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It's Time
Part 1
By Katelyn Johnson

A slender, gorgeous girl walked into the Youth Center. Heads of the guys turned to watch her gracefully walk over to the bar where Ernie, the jolly bartender and owner of the Juice Bar was fixing his famous smoothies. The girl looked around at the familiar sights she had missed so much.

"May I help you?" Ernie turned around and stood there shocked. "Why hello Kimberly."

"Hi Ernie." Kimberly replied softly almost to soft to hear.

"It's nice to have you back, but why are you back already?"

(If only you knew.) "Where is everybody?"

"Tommy is over there with Rocky and Adam, lifting weights. Didn't you see them?"

"They're here!"

"Yeah, I'll call them over here for you."

"No! Just give them this." Kimberly replied as she gave Ernie an envelope and ran off.

"Kimberly!" Ernie called. He walked from behind the counter and rushed over to Tommy, Rocky, and Adam.

"Is something wrong Ernie?" Tommy jumped up, noticing how tense and upset Ernie is.

"Kimberly was just here." Ernie replied.

"What!?!" The guys said in unison.

"She seemed distant, lost. She asked where you guys were and when I said you were over here, she freaked, gave me this and ran off." Ernie said as he handed the envelope to Tommy and walked back over to the bar.

"Thanks Ernie." Tommy replied as he looked down on the envelope.

"You going to open it or just stare at it?" Adam half laughed.

"Yeah, I'm just scared of what it will say." Tommy replied as he carefully opened the envelope. (I mean, the last letter I got from Kimberly wasn't exactly great)

What if I never left? What if she never showed up and took what does not belong to her. I could have died. She almost killed me. Do you hear me! She almost killed me and then I trusted her with my power, my love. I gave her my life. She took my place, not just on the team, but in spirit. How could I give a total stranger my life? How could everybody I care about just let her take my place? Don't they miss me, doesn't he miss me! I miss them. I miss him. My heart, my soul, my body aches for my life. The life I gave away. Why did I leave? Why did I leave everything behind? Just for a medal? For fame? For what!?! Oh god, what have I done? Why did I leave? The pain I feel, the confusion, the heart-ache. I feel like I am dead. Is what I'm saying making any sense?!? I am driving up to the Youth Center, I hope to see them, to see him. Please read this. I love you all. I love you, Tommy. You are my love, my friend, and my heart. Please forgive me. Get away from her, from Kat. She is evil, she was, she is and always will be. She did this to me. She did this to us. Don't let her get to you. She is evil! Please my friends, please Tommy, get this letter and undo what I let happen.

Please forgive all the pain I caused you.

I love you all.

I love you, Tommy.

Your friend always, now and forever,

Tommy, Adam, and Rocky just stared at the letter. "We've got to find her." Rocky quickly said.

"Let's go." Adam agreed.

"Let's contact Jason. We will split into teams. Adam, you and Rocky will search for Kim in the park. Jase and I will search the area around the lake. If you find her, contact us immediately." Tommy commanded as they ran out of the Youth Center. "I want you guys to contact me in thirty minutes." Tommy said as he jumped in his red truck and drove off.

"Let's go Rocko." Adam said as he and Rocky jumped in Rocky's blue jeep.

"Man, I hope Tommy doesn't loose it. That letter was intense." Rocky replied as he started the engine.

"I know. What happened to her?"

"And what about Kat being evil?"

"I hope we find her and make some sense out of this mess." Adam sighed as the drove to the park.

Tommy picked took his cell phone from his glove compartment and dialed the number of a friend her needed now more than ever.


"Jase, its Tommy. I need you to meet me at the lake right now."

"What's wrong?"

"Just meet me there now!" Tommy started to yell.

"Okay bro, calm down. There's only one problem, I have no car."

"Then teleport."

"Tommy you know I can't do that unless it's has to do with the rangers."

