"A Sad Goodbye"
By: KJ Holland

It had been almost a week since they had gotten back from Florida. Everyone was trying to get things back to as close as normal as they could be.

"See that's the problem with society today. You just don't understand.", Jason Lee Scott argued

His friend threw her hands up in the air. "You're right I don't! That's the problem! You've way totally lost me.", said Carri Hillard

Emily made a face. "How could he lose you. I followed him."

"Naw he probably told you ahead of time what the hell he was talking about so you'd know and I wouldn't.", Carri said

"Me? Do something like that? I'm perfect remember.", Jason told her

Carri hit him. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"If you would all shut up and drop it, it wouldn't matter who understood what or what the hell anybody was talking about.", Rocky DeSantos pointed out after he finished chewing his burger

"Aw shut up.", Carri said

"Did anybody ask him?", asked Emily

"No nobody asked him. He just threw his ten cents in anyway.", Tommy Oliver said

"And nobody asked you either.", Carri pointed out

Jason started laughing. "Do you remember what started this conversation? Either of you?"

Carri and Emily looked at each other and shook their heads no. Then they started laughing.

"It's hot out here.", complained Katherine Hillard as she looked around the Beach Club

"I agree.", said Carri

"At least you agree with something.", Jason said with a smile

"She is kinda stubborn isn't she?", Rocky asked

"I'd have to say she is.", agreed Tommy

"Hey I'm right here. Don't do that third person thing.", said Carri

"She's the most stubborn person I know.", said Jason

Carri gave all three of them an annoyed look and everyone laughed. Everyone besides the last two people at the table who had started their own conversation.

Tanya Sloan leaned in close to her boyfriend so she could talk without being heard.

"Adam I'm leaving tomorrow.", she said

"I know.", Adam Park told her

"So what are we going to do?", Tanya asked, "Break up?"

"I won't let that happen. I... well this is a last resort and I had to think a lot about it but I know what we'll do.", Adam said

"Wh..", started Tanya

But she was interrupted when Tommy jumped up.

"Hey let's go play volleyball.", suggested Tommy

Kat, Rocky and Carri hopped up.

"We're with you.", Rocky told him

Jason and Emily slowly got up.

"Sorry bro, maybe next time. We were just getting ready to go to the movies.", Jason told him

"What about you guys?", Tommy asked

"Since Tanya's leaving tomorrow, I was hoping to have some alone time with her.", Adam said

"That's cool. Let's go.", Tommy said

"How about me and talent less over here against you and Kat.", Rocky suggested

"Talent less?", questioned Carri

"That would be you.", Tommy told her

"Well it obviously couldn't be me.", Kat said

"Which is why I said against you and Kat. You can't play yourself you know.", teased Rocky

"I can. That's how much talent I have.", bragged Carri

"Ah... sure you do.", said Tommy as bent over to grab the ball

"See. Tommy agrees with me.", Carri said as she and Rocky went under the net and got ready to play

"Tommy's just being nice. I mean, you are my cousin and all and he wouldn't want to make me mad by making you mad.", Kat pointed out

Rocky clapped his hands. "I believe she's got a point."

"Enough small talk. Let's play so I", Kat gave him a look, "I meant we can win and get this over with."

"Dream on.", Rocky said

Tommy served the ball and the game started. They got a good fifteen minutes of play in before a too familiar tone was heard.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

Rocky spiked the ball. "Match point!"

"That doesn't count.", Tommy protested

"Why's that?", asked Rocky as they stepped of the court and headed to a secrete place

"Because we were interrupted.", Tommy told him

"What a sore loser.", Rocky said

Tommy smiled as he lifted the communicator to his mouth. "What is it Alpha?", he asked

"Rita and Zedd have sent the tengas to the park along with a new monster called Electronator. You must teleport and stop him immediately.", Alpha told him

"Right.", Tommy said as he looked around, "It's morphin time!"





Then four flashes of multicolored light appeared in the park behind Zedd's crew.

"Are you looking for us?", asked Tommy

Electronator and the tengas turned around. "Why rangers, nice of you to show up.", Electronator said, "Now tengas, get them!"

"Here we go again.", muttered Carri as the fight began

After ten minutes of tenga fighting, everyone regrouped.

"Now it's my turn!", exclaimed Electronator

"Zeo five power kick!"

"Zeo three power punch!"

The boys attacked Electronator and sent him flying backwards. Electronator immediately got up and charged the remaining two rangers.

The two female rangers fought him hard, but then Electronator sent electrical charges through their bodies causing them more pain than imaginable. Rocky and Tommy started towards them but were stopped by the tengas.

Just when the girls couldn't handle any more, a green figure came flying through the air, hitting Electronator and causing him to release his grip on the girls.

"Adam it's about time you showed up!", exclaimed Rocky

The green ranger went to help the girls up. "Are you alright?", he asked

Kat looked at him funny. "Yes we are."

"Thanks for asking Jason.", Carri said

"Hey you're quick.", Jason told her

"But how did you - duck!", exclaimed Carri as she kicked Electronator in the stomach

Jason turned around to help them in the fight.

