Disclaimer: The characters from Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: Legendary Journies featured in this mixed fan fic belong to Universal Studios.

"Too Far Back"
By: KJ Holland

"I thought it was a good movie.", Katherine Hillard said

"Sure it was, if you're into those happy ending romantic comedy type movies.", her boyfriend, Tommy Oliver told her

"Personally I thought Matthew was hilarious and Selma was very good in her role.", Kat said

"Ok. Glad you liked it. Wait until this summer. It will be action movies galore. And you and I will have front row seats to each and every one of them.", Tommy informed her

"Sure I will. Now, come on, we have to meet everybody now.", Kat said as she got up out of her seat across from Tommy at TCBY Yogurt.

"Coming.", Tommy said as he stood up and took Kat's hand in his


"Don't you miss being... well, you know.", Carri Hillard asked her friend

"Yeah I do. But this is not like that's the first time it's happened. And now I get to spend all of my spare time with Emily. So it's not like it wasn't worth it.", Jason Lee Scott told her

"I don't know. I would miss it too much. It's a part of me now.", Carri said

"Trust me, now matter how many times you lose or gain power, it will always be a part of you.", Jason told her

"I will. Hey, look at these.", Carri said as she picked up a pair of big old green glasses from one of the shelves and tried them on

Jason cracked up laughing.

"Not me?", asked Carri

Jason tried to stop laughing long enough to answer. "Not exactly." was all he managed to get out before he busted out laughing once more

Carri looked at the clock on the wall. "Wow, look at the time. We'd better go if we want to meet the others on time."

Jason turned around to see the clock. "You're right."

Carri put her glasses down and she and Jason turned to leave the flea market.

"You should've bought those.", Jason said

"Fashion statement of the century.", remarked Carri as they both busted out laughing


"Glad to see that you two finally made your way here.", greeted Rocky DeSantos

"Well, you know how I am. Things take me forever.", Carri told him

"You're here, that's all that counts. Are we all ready to go?", asked Adam Park

"I've been ready.", said Carri

"You're not ready. You need those cool shades to keep from going blind in the sun.", Jason told her

Carri laughed, causing Jason to laugh.

"Anyway, moving right along.", said Tommy

"Let's go. I don't want to be late for the first pitch.", said Rocky as he walked over and put a hand around Carri's waist to lead the gang out the door

"Come on Tommy.", said Kat as the couple grabbed hands and followed Rocky and Carri

Jason looked over at Adam. "I think we'll be fine if we walk out of here by ourselves."

"You read my mind.", said Adam

And with that the last two teens jetted out and to the van.


"Aw, isn't that cute. They're going to see the Dodgers - Mets game.", Rita said as she looked through here telescope on the Lunar Base

"Quite sickening if you ask me sis.", said Rito

"Well, nobody asked you now did they?", asked Goldar

"We have been trying for four years to destroy those pathetic Power Rangers. And if the ex-King Mondo from the former Machine Empire hadn't come bothered us, we may have done it by now. But enough of that. I have an idea, and a very good one at that.", said Lord Zedd

"That's what you say every time. This time it had better be good.", Rita pointed out

"It is. Now, we have sent the rangers back in time before, but not like this. What we're going to do right here is go back. Way back. Back into time. Before the rangers were even born. Then we can attack the rangers parents and stop those pesky power brats from ever being born. All we have to do is place the Time Crystal in the right place at the right time and we're set.", Zedd explained his plan

"That plan has some possibilities.", Rita said

"Ooo, ooo, can I place the Crystal?", asked Rito

"This is a very delicate job. You can mess one think and everything goes wrong.", Zedd said reluctantly handing over the crystal

"Don't worry Ed, you can trust me.", said Rito

And with that he teleported off.


"We're winning! Alright!", exclaimed Rocky

"Thanks to Mike.", Carri pointed out

"I know there was a reason we keep him on board.", said Rocky

"Well, this is fun.", said Kat

"Much better then that movie we went to see this afternoon.", Tommy commented

"What did you go see?", asked Adam

"Fool's Rush In.", Kat told him

"Oh, I'm sorry.", Jason said to Tommy

"Jase! You're so mean!", Carri exclaimed

"Hey, if Emily ever dragged me to a romantic comedy like that, I would be mad.", Jason told her

As the teens were watching the game, they noticed something strange going on. All of the sudden the rangers were sucked back into time, not knowing where they were headed.


