"Kat Times Two"
Written by: KJ and Ninjor

Tommy walked into the youth center, and smiled. "Hi, Kat!" he said, as he slid his arm around her.

"Tommy! Hi! What brings you here?" she asked, as she looked at him.

"I wanted to see you." He told his girlfriend, Kat.

"Well, while you're here, do you want to get something to eat?" Kat asked.

"Why not? I like eating with beautiful women."

"Thank you."


Kat's cousin, Carri Hillard, is laying on the beach, sunbathing.

"This is so relaxing!" she said, not hear her communicator go off from inside her gym bag.

"It's been so quiet." Carri thought. "- But I'm not complaining!"


Adam and his best friend, Rocky are walking through the park.

"I can't believe how quiet it's been, lately."

"Yeah, it's like Mondo has decided to go on vacation." Adam said.

"I wish! That would be a Christmas present that would last a life time!" Rocky mentioned.

"Yeah. Still, it would be nice-"

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep!

"Oh, man! I knew it was too quiet!"

"Go ahead, Alpha" Adam said into his communicator.

"There are cogs just on the other side of the park!"

"Don't worry, Alpha. We can handle this without morphing." An over-confident Rocky stated, as the two friends ran toward the other side of the park.


"Hey, punks! You'd better break out the ice bags, ‘cause you're gonna get hurt!"

They fight the cogs, but more suddenly become visible.

"It's a trap!"

"It's morphin' time," Rocky shouted.



Green ranger yelled, "Let's see how you like the power of green!"


Jason and his girlfriend Emily are walking by the lake.

"The lake looks so beautiful!" Emily stated.

"Yes, it does." Jason replied.

"I'm glad I'm here with you."

"Really?" Jason inquired, as he leaned in for a kiss.


"You're getting paged again, Jason? Why... Well, can't you turn that thing off?"

"Well, I- uh.... not really...."

"Every time we're out, it seems like you get paged."

"That's because I do." Thought Jason.

"Well, I'll make it up to you, I promise." Jason told her, as he silently slipped away.

"Yeah.... sure... But tell me one thing, Jason-.... Jason? Gone. Always leaving when that darned pager goes off! I wish I knew where he is always off to."


"What's up, Zordon?" Jason inquired as he pressed a button on his communicator.


"Right. It's morphin' time! GOLD RA-"


"Emily! What are doing here?" Jason asked quickly.

"Well, I thought I heard your voice-"

"Emily, you must go now. I really need to Telepo-- er... go."

"Well- ....okay" Emily said as she reluctantly left.

"That was too close!" Jason made sure that he was alone. "It's morphin' time, GOLD RANGER POWER!"


Adam and Rocky were really getting beaten by the cogs.

Adam commented, "We.... could use some... help!"

Suddenly, Adam heard something. The word "Rush" to be exact, and a gold streak ran through all of the cogs, knocking them down. Adam then realized that it was Jason.

"Are you guys okay?"

"Yeah, thanks to you, Jase." Rocky stated.

"Let's see what Alpha and Billy know about this attack." Jason voiced.

In three flashes of blue, black, and green light, they were gone.


Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep!

This time, Carri heard her communicator. "Yes?" she asked.


"I'm on my way," Carri said, as she looked around for a safe place to teleport.

"Ugh!" she groaned, as she walked away. "Well, I almost got through a day without hearing that."


"Well, Mr. Oliver, thank you for the food!" Kat stated.

"Anything for-"

Beep Beep Beep Beep-

Tommy cut off the beeps by pressing a button on his communicator, while he and Kat hurried over to a discrete location.

"What's up?" Tommy asked.

"There is a disturbance outside the youth center." Billy said.

"We're on it." and with that, he and Kat ran outside.


Prince Gasket was waiting outside.

"Ha! Red Ranger! Nice of you to come. Sorry, Pink, but this is between us."

"What do you want?" queried Tommy.

"A fight with you!"

