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The Purple Power
by : Kris

Justin zipped down the street on his new blue bike, laughing at the sheer excitement of the wind in his face.

He heard a scream. It sounded female, like an old woman.

Jumping off his bike, he ran in the direction of the scream.

There it was: a school of Piranatron was attacking an old lady!

Justin couldn't morph, there were people around, and he couldn't win unmorphed, because he was alone.

He decided to fight, even without morphing.

With a wild "Hi-ya!" he rushed at the Piranatron.

The Piranatron let go of the woman, turning their attention to Justin, and she shuffled off as fast as she could.

All the other people around decided that it would be best to leave right then, and quick as a flash Justin was alone with the Piranatron.

They caught him, and held his arms tightly.

Justin struggled, but soon lowered his head in defeat.

Divatox appeared before them. "Good work, "she hissed, "bring him to the Space Base."

"I think the kid would like to be left alone, "a feminine voice said from behind Divatox.

Justin's head snapped up like it had been pulled by a string.

Behind Divatox stood the slim form of a girl, entirely clad in purple Spandex, with a purple helmet adorning her head.

Divatox whirled around to face her, but gasped when she caught sight of the fiery purple saber the Ranger held.

"Who might you be?" Divatox asked in a sickeningly sweet and syrupy voice.

"I am the Purple Ranger, and that's all I'm gonna tell you, and your gang of Piranatron." The Purple Ranger stated. "Also I ask of you to release the boy."

"Why would you want him?" Divatox frowned, "He's a little boy."

"He is not just any 'little boy' as you put it. He is the Blue Ranger, and I think the other Rangers may need him."

Justin stared at the black shield that covered the Purple Ranger's eyes, trying to see through it as to who might be inside.

One tiny signal from Divatox, and the Piranatron attacked the newcomer.

Soon, the Piranatron were no more, each reduced to water.

The Purple Ranger advanced toward Divatox and the two Piranatron still holding Justin, "Okay, now it's just you, me, a couple of fishfaces, and the boy. Let him go, you don't get hurt."

Divatox laughed, and the sound was so hideous the Purple Ranger seemed to shudder slightly.

The shudder was brief.

While Divatox thought she was scared, the Purple Ranger roundhoused her. Divatox teleported herself back to her Space Base before she hit the ground.

The mysterious Ranger turned back to Justin as the Piranatron fled.

"Are you okay?" she asked in a very concerned voice, "She almost got you."

Justin smiled, "Yeah, I'm okay. Who are you? How do you know I'm a Ranger?"

She shrugged, "I can't answer either question. The first because I just can't, and the second because I don't know. Seriously."

With that, the Purple Ranger turned and walked away, on her third step dissolving into purple sparkles and teleporting away.

"Wow," Justin murmured, "a new Ranger. She's obviously on our side, but how did she come to be?"

* * *

Justin materialized out of the blue sparkles of his teleport in the Power Chamber. "Dimitria, did you see what just happened?"

"Indeed I did Justin."

"Do you know who she is?"

"No, we do not have sufficient information."

"What do you know about her?"

"She is obviously on our side, unless it is a trick of Divatox's."

"That's it?"

"That was all the data we could gather, for she was only around for a short period of time."

"Yo yo yo! Sorry ta interrupt ya's, but we's got trouble!" Alpha's tinny voice rang.

Justin tapped a few buttons on his communicator, and spoke into it, "Guys! There's a monster attacking in the park! I'm going to be there as soon as I can, but I'm gonna need you!"

* * *

Justin, as the Blue Ranger, looked around the park. "Where's that monster?" he muttered to the air.

"Monster? You just said the magic word," said a vaguely familiar voice from behind him.

He whirled around, and found himself glaring into the purple and black facemask of the Purple Ranger.

"Sorry, " he mumbled, turning around, "I'm a little jumpy."

The Purple Ranger seemed to smile, "A little? You're as jumpy as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!"

Now it was Justin's turn to smile, "Yeah, I guess you're right."

The Purple Ranger glanced up at the sky, "Aww, " she groaned, then turned to Justin, "I have to go right now. I've got a meeting." She seemed to make a face, "Yuck. Oh well, take care Blue."

She walked off, and again, on the third step teleported away.

Justin shook his helmeted head, "Man, I wish I knew who she is, and what she's here for."

A girl's form, clad in a rather sweaty pair of blue jean shorts and a white shirt, decorated with blue and purple flowers, came rushing toward him at tremendous speed.

He recognized her as Kris Thomas, a quiet, new girl his age and in some of his classes.

She dashed up to him, panting, "Monster," she gasped, pointing the way she came, "that way."

