by : KJ Holland

A young man sat in his room wishing there was something for him to do. There used to always be something for him to do. Even here. But here he had long worn out his usefulness. When he first came this looked like the greatest opportunity. To work with some of the best available technology. And he did. For a while. Until he was told he was getting in the way. Well he was never told flat out but he might as well have been.

He got up and walked down to the main room to see if there was anything he could do.

"I think something is wrong with this but I'm not quite sure what.", Aurico said looking at something

"You guys need a hand?", Billy Cranston asked walking into the room

"No we've got it.", Aurico assured him turning back to his assistant whom Billy was unfamiliar with

Billy stepped in closer to see what they were looking at. He easily saw the problem. "Well if you just..."

"Billy would it be possible for us to chat later?", Aurico asked

"Sure thing.", Billy said. Then he walked out of there and went into his room and laid down on his bed. That was all he got for all the times he helped them out. He got sent away. He knew what was going on. But these days nobody appreciates his intelligence. Well, almost nobody.


Delphine went to answer an incoming call. It was from Earth of all places. "Is something wrong?", Delphine asked when Alpha came up on screen

"I need to talk to Billy.", Alpha told her

"Is there something we can help you with?", asked Delphine

"No.", Alpha flat out replied. "Only Billy can help."

Billy walked in on cue. "Hello everyone."

"Billy it's so good to see you.", Alpha said

"Alpha?", Billy questioned looking at the screen. "What's going on?"

"Remember the device you built to get into Rita's dark dimensions?", Alpha asked

"Yes of course.", Billy replied

"Rita and Zedd's new monster, Dragoneyes, has captured Rocky, Jason and another human in a dark dimension and I was hoping you would come to operate the device once we've figured out what dimension they're in.", Alpha explained the situation

Billy smiled. "Of course. I'll be there as soon as possible.", he said. Then they ended the communication. Noone questioned his speedy departure, not even his supposed to be girlfriend. But he should expect that. It seemed as though he was getting dumber. Or maybe they were getting smarter. Either way he wasn't needed.

Quickly he arrived in the Earth's atmosphere. He immediately teleported to the Power Chamber.

"I'll help you set it up. And I'll stay behind in case Dragoneyes attacks again.", Billy heard Katherine Hillard say

"I'm the only one who knows how to set it up.", Billy Cranston said as he appeared in the Power Chamber

"Billy!", Carri Hillard exclaimed as she and Kat went to give him a hug

"Alpha sent a message to me and explained the situation. I was more than happy to come help.", Billy told them. His friends needed his help. They greeted him with open arms. They wanted him there.

"Thanks Billy.', Kat said

Billy smiled. A thank you was something he hadn't heard in a while. "I'll take Carri and get her into the dimension. Kat, why don't you stay here to keep an eye on Tommy and watch for any attacks.", he suggested

"Alright.", Kat said nodding

Billy grabbed one of the pieces that made up his dimensional traveling device while Carri picked up the other one. Then they teleported down to the surface.

"Alright this one goes here.", Billy said setting his piece down. Then he took the one from Carri. "And this goes over here.", he told her. Then he started to adjust things on the device. "Now remember the portal won't stay open for long. You have to go in and quickly get them out."

"Got it. No stopping and chatting.", Carri said.

Billy adjusted a few things and the portal opened. However a small hand full of tengas showed up to cause trouble.

"You can't save your friends.", one of them squawked

"We don't have time for this.", Carri muttered

"Ninja ranger power!", yelled Billy. He had been wanting his chance to do good in battle and it looks like he's going to get it. Then he transformed into the Blue Wolf Ninjetti.

"But how....", he could see that Carri was confused because he had Ninjetti powers

"Something I did on Aquitar. I went to Phaedos not long after you did, and, well here I am.", Billy told her. "Now get out of here."

"Right.", Carri agreed jumping through the portal

Billy stood eye to eye with the tengas. He knew he had to defeat them. If the tengas got past them they would most certainly destroy the dimensional traveler leaving Carri stuck in the other dimension and probably leaving her in a lot of trouble.

He started to fight them. It was just like old times when he was a ranger, part of the team. Well even when he wasn't a ranger he was still a part of the team. But here he was making a difference. He was taking tengas out one by one. They weren't too difficult. They never were. He just had to make sure they didn't get near his machine.

