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by : KJ Holland

The two young lovers were on the couch making out. They had the house to themselves. They were both so involved in the moment that neither one of them heard the door open.

"Ah-hem.", Katherine Hillard cleared her throat

The two looked up.

"Oh, ah, you're back.", said Carri Hillard as she sat up

Tommy Oliver stood there with a smile on his face. "Did we interrupt something?", he asked

"No nothing important really.", said Rocky DeSantos as he gave him a look. Then he smiled at Tommy.

Kat looked down at what was in her hands. "Before I forget this came for you today.", she said as she handed her a letter

Carri positioned herself so she was sitting Indian style on the couch and she took the letter.

"What is it?", asked Rocky as he slipped his arms around her waist and laid his head on her shoulder

"It's from the Female Athletes Association.", she told him. "I wonder what it could be."

"Well open it.", said Kat

Carri opened it and took out the neatly folded letter and read it. "Nifty. Get this. You are invited to come to the National Female High School Athletes Convention due to your being one of the best in your sport..."

Tommy cut her off. "Being the only female in your sport I guess you could be the best."

Carri rolled her eyes and continued on. "If you attend you will get an all expense paid trip which starts out in San Francisco. There you will stay for two days before we fly you and the nineteen other female athletes out to a tropical island where you will stay in only the best accommodations for three days. Then you will come back to San Francisco for another two days. You have until Saturday... dude that's tomorrow... to call our toll free number and reserve your spot for the trip. Reservations have already been made for you to fly first class to San Francisco Monday morning and you'll return late Sunday night. We hope you attend."

"Wow.", Rocky said. "Where's my invitation to something like that?"

"Um Rocky, unless there's something about you we don't know I don't think you'll be getting anything from the Female Athletes Association.", Tommy told him

"That's not what I... aw never mind.", Rocky tried to defend himself

"So are you going to go?", asked Kat

"I don't see why not.", Carri told her

"So you're going to leave poor me here all alone for a week?", asked Rocky

Carri kissed him. "You'll survive.", she said as she reached for the phone

"I hope I do.", he said in a sad voice

"Oh!", Kat exclaimed as she jumped up

Everyone looked at her in alarm.

"I forgot we only stopped by so I could change before we went to the restaurant.", Kat explained

The boys chatted as Kat went upstairs and Carri made her call. Then Kat and Tommy left and Carri and Rocky picked back up where they left off.

"Look she's going out of town. How convenient.", said Callisto as she appeared in the Lunar Palace

"You again? How dare you come back here after you left us the last time!", exclaimed Lord Zedd

"My plan wasn't exactly going the way I wanted it too. So I made a new plan.", Callisto told him

"Really now? And what kind of plan is that?", asked Rita Repulsa

Rito Revolto entered the room. "Plan? What plan? Whatever it is can I please be in charge of the monster this time Ed?", he asked as he spotted Callisto. "Hiya Callie."

Callisto flung him across the room. Goldar snickered.

"Did you not learn your lesson last time?", asked Callisto

"Oh. Hehe. I forgot.", Rito told her

Callisto rolled her eyes. "Look at him. He's a disgusting slob and I haven't heard about him bagging any rangers. Why do you keep him around?"

"Funny I ask myself the same question.", Zedd said

"He's my brother. That's why.", Rita said in his defense

"I'm here to destroy all the rangers, past and present. Now you can help me or not but if you don't help me I don't suggest you get in my way.", Callisto threatened

"Not help you get rid of all of them?", questioned Zedd, "Of course we'll help you. What do you need?"

"Just a dozen tengas.", Callisto said

"Done.", Zedd told her

Rito jumped up and down and waved his hand in the air. "Oohhh pick me, pick me!"

"I want to destroy the rangers. Not entertain them.", Callisto informed him

Goldar snickered again. "Finally someone with some sense around here.", he muttered

"When do we start?", asked Rita

"Collections start tomorrow.", Callisto said with a smile. Then she left, taking a dozen tengas with her.

Billy Cranston got up Saturday morning and finished throwing his things in a duffel bag.

"Miss me.", said Cestria

"I will, promise.", Billy said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek

"When are you leaving?", she asked

"In a few minutes.", Billy told her

The two heard a noise and Billy pressed a button. Delphine's face appeared on the screen.

"We are in need of your assistance Cestria.", Delphine told her

"I'm on my way.", said Cestria as she ended the transmission. "I'll see you when you get back Billy."

Cestria reached over and squeezed Billy's hand then she left. Billy grabbed his last shirt and as he looked up he saw Cestria come back in.

"Billy?", she questioned

"Yes?", asked Billy with concern in his voice

"Come over here please.", she requested

Billy walked over to Cestria. "What is it?"

"I just wanted to hug you.", Cestria told him

Billy leaned in and gave her a hug. When he leaned back out he saw he was in a big cage in the middle of a room in some sort of cave.

"Welcome to my world.", said Cestria as she turned back into Callisto

"Why you...", Billy said lunging at her

Callisto lifted her hand and she took herself outside the cage. She looked at Billy and started laughing silently.

Billy ran towards her and grabbed the cage's bars, but an electrical shock went through him and he few back.

Callisto laughed out loud. Then she turned to face her squad of tengas.

"Tomorrow we go to Africa.", she said with a smile

The tengas started squawking then they stood in front of the cage mocking Billy.

Callisto smiled with approval as her plan started taking shape.

"But anyway that's where I'm going this week.", Carri told her friend

"I hate you.", Jason Lee Scott said as she smiled. "No don't smile, I'm not kidding, you suck."

"Thank you very much.", Carri said

Someone came up behind Jason and ran her fingers through his hair.

"Break time?", asked Jason

"You got it.", his girlfriend Emily replied

Carri smiled. "Hey Emily."

"Hey how's it going?", asked Emily

"Considering she's going on a free vacation it's got to be going pretty good.", Jason answered for her

Carri reached over and shoved him lightly on the shoulder. "I can answer for myself thank you very much."

"No you can't. You need someone to answer for you. Like me.", said Rocky as he came in and put a hand on her shoulder

"So are you now my official spokesperson?", she asked

"Only if you let me.", Rocky told her

"Well now. I'll have to think on that.", she said

"So what's this about a free vacation?", asked Emily

"Let Jason tell you. Later. In the privacy of your home.", said Carri

"Is this before or after the make out session?", asked Jason

"Jason!", exclaimed Emily

Jason smiled. "I was just trying to get things cleared up."

Emily sighed. "Men."

"Exactly.", agreed Carri

Rocky moved around to stand in front of Carri. "Moving on, what do you say we go out all day today and tonight. Because I know you won't be in any mood to go out tomorrow night since you have to get up early Monday morning."

"Got anything planned?", she asked

"Actually I do.", he told her

"Really now? Sure I'm all for it.", Carri told him

Rocky extended his hand out to her. "Let's go then."

She took his hand and the two headed out.

"Bye.", they both called to their friends

"It's just me and you now.", Emily said

Jason smiled as she came and sat down beside him. "Is that a bad thing?"

"Why would it be?", she asked as she leaned in and kissed him

"Well you know...."