"It has to do with one of the rangers." Tommy half lied. "Teleport now." Tommy said as he hung up the phone. Jason pulled the phone from his ear and just looked at it as he heard the dial tone. (What the hell just happened?) Jason thought as teleported from his house to the park.

Tommy parked his car and got out near the lake. He looked out to see the sun setting. He had seen many sunsets before. She was the one who told him how pretty they were by the lake. Kimberly had opened his eyes to what the world offered.

"Tommy?" A voice called and Tommy turned around to find it was Jason who had called his name.

"Hey Jase."

"Hey Jase?!? Tommy you called me about some big emergency and all you can say is hey Jase?"

"Sorry, it hasn't been a great evening."

"What's going on?"

"Just read this." Tommy replied as he handed Jason the letter.

She walked onto the sand of the lake. The breeze off the lake blew through her hair and she sighed as the sun set. (How I missed watching the sun set. I wish he were here holding me in his warm, protective arms. I wish he were here to tell me everything would be okay.) Kim thought as she collapsed to the ground on her knees. Tears began to freely flow down her face. (Why me? Why the hell did that bastard and bitch have to destroy my life!?!) Tears continued to fall down her face.

"Why so sad?" A dark voice asked. Kim felt a shiver down her back, she knew that voice. It was the voice from her nightmares. The voice belonged to one who stole her life. Kim slowly stood up and turned around to face the owner of the voice.

"What the hell do you want?" Kim growled.

"Harsh words."

"I'm sick of you!" Kim screamed.

"Sick of me? Why in the world would you be sick of me? Is it because I have power and you don't? Is it because I'm the one who was being told all the secrets and sharing the memories with them. Wait, I know what it is. It's because he made you watch Tommy and I kiss and watch the sunsets you so treasured."

"You KAT, are a bitch! This ends NOW!" Kim shouted as she charged Kat.

Tommy and Jason swung around. "Did you here that?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah, but what was it?" Jason replied.

"I don't know, but we better find out." Tommy said as he ran towards the screams and Jason followed.

"You think you can beat me!" Kat said as she blocked one of Kim's punches.

"I can kick your ass without MY powers and I when I'm done with you, I'm going to take my powers back."

"Like hell you will! It's Morphin Time!"

"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!"

"Oh shit." Kim cursed under her breath.

"Come on shorty." Kat challenged.

"Oh, it's on!" Kim retorted as she flipped over Kat and the two began to fiercely fight.

Jason and Tommy were running as fast as they could toward the screams of fight. Tommy all a sudden stopped, with Jason running into the back of him. "Why did you stop?" Jason asked. Tommy just stood there and stared.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing." Tommy said under his breath. Jason noticed what he was looking at.

"Oh, my god." Jason gasped.

"You are a pathetic fighter Kat." Kim said, breathing hard and blocking fast kicks and punches coming from Kat.

"Getting tierd yet?"

"You kidding? I'm just getting started. Tia yah!" Kim shouted as she did a roundhouse kick into Kat's stomach. Kat came crunching down to the ground.

"You'll pay for that. Zeo power blaster!" Kat called as she pointed her blaster at Kim. "Goodbye Kimmy. Don't worry I'll take care of Tommy." Kat began to pull the trigger. For Kim everything seemed to slow down. The last thing she saw was the pink power blast coming strait for her. She was all a sudden pushed down by a red blur, the power blast hitting her hitting her right leg. She hit the ground with a loud thump. Before falling unconscious she looked over to Kat who was being tackled to the ground by a gold blur and then everything went black.

Rocky and Adam walked in the park looking everywhere for Kimberly. "I hope she is okay." Rocky sighed.

"I know. She sounded so alone in the letter. We fell so out of touch with Kim." Adam replied.

"Even before she broke it off with Tommy, we didn't really call her or anything. When she did we didn't call or think about her at all. She was still our friend and we just left her in Florida."

