Disclaimer: Most of the characters in this story are owned by Saban. If you don't recognize some people, they're probably mine. Oh yeah. I feel that this story isn't well written and I've got some influence from Ellen Brand's Green Magic. Sorry if anything seems like I copied her too much. I will be writing a proper sequel to it but till then, here goes.

by Josh

It was a very cloudy day in Angel Grove. It had been raining almost all day. Adam Park sat in his room staring blankly out the window. Outside, he could see the trees blowing madly in the wind. There was about a great amount of water on the road and it had only been raining five minutes.

He had been staring outside for three minutes when Damon walked into the room. Damon was a thirteen year old exchange student from Japan. He and Adam got along well when they were introduced to each other. He had long black hair combed back and he was unbelievably neat.

"Your mom just called for you," he said. "She wants you to have dinner now." Adam turned around to face him.

"Yeah, tell her I'll be there in a minute," he responded. Damon left and headed downstairs. He thought, _My mother is always calling me! Why can't she just leave me alone?_

* * *
Mrs. Park had been very worried about Adam lately. He was constantly skipping meals and was usually out until late at night (one in the morning). Her thoughts were interrupted when Damon came thumping down the stairs.

"Well is he coming?" she asked.

"Adam says he'll come in a minute," he replied. "Knowing him, it'll probably be another hour or so." Mrs. Park sighed. It looks like Adam was going to miss another meal.

She put some food in a lunch box and headed for Adam's room. The hall was dark and the lights had gone out all of a sudden. She could barely make out the hall. The lights in Adam's room were out. She knocked on the door and opened it without waiting for a reply.

"I got you some food," she said to Adam. "I know you wouldn't come down and we can't wait forever so I brought some up so I can clear the kitchen early."

"Thanks," Adam replied. "Just leave it on the desk." Mrs. Park set the lunch box down on the desk and left the room. As she was about to leave, she turned around and spoke.

"Please eat something. I'm worried that you are starving yourself." Adam smiled.

"Will you stop worrying about me? I'm fine. I just don't have an appetite right now. Don't worry about a thing."

"All right but be sure to eat that." She turned and walked out of the room. He rolled his eyes. Stupid reminders that never work.

* * *
Later that evening, Damon came into Adam's room only to find him changed and ready to go out.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"Out," Adam replied. "Tell mom I won't be home for a while."

"Yeah okay but where are you going?"

"I'm just going out for a while. I'll be back later tonight." Adam left the house leaving Damon confused. _What the hell is wrong with Adam? He never acts like this._

* * *
Michelle was busy in her kitchen doing the dishes. She hated chores. This night, they had guests over and had even more to do. She tried asking his mother to use the dishwasher but she said it used too much power. She wished something would interupt her.

Suddenly the phone rang. _I'm saved,_ she thought. She walked over to the phone and picked it up.

"Hello?" It was Damon on the phone.

"Hi Michelle it's me," he said.

"Hi. What is it?"

"It's Adam. Have you noticed he's been acting... differently nowadays?"

"He is? Well, what are the things that he does that are so strange?"

"Mrs. Park is really worried about him. He's skipping breakfast and dinner, only having one meal a day. He doesn't wake up till twelve in the afternoon. And in the evening, he goes out at around nine and doesn't come back till three in the morning."

"I dunno. I haven't seen him for a month so I have no idea what he's up to." They both hung up after that.

Michelle was a girl of thirteen when she met Adam. She met him at the park and was amazed with his martial art skills. After he was done practicing, she went over to talk to him.

They became fast friends and shared alot in common. Michelle was considered a friend to the Rangers (although she didn't know it), something like what they consider Lerigot to be.

Her hair was straight and black and it reached to her back. She usually wore an Adidas jacket, jeans and sneakers.

* * *
The next morning, Michelle was on her way to Adams house. Damon had called her over. The ground was still soaked with moisture from the previous day's rain.

When she finally got there, Damon and him watched television, read books, played video games, the kind of stuff you would do when you go over to a friends house.

Adam came through the front door from another of his trips to nowhere. He was surprised to see Michelle there.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Damon called me over. Are you feeling all right?" Michelle replied.