"You can't stop me!", exclaimed Electronator

The three rangers reached for their Zeo Pistols. "Fire!", they exclaimed

Tommy and Rocky finished off the tengas and ran to join them.

"That's not enough fire power to destroy me.", gloated Electronator

"You want more fire power? Fine but you asked for it.", Rocky told him

"Zeo Cannon now!", called Tommy

"Fire!", they all yelled

After the smoke cleared Electronator was still standing, only he was standing several stories in the air.

"We need Super Zeo Zord power now!", yelled Tommy

The Zords appeared and immediately formed the Super Zeo MegaZord.

"We need to finish him off fast. Any ideas?", asked Jason

"Well after our recent tangle with Mr. tall guy over there, I'd have to say his power comes from the... ah... thingies, for lack of a better word, on the end of his arms.", Carri said

"I'll second that.", Kat said

"Zeo saber now!", cried Tommy

Electronator ran towards the MegaZord and started to fight it. He tried to hit it with both his "thingies" at the same time. The zord stopped his attack with their saber and sliced off his source of power then it fell to the ground.

"Hey! You can't do that!", exclaimed Electronator

"If you liked that, check this out.", Rocky told him

Then with a few swift arm motions they used the Super Zeo Saber to destroy Electronator.

After the fight, the rangers went back to the Power Chamber, wanting to know why Adam wasn't on the field of battle with them.

Rocky approached his best friend. "Adam are you alright?", he asked

"I'm fine. In fact I'm better now than I've been in a long while.", Adam replied

"Then why weren't you out there with us?", asked Kat

"Because I...", Adam paused, "I'm moving to New York."

A wave of silence came across the rangers before everyone tried to speak at once, giving Adam all sorts of questions and full of concerns for this sudden decision.


Everyone hushed.

"I know you guys think that this is an impulse decision. But the truth is I've been thinking about this ever since Tanya came back in to town.", Adam told them

"Why didn't you tell us you were thinking about moving to New York?", asked Rocky

"Because it was a last resort.", Adam replied

Tommy got a concerned look on his face. "Last resort to what?"

Tanya spoke up. "I don't know if you know how hard it is to maintain a long distance relationship," Tommy nodded his head as if to answer a question, "but, well, it's not the easiest thing in the world. And the separation has been creating unwanted silence and awkwardness in our relationship, things neither one of us wanted. So I told Adam that unless we could find away to get rid of all that, and to be together again, we'd have to break up so at least we could be friends."

"And neither one of us wanted just friends.", continued Adam, "We both wanted each other. And, since with the record deal Tanya was stuck in New York, I decided that I would leave Angel Grove and move to New York to be with her. That's why Jason was with you today, I asked him to take my place. I know of no one better than him to be the green ranger."

"But what are you going to do there? I mean you were enrolled in college with the rest of us.", Carri pointed out

"Well it's just the end of June. I'm going to transfer to an acting school in New York, and I'm going to see what kind of acting jobs I can get.", Adam told her

"Well, I just wish you had told us earlier. But, speaking on behalf of all of us, we wish you the best of luck in New York.", Rocky told him and the others nodded in agreement

"Thanks guys. That really means a lot to me.", Adam said

Kat put a hand on his shoulder. "You mean a lot to us."

Adam smiled. "I don't have much time to pack, so I had better go.", he said

"Then we'll see you at the airport in the morning.", Rocky told him

"See you then.", Adam said as he and Tanya teleported out

"I wish he had given us a little more notice just so we could at least throw him a party or something.", Rocky said

"Who says we can't?", asked Carri

"Well nobody but...", Rocky started

Kat interrupted him. "Carri's right, there's no reason why we can't. It's too late to ask Ernie to use his place, but maybe something small at our house."

"I'll make the cake!", exclaimed Carri. "I've got this yummy recipe I've been wanting to try out."

"I can get the decorations.", volunteered Jason

"Tommy would you like to come with me? I'm going to go get Adam a going away gift from all of us.", Kat said

"I'd be delighted.", Tommy told her

"I'll bring the food!", Rocky exclaimed with a grin on his face

Everyone laughed at him.

"You are just too much.", Carri told him

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?", Rocky wanted to know

Carri walked over to him. "Eh, I guess it's a good thing.", she said before she gave him a kiss

"Can I be a lot of too much and get more kisses?", Rocky asked with a puppy dog look on his face

Everyone, including Rocky, laughed at that.

"Come on guys. We have to hurry if we're going to get this done.", Kat said

Then they all teleported off trying to get Adam's going away party organized.


"I don't understand why they wanted us to come over.", Adam said as he rang the doorbell

Tanya looked at him. "Adam they're your friends. And you're leaving tomorrow. Maybe they want to say goodbye to you. Did you ever think of that."

Adam gave her a look then he kissed her as Kat was opening the door.

"Ooohhh look at them kissing like that.", Carri said

Adam blushed. "Um... hi."

Kat smiled. "Hey Adam. Come on in."