"Hey bro what's up!", exclaimed Tommy as he and Kat walked in

Jason looked up. "Tommy, hi, great timing, as usual."

Tommy grinned. "I know."

"I hope we weren't interrupting.", said Kat

"Well at least one of you cares.", teased Emily

"I need some service!", some rude teenager yelled

Emily sighed. "Break's over."

Jason squeezed her hand as she walked off. "I'll talk to you later."

"Later it is.", she agreed as she went behind the counter to grab her notepad

Tommy glanced at the mat. "You in bro?", he asked

Jason jumped up. "Of course I am."

The two walked towards the mat and Kat joined them.

"Not that I had anything more important to do anyway that watch you two sweat it out on the mat.", joked Kat

Tommy reached over and put an arm around her. "We all know your life revolves around me."

"Who else would it revolve around?", asked Kat

"You know it could revolve around me.", Jason told her

"But wouldn't that make Emily jealous?", Kat asked him

"No because she knows that I love her and I wouldn't cheat on her with any woman, no matter what.", stated Jason

Kat smiled. "What if I threw out a proposal that you just couldn't refuse."

"Time out here. My best friend and my girlfriend are now getting it on together?", asked Tommy

Jason laughed. "Let's go on Jerry and figure it out. It'll be the four of us."

"Bro can you not count? Me, you and Kat. One, two three."

"But you can't forget Emily. Of course Jerry will want to bring out my girlfriend.", reminded Jason. "So come on, let's start practicing for the fighting. Because you know they'll be a lot."

"Well we've got to go get changed. We'll be right back.", Tommy said to Kat

Kat giggled at the two boys. "Ok Tommy.", she said

Then the two boys went off leaving Kat to her thoughts for the moment.

Callisto was still enjoying her first conquest, watching Billy behind the cage.

"Answer me! Who are you? What's going on here?", Billy asked her, yelling

Callisto flung Billy across the cage and into the bars on the other side, shocking him.

"Ok.", she said. "I am Callisto Goddess of War. And I plan to kill everybody. Every single ranger."

Billy slowly stood up then he snickered. "You think you'll get the power rangers? They'll be here to rescue me as soon as they find out what happened. Then you'll be finished."

Callisto smiled. "It's going to be hard for them to find out what happened, considering I'm going to tell them soon enough and have them come."

"You don't think the rangers have faced worse than you?", asked Billy

Callisto started at him. "Nothing is worse than me. I am a goddess, who cannot be killed by your silly weapons. Besides I almost killed them the first time."

"First time?", Billy asked in a whisper

Playing with her hair, Callisto frowned. "Poor, poor Billy. Looks like your friends left you in the dark."

"You are an evil....", Billy started

Billy stopped when he heard Callisto laughing and playing with her hair as she twirled around.

"Sleep tight.", Callisto said and with a wave of her hand she left Billy and the tengas in the cave

"I'll be back in a few days.", Aisha Campbell promised her mother

"Be careful honey. Who know's what's out there.", Mrs. Campbell warned

"Mom I've made the trip in to town 12 dozen times by now. And I've taken the bus to the city 5 dozen more. I'll be fine. The only new thing is I'm going to stay in the city for a day or two.", Aisha said

Her mother frowned. "I know but I still worry about you. You might get seriously hurt out there."

Aisha kissed her mom on the cheek. "Don't worry about me mom. Goodbye." Then grabbing her bag, Aisha left.

Aisha elected to take the scenic route to the town. She sighed as she walked under the hot African sun. "I was the yellow ranger for a while, and my mom worries that I might get myself hurt going through Africa. If only I could tell her.", she spoke aloud

Suddenly a lion came out of the bushes. Frightened at first by the unexpected visitor, she quickly calmed back down and looked at it.

"I wonder who's spirit guide you are.", she said to the lion

The lion just growled as he laid down in the sun and stretched.

Aisha smiled at him, then she went back to her earlier train of thought. "Who am I kidding, if I told my mom she'd only freak out. She'd be afraid that someone would come after me knowing that I was the former yellow ranger. But we all know that won't happen."

"And the funny thing is you believe that.", said a voice from behind her

Aisha turned around and saw a blond woman in leather. She quickly dropped her bags and took a defensive stance. "Who are you?", she asked

"Why I'm Callisto Goddess of War. And I'm here to bring you back with me.", Callisto told her

"Don't count on it.", Aisha said

Callisto drew her sword. "Now we can do this the hard way, or the easy way. Personally I prefer the easy...", Callisto paused and looked at her sword. "Actually I like the hard way. Your choice."

Aisha ran to attack her, but with no luck. The first time she swung a punch Callisto grabbed her hand and then twisted Aisha around so she was holding her with her sword at Aisha's neck.

"Time to go now.", Callisto said

Then the two disappeared from Africa and into the cage where Billy was being held.

Billy stood up when Callisto came back in.

"I brought you a playmate.", Callisto said flinging Aisha towards him

Billy caught Aisha. "Are you ok?", he asked

"Yeah. No thanks to her.", Aisha told him

"Well now I guess I'll just let the two of you catch up. Enjoy.", Callisto said as she went back to the Lunar Palace

Kat walked into her cousin's room Sunday afternoon and found it a mess, with Carri sitting in the middle of it, her back turned.

"Carri!", she exclaimed

"Hmm?", she asked not looking up from what she was doing

"It looks like a tornado came through here. Don't tell me you plan on leaving it like this.", Kat said

Carri looked up at her cousin. "Of course not. I just pulled everything out and thought about packing it but didn't and now it's in the floor and I have no clue what I'm going to pack."

"Um... clothes?", suggested Kat

Carri grabbed a shirt from the dirty clothes pile, balled it up, and threw it at her unsuspecting cousin. "Ya think?", she asked as she turned around and got back to picking clothes out.

Kat took the shirt and threw it back at Carri, hitting her in the back of the head. Carri didn't flinch, she calmly through it back in the dirty clothes pile. "That was uncalled for.", she said calmly

Surprised by Carri's reaction, Kat just stood there staring blankly. Then she got hit with a bean bag ball. Carri turned around to see her reaction. The two girls started at each other then they both started giggling.

"Need a hand?", asked Kat

"As many as I can get.", Carri told her

Then Kat went over to help her cousin get ready for her vacation.

"So are they dead yet?", Rito asked Callisto as he walked up to Zedd's throne, where Callisto was sitting

"By they I assume you mean the rangers.", Callisto said. "Do you think I would be sticking around if I had already destroyed those brats? I would be busy, down on Earth, making the people squirm and having them bow down to my feet."

"Oh, ah, ok. Gotcha.", Rito said. "But, uh, why do you want them at your feet again?"

"He can't be that stupid.", said Callisto

"That thought has crossed my mind several times.", Zedd told her. "And every time the answer seems to be yes."

"I wonder why.", said Callisto

Rito scratched his head. "Ok Callie, tell me again when I attack the rangers."

Callisto flung him across the room, and this time was the hardest time yet. "When I'm looking for an idiot to mess it all up, then I'll call you."