"I'm feeling fine. Why doesn't anyone get that?!"

"It's just that you look a little tired. You've got-"

"I'm outta here." Adam grabbed his coat and headed out the door.

"You try to see what's wrong with somebody," Michelle said. Damon was right. Adam doesn't usually act like this and he had to figure out what was wrong immediately. Mrs. Park heard everything and tried explaining to them both about Adam but even she didn't know what was going on.

"It's just that he hads recently been acting like a punk or something. I've tried asking Katherine, Rocky, Tommy, Justin and Tanya but they just don't know. I'm sorry. I know about as much as you do. I can't control him cause if I try it, he gets into these wild fits of anger and starts smashing stuff. He's already hit me once." Michelle and Damon started wide eyed at her.

"H...he hit you?" Damon stammered.

"He's neve done that before," Mrs. Park said. "But he just started and I'm really worried about him. I can't control him anymore." Mrs. Park walked out of the room and up the stair. Michelle didn't see her but she knew she was sobbing upstairs.

* * *
In the evening, after Michelle had gone home, Adam stumbled through the front door. He was drunk. Damon was reading when he heard the noise. He rushed downstairs to find out what the noise was when he saw Adam. His hair and jacket were soaked with the rain that wa pouring down outside and he had a bottle of liquor in his hand.

"You're drunk," Damon said. "Give me that bottle." He reached out his hand to take the bottle but Adam grabbed his arm and threw him onto the floor. Damon knew a few karate moves himself but he was no match for Adams speed and agility. He was thrown onto the floor after a few kicks and his had a gash in his head. Mrs. Park came downstairs and screamed.

"What did you do to him?" she shouted at Adam. "Answer me!" He grabbed his mother by the neck, lifted her off the ground and threw her onto the stairs. She got up only to be pushed back down by her son.

"Adam stop it!" she screamed. He wouldn't listen. Each time she tried to get up, Adam would beat her so she'd fall back onto the floor.

"I'm sick of your stupid commands," he said. "For all I care, you can go to hell." Damon was lying on the floor half awake but he could hear and understand Adam. Just yesterday, he was only skipping meals but still the same Adam. Now, he was drunk and abusive. Nobody changed that much in just one day.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a bang. Adam slammed the front door closed as he walked out the door. He was going on another trip to nowhere. This time, Damon had a feeling Adam wasn't coming back for a long time.

As he tried to get up to go to Mrs. Park, he realised he couldn't. When he tried sitting up, there was a huge pain in his chest. Possibly a broken rib. Oh no. If he had the broken rib, what would Mrs. Park have? He only got thrown around by Adam but she got a severe beating. He couldn't even take deep breaths. He shut his eyes and went into a deep sleep.

* * *
The next afternoon, Katherine tried calling up the Park residence to talk to Adam. She didn't expect him to be home but she thought she'd give it a try. The phone didn't stop ringing when she finally assumed that they weren't home. Maybe Michelle will know where they are. She rang her up and she answered.

"Hi Michelle it's Kat," she said. "I'll just get to the point. I've tried calling Adam's house many times today but he doesn't seem to be home. I know he usually goes out but not even Mrs. Park or Damon even answer the phone. Adam's mom doesn't usually go out from morning until now."

"That's strange. Damon asked me if we'd go to the arcade today at around this time and if he cancelled it, he'd call me and let me know. Are you sure they didn't answer the phone? Maybe...no that couldn't be possible."

"Maybe what?"

"I thought they were in the bathroom when you called but surely not at the same time."

"You've got a really sick mind," she said jokingly. "You want me to check it out?"

"No. I'm sure there's a reason for this. Anyway, that's all I needed to hear. Thanks alot."

After Michelle had hung up with Katherine, she decided she should check anyway. Usually at this time of the day, at least someone was home. Grabbing her coat, she headed out the door.

* * *
The afternoon was freezing. It seemed that taking her coat along didn't do. But she was almost at the Park residence anyway. She headed for the front porch with his hands in his pockets and walked up the stairs.

A few minutes after she rang the doorbell, she decided to try the door when nobody answered. She turned the handle and to her surprise, it was unlocked.