"Maybe we did trust and take in Katherine too fast. You, Aisha, and I became friends with the others way before we became rangers. I don't know, I am just so confused." Adam said as a familiar beep sounded. Adam put his communicator up to his mouth to answer. "I read you."

" me in the Power Chamber now." Tommy said through his communicator breathing heavily.

"We'll be right there. Adam out." Adam replied.

"That didn't sound good. Tommy was all out of breath."

"I know. Let's teleport and found out what's going on." Adam said as he and Rocky vanished in green and blue teleportation beams.

Jason slammed Kat down to the ground. "What the hell were you doing!" Jason screamed. (I've never felt so angry with one person!)

"Jason, why are you so mad at me? She attacked me." Kat lied.

"She attacked you? Why did you morph and why the hell were you just about to shoot Kim with your power blaster? You have a lot of explaining to do." Jason replied angrily.

Tommy looked down on the now unconscious, bruised and battered face of Kimberly. "Come on Kim. Everything is going to be fine now." Tommy whispered as he gently and slowly picked up Kim. (I am going to fucking kill Kat!) "You got a hold of her?"

"Yeah, she's not going anywhere." Jason replied.

"Then were out of here." Tommy said as they teleported to the Power Chamber.

Adam and Rocky arrived in the Power Chamber to be greeted by Zordon and Alpha. "Rangers, what are you doing here?" Alpha asked.

"Tommy told us to meet him here." Adam replied and filled Zordon on the current events of the day.


"You and I both Zordon." Rocky sighed as Jason and Tommy appeared in the power chamber, along with Kat and Kimberly.

"What's going on?" Adam asked as he rushed up to Tommy who was still holding the unconscious Kimberly.

"I really don't have a clue." Tommy answered as he gently laid Kimberly on the medical bed. "Alpha, Kim was hurt pretty bad. Can you help her?"

"Ayyiyyi! I will try Tommy." Alpha replied as he walked over to Kim and began to scan her for injuries. Tommy removed his helmet and walked over to where Adam and Rocky stood waiting for an explanation that Tommy could not give.

"Zordon, do you have a containment cell we can put Kat in?" Tommy asked.


"I'm guessing Adam and Rocky told you about the letter we just received from Kim this evening?" Zordon nodded. "Well I told Rocky and Adam to look for her in the park, while Jase and I look for her at the lake. Jase teleported to the lake. I showed him the letter and we were talking when we heard battle cries coming from another part of the lake. We ran to see what was happening and who was making the battle cries. When we got there Kat and Kimberly were fighting. Kat was morphed. Kimberly sent a powerful kick into Kat's stomach. Kat fell down and quickly got up and took out her power blaster and was about to shoot Kim. That's when Jase and I morphed. I pushed Kim out of the way and Jase tackled Kat to the ground and then we teleported back here."


"Well Zordon, I did not attack Kim. Kim is my friend. I was walking along the shores of the lake and out of nowhere Kim comes and starts to attack me. I could tell Kim was under a spell so I tried to talk to her first. She somehow had some strange power, so out of fear I morphed and began defending myself. I took out my power blaster and was just going to stun Kim so I could help her." Kat said, giving her sympathy story.

"Bravo Kat, that was a nice story, but I don't buy that bullshit." Jason replied.

"I agree with Jase." Adam said sternly.

"Sorry Kat, as Jason said that was bullshit." Rocky agreed. Kat turned to Tommy waiting for his reply.

"Tommy, you believe me? Right?" Kat asked.

Tommy closed his eyes and went back to when he first saw Kat and Kim fighting. (I pushed Kim out of the way and looked down at her. She was looking strait up at me with pain, fear, confusion, but soft eyes. The eyes I loved and still love to look into. She wasn't under any spell.) "Kat?" Tommy said softly as he walked up to her and took her hands in his.

"Yes Tommy?" Kat replied sweetly. (I knew he would believe me.)

"You've never seen me very angry before have you?"

"No, why?"