"You're on! Kat! Hide in that telephone booth! You'll be safe!!" Tommy commanded, as Kat ran inside the telephone booth. But what they did not notice, was that the "telephone booth" was no ordinary telephone booth.... Nor was Kat safe....


"So, you have no idea what Gasket's up to?" Asked Rocky.

"No, I don't." complained Alpha.


"It's morphin' time,"






"You'll never defeat me!" screamed Gasket as he tossed the red zeo ranger away.

He landed on a lever on the side of the "telephone booth" that Kat was in.

"Something doesn't feel right" Kat thought. She tugged at the door, but it wouldn't budge. She looked down at her hand, and noticed that she was glowing pink.

"Tommy!!" she screamed, banging on the glass.

"Hang on!" Tommy replied as he pulled from the other side. Suddenly, the door flung open, causing Tommy to go flying backwards, where he hit his head, and was knocked out.

"No! Tommy!" Kat glared at Gasket. "Whether you wanted to deal with me or not, you're going to have to!" Kat hissed in a voice that surprised even her . "It's morphin' time, ZEO RANGER I, PINK!!" Nothing happened.

"What? My powers-" Kat cried as she crumpled to the ground, clutching her sides.

"What's happening to me?" Kat thought. Suddenly, she grew brighter, and then, there was a bright flash of pink light, and there lay... two unconscious Kats! They were identical in every way, except the clone had on a dark pink, or magenta T- shirt.

"I do believe that's the end of her. -And I was beginning to wonder if Klank's invention would work!" He laughed as he teleported away, leaving the two Kats, and Tommy.


"Aye yi yi yi yi! Zordon! Something terrible has happened to Kat!"


"I'm on it, Zordon." replied Billy Cranston, an original, and former ranger.


The four other rangers teleport down, only seconds after Gasket has left.

"KAT!!!" Adam cried.

"Oh my-" Carri started

"Don't worry. I'm sure Zordon has this covered. I hope." said Jason.

"Gasket's gonna pay for this!" screamed Rocky, angrily.


"It worked!" cried Prince Sprocket, Prince Gasket's little bother.

"Of course it did! Did you expect anything less from someone as cunning as my Gasket?" said Archerina.

"Humph! I could've done that." said Sprocket.


"This is all my FAULT!!" yelled Tommy, "How could I tell her to hide in some telephone booth?!"

"Easy, there Tommy." said Rocky. "You hit your head pretty hard."

"Don't blame yourself, Tommy. You were only trying to look out for Kat." Billy stated.

"Yeah?! Well why do I always hurting people I love? -Like Kat? - Or my brother? If it weren't for me, she wouldn't be the way she is now!" screamed Tommy.


"- Really? Well what happens now? Who am I going to hurt next?! Huh?" Tommy looks at the ground "You guys don't need me as the team leader. I only screw things up!!" He called for his Zeonisers, and then puts them down on a table, and then walks out.

"TOMMY! No, bro!" Jason bellowed after him.


Everyone stares at the floor, not knowing what to say.

"It wasn't your fault...." Billy muttered.

"If only we knew how to fix Kat!" Rocky said.

Carri had been sobbing in the corner for a few minutes, with her head in her hands.

"It's okay, Carri...." said Rocky, as he came over, and put his hand around his girlfriends, shoulders.

"Wha-.... What a... a... about Ka...?" Carri began, only to be cut off by her own sobs.

"Kat's gonna be okay." Rocky said.


"We've taken two of the six rangers out, so their not invulnerable!" Prince Gasket laughed.

"What a great plan, my dear!" said Archerina, his fiancee.

"Then, we'll find a way to take them all out, one by one!"

"How about if we leave the yellow ranger for last? She'll be so emotional over the fact that her cousin is split in two, that she won't be able to fight, or defend the Earth! Then we shall rule supreme!" Archerina laughed.

"YES!" agreed Gasket.


Suddenly, the alarm went off.