"Ok Ed, I planted it.", Rito said as he returned

"You idiot! You didn't get directions before you left! You planted it in both the wrong place and at the wrong time!", Zedd yelled at Rito

"Wait a minute Zedd, it appears that Rito as sent the five rangers back into some year, BC. They are out of our hair for a while now.", said Rita

"For a while. But as soon as they get back....", Zedd let his voice trail off because he was too mad to think of a decent punishment for Rito

"But what if they don't come back?", Goldar asked

"Then Rito gets to live.", Zedd said


Carri looked around at her surroundings. She was in a clearing in the woods, and she wasn't exactly sure where.

"Xena? Is that you? You know you were supposed to meet me over an hour ago. Where have you...", the blond girl stopped short as she entered the clearing from the woods and realized she wasn't talking to her friend

"Who are you? And what are you wearing? You look more available than the girls who work with Meg.", said the girl

"My name is Carri. And I'm wearing clothes. And I don't know who the hell Meg is. And I want to know who you are and where I am?", Carri asked

"I'm Gabrielle. And you're in Greece, heading towards the town of Trechous.", Gabrielle told her. "And those are not clothes."

"If you can't tell, I'm not from here.", Carri pointed out

"Where are you from?", asked Gabrielle

"Angel Grove.", Carri told her

"Where?", asked a confused Gabrielle

"It's... never mind.", Carri said realizing that she wasn't even sure what time period she was in

"Well, don't worry because we'll help you fit in.", said another new voice

"We will?", Gabrielle asked this stranger

"Yes we will. My name is Xena. Come with us and we'll get you dressed.", Xena told her

"In what? Because, no offence, but I'm sure as all not dressing like Gabrielle.", Carri said

"Hey!", Gabrielle exclaimed

"I'll find you something. Maybe something like mine. Is that good for you?", asked Xena

"I can work with that.", Carri told her

"Ok. Follow me.", said Xena as she and her horse Argo walked off

"Xena.", Gabrielle hissed as she walked to catch up to her friend, "Why are we helping her?"

"I don't know. I feel compelled to help her. This strange sensation came over me. Besides, why not? She's obviously lost and she could use our help.", Xena told her

"Whatever. Since you're bigger than me, and you're the one with the sword, whatever you say goes.", Gabrielle told her

Xena laughed at her friend. "I know."


"How do I look?", asked Carri

Carri was wearing an outfit which was a skirt kind of like Xena's and a top which started above the waist and went over her shoulders with two leather straps. Carri also had a sword.

"Fine.", Xena told her

"You let her have a sword? You didn't even offer me one.", Gabrielle complained

Xena rolled her eyes. "You wouldn't use it. Besides, she claims to know how to use one."

"Prove it.", Gabrielle challenged

Carri shrugged her shoulders as it was ok with her. Besides, she was a power ranger and it wasn't like that was something she hadn't done before. Of course she was morphed, but it would be fun to see what happened. Carri and Xena both drew their swords. They basically sparred with swords for a few minutes. Carri ended up being able to hold her own against Xena, however Xena did let up on her a little.

"I'm impressed.", said Gabrielle

"Thank you.", said Carri

"Wait. What's that ugly bracelet? I don't think you should go around sporting that.", Gabrielle told her

"Watch me. It has sentimental value.", Carri said

Gabrielle just shrugged her shoulders. "Ok."

"Now, come on. We're behind.", said Xena as she led the trio off to their next destination


Iolaus was sitting in a bar having a drink in the middle of the town of Trechous. He looked up an noticed a woman coming in with a box and guards and a big group of people surrounding her.