"Because at the moment I am extremely pissed off." Tommy growled as Kat backed up and tried to take her hand from Tommy's, but his grip was too tight. "Alpha, put Kat into the containment unit." Tommy smiled.

"Right Tommy." Alpha replied as he walked over to the controls.

"You can't do this!" Kat screamed. "I'll see you all in hell!" Kat screamed as she pulled out her power blaster and shot Tommy. Tommy flung back a couple of feet landing hard on the ground.

"Tommy!" The guys said in unison.

"Kat!" Jason yelled as he charged her.

"I don't think so Jason." Kat replied as a whip of power came bursting from Kat's hand sending Jason across the Power chamber hitting the ground hard.

"Oh that's it. Its Morphin Time!" Adam shouted.

"Zeo Ranger 3! Blue!"

"Zeo Ranger 4! Green!"

Adam and Rocky pulled out their power blasters and pointed them at Kat. "Freeze Kat, or we'll shoot." Rocky commanded.

"Really? You'll shoot me? Why don't I just shoot you!" Kat replied as more energy whips came from Kat's hands and went strait for Adam and Rocky. One of them hit Adam and he went flying. Rocky dodged it and ran towards Kat. "No, no Rocky." Kat said as she hit Rocky with a powerful whip of power sending him flying. Rocky landed next to Adam.


"Hell no!" Kat yelled. "Bye, bye Zordon." Kat snickered as she sent whips of power towards Zordon.

"NO...KAT...YOU..." Zordon then disappeared and his interdimensional tube exploded. Kat walked over to where Kimberly lay on the medical bed, still unconscious.

"Your turn Kimmy." Kat grinned wickedly.

"Ayyyiyyi! No Kat, I won't let you." Alpha said as he stepped in front of Kimberly.

"Oh please." Kat laughed. "You are a tin can. I stopped Tommy, Jason, Adam, Rocky and destroyed Zordon, what makes you think you can stop me? See ya later Alpha." Kat evilly grinned as she sent a shock of power through Alpha making him go haywire and shutting down. Kat walked closer to Kimberly and then leaned over her resting body. "Resting peacefully Kimmy, don't worry soon you'll be resting permanently." Power began to build in Kat as it made it way to her hands. Kimberly slowly opened her eyes to see Katherine leaning over her.

"" Kim demanded faintly.

"You're in no position to threaten me, Kimberly." Kat replied.

Tommy opened is eyes. Pain flowed throughout his body, especially in his head. He looked around to find Jason, Adam, and Rocky out cold. Zordon was gone and Alpha was shut down. He finally spotted Kat leaning over Kim. (Oh, no you don't!) Tommy thought as he got up. He quietly made his way over to Kat. "You touch her Kat and I will kill you!" Tommy yelled as he grabbed Kat's arms and pulled them behind her.

"Let me go!" Kat struggled.

"Kim, get of here!" Tommy yelled as he struggled with Kat. Kim got off the medical bed, but as soon as she stood up a wave of dizziness hit her and a sharp pain went up her leg and she collapsed to the ground.

"HA! She can't even stand up!" Kat laughed as she again tried to break the hold Tommy had on her.

"Kim, get out of here!" Tommy again said as Kat delivered a whip of energy into Tommy. Tommy screamed in pain, but did not let go. (I...can't...let...Kat go...or Kim is...dead.) Tommy thought as his grip tightened.

Kim looked at Tommy; she had to do something, but what? She frantically looked around. (Jason! Adam! Rocky! Wake up! I need you, Tommy needs you.) Kim finally spotted something that would help. (Come on Kim, Tommy needs you.) Kim thought as she picked up Kat's power blaster that she had dropped. She then pointed it at the encasing of the original Pink Ranger Suit. The encasing exploded letting Kim's old uniform fall to the ground. Kim walked over and grabbed her power bow. "Get off of him!" Kim commanded as she hit Katherine with her Power bow. Kat screamed in pain, Tommy was blown away. Kat's power went flying everywhere. All the controls in the power chamber began to explode and the structure began to collapse.