"Oh, no!" Adam said.


"It's Morphin' Time!" Rocky said.






The rangers did a few flips, and confronted the villain.

"I am Mirage! Come and get me, rangers!"

"Gladly!" screamed Jason. "Gold Rush!!" he screamed, but he ended up running into Adam.

"Ha Ha!" Laughed Mirage. "Do you need some glasses?"

"He can project illusions, and all kinds of dangers, and we can't even tell the difference!" Carri complained.

"That's about right, babe!" he said, as he walked towards her.

"Hey! Back off!" Rocky screamed, leaping in front of Carri.

Suddenly, the rangers were in a jungle.

"Another illusion!" Adam yelled.

Mirage shot two energy blasts at him, and with the jungle hallucination all around them, Adam didn't see them coming, and he was knocked flat.


Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep!

"Oh, man! I forgot to get rid of this stupid watch as well.... Go ahead, Zordon." Tommy sighed.


"Alright... I'm on my way to the command center for my zeonisers..."


"AAA!" Carri screamed, as she was tossed aside by Mirage.

"I'll never be defeated!" He cried, as he watched the rangers struggle to their feet.

"That's what you think!" yelled Carri. "You'll pay for what you did to Kat!"

"It wasn't me! I didn't do that to her!" Mirage stated, calmly. "I'm just here to make you suffer!" he ran over to the rangers, and started beating them. He placed his hands on Jason's helmet, and his hands, and Jason began to glow.

"What's happening to me?" Jason asked, as he slowly crumpled to the ground.

"You're trapped in suspended animation!" Mirage cried. You can't help your friends, and they can't help you!"

"JASON!" Rocky screamed.

"I've read about this!" Adam exclaimed, glancing at his un- moving friend. "People put in suspended animation can't move, and they appear to be dead, but they're really alive, only trapped in their sub- conscious mind."

"All that's great, but how do we help him... and Kat?" Rocky said.

"I wish I knew." replied Adam.

"First Kat, now Jason! This is all like a bad dream!" Carri said.

"Zeo Spaded Power Punch!" called a new voice, and the red ranger executed his special move.

"OW! Alright! I can deal with 3 on one, maybe even 4 on one... but 5? No way!" said Mirage, as he teleported.

"Tommy! You're back!" said Rocky.

"That's probably the best news I've heard all day." Adam said.

They all powered down, and ran over to Jason.

"We'd better get him to the command center!" Tommy said, and in 5 flashes of light, they were gone.


"I have taken the Gold Ranger out of commission!" Said a joyful Mirage.

"Good. Now, take out the next one in our plan." Gasket commanded.

"Yes!" said Mirage, as he crumpled a picture of the green zeo ranger. "Lookout, Green!"


Adam is at the command center with Billy, Alpha, and Zordon, reviewing information that might help Kat merge back into one.

"This is near irremediable!" said Billy.

"We can't give up though-" Adam started, when he saw something move. The original Kat was up, and walking around.

"Huh?" she asked. "What happened? I don't remember anything since Gasket knocked Tommy out, and I split into two of myself.... TOMMY!!!!! Where is he? Is he okay? Where's Gasket? Did he get away? Are the others on the case right now? THE OTHERS! OMIGOSH! I should be helping them! I should morph! What am I thinking? My powers are gone since I'm split in two... kind of like Trey! Only he split into three! Will I have to give my powers up? Or-"

"Calm down!" Billy told her. "We're working on a way to get you back to normal."

No one noticed Kat's other half wake up, smirk, and teleport away.


"I hope Kat'll be okay." said Tommy.

"Me too." said Carri who had pushed her lunch to the farthest side of her table.

"You've got to eat something." Rocky told her. You'll waste away to nothing, and then, I'll have an invisible girlfriend!" He told her. But no one laughed. Not even Rocky.

Something just didn't feel right. Not only that, but they were too worried about their fallen comrades, to even worry about telling, or laughing at jokes.

