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Timeline: This fic takes place during the beginning of the Second season. Lord Zedd is in command of the lunar palace. Billy was able to fix the Dinozords and make the Thunderzords out of parts that they got from Eltar.

White Dimension
by Luellon

Jason Scott Lee performed a few spins and kicks. Beside him, Tommy Oliver was also doing the same kata.

Behind them Zack was teaching Billy Karate. "Okay, Billy. You almost got the move. Try again and this time be swifter." Billy did the kick again. "Good job, Billy my main brain!"

Jason and Tommy stopped and walked over to their table. They each took a sip of their drink. "Man, am I wiped!" Tommy said.

" I am feeling strenuous amounts of physical fatigue," Billy said joining them.

" What'd he say?" asked Zack.

"I don't speak technospeak," said Jason, then laughed," But from what I can tell, I'd say he's pooped." They all looked at Billy; he had sat down and had his head on the table.

"Hey," Kimberly Harte called as she and Trini Kwan strode in," we got all the outfits we'll need for the Youth Center's Demonstration Charity Drive."

"Yep," Trini agreed.

"Cool," said Zack,"Now you can demonstrate with style."

"Exactly," Kim replied.

"What happened to Billy?" Trini asked.

"He got tired from our workout," Zack explained,"So who do you think Billy's mysterious girlfriend is?" Jason and Tommy shrugged.

"It'll problaby be someone like Marge," Tommy guessed. Zack nodded.

"Maybe," said Trini,"but maybe not. We can't judge her through Billy."

"Who knows," Kimberly chimed,"maybe she's a model."

Zack began to stifle a laugh,"That'll be the day."

Jason said,"What are you two doing for the Drive?"

"I'm gonna do gymnastics. A floor routine."

"I don't know yet," said Trini.

"I'm sure you'll think of something," said Jason.

He hung up the phone and ran outside to his garage. Billy rushed up to his friends; he was grinning. "She just called! She's back from her trip!"

"Who?" Jason inquired, putting down a wrench on Billy's table in his garage.

"My girlfriend," Billy said happily, "she 's meeting us here."

"Oooh, yea," chirped Kim," can't wait to meet her!"

"So," said Zack with a mischievious grin,"who's your girl?"

They heard the roaring of an engine and saw a motorcycle come up Billy's driveway. The biker took off the helmet. Tumbles of wavy blond hair fell out. "Hi," she said. She gave Billy a hug.

That's Billy's girlfriend?! Zack thought incredulously. I was thinking of someone like Marge, not a biker babe!

"Uh......hi," Zack said slightly shocked,"I'm Zack."

"Hey, I'm Kimberly." She raised her eyebrows and sent Trini a look.




"I'm Emily," said the biker.

"So, how long have you two been going out?" asked Kimberly as she looked in the Billy's refrigerator for soda.

"Two months."

"He didn't tell us he had a girlfriend until two days ago," Trini pointed out.

"Well I hadn't told my friends until yesterday," Emily answered the unspoken question,"we wanted to make sure it would work out first."

"That's understandable," Trini said.

Emily asked,"Where are the glasses?"

"I don't know," Kim answered.

"Third cabnet to your right," Trini answered. Emily sent her a questioning look, "I work with Billy on science experiments."

"It must get hot," Emily said, opening the cabnet door.

Trini gasped, knowing what Emily must be thinking,"I am not interested in Billy!"

"Okay, okay, okay," said Emily, holding up her arms in surrender,"I believe you."

"She likes someone else," Kimberly chanted, putting cans of soda on the counter.

"I do not like Richie!"

"Sure," Kimberly said sarcastically.

Kimberly thought that Trini liked Richie, but Emily had seen the look on Trini's face when she had denied it. She was sincere, Emily realized.

Trini was pouring a Coke and was reaching for a glass when she slipped on her shoelace. Coke spilled all over Trini's yellow t-shirt. "Ahhhh!"

"Ohmigosh!" Kimberly exclaimed,"I'll get some paper towels!" She raced into the pantry.

"I have an extra shirt in my bookbag if you want to borrow it......" Emily offered as she unzipped her bookbag. She handed her a rainbow tye dyed shirt.

" Thanks," Trini said.


"i should change in the bathroom."

"Oh," Emily said smiling," Where is that?" They laughed as Trini lead the way.

Once Trini had changed and exited the restroom, Kimberly had come with the paper towels. She was cleaning up the mess on the kitchen counter. Trini put her shirt in the sink.

