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Bad Alliances
by : KJ Holland

"So are you saying that we combine forces and take care of both our problems?", asked Spike

"My tengas will destroy your slayer and the rangers will stand no chance against these vampires.", Lord Zedd told him

"I don't know. What do you say Dru?", Spike asked his girlfriend

Drusilla walked over to Zedd. "Quite an interesting demon.. He's red. But he said he can destroy the slayer."

Spike smiled. "That's right Dru. And once the slayer is gone we can get you back to your old self."

"I want the slayer gone. Let's do it Spike.", Drusilla gave her permission

"That's my girl.", Spike said proudly. "Well you heard her. We're in. What do you need from us, and what do we get in return."

"We'll leave our tengas for you, if we can take some of your vampires. Well send them directly to an underground sun free setup.", Zedd told him

Rita spoke up. "We'll even put Rito and Goldar on call for you."

"Done.", Spike said

"Oh goodie, I may have the chance to kill a slayer. Dad would be proud.", Rito said excitedly

Spike and Zedd shook hands on the deal. Then the silent figure, who had watched the whole scene from outside through a window, left to go tell what he saw.

"How did it go?", Rupert Giles asked when the girl entered the library

"Nothing unusual. I saw the vampires. I slayed them. No more vampires.", Buffy Summers replied

"Good, glad to hear it.", Giles said

A figure came busting through the library's double doors.

"Angel?", asked Buffy. "Is everything all right?"

"We've got problems.", Angel told her. "Big ones."

"I'm sure it's nothing I can't handle.", Buffy assured him

"What is it Angel?", asked Giles

"Demons. New ones. Forming an alliance with Spike.", Angel told him

Giles looked concerned. "What kind of demons?"

"Ones I've never seen before.", Angel said. "One was red, the other was wearing cones. And there were big black birds and two other characters that I couldn't even make out."

"I've never heard of anything like you describe.", Giles told him

"Does this mean research mode?", asked Willow Rosenberg, who had been silently watching the scene the whole time

"Yes, yes it does.", Giles said as he went for his books

Willow walked off to help. Angel went to talk to Buffy.

"Buffy this is dangerous.", Angel told her

"I'm sensing that.", Buffy replied

"We've never seen anything like this before.", Angel reminded her

"But I think we know someone who has.", Buffy told him

"Who?", asked Angel

Buffy slipped around him and headed out the door. "I'm going to make a phone call. I'll be back."

"What does she think she's doing. This is a serious matter.", Giles said

"I believe she know's something we don't. Or knows someone who does.", Angel informed him

"That would be nice. But in the meantime, we must continue with the research.", ordered Giles

Giles and Willow kept going through the books while Angel left to see what else he could find.

"I'll talk to you after class tomorrow.", Rocky DeSantos said as he gave his girlfriend a kiss

Carri Hillard fumbled with the key to her dorm, until she got the door open. "Until later. Bye."

Rocky squeezed her hand as he walked off.

Carri slipped in quietly so she wouldn't wake her roommate, who was sleeping like most people did around midnight. After she slipped the door shut and locked it, the phone rang. Leaping across the dark room and almost tripping over her own stuff in the floor, Carri got to the phone by the second ring.

"Hello?", she whispered

"Carri?", asked the voice on the other end

"Yeah. Who's this?", asked Carri, still whispering

"Buffy.", she replied

"Hey Buffy. Kind of late for a phone call, don't you think?"

"This isn't a social call."

"I figured as much. Why call when we haven't talked since last Christmas. So what's up?", Carri whispered

"Angel said that Spike, the new head vamp, and his girl Drusilla made a deal with some red demon and some women with cones. Plus there were some birds there and other stuff he couldn't make out."

Carri's eyes got wide as saucers. "Please tell me you're joking!", she said as loud as she could without leaving the whisper tone

"So I take it you know these guys."

"If they're who I think they are."

"Is there any way you can ditch class and come down here, say, tonight? You can stay at my place and we'll start research bright and early tomorrow morning."

"You're in luck.", whispered Carri. "Both my classes have been canceled tomorrow. My Friday's free. The professors went out of town for the weekend."

"So can you come now?", asked Buffy

"Yes, as long as Zordon let's me teleport. And I don't see why not, this is a ranger related trip."

"Alright. I'll meet you in the cemetery. I want to patrol one last time."

"I'll be there ASAP.", Carri whispered

"One last thing.", Buffy said. "Why are you whispering?"

"I don't want to wake my roommate.", Carri told her

"Reasonable enough. I'll talk to you later.", Buffy said. Then both girls hung up the phone.

Buffy walked out of the main office and back down the long hallway to the library. She burst through the double doors with new energy.

"Did you find out anything?", asked Giles

"I've found someone who can help. She's coming in later tonight and operation bust bad guys begins bright and early tomorrow morning.", Buffy told him

"So, who is this person?", asked Willow

"An old friend.", Buffy replied. "Anyway I'm going to patrol one last time. See if I can find anything new out."

"Be careful.", Giles called after her

But Buffy didn't pay any attention. She was already out the door and headed out the front of the building.

Buffy sighed as she walked down the sidewalk that led to the cemetery. "More vampires to slay, new demons to kill, what else is new.", she said to herself

She entered the cemetery and walked around. Seeing nothing of any importance she went and sat on the nearest tombstone. After a while, a vampire emerged from the grave. Buffy jumped into action.

"And I thought this trip would be useless.", Buffy said as she kicked the new vampire back

The vampire jumped back up and ran at her. After a few minutes of fighting, Buffy staked him. As the dust from the vampire disappeared, Buffy saw Carri who had teleported down behind the vampire.

"Way to show him who's boss.", Carri said

"I try.", Buffy told her. "Come on, let's get to my house. We've got a lot of work to do starting bright and early tomorrow morning."

Carri picked up her bags and allowed Buffy to lead the way to her house. When they got in they were greeted by Buffy's mother.

"Buffy it's late. Where were you? I was getting worried.", questioned Joyce Summers

"I was picking up my friend, Carri Hillard, from the airport. Remember I told you she was coming to stay with us for a little while.", Buffy lied

"You did?", asked Joyce

"Yeah mom, a while ago. You know, she's my friend from Angel Grove who I met last Christmas."

"Oh yes, I think we talked briefly. Nice to have you here Carri."

"Thanks.", Carri said

"Well mom, we're beat. I'm going to help her get settled in, then we're going to turn in.", Buffy said

"Alright. Then I'll see you in the morning.", Joyce said as she went into the kitchen

Buffy and Carri walked upstairs.

"Do you mind sleeping on the cot?", asked Buffy

"No, not at all.", Carri replied

"Good.", Buffy said. "We really should be getting some sleep. I have a bad feeling that we won't be getting any in the next few nights."

Carri nodded her head in agreement. Then the two girls changed clothes and slipped into bed.

"Thanks for the ride mom.", Buffy said as she and Carri got out of the car

"I still can't believe she bought your story.", Carri said

"Which one?", asked Buffy

Carri smiled. "The one you fed her this morning about how I wanted to come to high school with you to relive the good old days. Which by the way ended just last year."

"That one. It's the usual stuff. I hate lying to my mom. But it's not like I can tell her.", Buffy said as the two stepped through the doors to the high school and headed down to the library

"Hold it right there Miss Summers.", Principal Snyder stopped them. "Who's your little friend who doesn't go here and therefore is trespassing on school property."

"Carri Hillard.", she said extending your hand. "Don't tell me you don't know about me."

"Can't say that I do.", Snyder told her

"I know my psychology professor sent something here. Your secretary said you had it and had signed off on it.", Carri lied

"This isn't ringing any bells.", Snyder said

Buffy jumped in. "She's observing normal high school behavior somewhere different from where she went to school. And we knew each other so she decided to come here."

Principal Snyder gave the two one hard look, then walked off. After he was gone, the two girls continued walking.

"Do you even take psychology?", asked Buffy

Carri grinned. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

Buffy led her to the library, where everyone was waiting.

"I'm going to assume this is the friend you spoke of.", Giles said as they entered

Buffy nodded. "Guys this is Carri Hillard. Carri, meet Willow, Xander, Cordelia and Giles."

"Carri. Hello. Nice to meet you. Take a seat. Take my seat.", Xander Harris said getting up

"Thanks.", Carri said as she sat down

"So you're a demon expert?", asked Cordelia Chase

"Expert? Not hardly. But I think I can help you with your problem. I just have to confirm what Angel saw.", Carri told her

"You're welcome to use any of our books.", Giles said gesturing to the ones on the table

Carri looked over them. "I don't think these will help. Do you have any more?"

Giles gestured to the bookshelf.

Carri got up and walked over to the books. She thumbed through them and picked one she liked. She came back to the table and dropped her book on it.

"Evil Tyrants Out for World Conquest?", Xander read, "Who are we trying to bring down, Bill Gates?"

Carri just rolled her eyes as she started to flip through the book.

"I must inform you that this was written by someone who had some crazy ideas for what aliens looked like and therefore what he writes is always taken lightly.", Giles told her

"I think I'll find what I'm looking for.", Carri said as she caught a picture of Gasket and Archerina as she flipped through the pages

Xander walked over to Buffy. "Perfect. Your help is just as crazy as the guy who writes those books."

"Just give her time. She'll find something.", Buffy assured him

"Got it.", Carri said as she flipped to a page with a picture of Lord Zedd

"That guy looks like an idiot.", Xander said

"Yeah and he doesn't look scarey.", added Cordelia

"Lord Zedd. Ruler of all that is evil. Well at least he believe's he is. He's really good at making monsters. And trying to conquer earth. Solo he's not that big. But since he married...", Carri paused to turn the page, "Rita Repulsa, they've been pretty big."

"So is there anybody else in this party?", asked Xander

Carri pointed to the picture beside Rita. "Rito Revolto. Rita's little brother."

Willow looked over her shoulder. "He looks tough."

"Well I've been told he was once upon a time. But now he's nothing but an idiot.", Carri told her. "And then there's Goldar. He doesn't have many goals in life. Except to do Zedd and Rita's bidding and to destroy the original Green Ranger. But don't get me wrong, he's tough as well."

"What about the birds Angel said he saw?", asked Buffy

Carri flipped back a few pages. "Tenga warriors."

"This is all quite fascinating to me, that the information in this book is even true at all. And the thought that one of these creatures would team up with Spike is beyond imagination. How can you be sure you're right?", asked Giles

"Simple. I'll go ask Angel.", Carri said

Buffy hopped up. "Come on, let's go."

"But Buffy you have class now. Xander and I will go. We have study hall.", Willow told her

"But guys...", Buffy started

"Willow's right. This is a simple task. Nothing that you need to be skipping class for.", agreed Giles

Buffy pouted. "Oh all right. But watch out for Snyder."