"You sure did take your time. I mean I've been waiting to eat this party food but no, they said I couldn't eat without the guest of honor.", Rocky said with a smile

"Rocky man I don't think I'll ever meet anyone with your appetite.", Adam joked

"As a waitress I can tell you that no one eats as much as that boy over there.", Emily said

"And yet he still manages to stay fit. Amazing isn't it.", said Tommy

"Hey, you just wish you could be like me. I'm perfect.", Rocky said before he threw some chips into his mouth. Then he looked over at his girlfriend and made his puppy dog face again. "Am I still too much?"

She went over and gave him a kiss. "Yes, you'll always be too much."

Then all of the sudden loud booming music came out. Then the music level dropped and everyone turned to look at it's operator.

Jason smiled. "Oopsies."

"Can't even operate a stereo right.", Emily teased

Adam looked around the room. His best friend had a plate in his hand and he was eating chips and dip, with his girlfriend taking some off his plate. Tommy and Kat were dancing closely, which was something they had started to do a little more now that they were out of Florida. And Emily and Jason were walking over to talk to Carri and Rocky. Adam sighed.

"What is it?", asked Tanya

"I'm going to miss them.", Adam said

"I know you will. It will be hard leaving.", Tanya told him

"This is my group you know. They've been there for me hundreds of times, and I've tried to be there for them as well. I mean we've been together through Rita and Zedd, Ivan Ooze, Mondo and Machina, Gasket and Archerina...", Adam's voice trailed off. "We've been together through the good times and the bad, then even more good times. Especially me and Rocky. I mean we've known each other for... gosh since we were little elementary school kids running around in Stone Canyon. And then I've known Tommy for three and a half years, Jason for that long too although he was out of town for so long. And then I've known Kat for a year and a half and Carri for a year and Emily for just a few months but with her dating Jason I've gotten to know her pretty well... I'm just going to miss them, that's all."

Tanya gave Adam a little shove. "Go. Mingle. You're over here talking about how much you're going to miss them but you won't go over there and talk to them."

Adam smiled. "You're right.", he said as he walked over to his friends. "So who's up for a game of ball in the dark?"

Everyone stopped what they were doing.

"My night vision is perfect. Nobody stands a chance.", Rocky bragged

"Must be all those carrots you eat.", said Carri

"Carrot cake.", Emily corrected

Then the two girls giggled and walked outside.

"Hey wait up.", said Jason as he went after them

"Since this is my last night here I'm pulling out all the moves and I'm gonna make my mark on the court proving that I am the king of ball.", Adam told them

"Sounds like a challenge.", Tommy said

"Come on guys what are we waiting for?", asked Rocky as he ran out the door grabbing his two friends by the sleeves

"Boys will be boys.", Kat said as she and Tanya walked out the door, closing it and leaving the room empty

The game lasted about an hour. Then the group came back inside, partying and talking until the early morning hours, when everyone had to turn back in so they could all get up and be at the airport by eleven.


Everyone made it to the airport by eleven. They all met in front of the gate where Adam and Tanya were to catch their flight.

"Well, this is it.", Adam said

"It's too bad man, we're going to miss you.", Tommy told him

Adam gave him a hug. "Yeah, I'm going to miss you too."

Then he leaned over and hugged Kat. "Now who am I supposed to talk to while I'm waiting for my lazy friends?"

"Hey that's what you've got Tanya for.", Kat told him

Adam smiled.

Jason held out his hand. Adam clasped his hand in Jason's, then he leaned in and gave him a hug.

"Take care Jason.", Adam said

"I will.", Jason told him

"Oh and make sure you take good care of the little gift I gave you. Because that's what I miss the most already.", Adam added

"Hey you can count on me. I won't let you down.", Jason promised

Adam gave Emily a hug. "I'm glad I got to know you."

"It's been fun.", Emily told him

Carri got the next hug from Adam.

"I'm pretty sure I'll never meet anyone like you.", Adam told her. "But then again that's a good thing.", he teased

"You just had to get your last shot in didn't you?", asked Carri

Adam smiled.

"Wait a second before I forget.", Carri said reaching into her back pocket. Then she handed him a card. "This is my dad's business card. He knows people who know people and, well if there's an acting job in New York he can get it for you. I gave him your name and he's waiting to hear from you."

Adam took the card. "Thanks, I'll have to call him as soon as I get up there." Then Adam walked over to Rocky.

"I don't know what to say Rocko.", Adam said

"There's not much to say. I'm gonna miss you man.", Rocky said as he started to get choked up

"Me too.", Adam told him his voice quivering as well

The two boys who had been friends since their early childhood, embraced in a hug.

"Bye everyone.", Tanya said after Adam and Rocky broke apart

Everyone wished Tanya goodbye. Adam then waved and managed a goodbye before he turned around, not wanting to let his friends see him cry.

Adam couldn't help but glance back, to get one last look at his friends. Tommy was holding Kat and they were comforting each other as they waved bye. Jason and Emily were holding hands and waving with their free hand. Carri had just put an arm around Rocky after seeing how upset he was as he watched his lifetime best friend leave. Both were waving, and Rocky even managed to put on a smile.

Tears started to form in Adam's eyes, then he turned around again, this time for good. The hero once known as the Black Ranger, Black Ninja Ranger, and most recently the Green Zeo Ranger, boarded the plane for New York, ending one chapter in Power Rangers history and beginning another.