"Thank you, the Turbo Rangers appreciate your help," Justin called over his shoulder as he ran off. He ran as fast as his zord drove, so he reached the monster in almost no time flat. Justin fell into his stance, "Hey, Hypnocliosis! Over here!" He yelled at the ugly, dull gold and bronze monster.

Hypnocliosis turned around, and Justin noticed his face was like that of a clock, "Ha ha ha!" He roared, "One puny Ranger! Ha ha ha!"

The Blue Ranger called on his Hand Blasters, "Eat laser Hypno-ugly!" Justin fired his Hand Blasters, and they seemed to be a bit purplish.

Hypno fell over, but pulled his ugly body to his feet. Hypno let loose a wire cable, and it wrapped itself around the Blue Ranger.

"Hey!" squealed Justin, as the air was squeezed from him and he was dragged toward the dull mass of gold and bronze.

Hypnocliosis yanked Justin to his feet, and pressed his face close to the Rangers'.

"Look at my eyes, " he commanded, and though he willed himself not to, Justin did as told.

The clock face began to swirl in a mottled pattern of black and white.

The Blue Ranger watched it swirl, and nearly went unconscious. He would have been hypnotized, if it hadn't been for the bright purple laser beam that burned a hole in Hypnocliosis' ugly armor.

Justin almost painfully got to his feet, and saw the Purple Ranger beating up Hypno.

The Blue Hand Blasters appeared, and he aimed them at Hypnocliosis. But he couldn't shoot.

The Purple Ranger was fighting hand-to-hand combat, and he couldn't shoot without possibly hitting her as well as Hypno.

"Blue Ranger!" She yelled, "Shoot!"

Justin shot.

The twin blue beams raced toward Hypno and the Purple Ranger.

She jumped away.

Just a split second too late.

The first blast caught Hypno in the face, shattering his power and killing him.

The second blast caught the Purple Ranger in her left ankle.

She landed on her feet, but fell down in pain.

"Ow," she muttered, for the lack of anything better to say.

Justin rushed over to her, "I gotta get you to the Power Chamber," he said, picking her up. Thank God he was stronger than normal when morphed.

He tapped his communicator, "Alpha, the Purple Ranger is hurt! The others haven't gotten here yet. I need to bring her to the Power Chamber!"

With that, Justin tapped a different button, and he and the Purple Ranger turned into blue and purple streaks of sparkles, as they teleported to the Power Chamber.

* * *

Divatox turned away from the periscope, "So, "she hissed, "the Purple Ranger isn't as indestructible as she makes herself seem. Porto!"

Porto waddled over to her, "Yes my queen?"


* * *

The dark-colored pair of Rangers arrived at the Power Chamber. The Purple Ranger pulled herself up, and balanced on her one good foot,

"Really, I'm fine!" She kept insisting, "I have Ranger healing remember? It's almost healed now."

"Nu-uh Purple Ranger, you're gonna have ta stay here a bit, "Alpha said, and gestured to a medical table.

"Aww, do I have to? You know Divacrap is going to launch her torpedoes, and the other Rangers will need my help!" Justin stood leaning against a console, desperately trying to smother his laughter.

The Purple Ranger shot him a Look, "Funny, Justin, very funny. Why don't I think the same?"

Justin was about to reply, but his words stuck in his throat as the Purple Ranger began to shimmer, then was teleported away, not by her own free will.

Justin dashed to where she had been a second before, "What happened Alpha? Where'd she go? Who teleported her?"

"Whoa, Justin, slow down, one at a time, "Alpha said, "She was teleported, but she didn't do it."

"Than who did?" Justin wondered, then his eyes widened, "Oh my God, Divatox got her."

Dimitria nodded to him, "Then you must gather the others and rescue her, for she could prove to be a valuable member of the team."

* * *

The Purple Ranger materialized on the Space Base, in a defensive stance.

"What do you want Divacrap?" she growled.

"Tsk tsk tsk, Purple Ranger, "Divatox purred, "that's no way to talk to your Queen."

"Queen?" the Purple Ranger spat, "I would never call you Queen. Drag queen maybe."

"You will call me Queen, don't worry." Divatox cackled, "With you on my side I will conquer the world!"

"I will never join your side," the Purple Ranger snarled, as she landed a perfect spin kick on Divatox.

"Purple Fire Saber!" She shouted, and the sword of purple fire appeared in her white-gloved hands. The Purple Ranger held her saber close to Divatox's throat, "Tell me how to get out of here, and she doesn't get hurt," she growled at Elgar and Rygog.