"What's up with that?", Iolaus asked the bartender

"That lady's carrying the Hope Diamond. Seems as though everybody in all of Greece wants to get a look at it.", the bartender informed him

"Oh no! The diamond! It's missing!", exclaimed a woman

"Autolycus!", exclaimed Iolaus as he ran out the bar in search of the diamond


"This my boy, is how great lives are lead. You steal something important and you sell it for much more than it's worth.", Autolycus told his companion, who he had helped for some reason he didn't really know

"Don't you worry about getting caught?", the stranger, who was none other than Rocky, asked

"Me? Get caught? Ha. That's why they call me the King of Thieves.", Autolycus boasted

"But I'll bet the King of Thieves didn't count on me being one of the first ones to hear about the stolen diamond.", Iolaus said as he appeared out of nowhere

"Busted. Now we're both going to get in trouble. All because you had to steal some diamond.", Rocky complained

"Wait a minute here. Now, Iolaus is a very reasonable man. I'm sure he'll agree that this diamond would be more worth while as a quick source of income.", Autolycus said

"Not hardly. Now, hand it over.", said Iolaus sticking out his hand

"Aw, come on...", Autolycus started but Iolaus gave him a stern look. "Alright fine. Here it is."

"Now what?", asked Rocky

"Now we wait for my friends who should be here any minute now and then we're taking the diamond back.", said Iolaus

"Don't worry. He's not turning us in. Our biggest problem is where we're going to find something big enough to make up for the money we just lost on that diamond.", Autolycus told him. "So, what are you guys doing?"

"By you guys I assume you mean me, Xena, Gabrielle and as soon as we return this diamond and head of, Herc. We're going to meet up and try to cut off Drecos' army."

"Oh yeah. I've heard about those attacks. Mind if we join you?", asked Autolycus

"Only if you promise not to steal the rare jewels they're carrying.", Iolaus told him

"Who me? I would never dream of it.", Autolycus said

"I don't trust you, but I'll let you come.", Iolaus gave in

"Iolaus? What are you doing here?", asked Xena as she approached the three men

"Getting this diamond back. Come on, before we go find Herc we have to return the Hope Diamond.", Iolaus told her

"Autolycus! How come it seems like every time we meet you're stealing something?", asked Gabrielle

"That's because I'm...", Autolycus started but got cut off

"The King of Thieves. We know. By the way, Carri this is Iolaus, Autolycus and... I don't know him.", Xena said trying to do the introductions

Carri and Rocky had been staring at each other for a while. Carri wanted to believe it was him, but wasn't sure until she saw the communicator.

Carri ran up and gave him a hug, which he returned.

"Look at that. She doesn't even know his name and she's hugging him.", Iolaus pointed out

"How does he get all that luck?", asked Autolycus

The two moved into a deep passionate kiss and all four of the others eyes got wide as saucers.

"I thought I was alone. I've tried the communicator but...", Carri started and Rocky finished

"They don't work. I know. That was the first thing I tried. I'm so glad you're here.", Rocky said

"I wonder where the others are, if they're even here.", Carri said

"I don't know I...", Rocky said getting cut off by Xena

"Ah hem.", she said grabbing there attention. "That's better. Now, I believe you owe us an explanation."

"This is Rocky. He's my boyfriend. If you haven't figured it out already, we are seriously in the wrong time. And I have no idea how to get back.", Carri informed them

"Well, it looks like you're stuck here for now. You welcome to come with us until you get back home. Or for the rest of time, if that's what it takes.", Xena offered

"The rest of time? I sure hope not.", Rocky said sadly

A moment of silence fell over the group.

"Come on, we had better get moving. We're already behind schedule.", Iolaus said as they all headed off back to the town


"Where did they go!", exclaimed Jason after realizing he was at the ballpark all alone

"Shut up!", yelled the guy in front of him

"Did you not just see my friends disappear?", asked Jason

"You came here alone. Are you crazy?", someone else said while others agreed

Jason jumped up the stone stairs and ran out, quickly heading for the securest place possible.