"Goddess Callisto, if it doesn't interfere with your plan, may I please take down a group of tengas to harass the red ranger?", asked Goldar

"Be my guest. Just play nice though, I don't want him dead before I capture him.", Callisto said

"Yes my queen.", Goldar said, then he disappeared

"What! You got him to say please! He never said please to me!", screeched Rita

Callisto tried to tune Rita's screeching out. But as she went on, she got louder. "You have been so nice to me, I'd hate to have to make you shut up."

Knowing how crazy Callisto could be, Rita shut her mouth.

"Finally.", Zedd muttered

Enjoying the silence, Callisto sat in the throne smiling. "Not too much longer. Then everyone's problems will be solved. No more rangers.", she said shaking her head no. "Speaking of the rangers, I think I'll go see my friends.", she said, then she left for the cave

Tommy glanced at his watch. "I'm going to be late again!", he exclaimed

Everyone was supposed to meet in the movie theater for the 7:00 showing of Men In Black, which promised to be a much better movie than the last one they saw as a group, Batman and Robin.

Tommy began to run. He was supposed to meet the others at 6:45 and it was already 6:40. He hadn't got but two steps further when several figures materialized in front of him.

"Where do you think you're going red ranger?", asked Goldar

"I was on my way to the movies, but now it looks like I'm going to have to take care of you first.", Tommy told him

"We shall see.", said Goldar. "Tengas, attack!"

Tommy fought the tengas, unmorphed and by himself, then he saw four flashes of light surround him, and beat the tengas.

"Nice of you to join me.", Tommy told them

"We were in a crowded theater.", Rocky pointed out

"Now come on bro, join us.", said Jason

"No problem. It's morphin time! ZEO RANGER V, RED!"

Goldar sneered. "My fight is just with you red ranger. For the rest of you, I present the tengas."

Tommy called for his power weapon. "Fine by me Goldar."

The fight began. After a tiresome battle, Goldar took his troops and went home to keep from doing something against Callisto's wishes.

"Ha. We tired them out.", Carri said proudly

"We try.", said Rocky

"Come on, our movie should be starting any minute now.", Kat said

"But I don't have a ticket.", complained Tommy

"See you in the theater.", said Jason as the four left

Cheating, Tommy teleported close to the theater and powered down. Then he got his ticket and went in.

"Last call for flight 1067 to San Francisco.", announced a voice

Carri broke away from Rocky. "I better go before I miss my flight.", she said

"I'd hate for that to happen.", Rocky told her

Carri smiled. "Sure you would. Then I'd be stuck here with you."

Rocky shrugged his shoulders. "Can you blame me for wanting that?"

After quickly kissing Rocky on the cheek, Carri made her way to the plane. "I'll talk to you in a week."

"Bye.", Rocky said as he waved

Then Rocky walked off. He glanced down at his watch, which read only 8:00. "Sheesh. Well it was worth it to get up that early.", he said

Rocky yawned. He was ready to make up some sleep. And he figured he would have some time to do just that, since Rita and Zedd had been moving slowly the last few days. The only attack was another one from Goldar against Tommy. Of course that didn't mean that they weren't planning. But how bad could it be.

Enjoying the concept of having an attack less week, Rocky rode the escalator down and headed home.

"This is such a beautiful city.", Trini Kwan commented as she and her friend walked through the streets of Paris

"Yeah.", agreed Zack Taylor. "I'm glad they let us stay behind. Besides we aren't needed in until later this week." Then Zack sighed.

"Something wrong Zack?", asked Trini

Zack looked over at her friend. "Paris is nice and all, in fact Europe is really nice, but I still wouldn't mind seeing home."

"As in Angel Grove?", asked Trini. Zack nodded his head yes. "You don't want to leave the Peace Conferences too do you?"

"No of course not. I'd just love to see home. Even if it's just for a little while.", Zack said

"Wish granted.", said a voice

Turning around the two saw Callisto standing behind them.

"Who are you?", asked Zack

"And what do you want with us?", Trini wanted to know

Callisto smiled. "The name's Callisto. I'd remember that if I was you. And you said you wanted to see home, so I'll take you on a free trip to the west coast. To the cage on my island. Just west of Angel Grove."

"When I said I wanted to see Angel Grove, that wasn't exactly what I had in mind. I'm afraid I'll have to pass on your offer.", Zack told her

Laughing, Callisto shook her head no. "Nobody refuses me."

Then lifting her hand, she knocked both the former rangers out before they could respond. She quickly teleported them back to her cave.

Dropping her bags, Carri fumbled for her room key. "Here it is.", she said. Then she opened the door and walked in, dragging her bags behind her.

The long dark brown haired girl who was staying in that room jumped up and turned around when she heard Carri come in.

"Sorry if I scared you.", Carri said as she kicked the door closed behind her

The other girl walked over to Carri and extended her hand. "My name's Sherry Olsen."

"Carri Hillard.", she said as she shook Sherry's hand

"So from what I've seen we're waiting on one more person.", Sherry told her

"Do you know who she is?", asked Carri

Sherry shook her head no. "The sheet I saw just listed where everyone was flying in from. I knew I had an east coast roommate and a west coast roommate."

"Well I'm from Angel Grove, California."

"Never heard of it. I'm from Charlotte, North Carolina."

"I know were that is!", exclaimed Carri

"So, what sport do you play?", asked Sherry

"I'm a, well I was a pitcher for Angel Grove High's baseball team. What about you?"

"I was a pitcher for North Meck's softball team."

Carri stood up and got a good look around the room. "It has an upstairs.", she said

"Yup. It's livingroom-ish downstairs, with a couch bed, and it has two more beds upstairs. I figured we'd decided who stays where when everyone gets here."

"Just as long as we don't have a stuck up third roommate who chooses for everyone. Because then we'd have to be fighting."

"Well I'll trust that the people who chose who comes here chose people who were decent as well as athletically inclined."

Carri smiled. "Athletically inclined. That's right. I'll have to tell Tommy when I get back home. I'm going to go check out the upstairs. I'll be back."

Sherry nodded as Carri walked off. Sherry then heard the door open for a second time that morning as her second and last roommate walked in.

"Nice hotel room.", Kimberly Heart commented as she walked in and looked around

"Hi. I'm Sherry Olson.", she said extending her hand

Kim shook Sherry's hand. "Kimberly Heart.", then she saw all the bags sitting on the floor. "I know those aren't all yours."

"Some of them belong to our last roommate. She's upstairs.", Sherry told her

"Oh, ok. So am I going to get to meet her?", asked Kim

"This is nice and roomy!", exclaimed Carri from upstairs

Sherry looked up. "Come down here and meet our roommate."

"Coming.", Carri said. Then she bounced down the stairs and saw Kim standing there. "Kim!", she exclaimed

"Carri!", exclaimed Kim

Then the two gave each other a hug.

"I don't believe you were coming to California and you didn't tell us.", said Carri

"Well, you know, I figured with Tommy and Kat and, you know, I might make a mess of things. I'm good at that.", Kim said with a smile. "And did you think you were going to go on this trip and not let me know?"