"Uhh, I dunno, "Elgar squeaked, "Rygog?"

"Uhh, only Divatox and Porto know that," Rygog, rasped.

"Then where is Porto?" the Purple Ranger asked.

"Right here!" exclaimed Porto's high pitched voice from behind her, as he hit her over the head with a frying pan.

The Purple Ranger fell unconscious, and her saber disappeared.

Divatox stood up and brushed herself off, "Good work Porto," she said, "you may kiss my hand."

Porto reached for her hand, but she quickly pulled it away, "Gotcha. Now, let's see who this Purple Punk is."

She reached down and undid the secret clasps.

"Ooh, what a wonderful girl for a Ranger! Excellent fighting skills that are enhanced! Nothing will stop me now! Viva le Diva!"

* * *

Justin met up with the others at the youth center.

"Hey, I needed your help a couple times. What kept you?" He demanded.

Cassie sighed, "Every time you called, Piranatrons showed up and attacked Ashley and I."

"Same with us," Carlos said through his thick accent, "T.J. and I would just get your message when we were surrounded."

Justin sighed, "Oh well, it's no use now."

"What?" his four older friends questioned.

Justin looked quizzical, "You mean, you don't know about her?"

"Who?" asked his friends the owls.

"The Purple Ranger. I just heard about her. Isn't she just awesome?" Kris Thomas said from behind them, "She is so cool, she's my role model! I want to be just like her!"

Justin put up with the pretty girl's gushing, because he secretly liked her, "Uh, yeah Kris, I was just about to tell my friends about her."

"Okay, "she grinned, and skipped off to another table where her friends were seated.

"Holy shit! That girl is obsessed!" T.J. whispered.

"Well, she's a three-time black belt in Tae Kwon Do, so I wouldn't want to say that to her face if I were you," Justin whispered back.

"Holy shit!" T.J. whistled softly.

"T.J., stop saying that," Ashley groaned.

"He's right, you know," Carlos mused, "a three-time black belt is a high rank."

* * *

After his encounter with Hypnocliosis, and the disappearance of the Purple Ranger, Justin was confused. She seemed to be on their side, but it was possible that Divatox was behind it all.

"Hey there! " called a voice that Justin just couldn't place, "Wait up!"

Kris popped up at his side, "Hi, um, I just wanted to apologize for acting so off-the-wall today. I think I was a little sugar-high." She grinned, then, she changed the subject entirely, "Who's your favorite Ranger?"

Justin was unable to answer that. His first urge was to say "The Blue Ranger", but he couldn't. Instead he said, "I don't know. I like 'em all."

"My favorite used to be blue, if you can't tell by my outfit, but now I'm going to get an entire purple wardrobe, to match with the Mysterious Purple Ranger. Isn't it exciting the way not even the Rangers know who she is?"

"Yeah... It is..."

Kris turned as red as the Red Rangers' uniform, "I'm doing it again! Man, I'm so sorry! You must think I'm a lunatic!!!"

She glanced at her wrist, as if she were looking for her watch, "Oops, must have left my watch at home. Do you know what time it is?"

Justin glanced at his watch, "Yeah, it's 3:30, why?"

Kris cringed, "I have to run top speed if I'm gonna make it home in time. Bye!!!"

She rushed off, leaving Justin alone in the park.

* * *

"Hiya Blue, whatcha up to?" Very few people would call him Blue when he was unmorphed, so he immediately knew who had spoken.

He swiftly turned around, "Purple Ranger!" he exclaimed when he saw the familiar purple-clad girl.

"The one and only!" She announced, "So, like I asked before, whatcha up to?"

"Nothin'. It's really quiet around here today."

"Are you tellin' me the truth Justin?"

"Yes. It's a boring, lazy day."

The Purple Ranger shrugged, "Today really isn't your day, is it?"

"Why do you say that?"

"'Cause it's the day you and your Turbo Turd friends are destroyed!!!"

She landed a perfect triple-spin kick on his chest. Justin stumbled back, and grabbed his key from his pocket. "Mountain Blaster, Turbo Power!"

Blue Ranger and Purple Ranger faced each other, both waiting for the other to make the first move.

"Si-kiyah!" she cried, and launched a series of punches at him. Justin blocked as best as he could, but still wound up falling from the strength of the blows.

He scrambled quickly to his feet, and surprised the Purple Ranger with a roundhouse kick that knocked her flat.

The Purple Ranger jumped to her feet, and turned to face Justin, "You're not bad. For a kid. See ya next time; when I mutilate you and your friends." She waved slightly, then teleported off.