"Adam and Billy will come up with something. I know they will." Rocky said.

"- And if they don't?" asked Carri, who, for the first time in a long time was thinking negative.

"Let's just hope that they will." Tommy said.

"LOOK! It's KAT!" Carri practically screamed, falling off her chair, in order to get to her cousin, who was sporting her magenta shirt.

"Kat! We're glad you're back."

"Well, look who the cat dragged in!" Rocky joked, trying to emphasize the pun.

"Welcome back, beautiful." Tommy said.

"I can't stay long." Kat said, rolling her eyes. "I've got to teach these kids to dance. I don't think they can do it. They're such a waste of time!!" she replied, as she left.

"Was there anything weird about that ? I mean, It's Kat we're talking about here. Innocent? Sweet? Pretty?"

"I wonder what's wrong with her." Carri said.

Moments later, the Kat in a pink shirt came into the youth center.

"Back so soon?" asked Tommy.

"What do you mean? This is my first time today coming in here, and you guys act as if I've been here."

"You have been here, but you just left. By the way, why are you back?" Adam asked.

"I haven't been here.... but... where did "I" say that I was going?" Kat interrogate.

"To teach your class!" Carri said. "Boy, are you out of it."

"My class? But I don't teach today!" Kat gasped.

"Then let's get down there, and find out what's going on." Rocky stated.

"What I don't understand, is how you got back into one." Carri said.

"What? I'm still in two parts!" Kat exclaimed.

"That must be your other part!" Adam said.

"Well, let's hurry!" Tommy exclaimed.


"Billy, what information do we have on Kat's other half?" asked Alpha 5.

"Well, she must have teleported while we weren't looking, and now, she's trying to destroy the team, bit by bit." Billy Cranston, the former original Blue Ranger explained.

"YES, BILLY. BUT WHY?" inquired Zordon.

"Keep in mind, that she is Kat's evil half. Since whatever happened to Kat, she has been in two parts. A good part, and an evil part. - And right now, that evil part is running wild. All we can do.... is wait." said Billy.


"Hey, you! Freeze!" Carri said to "Kat"

"You?!" she exclaimed, as the other rangers came into view.

"Yeah! You're coming with us!" Tommy told her.

"I don't want to hurt... me... well, you know what I mean." The real Kat said.

"Why don't we take this somewhere less.... populated?" The evil Kat asked, with a smirk.

"Let's." said Tommy, who had just noticed how many people were in the building.


They all teleport into the park.

Suddenly, the friends are attacked by Cogs.

"It's a trap!" yelled Carri. "We need to morph!"

"Go ahead." Kat told her teammates. "Since I can't morph because I'm in two parts, I'll handle these guys while you morph."

"Okay." said Tommy as he kissed her on the cheek. "Be careful."

"Aren't I always?" She joked.

"It's morphin' time!"





They all ran at the evil Kat, being careful not to injure her, so they could put Kat back together, without having one part of her injured.

But not to their surprise, the cogs jumped in front of the evil Kat to keep her safe because she is a part of Gasket's plan.

"We have to take them first.", Adam pointed out

"Right.", Tommy agreed and they launched into another battle with the cogs

Meanwhile, the evil Kat slipped away to go find her other half.

"Hello.", greeted the evil Kat

Kat jumped and turned around to see who her visitor was.

"It's amazing. We both come from the same person yet we're so different.", Kat told her

"Personally I think you're a little to good for me.", said the evil Kat, "Which is why you're going to just have to go."

"I don't think so.", Kat told her

"Think again.", said Mirage as he appeared behind Kat

Mirage grabbed Kat and then he disappeared with her to one of Gasket's hiding caves.

"Now I have to change shirts or nobody will believe I'm Kat.", said the evil Kat

Kat teleported away and then teleported back in one of Kat's pink shirts.

The rangers finished with their fight with the cogs.