Billy finished off the last tenga as he saw the others come through the portal. "You're back.", he greeted

Rocky and Jason recognized the voice behind the blue ninjetti and they turned to look at each other, both in shock.

"Katherine!", the guy, Billy guessed was Chris Black, yelled as she jogged towards them

Kat walked over and gave him a hug. "What happened?", she asked him

"This horrible monster captured me.", Chris explained. "And she threatened to kill you."

"I had a monster chase me. But I was saved by the Gold Ranger.", Kat told him

"That's good. Because I'd really miss you if something were to have happened.", Chris replied

Kat nodded. "Me too."

They looked into each others eyes for a moment. Then Chris leaned in and gave Kat a kiss.

The other rangers stood there wide eyed as they kissed. Billy saw Carri's lips move but he couldn't quite make out what she was saying. Something about Chris he was sure.

A flash of red light appeared on the scene. The red ranger was only there for a few seconds before he quickly left.

Jason Lee Scott said something Billy didn't hear. But he did hear him say, "He's got to be torn up right now."

Rocky DeSantos made a comment as well while glaring at Kat and Chris.

Billy realized the situation. Well he thought he did. Who would've thought that... Billy shook his head not quite knowing what to think.

Chris and Kat broke apart. They didn't even notice the evil glares that the four standing there were giving them. They were just happy to be together. And Kat had finally made her choice.

"We have to be getting back.", Billy said going to pick up one piece of the device and Carri the other.

Billy went back to the Power Chamber and started to comfort the red ranger, Tommy Oliver, but it was no use. He eventually left right after Jason and Rocky showed up.

After Tommy left Billy stood around and talked to Rocky, Jason and Carri before it was time for him to get going.

"Well I need to get back.", Billy told them. "I'm glad I could help you."

Carri gave Billy a hug. "Thanks, we really needed you."

The two guys both shook Billy's hand. "Yeah we couldn't have done it without you.", Rocky told him and Jason agreed

Billy smiled as he left the room, heading back to Aquitar.

*End Flashback*

They needed him. They couldn't have done it without him. Back home, working closely with the power rangers, Billy felt needed. He felt important. He thought he would get that same feeling here on Aquitar especially with his girlfriend there with him. But what importance was he to them any more? Absolutely none.

Billy sat straight up on his bed. He knew what he had to do. Go home.

He got up and went to find his suitcase. The only one he brought with him to Aquitar. He threw his clothes in it very quickly and went to find Cestria.

She was outside when he saw her. He walked up behind her. "Cestria we need to talk."

Cestria turned around and looked at him quizzically. "Is something wrong Billy."

"Well... yes.", Billy replied. Cestria looked up at him. "I'm going to Earth."

"Oh. For how long?", asked Cestria

"Permanently.", Billy replied

"But Billy you know I cannot live on Earth."

Billy nodded his head. "Since you're staying here though I don't think it matters."

"Staying here?", she questioned

Billy shook his head yes.

"But... are you breaking up with me?", asked Cestria

"I... well... yes I am. I just don't think we're working out.", Billy told her

"How can you say that?", she questioned. "I thought we were having fun together and we were very well together."

"We were. When I first came to Aquitar. I had fun with everybody. I was a part of things around here. You asked me for help. Now when I try to help I'm just told to go away, even by you.", Billy explained

"I don't understand Billy. You are very important to us.", Cestria said

"I'm just taking up your space and time.", Billy told her

"You underestimate your importance here. Besides what on Earth would make you think you were needed there?", she questioned

"My friends.", Billy said

"Your friends don't need you.", Cestria told him

"My friends need me more than you think.", he snapped. He didn't come here to have her try and make him feel less important. "They asked for my help last time they were in a bind. And I helped them."

"When was this?", Cestria asked. Billy was gone for such a short time she never realized he was missing.

"About two months ago. I was gone. I'm surprised you didn't notice.", Billy said

Cestria didn't really have a response to that. "I'm sure they can carry on without you there."

"Yes and that's why they thanked me and said they couldn't do it without me. They thanked me Cestria. That's more than I get from you and the rest of your kind on this planet. They tell me I didn't do it fast enough. Or when I say I fixed it all they say is oh. Do you know how long it's been since I've heard a thank you from them? I just don't feel appreciated around here anymore and I think my welcome wore out a long time ago."