* * *

"Dimitria, what's going on?" Justin asked as soon as he arrived at the Power Chamber, "Why did the Purple Ranger attack me?"

"It appears that Divatox has achieved her goal of controlling the Purple Ranger. We must somehow rid her of that power," Dimitria answered calmly.

"No shit, "Justin muttered, "that's the first thing that popped into my head."

"Yo yo yo, we needs the rest of the team. Where are they?" Alpha asked as the alarms suddenly screeched.

"I can't locate them on any of the scanners! Where could they be!?" Justin exclaimed.

"Hmm, maybe a different dimension," the all too familiar voice said from the panel on Justin's left.

"YOU!" he yelled. The Purple Ranger promptly tied him up with a length of rope, and shut Alpha down.

Dragging a chair from one of the back rooms of the Power Chamber into the main room, she lashed Justin to it. When she finished, she set to work at the computers.

"I'm gonna send you off to somewhere your Power Freaks can't find you, Dimitria!" She laughed hideously, seeming to sound almost exactly like Divatox.

"Purple Ranger, do you believe what you are attempting to do is wise?" Dimitria questioned.

The purple clad girl snorted, "Wise? Queen Divatox made it up, so it's gotta be wise!"

Justin laughed slightly, "Divabitch, wise? Hardly!"

"Oh really? Than how come her plan is working?" The Purple Ranger challenged.

Justin was miffed. How come her plan was working? "Maybe it's because she's finally got a good fighter on her side."

She shrugged, "Maybe, but it could also be because she is an evil genius."

The Purple Ranger went back to her work on the computers, thoughts racing through her head as she did so. _If I send Dimitria to another dimension, who'll I fight? Mortals? As if! I should probably keep the Rangers and their mentor around for a little longer._

With that decided, she closed the computer back up and walked into the center of the floor. "I have decided to let you live... For a little longer." She trust her fist into the air, and was teleported away.

"Oh man, why'd she have to tie me to a chair and shut Alpha down?" Justin complained, struggling in his bonds.

"Because Divatox ordered her to, and she had no choice." Dimitria sighed. "And the other Turbo Rangers are in a different dimension, so you MUST break free. For the sake of the world."

* * *

"WHY DIDN'T YOU DESTROY DIMITRIA AND THAT LITTLE POWER BRAT!?" was the first thing the Purple Ranger heard when she arrived on the Space Base.

"I am sorry my Queen, but I could not."


"If I did, who would I fight?"

"Nobody! You would be on eternal vacation!"

"I like fighting, and I would never stoop to fighting mortals."

"Argh!" Divatox cried, "I HATE teenagers!"

"Actually," the Purple Ranger replied, "I'm not a teenager. Remember?"

"Oh, yeah, right, whatever." Divatox said with the flip of her hand, "Go back to Earth, be your *real* self."

"As my Queen commands." The Purple Ranger teleported away.

* * *

"Shit!" Carlos swore. He peered out of the metal cage in which he was imprisoned, although he knew his eyes were unable to pierce the blackness.

"Carlos?" Cassie asked, from the cage next to Carlos.


"Why did the Purple Ranger do this to us?"

"I don't know. I think she did it to everybody but Justin."


"I have no idea." T.J. groaned from another cage.

"Me either." Ashley sighed in the cage by T.J.

"I think we'll find out soon enough." Carlos sighed.

* * *

Justin wriggled and squirmed, tried desperately to break loose. "Dimitria?"

"Yes, Justin?"

"See anything sharp that I could cut these ropes with?"

"The Purple Ranger was careless when she reset that panel. There is a rather sharp edge on it. If you could get to it your bonds would be severed." Justin inched the chair closer to the console, and in around five minutes, reached it. He rubbed the rope against the sharp edge, and it was instantly snapped in two. Justin shrugged the ropes off, and jumping to his feet, ran to Alpha and started him back up.

"Yo yo yo! Thanks Justin!" Alpha exclaimed, "That Purple Ranger really knows her computers!"

"Can you locate the other Rangers?" Justin asked.

"I can try! But didn't she say that theys was in a different dimension?" Alpha countered.

"Yeah, she did. Still, can you find them?"

"Here theys are! The Dimension of Darkness! Nasty place ya ask me!" Alpha cried.

"OK, Dimension of Darkness it is! Can I teleport there?"

"Yeah, but be CAREFUL!"

Justin chuckled, "Alpha, you're a robot. Robots don't worry!"

"Well I'm a sentimental robot!" Alpha called as Justin morphed and teleported.

"I care about yas Justin. Be safe."