"We won't get caught.", Carri assured her

"Just in case, Willow why don't you go by Ms. Calendar's class and get a pass off campus. I would write you one, but Snyder probably wouldn't acknowledge it.", Giles said

Willow nodded her head. The bell rang, and Cordelia and Buffy left the library.

"You sure are knowledgeable for not being an expert.", Cordelia said as she walked by

After the final bell rang, Carri led her group out the door.

"Ms. Calendar's room is this way.", Willow said

They arrived at the door and Willow knocked.

"Hello Willow. What do you need?", asked Jenny Calendar

"I was hoping you would give me and Xander a pass off campus.", whispered Willow

Jenny nodded, understanding why without even being told. She quickly wrote a pass out and gave it to her. "Good luck.", she said as she shut the door

"What's the quickest back route out of here?", asked Carri

"There's never anybody around the gym. We can probably slip out behind it.", Xander told her

Carri nodded and motioned for Xander to lead the way. Once they were free from school grounds, they headed towards Angel's place.

"So how exactly do you know about this stuff?", asked Xander

"I... study strange stuff like that. It interests me.", Carri replied

Xander shrugged. "Well whatever pleases you, I guess."

"Are you sure you're right?", asked Willow. "I mean Giles always told me not to use those books because they were 99.9% wrong."

"This isn't quite Giles area of expertise. He's a watcher. This stuff is more my department. He's not supposed to know how correct this book is.", Carri told her

"You make it sound like you're a watcher of some sort.", Xander told her

Carri laughed. "Not hardly."

"How you got the knowledge is not important. It's the fact that you got it.", Willow said

Xander and Carri both nodded. Then they continued the trip to Angel's place. When they got there they opened a door and walked downstairs in front of another door. Xander knocked.

Angel opened the door with his vampire face on. Xander and Willow jumped back, and Carri just stood there.

"Kinda looks like me when I get woken up in the middle of the night.", Carri told him

Angel allowed his face to return to normal. "Sorry, I wasn't expecting anybody."

"Is this how you greet all your visitors?", asked Xander

Ignoring the question, Angel spoke to Carri. "I haven't heard from you in a while. And I'm guessing you're Buffy's secret informant."

Carri nodded.

"So why are you here?"

"I have some pictures of some bad guys I want you to look at. I believe these would be the guys you saw last night.", Carri told him

Angel looked at the pictures. "That's them. All of them."

Nodding, Carri shut the book. "I thought as much.". Then she turned to Willow and Xander. "Come on guys, we've got a lot of work to do."

"So I'll see you patrolling with Buffy tonight.", Angel commented

"I'll be there.", Carri told him

Then they left and Angel shut the door.

"No offense, but it's dangerous to go patrolling. Especially with these new demons.", Willow told her

"Yeah I love to go help Buffy but even in these situations I know better than to jump in and get myself killed.", Xander told her

"Buffy will need me by her side as much as I'll need her by mine.", Carri said

Carri walked ahead of the other two, leaving them to talk.

"Is she a slayer?", Xander whispered

"That's impossible. You can't get a slayer without one getting killed. And Buffy hasn't died.", Willow told him

"She was dead for a few seconds once.", Xander reminded her

"But she doesn't act like she knows anything about vampires. And that's a slayer's specialty. She knows monsters."

"Well then who is she? Wonder woman? Running around in some stupid costume saving the world.", Xander said with a laugh

Willow smiled. "Come on Xander, let's be serious. A costume wearing super heroine is kind of silly, don't you think?"

"Yes well you explain it better.", Xander said

"I...", Willow stopped knowing she couldn't tell him what he wanted to hear

They approached the fence, which Carri had already jumped.

"Did you see that?", asked Xander in response to Carri jumping the fence

Willow looked at the fence. "I don't think we can jump it right here. We'll move down a little and meet you in the library."

"Ok see you in there.", Carri said as she went on

Xander and Willow walked off.

"See there.", Xander said. "She jumped the fence. The high fence. The fence that's purposely high so no one can jump it."

"Well maybe she's an expert fence jumper.", suggested Willow

Xander looked at her. "Fine. Believe what you want. But I'm going to get to the bottom of this."

Willow and Xander jumped over the smaller part of the fence. Then they entered the school building just as the bell rang signifying the end of first period. The two walked into the library right behind Buffy.

"So what did you find out?", asked Buffy

"Angel confirmed it.", Carri told her

"Which means?", prompted Buffy

"Which means we've got a lot of work to do. I've got to teach you everything I can about Rita and Zedd. And you have to teach me vampires.", Carri said

Buffy nodded. "Meet me outside during lunch. That should be enough time to figure stuff out. If not I can skip my afternoon classes."

"Sounds good.", said Carri

Then the minute bell rang and the group split until lunch.

Buffy sat on the grass with Xander and Willow.

"It's almost time for the fun stuff.", Buffy said

Willow looked up and saw a group of big brown birds materialize behind Buffy.

"Buffy...", Willow started

"What is it?", Buffy asked

The tengas started squawking. Buffy stood up and turned around.

"Welcome to Sunnydale.", greeted Buffy as she went to attack them

Buffy found the tengas to be a handful. She kicked one and turned around just in time to see another one shove her down. She quickly got back on her feet and tried to regroup.

Meanwhile some of the tengas started to attack Willow and Xander. The two were at a great disadvantage as the tengas attacked. Both teens where thrown aside by the tengas. Then the birds jumped on the two.

"Hey now play nice.", said Carri as she kicked one of them

She quickly flung the group of tengas off of Willow and Xander and helped them up.

"Who are you?", asked Xander

Carri punched a tenga that was heading their way. "My story shouldn't be your biggest concern right now. Get everyone out of here."

Willow and Xander didn't move.

"If you know what's good for you you'll evacuate the area of everyone, including yourselves."

They hesitated, but then they went to do as told.

Carri and Buffy came together.

"How do you kill them?", asked Buffy

"Just worry about beating them.", Carri told her

The fight began again. At one point Carri looked up and noticed that there was nobody around.

"You guys ready for the party to really start?", she asked the tengas. "Ninja power now!"

Then the yellow ninjetti attacked the tengas with more energy than before.

Buffy was finding the tengas to be tough opponents. She wasn't used to fighting something she couldn't just slay or cut apart and be done with, or fighting in broad daylight. At one point two of the tengas bound her arms behind her. Then another figure appeared at the fight.

"So, you must be the slayer. Allow me to introduce myself. Rito Revolto, one of the most feared fighters in the galaxy."

"Yeah I can see that.", Buffy told him

Rito waved his sword around. "Don't mess with me. Now if we all just cooperate and...", but Rito stopped when he heard someone yell something that sounded like zeo two power kick. "It can't be... oh no.", Rito said as he saw the white boot hit him square on

Buffy broke free of the tengas and the minute Rito stood up she punched him, causing him to stagger back. "You don't want to mess with me.", threatened Buffy

"Hehe well as long as I don't have to tell Ed what happened. We're getting out of here while I still have my pride.", Rito said as he took the tengas and left

Carri powered down. "Well?", she asked

"We've got work to do.", Buffy said as the two walked into the school building

"Where's the slayer?", Spike asked as Rito and the tengas teleported in

"Uh, at school I guess.", Rito answered

"At school?", questioned Spike as he walked up and got into Rito's face. "You know I could've sworn I told you to bring her here."

Rito didn't answer.

"You're lucky you're not human or one of my vampires, or you'd be dead by now.", Spike told him as he backed off

Drusilla walked over to Rito and started waving her two fingers around his face. "I want to rip his eyeballs out. And eat them."

"Hey!", exclaimed Rito. "I like my eyes just where they are thank you."

"Now now Dru it's not going to do us any good to kill him.", Spike told her

Drusilla put her fingers down and walked away, staring at Rito the whole time. "But Spike it would be so much fun.

"I know Dru. But believe it or not he might be useful.", Spike said as he walked over to Rito. "Now tell me, how come the slayer is still running happily around Sunnydale and not down here with us?"

"See there's a very good explanation for that and...", Rito noticed Spike staring at him, "Well the Yellow Zeo Ranger showed up and..."

"The Yellow Zeo Ranger?", repeated Spike. "I thought Zedd was keeping those power rangers busy while I took over Sunnydale."

"Well we can capture her.", suggested Drusilla, "And rip her eyeballs out.", she finished

"Good idea love.", Spike said. "Come on, we've got to make new plans for tonight."

Then Spike and Drusilla walked off to plan for the evenings events.

"What happened?", asked Giles as Buffy and Carri bust into the library

"I was attacked.", Buff told him

Giles looked over at her. "In broad daylight? That's impossible."

"It wasn't vampires. It was tengas. And Rito.", Carri said

"Was it difficult?", asked Giles

"Had Carri not shown up I might not be here now.", Buffy told him

"I feel as though this is my fault. You aren't prepared, I never thought those books were of any use to us.", Giles said

"It's not your fault. This stuff is our department. You're not even supposed to know that any of it exist. Just like I'm not supposed to know about vampires.", Carri told him

Willow and Xander came running in.

"Buffy are you alright?", asked Willow

Buffy nodded.

"Ok, what exactly went on back there?", asked Xander. "Because those big bird things were just not happening."

"There's no time for an explanation now. Buffy and I have to a lot of preparing to do before nightfall.", Carri said hoping by the time she had time to explain Xander would've dropped the topic

"What are we waiting for?", asked Buffy, "Let's get started."

The two girls started to go into detail about exactly what they were up against, hoping it would provide them will a slight edge.

Rocky walked into the university's cafeteria and over to a table where his friends sat eating dinner.

"Have you guys seen Carri?", he asked them

The two looked up.

"No, I haven't seen her all day.", Tommy Oliver told him

"Me neither.", agreed Katherine Hillard. "Is something wrong?"

Rocky shook his head no. "It's just she was supposed to meet me after class today and she never showed."

Tommy smiled. "You know her. She probably overslept."

"Two things. First of all, do you know how late she would've had to oversleep to miss me? And secondly she wouldn't just not show like that.", Rocky said

"You're right. But still.", Tommy told him

"We'll I'm going to try to find her. I'll talk to you two later.", said Rocky as he walked off

Rocky headed out and to the dorm rooms. He went up to the second floor, which was her floor. He stopped and knocked on her neighbor's door first. After a few moments, someone answered.

"You haven't happened to see Carri today have you?", Rocky asked

Jason Lee Scott stopped to think about that. "Come to think of it, I haven't."

Rocky sighed. "I guess I'll ask her roommate."

Jason chuckled. "Good luck."

It wasn't that there was anything wrong with Carri's roommate. She seemed nice. But that was the problem, seemed. She wasn't the worlds most social person. She kept to herself most of the time, hardly ever talking to Carri. And talking to the boys was next to impossible for her. They all were in and out of the room and she got shy and quiet when they were around. Especially shy when the guys were around. Carri always said it was something about what her mom once told her about college boys, only wanting one thing. Even if you knew them in highschool, they were like that now. She had even told Carri in private that she and Kat both should dump their boyfriends and concentrate on their studies.