"Yes I should've known you'd be here. You've got more talent than me. I mean there's me," Carri put one hand down as low as it could go, "then you.", she said as she put the other one as high as it could go

"So what exactly is your sport?", Sherry asked

"I'm a gymnast.", Kim told her

"Now we have to decide who's going to sleep where.", Carri said

"How about the two of you take the beds upstairs and I'll sleep down here.", suggested Sherry

"Are you sure?", asked Kim

"Yes I am, go ahead.", Sherry told her

"Ok then.", Kim said

Then Kim and Carri dragged their bags upstairs so they wouldn't clutter up the floor. After they were finished, the three went out to meet the rest of their group.

The four friends silenced when Callisto appeared in the cave.

"I see you've awakened. Good. It sure took you long enough.", Callisto told them. "But it doesn't really matter you see, because you could wake up now or two days from now just as long as you wake up."

"Well if you hadn't knocked us out to begin with, we wouldn't have that problem.", Zack told her

"Silence!", exclaimed Callisto as she sent a shock through Zack

Zack stumbled but stood back up.

"She's crazy. I wouldn't mess with her.", whispered Aisha

"Crazy?", repeated Callisto. "You think I'm crazy?"

Scared of her reaction, the teens scampered back.

Callisto laughed. "That's right boys and girls. Be afraid." Then she lunged at the cage sending them as far back as they could go without touching the bars. Laughing, she left them with the tengas.

"We've got to find a way out of here.", said Trini

"I know.", agreed Billy, "But I'm afraid that's unlikely. And even if we could get out, well she could just capture us again."

"But what if we could get to the rangers?", asked Aisha

"That's exactly who she's after. We'd just be helping her out.", Billy told her

The other rangers silently looked at the floor.

"We can't give up hope guys.", Zack said

"Yeah. But what can we do?", Trini asked

Billy sighed. "I'm afraid all we can do is wait."

Rocky fell on his butt. "Foul!", he yelled the minute he hit the ground

"Come on Rocky, you intentionally fell.", Tommy told him

"Look bro how can you be so sure of that. It is kind of dark out here, in case you didn't notice.", Jason pointed out

"Tommy's right.", pointed out Raymond, the night's final player

"Why don't you guys just call it quits. You can declare it a tie. Sound fair?", asked Kat as she approached the four

"A tie! No way!", exclaimed Rocky

Kat sighed. "You guys can't see five feet in front of you. You could play to only ten and we'd still be here all night."

Tommy frowned. "As much as we don't want to admit it, Kat does have a point."

"Yeah you're right bro.", agreed Jason

"Game over we win.", Rocky said as he went slapped Jason's hand

"Wait a second we're calling it a draw.", reminded Raymond

"I don't think so. After all, we were winning.", Rocky pointed out

"Aw let them have it. We just have to beat them in broad daylight.", Tommy said

Raymond shrugged. "One day later this week we'll take them."

"How about Friday afternoon?", suggested Rocky

The other three guys looked at each other. Then they agreed.

"Friday afternoon it is.", Tommy said

"And we'll win then too.", bragged Jason

"Come on Tommy. Let's go over to my house.", suggested Kat

"I'm all for it.", Tommy told her

Then Tommy waved goodbye to his friends and took off with Kat.

"Wanna go get a drink?", Jason asked the remaining to guys

"No I have some other things I have to do.", Raymond declined

"Sure why not.", Rocky told him

"Alright then. We'll see you later.", Jason said

"Bye.", said Raymond

Rocky waved. "Later."

Then the three went separate ways each ending their night's differently.

"So how many days did you get off?", Tanya Sloan asked

Adam Park held up four fingers.

"Hey that's as many as me.", Tanya said

"I know.", Adam told her as he walked their breakfast over to the table

"You're one of few words today.", Tanya pointed out

"I know.", Adam said again. "But I'm not awake yet."

Tanya sighed. "How late did you stay at that party last night?"

"2 am.", Adam mumbled

"I know you just did not say 2 am."

Adam nodded his head yes.

"What were you doing!", exclaimed Tanya

"Well there were a few big names there so I figured this could be the chance I've been looking for. Get in with the big named guys, maybe score a few good jobs here and there."

"Adam next time you decided to do that, at least get in at a decent hour."

"I'm sorry.", Adam apologized as he leaned over and kissed her

"At least these are our vacation days.", Tanya said

"But a vacation means going somewhere. Don't worry though, I have somewhere for you to go.", said a voice

Adam turned around and immediately recognized her. "Callisto!", he exclaimed. "Tanya get out of here."

"Adam I'm not leaving you alone."

Sighing Adam turned his attention to the Goddess. "What do you want?"

"It's nice to see you again too green ranger. Wait, it's the former green ranger now.", Callisto said

"Just because I don't have my Zeonizers doesn't mean I'm not still a ranger.", Adam told her

Callisto laughed. "Aww the former green ranger is trying to be brave in front of his girlfriend."

"You leave her out of this. This is between you and me.", Adam informed her

"Actually I'm after both of you.", Callisto said with a smile

"Stay away.", Adam warned

"Ok.", agreed Callisto and with a wave of her hand she took all three of them out of the room and to her secret cave where everyone else was waiting. "Have fun.", wished Callisto as she left

"When I've told you I wanted you to meet my friends, I didn't mean like this.", Adam said

Aisha frowned. "Yeah well I didn't really want this to be the way we met again either." Then Aisha went over and hugged her old friend.

Once the two broke off, Adam saw Tanya's rather annoyed face.

"Guys I'd like for you to meet my girlfriend Tanya Sloan. Tanya this is Trini Kwan, Zack Taylor and Aisha Campbell. I've known Aisha just as long as I've known Rocky."

"That's right. We were the three amigos.", Aisha said with a smile

"It's nice to meet you.", Tanya told them

Then Aisha's smile turned into a frown.

"What's wrong?", asked Trini

"I was in such a good mood I had almost forgotten that we were here.", Aisha told her

"That can't be a bad thing. I'd love to forget we were here.", Zack commented

Billy smiled. "Wouldn't we all."

The group then went back to what they were doing before the Adam and Tanya were brought in.

Jason entered headquarters, where he found Rocky doing paperwork.

"Come on Rocky, we had better hurry. Speed 2 won't wait for us."

Rocky looked at his friend. "Well as soon as I finish this paperwork we can head over to the theater."

"Paperwork?", Jason asked making a face

"Save a life, fill out papers until you die. That's the way it goes.", Rocky told him

"It can't be that bad.", Jason said as he watched Rocky flip over to the last page

Rocky looked up. "You weren't here when I started."

Jason sighed. "I'll be waiting down by the beach club. Come down there when you're done."

Rocky nodded his head as Jason left. Jason walked silently down to the beach club, and slipped behind the waitress. "Hello there beautiful.", he whispered into her ear

Emily gasped as she jumped and turned around. "Jason!", she exclaimed as she hit him lightly on the shoulder. "Don't scare me like that."

"I'm sorry. Don't hate me forever.", Jason said

Emily kissed him. "How could I?"

"So are we still going out tonight?", asked Jason

"Me? Go out with you? What a thought.", Emily said with a smile

"Yes I know, everyone wants to go out with a stud like me, but not everyone can.", Jason bragged

Emily giggled. "Not quite what I was hinting towards."

"As soon as Rocky gets down here we're going to the movies. And after that I'll be by your house.", Jason told her

Catching a glimpse of Rocky out of her eye, Emily kissed Jason. "I'll see you later.", she said as she waved to Rocky and headed off

"Finally!", Rocky exclaimed as he walked over to Jason

Jason chuckled. "Hard day at the office?"