"Zordon?", he said into his communicator

"YES JASON?", asked Zordon

"The guys, they just disappeared!", exclaimed Jason


"No they're not! We were at the game and they got sucked into some sort of portal and nobody seems to even know they were ever there!", Jason explained


"Right.", Jason agreed as he hit a button on the communicator and teleported off


"Give me that. Ha. Now I'll take your money and use it for something useful. Your's too.", said the leader of a gang as he took away defenseless people's money

"I don't recommend you do that.", said Hercules as he stepped in

"And who's going to stop me?", asked the gang leader

"We will.", said Herc's new friend, the person he helped out for some reason, Tommy

"I don't think you should help in this.", Hercules told Tommy

"I always help the innocent in trouble.", Tommy told him

"In that case.", said Herc as he and Tommy started to beat up the gang

Tommy and Hercules beat them rather quickly and returned the people their money.

"Thank you.", one lady said

"Any time.", said Hercules

"There you are. Always looking out for everyone. Well, come on. We have a lot of work to do.", Iolaus said as he approached his best friend

"Iolaus. Hi. I'd like you to meet..", Hercules got ready to do the introductions but was cut off

"Tommy. Man, you don't know how good it is to see you.", Rocky said as he and Carri approached their friend

"I was beginning to believe that I was alone.", said Tommy

"Once again, no introductions needed.", commented Gabrielle

"Well, Tommy, are you coming to fight Drecos with us?", asked Xena

"If it's for the good of the people, count me in.", Tommy told them

"Alright then. Let's go. We're already behind schedule.", said Iolaus

"By the way, as I can see no one else plans to do so, I'm Autolycus, this is Iolaus, Xena and Gabrielle.", Autolycus said to Tommy

"Nice to meet you.", said Tommy

The eight of them started heading off towards the army. Xena and Hercules led the way, followed by Iolaus, Autolycus and Gabrielle. Tommy, Rocky and Carri were lagging behind so they could talk.

"So by the looks of things we're in a time in early BC.", said Tommy

"And in Greece.", Carri pointed out

"But that still doesn't explain why we can't contact someone.", Rocky said

"Well, Zordon said the power has been around for a while... but we don't know much else. Most likely there is somebody out there, somewhere, and this is a lot earlier time. Maybe the frequency isn't as strong on the communicators as it is now.", Tommy suggested

"That sounds acceptable, for now.", said Carri as Rocky nodded his head in agreement

"Look, there they are.", Hercules said as he pointed

"Alright. Now here's what we're going to do.", said Xena as they huddled in for a talk


"Ai ai ai! It appears that there was a faint time warp signal, to faint for our sensors to detect. The rangers were taken back in time.", Alpha told Jason

"What was the source?", Jason asked

"That is yet to be determined, but I'll keep...", Alpha was interrupted by the sound of the alarm, "Ai ai ai!"

"What are we going to do? The guys are gone and I don't have my gold ranger power any more.", a worried Jason asked


"Alright.", agreed Jason


The enemy soldiers were creeping through the woods, looking for their first victim. All of the sudden, what looked like a big gold ring, Xena's chakram to be exact, came flying out of the trees quickly followed by Xena and Carri.

"What the?", asked one of the soldiers who had no time to react before his throat was sliced by the flying chakram

"Who's next?", asked Xena as she replaced the chakram on her belt and the hand to hand combat began

All throughout the woods, much the same was going on, except without the chakram. The other 3 teams, which had been strategically placed around the forest, were attacking their victims. Rocky and Autolycus had some soldiers, Tommy and Hercules had some more, while Gabrielle and Iolaus rounded out the troops.

Xena was having fun fighting the troops until she noticed their leader, the one figure standing and watching.

"Drecos.", she said

"Xena. Long time no see. How's everything been? Good I hope. I've been keeping myself busy, attacking random villages, getting past certain obstacles certain people put in my way. But enough about me, let's talk about you. How have you been?", Drecos asked

"Been great up until I heard about a certain army trying to take over the world. Now I'm here to stop them.", Xena told him

"I don't think so.", Drecos said as he clapped his hands and at least two dozen soldiers appeared out of no where

"Behind you!", Xena yelled to Carri

Carri turned around just in time to see what Xena saw, and she quickly responded by killing the guy who tried to attack her. But she wasn't fast enough to attack the dozen of them that were on her, and neither was Xena. After a tiresome fight, the soldiers had the two girls in their grasp.