Rocky just shook his head as he knocked on the door. It slowly creaked open and two eyes peered at him from the other side. Once Rocky was identified, the door was opened wide and Carri's roommate appeared.

"Um... hi.", Christy Filar said almost in a whisper

"Hey Christy. I was just looking for Carri.", Rocky told her

"She's not here.", Christy said as she started to shut the door

Rocky grabbed the door. "Wait a second. Do you know where she is?"

"No.", Christy replied as she looked down at the floor. Rocky had never seen her look a guy in the eyes before. "She, um, never came in last night. I figured she, um, well, spent the night with you somewhere."

"She didn't?", asked Rocky with a new wave of concern in his voice

Christy shook her head no.

"Thanks.", Rocky said then Christy quickly shut the door

Rocky knocked on Jason's door again. "Jason!", he called

Jason opened the door with the phone in one hand.

"What's wrong?", Jason asked

"I think we have an emergency on our hands.", Rocky said

"Emily, I'll have to call you back later.", Jason said as he hung up the phone and he and Rocky went off

Buffy and Carri went walking through the park patrolling.

"This is where the real party begins.", Buffy said

Carri looked around. "I hope it starts soon. I want to get it done and over with."

The two girls heard a squawking noise.

"Is this soon enough?", Buffy asked as tengas jumped out at them and attacked Buffy

"Well if you're going to ignore me.", Carri said as she thrust her hand down. "Ninj..."

She was stopped by the vampire that jumped on her.

"I'm beginning to like the ignore me thing better.", Carri said as she looked up and saw herself surrounded by vampires

With Buffy surrounded by tengas and Carri by vampires, each girl found themselves on their own hoping that their previous knowledge was enough to keep them alive.

"Stake to the heart.", Carri said as she broke off a stick and staked a vampire. "I guess it would be like that."

As she looked up, she saw the vampires closing in. She managed to stake one of them and then she ran figuring she could think and run at the same time. Following Spike's orders, the vampires chased after her.

She ran until she came to the front of the museum. She went over and pushed the door. "Locked.", she muttered. Then with one kick she opened it. "Not anymore."

Carri shut the door behind her. "I should be alright in here, the vamps are uninvited." Then she heard them pound on the door. She smacked her forehead. "Of course I picked the building with a big 'Please enter here' sign in front of it."

Carri grabbed a chair and tried to keep the door shut as long as possible. She could hear the vampires hit the door and try to knock it open. In a rush Carri ran through the different exhibits. She found herself wandering into one that caught her eye.

"Ancient Greeks.", she said as she walked underneath the sign. She could hear the vampires open the door throughout the empty building. "Time's running out.", she muttered

She looked at the ancient Greek exhibit. She came across one that interested her. "Xena scrolls.", she said as she came across the warrior princess's section. Next to the Xena scrolls, in a glass case, was Xena's sword and chakram. "Look what we have here.", she said. Then she broke the glass case and yanked the sword and chakram out, just as the vampires came to the door. "Why hello", she started turning towards them, "You came in just in time for the party. Ninja power now!"

Holding the chakram and sword, Carri felt a new wave of energy rush through her. Calling Xena's battle cry, she flipped over the quickly advancing vampires. "Check this out.", she said as she through the chakram and beheaded several of them. When the chakram was returned to her, she fastened it to her belt and attacked with Xena's sword, beheading the vampires that remained. When she was finished, she powered down and threw the sword and chakram back by their case.

"I'd better go back to Buffy.", she said as she left the museum

Meanwhile Buffy was handling the tengas to the best of her ability. Right after Carri left, Buffy took off in the opposite direction to try and lose the tengas.

"This is not working.", Buffy said as she glanced over her shoulder and saw the tengas still hot on her trail. Buffy stopped and turned to face them. "Ok. We'll play your way.", she told them as she hit the next one that came near her.

The tengas came at her one by one, and she knocked them away as if they were nothing.

"You'll have to do better than that.", Buffy said as she kicked two tengas out of the way. "This isn't so hard once you get the hang of it." Buffy punched one tenga's beak, then she took the arm of another and rammed him into a third tenga.

What Buffy didn't know was that there were many other tengas waiting in the wings. And all at once they attacked.

"Ok totally unfair odds.", Buffy complained once they hit the ground

One of the tengas threw Buffy out of the way and she landed on the ground hard.

"Now that hurt. You're gonna pay for that one.", Buffy said as she jumped back up and charged them, knocking some more out

But the total amount of tengas was just too much for her, and they threw back once again, much farther this time. Then the tengas grouped together before they went after her.

"It's time for a gold rush!", yelled a voice

Buffy looked over and saw someone in black spandex run through all the tengas, knocking most of them out. The one's that weren't knocked out helped the ones that were, and they flew off in defeat.

The Gold Ranger went and extended his hand to Buffy, and helped her up.

"Wow my knight in shining armor. And it's shining gold armor too.", Buffy said as she got up

"Lord Trey of Triforia.", Trey introduced himself. "I am the Gold Ranger."

"Well thanks for helping me.", said Buffy

Trey motioned for Buffy to follow him. "I believe Carri is in need of some help."

Then the two left for the destination Trey had in mind.

Before Buffy's fight with the tengas was over, Carri had made it back to their original spot.

"Buffy?", she called out but got no reply. "I hope she's alright.", Carri said as she looked around

Suddenly Carri felt something hit her hard from the side, and she fell over. Grabbing the right side of her face in pain, she looked up to see vampires there to greet her.

"I think I'm in trouble now.", she said as she prepared to fight

"Zordon she's missing!", exclaimed Rocky as he and the others had gathered into the Power Chamber

"CALM DOWN RANGERS.", Zordon ordered

"But Zordon...", Tommy started

"Rangers, Carri is not missing.", Alpha assure d the m

"Then where is she?", asked Kat

"CARRI HAS GONE ON A MISSION.", Zordon told them

"A mission?", repeated Rocky

Jason looked confused. "What kind of mission?"


"And she didn't even ask for our help?", Kat asked confused


"So what's going on now?", asked Tommy

Alpha pushed a few buttons. "Rangers, observe the viewing globe."

The rangers turned to see what was going on. They saw Carri outside, laying on the ground, and a male figure in a black coat standing over her.

"What's going on?", asked a worried Rocky. But his expression changed when the figure helped Carri up and he saw his face. "Angel.", he identified him

Carri brushed herself off. Angel seemed to be studying her very carefully.

"What?", she asked

"Your hurt.", he told her

Reaching her hand up and sliding it across the right side of her face, Carri felt blood. "Damn, it must've been that first vamp that jumped me. How bad is it?"

"About an inch and a half long, by your eyebrow. I can't tell how deep it is.", Angel answered

"Angel!", a voice called out

The vampire spun around. "Buffy.", he said as he went over and embraced her. "I was on my way when I saw Carri get attacked, and are you alright?"

Buffy smiled. "Lucky for me I had my knight in shiny gold armor."

Angel looked at the figure standing there, who had gone to stand beside Carri. "I remember you. I saw you in Angel Grove that night."

"Yeah that was when he was playing the guess the Gold Ranger game.", Carri told him

"Now's not the time to get into that.", said Trey. "I just wanted to make sure you were alright."

"See Buffy you should be a ranger. We all are always watching each others backs, literally.", Carri told her. "Thanks for coming Trey."

"I picked it up on Pyramidas and since you're no slayer... but I had to stop and help your friend out over here.", Trey said gesturing to Buffy

"Hey, I was doing just fine on my own thank you.", Buffy said

"Now's not the time for arguments. I think you need to go check in.", Angel told Buffy

"Right. Giles needs to know what happened.", Buffy agreed

Trey nodded. "I need to get back to Pyramidas.", he said as he put a hand on his belt and teleported off.

"You guys come and go with about as much warning as Angel.", Buffy teased

Angel smiled at her as the trio walked over to the school and finally into the library.

"What happened?", asked Giles the moment they stepped through the door

"Just about everything happened.", Buffy responded

"Oh my God what happened to you?", asked Xander

"Me?", squeaked Carri as Xander nodded. "Do I look that bad?"

Angel and Buffy looked over at her.

"Yeah.", they said at the same time. "I'd have to say so.", Buffy threw in

"Ew you looked like you were attacked by something vicious.", Cordelia said

Carri nodded. "Vamps."

Buffy went and sat down on top of the counter, and Angel stood beside her. Xander jumped up out of his seat and motioned for Carri to sit down.

"Thank you.", Carri said

"I'll be right back.", Xander told the group. A few moments later he returned with a first aid box, and a clean towel and a bowl of water. "Somebody's got to clean this.", he said as he wet the cloth and started to wipe the blood away

"Ok so what exactly did happen?", asked Willow

"We went patrolling. And I was attacked by tengas. While they attacked me vampires appeared and attacked Carri. I ran off hoping I could shake the tengas. When I realized that wasn't going to happen, I stopped to fight. Only more ambushed me and knocked me back. That's when....", Buffy stopped when Carri shot her a look. "When they... just... left."

"Left? I find that hard to believe.", Giles said

"But anyway", Carri jumped in, "I ran from the vampires, hid in the museum for a while, and the vamps found me. So I beat them and ran back to meet Buffy. Only I was hit from behind by another vampire, as you can...", Carri cringed as Xander applied peroxide to her still bleeding wound

"You know you might need stitches.", Xander told her

Giles walked over to get a closer look. "Yes, I believe Xander is right."

Carri shook her head no. "I don't think it's that bad. But maybe, in the morning, if it's still bleeding I'll look into it."

"Alright it's your face.", Xander said as he took out a piece of gauze. "Hold this for a second please.", he said as he put it on her cut

Just then four figures came through the double doors of the library.

"Um... hi.", greeted Willow, shocked by the visitors

"Why hello there.", Cordelia greeted the three guys who she thought to be extremely good looking

"Excuse me but the library is closed now. They're here for a special study group. I would advise you to leave before I have to call security.", Giles told them

"Her? Study?", questioned Tommy of Carri. "I seriously doubt it."

"Carri this had better be important because your running away cut my phone call with Emily short.", Jason complained

"Aw poor baby.", Carri said, adjusting her hand and allowing the piece of gauze to be seen by her friends

Rocky went to her side. "What happened?"

"It's nothing...", she started

"Nothing? The rest of us say you need stitches and you call it nothing.", Xander pointed out

Rocky moved her hand and the piece of gauze away to look at it. "That looks horrible."

"Does it not look like she got attacked by something vicious?", asked Cordelia

"Cordelia...", Buffy started but then decided finishing her sentence was not the thing to do at the moment, "Never mind."