"Where did she go?", asked Carri

"She must've slipped off while we were fighting.", Rocky said

Carri stomped her foot in frustration. "We have to find her."

"She's probably somewhere with Gasket, working on his plan.", Tommy said

"Come on, let's get back to the Power Chamber.", Adam said as the four rangers prepared to teleport

"Coming Kat?", asked Tommy

"Yeah, right behind you.", Kat said as they all teleported out


The first thing they all noticed upon teleporting in was Jason's still lifeless body sitting on a medical table.

"Anything?", asked Tommy

"I've got some good news and some bad news.", Billy said

"Good news first.", Rocky told him

"Alright. The good news is, I'm one step away from curing Jason.", Billy paused while the others let out a sigh of relief, "The bad news is I have some ideas on how to fix Kat, but I can do nothing until we have her other half here."

"But we have no idea where her other half has gotten off to.", Carri complained

"Rangers, I will run a scan for Kat's other half and I will tell you as soon as I have found her.", Alpha said

"And in the meantime?", asked Tommy

"You have to wait.", Billy told him

Tommy, Kat, Carri and Rocky then teleported out. Adam stayed behind to lend a hand.

"What do you need?", asked Adam

Billy pointed him towards what he was looking at. "Check this out."

Adam leaned in to take a look and the two went to work.


"Where am I?", asked Kat after Mirage let go of her

"A cave. In the desert. A very well protected cave I might add.", Gasket told her

"What do you want with me?", asked Kat

"It's very simple. With your evil half running around destroying the ranger team as we speak, the world will be mine. And if you're here, you can't stop it.", Gasket explained

"My friends won't let you do this.", Kat told him

"Your friends won't even know what's going on until it's to late.", said Gasket with an evil smile as he left

Kat walked around looking for a way out, and she found one, but she also found several dozen cogs so she turned and walked back into the cave, hoping her friends would find her and save her.


Everyone had ended up at the beach club, and they were all sitting at a table talking.

"He's tearing us apart one by one. Who's going to be next?", asked Carri

"Nobody.", Tommy said, and by the tone in his voice he meant it

"Tommy's right. We're not going to let Gasket win.", Rocky told her

"How can you be so sure?", asked Kat. "Gasket may have already won and we wouldn't know it."

"She's right you know.", Carri said, "What if Gasket's plan has been carried out? What if we've lost already?"

Rocky put a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, don't think like that. Gasket hasn't won, and he won't win. It's thinking like that which will allow Gasket to win."

"Yeah Carri, if we think we'll loose, than we might as well give up. But as long as there is even one ranger, we haven't lost.", Tommy told her

"Well I won't believe anything until I see proof. Proof that we haven't lost yet.", Kat said

"Kat, you're being so negative today.", Tommy pointed out, "Why?"

"I'm not being negative, I'm just pointing out what might be, or probably is.", Kat told him

Emily, who was working that day, came up to the table.

"Can I get you anything?", asked Emily

"I'm fine.", Kat said

"Me too.", agreed Carri

"Maybe you should eat something. You haven't eaten all day.", Rocky pointed out

"I'm fine. Really. I'm not hungry.", Carri assured him

"But you need to eat.", Rocky told her

"Don't worry about me. You have other things you could be worrying about."

Rocky sighed, deciding not to say anything else. He knew he wouldn't get anywhere.

"Rocky, Tommy, do you guys want anything?", asked Emily

"Not right now.", Rocky said

"I don't need anything.", Tommy told her

Emily started to walk away but then she turned around and came back to the table.

"Have any of you guys seen Jason? I was with him this morning, but he got paged and I haven't talked to him since.", Emily asked

"I ran into him a while ago. There was some sort of family emergency. He said he'll call you as soon as he can.", Tommy told her

"Oh, ok, thanks.", said Emily

Katherine sat there staring off into space for a moment, then she got up.