"Thanks, Kim. I can do that." Trini took a paper towel and began scrubbing the floor. Emily joined her.

"Hey, ladies!" Zack called as the guys walked in,"where are the drinks?"

"I made a mess," Trini answered, looking up.

"Well, its a nice mess," Jason said, smiling.

Trini looked at the floor. She felt her cheeks burn.

Emily's eyes twinkled as she mouthed," Which guy?"

Trini looked at Emily. She saw in her blue eyes the sparkle of a trusting soul. "Jason," she mouthed back. Emily nodded apparently approving her choice.

Once they cleaned up the mess and got their drinks, the seven friends cleaned and waxed Billy's car.

Lord Zedd looked down at earth through his visor beam,"So, the Rangers have a new friend. This could be useful."

"How, my Lord?" Goldar asked.

Zedd turned to his minion. "Because, you twit, we can steal the girl and trap her in my dark dimension and ransom her to the Rangers for the Power Coins!"

"A brilliant plan, my Master."

"Yes, Goldar. Such things you are incapable of."

"Yes, Lord Zedd."

"Send down the Putties!"

"Thanks for the help you guys. The car looks great," Billy said.

"No problem," was chorused back.

"Ahhhh!" Emily cried as gray creatures grabbed her. The Putties had come and found their prey.

"No!" Billy yelled. Billy and Jason ran toward them. Billy kicked three Putties out of his way. Jason knocked two to the ground with a spin-kick. Putties grabbed them and then vanished.

"Jason!" Trini cried in horror,"We have to get to the Command Center!"

"Alpha, this is Tommy. Come in," Tommy tried his communicator,"Zedd's got Billy, Jason and Emily."

"I read you, Tommy," said the robot,"teleporting, now."

"Let me go!" Emily yelled as the Putties put her, Jason, and Billy in an empty cell. One putty locked the door with a key.

Jason shouted,"Let us go, clayheads!" The putties ignored their captives' demands and continued to gurggle and guard the only way to escape.

"There has to be a way we can outsmart them," Billy mused.

"You have any ideas?" Emily asked.

"Not really."

"Me neither."

"Even if we could get out, twelve Putties?" Jason said counting how many guards were surrounding them.

"That's four putties each," Billy said," Jason, your the only black belt. I just earned my blue belt and Emily doesn't take martial art classes. The odds are not in our favor."

"I promise I'll take them with Billy if we ever get out of here," Emily said.

Four streaks of light materialized in the Command Center. Zordon said, his voice echoing,"I am aware of your plight, Rangers. Alpha has scanned the dimension. It is impenetrable. Teleportation is not possible out of the dimension, without being morphed."

"Zordon, isn't there another way in?" Tommy asked.

"No, Tommy," Zordon said.

"So we can get in, and Jason and Billy can escape, but Emily can't get out," Trini said.

"That is correct, Trini."

"Aw, Man! Jason and Billy won't morph in front of Emily. An' we can't leave her there," Zack summed up the situation.

The alarm sounded. "What's wrong, Zordon?" asked Trini.

"Scorpina has grown in downtown Angel Grove and some Putties are terrorizing citizens in Angel Grove Park. You must defend those people," Zordon instructed.

"Um.......what about Jason, Billy and Emily?" Kimberly asked worriedly.

"I'll go, Zordon," Tommy said.

"No, Tommy. We need the Dragonzord to hold off Scorpina."

"But I thought Tommy couldn't hold a Zord," Kimberly pointed out.

"I will empower him as I have done before," Zordon replied. Tommy stood before Zordon as the old sage zapped his own energy into the Green Coin.

"I'll go," Trini volunteered.

"Very well, Trini."

Alpha asked,"Trini, do you know of the El Projecto Blanco?"

"Yes. I saw it in the computer."

Then Alpha gave her a brown sack. "Take this." Trini nodded.

"It's Morphin' Time!" Tommy yelled.





The Power Rangers materialized in front of a screaming, panicked crowd. "People, stay back! We'll take care of this!" shouted the Pink Ranger. "Hiya!" Kimberly flipped over a putty and then leapt. She punched it in the chest. She saw the Black Ranger spin -kick a putty to the ground and then punch his adversary in the Z-spot. She saw the hordes of putties around and new this would be a hard, long fight. I hope that Tommy's doing okay, she thought as she kicked another enemy.