"Billy don't you dare say that!", Cestria exclaimed. "Your friends don't need you! Remember how easily they let you go! You were expendable!"

"Dammit Cestria you don't even know my friends so why don't you leave them the hell alone!", Billy yelled quite uncharacteristically. But this whole conversation was stressing him out and the fact that his ex-girlfriend was putting down the very people who he cared about made it worse. "I'm going back to somewhere that makes me feel appreciated. I'm going home."

On that note Billy stormed off back to his room. He grabbed his bag and headed for a space ship that he created. The design was in the Power Chamber files and Billy built it thinking he could use it to get back and forth to Earth. He got in it and left quickly, without even saying goodbye to the others. Of course they'd figure out he left sooner or later.

As Billy traveled through space he thought about everything he was going to get to do. He missed it all. He missed sparring with the guys, fixing things with Alpha, Ernie's smoothies. And most of all he just missed Earth. He couldn't wait to get home. He thought about calling ahead and letting the others know he was coming but he decided to surprise them.

Billy got into Earth's orbit and decided he was going to land his ship inside an old unused airplane hanger that belongs to his uncle. Nobody ever goes out there anymore so it would be safe. Just in case he covered it and made sure to lock the place before he left and started walking towards the local hotel, where he would be staying for the time being.

A young girl was walking along the beach looking out at the ocean. She had just gotten done putting her bags in a hotel. She pushed a strand of brown hair out of her face while she thought about what was going on. Here she was in Angel Grove. For good. And coming back was probably the best idea she had in years.

She smiled as she walked down the beach in the ocean where the water was just covering her feet. She looked up and saw a male figure standing alone, probably thinking about being back just as she was.

"Billy!", she yelled jogging to him

"Kim!", he exclaimed as he went to meet her

The two embraced. "What are you doing here?", Kimberly Heart asked, "I thought you were on Aquitar."

"I was.", Billy said. "But I just left today actually. I wanted to come home. So here I am. For good. What about you, I thought you were training for the Olympics?"

Kim shook her head no. "Last week I quit. I had my glory in the Pan Globals. But I wanted to go to college with my friends. I wanted a real life. College is more important than gymnastics. Besides now that I'm here I realize just how much I missed the place."

"Same here.", Billy agreed. "So have you seen the others yet?"

"Not yet.", Kim replied. "I wanted to just sit here. Think for a while. Then I was going to go."

"What do you say we go to the Power Chamber and visit then?", Billy suggested

"Sure.", Kim agreed. Then they teleported out.

"Alright that's it I'm getting ready to invent a new use for the baseball bat.", Carri said slamming buttons out of frustration

"We've got to get this back up. That monster could have destroyed everything by now and we wouldn't know.", Tommy pointed out

"Everything's stuck. I can't get anything to respond.", Carri said

"Nothing.", Rocky told them. He was on another console trying to work the problem out. "It says everything's down or doesn't exist."

Billy and Kim teleported in to hear their conversation. Billy walked over and stood beside Carri. He went to the back of the control panel and worked with something. A few minutes later everything was back on line.

"Thanks Billy. We'd love to stay and chat but...", Jason pointed to the screen

"It's morphin time!", Tommy yelled






Billy and Kim watched as their friends left.

Kim giggled. "I don't think they even noticed I was here."

"Well they were in the middle of a small crisis.", Billy pointed out

"Yeah until you saved the day. Good job Billy.", Kim said

Billy blushed. He wasn't used to getting compliments any more. "Well eventually they would have figured out what was wrong."

"Yeah but you helped save the day. Where would they be without you?", Kim asked

"Somewhere.", Billy said. He never had an answer to that question no matter how many times it was asked to him.

After defeating the monster the other rangers came back.

"Kim?", Tommy questioned in shock

"Yeah. I'm back. For good actually.", Kim said

"What about the Olympics?", Carri asked

Kim shrugged. "They're not that big of a deal. I'd much rather be here anyways."

"Well we're glad to have you back.", Kat said

"Thanks.", Kim replied

"What about you Billy, you here for vacation?", asked Jason

"No I'm here for good as well.", Billy replied

"Really?", Rocky questioned. "Things not work with Aquitar and Cestria?"

"Cestria and I weren't working as well as I thought we might. And I think I've done all the good I can do on Aquitar.", Billy told him

"Now that you guys are here you know that means you have to come with us to the big end of year party.", Carri pointed out. It was New Years Eve after all and nobody can go without partying that night.