"You could say so.", Rocky told him. "Come on let's go, we don't want to be late.", he said as the two started walking off

"If we're late, it's all your fault.", Jason pointed out

Rocky smiled. "Well this will be a first. Usually it's Tommy's fault."

"Hey, don't blame Tommy. I think he's been dropped on his head a few times. His concept of time is a little of.", Jason defended his best friend

"A little!", exclaimed Rocky. "Just what exactly is your definition of a little?"

"Well maybe a lot sometimes.", admitted Jason

"Yeah, well, I'll speed. Wouldn't want to get a late reputation.", Rocky said as he unlocked his car

Jason climbed into the passengers side. "Hate to see it come to that."

Then the two boys drove off towards the theater for their second movie in a week.

Rocky went to the Youth Center after the movies. He sat down and ordered a soda and allowed himself to get deep into his own thoughts.

A few minutes later, Tommy came over and sat down. "Hey man."

Rocky was jerked out of his world and back into reality.

"Sorry I couldn't go to the movies with you guys. But Kat and I had plans.", Tommy continued

"Don't worry about it.", Rocky told him. "Besides, Speed 2 wasn't as good as the first one. I mean it had it's moments, but.... you didn't miss anything."

"That's what I had been told.", Tommy said

"So you knew it wasn't supposed to be good but you let me and Jason to go see it.", Rocky accused

"Eh.", Tommy said with a smile. "So do you have any plans tonight?"

"Not that I'm aware of.", Rocky told him. "Why?"

"Well we were trying to get a group thing going, but Jason and Emily already had plans, so they can't go.", Tommy said

"So where would this group thing be?", asked Rocky

"The bowling alley."

"Sure why not.", Rocky said as he got up. "So it's just me, you and Kat?"

"Just me, you and Kat.", Tommy answered as he got up and followed him out

The two quickly made their way to the bowling alley. When they got in, they found Kat sitting in a chair tapping her foot.

"You're late again Oliver.", she told him with a smile on her face as she stood up

"Well I'll try harder next time.", Tommy said as he gave her a kiss

Rocky smiled. "Tommy's late. Who would've known."

"You're late too.", Kat pointed out

"But I didn't know what time I was supposed to be here in the first place so technically I'm not late.", Rocky told her

"He's right, it's my fault. Now come on Rocky let's get our shoes and balls and get this game going, I'd hate to make Kat wait any longer."

Rocky and Tommy went off to collect their bowling items.

Kat sighed. "Never on time.", she said giggling

The boys came back a few moments later and they sat down to put on their shoes.

"I'm going to win.", Tommy said confidently

"How many times have I heard that one before?", asked Rocky

"Plenty.", Tommy admitted

Kat grabbed a ball and walked to the lane. "You guys can argue while I bowl."

Knocking over 6 pins, Kat started off on a good foot. Her second time she knocked over three more.

"Nine pins. Not bad.", Kat said

"Let me show you all how it's done.", Rocky said

Rocky walked up and by chance threw a strike. Then Tommy followed him with a spare.

The game went on for about a half an hour. Once it was finally over, Tommy and Rocky looked at the scores.

"Well...", Rocky said as his voice trailed off

"I don't believe it.", Tommy said

The two boys ended up tying for second place, losing to Kat by two pins.

Kat walked up behind them. "Am I good or what?", she asked

Rocky and Tommy just sighed as they changed shoes. Then the three paid for their game and left for the night.

"Good morning Zedd.", Callisto said as she appeared in the Lunar Palace

"How's the plan coming?", asked Zedd

"Actually it's coming along better than I had ever hoped. In fact, it's almost complete. But I need to ask you a little favor.", Callisto told him. "Or rather I'm going to tell you to do something for me."

"Well if it will assist in the destruction of the rangers, I'll do anything.", Zedd told her

"Good.", Callisto said. "Let's go visit our friends. Make sure they're not dead. Yet. Because that would just defeat the purpose."

Zedd and Callisto then left to execute the next part of her plan.

"Aye ai ai! Zordon we have an incoming message!", exclaimed Alpha

"CALM DOWN ALPHA AND PUT IN ON THE SCREEN.", Zordon told his assistant

Alpha turned to him. "But Zordon, it's from Lord Zedd!"


Alpha went over to the control panel, pushed a few buttons and said a few words. A few seconds later four streaks of light materialized into the power rangers.

"Alright Alpha, put Zedd on.", Tommy said

"Aye ai ai!", repeated Alpha as he grabbed his head. Then Alpha removed one hand and pressed a button. Zedd's face appeared across the screen, and was the only thing the rangers could see.

"Hello rangers.", Zedd greeted

"I have a feeling this isn't a friendly visit. So tell us what you want.", Tommy demanded

"Very simple. I want your Zeonizers.", Zedd told them

Rocky snickered. "So what, you think that if you ask nice enough we'll hand them over?"

"Sorry Zedd, it doesn't work like that.", Jason informed him

"But what if I offered some incentive?", asked Zedd

"What could you possibly have that we want?", Tommy inquired

"Simple.", Zedd said. Then Zedd stepped away from the screen to reveal Carri, gagged and hanging by a rope over a lava pit.

"Let her go Zedd!", exclaimed Rocky

"Not until you give me your Zeonizers.", Zedd told him

"What if we refuse?", asked Tommy

"Well then," Zedd said as he turned around and aimed his staff at the rope, shooting a beam that cut it enough to cause Carri to drop a little, "I'll just finish the job off." Then Zedd ended the transmission.

"You guys we've got to go save her.", Rocky said

"But not without a plan.", Jason told him

"Maybe we could turn in fake Zeonizers and catch him off guard.", suggested Kat

"We tried something similar to that once. I don't think he'll fall for it again. Besides I don't trust him to let her go.", Jason informed her

"I have an idea.", Tommy started. "What if we morphed and teleported down there. And as soon as we get there Rocky you jump on the rope with Carri, swing it to the far side, and I'll burn through the rope with my Zeo Pistol."

"That just might work bro, if we time it all right.", Jason said

"Let's do it. It's morphin time!", yelled Tommy





The rangers landed in the cave and immediately collapsed to the ground. They covered their ears because of the high pitched noise they heard which only affected morphed rangers. They were in more pain during the short few seconds they were morphed than ever imaginable. Once the noise stopped, the rangers looked up and found themselves unmorphed and in a cage with other former rangers.

Rocky looked up. "Carri!", he exclaimed. Then he ran towards the bars.

Adam grabbed him before he could get to close. "Don't touch the bars. They're electric."

"But...", Rocky started

Aisha walked over to him. "Rocky that's not who you think it is."

"What do you mean?", asked Tommy

The four rangers saw the lava pit below Carri disappear, along with the rope and the gag. Then Carri fell to the ground and turned back into Callisto.