"Well, Xena. Look at this. I am holding all the cards now. And as soon as we're finished here, we're heading off to destroy the rest of your team.", Drecos said as he stuck his finger out and pointed it at a soldier. "Come here."

The soldier, who was dressed like any other soldier with only his eyes showing, was attentively watching the fight. He quickly came when called upon.

"Meet my favorite soldier. You could say he just dropped out of no where. For some strange reason, he and I got along very well. And now, I'm going to let him make his first important kill. We'll start with your friend here. I'd hate for you to miss out on seeing that.", Drecos informed them

The soldier took out his sword and approached Carri. He lifted it back to kill her, then he plunged it forward.


Trey appeared in the Power Chamber after he was done destroying Zedd's tengas.


"It is the least I can do. Have you found the source of the time jump yet?", asked Trey

"Yes. It appears to be the Time Crystal.", Alpha told them

"Great. Now, how do we get them back?", asked Jason


"Great. Well, send me there, let me destroy it.", Jason said


"If it means bringing the rangers back, count me in.", Trey said

"I am unsure exactly where the crystal is. But I will teleport you close to there with this location device. When you find it, destroy it with the Golden Power Staff.", Alpha said

Trey took the device. "I won't let you down."

With that, Alpha teleported him out.


Carri was prepared for the worst of the worst, which at this time looked like death. But much to her surprise the soldier killed one of the men who held her captive. She kicked the other one. As soon as Xena saw that Carri was free, she broke away from her captors.

"How dare you betray me!", yelled Drecos

Drecos looked around and noticed only a few soldiers left standing throughout the forest.

"You may have won this time Xena, but next time...", Drecos threatened. "All soldiers, retreat!"

Everyone looked on as Drecos took his soldiers and ran.

"So, who are you and why did you defy Drecos?", asked Xena

"As good as the benefits for his line of work sound, they're not worth killing my teammate, in two ways, one I prefer not to say and the other being baseball.", the soldier told them

"Adam!", Carri exclaimed as she went over and gave him a hug

"How did you know?", asked Adam

"Well, Rocky and Tommy are heading this way and unless Kat got a sex change on me.", Carri told him

"Adam!", Tommy yelled as he and Rocky went to greet him

"I saw what you did. You do know that you would've gotten your head chopped by me if you hadn't done what you did.", Rocky told him

"Well, annoying as she may be I couldn't bring myself to kill her.", Adam joked

"I quit. I really quit. It doesn't matter if it's Angel Grove or Greece, you guys still pick on me.", Carri complained

"You know I didn't kill you because Zordon would've gotten mad if I did.", Adam joked but got hit for his second reason

"Ok, so you're a friend and it's wrong to kill a friend.", Adam said sincerely

"Zordon? Who's Zordon? Is that some kind of god?", asked Gabrielle

"Oh, everybody, this is Adam. Adam, meet Hercules, Xena, Autolycus, Iolaus and Gabrielle.", Tommy said doing the introductions

"Hi.", Adam greeted

"Come on, let's get going. I have some things I wanted to do.", Xena said as she led everyone off

"And they're probably a diamond out there somewhere calling my name.", Autolycus said

"I doubt it.", Iolaus told him

"Either way, I'm gone. They weren't here long enough for me to steal anything, so this was worthless. You coming Rocky?", asked Autolycus

"No, I think I've found where I want to be.", Rocky told him

"In other words he's smartened up and is joining us at the castle.", Iolaus said

"Castle? On second thought I think I'm coming with you.", Autolycus said turning to join the others

"Figures.", Iolaus said

As they made their way on the path, an unknown woman approached them.

"Xena? Are you Xena?", she asked

"That's me.", Xena said

"The warrior Callisto has sent me to tell you that she's taking over the world and that you're next. She destroyed my village!", the lady told them

Xena got a look of anger in her eyes.