"I'll be back!" Kat screamed as she vanished. Kim limped over to Tommy and kneeled down beside him.

"We've got to get out of here." Kim coughed.

"Come on." Tommy replied as he got up walked over to Jason, Rocky, and Adam. He looked down at their communicators; about to teleport them out, but the whips of power produced from Katherine had destroyed them. "Shit." Tommy cursed.

"What's wrong?" Kim asked nervously as Tommy looked down at his communicator to also see that his had been destroyed. He then looked over to the entrance; pieces of the power chamber were blocking it. "Tommy?" Kim called again.

"Were sealed in." Tommy replied.

"We can't get out?"


"Oh god, why did I come back!?! I should have stayed away, you guys would be fine right now." Kim cried. Tommy looked at her and quickly picked her up. "Tommy, what are you doing?"

"Saving our lives. The power chamber is going to come down on us, but it won't kill us."

"Tommy, you're not making any sense."

"Rocky, Adam, and Jason will be fine, they are morphed and protected by their suits and so am I. I'm going to protect you Kim. I won't let anything happen to you. We are going to stay over here in this corner and wait for the shaking to stop. Billy and Tanya are still out there and they will come for us." Tommy explained as the Power Chamber violently shook. Kim wrapped her arms tightly around Tommy's waist and buried her face in Tommy's chest. Tommy then quickly wrapped his arms tightly around Kimberly, ready to protect her from anymore harm. (I promise Kim, I won't let anything hurt you, not anymore.) Tommy thought as the Power Chambers roof began to come down. (May the power protect us.)

Billy took another sip of his pineapple smoothie as he continued to read his book. Tanya walked into the Youth Center and came up behind Billy. "Billy, I need to talk to you." Tanya said as Billy turned around and saw that Tanya looked very pale and worried.

"Let's go outside." Billy replied as they left the Youth Center. Billy and Tanya went to a secluded corner outside of the Youth Center. "What's wrong?"

"Have you seen any of the guys lately?" Tanya asked.

"No. I figured that since it is night, that they went home."

"That's what I thought. I called they're houses and they're parent's said they were all out. I then tried their communicators and all I got was static. I called Zordon to and all I got was static. I'm really worried."

"Let's teleport to the Power Chamber." Billy replied as he and Tanya teleported in grayish-white and yellow teleportation beams.

Kat appeared in a dark room. She was completely worn out and angry. (I was so close.) Kat thought as she walked down a dark hallway. She then entered a huge room, with a throne in the middle. She removed her helmet and kneeled before the throne. The throne slowly turned around to face her. The room began to glow red as the occupant of the throne looked down upon Katherine.

"You did very well Katherine. I am very pleased with you."

"Thank you my lord."

"I am pleased, but your job isn't done yet. Go back down to earth. Tell the world that the Power Rangers are dead and if they don't surrender now, they suffer the wrath of Lord Zedd." Zedd snickered wickedly.

"Yes, my lord." Kat evilly grinned.

Part 2

Tommy and Kimberly were still in the corner of the Power Chamber hoping that help was on the way. Rocky, Adam, and Jason were still unconscious and the walls of the Power Chamber could come down at any second. "Tommy?" Kim called softly.

"Yeah." Tommy answered as he looked down at Kimberly. (She doesn't look good.)

"I have to tell you what happened."

"Are you feeling all right?"

"Tommy, please just listen."


"The night before I left I noticed something. My heart was telling me to stay in Angelgrove. To stay with you, to remain as the Pink Ranger, but my head told me to go to Florida. When I went to the command center that morning to tell you guys, that's when you one by one you guys told me to go. I stood there and waited for your decision. I wanted you to tell me to stay. I wanted you to take me in your arms and say you'll never let me go..."

"Kim, I wanted you to stay. I didn't want you to go, but I thought that would be selfish of me. I didn't want you to pass up that opportunity."