Michelle took off her coat and called for anyone but nobody responded. She walked to the stairs, going upstairs to continue her search when he saw Mrs. Park. She had a gash in her forehead and she was kncoked out. Looking around, she saw Damon lying on the floor.

"Holy crap," she whispered going over to where Damon was. He was waking up.

"W...what...who did this?" Michelle asked. Damon tried to speak but no sound came out. But Michelle was able to figure out what he was mouthing. _Adam did this._ Her eyes widened. "He what?!"

Michelle ran over to the phone and called for an ambulance. When they got to the house, a police officer asked her a few questions.

"Do you know who did this," he asked.

"I..uh," she studdered for a minute. "Well, yeah I do."

"Who is it?"

"It's the lady's son. His name is Adam." Michelle felt guilty getting Adam into trouble but she had to tell the truth.

"Do you know where he is or where he usually hangs out?"

"He sometimes goes to the Angel Grove Youth Center or he could be at the park. Those are the only places I can think of. But he doesn't usually act like this. It started a few days ago-"

"That will be enough. Thank you for your help." When Damon and Mrs. Park got taken to the hospital, Michelle was taken to the police station for further questioning.

* * *
Michelle got home that evening eager to tell the others what happened. She met the Rangers in the Power Chamber.

"I know you guys realised that Adam has been acting stragely lately," she said. "But something horrible has happened."

"What happened?" Tanya asked. "Is it bad?" Michelle nodded slowly.

"I just went over to his house after me and Katherine spoke on the phone. The door was unlocked so I went inside. I..." She paused for a moment. "I found Damon and Mrs. Park lying on the floor. Damon was knocked out but Adam's mom was in a worse state. She needed to be hospitalized."

"So...what happened?" Justin gulped.

"The police came and took me in for questioning. I managed to wake Damon up for a moment and he told me Adam did it. I had to tell the police the truth. I told them it was him."

"You told the police it was him?" Tommy asked in a state of shock. "What...I just don't...why?!"

"Because I had to do it!" Michelle shouted. "He nearly killed his own mother and Damon. I really regret my descision."

"You don't regret your descision because you betrayed a friend," Tommy said coldly. "You regret it because you're afraid he might come after you for telling."

"How could you be so cold hearted?" Katherine scolded. "I think Michelle did the right think although it didn't seem like it."

"You listen here!" Tommy shot back. "I've known Adam longer than you have and even though this doesn't seem like something he would do, I'm sure there's some cause for it."

"Oh yeah, like there's a good reason for beating up your own mother," Michelle said sarcastically. Tommy glared at her.

"I've been around Adam lately and you haven't!" Katherine said pointing a finger at Tommy. "He has been rejecting the rest of us and he's been acting very cold. The reason you're standing up for him right now is because you find this hard to accept. We do too but the way he's treated me lately doesn't surprise me that he'd beat up his mother. You haven't spoken to him in a while because you never catch him."

"He goes out very often and doesn't come back till very late," Michelle explained. "There were times before when he was rude to Katherine and I think that was the start of it all. Then things got worse from there."

"I don't believe this!" Tommy said raising his hands. "Now that Adam has changed, you guys are all rejecting him. I thought our friendship was because we accepted each other from who we were and we understood why one of us would do something!"

"Yes, but this is going way too far. There is no explanation why Adam would do this all of a sudden. Not even this mother knew what was going on. She even told me yesterday when I was over at his house. Now if his mother doesn't know what's wrong, what makes you think his friends will?" Tommy stared Michelle straight in the eye.

"I know Adam."

"If you do, then tell us the reason why he would be doing such a thing?" Tanya asked. Tommy sneered and teleported out of the Power Chamber.

"What is wrong with Tommy?" Justin asked.

"He's just upset that we're rejecting Adam for what he did," Tanya explained. "The truth is, we're not rejecting Adam. We just wanna know what's wrong with him and help if we can. But he's always out and if we can't get to him, there's no way we can help."

"What did Tommy mean by Michelle fearing for his life because of Adam?" Katherine asked Demitria.

"Do you think that Adam could pose a threat to her life because of what she did?" Demitria inquired. "Or was it possible that he was just too upset?"