"Come on.", she ordered

"Where are we going?", asked Gabrielle

"To stop Callisto.", Xena told her


"There it is. Now let's see what happens when I do this.", said Trey as he took the power staff and let it loose on the crystal

"Hopefully that will do the trick.", said Trey as he teleported back

"Ai ai ai! It seems that nothing is happening! They should've come back by now. Oh no! Now what! The only person who can tell us how to get them back now is Lord Zedd!", exclaimed Alpha

"That's it. We've lost them. There's no way Zedd will help us.", said Jason


"I hope you're right.", Jason said


Xena and the others busted into Callisto's camp.

"Alright Callisto. I'm here. To stop you.", Xena told her

"Oh, look who it is. It's Xena. And she's brought her friends to help her. How cute.", Callisto commented. "Get them."

Callisto's faithful did as they were told.

Callisto walked around viewing what was going on. "You, come here.", she said to the blond girl in the corner

The girl, who hadn't seen who had come to attack them, came forth.

Callisto started walking around with her. "You know, I understand why I feel like helping you so much. You remind me of me when I was young. So innocent and pure. But that all changed once she ruined it.", said Callisto as she pointed at Xena

The girl turned around to see not only Xena but the people that were fighting with her.

"Those are my friends!", she exclaimed

"Well, they're in my way. They're history now.", said Callisto as she tried to grab the girl and lead her off

"No!", she yelled as she ran to join the others

"Kat!", yelled Tommy

"I'm here. You need some help?", she asked

"Well, we're kind of busy. You could lend a hand.", Tommy told her

"You got it.", said Kat as she turned to attack some of the guys who where on her side a minute ago

"How dare she! Oh well. Now she can die too.", said Callisto as she started to lean her hand back

"Oh no you don't.", said Xena as she cut her arm off

"That hurt.", said Callisto as she put her arm down and let a new one grow

"Oh, ew, that was nasty.", Carri said as she joined Xena

"I'm glad you think so.", said Callisto and with one flip of the wrist she sent both Xena and Carri flying into a wall

"This is getting boring now.", Callisto said

"Well, let me help you spice it up a little.", said Hercules as he prepared to hit her

"How soon you mortals forget. I'm a god now. Have fun.", Callisto said as she disappeared

As soon as Callisto was gone everyone regrouped.

"Let's finish these guys off.", said Tommy in reference to Callisto's soldiers she left for dead

"Right.", agreed his ranger teammates

The others were confused at what they saw. Tommy had taken a stand in front of the others. Carri was behind him on the left and the new girl on the right. Then Rocky was behind Carri on the left and Adam behind the new girl on the right.

"What are they doing?", asked Gabrielle

"I don't know. But it looks like they know what it is they're doing.", Xena pointed out

The five rangers ran at the bad guys. At first they laughed, not believing that three guys and two girls could stop them. But they were surprised when they saw how good the boys karate skills were and how well the girls handled the swords. They quickly retreated. The rangers won the battle, with no help at all from the heros of that time.

"I must say, I'm impressed.", Autolycus said

"Ok, what gives? Who are you?", asked Iolaus

"We're the power rangers.", Tommy told him

Gabrielle busted out laughing. "That is the funniest thing I have ever heard!"

"It's the truth.", Rocky told them

"What exactly are the power rangers?", asked Hercules

"We are the protectors of the earth. We morph and fight battles against evil.", Carri told them

"Evil? You mean people like Callisto, right?", asked Xena

"Not exactly. We fight people like King Mondo and right now Lord Zedd.", said Adam

"Who are?", asked Iolaus

"Evil space aliens looking to take over the world.", said Kat

"And what exactly is morphing?", Gabrielle wanted to know

"Well, if we could access our powers I would yell, it's morphin time. Then we would yell out our respective zeo number and color. I would say zeo ranger five, red.", Tommy answered her question

"Then we end up in our ranger suits fighting the bad guys.", Rocky added

"Why that's the most absurd, most unbelievable, most...", started Autolycus but was cut off by a stranger

"You're forgetting true.", the stranger said

"What are you doing here?", asked Hercules

"I am here because the presence of these five strangers has thrown time out of wack.", the stranger told him

"How are you hurt by them being here?", Hercules asked

"Who is he?", whispered Kat

Carri shrugged her shoulders.