Jason jumped forward. "Callisto!", he yelled

"Very good you remember my name.", congratulated the goddess

"I should've known you were here.", Kat said

"That's right, you seem to be connected to me. It's too bad you're so different from me. Just think you could be fighting on my side, outside of the cage.", Callisto told her

"I would never fight on your side.", Kat said

"Hey bro, if we morph we might could take her.", Jason whispered

Callisto pointed a finger and wagged it. "Didn't you learn your lesson? The force field I put causes excruciating pain for any morphed ranger. I wouldn't try it if I was you. But then again, it's fun for me to watch. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a certain yellow ranger I must go cause trouble for."

"Leave her alone!", exclaimed Rocky

Callisto laughed at him, then she left and headed back to the Lunar Palace.

Forgetting Adam's warning, Rocky leaned against the bars. He was shocked and went flying forward.

Tommy reached over and helped him up. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah.", Rocky said as he stood up. "We've got to get out of here."

"At this moment I don't believe that to be possible.", Billy said

"We've been trying, but we haven't gotten anywhere.", Trini added

Jason got an angry look on his face. "We can't let Callisto run wild on Earth. We have to stop her."

"There's still two people left out there. Kim and the yellow ranger.", Zack pointed out

"But Callisto has made it known how she has it in for the yellow ranger. I'm worried for her.", Aisha said with a look of concern in her eyes

"She can handle herself.", Kat assured her friend

"I'm sure she can, after all she is a ranger, but Callisto's powerful.", Aisha pointed out

Rocky turned to his friend. "She knows her power. But she doesn't care. They've fought before. And she'll jump into a fight with Callisto again, knowing all odds are against her."

"What about Kim?", asked Trini. "She's not a ranger any more."

Tommy nodded. "I'm a little more concerned with her safety at the moment."

"Well the rest of us were just brought her by Callisto.", Tanya pointed out

"Yes and I've seen no indication from Callisto that she has anything more planned for Kim than just that.", Billy said

"I can't stand sitting around here. We have to do something.", Jason said

"Me neither. But until you have a better idea all we can do is wait.", Zack told him

Looking tired and dejected, the rangers sat down wondering what the future held.

"Well you know how easily confused I get.", Carri said. Then she giggled and leaned against the window.

Kim smiled as she sat up. "Yeah well you can't get as confused as I do sometimes."

Both girls were sitting in their seats on the plane wrong. And Sherry, who was sitting in front of them, was leaned over the top of the seat talking to them.

"I can't wait to get to the island.", Sherry said

"Well we're supposed to get there in...", Carri checked her watch, "20 minutes."

"That's an interesting watch.", Sherry told her. "Where did you get it?"

Carri thought for a moment. "One of those freaky shops in the mall."

"If I ever see one, I'll have to pick it up.", Sherry said

"I used to have one. They're rare. Almost impossible to find.", Kim told her

"Well you know if you ever see one, send it my way.", requested Sherry

"Sure thing.", Kim said and Carri nodded her head yes

"You know this vacation is exactly what I needed. This is only the third morning and already I feel so much better. No stress.", said Carri as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes

"You're telling me. Coach wants me to try for the 2000 Olympics.", Kim told her

Carri sit up and opened her eyes. "Kim that's great!"

"Yeah. But I don't see myself in Australia."

"I see you there. I see me there. If you go to the Olympics, I'll come to Australia. Kill two birds with one stone. See you take gold and see my family. Speaking of my family, I want to go visit. That sounds nice. Maybe I'll go to Australia before the summer's out. Wanna come?"

Kim smiled. "Australia sounds nice. We all went there once. But we didn't get to see much of it at all because stuff came up. But anyway I have to practice. I don't want to get rusty."

"Yes but someone needs to show you around so you have a feel for the place before 2000.", said Carri

"Maybe I'll come. I have to check my schedule.", Kim said

"I've always wanted to go to Australia. It seems like such a nice place to go.", Sherry commented

"Kat took Tommy to Australia the first week of summer break. The rest of us had baseball playoffs or we would've come. You know, I have to take Rocky down there.", Carri paused, "Anyway, I hate them for that. Stuff really started to pick up while they were gone. And it picked up even more when they got back. It was hell up until about the time we came to Florida."

Kim groaned. "I remember that stuff. It's stories like those that make me glad I left." Then Kim backtracked a little. "So Kat took Tommy?"

"Yup. That's when they were really getting involved. Kat wanted Tommy to see where she was born.", Carri told her

"Sounds kinda romantic.", said Kim

"Well it's beautiful countryside. Tommy loved it. Sometimes I wish I had a chance to grow up there.", Carri told her

"How old were you when you moved to the states?", asked Kim

"Almost a year old.", answered Carri. "I don't no, I obviously couldn't stay there with my father and brother in Angel Grove."

"I don't want to interrupt, but who is this Tommy character I've heard mentioned two zillion times already?", asked Sherry

"Who's Tommy?", Kim repeated the question

"I'll let Kim take that one. She's the expert on it.", Carri said. "Wake me up when we get there." Then Carri closed her eyes and curled up in her seat.

"I guess it all started when he moved to Angel Grove, during the middle of our freshmen year."

"You guess?", asked Sherry

"Well it did all start when he moved here. I'll never forget the first time I saw him. I was at a championship match, and Tommy was fighting one of my best friends Jason. He looked so cute.", Kim said with a smile

Sherry laughed. "You sound like a little kid when you talk about Tommy."

Kim blushed. "Well we had a special relationship."

"You know...", Sherry started, "Never mind, I'm not one to pry."

Kim then continued telling Sherry about Tommy, while they went on their peaceful flight.

"Look there's the island.", said the pilot

"That's good because we're running on E.", the copilot informed him

The pilot looked confused. "I know we filled up right before we left."

The copilot shrugged. "I thought we did.... wait a second are we sure this is the right island? The navigation systems are going haywire, something's not right."

"We've kept on course, and it's the only island anywhere near here."

The copilot was busy pressing buttons. "We have no communications. This can't be happening. This is impossible."

"I don't like the looks of this.", said the pilot

The copilot started to sniff. "Is that gas I smell?"

"I think so. We have to land now.", said the pilot

"The runway is right over... wait a second there's no runway. We have to land in that tiny space right there.", the copilot said

"Alert the passengers, we're going to make a crash landing.", the pilot ordered

A stewardess, who had been standing nearby, ran off to make the announcement while the pilot tried to land the plane as best as he could.

Kim regained consciousness and found herself lying on the beach. Looking back, she saw the plane in flames. Farther down the beach she saw Carri laying there still unconscious. She got up and stumbled over to her friend. "Carri?", she asked as she fell beside her in the sand and laid a hand on her back

Carri stirred. "My head, it's pounding."

"Are you alright?", asked Kim

"I - I think so.", she answered. Then she turned over and sat up. "I can feel everything." Carri then staggered up, and Kim joined her.

The two looked around and saw everyone. Some were walking, some sitting on the beach. Luckily everyone had survived the crash, and they had all managed to get off of the plane before it exploded.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

Carri and Kim both looked at each other, then they sneaked away from the others to answer their page.