"Where at?", asked Kim

"The Palomino.", Kat replied. That was only the hottest night club in the area.

Kim's eyes lit up. "Count me in. But I need something to wear."

"I think we can handle that.", Carri smiled. "If we can't find it in my closet there's always the mall."

"Oh boy. Maybe this isn't the best combination.", Rocky groaned

"Yeah man those two shouldn't be together.", Jason teased

"Whatever.", Kim said. "You're coming too Billy, right?"

"I don't see why not.", Billy said. This was part of what he missed about being here. He could hang out with his friends. Party. That was definitely something he didn't have on Aquitar. He had the other rangers, but it just wasn't the same.

"Come on Kim, the party starts in a couple of hours and if we wanna get you a good outfit...", Carri's voice trailed off

"That's all you gotta say to get me to go.", Kim said. Then the two girls left.

Tommy smiled. "This is going to be great having you guys here again. I really missed it."

"Yeah almost like the good old days.", Jason said thinking wishfully

"Only I'm here this time. Which makes it better.", Rocky replied

"And on that note I'm going to work out.", Jason said

"Right behind you bro.", Tommy told him as the two of them left.

"Kat what do you say we show Billy around campus?", Rocky asked

"I promised Chris I'd meet him at the café.", Kat said as she waved goodbye and took of

"Well Billy how about I show you around campus.", Rocky said

"Sounds like fun.", Billy replied as the two left

Kim and Carri walked into Carri's dorm room.

"Nice place.", Kim said

Carri shrugged. "It's alright. Next semester I'm moving to an off campus apartment though. I think I'd like that better."

"By yourself?", asked Kim

"Well Kat and her roommate are becoming best friends these days. Rocky claims it's too expensive and he likes his dorm and his roommate anyways since he's with Tommy. And Tommy says the same thing. Jason is considering it. But I gotta get away from my roommate. What about you, where are you staying?", Carri asked

"I'm staying in a hotel actually. So's Billy.", Kim said

"Kim that's crazy.", Carri told her. "Hey maybe you and Billy should join me and Jase in an apartment."

Kim nodded. "I think I might just do that."

"Anyways you've got all this to chose from.", Carri said opening her closet door. "Well except this.", she said gesturing to her outfit

"Oooh I'm jealous.", Kim said. "But I'm sure there are good picks in here."

Christy Filar, Carri's roommate walked in. "Getting ready for the party?"

"Yeah. You should come.", Carri told her

Christy shook her head no. "Boys, alcohol, I'll only get myself in trouble. You shouldn't go either you know. Who knows what's going to happen to you."

"Uh-huh sure. Anyways Kim let's keep looking at clothes for that party we're going to so we can get drunk and screw.", she said deliberately angering and shocking her roommate

"You joke about that now but you wait. It's going to be very dangerous.", Christy said

"We are going to bring in ninety eight with a bang.", Carri argued

Christy flopped down on her bed. "Just remember what I'm saying."

Carri whispered to Kim. "Now you know why I want out."

Kim giggled as they continued going through her closet.

Billy and Rocky were walking around on campus, Rocky pointing out a few of the more important buildings here and there.

"The library's over there, but I think you know that already.", Rocky said pointing

The former blue ranger smiled. "I remember getting my parents to drive me up here to go to the library on weekends."

"That really paid off for you.", Rocky pointed out

"Maybe. It all depends on how you look at it. It got me out of school early and gave me the opportunity to work with Alpha closely in the Power Chamber, but it also pulled me away from my friends. You guys were still in high school and were so busy with that I hardly got to see you. Then I made the mistake of thinking I'd be happier on Aquitar...", Billy's voice trailed off

"I thought you were happy.", Rocky said with a confused look

"I was... for a while. Towards the end though I was feeling, well, useless there. I guess I taught them all I knew and there was nothing left for me to do.", Billy sighed

"So what about Cestria?", questioned Rocky

"A relationship not meant to work out. Who was I kidding anyway? I mean she's Aquitarian and I'm human. Somehow I don't think our two races were ever meant to be involved, not in that way anyway. Besides that we were too different when it all came right down to it.", Billy paused. "Speaking of relationships, how's yours going?", he asked quickly changing the topic

Rocky stopped for a second not expecting that question, but he quickly continued on. "My relationship? With Carri?", he asked. Billy nodded. "It's going fine. We've been together almost a year and a half now."