"Tommy, just listen. I'm not blaming you. When you told me that, I remember seeing the pain in your eyes. I know you better than anybody and I can tell when you lie. That was the first time you had lied to me, but you did it because of the wonderful, big heart you have. When you took me to the airport and I kissed you good-bye, I kissed you with all my might because I had a feeling that something would take you away from me. I arrived in Florida. Everything was going great. I wrote you and we talked almost everyday. I was working hard and everything was perfect until one night. That's when my nightmare started." Kim said as a few tears fell down her cheeks and the Power Chamber shook again.

"It's okay. I'm right here. I won't let anything happen to you." Tommy said as he pulled Kim closer and held her tighter in his arms.

"That's when I realized it wasn't true. Everything I had left for was fake. I was captured by the one person who is truly from hell..."

"Zedd." Tommy finished as a fire began to burn inside him. A hatred that had been buried was again released.

"It was a bunch of putties in disguise and the coach was under a spell. I was taken to the Lunar Palace. Zedd forced me into writing you the letter and the person who had betrayed me and lead me right into Zedd’s arms was Kat. She was never on a the side of good. She was evil since the day she was born into the family of Lord Zedd...”

“Wait, she is related to Zedd?”

“Kat is Zedd’s daughter.”

“No way. You’ve got to be kidding!?! Who is her mother?”

“Some australian woman. Zedd captured her and did stuff to her, that I don’t even wanna know.”

“I can’t believe we trusted her. I trusted her. I was such a fool.”

“Join the club. I gave her my powers and trusted her with everything I loved.”

“So you have been in Zedd’s castle for all this time?”

“Yes...When The Machine Empire came, Zedd and Rita went running. I didn’t understand why they were so scared.”

“I was always wondering why they disappeared when the Machine Empire showed up.”

“Well, Zedd had a plan. He wanted you and the others to forget him and he wanted you guys to trust Kat completely and then wait for the right moment to strike. So, I spent my days, week, and months with Zedd and his disgusting monsters, but the worst part was when Zedd made me watch you and the others. One time he even made me watch you and Kat kiss and watch the sunsets.”

“Oh god Kim. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault. I did chores and I even had to rub Goldar and Rito’s shoulder’s. That was totally gross. I finally couldn’t take it anymore. All the mental and physical pain I suffered, I couldn’t take it anymore. One night, while everybody was busy watching you and the others fight Mondo, I got up and began to run. I ran so fast, but Zedd and his monsters were on my heals. You see, while I was there I discovered a portal down in the caves under the palace where you could get out. I had tried a million times to get out through that portal, but everytime Zedd had stopped me. Not this time, I was leaving that hell hole. I quickly jumped through the portal and landed in the park. I knew he would come after me, but I had to get to you guys, I had to get to you and tell you about Kat.”

“Why not just come to me and tell me. I’ll protect you from Zedd and Kat.”

“I wanted to, but...” Kim began, but the Power Chamber shook violently. Tommy pulled Kim closer and the two waited for shaking to stop, but it didn’t. “Is it going to stop?”

“I think it’s going to come down.” Tommy replied as a light appeared at the entrance.

“Tommy?!? Adam?!?” A voice called out.

(Thank god!) “Billy! We’re over here!” Tommy called back. Billy and Tanya came running over to where they heard Tommy’s voice.

“Kimberly?” Billy asked as he stood there in shock.

“Yeah, I’ll explain later. This place is coming down. We have to get the hell out of here.” Tommy commanded.

“Right. Logic points to the conclusion that teleportation systems are down and you’re communicators were destroyed?” Billy said pointing to Tommy’s communicator.

“Yeah. Jason, Rocky, and Adam are unconscious and lying over there.” Tommy replied.

“Come on.” Billy said as he walked over to the unconscious bodies of the gold, green, and blue rangers. “ Tanya hold Adam and Rocky’s hands and teleport out. I’ve got Jason, Tommy, and Kimberly.”