"Everyone has been upset since this whole thing started out," Justin mumbled sadly.

"Didn't Tommy stop seeing Adam right before he started acting this way?" Tanya asked.

"Do you think it was because of Adams sudden change of behaviour that Tommy stopped communicating with him? Then he probably had trouble accepting it and convinced other people that this really wasn't the normal Adam and that there had to be a good reason."

"But we already know that isn't the normal Adam anyway."

"Yeah, but the question still remains. Why would he be beating up his mother? He has alot of respect for her and what he did would be the last thing I'd think of him doing."

The others thought about it and discussed the topic all through the night.

* * *
In the temple, Shanara stood there smiling an evil smile. She was a priestess of her evil religion, Votoshi. The gathering was about to start as she dressed. She walk onto the stage and spoke to her evil followers. "Welcome to another gathering," she said to her followers with open arms. "Tonight, we will be celebrating a ceremony for our special newcomer." She pointed to the door and Adam and Tommy walked through. "The second boy will be observing our ceremony. He is considering to join so make him feel welcome."

Adam walked onto the stage in a hypnotised manner. Shanara took a knife and instructed Adam to lie on a table. After doing so, she chanted some words in another language and a black fog enveloped the room. It entered Adam and the air was clear once again. She chanted once more and a huge gust of wind tore through the room and lifted Adam off the table. His eyes suddenly opened, glowing red. He was possesed and spoke in a voice unlike his own.

"This is the perfect body for me to enter. It's swift and agile and through it, the universe is mine!" The followers in the room bowed.

"All hail to Tanilon!" they cried. Tommy was horrified. Sure, he'd been irritated with his family and wanted to join to get rid of them but he certainly didn't want to be possesed! Was everyone in this place possesed? Shanara walked over to him.

"Adam has the honor of helping Tanilon take the world," she said.

"Is this how you lure people into your cult? You convince troubled teens to join and put evil thoughts into their heads until they're evil enough for your stupid gods to enter them?!" Tommy cried. "I'm outta here."

"You're not going anywhere human!" Tanilon said as he shut the door without even moving toward it.

"We knew all along that Adam was the perfect one for our god to enter. He went through the typical phases to become a member but instead of becoming a member of our religion, not cult, he was chosen to be the host for our god. You're going to be the next host."

* * *
The next morning was different than any other. The teens decided to visit Adam and find out what was going on altogether. They walked up to his house and rang the doorbell not expecting an answer. But to their surprise, Adam answered the door.

"Hi Adam," Katherine greeted, "we just wanted to stop by to say hi."

"Do you think I'm that stupid?" he replied. "You stopped by to find out what's wrong with me. I can see the looks in your faces. But what the hell, come on in."

After going inside and having some warm drinks, they discussed the topic.

"Michelle found Damon and your mother here and they were beaten up. He asked Damon who said it was you who did it. Why would you do such a thing?"

"I didn't touch my mother!" he screamed. "You know me better than that!"

"Yes, I know," Tanya said. "But why would Damon say that? Besides, you've been acting strange and extremely rude lately."

"Sorry if I have been but I'm sure you all know what trouble I'm going through."

"No we don't," Justin said. "You never bother to tell us so how can we know?"

"I dunno but I've been having alot of trouble with my mother and Damon. But I would never beat them up. That's all I can say so I hope you guys will understand." Tanya remembered that the police were after him.

"Adam," she started. "I just wnat you to know that the-"

The door got bashed open and the police came through. "Adam Park," the main officer said. "You're under arrest for the abuse of your mother and friend." He tried to run but was quickly pinned down be a bulky cop.

Another one went to Katherine, Tanya and Justin and held them back while the cops hauled Adam away. Their eyes followed him out the door when they saw two familiar figures with the cops. It was Michelle and Damon.

"Adam looked at them. You both did this?" I don't believe it! I though you were my friends! I bet this was all planned by you all." he pointed an accusing finger at Katherine, Tanya and Justin. He looked at Michelle and Damon who seemed upset. "I'll get you back!!!!"

The officer walked to Michelle and Damon. They really seemed as if they did the wrong thing. "What you did was right. Adam abused his mother and you, Damon and for that, he needs to be put behind bars for awhile. You did the right thing.." They did nothing but nod.