"Don't mind me asking, but who are these people?", asked Giles

"Sorry.", Carri said

Xander pulled out some more gauze and some medical tape, the best stuff he could find for the situation, and moved Carri's hand and the old piece of gauze out of the way. Then he started to tape the new piece on to hopefully control the wound.

"Anyway, guys this is Rocky, Tommy, Jason and Kat. And the Sunnydale crew would be Buffy, Angel, Xander, Willow, Cordelia and Giles.", Carri did the introductions

"Nice to meet you.", Buffy said, already putting the three teens she didn't know with their ranger colors

"So what exactly is going on here?", asked Kat

Angel started the story. "Last night I was out when I happened to come across Spike and Drusilla talking to...."

"Zedd and Rita?", supplied Tommy

"That's it. They were forming some sort of alliance.", Angel told them. "Then I came back and told Buffy about it."

"Since this sounded like your department, I called Carri.", continued Buffy

"And I came down today to check it out because I didn't have classes.", added Carri

"She confirmed the new baddies to be Zedd and crew. And we were attacked by his lackeys earlier today, along with that bag of bones Rito. And we just got back from our little mini war, which as you can tell we weren't totally ready for.", finished Buffy

"Sounds like we've got a lot of planning to do.", said Jason

The others nodded. Giles went to make a pot of coffee as their all night planning session began.

The tengas came in squawking a lot louder than they had previously.

Spike threw his hands up. "I don't know tenga."

"I gotcha covered.", Rito said as he walked over to the tengas. A few moments later he turned to Spike. "They don't have her."

Spike looked annoyed. "Well I can see that. And if they don't have a good reason for it. You know, this place is kind of drab, stuffed tengas may brighten it up a little."

The tengas started going crazy. Rito turned and had a talk with them, then he gave Spike their reason. "Poor birds, the Gold Ranger showed up. Got 'em good with a gold rush."

"Gold Rush?", repeated Spike

"Yeah. It's when he takes his gold power staff, yells it's time for a gold rush, and charges through them. Lotsa pain.", Rito explained

"If they want pain, I'll show them pain.", Spike said as he started towards the tengas. But he stopped when the sound of a vampire running in was heard. Spike turned around and walked over to him. "Where is the rest of the vampires? Please do say they're getting the yellow ranger as we speak."

The vampire looked down at the floor. "They're dust."

"Dust?", questioned Spike. "I sent you out there along with at least two dozen other vampires and you're telling me the rest of them are dust?"

"I was watching the whole thing. The rest of my half of the group followed her into the museum. I was holding up the back. When I got in there I saw her in some suit, going crazy with a sword and circular thing, beheading them left and right. So I ran.", the vampire started. "Then I went back with the other vampires. And she showed up there. So we attacked. We would've had her, but Angel showed up and they started staking everybody. I ran back here to report to you."

"Let me get this strait. You ran away from the museum because you were afraid of a girl who wasn't even the slayer...", Spike started but was interrupted

"I wanted to be able to report to you. Besides she had some very powerful items, ask them they can prove it.", the vampire said pointing to Rito

Spike hit him across the face. Then he started circling him as he continued. "You don't interrupt me. Or bring in a third party into our conversation. Now where was I... oh yes. You didn't fight the ranger that time. Then you abandoned your comrades in battle. Not only did you do that but you failed in your simple task of bringing me the girl. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry.", the vampire replied

"Sorry? That's it?", Spike raised his hand as he was starting to finish of the vampire when Drusilla called for him to stop

"Spike don't.", she said

Spike put his hand down. "I don't understand love."

Drusilla motioned for him to back away. Spike did as she requested. Then she approached the vampire.

"There now, don't be afraid.", Drusilla said as she felt her hands up his chest and lifted his head. She could feel his muscles loosen up. "That's much better.", she said

Drusilla started moving her two fingers around. She started them down at her waist and moved them up. The vampire seemed to be memorized by them. "Yes, look at the fingers. Keep looking...", Drusilla then stabbed him in the eyes and watched him turn to dust. She pulled her fingers back from where they were. "Slipped.", she explained

"Well now, since that's over with, it's back to business.", Spike said. "We've got a slayer. Running wild. And a ranger. And the way I see it is you have twenty four hours to bring at least the ranger to me. If we can get her, the slayer will come to us."

Rito scratched his head. "I donno. Those rangers are tough."

"Don't question me, just get out there and do it or I will kill you, despite your big sister.", Spike warned

"Ok. I'll take some birds and vampires out tomorrow. We'll get her for ya.", Rito promised

"You had better. Because you don't want to find out what will happen if you don't.", threatened Spike

"I still want to poke his eyeballs out.", Drusilla said

"Don't worry love, you may get your chance.", Spike told her. And with that the two left to be alone while the rest of the group collaborated.

"This is too much thinking. I'm heading towards a mind overload.", Xander complained

Cordelia smirked. "Kind of hard to do that when you don't have a mind to overload."

Xander opened his mouth and pointed a finger at her but decided not to say anything.

"Silence. This isn't getting us anywhere.", Giles told them

"The way I see it, the bottom line is we have to split up.", Buffy said. "We've got to have some of both worlds in both places. To keep either city from going to hell."

"Have you guys seen any vampire attacks?", asked Angel

"Not yet.", Kat replied

"Don't worry. They're heading that way. It may take a while. But that was part of the plan.", Angel told them

"I'll go to Angel Grove.", volunteered Buffy. "The weekend starts tomorrow and hopefully this will be over before Monday morning."

"Buffy your mom is not just going to let you pick up and go to Angel Grove. Besides, what about the vampires here?", asked Willow

"If Angel, Carri and Rocky stay here the three of them have had vampire experience. Plus Giles will be here. And Tommy, Jason and Kat can stay in Angel Grove.", Buffy explained. "As for my mom, I'll make up something."

"It's the best shot we've got.", Tommy said

Jason nodded. "I agree bro. We've got to have even forces to avoid a takeover."

"I'll go home and make up something. I'll be back here in a half hour.", Buffy said as she started to leave

Jason and Tommy looked at each other and Jason followed her. "Rita and Zedd may try something. Let me walk with you.", Jason said

"I don't need you to protect me.", Buffy told him

"Buffy you've seen what they're up to. At least let a ranger come with you.", Angel requested

"Fine. Just don't get in my way.", Buffy said

Then she and Jason went out the double doors and headed out of the building. They started walking through the dark streets towards Buffy's house.

"You seem like the leader type. Why's it Tommy and not you?", asked Buffy

Jason was surprised. "Leader of what?"

"You don't know I know?", Buffy questioned

"I should've guessed. You sounded like you knew. How did you find out?", Jason asked

"I was down here for Christmas break. I sort of eavesdropped on the morphing sequence.", Buffy explained. "But back to my original question."

"I was the leader. But I went to the Peace Conferences and Tommy took over for me. When I came back I declined the leadership position. I didn't want to start anything with Tommy. He's my best friend.", Jason told her

"You seem more of a leader type to me. Do you regret taking second to Tommy?"

Jason shook his head no. "Things have changed since I left. Sure I'd love to be the leader again, but it's not worth my friendship to Tommy. I'm happier being a member of the team with Tommy as my friend than being leader and Tommy not talking to me."

Buffy shrugged her shoulders. "If you say so.", she said as they turned on her street. "There's my house."

They walked for a while and as they stepped onto the lawn Buffy got an idea. She started to cry and leaned on Jason, who put an arm around her.

"What's wrong?", asked Jason

"Just play along.", she said as she continued to cry and walk through the front door

"Buffy what's wrong?", Joyce asked as she came rushing through the living room to comfort her daughter

"He told...", she paused to sob some, "He told me that one of my old friends from LA had died."

Jason let go of Buffy and let her mom comfort her.

"Oh honey that's horrible.", Joyce said

"I've got to go to LA this weekend. For the funeral. He's taking me.", Buffy said as her sobs lessened

"Honey of course. Go on and pack.", Joyce said

Buffy continued to cry as she walked upstairs.

Joyce turned to Jason. "This is just horrible."

Jason nodded. "There was a drunk driver and the accident.... it was just terrible."

"I feel so bad for Buffy, her friend dying and all.", Joyce said as she got a good look at Jason. "I don't believe we've met. I'm Joyce Summers, Buffy's mom."

Jason extended his hand. "Jason Scott."

"So how did you know Buffy?", asked Joyce

"We... went out a few times. We stayed friends afterwards.", Jason told her

"Oh really? I'm surprised I didn't hear about you.", Joyce replied

"Well you know Buffy. She talks about a hundred things at once. She probably mentioned me somewhere.", Jason said hoping he was right

Joyce smiled. "She used to do that all the time."

Buffy came back downstairs with a duffel bag. She wiped her eyes. "I'm going to head to LA. I'll be back in time for school Monday."

Her mom gave her a hug. "Be careful."

"We will mom. ", Buf fy said as she and Jason headed out the door

Once they were back on the street, Jason clapped. "And the award for best actress goes to..."

"Hey when you're in this business you learn to lie.", Buffy told him

Silently the two walked back to the library.

"You guys ready?", asked Tommy when they entered

"Let's go.", Buffy said

Angel walked over to Buffy and put his hands on her shoulders. "Be careful Buffy."

"I will.", she promised

"Come on we need to get back to Angel Grove and make sure things are still going alright.", Kat said

As the rangers and Buffy prepared to teleport, Angel backed away. In flashes of multicolored light, they were gone.

"What are we supposed to do?", asked Rocky

"It couldn't hurt to patrol one more time.", suggested Carri

Angel nodded. "As soon as Spike hears Buffy's left, he's going to send more vampires into Sunnydale at night. We need to make sure they don't take over."

The trio then left to do what needed to be done to protect Sunnydale from the un-dead creatures of the night.

Buffy looked around the Power Chamber. "Nothing's changed."

"WHAT IS GOING ON?", questioned Zordon

Before anyone could answer, the alarm went off. Upon checking out the disturbance, they found that the vampires had finally arrived in Angel Grove.

"Jason, Kat, you're with me. Tommy stay behind and fill Zordon in.", ordered Buffy as she took some stakes out of her bag

Tommy looked thoughtful, but he nodded in agreement with Buffy after deciding she was the expert when it came to vampires.

Buffy took her group and teleported down, surprising the vampires by being there. "Bet you didn't expect to see me did you?", she asked

"We're going to eat you and your friends alive.", threatened a vampire

"Think you guys could come up with some new lines?", asked Buffy

Then the fight started. This was the kind of fighting Buffy was used to therefore she was easily picking off the opponent. After slaying a vampire, Buffy looked over at Jason.

"Have you done this before?", asked Buffy

"Not with vampires.", Jason replied

Buffy knocked a few more vampires away. "Well then you're a natural."

