Disclaimer: This is a fan fiction, it uses characters from Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers Zeo. No disrespect or infringement on the rights of the owners or writers of these shows is meant. I am writing this story as a symbol of appreciation of these shows, not to make any profit or take away anything from Saban, Fox, or anyone else who has legal rights to the Rangers franchise. As Saban owns these characters, Saban may consider this story a free contribution from which any idea may be taken, freely. Not to be a hypocrite, if anyone wants to write a fanfic that uses my ideas, I would hope to get a little credit, but I encourage the exploration. The age level of this piece is a little higher than the average episode of the t.v. show, but not trashy, perverted or filled with useless profanities. Good writing is always made better by fans adding their own spin. O.K, on with the story.

"Under New Management"
Part I : "Letter From Zordon"
by Dennis R. Holck

It was about 3:30 in the afternoon on a Monday when I got home and grabbed the mail. I had been at the gym, trying to put recent event out of my mind. Most of the mail was junk, but one, one stopped me dead in my tracks, It was from an old, old friend.

I opened it right away, it said:

I'm sending you this letter because I have an extremely difficult job to ask of you. Alpha and I have found a way to return to Eltar, and I have decided to leave. This is not an easy decision, but one that I believe is right.

I fear, however, that I have left the Earth at a disadvantage. The Rangers are at their weakest they have ever been. Their new powers are not as strong as they believe and the new blue ranger could be a liability if a serious situation arises.

What I ask of you, as the original leader and most disciplined of former Rangers, is to prepare a second line of defense for the planet. I think that the Rangers will be able to handle trivial threats fairly well, but, I am begining to doubt if they could handle a real crisis.

You should choose someone you can count on to assist you, someone who could carry out your mission should you be stopped.

By the time you recieve this letter, Alpha and I will be gone. When it is possible we will return, but that may be some time. The future of the Earth may fall on your shoulders Jason, I know that your resourcefulness and goodness will guide you.

May the power protect you!


As you can imagine, I was full of mixed feelings when I read this letter. I mean, Zordon just leaving, what was he thinking. I hadn't wanted to say anything about the almost goofy Turbo Powers and the seemingly ridiculous decline in the quality of the Ranger team, I thought Zordon knew what he was doing, but what do I think now?

"O.K. Jason, you gotta get a grip on yourself," I thought. Just then the door knob began to move, someone was coming in, I tensed. "Hi Jase, I'm back," came the beautiful voice I had grown to love. "Emily, I'm so glad you're here..." I blurted in relief.

You see, Emily and I were on a sort of honeymoon. We had decided after we started dating really seriously that we would go stay with Kimberly and her fiancee in one of their condos in Florida. Emily was tired of Angel Gove, and after loosing the Gold Ranger powers, I had no real reason to stay. I was depressed from playing the Ranger yo-yo and Kim offered to put us up here, so Em and I jumped at the chance. By the way, just about the time I had gotten over my depression and decided to propose to Emily, Kim talked me into going back to Angel Grove to visit our old friends, well Tommy anyway-the others bug me, but I could always talk to him, he's kinda like a brother. Anyway, the visit was miserable, Kim and I were tosses into a volcano, and the Rangers traded a half-wit named Rocky for a kid named Justin, needless to say, I decided to make a clean break from Angel Grove and the Rangers.

Emily brought me back to reality, "so, who's the letter from?"

"Um, its, ah, letter from a friend in Angel Grove," I stuttered.

"O.K.," she said,"I'm going to take a shower, so we'll talk about it later."

"Actually, I've gotta go talk to Kim, so I'll be out for a while," I explained, "See you for dinner."

"See ya," she answered.

For as much as I was disappointed about events in Angel Grove, Kim was even more so.

"Unh-uh, no way Jason," Kim flared,"think, we've got new lives, and how much concern do those idiots show us? I've worked too hard on rebuilding my life, to jump whenever Zordon calls. And you, they screw you over twice, nearly get you killed more times than I can remeber, and throw you out like yesterday's garbage. There's no way I'm getting involved, and if you do, then you're as dumb as Tommy looks!"

"But," I pleaded, "what about saving the planet? Don't you care about anyone but yourself. So Zordon's been weird lately, so Tommy only said five words to you when you went back, so what, we're talking about stopping that evil witch Divatox."

"Even the 'psuedo-rangers' can handle her. I mean, she's not evil, she's just goofy!" she finished.

"Fine, but I can't stand by, I'll have to get someone else to help me," I retorted.

"Jason," she began,"don't do it, don't mess with Emily's life like Zordon messed with ours, she's too sweet, too innocent, don't you love her?"

"Yeah, that's why I want to save her planet." Then I turned and walked away only to hear:

"Fine, be a yo-yo, take her with you, and while you're at it tell Tommy and that skank Kat they can both go to HELL!"

Obviously, that went rather badly, I decided it was time to talk to Emily.