"I am Zeus. And I am here to put time back into the right order by sending you guys home.", Zeus told them

"Alright!", exclaimed Adam

"How did we get here in the first place?", asked Carri

"It appears as though someone in your time as used the Time Crystal, which is in the presence of us gods right now. How they got it in the first place is beyond me.", Zeus told them

"Zedd.", muttered Rocky

"So, why were we sent to different places?", asked Tommy

"You were sent where ever your ancestors were.", Zeus said

"Which means, I'm related to Hercules?", asked Tommy

Zeus nodded his head yes. "And me too."

"And I'm related to Autolycus.", Rocky said

"For me I guess it's Xena.", said Carri

"And Callisto.", Kat said

"And Drecos.", said Adam

"You are all right. Now it is time to say good-bye to your ancestors and return home. I will return you the place where you were to began with. Nobody will notice your coming in.", Zeus said

"Well, I guess this is good-bye.", said Tommy

Hercules was the first to wish his descendant good-bye.

"I'm glad to see that my ancestors still want to fight for the side of good.", Hercules told him

"The good side is the only side.", Tommy said as he and Herc shook hands

Xena was the next to send off her descendant.

"I see the warrior skill has stayed in the family. I'm just glad you use your fighting skill for good. Don't ever be tempted by evil.", Xena said

"I'll fight it all the way.", Carri promised as she and Xena hugged

"Well, you're not a thief. I'm surprised. I figured my family tree would be full of them. Oh well, you're doing something important with your life, and that's what counts.", Autolycus said as he shook Rocky's hand

"I think you could be doing something important too. But you seem to be well off being a thief, and as long as their are people like Iolaus around to stop you, it's fine by me.", said Rocky

Iolaus smiled.

Kat and Adam looked at the ground. They had both left their ancestors behind, their ancestors fought for the wrong side. Xena noticed their long faces.

"Adam, Drecos may not be a good guy, but he is still your ancestor. And, if you ignore the fact that he would be fighting on this Lord Ed's side I'm sure he would be happy to see what you've become.", Xena told him

Adam smiled as Kat continued to look at the ground.

"And you. Callisto isn't the best of people now. But she used to be. She used to have the same personality as you. And if it weren't for me, she still would. But you have the same soul as she used to, and I'm sure she see's that in you and is probably envious of it.", Xena said

Kat looked up and seemed happy with what Xena said.

"Now, I must send you home.", said Zeus

Zeus used a lot of his power to bring his hand forward and open up a portal straight to Dodger Stadium. The rangers jumped through it one by one.

As soon as it was over, Zeus left.

"Well, that was interesting to say the least.", Iolaus commented after they left

"I know you guys enjoyed seeing what your descendants looked like.", Gabrielle said

"I'm still surprised that I don't have thieves in my family.", Autolycus said

"Did you ever stop to think that they know that stealing isn't the right thing to do?", asked Iolaus

"Actually, no.", Autolycus told him

"Come on. We still have somewhere to be.", said Xena

And with that, they left for their destination.


"Going, going, gone!", yelled Rocky as they stood up to cheer

The rangers had made it back to the ball park just in time to see Mike Piazza's ninth inning heroics.

"Alright!", yelled Tommy

"Come on guys, let's go.", said Kat as they, along with the rest of the fans, started to file out of the stadium

As they headed up the stairs the ran into Jason who was running towards them.

"You missed a great ninth inning.", Rocky told him

"That's it? Nothing about where you were?", asked Jason

Carri put an arm around her friend as she led him up the stairs.

"Come on Jason. We have a lot to talk about.", she said

The six friends headed out of Dodger Stadium and to Carri's house, so they could discuss the past few hours events.


"I can't believe it! They're back!", exclaimed Rita

"Rito!", yelled Zedd

"Somebody is in trouble.", said Goldar as he laughed

"Yes Ed?", asked Rito as he entered the room

"Ed? Now you are really in trouble.", Zedd informed him

"Why?", asked Rito

"The power rangers have made it back to the present.", Goldar informed him

"Oh no.", said Rito as he started to run

"Come back here!", yelled Zedd as he chased after him

Goldar continued to laugh and Rita continued to watch the rangers as the two ran out of the room, with Rito running for his life.