Jason chuckled as he staked another vampire. "I guess after you've fought puddies, cogs and tengas, vampires just seem like another enemy."

Kat wasn't the worlds best slayer. However once she got the hang of it, it wasn't too hard. Until she was ambushed.

"The little blond ranger. Let's make her one of us.", suggested a vampire

Then the vampires who were threatening Kat disappeared into dust. And behind where they were standing stood Tommy.

"I prefer you stay on this side.", Tommy said smiling

After a few more minutes of fighting, all the vampires were gone, and Buffy started to walk off.

"Where are you going?", asked Tommy

"They're here. That means I've got to patrol.", Buffy told him. "Are you in?"

Jason volunteered to patrol, and Tommy decided he would take Kat home.

"Alright then, let's go.", Buffy said as she continued to walk and Jason caught up with her

Mrs. Summers was making breakfast when Carri walked down the stairs, hardly awake.

"You were out late last night.", Joyce pointed out

"I was at", Carri paused to remember the name of the club Buffy once told her about a long time ago, "the bronze.", she finished

"Oh. Well that's a nice club for teenagers to go to.", Joyce said. "Did you hurt yourself there?"

"Hmm?", Carri said then remembered the cut above her eye. She reached up and felt it with her hand. It had closed up over night, and she didn't think it would be much longer than a day or two before it healed. "Yeah. Someone dropped a glass on the table on accident and a piece of it got me good."

"Ah.", replied Joyce. "You know it's a shame about Buffy's friend. And she had to leave you here."

"Well I'm sure I'll find something to do while until I leave.", she told Mrs. Summers

The doorbell rang and Mrs. Summers put down the cooking utensils and went to answer it. "Yes?", she asked the strange man at the door

"I was looking for Buffy Summers and Carri Hillard.", Rocky said

"Well Buffy left last night. There was a tragic accident and, well... but Carri is here. Come in, you can have breakfast with us.", Joyce told him

"Thank you.", he said then he extended his hand. "Rocky DeSantos."

"Joyce Summers.", she said taking his hand. Then she looked at him thoughtfully. "I remember you from somewhere..."

"I live in Angel Grove.", Rocky explained

"That must be it.", Joyce said as she closed the door and led him into the kitchen. "Carri, a friend of yours is here."

Carri turned and saw Rocky following Mrs. Summers in. "Hey Rocky."

"Good morning.", he greeted as he sat down on one of the stools next to Carri

"I believe my pancakes are ready to be cooked.", Joyce told them

"Pancakes. Sounds good.", Rocky said

"You may need to make a few extra with him here.", Carri teased

Rocky smiled as Mrs. Summers continued to cook breakfast.

"What are we supposed to do all day?", asked Tommy. He was sitting in the Youth Center along with Kat, Buffy, and Jason.

"What you normally do all day.", Buffy replied

"No daytime attacks?", Tommy questioned

Buffy laughed. "You're not up on vampire knowledge are you? They can't attack while the sun is up."

Tommy smiled. "Actually I was talking about monsters from Spike."

Buffy shook her head no. "Only vampires."

"That must be nice, not having a twenty four hour job.", Kat said

"In some ways. Like in the I have all day to plan my next move way. But not in the I want to go out on a date with you only I can't because I have to patrol way.", Buffy explained

"Well you seemed close to Angel.", Jason pointed out

"The thing about Angel is... well...", Buffy didn't quite know how to explain

Lucky enough she didn't have to as a woman approached the table. "Hey guys sorry I'm late. I overslept this morning."

"Hey that's my excuse!", exclaimed Tommy with a smile on his face

"That's alright.", Jason told her. "I'm just glad you made it."

She smiled and sat down extending her hand to Buffy. "My name's Emily."

"Buffy.", she replied taking her hand

"Let's all go out this afternoon.", suggested Kat

Buffy nodded her head in agreement. "Sounds like fun."

"Where to?", asked Jason

Tommy grinned. "Let's go play mini-golf."

"I haven't done that since I was little.", Emily said smiling

"Then it's settled.", Buffy said as the others nodded. "Mini-golf it is."

"We need a new plan. One that...", started Spike but was interrupted by one of his minions. "What is it?"

He bowed down. "There's another ranger in town. However, the slayer has left Sunnydale."

"The slayer has left. Well now this gives us more room to play.", Spike said as he started to pace around the room. "Well we've got a group of people here who can slay vampires and fight monsters decently. But what if we combine the two into one powerful force." Spike suddenly stopped pacing. "Now there's an idea. Rito!"

Rito walked out into the room. "Hey Spike. Whatcha need?"

"I want you to go find Zedd and tell him to get down here now. I have an idea that will get rid of two rangers and all of the slayer's pesky little friends.", Spike told him

"Alright. I'll pass the message along.", Rito said as he teleported out to enact Spike's newest plan

"This is the last time I lose.", Carri said as she carried a bag with food down the hallway of Sunnydale High

"Hey I'm used to getting food. It's nothing after a while.", Xander told her

"Well next time Rocky orders the whole menu he can bring it all back.", teased Carri

Xander looked at her. "Hey, us guys gotta eat."

Carri rolled her eyes. "This much?"

"Stop right there. I am Vampiro and I have come to bring you to your end."

"Vampiro?", Carri questioned. "Been there done that."

"I can guarantee you that you have not been here.", said Vampiro

Turning around, she saw something unlike any monster she had ever seen before. "What are you?"

"Little girl I am your worst nightmare.", Vampiro told her

"Little girl?", she repeated. "That's it. Xander get out of here."

Xander turned around only to be met by several dozen tengas. "Easier said than done.", he told her

"Damn.", she said under her breath. "Alright Vampiro let's see what you've got."

Several figures teleported around him. One was Goldar. "Don't be stupid ranger.", Goldar told her

The tengas from behind and in front of the two started to attack. "This isn't looking good.", Xander pointed out

Just when they thought things couldn't get any worse, Goldar and Vampiro jumped in the middle and fired.

"I didn't want it to come to this.", Carri said as she glanced over at Xander who was picking himself off the floor. "It's morphin time! ZEO RANGER II, YELLOW!"

Xander looked on in awe as she became the Yellow Zeo Ranger. "So you are a spandex wearing super heroine."

"Zeo two power weapon!", she cried. When it appeared in her hands she jumped up to attack Vampiro. But Vampiro lifted up an arm and sent her flying backwards into the wall.

"Pathetic ranger. Get up and fight.", said Goldar

"Oh I'll fight alright.", she said charging Vampiro

But Vampiro, who was made by combining both a vampire and one of Zedd's most powerful monsters and topped off with an extra power boost from Zedd, was too much for one lone ranger to handle.

He fired at her, and she went flying back and hit a set of lockers. Her almost lifeless body slid down the lockers and she powered down.

"I will not let you win.", she hissed as she struggled to her feet

"You can't stop the forces of evil.", Goldar said. Taking advantage of her powerless position, he attacked.

Goldar came flying at her with his sword. She quickly knocked it out of his hand. Then with one quick blow Goldar hit her on the back, causing her to collapse. Carri brought her hand up to her mouth and got ready to talk into her communicator.

"Not so fast yellow ranger.", Goldar said as he took his sword, which he had recovered, and knocked her communicator off of her wrist

Carri reached for it as it went sailing across the floor. Goldar kicked her, knocking her out.

"No!", yelled Xander as he tried to escape from the tengas grasp

"Weakling you can do nothing to stop us.", Vampiro said as he hit Xander in the stomach knocking the wind out of him

Then the two took the teenagers and teleported back to Spike.

"What's taking them so long?", asked Willow as she leafed through books in the library

Rocky nervously checked his watch. "I don't know, they should have been back by now."

Cordelia looked up. "Xander probably got lost."

"Do you think they got into trouble?", Giles wondered

"I hope not.", Rocky said. "She would've called for help.", he added mainly to comfort himself

Willow slammed her book shut. "I'm going to go try to find them."

"Be careful.", Giles warned as Willow headed out the door

The minute the double doors swung shut, Goldar teleported into the library.

"Who are you?", asked Giles

"There's not time for that.", Goldar replied

"What do you want?", Rocky growled

"Want?", questioned Goldar. "I believe I have something you want. Two somethings. Or someones. To get them back you'll have to meet us in the cemetery tonight, prepared to surrender yourself."

Rocky's eyes were glowing with anger. "How do I know you're not lying?"

Goldar threw something at Rocky that he had taken off Carri's unconscious body, then he left. Rocky caught what was thrown at him and then he opened his hand to reveal a silver chain with two glowing crystals on the end, one blue and one yellow.

"Oh my God.", he whispered then he brought his communicator to his mouth. "Carri?", he questioned but got no answer. He kept trying hoping it would go through.

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

"What was that?", asked Willow to nobody in particular

Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep.

She saw a wrist watch laying on the floor and picked it up. "This looks like the one Rocky wears. Maybe he dropped it.", Willow said as she turned back and headed towards the library

"Rocky?", she called entering the room and holding up the communicator. "Did you drop this?"

Rocky ran over to her and grabbed it. His face dropped when he saw the yellow streaks on the side. "It's hers.", he said shoving it into his pocket. Then he walked back into the room with a look of determination on his face. "Let's go find Angel. We can plan at his house. We are going to get them back without giving ourselves up.", he said as he walked towards the door

"We're going to need some back up. And it should be Buffy and the others.", Cordelia pointed out

"Angel Grove needs them. We take them away from there and it'll be as though the Hellmouth opened there.", Rocky explained. "No, I have a better idea. Find me the area codes to New York and Florida."

Willow snatched her laptop so she could help Rocky and all four of them left the library to head towards Angel's place.

Spike had immediately tied Xander and Carri up to poles, with their hands over their heads and their feet together.

"Let us go Spike!", yelled Xander

"Let you go? You think I'm just going to let you go?", questioned Spike. "Now that's funny."

Carri moaned softly.

"Finally. It sure took you long enough.", Spike said to her as she started to regain consciousness

"Where are we?", she asked her speech slightly slurred

"The old abandoned factory. Where Spike always takes us. Where we will be found and rescued.", Xander informed her

"Don't worry your ranger friend will find you soon enough. Along with Angel. They'll turn themselves in, thinking that it will save your lives. But we'll just kill you. And use them to get more people's attention. Buffy will do anything for Angel. And rangers don't let each other down.", Spike explained his plan

"And what happens when Rocky and Angel kick your ass?", Carri questioned

"Well now.", Spike approached her, "I'll kill you anyway. Either way, you die."

Carri laughed. "You know your plan has flaws. In fact it won't hold up. You have no idea what the rangers keep in the wings."