"I just remembered something I have to do. I'll catch up with you later.", Kat said as she left

"Alright. Don't stay gone too long.", Tommy said

"I won't.", Kat told him as she left

"Kat seems kind of out there.", Carri said

"It must be really difficult for her, seeing herself in two parts like that.", Rocky commented

"She wouldn't be in two parts if it wasn't for me.", Tommy said as he looked down

"Woah, hold up, I thought we got past this part.", Carri said

"I know, but I can't help feeling like I let Kat down. Jason too.", Tommy told her

"First of all, even if you had been at the fight from the beginning there would've been nothing you could have done to help Jason. And secondly you did what you thought was right in order to protect Kat.", said Carri

"I just think that I should've known... should've said something different, should've had Kat leave instead of just wait.", Tommy said

"If it makes you feel any better, I would've done the same thing if I was in your shoes.", Rocky told him

Tommy smiled. "Thanks man. That makes me feel better."

"What do you say we go to the Youth Center and spar? It's a good stress reliever.", Rocky suggested

"Why not. We need something to do while we wait.", Tommy agreed

The three got up and headed to the Youth Center, Tommy and Rocky to spar and Carri to watch.


"Hello Gasket.", Kat greeted

"How good it is to see you. I applaud your efforts in trying to tear apart the yellow ranger.", Gasket said

"What would you like me to do?", asked Kat

Gasket handed her a small container. "Use this. It is powerful enough to drain the life out of one ranger. It starts by knocking them out, and in the course of one day it will kill them."

"I know just how to use this.", Kat said with a smirk as she teleported out


The three friends walked into the Youth Center and to the empty sparring mat.

"Haven't you guys noticed that you are practically the only ones who use that?", asked Carri

"That's because we're the best fighters in Angel Grove and we're also the strongest and nobody else thinks they're good enough to use it.", Rocky told her

Carri smiled for the first time all day as Rocky and Tommy exchanged high fives.

"Come on, let's get started.", Tommy said as he walked on onto the mat

Rocky quickly joined him and the two got started on their match in an attempt to relieve stress about what's going on.


Kat teleported into one of the hallways in the Power Chamber. She stood there and watched as Adam came out of the main room and started walking towards her.

"Kat, hi. What are you doing here?", asked Adam

"Oh nothing.", Kat said as she led him through the Power Chamber

"Where are you taking me? Because we just walked past the place where I was supposed to be.", Adam told her

Kat led him into a back room. Then she started to run her fingers through his hair.

"Kat, come on, what's this about?", Adam wanted to know

"I want you.", she told him

"What about Tommy?", asked Adam

"Tommy? Tommy who?", she replied as she leaned in and kissed him

"We shouldn't do this. I'm with Tanya, and..", Adam started

Kat cut him off by kissing him again. Adam was preoccupied with her and he didn't notice her bring something from behind her back and stab him with it.

Adam collapsed to the ground. Kat grabbed his arm and teleported him somewhere out in the open.


"Adam's been gone an awful long time.", Billy pointed out

"I'll scan for him.", Alpha said. "Ai ai ai! Adam is unconscious in the park!"

Alpha quickly teleported Adam to another medical table, and Billy ran to scan him.

"His body systems are slowly shutting down. We have to reverse this now, or it'll be too late.", Billy said

"If you work on the cure for Adam, I can finish with Jason.", Alpha told him

"Alright. But we need to inform the others of what's going on.", Billy said

"I'll do that first.", said Alpha


"Boy is this intense.", Carri pointed out

"Well, it's keeping our minds off of things.", Rocky told her

"And it's a good work out.", added Tommy

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

The teens headed over towards their usual spot.

"What is it?", asked Tommy

"Somehow Gasket got to Adam and now he's dying.", Alpha told him

"We're on our way.", Tommy replied

Then the three teens teleported to the Power Chamber.