Katherine talked to them.

"Why did you tell them about Adam?" she asked.

"I realise it was wrong," Damon said. "But to tell you the truth, I'm terrified of him now and we used to be such good friends."

"I understand that he acting like a freak now but that is no reason to reject him."

"Try to understand, Kat, that Adam is also scaring us too. It's like there's a whole other person to him."

"Look, it's lunch time now and I don't know about you but I'm kinda hungry. Whaddaya say we go to McDonalds or something?"

"Sounds like a great idea." They headed off from Adam's house but didn't notice Mayle poking his head around from the side of the house.

* * *
Tanilon sat in his prison cell. The fortress was so weak he could break out with one hand tied behind his back. The bars would bend under his strength and he could take one wall down with a single punch although it would cause some damage to this weak human body he was in. He would contact Mayle to check what was going on with his mission.

"What have you been doing?" Tanilon asked in his mind.

"I heard the teenagers discussing about how they were afraid of the human that you have possesed. I sense an energy about them. It's very strange but powerful."

"What?! You mean there were more people for us to choose from with this energy and I had to pick between two people? That's not possible!"

"Relax. Adam park and his four other friends seem to be the only ones on earth with this power. I have entered one of them that goes by the name of Tommy thanks to Shanara and her followers. Maybe we can figure out how to channel that power to our minds and use it to take the earth."

"Yes, but you forget, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and Divatox are all trying to take the planet as well. Even though King Mondo and Queen Machina have been destroyed, their empire still exists on the earth's satellite, the moon."

"They won't be a problem for us. We draw our power from pure evil. We will use our followers to destroy this entire community and use the black magic to make them even more powerful to take the earth."

"That's the stupidest plan I've ever heard of."

"Hey, we're evil and powerful. We don't need complicated plans to take what we want."

"I suppose you're right. But you better not let this plan fail. Once the Black Empire and it's monsters have reached their most powerful energy point, I will open a gateway using Adam's special power and release its warriors!"

"Excellent plan. So why don't you just break out of that human fortress you're in right now? You're powerful enough to do it."

* * *
After she had lunch, Katherine sat at home wondering about Adam. He was so good and pure in spirit. But now, he's a terrible monster that goes against everything that is good. She suddenly received a phone call from Adam.

"How are you?!" she asked in a worried tone.

"I didn't call to say hi, Kat," Adam replied. "I'm calling from a pay phone outside the gas station."

"Oh my god."

"That's right Katherine, I got out of prison and I'm coming for all of you." After that, he hung up without waiting for a reply from her.

He said he was calling from the gas staion. The nearest one to the prison was the Esso station. If he was coming after everyone, Damon and Michelle were the closest of his targets. Oh no! She had to get to them right away! She frantically searched for her personal phone book. There was not much time left.

* * *
"What are you talking about Kat?" Damon asked. "We're perfectly safe where we are. We're at Michelle's house."

"Yes," Kat replied, "but it's the closest to where Adam said he called me from and he's after you! I think you better get to my house right now. Leave quickly!"

After the conversation, Damon looked at Michelle with fear in his eyes. She needed to know what Katherine had called for.

"Adam's on his way here and we gotta leave now! get your coat." He grabbed her by the hand a ran out the door, making sure to lock it.

* * *
Katherine ran to the door and opened it. Michelle and Damon stood there out of breath. She quickly pulled them in and slammed the door shut. A few seconds later, there was a bang at the door. Somebody was trying to get in.

"Who is it?" Michelle whispered to Katherine.

"I don't know. I'm gonna check." She looked through the peep hone and there was Adam. But there was something strange about him. He had a red glow in his eyes and in his hands, he held a gun.

"It's Adam," Katherine told them. "He's got a gun. You guys go upstairs right now." They headed upstair and hid under a bed. Kat tried calling the police but the line was dead. Adam had cut off the wire. She went to a seperate room and hid under the bed there. Desperate time called for desperate measures and she communicated Demitria.

"Adam's outside my house and he's going to kill me! Please help me," she begged.

"Could it be that Adam is fullfilling his promise he made to Michelle at the Power Chamber?" she asked.