"I know more about you than you think I know.", Spike told her getting in her face

"From who? Zedd? Now there's a reliable source. Hell I'll bet he's leaving you in the dark as we speak. Maybe this is his plan. Put the vampires against the rangers and slayer, we kill each other, he rules the world. That's why he hasn't offered a lot of help. Look's like you're getting screwed on the deal Spikey boy.", she said

"Shut up!", yelled Spike as he slapped her across the face

Carri looked him in the eye. "Can't stand the truth now can we?"

Spike turned around and stormed off. Drusilla walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "Oh baby you're tense."

"If that blasted yellow ranger doesn't stop running her mouth...", Spike's voice trailed off

"Let me deal with her.", Drusilla said approaching her

"You Spike's little slut?", asked Carri

A nearby vampire kneed her in the stomach causing her to cringe. Drusilla held up a hand telling him to back down.

"I'll handle her. Poor little girl.", Drusilla said waving her fingers in her face, trying to memorize her. "That's right... watch the fingers." As Carri watched she shut her eyes. "Now open them."

Carri opened her eyes and gave Drusilla one hard look. "Hello baby.", Drusilla said knowing her magic had worked and Carri now believed her to be Rocky

After looking her up and down some more, Carri replied. "Ya know you don't make a very convincing Rocky."

Drusilla jumped back and opened her mouth in shock. "How dare you!"

Carri smiled. "Being connected to my animal guide has taught me how not to be fooled by stupid mind games like the ones you play."

"Stupid mind games?", repeated Drusilla. "Well if I can't play them with you then I'll just play them wi th Xander."

"I'm connected with my animal thingie too!", exclaimed Xander to try and keep Drusilla away from him

Drusilla just laughed. "Sure you are."

"Leave him alone!", yelled Carri

As she walked back over to her, Drusilla laughed some more. "And what are you going to do about it?"

Carri spat in her face and was immediately slapped by Drusilla.

"What is this, slap the yellow ranger day?", she asked

"I ought to...", Drusilla started but was pulled back by Spike

"Now now Dru we can't kill her... yet.", he said as he led her back. Then he went over and grabbed Carri's jaw. "And you don't do that again." Then he took a finger and starting near her eyebrow he moved it down her face. "You know for someone who's about to be killed you sure do have an attitude about you. I kind of like it.", he said as he ran his finger over her mouth. To his surprise she opened her mouth and bit him, and was slapped again yet another time. Spike started to do more but he stopped. "Hell you seem to like this getting slapped around stuff. Pretty damn kinky if you ask me."

"Wouldn't you like to know.", Carri told him

Spike smiled. "Maybe I would. But no, a vampire and a human.... that's just ick. Now Xander on the other hand, he could find out for me.", he suggested looking over at Xander

"You sick bastard.", Xander informed him

"Untie them.", Spike said walking away

Trying to think quick to keep something horrible from happing Carri spoke, "You know the minute you untie me I'll just morph and get out of this place."

"Yes I suppose you will. But then I'll kill Xander.", Spike told her

"And let me go?", Carri pointed out

Spike thought for a moment. "Yes, that would ruin the plan. So we won't untie you. That's probably the way you're used to it anyway."

Several vampires sliced the rope that kept Carri on the pole, without untying her. Then Spike caught her before she fell over and carried her to a wooden table, laying her on it with her hands and feet dangling over. Then the cut Xander down.

"I won't do this.", Xander said refusing to walk over towards her

"Refuse and you die.", Spike informed him

Xander looked over at Carri, hoping for some response. But he got none. She had found a nail under the edge of the table and was busy cutting through the rope.

"I...", Xander paused. This was something he had been waiting for, but not with someone he hardly knew and definitely not like this.

Spike took Goldar's sword and put it at Xander's neck. "You do what I tell you to or else I'll see exactly what this little thing can do."

Xander started to open his mouth but decided it was against his best wishes. Reluctantly he walked past Spike and got onto the table. "Oh God please forgive me.", he whispered into Carri's ear

"When I say now get off and move.", she whispered into his ear

"You know he'll kill me.", he whispered back as he softly kissed her neck

"Xander you've got to trust me.", she hissed

Without replying Xander continued to kiss her as Spike, Goldar, Rito and the other vampires looked watching as though they were watching porn stars on the big screen.

"Now!", she exclaimed

Xander jumped up and stood on the side of the table away from Spike. Carri rolled off of the table and onto the floor, and started to take the rope off of her feet. But just as soon as the fiasco had started Rito jumped up and fired at Xander, who was just standing up.

"Xander move!", yelled Carri as she stopped untying herself and jumped up to push him out of the way. The blast hit her instead and she fell back, hitting her head and losing consciousness once again.

Xander went over and felt for a pulse. "You're pathetic without the ranger to back you up.", Rito said as he backed off

"Is she alive?", asked Spike as he approached them

"She needs medical attention.", Xander told him as he stood up

Spike picked him up by the neck and held him in the air. "That wasn't the question."

"Yes.", Xander spat out trying hard to breath at the time. Then he was flung across the room. The vampires helped him get back up.

"Tie them back up.", Spike said and with a look of disgust he walked off

Buffy laid down in the sand as she watched the sun set above her. "This is beautiful. And peaceful. I think I'm going to move down here."

Tommy chuckled from beside her. "All for our sunsets?"

"Hey it beats the look in Sunnydale. We have no beautiful beaches.", Buffy explained

Kat was laying on the beach beside Tommy. Jason and Emily had elected to cuddle together on the other side of Buffy.

"It's as beautiful as the woman I'm with.", Jason complemented

"Why thank you.", Emily said as the two moved close for a passionate kiss

"Well now look at them.", Tommy said to his friends. However they ignored him and continued.

"Tommy leave them alone. How would you like it if Jason interrupted us every time we went to kiss?", asked Kat

"Yeah bro.", Jason said quickly pausing and looking back

Buffy sat up. "Kat we can't understand men. Sometimes I don't know if I would even want to."

Kat giggled. "Your right. Getting inside his head would probably scare me."

"You don't want inside my head.", Tommy told her as he sat up. "Between Rita and Zedd, Gasket, Mondo.... believe me you don't want inside my head."

Kat hugged him. "I know you've been through a lot."

"What's a lot?", asked Buffy

Noticing how into Jason Emily was, he explained. "Right after I moved her Rita captured me and made me her evil green ranger. I did horrible things... until Jason broke the spell. I thought it was all over... little did I know my powers were slowly being drained. Once I finally had to give them up, I became white, and had a lot of spells put on me then. And then I became red. Prince Gasket made me evil and I believed I ruled the Machine Empire. I was going to kill everybody...", Tommy sounded depressed as his voice trailed off

Kat squeezed his shoulder as Jason looked up. "Are you alright bro?", he asked

Tommy nodded his head yes.

"I'll say that's a lot. Now it's my turn.", Buffy said as she prepared to tell her sad story

"I hate to interrupt, but I really have to be going. Especially if I'm going to be up for you tomorrow morning.", Emily said directing the last comment to Jason

Jason squeezed her hand. "I'll see you in the morning."

Then Emily said good night and waved, leaving the four on the sand.

"What has happened to you?", questioned Kat

Buffy picked up her thoughts from a moment ago. "I was a freshmen in high school. I was told I was the slayer. So I slayed vampires. But I got my first watcher killed. And my first boyfriend. Then I burned down the gym, which was full of vamps, and was expelled since I couldn't exactly explain why I burned it down and that's why I moved from LA to Sunnydale. That and my parents got a divorce."

"Sounds tough.", Jason said sympathetically

Buffy gave a slight nod as she continued on. "So I get to Sunnydale thinking that slayings over only Giles tells me I can't quit it's my calling. So my first night in town I get Xander's best friend killed. After that things went smooth. Well as smooth as the life of a slayer can go. Until the master escaped. Before he escaped, he killed me. I was dead. I had to be revived. Then I hunted him down and killed him. I was so freaked out I spent all summer with my dad away from Sunnydale. Then when I came back the anointed one planed to use the master's bones to bring him back. They captured my friends, displayed them like trophies as they started their plot to bring back the master... luckily I stopped them and crushed the master's bones."

The trio was speechless. To think that one person would be put through all this was unreal. None of them could imagine what would happen if their friends got killed. That was something they'd hadn't had to face.

"I knew I had you beat.", Buffy said as she stared out at the ocean

"Buffy...", Tommy started as he put a hand on her shoulder

"Don't feel sorry for me. I'm past it, I don't dwell on it.", she told him

Getting the point, Tommy took his hand off her shoulder. "It's hard sometimes."

"But you can do it.", she told him. "It's been a while since I've been through this. And I know it's been even longer since you've had to deal with some of your stuff. Piece of advice. Open up more. Let Kat help you even. Maybe if you talked about it more often you could stop dwelling on it."

Tommy sat there and sulked for a moment. Kat gave him a kiss on the cheek before hugging him. "You know I'm there if you want to talk.", Kat whispered into his ear, and Tommy nodded in agreement.

"Guys this is depressing. Besides the sun has gone down and I have a feeling that we'll be needed.", Jason said

"Right.", agreed Buffy as she hopped up

Kat and Jason jumped up then Kat helped Tommy pull himself up.

"Where do we start?", asked Tommy

Buffy looked around. "I'd say those vampires over there would be a good place."

"What vampires?", asked Jason

Buffy pointed to the two guys she was talking about.

"How can you be sure they're vampires?", Kat asked

"First of all it's about 80 degrees out here and they're in heavy suits. And secondly only vampires have that bad of a taste in clothes.", Buffy said as she walked over to them

"Are you sure?", questioned Jason

Buffy tapped one of them on the back. "Excuse me.", she said. When she turned around she slayed him and his friend. "Slayers instinct.", she explained

"Looks like you're going to have plenty of time to use it.", Tommy said as he pointed to the vampires and the few tengas that were coming straight for them

"This could get interesting.", Buffy said as they attacked

"Well I guess she won't be awake for the party.", Spike said as he slapped around Carri a little more but got no results

As soon as night had fallen, Spike took the two teens and tied them up in the cemetery, and waited for his rivals to come.

"Yeah well the party's coming and you're going down.", Xander said

"You know I've never quite been able to figure you out. You act tough but when it comes right down to it you're just a wuss. A quivering, cowardly wuss.", Spike told him

Xander snorted. "At least I'm not a ruthless, cold-hearted killer."

Spike walked away from him. "And I'm damn proud of it. Come on Dru, let's get ready. They should be here any minute."

A few moments later, two figures appeared in uniforms unlike the one Xander saw on Carri. They took down the tengas and vampires and appeared in front of Xander and Carri.

"That's right guys it's us.", the Pink Ninjetti, Kimberly Heart told the on looking tengas

Adam Park, the Black Ninjetti, nodded in agreement. "And we're here to take our friends back."

