Disclaimer: Saban own Power Rangers and Justin, all the new powers and rangers belong to me.

Power Rangers Strike : {1}
by: Lightie

[Opening Titles]

It had been a long time for the Power Rangers.
The Power Rangers had been fighting monsters for Centurys,
The Rangers were getting older and were not able to do as much fighting
as they could do before, so now they are going to give there Powers to
other people.
But something is going to happen.....


[End Opening Titles]

Episode Title: A New Power Of Rangers

Tommy was waiting in Angel Grove for his friends
Tommy: Where are they?
The other Rangers appear with some other People
Justin: Were here!
Tommy: Nice to see you Justin!
Justin: You should be glad Zordon put that strange spell on us or you
would of died over a 100 years ago.
Tommy: Yeah its great being 900 years old.
Kat: Well here are the new Rangers Tommy.
Kat shows Tommy the new Rangers
Tommy: You....4! Kat wheres the 5th?
Kat: Zordon never told you about this but he told everyone he would put
a spell on someone that would make that person the age they wanted to
stay at forever.
Tommy: And who's that?
Kat: Well we all decided...Justin should be the one.
Tommy: Oh, Well anyway you 4 shall take the power of Cyber.
Adam: Use it well and....
Adam falls dead
Justin: His spell has run out.
Tanya: NO!
Tanya dies
Kat: Au Revoir!
Kat dies
Tommy: Justin look after the Power Rangers forever!
Tommy dies
All the dead Rangers vanish
Justin turns back into an 11 year old
Justin: Well, Andrew, Sarah, Nick and Dax, lets Rock and Roll.
Andrew: Yeah!

Zordon talks to Alpha
Zordon: Alpha is anything Going on?
Alpha: A monster has just arrived in Angel Grove Park, and the Rangers
are there already....

The Rangers get into fighting postion
Justin: Lets do it guys!....CYBER!....CYBER POWER 1!
Andrew: CYBER!....CYBER POWER 2!
The Monster attacks
KICK: I will destroy you Rangers once and for all!
Justin: Oh yeah!
Andrew: Try this!
Andrew and Justin hit the Monster in the stomach
The Monster shots a ball of fire at the Rangers
Justin: AAAHHHH!
Sarah: Why you!
The Monster fires an even stronger ball of fire
The Rangers fall to the ground at the same time as there costumes vanish
Justin: What?
Kick: HAHAHAHAHA! You have just lost your powers...HAHAHAHAHA!
Justin: NO!
The Monster vanishes
Dax: Now what are we going to do?
An Alien appears
Alien: I XILA have new powers for you....but first you will have to come
to the Power Chamber.
The Rangers vanish

The Rangers appear
Justin: What do you mean?
XILA: I have a new Power that has taken me Centurys to build.
Sarah: What's this Power called?
XILA: The Power is called Strike.
Dax: Do you have this Power with you now?
XILA: Yes here.
XILA holds up a crystal
XILA: All of you put your hand on the crystal.
The Rangers one by one put there hand on the Crystal
The Rangers appear in new costumes
Justin: Way cool!
Zordon: Rangers I know that I have commanded you thorugh your adventures
but now it is time for me to live and let you fight battles with a
better leader than me.
Andrew: Who?
Zordon: XILA he is powerful enough to help you and command you.
XILA: Thank you Zordon.
Zordon: Well Rangers it's time for me to leave.
All: Bye Zordon!
Zordon vanishes
Alpha: Bye Rangers!
Alpha vanishes
All of the Rangers smile
Justin: Well....meet the new Power Rangers.
They all look at each other
All pause

[Closing Titles]

[Music: Power Rangers Strike!]


[End Closing Titles]