"Yes, I think that's what it going on. I really need your help to get out of here!" Just then, Alpha chimed in.

"I am unable to teleport Adam away from your location. He has created some sort of shield of pure evil around himself and we can't get to him. We have identified the source of this and it turns out that Adam has some sort of evil in him."

"So you mean he's possesed?" Katherine whispered loudly.

"Well, I guess you can say that."

* * *
Tanilon was standing on Katherine's front porch and let his mind reach the Dark Empire. Their power was full and ready for a full attack on the earth. He had to release them now and had no time to deal with Katherine.

"I must contact Mayle and tell him to meet me at the centre of the city," he said to himself.

"I hear you," Mayle responded telepathically. "What do you want?"

"It's time to release our empire into this universe. We must go to the centre of the city and open a gateway there for the monsters to pass through. I'm on my way there right now."

They met at the heart of Angel Grove with their followers. Shanara held the sacred book of spells and chanted once again in a language of evil. The followers held up their hands and gave up their energies. Tanilon and Mayle held up the Turbo morphers and their energies got transformed from good to evil and powerered up a small growing portal. Finally, a huge black gateway opened above their heads and hoards of monsters came through the portal.

* * *
At the Power Chamber, the Rangers were called to meet there. Tanya, Katherine and Justin showed up.

"What is it, Alpha?" Justin asked.

"Check it out for yourself," he replied. "Adam and Tommy have really started something and it's sending strange beings into the city. You better get there now."

The Rangers morphed and headed out to battle. After they had left, Alpha had a talk with Demitria. "I sure hope those Rangers can take care of themselves out there," he said to her.

"Of all the evil that the Power Rangers have overcome, do you still not believe that they can take care of themselves for this particular mission?"

"It's not that. It's just that this time, their enemy is not some evil space alien. It's an entire empire of evil, even bigger than Mondo's Machine Empire. And these guys don't rely on technology. They draw their source of power from pure evil and black magic and can defeat Mondo in the blink of an eye."

* * *
"To the followers of the Votoshi," Tanilon greeted the monsters, "it is time for the invasion of earth to begin!"

The monsters powered up and grew horns and weapons from their bodies. The sky turned purple and the monsters went throughout the city destroying the buildings. People were running everywhere in panic. Buildings caught on fire and cars were overturned. The ground cracked revealing boiling lava under it. It wasn't a long time before dead bodies littered the streets.

The three Turbo Rangers confronted Tanilon and Mayle. "I see you were able to attend my little ceremony," Tanilon grinned.

"We came here to stop you from destroying the world," Katherine cried. "And we'll do anything in our power to stop you."

"Big words for a little human. You're just in time to see the arrival of our mistress, Namora!" Michelle was led to Tanilon by three monsters, all tied up. The Rangers tried to save her but they were trapped in a force field.

* * *
The battle, chaos and confusion continued for a very long time. The Power Rangers were powerless to stop any of that from happening. It seemed like there was no hope for the world but little did they know that it was untrue.

A bright flash lit up the sky and strange forms started to take shape and solidify. Divatox, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd had stepped up to Tanilon and his empire of black magic and evil.

"You dare come to this planet and claim it for your own after the hard struggles that we suffered just to simply destroy the Power Rangers?!" Rita cried."I will not allow that."

Divatox threw a detenator into the heart of the portal and it exploded. The portal closed and the monsters now had no power source so they slowly crumbled to the ground.

"I will not let you defeat me so easily!" Mayle said. "I will destroy you!"

He raised a hand ready to shoot an energy beam at Rita and Divatox but Lord Zedd pulled out his staff and shot it, knocking Mayle's hand. Mayle was now out of power and left Tommy's body.

Namora was just getting started with Michelle's body when she left it. Michelle was fighting back and sice she didn't have enough power to fight back, Namora was forced out. Tanilon was a different story. He was the god of the other side and had alot more power to fight Adam.

"You will pay for your disloyal behaviour to the most powerful of all evil!" Tanilon said. "But first, these humans will be the first to die right in front of the Power Rangers!" David and Damon appeared beside him but they couldn't move.