"Not so fast.", Spike said as a mixed group of vampires and tengas tried to attack from behind

"It's time for a gold rush!", yelled Trey as he ran through the group knocking all of the tengas out of commission and knocking the vampires back

"Any more surprises?", asked Spike

"Just us.", Rocky said as Spike turned around to see Angel and the Blue Zeo Ranger

"Let me share my surprise.", Spike said

The rangers looked around and saw Vampiro appear.

"Think you can handle them?", Rocky asked Angel

Angel looked at the vampires. "No problem."

The four power rangers went to face Vampiro, with Trey taking the lead. "Alright rangers let's show him what we've got."

Rocky and Trey fired and as soon as the smoke from that had cleared Adam and Kim kicked him and he went back. But Vampiro jumped back up and fired at them, sending them all flying back.

"Let's see how he likes a gold rush.", suggested Trey. Then he fired and Vampiro was knocked back once again, with more force this time. But still he got back up and fired.

The blast scattered the rangers. Adam stood up. "I've got an idea. What if we combine the gold rush with the power of the Zeo Cannon."

Trey looked thoughtful. "That might work."

Rocky called for the Zeo Cannon and it appeared in the hands of the three rangers. At once the group of four fired on Vampiro, and was able to bring him down. But quickly he was brought back to life by Zedd and Rita.

"Here we go again.", Adam said

"We need Super Zeo Zord power now!", yelled Rocky

"I just hope I remember how to work one of these.", Kim said as she jumped into her zord. "Hey this one's nicer!"

"Oohh nice trick but I'm still going to beat you.", Vampiro said

"Stupid rangers don't they know it's going to take more than that to beat something that's a hundred percent monster, a hundred percent vampire.", Spike wondered aloud

Being left on the ground, Trey heard Spike talking to himself. He looked up and saw the MegaZord getting kicked around. "I call upon the power of Pyramidas!", Trey said jumping into his zord. "Rangers I have an idea."

"We're up for anything now.", Adam told him

"Grab a tree from the surface and stake him while I fire.", Trey explained

"Stake him?", questioned Kim. "I don't get it."

"Only vampires get staked... is he part vampire?", asked Rocky

"Something like that.", Trey told him

On Trey's command they did what he told them to do, and the monster disappeared in the oddest of ways. Partially it became dust and part of it fell like all the other ones do.

"That was... different.", Kim commented

"Come on we've still got two people down there.", Rocky reminded them

All four of them jumped out of the zords and onto the ground. They looked around and saw Angel finishing staking a few vampires. After they were dust, the cemetery was as quite as ever.

"Damn he must've taken them away while we were occupied.", Adam said

"I don't believe it.", Rocky muttered. "I can't believe it."

"It's alright Rocky, we'll be on call for us when you need us.", Kim promised

"Let them get back. We'll think up something tomorrow. It's pointless to search now, they must be long gone.", Angel said

"We'll be waiting for your call.", Adam said as he and Kim teleported out

"I need to be getting back to Pyramidas.", Trey said as he teleported out

Rocky powered down. "I'll get a fresh start in the morning."

"I'll be at home during the day if you need to talk. But for certain reasons I won't be available until night.", Angel reminded him

Rocky nodded. "Come on, let's get back to Giles.", he said as the two walked off

Buffy staked a vampire then got ready to stake his friend. But he was gone. Looking around she saw all the others had retreated as well. "That's odd.", she said to no one in particular

Tommy, Jason and Kat went to stand by her. "I take it they don't do this often.", Tommy said

"No.", answered Buffy. "Not unless there's a bigger plan."

Jason looked down at her. "Patrol?"

She nodded as she led them off.

"Do you think we should check in with the others?", asked Kat

"If something was wrong I'm sure we'd know about it by now.", Buffy told her

"Besides it's not like Rocky to leave us in the dark.", added Tommy

"I know. I just have this bad feeling. That's all.", Kat told him

"The kind of bad feeling you get when a certain goddess comes to town?", Jason asked

Kat shook her head no. "The kind of bad feeling one gets when things have been a little strange."

Tommy put an arm around her shoulder as they walked. "Don't worry everything's alright."

Buffy looked confused. "Let's back track her. Goddess?"

"Callisto. She claims to be the Goddess of War.", Jason filled her in

Making a face with "whatever" written on it Buffy replied, "All hail Goddess Callisto."

"She's a goddess left over from ancient Greece. She's pretty powerful. Why she's not in hell with the rest of her kind is beyond me.", Jason said. "She tried to kill us twice..."

"Three times. Remember when we got sent back in time.", Tommy reminded his friend

"So why haven't I heard of her before. I go to class. Sometimes.", Buffy wondered

"Well she wasn't exactly the most known goddess. We wouldn't know her if it weren't for the rang ers unfo rtunate ties to her human past.", Jason explained

"Ties to her human past?", repeated Buffy

"I'm her decedent. Tommy is Hercules's, Rocky is Autolycus's, Adam's is Drecos's and last but not least Carri is Xena's. And Xena is her biggest enemy of all time.", Kat informed her

"Xena? I've heard the name. The museum just put in an exhibit about her. It's a big deal. I should go visit sometime.", Buffy said

"Anyway to make a long story short she comes to earth to kill Carri first because she hates her with a passion then Tommy because she's not to up on him either. And if she can, she'll make Kat evil.", Jason finished

"That makes some sort of sense. So you feel her presence or something?", Buffy asked Kat

Kat nodded as Buffy leaded them into the cemetery. "This isn't looking good. It's prime time for the vamps but I can't find one."

"Well let's keep looking. They have to be around here somewhere.", Tommy said as they continued on through Angel Grove

"Where do we start?", Rocky asked as he glanced at the three others in the library on that Sunday morning

"Normally I would say research but I don't think there is any research out there which could point to the location of Spike.", Giles replied

"Maybe Spike will send his vampires out today to attack and we can make them tell us where he is.", Cordelia thought aloud

"Cordelia let me remind you when it's daytime there's sunlight outside.", Giles said

Cordelia made a face at him. "Well duh."

"I know who might know.", Willow said

"Who?", asked Rocky

"Willy.", Willow told him. "He's Buffy's snitch."

"Do you know where to find him?", asked Rocky

"Sure do. Come on and I'll take you.", Willow volunteered

Cordelia jumped up. "Ooo ooo I want to go!"

Willow rolled her eyes. "I guess you can come too."

The trio left the library and Willow walked them in the direction of Willy's bar.

"So what do you know about Willy?", Rocky asked her

"Willy is a bartender. His bar is vampire friendly. They tell him stuff and he relays it back to Buffy.", Willow explained. "Well Buffy beats it out of him."

At that last comment Rocky raised an eyebrow. "This might get interesting."

They walked for a while before they came to a door and went in. "That's Willy.", Willow whispered

Rocky walked over to the bar with the girls behind him. "Willy?"

Willy walked over to him. "What can I get you?"

"Just some information.", Rocky told him

"Sorry. I think you've got the wrong guy.", Willy said as he rushed off to serve his customers of the un-dead variety

"No, I've got the right guy.", Rocky said

Willy ignored him and continued to work.

"I have a few questions to ask you.", Rocky said still getting ignored. "I'm a friend of the slayers."

At the mention of the slayer a few customers got up and left out the back. Willy came over to Rocky.

"Listen pal I don't care who your friends are you've got the wrong guy.", Willy told him getting in his face

Rocky grabbed him by the back of his shirt collar and slammed the side of his face onto the counter. Then he took a nearby beer bottle and broke it on the counter and put it in Willy's face. "All I want to do is get my girlfriend back. And I've been told you can help. So either you give me some answers or this will get messy."

"Wait, your girlfriend... Carri I believe is the name. And Xander... maybe I do know something.", Willy said

Rocky let him up. "It seems to be coming back you now."

Willy nodded. "Really fast. Spike has them. He really wants to kill them. In fact he's going to end up doing that tonight when he invites you and Angel to meet him somewhere. And only you and Angel or he'll kill them on the spot."

"Where is he holding them?", asked Rocky

"I don't...", Rocky held up the broken beer bottle. "An old meat packing plant. About a mile down from the factory. He figures if he goes down there just once he'll have a better chance of not being bothered."

"The factory is where?", asked Rocky

"I can give you directions.", Willow piped up from the back

Rocky put the bottle back on the counter. "Nice chatting with you.", he said as he led the others out

After she was out for hours, Carri finally awoke. Looking around she saw they were in a room with one dim light hanging above them. Xander was chained to the wall, with his hands together above him and his feet together below him. She noticed that she had been chained with her feet together but her arms apart and tightly chained to the wall. She tried to move but with no luck.

"He's got you pretty tight.", Xander pointed out

Carri made a face. "He knows I can call on my zeonizers and get us out of here. He doesn't want to risk it." She paused. "How long have I been...."

"For a while.", Xander replied. "It's about lunchtime Sunday."

"What happened last night?", asked Carri

"You missed a show. Angel was there, along with someone wearing a blue uniform like yours, one with a kick ass staff in black, and a pink and black ranger whose uniforms didn't match anybody's.", Xander started

"Rocky, Trey and....", a slow smile crept across her face. "Kim and Adam."

"Anyway they fought Vampiro. I believe they beat him but Spike got us out of there pretty quick."

Carri just nodded. After a few moments of silence Xander spoke. "You think Spike will try to torture us some more?"

"He has too much fun with it. He's twisted. It wouldn't surprise me.", Carri told him

"He's sick.", Xander said then there was another pause. "So, tell me about this ranger stuff."

Carri smiled. "Might as well. Not like we have anything better to do."

"I can't believe it... all night and nothing.", Buffy said looking at her friends Tommy and Kat. Jason had gone out earlier with Emily.

"Does this mean something's wrong?", asked Tommy

"Not unless we get some indication of that. It's just strange how we went from covered in vamps to none. But hey maybe they got scared and ran off. In which case Spike will just kill them and we don't have to worry any more.", Buffy suggested

"Has that happened before?", asked Kat

"Spike's unpredictable. He kills his own all the time. Like when you get grounded for an F in school. Only Spike doesn't ground you for failing, he kills you.", Buffy explained

"That sounds... pleasant.", Tommy said

"Around here when things get quiet things get messy.", Kat told her

"Like I said a minute ago, Spike is unpredictable. We don't have any patterns in Sunnydale. Except for the some dude dies, becomes a vampire, get's slayed, then becomes dust pattern."

"Here you go.", Ernie said laying some earlier ordered food on the table. "Sorry it took a little longer. But Emily had off and my other help called in sick."

"It's alright.", Tommy told him

"You kids enjoy.", Ernie wished as he walked off

"Where were we?", asked Kat

"Let's eat now and finish our depressing could get sick conversation later.", suggested Buffy. "I'd hate to lose my lunch over Spike. Definitely not worth it."

The others nodded in agreement as they ate for the most part in silence.

