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United by Will
by Luellon and Omi

"Gasket. Archerina. I summon you to my ship at once," Astronema ordered from a holographic transmission.

On Aquitar, the message appeared. "Hydro Hog, report to the Dark Fortress."

* * *
Delphine pressed a few buttons on the control panel of the spaceship, Space Wave. The tiny ship soared through space with great ease. Delphine looked out the viewscreen, staring at the stars that illuminated the blackness from millions of miles away.

She sighed, and glanced at her fellow Rangers. Her soilders. Her friends. They'd been there for her more times than she could count. She looked on as Cestro, the Blue Aquitian Ranger, added components to the sensors to improve their accuracy. Corcus was busy piloting the ship. The Black Aquitian Ranger pressed the buttons, entering a course into the computer. The Yellow Aquitian Ranger, Tideus, was sitting at his desk scanning the their surroundings. Aurico stood next to Delphine. She looked at the reckless Red Aquitian Ranger couriosly. "What is the matter, Aurico?"

"I thought that this planet Earth would lack a sufficient water supply. It appears as if much of the planet's surface is water." Aurico went to sit down near Corcus to assist him in mapping their voyage.

"I am scanning the planet for an atiquate landing location. I have found one on an island, near a place called Angel Grove. There are trees on the island to sheild our presence from Astronema," Cestro announced.

"Good. Set in a course, Corcus."

"Yes, Delphine."

The ship shook violently as a blast struck it. "Cestro, stablilize the ship!"

The Blue Aquitian Ranger glanced at the readings on his viewpad. He read the damage report. The ship shook again as several other blasts pounded against it. Corcus was thrown forward ,knocking himself on to the control panel. A shock erupted from it and he flew back and lay still. Aurico tumbled to the floor, and got up once the shaking had subsided. "There is considerable damage to the bridge and the engine."

Delphine rushed over to Corcus. "Corcus!" She glanced over to her right as a blast from the enemy made a panel explode. She covered her eyes from the bright light. Tideus screamed and fell to the floor. Aurico ran toward the weapons station and tried firing at their enemy. "Delphine, our weapons are offline!"

Delphine punched the sheild controls with anger. "The sheilds are not opperational."

Cestro felt his head. He'd been thrown a couple of feet from his station by the blast. He was bleeding and noticed he hit his head on the panel above him. Cestro felt dizzy and slightly lightheaded as he attempted to stand up. He grabbed the side of the panel for balance. "Delphine, we........must........land."

"The autopilot is not responding. I am going to land us manually," Delphine said, as she wiped sweat and blood off her face.

* * *
"This attack is going perfectly. Soon the Aquitian Rangers will be dead, both planets will be helpless and then we can conquer Earth and Aquitar," Astronema said, staring at her viewscreen, watching as her Quantrons in their Velicofighters, decimated the ship. The Queen of Evil pressed the button to communicate with one of her warriors. "Darkonda, you will attack them now."

"Yes, Queen Astronema!"

"I still don't think it was wise to send him, my Queen," Ecliptor said.

"He will do as I command or he will die," Astronema glared at him with determination flashing in her eyes.

"As you wish, Astronema." Ecliptor bowed his head with respect.

"Ecliptor, send an army of Quantrons to Aquitar. I want to start the attack now. If the Rangers do escape, they'll be too late to save their precious planet."

"Yes, Astronema."

* * *
Delphine began driving the ship toward the place that Corcus had entered. And now Corcus is dead. She felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see Aurico. He had a bruise on his forehead, but Delphine couldn't see any other sign of injury. "This isn't your fault, Delphine. Never blame yourself for this."

She smiled wanly. "I will.......try not to, Aurico." The White Aquitian Ranger turned around and called to Cestro. "Cestro? Can you hear me? Are you injured?"

(Delphine, I am injured severely. I may not survive.)

She was surprised to hear him through telepathy. Aquitians only use it when necessary. "You must hold on, Cestro."