“Will my communicator teleport all of us?” Tanya asked.

“I believe so or should I say, I hope so.” Billy answered.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Meet you guys at...?” Tanya replied.

“My house.” Tommy answered.

“But...” Tanya began.

“Go!” Tommy commanded.

“See ya.” Tanya quickly listened and she, Adam, and Rocky were gone.

“Let’s go.” Billy replied as he put his hand on Tommy’s shoulder and his other hand on Jason’s arm. The four original rangers vanished in the bright light of the teleportation beams.

* * *

At zipped up her tight, black, leather pants and slipped on her black, leather halter top. She twisted her hair up in a bun and picked up the pink zeonizers. She stood there and stared at the great power that rested in her hands. She strapped them on her wrist and then flicked her wrists and made them vanish. Kat walked out of her room and entered the throne room and kneeled once again before Lord Zedd. “It is time father.”

“Yes, it is finally time. Have you called the troops from the other dimensions?” Zedd asked.

“I have. They are waiting in the warships. They will attack at your command.” Kat replied.

“Perfect.” Zedd replied. “Oh, and I have a present for you. It’s from Rita and I.” Zedd said and the queen of evil, Rita appeared. She was holding a silver sword and she handed it to Kat.

“This is the weapon you will kill Tommy with.” Rita commanded.

“What? I left him and his precious Kimberly to die in the Power Chamber.” Kat replied.

“Yes, but they escaped. It does not matter. They can not escape this time. It’s time this battle between the rangers and I ended and I will be the victor.” Zedd answered.

“What of the Machine Empire?” Kat asked.

“They retreated once they saw the worships enter this dimension.” Rita snickered as Zedd got up from his throne and walked over to the balcony that overlooked earth.

“It’s time.” Zedd proclaimed as a red portal appeared before him. He stepped through it and was followed by Rita, Kat, Goldar, Rito and his army of putties, tengas and monsters.

* * *

Tanya appeared with Adam and Rocky in Tommy’s bedroom . “Thank god, we made it.” Tanya said as she kneeled down beside Adam’s body. She carefully removed his helmet. Tanya brushed his hair out of his face and leaned down and softly kissed him on the forehead. All of a sudden Billy appeared with Tommy, Kimberly and Jason. Tommy walked over to his bed and gently put Kim on it. He sat down next to her. Billy kneeled down next to Jason and took his helmet off and then took Rocky’s off.

“Where are your parents?” Tanya asked.

“In Phoenix, visiting some old friends.” Tommy answered.

“That’s good. Do have some pillows?” Tanya asked.

“Yeah. Here.” Tommy answered as he tossed a pillow to Tanya and two to Billy. Tanya gently lifted up Adam’s head and placed the pillow under it. Billy did the same with Jason and Rocky. Billy then turned around to face Tommy.

“So what happened?” Billy asked and Tommy took a deep breath and filled him in on the days events.

“Wait, you’re telling me that Kat is evil and she’s the one who did this?” Tanya asked. (She’s the one who did this to Adam?)

“It’s the truth.” Kim spoke up.

“God. Even with all my scientific knowledge, I would have never have suspected her.” Billy replied.

“No one could have.” Kim said as she coughed.

“Are you okay?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Kim tried to smile. (If only I could tell you.)

“So what do we do now?” Tanya asked.

“We wait.” Tommy answered.

* * *

Kat stood on the roof of an office building in downtown Washington DC. She looked over to the White House. Kat then vanished in a ball of fire and appeared before the front gate of the White House. Two secret service men appeared behind the gate and faced Kat. “Can I help you miss?” One of the security guards asked. Kat eyes turned red, she put her hands in front of her and out came a whip of power. The power hit the guards. They just stood there as they were electrocuted by Kat’s power. Finally the dropped to the ground. Kat burst through the gates and passed the dead bodies of the secret service guards. Five more guards spotted her walking across the front lawn.

“Freeze!” The guards shouted as the pointed their guns at Kat.