"The plan is we bust in through the windows, kick some ass, then save our friend's lives.", Rocky told them as they rode the Jet Cycles through the streets to Spike's one day hideout

"Sounds like a good plan.", Adam told him

"We just have to be careful.", Trey reminded them

"I just want to go in there and get these creeps.", Kim said. "I can't believe they have caused all this trouble."

"Well at least Angel found out about the secret deal.", Rocky said

Then they parked the Jet Cycles in the grass outside the building and went ahead with their plan.

Meanwhile Spike was doing some planning of his own.

"Well we've still got the two brats captive. We could do some very cruel things. Like torture. I've always been a big fan of torture.", Spike suggested

"Mmm... torture. Oh Spike that sounds like fun.", Drusilla said

Spike went over to her and put an arm around her. "Yes love you do seem to get more lively when you torture someone. I just wish you could be your old self again."

"I like torture.", Drusilla told him

Suddenly the windows above were broken, letting the sunlight in. Several vampires were fried as the rangers came through the windows.

"Surprise.", Rocky said upon seeing the look of shock on Spike's face

A fight started as the rays of sun beat down on the floor. None of the evil forces were prepared for this.

"You won't stop us.", growled Goldar

"Wanna bet?", asked Rocky as he attacked Goldar and Trey took on Rito. Adam and Kim were fighting the tengas and leftover vampires, who were high in number.

As Rocky and Trey fought the sounds of swords clashing rang through the building. Until one triumphant moment when Rocky kicked Goldar and Trey kicked Rito and the two bad guys flew into each other and slid to the ground.

"What do you have to say for yourselves now?", asked Rocky as he and Trey stood over them with their weapons pointed

Rito and Goldar hopped up. "Come on Goldie, let's get out of here. Ed will never have to know.", Rito said as he teleported out

"This isn't over rangers. Tengas, retreat!", called Goldar as they left

Spike looked around the room in awe. "That's it. Alliance over. I'll be damned if I let any partner of mine run out on me.", he said looking at the rangers. "As for you, take care of them."

The vampires attacked being careful to stay away from the sunlight. Rocky grabbed one of them and put him near a ray of light. "Where are they?", he asked

The vampire shook his head no. Rocky thrust his hand into the light and it started to burn. "One more time. Where are they?"

Using his other hand, the vampire then pointed to a door. Rocky threw him completely into the sun and he fried. Then he went after Spike and fired, and the blast caused some boxes to fall on top of Drusilla, knocking her over.

Spike quickly helped Drusilla up and he headed out the door towards his car so he could get back to the factory. "This isn't over ranger.", he promised as he headed out

Rocky looked up to see Adam at his side. Kim and Trey were finishing the vampires who hadn't already been staked or had left. Rocky pointed the door and he and Adam started to make their way over.

Behind the locked door, Xander continued to ask clarification questions. "Ok so spirit animals do what?"

Carri sighed. "They guide you and...", but she stopped when she heard beating on the door

"He's coming in.", Xander said

"Just don't say anything stupid. He's liable to snap.", Carri warned

But when the door finally swung open both prisoners let out a sigh of relief.

"Are you alright?", Rocky asked as he called for his Zeo Sword and cut Carri free, then gave it to Adam to get Xander lose. Carri stepped on the floor but collapsed onto Rocky putting her arms around his neck for support, and he held her.

"It's been a while since I've used my legs.", she explained. Rocky then leaned down and scooped her up into his arms.

Adam freed Xander, and he collapsed as well.

"You don't miss your legs until you can't use them very well.", Xander said as Adam helped him up

Kim and Trey ran into the room. "Everything alright?", Trey asked

"It is now.", Rocky replied

"The vampires left.", Kim informed them. "I guess that means we should too."

Trey went over and took Xander from Adam. "I'll help Rocky get these two to the Power Chamber. You guys go ahead home."

"Thank you.", Carri said to her two friends

"Anytime.", Adam replied as the two teleported out

"Come on they look like they need medical attention.", Trey said then he and Rocky took Spike's former prisoners and teleported to the Power Chamber

Tommy yawned and stretched as the movie they were watching at Kat's house finished up. "It was kind of, well, boring."

Kat made a face. "Just because there wasn't a lot of blowing up things going on doesn't make it boring."

"It had some sentimental value.", Buffy commented as she reached for the last piece of popcorn

Getting out of his seat, Tommy continued to stretch. "Let's go to the Power Chamber. See what's going on."

Buffy got up. "Well don't they tell you guys if something's going on?"

Kat nodded. "But it does make us feel better to see for ourselves sometimes."

Nodding Buffy grabbed Tommy's arm as the three teleported. The scene they found upon entrance was unexpected. Xander and Carri were both on medical tables, and Rocky had his helmet off and was talking to Zordon. However the talk stopped when they came in.

"Oh my God.", muttered Kat

"What the hell happened?", asked Buffy

"Spike captured them.", Rocky told her as he turned to face them. "There was a long battle and we pulled through in the end but...."

"Will they be alright?", Kat asked

Rocky nodded. "As soon as Alpha's done. They're resting peacefully now. And when they wake up I assume they'll be hungry because they haven't eaten since breakfast Sunday."

As soon as those words left his mouth, Xander stirred. "I just want to go home.", he said

"Why don't you take him back.", suggested Buffy

"You can.", Rocky told her. "After the last fight Spike officially called the alliance off."

"Called it off?", Tommy questioned

"When Goldar and Rito took the tengas and retreated, Spike was a little bit mad so he ended it.", Rocky explained

"That's Spike's style.", Buffy said. Then she went and stood beside Xander. "Ready to go home?"

"Ready? I'm more than ready. I'm psyched.", Xander replied

"I guess this is goodbye for now. We worked well together.", Buffy said

"Let's just hope we don't need each other's services again.", Kat told her

Buffy nodded. "Tell Carri to call me when she's up to it."

"Goodbye everyone. Thank you for getting me out of hell. Someplace I don't want to go again.", Xander said

"Are you ready?", asked Alpha as they nodded. "Teleporting now."

In flashes of white light they were gone. Then Tommy turned to Rocky. "What exactly happened?"

"I told you. They captured them. And we had to fight like hell to get them back.", Rocky told him

"And you didn't tell us?", questioned Kat

"Dammit Rocky we could've helped you know.", Tommy said scolding him

Rocky jumped to his own defense. "Trey was there. Along with Kim and Adam, and of course Angel. We had the troops. They just got us good once and we had to come back. Besides I figured you'd be busy."

Tommy nodded. "You figured right. We got into a huge fight with some evil doers early last night. But then they left and we didn't see anymore of their kind."

Carri stirred on the table. "You don't know how sore I am. And hungry.", she said as she opened her eyes

The three rangers walked over to her. "I can take a wild guess.", Rocky said

"Why don't we order a pizza. Eat in tonight.", suggested Kat

"Sounds like fun.", Tommy replied

Carri sat up. "Yeah. Pizza's alright."

"Let's go then.", Rocky said

Looking down at her wrist, Carri saw someone had placed her communicator back on it. "I'm ready.", she said hopping off the table. Then the group teleported to the surface for dinner.

"You what?", yelled Zedd as he met with Spike and Dru in the factory

"Do you not speak English? Quit. I'm through with you and your little games. You claim to be the best of the best yet when it came right down to it your lackeys left when they were getting their butts kicked.", Spike told him

"This is the last time we bother with you.", Rita said

"Yes well not like we're looking forward to any future encounters with the likes of you either.", Spike told her

"Spike I want to go play with the dolls. Make them leave.", Drusilla commanded

"Well you heard the lady.", Spike said turning to Zedd and Rita

"Come on let's get out of here before I lose my temper.", Zedd said as he teleported out. Just as soon as he was gone Spike's vampires were teleported back in.

"Well", Spike said as he took Drusilla and started to walk off, "Looks like it' s back to business as usual."

Buffy went to the library, as she usually did after class. "Hey Xander, Willow."

"Hey Buffy.", greeted Willow

"Buffy, your here.", Giles said as he walked out of his office

"Aren't I always?", asked Buffy

"Yes yes of course.", answered Giles as he went to sit down. "Are there anymore details we need to go over about what happened last weekend?"

Buffy shook her head no. "I think we've covered it all."

"Good.", Giles replied

"Except for what exactly happened with you Xander.", Buffy pried

"Me?", questioned Xander. "Spike had me. And he and I got into a few arguments. That's about all."

Buffy made a face. She wanted to hear more but Xander didn't want to say more. "Alright. I guess if that's all."

"Totally all.", agreed Xander

"So, what now?", asked Willow

"Now, we go be teenagers. At least until dark.", Buffy told her

"Be teenagers. I like that.", Willow said

Xander and Willow jumped up, then Xander led the two girls towards the door. "Well, what are we waiting for. Let's do it."

"Later Giles.", Buffy called as they left

Rocky knocked on Carri's dorm door. She had gone up after class, and hadn't said much to anybody since the day before.

"Hello?", Christy said as she cracked the door

"It's just me. I want to talk to Carri.", Rocky said

Christy opened the door and Rocky walked in. Then she gathered some stuff and turned to her roommate. "I'm going to study in the library.", she said as she left

Carri was sitting on her bed mindlessly watching TV when Rocky came and sat down beside her.

"Hey.", Rocky greeted

"Hi Rocko.", she said

"You've been kind of out there. Want to talk about it?", asked Rocky

"Not really.", Carri answered quietly

Rocky stood up and pulled something out of his pocket. "I've got something for you.", he said as he pulled her necklace out. Then he fastened it around her neck.

Carri put a hand on the charm as it hit her bare skin. "Where did you get this?"

"Let's just say it was a present from Goldar.", he told her sitting back down

Carri continued to be silent as she watched TV.

"There's something bothering you. And if you don't talk about it, it won't go away.", Rocky told her. Then he slipped the remote out of her hand and turned off the TV.

Once she realized the TV was off, Carri turned to Rocky. "You want to know what's wrong with me? I've spent most of the last two days unconscious. And when I wasn't unconscious I was getting slapped around. Or worse. And you know it wasn't exactly my idea of a good time.", she paused for a moment, "So I've been trying to sort it all out. I'm not even sure what's happened, all I know is the physical pain... and until the physical pain is gone I won't be able to put this behind me... It all went by so fast...", she blinked back a few tears

"God I wish there was something I could've done.", Rocky said as he pulled her in close

"There's nothing anyone could've done.", Carri told him

Rocky kissed her forehead. "I'm sure there was something."

Carri looked up at him and she smiled for the first time since the whole alliance fiasco began. "Yeah. Next time go get your own damn food."

Rocky laughed.

"Want to stay for a while?", Carri asked him

"Love to.", Rocky told her

Then Carri grabbed the control and flipped back on the TV. Then she snuggled with Rocky and attempted to start to forget about past traumatic events.

The End