"Oh, three of you are still alive?" Darkonda appeared on the brigde and took his sword out of his scabbard. 'Well, I'll just have to change that." Faster than a flash of light, Darkonda struck Delphine, slicing her stomach. She fell backward, crying out in pain.

"Delphine!" Aurico yelled and launched himself at the monster. He fell back with a thud.

Delphine clutching her stomach, slowly got to her feet. She looked at her dead comrade. "Aurico!" Her heart ached for her dead friends.

She glanced at her wound. It was too wide. If she leapt, it would tear her skin.

(Delphine, I will not last much longer. You must take our Power Coins and get them to others who are worthy of the power. Do not try to save me. It will do no good. I will die. You will live and protect others. Always think of the defenseless.)

She felt through the link that he was dead. "I.......promise." She felt the pang in her heart; the pang that throbbed instead of tears.

She couldn't leap. She couldn't fight. I will break the custom of our people for all of you, my brave soldiers. For you, I will use our mental weapon. Delphine focused all of her thoughts, all of her emotion. The power flowed through her veins and she felt it merge together. With the power of an exploding star, she blasted the energy at Darkonda.

Darkonda vanished.

* * *
"Why wasn't the ship destroyed?" Astronema demanded as Darkonda walked through the door.

"There's only one of them left alive. She used a powerful mental blast against me. I've never encountered it before."

"So, Darkonda," said Ecliptor, secretly enjoying the failure of his personal enemy. "you have failed."

'I did kill four of them. That's more than I can say for you, Ecliptor."

"Be quiet, both of you." Astronema hefted her Wrath Staff. "We'll follow the ship down to Earth and destroy it there."

"And then?" Darkonda asked.

"And then, we will kill the last Ranger."

* * *
Delphine felt a void in her soul. Her friends were dead. She'd failed them as their leader and as their friend. But she would do their last request. She would pass on the power.

She walked over to each of her friends and took their Power Coins. She went to the control panel and drove the ship to the island.

* * *
Darkonda stared at the White Aquitian Ranger as she exited the ship, yearning to stain his sword with her blood. He couldn't wait for the danger of the fight and the sweet victorious, powerful feeling that comes with killing. He relished the power of the adrenlaline rush of battle. Killing wasn't an action, but an art.

Darkonda looked at Ecliptor, who was hiding behind a bush, well camoflouged. He hated Ecliptor. The hatred was mutual, but their Queen's wishes came before personal vendetta. Most of the time, he reminded himself.

* * *
Ecliptor watched Darkonda carefully and waited patiently for the Queen's orders.

Ecliptor hated working with Darkonda, but Astronema always came first no matter what. She would always come first. Darkonda had better not mess this up. He's an assaisin, not a warrior. He doesn't have a Warrior's Code. I wonder what he'll do. He saw Darkonda leap at the Ranger. The rackish fool!

* * *
"You killed Aurico!" Delphine kicked her attacker in the face. I have to focus one more time. I have to teleport to the nearest body of water. She rolled near a tree. Her white energy flowed and she vanished.
* * *
" I am sooo excited!" Kimberly Hart exclaimed cheerfully. She scanned the deserted beach.

" This is gonna be awesome!" Zack Taylor shouted as they boarded the boat.

" I am regretting letting you verbally persist that I acompany you on this endeavor," Billy Cranston said looking at the water, eyeing the fish as if they were paracites.

Trini patted his shoulder. " Billy, the fish won't hurt you."

" Maybe. Maybe not," he made a face at the fish," One can never be too careful."

Trini laughed. " Okay, Billy. Okay."

The five friends got in the boat. Jason Lee started the engine and suddenly the ship was tearing the surface of the water. They traveled for an hour. " Stop the boat!" Trini yelled.

Jason stopped the engine immediately. " What is it?"

" Look in the water!" Trini called. She pointed to a white and blue glow near the boat. The others crowded behind her.