"Has it been that long?", Billy questioned. Rocky shook his head yes. "That was the beginning of your senior year. It seems just like yesterday."

"Yeah.", Rocky agreed. "Makes you wonder where the time goes."

They walked a little further and ended up at about the same place they started out. "And so ends our tour. It could be longer but I gotta go get ready, I'm taking Carri to dinner tonight before the party.", Rocky told Billy

"Have fun.", Billy said then he and Rocky exchanged their goodbyes

Rocky and Carri arrived later that night in the hotel lobby that Billy and Kim were staying in.

"Hey.", Kim greeted as she and Billy walked over to the duo

"Hey guys. Kim You look nice. And that dress looks familiar.", Rocky said looking at her

Carri giggled. "Could be because it's mine."

Rocky shrugged. "Come on guys lets get going."

"Shows how much attention he pays.", Kim said to her friend

"I know.", Carri smiled

The four left the hotel and got into Rocky's car and headed for the Palomino. Quickly enough they were there and the party began.

"Hey Jase!", Carri yelled at her friend across the dance floor

Jason and Emily walked towards the group of four. "Hey everybody.", Jason greeted. Everyone else said hello. Kim stood there for a while looking at Emily curiously.

"Jason aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?", Emily asked

Jason had a blank look on his face for a second. "Oh wait you haven't met have you?", he questioned. Emily shook her head no. "Kim, this is my girlfriend Emily. Em, I'd like for you to meet Kimberly Heart."

Kim extended her hand. "Nice to meet you.", she said

"Same here.", Emily replied shaking her hand

Tommy walked over towards everybody. "Hello everyone."

"Hey bro.", Jason said

Kim smiled. "Hey Tommy."

"Hey Kim. You look great.", Tommy said smiling back at her

"Thanks.", Kim replied blushing slightly. "So, where's Kat?", she asked

"Oh I don't know. Haven't seen her yet.", Tommy replied. Kim raised an eyebrow but decided not to pursue anything right then.

"Is that her?", Billy asked pointing to the blond in the distance that looked to be coming their way

"Yeah. At least that's Chris I recognize the hair.", Carri smiled

"You pick on him too much considering you hardly know the guy.", Rocky pointed out

"I know him enough. Besides when he's around I'm not picking on the rest of you as much. Of course I could just leave him be.", Carri replied

"Considering you get picked on a whole lot more than any of us it doesn't really matter to me.", Rocky smiled

"Hello.", Kat said as she and Chris approached everyone. Chris waved.

Tommy was the first one to say "hey" and everyone else echoed him.

Kat noticed Chris looking around the group. "Chris you remember Emily right?"

"Yeah I do. Never forget a face. Name maybe but not face.", Chris replied smiling

Kat smiled. "Well then I know you haven't met Billy Cranston and Kimberly Heart. You guys this is my boyfriend Chris Black."

"Good meeting you.", Chris said shaking both of their hands

Kim stopped to think about what Kat just said. Her boyfriend? She noticed Tommy's expression when she mentioned their status. It must not have been a good breakup between the two. Who would have thought that those two would be broken up.

The group broke up their chat after a while and they went out on the dance floor. All night they were running around talking to everyone and doing a lot of dancing. Before they knew it, it was time to ring in the new year. Carri and Rocky were holding each other on the dance floor when the countdown began, where they had just finished a dance. Jason and Emily were doing much the same, while Kat and Chris were standing alone together in a corner, Chris saying something that made Kat laugh. Kim stood between Billy and Tommy, neither of which had a date for the night.

"Ten... nine... eight... seven... six... five... four... three... two.... one.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!", the crowd yelled loudly. The couples kissed and Kim gave both of the guys beside her kisses on the cheek. The rangers and their friends reconvened, giving each other hugs and wishing everyone Happy New Year as the champaign was being passed out.

Kat, Chris, Carri, Rocky, Jason, Emily, Tommy, Kim and Billy stood in a circle champaign glasses in hand. Tommy held his up. "Now that we've got some old friends back it looks like we can really have something to look forward to this year.", he said. "To the new year.", he toasted

He was echoed by his friends. The glasses clashed and everybody drank as 1998 rolled in leaving the group of friends happier than they had been in a while.

The End