"He's even destroying the humans!" Rita said to Zedd. "That is something we have never done ourselves."

"That is because I am alot more powerfiul than you are! Take a straw cause you suck! Face it Rita. You weren't meant to take the earth. You're just a stupid distraction between the struggle between me and the Power Rangers. And the same goes with you, Divatox."

"Never have I been so insulted!" exclaimed Divatox. "Piranhatrons, destroy him!" But the Piranhatrons were unable to defeat such power. They were immediately scrapped leaving Divatox in a huge state of shock. But this bought some time for the Rangers to escape with Zedd's help.

The Rangers immediately ran to Damon and began releasing him. As soon as Tanilon saw what was going on, he lashed out at Katherine just as she was about to get to David. He was really weakened and Adam was trying to fight Tanilon.

"Not before I take his life!" he said.

Tanilon grabbed Katherine's Turbo gun and aimed it at David's chest. Adam was really close to forcing him out of his body completely but it was too late. A split second after the trigger had been pulled Adam was free. The first thing he saw was David falling to the ground as blood splattered everywhere.

"No!" he shouted. The Rangers rushed to his aid but it was too late. David pointed to Tanilon's spirit in the sky and said his last words.


* * *
After the Rangers had stopped mourning for that time, they turned to face Divatox, Rita and Zedd.

"Why did you help us?" Katherine asked. "You were the last people I expected to come here to help."

"I think it should be clear to you now that we are trying to take over the world, not letting someone else do it for us," Divatox replied. "But this doesn't change anything between us, Rangers."

"Yeah," Rita backed Divatox up. "We're still enemies and you'll pay for all the times you've stopped us from taking the world." They turned around to leave but paused for something Tommy and Adam had to say.

"Hey guys," Tommy said.

"Thanks for your help," Adam continued. "We really appreciate it."

Divatox and Rita gave them a friendly smile (Lord Zedd would if he could) to them before disappearing.

Katherine, Tanya and Justin, (still in their Ranger costumes) teleported Damon and Michelle home and returned to the unmorphed Tommy and Adam.

"What do we do with David?" Tommy asked sadly. "We've gotta hold a funeral for him. I think it was way too early for him to die. He's only thirteen, ya know?" Katherine said between sobs....

* * *
A few days later, a funeral was held for David. The funeral wasn't the first for that day and it wasn't the lastewither in Angel Grove. It was another rainy day. The weather fit the mood perfectly. Adam was the one who had to break the news to his parents who had survived the attacked. Fortunately, not many people were killed that day but enough to make the survivors mourn for a few weeks.

After it was finished, the Adam and Tommy had something to say for the rest of the team.

"Guys," Adam started, "I know I've been acting really stupid and rude the last few days. I realise that was estremely wrong. The police now understand because of that invasion of our city. But the reason was because I was stuck in a very unhappy situation in my family and decided to join a group of people where I could get away for a little while. But I was slowly turning into one of them but I was never aware of it until it was too late. I beat up Damon and my mother and I feel really bad about it. I just hope you can forgive me."

"You can stop explaining now," Tanya said. "At least we now know what's wrong with you and it's over. The cult is gone and so is their leader."

"I've been a little strange myself," Tommy said embaressed. "You see, I was in the group too but I joined after Adam did. Although I didn't get to the point of pure evil, I still would like to apologise for anything I did to hurt you."

"It's already been forgotten," Katherine replied. "I'm just concerned about David's family now. I hope they can cope with the loss. I'm not so sure if I can even deal with it."

"We'll all get over it sometime," Adam said. "I think I'm gonna be upset over it for the next little while but I've got confidence that I'll pull through."

"I think we all will."

"But the strange thing is, the bad guys are the true heroes this time."

"That's right. This is really very different. It's never happened before."

"This ending really stinks. We're the heroes, not the bad guys!" Justin chimed in.

"It's okay, Justin," Tommy said. "When you're a Ranger, you can expect the unexpected. But no matter what happens, the Rangers will be the true heroes of the war between good and evil when this war is over."

"IF this war is over."

"Of course. We're the Power Rangers!" Justin said happily. The others nodded in agreement. They were all tired and walked home, their silhouettes against the rising sun.

The End