In the white and blue swirl, Trini saw a hand. She jumped and dived into the water. " Trini!" She heard Jason yell. Trini ignored her friends' shouts and grabbed the hand. She pulled the person to the ladder of the boat. She felt a jolt of movement from the hand and saw the leg move. The stranger got out of her trance and held on the ladder. "Are you alright?" Trini asked.

" Yes. Why did you jump in the water?" The stranger looked human except for the gold and purple thing that was attached to her head and her long dark blond hair came out of it at the top.

"I thought you were drowning."

"I cannot drown, but I thank you for your concern."

"Oh, okay. Are you hurt?"

"I believe so."

"Hey, let me help you, Mam," Jason said as he and Kimberly pulled her out of the water. Zack helped Trini up the ladder.

"Like what kind of costume do you have on?" Kimberly asked as she and Zack placed the stranger on one of the white cushioned benches. Delphine clutched her stomach with her hand.

"My name is Delphine. I am from Aquitar."

"You mean from an underwater city?" Jason asked.

"No. Another planet."

"Woah!" Zack said,"We're talking to a real alien!"

"How can we be certain of her verity?" Billy said.

"What'd he say?" Kim said.

"How can we tell what she's saying is true? is what he said." Trini translated. "We need to help her. She's injured."

"I'll go get the first aid kit," Jason opened the compartment under the steering wheel and took it out. "I hope this helps. It's all we have." He took out the bandages and wrapped them around the cut on her stomach.

"if you could inform us of your constant physiological homeostasis, then we might be able to attempt to assist you further."

"Our physiology is very similar," whispered Delphine. She winced in pain and passed out.

"Oh, no!" cried Zack. "We gotta do somethin'!"

"We need to find her ship. It might help us to find out how to heal her," Trini said.

"It could be anywhere," Kimberly said, as she turned and stared at the lake.

"Someone should bide here until we can find the spacecraft," Billy said.

"Yea, Billy." Trini said. "Someone needs to stay here to protect her. Jason I think you should stay. You have the most experience with boats. You'd know what to do if someone attacks you."

Jason nodded, accepting the position. "First, let me drop you guys off at the shore. I'll stay here with Delphine, just incase." Jason drove the boat to the nearest island.

"Okay, everyone, ready?" Trini asked, glancing at all her friends's faces. Kimberly was blting her lip and looked scared. Jason intensely gazed outward on the deserted isle. Zack's eyes twinkled with couriosity and Billy looked nervous and excited. The search would begin.

* * *
Jason watched his friends set out to find the ship. He wished he were with them, but he knew that Trini was right. He had the most experience with boats; he was the best choice to stay behind.

Still, he couldn't help worrying about his friends' wellbeing. Especially one friend, whom he had fell in love with the moment he'd met her. Kimberly Ann Hart.

"Be safe, Kim."

Then Jason heard the ladder flap against the side of the boat. He turned and saw men in metal armor getting on the boat. "Oh, man." He got into a fighting stance and kicked the closest enemy. "Hiii---yahh!"

* * *
"Anyone have a plan?" Kimberly asked nervously as she and her friends hid behind a cluster of trees.

"Wow, there's an army I wouldn't want to fight. Look how many there are of them!" Zack whispered back. "And no I ain't got a plan."

Billy and Trini shook their heads.

"I was afraid of that," Kimberly pouted.

"That ship is shaped like a dome," Trini said.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Zack said.

"If we can get them chase us around the perimeter, they will be significantly far from us, at various intervals," Billy answered.

"How are we going to get them to chase us?"

"Trini, we don't want them to chase us. We want to stay alive," Zack said.

"We need at least one person to distract them. Billy has to go into the ship; he's the most experieced with machines," Trini said. "Kim, Zack you two start running. Do what you can and go back to the boat. Billy get into that ship and Do Not come out, no matter what you hear from outside. I'll cover you."

"But, Trini---" Kim said.

"Kim, if you don't want to do this, go back to the boat."