“Foolish humans.” Kat said as she sent the same whip of power over to the guards. Like the last two guards, they fell dead to the ground. Kat continued to walk towards the front door of the White House. One of the guards, through one of the windows saw Kat.

“We’ve got a woman on the front lawn making her way towards the front door. She Caucasian, blond, and seems to be armed.” The guard said through his wakie talkie. “I intercepting. Back up requested.” The guard opened the door and pointed out his gun, but no one was out there. He warily stepped out and began searching for Kat. The guard then heard a noise behind him and was face to face with Kat. “Don’t move.”

“Whatever.” Kat replied as she kicked his gun away from his hand. She then kicked him in the gut and within a second, snapped his neck. The guards body dropped the ground and Kat walked in the front door of the White House. Ten guards came running down the hall towards Kat. Kat grinned wickedly as she pulled out her sword and one by one she ran her sword through the guards, but she took one of the guards and picked him up off the floor by his neck. “Take me to the president.” Kat commanded.

“Never.” The guard choked.

“You will or I will continue to kill every single one of these guards and the president. You see, I only need to talk to him.” Kat replied and the guard pointed down the right hallway. Kat walked down the hallway, still holding the guard by his neck. The guard then pointed to the double doors that lead to the Oval Office. “Thank you.” Kat said as she threw the guard at the doors. The guard hit the doors causing them to open and went flying into the room. Kat walked into the room and was face to face with the President.

“What is the meaning of this?” The President asked angrily.

“Lord Zedd has a job for you to do.” Kat replied.

“Lord Zedd!?! Guards!” The President called. A hoard of guards came running in. They surrounded Kat and pointed their guns at her.

“I get tired of this.” Kat sighed as a red vortex all a sudden appeared in the room. The President and his guards stood their in shock as Rita, Goldar, Rito, and finally Lord Zedd walked came out of the vortex.

“Hello Mr. President.” Zedd greeted. “Is it so nice to finally meet you.”

“I can’t say the same for you.” The President replied.

“I see you have already met my daughter. You are to tell your guards to stand down and you are going to make an announcement for me.”

“Why in world would I do that?” The President snapped.

“You have two options Mr. President, you can do what I say or you and your country will be killed.” Zedd replied.

“Then you leave me no choice.” The President responded. “You have my full croporation.”

“I knew you would see it my way.” Lord Zedd laughed wickedly.

* * *

Kim rolled over onto her side on Tommy’s bed and looked out his window to see the moon.

(How I used to love the moon and now whenever I see it, it sends a chill down my back.) Kim thought as she rolled to her other side to see Tommy sound asleep, still in his Zeo uniform. (I think I liked you best in white.) Kim smiled. Kim sat up and got off the bed. Pain shot through her entire body. Kim stepped over the sleeping bodies of Billy, Rocky, and Jason. She then stepped over Tanya who was sleeping next to Adam. (They are so cute.) Kim thought as she walked into one of the bathroom’s. She turned on a light and looked at herself in the mirror. A image of Zedd all of a sudden appeared in place of Kim’s reflection. Kim gasped and jumped back in horror. She then quickly turned the faucet of the sink and splashed some water on her face. She then looked back in the mirror and let a sigh of relief to see only her reflection appeared in the mirror. Kim then walked out of the bathroom and walked down the stairs into the living room. She picked up the remote and turned the television on.

“This is an emergency report from the Angel Grove News, channel seven and now the President of The United States of America.” The news caster said as the President appeared on the screen.

“My fellow Americans, I have grave information that you must listen too. A recent event has caused me to ask you to stay in your houses tonight and through tomorrow until told otherwise. My new superior has given me these instructions and please obey these instructions, for they are here for your own safety. Now I give you your new leader.” The President announced. Kim dropped the remote and stared at the television screen in shock and horror.

“Tommy!” Kim screamed as she continued to stare at the television screen in horror.

TO BE CONTINUED............

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