"Kiiyaa!" the Green Ranger yelled as he materialized on an old building. "Time for Dragonzord Power!" He played his flute and the Dragonzord awoke from its underwater base to answer the call to battle.

Scorpina shot a blast from her enlarged pincher at the zord. The Dragonzord staggered. Music came from the flute again. The zord responded immediately; it fired its missiles. Scorpina fell and rolled from the impact of the blast. Scorpina whipped her opponent with her tail. She slashed the zord three times with her sword. The Dragonzord fell to the concrete.

"My Lord, the Rangers are defeating the Putties!"

"No!" he slammed the railing of the balcony with his fist.

"Lord Zedd the Green Ranger is losing!"

"Yes!" Zedd exulted,"now the Rangers will be so busy helping Tommy that they won't have time to save their friends!" He gazed down on earth with his beam and watched the Rangers. "What? Where's the Yellow Ranger?" He gripped his staff. "Goldar, go to my dimension and guard our captives! Surely you can stop that wimpy and flimsy Yellow Ranger!"

"I will crush her!"

"Good! Now go!"

Trini emerged from the teleportation beam. According to the scanner, they should be a meter away. The Yellow Ranger walked silently as she melded with the shadows. She looked into a seperate room. She gulped. Goldar was standing there with twelve putty patrolers and behind them, were her friends. She would have to time this perfectly and then pray she would survive.

" Megazord Power Up!" Kimberly and Zack yelled in the cockpit.

The Megazord punched Scorpina away from the Dragonzord. "We need the Power Sword!" Zack yelled.

Kimberly looked at the tops of buildings, searching for Tommy. "Zordon, where's Tommy?"

"He is in the Dragonzord," came the reply from her communicator. She looked at the damaged zord lying helpless on the ground. Rage filled her. "Wait, Zack."

He turned his head. "What?"

"She's gonna pay for what she did to my boyfriend." Kimberly punched some controls and the Megazord sliced Scorpina's sword in half.

The Pink and Black Ranger yelled,"Power Sword, Power Up!" The sword glowed and slammed tremendous amounts of energy into Scorpina. She exploded.

"Tommy? Tommy? Are you alright?" Kimberly cried frantically trying to contact the Green Ranger.

She leapt from the haven of the shadows. Trini kicked Goldar in the side of his neck with her kick. He tumbled to the floor. She had only seconds. She rolled to the ground. She punched two putties and shouted," Emily, catch!" She threw the El Projecto Blanco.

Thank the gods, she caught it!

"What do I do with this thing?"

"Morph!" Trini cried as all her enemies surrounded her and started kicking and punching her.

"Morph?" Billy echoed. He looked at the morpher in Emily's hands. "I've never seen this coin before." Billy took out his Morpher. So did Jason.

"You guys are Rangers?"

"Yeah," Billy said," But one of the rules is to not tell anyone."

"Hold it up and call--"

Trini, gasping, cut Jason off,"Tigerzord!"




Goldar looked at the Rangers as Jason and Billy fired their Blade Blasters on the cell's bars. "A new Ranger?" He looked at Emily or Emily in the guise of the White Ranger. Her suit looked exactly like the other Rangers but the color part was white and the diamonds were gold. She also had a wide gold belt and a daggar in a sheath that hung from it. Her mask resembled the face of a gold tiger. The three Rangers flipped out of the cell.

"Trini!" Jason yelled. He punched the nearest putty to try to get to the woman he loved.

"Trini?!" Emily exclaimed, as she kicked a putty to the ground.

"Emily! Aim for the Z!" Billy shouted as he slashed one putty with his lance.

Emily kicked the Z-spot and saw the result. "Wow!"

The Putties began to leave Trini to attack the other Rangers. Jason ran to The Yellow Ranger. Then he saw it. A green piece of wax was stuck to the floor. He turned his Blaster into a blade and scraped it off the ground. He helped her up and put her arm around his shoulders to support her.

The putties had been extinguished and Goldar stood alone. "This isn't over!" He vanished.

In the Command Center the Rangers were waiting for their friends to arrive. Then four beams materialized into four Rangers. "Hey, guys," Kimberly said,"Emily?!"

"Whoa, what happened?" Tommy asked, sitting on a table he had been laying on.

Trini whispered to Jason,"Where did you get that?"

"I found it on the floor." Trini took the knife and the green wax over to the computer.

"How are Tommy's powers, Zordon?" Kimberly asked.

"They are very weak."

"No," Trini said,"Tommy, hold out your Power Coin."