"Well done.", Gasket greeted

"It was easy.", Kat told him

"Who's next?", asked Mirage

"We should destroy the blue ranger. That will tear the yellow ranger completely apart.", suggested Archerina

"Brilliant plan my darling.", Gasket said

"Let me take care of the blue ranger.", said Mirage

"Fine.", agreed Gasket

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"They must have found Adam.", Kat said, "Let me go pretend to care."

The others nodded in agreement, and she left to go to the Power Chamber.


"This is horrible!", exclaimed Carri

"This is it, I will not let Gasket hurt anyone else!, Tommy yelled

"Will he be ok?", asked Rocky

"I hope so.", Billy answered

A flash of pink light appeared followed by Kat.

"Oh my gosh, Adam! I can't believe this happened to him.", Kat said

"Neither can we.", Rocky told her

"What makes me curious is how Adam got hurt. If there was a monster, or another evil, the alarm would've gone off.", Billy pointed out

"That is a good question.", agreed Tommy

Then the alarm went off. Alpha walked away from Jason and to the control panels.

"It's Mirage again rangers.", Alpha told them

"Alright. Let's do it. It's morphin time!", Tommy yelled





"You won't defeat me!", Mirage yelled

"I'd think twice before I said that.", Tommy told him

Then a group of cogs appeared before them.

"We can take them.", Rocky said

"Don't we always?", asked Carri

The rangers and the cogs got into a fight, which was a rather short fight, because the cogs were quickly defeated and sent home.

"Now it's my turn.", Mirage said as he issued a blast which flung the rangers in three different directions

Mirage started to charge towards them when, to his surprise, he was met by the gold ranger.

"Jason!", Carri exclaimed

"I have a bone to pick with you.", Jason told Mirage

The other three rangers got up and stood by Jason's side.

"Let's see how you like this. It's time for a gold rush!", yelled Jason

Jason ran towards Mirage and got ready to make contact, when Mirage fooled him and he was standing in front of Rocky. Jason tried to stop it, but he couldn't stop it all and Rocky got a small end of the gold rush. Rocky fell to the ground.

"No!", Carri yelled as she ran towards him

Carri got down on her knees and lifted up his head.

"Rocky, can you hear me?", she asked

Carri got no response.

"You will not get away with this!", yelled Jason

"Too late.", Mirage said as he left

"Come on, let's get him back to the Power Chamber.", Tommy said as he and Jason walked over to them

The four rangers then teleported out, and Rocky was teleported straight to a medical bed. The other rangers took of their helmets.

Carri tried to hold back tears. "Will he... will he be ok?"

Jason went over and put an arm around his friend. "Of course he will. After all, he's got Billy looking after him."

"Thank you.", Billy said, "And yes he will be, the gold rush wasn't strong enough to do any damage. I just have to let the scanner run it's course and Rocky will be as good as new."

Carri smiled. "That's a relief."

"What about Adam?", asked Tommy

"I believe I may have the cure for him.", Billy told them

All three rangers smiled, and Kat managed a fake smile.

A few moments later, Rocky sat up. Carri broke away from Jason and went over to him.

"Are you ok?", asked Carri

"Considering I just felt the gold rush, I'm fine.", Rocky told her

"About that, I'm sorry. I...", Jason started

Rocky cut him off. "Don't worry about it. It's Mirage's fault."

"Good news everyone. I've found Kat and I'm bringing her on screen now.", Alpha said

The rangers turned to look, where the saw Kat being held in a cave.

"Wait a minute, that's supposed to be the evil Kat, yet she's being held captive.", Tommy pointed out

"That can only mean one thing.", Carri said as the group turned to look at the real evil Kat

"Oopsies. Well, it's been fun. Gotta go.", Kat said as she quickly teleported out

"Rangers, I can teleport you to the entrance of the cave, but I can't teleport you in because of a force field.", Alpha told them

"Looks like we'll have to fight our way in.", Jason said

"Then what are we waiting for?", asked Rocky

"It's morphin time!", yelled Tommy






Evil Kat walked into the cave to chat with her good counterpart.

