinde the evergy shield was still active in the other walls of the cave, Billy, Alpha, and Zordon were still unable to teleport David out.

Back in the cave/passageway, David started walking in this dark tunnel for a little while. Then all of a sudden, David saw a bright light ahead! The light got brighter, and brighter, until finally he was inside an "inner chamber" where the gold light was very bright (but not blinding).

David finally spotted what was causing the bright light! A crystal shard was nestled on the wall of this inner chamber!

Back at the Power Chamber, Zordon and the Rangers also saw what was going on, and Zordon realized what was happening! The Crystal inside the inner chamber was a 6th "shard of light" (a.k.a. Zeo sub-Crystal)! Billy was able to establish a visual link with David, allowing Zordon to communicate with him in much the same way he did with Aisha (during Pt. 2 of "Hogday Afternoon").

David was very frightened at all of this, especially seeing the head of Zordon inside this chamber, to say the least.

Zordon informed David and the Rangers that this shard was the lost Gold Zeo Shard! He went on to inform all of them of the story of the Gold Shard!

"Enter the Gold Ranger"
(Alternate Pt. 2 episode to "Found and Lost")
Part 3

David in the inner chamber of the "cave" and the Rangers back at he Power Chamber, were listening intently as Zordon told the tale of the lost Gold Zeo Shard!

"At the time when Master Vile had gained control of the M-51 galaxy, there were a total of 7 shards of the Zeo Crystal. The Zeo Crystal was complete with its 7 shard together until the fateful day when Master Vile sent in Silvar (Goldar's father) to steal it!

The people of M-51 decided to break the Zeo Crystal into subdivisions, and place them in different locations throughout the planet. After a long and drawn out battle with Vile's forces, the people of M-51 were able to defeat them with their powers. Then, for a time, Vile's forces decided to stay low for several decades, and in fact, they even formed an alliance with the people of M-51, and the people thought that they were friends and allies. They and Vile's forces were able to defeat an invation from the Machine Empire after a war which lasted about 5 years. This further gained the trust of the people of M-51. But unfortunately, it wouldn't last.

One fateful day, Master Vile decided that it was time to once again attack the people of M-51 and re-claim what he had always thought was rightfully his!

Luckily, the people of M-51 had enough foresight on realize that Master Vile's friendship with them, and their alliance, was actually Vile's forces "biding their time" in waiting for another chance to strike once again!

The 7 shards of the Zeo Crystal had all been recovered, but they decided to only re-assemble 5 of them in case Vile had been lying to them about the alliance. So the 6th and 7th shards of the Zeo Crystal remained hidden in their respective hiding places all this time!

Unfortunately, the forces of Master Vile were too powerful for the people of M-51 to defeat this time, and they knew that if Vile found the Zeo Crystal, there would be no hope for saving the rest of the universe from Master Vile!

So the people of M-51 took all 7 shards of the Zeo Crystal and hid them in 3 different locations. The largest segment of 5 Zeo shards was hidden in the Caves of Deception on the Moon of Earth and placed inside an energy shield which would be lethal to anything evil, only allowing those of pure good to penetrate it. This shard was recovered several months ago by Tommy and Kat underneath the Moon's surface. Master Vile nearly gained control of this portion of the Zeo Crystal, and nearly defeated the Rangers! After the Rangers' victory over Vile's Globber monster, this portion of the Zeo Crystal was once again separated into its 5 individual shards and placed inside 5 different points in time in order to keep it from ever getting into the hands of evil again.

But soon after, Vile was able to use the Orb of Doom to reverse the Earth's rotation and reverse time! The Rangers were de-aged back to children and stripped of their powers. To make matters worse, Rita and Zedd stole and destroyed the Power Coins (the force behind their old powers) and we had to recover the 5 shards in order to reverse the Earth's time back to normal and for the Rangers to regain their powers.

Kat, Tonya, Rocky, Adam, and your brother Tommy were able to return with the 5 Zeo shards and returned time back to normal. Despite the destruction of the old Command Center by Zedd's forces, both Alpha, I and the rest of the Rangers survived, and the Rangers found the completed Zeo Crystal, which was soon back in the hands of good once again!

The 6th Zeo shard that you see now was intentionally kept apart from the other Zeo shards in order to keep Master Vile from gaining control of all 7 shards and destroying the universe. The people of M-51 placed this shard inside the cave to accomplish this."

"Enter the Gold Ranger"
Part. 4
(Alternate Pt. 2 of "Found and Lost")

After Zordon told the tale of 6 of the 7 Zeo shards, he continued with the remainder of the story.

"As for the 7th Zeo shard, this shard remains hidden in an unknown location. The people of M-51 wanted to keep the location of the 7th Zeo shard well hidden to prevent Master Vile and the Machine Empire's forces from ever finding it. It could be located on either Earth, Aquitar, Triforia, or Enenoi. But all attempts to find the 7th shard have been unsuccessful to this point."

"Now David, take the Golden shard out of its holder." Zordon told David. David removed the Gold Zeo shard from its holder, and lights started showing flashing inside the inner chamber!

Zordon was amazed as to what wsa happening! He then explained to the Rangers that the lights they were seeing inside the inner chamber were the lights of the control room of the lost vehicle which was hidden along with the Gold shard. "David, the lights you now see are the lights of the control room of the lost Pyramidas Zord. the people of M-51 created this vehicle to be used on their planet to help defeat the forces of the Machine Empire during the time of Vile's alliance with M-51. Set the Golden Zeo shard inside the chamber with the lighted Blue orb." David did what he was told to do, and the Pyramidas Zord started moving! It rose (with an earthquake-force tremor!) out of the underground cave, shattered the ground on the surface, and started flying toward the Power Chamber!