Trini turned and held the piece of wax. The wax began to glow. Then green energy zapped itself back into the coin. When the transfer was done, the wax disintegrated.

"Wait a minute," Zack said,"that's part of the Green Candle. Its supposed to take away Tommy's powers. So why did it give them back?"

Trini explained,"When Tommy was losing his powers to the spell on the candle, the power had to be stored somewhere when it was being taken away from the coin. It was stored in the candle. When Zedd took away Rita's powers the effect of the spell broke and the green power just stayed there waiting for the coin to absorb it."

"Affirmative, Trini. Tommy's powers are back to normal," Alpha said happily as he scanned the Green Ranger.

"Thanks, Trini," Tommy said.

"Don't thank me, Jason's the one who found it."

"Thanks, Jason."

"No problem, bro."

"The only way to get Emily out of the dimension was to have her morphed. Alpha and I made the white coin and Tigerzord for a White Ranger. Apparently, Emily is an excellent candidate for that position. Does anyone disagree?" Zordon veiwed the group. " Emily Larson, you are the White Ranger, weilder of the fierce and protective White Tiger Thunderzord and your enchanted saber, Saba."

"Welcome to the team," Kimberly said.

"Thanks," Emily replied.

Tommy and Jason bowed as they finished their kata. The crowd applauded. They walked backstage to find Zack and Billy heading toward the curtain. "Good luck," Jason called.

"Thanks," they replied.

Ernie announced,"And the next demonstration is from Zack and Billy doing Hip Hop Kido, a mixture of dance steps and Karate. Zack teaches it." The curtain opened. Zack and Billy performed their fast moves flawlessly as they showed off Hip Hop Kido. They bowed.

"Next is Kimberly Harte with a gymnastics routine. She teaches dancing and gymnastics at the gym." Kimberly triple- flipped and performed breathtaking moves. The crowd cheered as she bowed.

Backstage, Trini entered. She wore a bright yellow silk chinese Kung Fu outfit. Her long black hair was pulled back into a braid wth yellow ribbon threaded through it. Wow, Jason thought, raising his eyebrows,She looks beautiful.

"I love your outfit," Kimberly screeched, interrupting Jason's thoughts.


"You look great," Jason said. The others nodded in agreement. Trini beamed.

"And the last performance is by Trini Kwan, who teaches Kung Fu."

She embodied simple elegance and a feline's grace and speed as she performed the lithe movements of Kung Fu. Then as the music got faster, she twirled and landed on her feet. She bowed. The crowd roared their approval. She went backstage. The friends high-fived as they congratulated eachother. Tommy, Zack and Billy put on their shoes.

Emily rushed backstage,"Okay, you guys need to clear out."

Jason sat on the bench and began to put on his socks,"Be out in a minute."

"Okay," was chorused in reply.

Trini sat down also and put on her batallic yellow shoes,"Jason, I need to tell you something."

He finished tying his shoe. "Okay, go ahead."

"I love you. I have ever since I met you. I don't like Richie as Kimberly thinks."

"I wish you had told me sooner," he said standing up.

"Why?" she said and also stood up.

"Because then I would have done this." He held her and kissed her. She looped her arms around his neck and kissed back. Complete elation flooded through Trini as the kiss lasted for two minutes.

"Hey, Jason, Trini come on!" Zack shouted from outside. Reluctantly, they seperated.

"We should go kill him," Trini joked.

"Yep." He smiled. They walked out the door, hand in hand.

Ernie was behind a table taking names of those signing up for any of the classes.

"I am Jason Lee!" Bulk shouted in his white gi.

"I am Tommy Oliver!" Skull said. 

"We will teach you," he said pointing at the crowd," real martial arts!"

"Yeah, real martial arts!" Skull repeated.

The Rangers stood together not far away. "Wait," Trini said," I have an idea."

Trini walked over to the table. She called over to the imposters,"Hey, why don't you show us your moves?"

"Oh, you don't believe us, do you?" Bulk said.

"No," Trini said sweetly,"I don't."

"Ooooh," Kimberly said," how does she do that?"

"Do what?" Emily asked.

"Look so sweet and innocent when she's being so naughty."

Jason laughed," I never thought I'd see the day."

Bulk and Skull did some kicks and bumped into eachother and fell. Trini laughed. "That's Bulk and Skull," she told the crowd and pointed to the right persons,"There are Tommy and Jason." The crowd went over to them and dicussions about classes began.