* * *

A flash of blue temporarily lit up the Dimension of Darkness, allowing the Rangers to see each other clearly. "Turbo Headlights!" Justin shouted, his voice echoing. A pair of halogen headlights lit up, penetrating the think blanket of dark.

"Justin!" Shouted four familiar voices that sounded very relieved. He swung his head around, and Carlos covered his eyes, "Justin, turn off your brights!"

Justin toned his lights down, and ran to his friend, "Carlos?" he asked.


"Why didn't you guys freaking morph?!"

"That's a GOOD question!" Ashley commented.

"Sure is!" Cassie added.

"Yup." T.J. nodded.

"That IS a good question!"

"Carlos! We already said that! Stop making this fic author look bad!"

"Fic author?"

"Never mind!!!"

"I better get you guys outta there." Justin figured.

"No DUH!" Ashley yelled.


"Who said that?"

"It wasn't any of us!"

"It was me."

"Oh crap..."

Twin beams of bright light pierced the darkness.

"Hello Justin."

"Purple Ranger..."

A girls' giggle sounded, "That's me!"

"What is with you? You used to be so nice!"

"Me? Nice? As if!"

"You sure like that phrase." Ashley commented.

"Shut up, Yellow Ranger."

"Listen Purple Ranger!" Justin shouted, "I'm sick of you yanking my chain all the time! Fight me!"

"YOU want to fight ME?"


"Sure! LIGHTS!"

At her command, the lights burned into existence.

"Let's rumble!"

* * *

"Divatox!" Rygog rasped, "Sensors detect a disturbance in the Dimension of Darkness!"

"Really? Lemme see!" Divatox shouted. She ran to her periscope and stared into it for several minutes. "SHIT!"

"What is it, Divatox?"


"What's she doing?"

"She's fighting the Blue Ranger! Hey, she's winning! Woo hoo! Go Purple, go Purple, go, go, go Purple!"

* * *

The Purple Ranger knocked Justin flat with a quick kick in the shins. "Aww, this is such a Kodak moment!" she smiled.

"Yeah!" Justin sent a fierce two-foot kick to her abdomen, that sent her crashing into Carlos's cage.

Stunned, she lay on the ground, the swirls of white mist curling like cats tails around her.

"Now that that's taken care of, it's time to free you guys!" Justin ran to each cage, and unlocked them, still wondering why they didn't morph and break out.

Once out of the cages, they all glanced at the Purple Ranger's still form.

"I got her," Justin announced, and picked the unconscious girl up. Purple Ranger in tow, the Rangers teleported out of the murky Dimension of Darkness.

* * *

"Noooooo!" Divatox howled on the bridge of her Space Base, "You and your stupid ideas!" She yelled at Elgar, "YOU told me to let her fight that stupid Blue Ranger!"

"I did?" At the look on Divatox's face Elgar quickly changed his attitude,

"Yeah! All my idea!"


* * *

In the Power Chamber, the Purple Ranger was laid on a medical table, and Justin demorphed. "How is she?" He asked.

"Yo yo yo! I can't detect none of Divatox's evil in her system! I think she's back ta normal again!"

"Yep, I sure am!"

"You're awake?" Justin asked the purple-clad girl.

"Well duh! You think a kick like THAT could knock me out for long?"

They all laughed at that remark. "Well, no, but I kinda hoped it had."

She sat up and shook her head, "Men. You're all the same. Even the little ones."

Again they laughed, but this time Justin blushed redder than T.J.'s shirt. "Sorry, Blue. I guess I oughta tell you who I am now, huh?"

"We were kinda hoping you would."

Again she shook her head, and they could tell that she was smiling behind her helmet. "OK, gimme a sec." She jumped off the table and ran into one of the back rooms. They watched the passage intently.

"Looking for me?" That was the Purple Ranger's voice!

Five heads swiveled around sharply to look at the main computer console. "KRIS?!" Came an amazed chorus.

Kris laughed, "Yeah, it's me. And I'm fully in control of my self again!"

"Kris Thomas, Purple Ranger, would you join our team?" Dimitria asked.

"Of course!" The ecstatic girl cried. "This is AMAZING!"

"Purple Ranger, welcome to the team!" Justin grinned.

"This is where I belong," Kris beamed, "Among friends, where I don't get yelled at for doing absoloutly nothing!"

The team of six chuckled, and put out their hands.

"Come on Kris," Justin smiled.

She placed he hand on top of the pile, and they all grinned. "For old times sake."

They threw their arms in the air. "POWER RANGERS!"

The End

Author's note: I just wanted to say, that I am not really good at writing yet, and if you have some tips and pointers for me, please please please E-mail me! I love E-mail :)