Once at the Power Chamber, Billy teleported inside the huge Pyramidea Zord and took it to the place where the other Zords were being kept! Zordon told David to take the Gold Zeo shard and prepare for teleportation to the Power Chamber. David did just that, and the next thing he knew, he was inside the Power Chamber with all the other Rangers, Alpha, and Zordon (without Billy, who at that time was inside the holding place of the other Zords with the Pyramidas Zord examining it).

Once there, Zordon had David go to the location inside the chamber to where the other Zeo Shards were being kept. Zordon then told him to take his Zeo shard and insert it alongside the other Zeo Crystals so that they would be able to harness the full power of the Gold Zeo Crystal.

Then Zordon told David to stand in the center of the Power Chamber. In much the same fashion that he had infused the other Rangers with their Zeo powers, Zordon did the same with David. Zordon then informed David that he shall now assume the identity of Zeo Ranger VI: Gold. And then the new Gold Ranger's Zeo weapon materialized in his hands: The Gold Zeo Power Staff! Zordon told David that his power will be able to be used when the other Zeo Rangers need his help in fighting the forces of the Machine Empire.

Meanwhile, Billy had finished with examining Pyramidas, and found that that Pyramidas Zord had a spare part (using the Gold Zeo Crystal) which would be able to allow the other Rangers to bypass the Red Battlezord's control system and allow the 2 zords to come together to form the ZeoMegaBattleZord. (This spare part was not vital to Pyramidas' operation, so it could be used and not take away from the performance ability of the Pyramidas Zord itself).

Billy then put this part inside the Red Battlezord, and it successfully by-passed the Red Battlezord's control system, which would now allow the ZeoMegaBattleZord to form effortlessly!

But there were still the 2 crises at hand that the 6 Rangers had to take care of. Namely, defeating Mace-Face, and getting the arrowhead back from King Mondo!

"Enter the Gold Ranger!"
Part. 5
(Alternate Pt. 2 of "Found and Lost")

Zoreon, Alpha, Billy, and the rest of the now 6 Rangers were quite happy to finally have a 6th Ranger among them..Tommy's brother, David Trueheart, as the Gold Ranger (aka Zeo Ranger VI: Gold).

But there was little time to celebrate, because there were still the 2 crises that they had to deal with, the Mace-Face monster, and the missing arrowhead.

David immediately told Zordon that the Rangers must get the arrowhead back from King Mondo. The arrowhead has an ancient power which could merge with a magical stone in the forest just outside of Angel Grove. If Mondo succeeds in merging the arrowhead with the stone, the combined powers of the magical stone will allow Mondo to create monsters that none of the Rangers will be able to defeat!

However, Zordon felt that the crisis involving Mace-Face would have to take precedence, since Mace-Face posed a more immediate threat to the city of Angel Grove.

So Zordon sent the 5 Rangers with the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord to once again fight Mace-Face. Mace-Face made a remark saying "Don't you Rangers know when to quit?" The Rangers replied "No, we don't, and now you're going down!" Then Tommy gave the command "Initiate ZeoMegaBattleZord assembly!" The 2 zords once again did their sequence, and this time, the merging was successful! The ZeoMegaBattleZord then shot its enhanced rays at Mace-Face, and were able to pierce its armor. But Mace-Face wasn't finished yet! He was down, but not out!

At that same time, Zordon had the new Gold Ranger teleported to the forest to take on Mondo's forces. David initiated his martial-arts moves and was able to defeat a few of the Cogs, bot Mondo wsa successfully able to merge the arrowhead with the stone! Then David called upon his Gold Zeo Power Staff and shouted "It's time for a Gold Rush!", and the Golden staff immediately shot out its gold lightning bolts, destroying the Cogs guarding Mondo! Then the new Gold Ranger flipped through the air and was able to kick Mondo down long enough to take the arrowhead from the stone! He then told Mondo "The power of the stone dosen't work without the arrowhead! That's what happens when you take things that don't belong to you!" Mondo then exclaimed in anger "I can feel the ancient powers leaving me! I'll defeat the Rangers yet with the Mace-Face monster!" Then Mondo had Klank throw Orbus at Mace-Face. Since Mace-Face was already large enough to require Zord usage, Orbus simply gave him an infusion of energy without enlarging him.

Then David the Gold Ranger joined the other Rangers. He shouted out as he pointed the Gold Zeo Power Staff to the sky "I call upon the power of Pyramidas!" The pyramid-shaped zord then appeared with David teleporting inside it's cockpit. The ZeoMegaBattleZord then started fighting alongside Pyramidas using the enhanced cannons and powers of their Zord, and Pyramidas shooting its laser light into the darkened sky causing the dark clouds to shoot gold lightning at Mace-Face at the same time. Needless to say, Mace-Face exploded and disintegrated! Another monster of Mondo's defeated! Need we say more!

Mondo vowed! "All of you, I'm making your sole mission from now on to defeat the Rangers, especially the Gold Ranger! I'll defeat those Power Rangers yet!"

All 6 of the Rangers then met at the Youth Center having juice from Ernie's juice bar. Tommy and David talked again to each other, congratulating each other on helping to defeat Mace-Face. David had the complete arrowhead once again. Tommy said to David "The arrowhead nearly caused a lot of trouble." David agreed with him, and each of them grabbed the sides of the arrowhead, and it once again separated into its 2 halves. "I guess we're to hold onto these separately." David agreeingly said.

The end!