"Well, I've been found out. That's ok, because I took the green ranger out of commission for good.", said evil Kat

"I refuse to believe that.", Kat told her

"I was with Billy. He said that Adam is dying.", evil Kat said

"If he's dying that means he's not dead yet and we can still save him.", Kat pointed out

"Billy may have been able to save Jason and Rocky, but this time what has been done is a little more permanent.", evil Kat told her

Kat was about to protest when she saw a blue and red figure flip over her and her other half's heads.

"Gasket should know better than to send the cogs to keep us out.", Tommy said

Kat was happy to see Tommy and Rocky on one side of her and Jason and Carri on the other.

"Oh boy. So which one is which?", asked Carri as they got a look at the two identical Kat's

"Does it really matter? We need them both anyway.", Jason pointed out

"I'm the good Kat.", said evil Kat

"Don't listen to her. It's me who's good.", said Kat

"Well why don't we all go to the Power Chamber and settle this.", Rocky suggested

The good Kat walked out of the cave and the rangers saw a faint pink light going through the sky.

"Well doesn't she suck. Oh well, you're not getting me to the Power Chamber unless you can get me out of here, which I won't let you do.", evil Kat told them

"I'd think twice before you said anything.", Tommy told her

"I seriously doubt that...", but before Kat could finish her sentence she was hit from behind and fell to the ground

"Nice to see you up and going again.", Rocky said

"Kat tried to get the best of me, but, well, all I can say is I owe Billy big time.", Adam said

"Come on, let's get Kat out of here and get this thing settled once and for all.", Carri said


"Well guys, cross your fingers. I hope this works.", Billy said as he pressed a few buttons

There was some fancy lights and smoke as the machine appeared to be working. After the smoke cleared only one Kat was left laying on the medical table.

Billy ran over to scan her.

"Well, is she back to normal?", asked Tommy

Billy was silent for a few seconds then a slow smile crept across his face.

"Ok Billy, do tell.", Carri said

"She's back to normal. No more two Kat's.", Billy told them

"Way to go Billy.", Jason congratulated him

Then alarm went off and the rangers turned to see a city wrecking sized Mirage.

"I'll piolet the Pink Super Zeo Zord from here, even when Kat wakes up I don't want her rushing into battle that quickly.", Billy said

"Ok. It's morphin time!", yelled Tommy







"We need Super Zeo Zord Power!", yelled Tommy

"I call upon the power of Pyramidas!", Jason yelled

Then they formed the Super Mega Zeo Zord followed by the Super Zeo Ultra Zord.

"You think your silly toys will destroy me?", questioned Mirage

"If only I had a penny for every time I heard that one.", Carri muttered

Then they all yelled fire and the Ultra Zord did as it was told, and Mirage was finally brought down.


"Ha ha! Looks like my big brother fails again.", said Sprocket

"Silence! I don't want to hear another word from you.", Gasket said, "Next time rangers, I will put an end to you."

Sprocket laughed as he walked off, and Gasket threw a look in his direction.

"Don't worry about him dear, we will get those rangers.", Archerina promised

"Then the world will be ours.", Gasket said


"Kat, you're alright!", Tommy exclaimed as he ran to give his girlfriend a hug

"It's great to see you back to normal again.", Carri said

"It's great to be back to normal.", Kat told her

"What an action packed, near death filled day.", Adam said

"And stressful. I'm making a new rule here. Only one person is allowed some serious injury or to almost die, in other words do something I have to work at to fix, per day. A few broken bones is ok though.", Billy said

"We actually made you work today.", Jason told him

"Billy's such a genius, I'm sure it was no problem.", Carri said

Billy blushed. "Thanks."

There was a few seconds of silence before Rocky spoke up.

"And so ends another typical day in the lives of the Power Rangers.", he said

The rangers smiled. They were happy because Rocky was right, the stressful times were over for the moment and they finally had some time that day for a little R and R.