"Go ahead Zordon.", Carri said


"Past and present?", asked Kim


"Callisto?", questioned Kim

"I have to go stop her.", Carri said

"THAT WOULD NOT BE WISE.", Zordon said

"I'll morph and kick her...", Carri started but was cut off


"Then we'll attack as is.", Carri said


"Let's teleport to the Power Chamber.", suggested Kim

"DUE TO THE INTERFERENCE IN THE ATMOSPHERE TELEPORTING IS IMPOSSIBLE.", Zordon said and as he spoke the transmission began breaking up

"Zordon? I can hardly hear you.", Carri said

"GOOD LUCK AND MAY THE...", but the transmission was ended for good

"Now what?", asked Carri

"Look deep within yourselves rangers.", said a voice

"I know that voice.", Kim said with a smile as memories quickly came back to her

"What can we do?", asked Carri

Kim put her hands in the air. "Join hands with me."

Carri did as she was told.

"Now close your eyes and concentrate.", Kim told her

Both the girls stood on this island with their eyes closed. They felt a power surround them and they could feel themselves teleport. Once they knew they were on solid ground again they opened their eyes and looked over the high mountain at the view.

"It's beautiful.", Carri said

"It's Phaedos.", said Kim

"Where?", asked Carri

"Phaedos.", repeated a voice

The girls turned around to see the figure of a woman warrior standing on the other side of a fire.

"Welcome back Kimberly. And for you who does not know me, I am Dulcea, keeper of the ninjetti.", Dulcea told her

"Why were we brought here?", asked Carri

"Because with the power of the ninjetti you can enter the room undetected and save your friends.", Dulcea said

"But I thought our Ninja powers were destroyed.", Kim said

"Your ninja ranger powers were destroyed. However, your ninjetti powers can never be destroyed. You were just disconnected from your animal spirit.", Dulcea informed her

"Zordon said that entering with powers will kinda get us screwed.", Carri told her

"Your new ninjetti powers are separate from your powers. And in essence they are not powers they come from a deeper part inside you.", Dulcea told her, "They come from your ninjetti spirit."

"But I'm not a ranger anymore.", Kim said

"That is no matter. You have been on a great quest. A quest which will allow you to forever hold the power of the ninjetti.", Dulcea told Kim

"You mean permanent ninjetti powers?", asked Kim

"Yes. For you two and your four friends. The pink zeo ranger will be able to obtain these ninjetti powers however they will be taken away once her zeo powers are gone.", Dulcea told them

"Permanent ninjetti powers? Where do I sign up?", asked Carri

"You must close your eyes and look deep within yourselves.", Dulcea said

The girls did as they were told. Dulcea went and got some dust from her pouch and then blew it across the burning fire and around them. After a few seconds the two ninjetti opened their eyes to see their new outfits.

Kim and Carri both pulled back the hood and mouth covering on the ninjetti suits. Kim's was the same one she had always worn, pink with a gold coin which held an image of a crane. And Carri's was yellow and the coin on her's held an image of her animal spirit.

"Yes.", Kim said excitedly

Dulcea crossed around the fire and approached Kim first.

"You have been reunited with the crane. This time it's for good.", Dulcea told her before moving to Carri. "Carri, you're swift and strong, just like your animal guide the panther." Dulcea then walked in a position between the two. "You have now been connected with your animal guides, and have been blessed by them. This makes you true ninjetti's. Go now, and save Earth before it is too late."

"Alright let's do this.", Kim said

"Callisto will be sorry she messed with the ninjetti's.", Carri promised

"Ninja power now!", yelled Kim

Then the two were sent to an area close to the cave where Callisto was holding their friends captive.

Kim pointed out the six tengas standing by the entrance. Carri nodded and the two moved into an attack position.

"Hey you.", said Kim as she and Carri popped out of hiding

The birds started squawking.

"That's right I'm back. And I'm going to make you life miserable.", Kim told them

Meanwhile Callisto could hear them approaching.

"Ah it's the last two power rangers. It sure took them long enough.", Callisto said. Then she waited for them, facing away from the room's entrance.

"All right Callisto you've had your fun. Now if you let them go maybe we'll go easy on you.", Carri told her

"A powerless power ranger?", Callisto asked as she turned around and came face to face with the ninjetti

"Make that two ninjetti.", Kim corrected

"Ninjetti?", whispered Tommy as he and the other former ninja rangers jumped up and went to get closer

Callisto was fumed that rangers with powers had entered. "Get them.", she ordered

The tengas rushed the two ninjetti.

"Can you hold them down? I want my shot at Callisto.", Carri said

"No problem. I can handle them.", Kim assured her

Then Carri flipped over both the tengas and Callisto, and called out a battle cry, a battle cry previously only heard by Callisto. This new battle cry shocked even Carri as she turned to face Callisto.

Callisto drew her sword. "Well. Now you even sound like her."

The two ran for each other. Callisto swung with her sword, but Carri surprised her and knocked it out of her hand. The sword fell down and went sailing across the ground. Callisto got an evil look in her eye. Then she stuck her hand forward to fire a beam at Carri, but Carri kicked her arm and the beam went strait up, hitting the roof and causing the cave to start to collapse.

"I've got to get them out of here.", Carri said to herself as Callisto fired again and missed, hitting the wall and speeding up the collapse

Carri saw the lock for the gate and she jumped in front of it. "Move out of the way.", she ordered the rangers

Callisto fired at her and missed, hitting the lock and knocking the door open.

Kim kicked a tenga out of the way. "Come on guys, this way!", she yelled as she led all the rangers to safety

"Looks like it's just you and me.", Callisto said

"That's the way it's supposed to be.", Carri told her

"Oh, look, the cave's about to fall in. I can leave. You can't.", Callisto informed her

Carri smiled. "You can't leave if I don't let you." Then she attacked the goddess, holding them both there as the roof of the cave fell in above their heads.

"No!", Rocky yelled as he tried to run back into the collapsing cave

Zack held him back. "You can't go back in there."

"But...", Rocky tried to protest

"It's over.", Billy said

Once the last rock had fallen, all the rangers walked over to the front of the cave in a moment of silence.

"I know she's blond and built, but guys don't worry she'll be back."

Everyone turned around to see who had said that. What they saw was the yellow ninjetti standing there, taking off her hood and mouth covering.

Rocky ran over to her. The others followed, with Kim removing her hood and mouth covering as she ran.

"We thought you were....", Rocky started as he gave her a hug

"What did you think I would just stand there and watch while the roof fell on me?", asked Carri

Tommy smiled. "You know it wouldn't surprise me."

"Aw shut up.", Carri said with a smile. "But anyway I held her as long as I could and she thought she had me down, but you can't get rid of a ninjetti that easily."

"Speaking of the ninjetti, Dulcea has something for some of you.", Kim said

Then Kim and Carri joined hands like they did before. Rocky and Tommy joined in the circle.

"Come on Adam, Jason and Kat. You guys are invited too.", Kim told them

The final three teens joined the circle.

"We'll be back.", Kim said

Then the group of seven were taken to Phaedos and greeted by Dulcea.

"Welcome rangers. I see you have defeated Callisto for the time being.", Dulcea said

The two girls nodded their heads yes. Then they stood there and listened as Dulcea told the others what she had told them earlier.

"Now I would like for the old ninjetti's to join hands and form a circle.", requested Dulcea

The boys did is they were told.