Kimberly looked at the hordes of soilders and the two monster looking guys. Then she looked back at Trini. "So, what are we waiting for?"

* * *
Jason was being quickly overhelmed. Soon they held him still. Two of them picked up the unconscious alien. They shackeled him and Delphine; they went toward the ilse.

Jason's feet touched the hot, grainy sand. He felt lost. Defeated. He was worried about Delphine; she still wasn't conscious. He didn't know where his friends were or if they were still alive.

Then Jason saw a flash of gold come toward them.

* * *
Trini leapt at the nearest enemy. She easily threw him to the ground, using his own force against him. She twirled and kicked another soilder. She caught the enemy's sword as it fell from his fingers. She lashed at them the best she could. "Billy, get into that ship!"

Billy ran dogdeing blows and even kicked one of his enemies away. He entered the ship, ran down the corridor and stared in horror. A machine as tall as a six foot human was standing in front of the controls. He was neon green outlined by a sliver metal. "I'm Gasket, little human. You won't get this ship. Queen Astronema will own it."

Billy swallowed and tried vigorously to come up with a plan.

* * *
Kim and Zack screamed at ran around the ship. Kimberly's decibles were hurting the cog's ears. They held their heads and stopped following them. "Man, Kim, could you scream any louder?" Zack yelled, not penetrating her decibles.

"AHHHHHHH!" Kim stood there and screamed.

Zack grabbed her shoulders and shook her. "Kim, they're not following us anymore!"

She stopped screaming. "Oh."

Then they turned to go into the forest. Kimberly started screaming again.

"Hey, can't that girl stop yelling? I'm just gonna drain all the life out of her," Hydro Hog said.

"So, Zack is it? Let's see which one of us is the better warrior?" Ecliptor challenged.

* * *
The gold flash glowed brighter and a man dressed in black and gold spandex stood in front of them. "It's time for a gold rush!" The staff began to glow and gold energy bursts blasted out of it. Five of the quantrons were down.

A white blast hit the Gold Ranger. He collapsed.

"No!" Jason yelled.

Darkonda came out of the shadows and took the Gold Staff. The warrior was still dressed in the same colors, but his face and arms were visible. Quantrons picked him up and carried him as they continued toward their destination.

* * *
Billy ducked. The sword had almost sliced his head off. "You're a mechanic monstrosity."

"You're a weakling. Come on, boy. Can't you fight?"

Billy stared at him silently.

"Oh, you must be the brain of the group. Oh, well. It's a shame you can't fight." Gasket lunged his sword at Billy.

Billy grabbed the cut wire behind him. He tossed it at Gasket. The tip of the wire hit the Machine Prince. Billy turned on the machine and electricity flowed through the wire and struck Gasket.

Gasket shook violently from the high voltage. Soon he collapsed.

"To be a fighter, you don't need to have muscles. Brains is all that's required."

He ran to the back of the ship.

* * *
Zack jumped over Ecliptor. He backflipped three times and stood in a fighting stance. "Come on, Grid Man!"

Ecliptor swung his sword.

Zack jumped out of the way.

Ecliptor's sword was stuck in a tree trunk.

Zack ran.

* * *
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAA!!!!!" Kimberly screamed.

"Oh, would you stop screaming you little squirt?" Hydro Hog mocked.

"Squirt? Squirt? I hate being called that!" Kimberly yelled, a few decilbes lower than she had been before. "People used to always make fun of me for being short! They always used to call me that!"

Kimberly flipped and kicked Hydro Hog. A blue light eminated from him. She ripped herself from his energy. She gasped and panted. As he etched toward her, she turned and ran.

Kimberly stopped at a yellow puddle. She grabbed a vine and swung herself across it. "Please let that be what I think it is."

"Huh? You think yo can get away from me?" Hydro Hog grabbed a vine and pushed off. The vine snapped because of his weight. The villian fell into the quicksand. "Hey! I'm sinking!"

Kimberly looked away not wanting to watch him die. She waited a few minutes to make sure he would stay down there. Then she went back across and ran toward the ship.

* * *
"Jason?" Delphine whispered.

"I'm here, Delphine. So's Trey."

"Trey, why are you here?"

"I heard that you were coming here and I heard of Astronema's plans. I came to warn you, but apparently I was too late."

"Thank you, anyway."

"We're in a holding cell on your ship, Delphine. Astronema's henchmen got it to function," Trey said.

Just then they heard a door open.

Trini leapt through the door as the Queen of Evil followed her. The Wrath Staff and Trini's sword clashed as their fight continued with ferocity.

Jason stared. Trini was bruised and she had some dried blood on her arm.

Trey gazed at her with awe. "Is she a Ranger?"

Delphine sat up and leaned against the wall. "No, but she could be."

Trey looked at her quizzically.

Delpine pulled out the five Power Coins.

* * *
Trini knew she would lose soon. She saw Jason and Delphine in the cell. Releif washed over her. And whomever the stranger was, she'd have to thank him for trying to help them. That is, if he had tried to aid them.
* * *
Delphine took her Power Coin and gave it to Trey. "Throw this to her."

"But, this is your power."

"Give it to her. I can't have it anymore."

"Yes, Delphine." He couldn't refuse the request to pass on the power. That was, afterall, ultimately what all Rangers needed to do. "Trini, by all your gods, please catch this!" He threw the coin. She leapt and caught it.

"What do I do with this?"

"It will adapt to your physiology. Then you will know which spirit to call," Delphine said.

After a few minutes, the coin began to glow. Streams of energy surrounded her like a spotlight. The energy shone on her fingertips. The energy moved up her arms and legs, revealing white spandex. The suit looked exactly like the one Delphine had worn, but Delphine could tell that something was different.

Billy, Kim, and Zack burst through the door. They stared at Trini.

"Call on the spirit that has chosen you," Delphine said.

"Saber Tooth Tiger!" Trini cried. The white light shone and she was ready to fight. Trini took out the Katana that was strapped in a scabbard on her back.

"Quantrons, get in here!" Astronema yelled.

"Take the coin that glows," Delphine said to Jason. He took the red one. The red power engulfed him. "Tyrannosaurus!"

Trey threw the rest of them to the others.

Blue light covered Billy. "Triceratops!"

"Pteradactyl!" Kimberly was bathed in yellow power.

The black power claimed Zack. "Mastodon!"

Darkonda ran into the room. "My Queen!" He fell to the floor as Zack tripped him. "Ooof!" The Golden Staff fell to the floor. Billy picked it up.

"We'll be back, Rangers!" Astronema vowed. She and her army disappeared.

* * *
"I'm Trey, the Gold Ranger, from Triforia." Trey leaned against the wall holding his staff to his side. Delphine was sitting on a bench they had made for her out of some metal.

"You now have the powers, my comrades and I had. We had different spirits," Delphine said. "Your spirits are from the Earth. It is connected to your world, until you pass on the power."

"Delphine, Jason told me this power was yours. I can't take this from you."

"I do not want it, Trini. It is yours now."


"Your now......well, Alien Rangers, I guess. You must keep your identities secret and only fight when you have to."

"Trini, you are the leader. Your power is the White Saber Tooth Tiger, fearless and agile."

"Jason, you're the second in command. Your power is the Red Tyrannosaurus, strong and powerful."

"Zack, you are the voice of caution. Your power is the Black Mastodon, clever and brave."

"Kimberly, you're the spirit of adventure. Your power is the Yellow Pteradactyl, graceful and strong."

"Billy, your the mechanic. Your power is Blue Triceratops, patient and wise."

"This is amazing!" Trini said and smiled at Trey.

"Wow!" Jason said.

"Um.....guys? I need to really work on my martial arts and find a way to keep my hair looking good after fights!" Kimberly said.

Everyone laughed. Delphine and Trey looked at each other and shrugged.