"Close your eyes.", said Dulcea. Once again the boys obliged, and Dulcea went and blew dust on them. When they reopened their eyes, they found themselves in the same ninjetti costumes as before, Tommy in white, Rocky in red and Adam in black. The boys pulled back their hoods and mouth coverings.

"Not only have we been two different colors but now we've been two different colors at the same time.", commented Rocky

"I've been three different colors.", Tommy pointed out

Rocky just shrugged. Adam frowned.

"What is it Adam?", asked Dulcea

"I'm still a frog.", Adam replied

Dulcea just smiled, and Adam did too. Then Dulcea turned to the two remaining rangers.

"You must close your eyes and look deep within yourselves.", Dulcea told them

As they did, Dulcea blew some more dust on them. Then the two opened up their eyes and saw themselves in ninjetti outfits, connected to their animal spirits. Jason was wearing green and Kat was wearing light purple. They removed their hoods and mouth coverings.

Dulcea approached Jason. "Jason, your animal spirit is the cougar, and like it you are a great leader and quick on your feet."

Jason smiled as Dulcea walked over to Kat. "Katherine you are graceful just like your animal spirit the swan."

Both teens seemed happy with their animal spirits.

"You know I want to know what was up with that battle cry. I have never heard it before in my life. In fact, I felt like I had a whole new fighting style, a better one at that.", Carri said

Dulcea smiled. "The panther was also the animal guide of one of your ancestors, Xena. Xena was spiritually connected to her animal guide. And as the Panther Ninjetti and a relative of Xena, you are connected to part of Xena as well. That is where the new battle cry and fighting technique came from."

Carri just smiled and nodded.

"Rangers let your animal spirits guide you. The ninjetti powers are there for you, and will lead you through tough times. And for some of you the ninjetti powers will last forever. Be brave, and may the ancient power of the ninjetti protect you.", Dulcea said. Then she transformed into an owl and flew off.

"Let's head back to the Power Chamber.", suggested Tommy

"You got it bro.", said Jason

The seven rangers teleported to the Power Chamber and found that the rest of the rangers had already been teleported their by Alpha.


"Aye ai ai you have ninjetti powers.", pointed out Alpha

"The ninjetti's are back in business.", Tommy said proudly

"So I guess we had better be getting back to Europe.", said Zack

"Zack, It was good seeing you and Trini again.", Billy told him

"It's too bad we have to be getting home.", Trini said

"Wait a second here, Zack Taylor and Trini Kwan?", asked Carri

"Yeah. How did you know?", asked Zack

Carri smiled. "It's been so long, I wouldn't think you'd remember me by sight."

"Guys, this is Carri Hillard. I would introduce her to you but she apparently knows you.", Jason said

"Carri Hillard?", repeated Trini. "It's been a long time."

"Yeah I know.", she said as she walked over and hugged both of them. "So how have you guys been?"

"I don't have enough time to actually tell you what's been happening since we last saw you.", Zack said

"So how do you guys know each other?", asked Tommy

"We went to school together for four years.", Carri told him

"All the teachers knew us as the Three Musketeers. We did everything together.", Trini added

"Yup, those were the times. Kindergarten through third grade.", Zack said

"So what happened after third grade?", asked Tanya

"They redrew the school assignment lines. I was sent to Hornets Nest Elementary for fourth and fifth grade, and Alexander for sixth through eighth. Then I moved to New York for my freshmen through junior years. But if I hadn't been in New York, my freshmen year I would've reunited with Trini and Zack at Angel Grove High.", Carri told them

"That was the same summer Billy and I switched from Hornets Nest to Angel Grove Elementary because of the new lines.", Kim said

"And that was the summer I moved here.", added Jason

"You know, now I can't help but thinking about what would've happened had they not redrawn the lines.", Trini said

"Or if I hadn't moved to New York.", Carri added

"Man let's not think about that stuff right now. Besides we've got to get back.", Zack pointed out

Trini nodded. Then everyone said their goodbyes and Trini and Zack teleported out.

"I guess we need to get going too.", said Adam

"Yeah.", agreed Tanya. "So much for a peaceful few days off."

"My mom was expecting me back and she's probably worried sick about me, I need to leave too.", Aisha said

"By the way, Carri this is one of my best friends Aisha. I've known her for a little longer than I've known Adam. And Aisha this is Carri.", Rocky said

"Nice to meet you.", Carri said as she shook Aisha's hand

"You too.", said Aisha

Then the goodbyes were said and Aisha, Tanya and Adam were teleported out.

"Well I guess it's our turn to leave.", said Carri

"Everyone's probably worried about us.", added Kim

"Later everyone.", Carri said as the two teleported out

"I guess everything's back to usual.", said Tommy

"As boring as usual is. But then again boring's not bad.", Kat said

"Come on guys, let's get out of here.", suggested Jason

The others nodded then teleported out.

Out in another galaxy, the Dark Fortress was looming high above a deserted planet.

"Is it too much to ask for you to get that red ranger?", asked Astronema as she turned around

"But my queen...", Ecliptor started

"No buts. I want that red ranger now. Go, get him, while he's still on the planet's surface.", Astronema ordered as she went and sat in her chair. As soon as she sat down a figure materialized in front of her. "Back so soon?"

"Things didn't go quite as expected.", Callisto told her

"Oh? But you had the perfect plan.", Astronema said

"I did. Until the last two rangers came with ninjetti powers.", Callisto told her

"Ninjetti powers?", Astronema repeated. "How did they get ninjetti powers?"

"How do you think. They probably went back to Phaedos.", Callisto said

Astronema slammed her fist down on the armrest. "Darkonda assured me that the Dulcea was no longer a factor. Darkonda!"

Darkonda walked into the room and over to Astronema. "Yes?"

"I thought you said that the ninjetti powers and their keeper were out of commission."

"I said I sent the Quantrons to Phaedos to take care of the problem. However Dulcea stopped them and I figured that it wasn't important enough to send them back.", Darkonda corrected her

"What do you mean it wasn't important enough? When I tell you to get something done, you do it!", yelled Astronema

Ecliptor came running back into the room. "Astronema...."

"You had better come here with the red ranger right behind you.", warned Astronema

Ecliptor kneeled down in front of Astronema. "My queen, my deepest apologies, but the red ranger escaped on his galaxy glider and we believe he made it to his ship and has left the planet."

Astronema looked down at him. "Well if you treasure your head, you'll find him."

Ecliptor nodded. "I will find you the red ranger and drag his lifeless body to you." Then he went off to try and make good on his promise.

"Seems to me like you have a problem with the red ranger. What a surprise, since you brought down the silver one so well.", Callisto pointed out.

"Yes well I if had some decent help around here.", Astronema said looking over at a group of Quantrons

"Want me to burn him for you?", asked Callisto

"If it's that easy why don't you just burn these zeo rangers of yours.", suggested Astronema

"Because I want to torture them. Cause them pain beyond their wildest dreams.", Callisto told her

Astronema turned to Callisto. "Sounds like fun. One day I'll bring you those rangers gift wrapped. And watch as you torture them."

Callisto laughed evilly. "We make quite a team. Those rangers wouldn't stand a chance. You may have won this time but believe me rangers when I say I'll be back. And next time will be more fun than ever."

The End