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Eyes of the Feline
by Luellon

Trini sat on her bed in her apartment in Geneva. She was beginning to read a tainted yellow Houston, Texas newspaper. On the front page was a large picture of a woman in a black ninja outfit. She looked at the picture of the Defender fondly. She began to read the headline:

Mysterious Woman Saves City From A Massacre by: Linda Cung

On Friday night the dangerous gang, Soulless Assassins, were planning on massacring two million people with a deadly gas. Their plan would have succeeded if this hooded woman hadn't shown up. She called herself the Defender. Lieutenant Josh Wallas, who had gone undercover as a gang member, witnessed the Defender fight the gang's leader, Victoria Soulless. He said, " She ( the Defender) came out of nowhere and caught a knife that would have killed the another undercover agent. Then she fought all the gang members with so much speed in her moves, I was astonished. She and Victoria fought a long and hard battle until the Defender flipped over her and sliced the machine with her sword. "

It was reported once the Defender destroyed the machine, Victoria Soulless escaped on a helicopter and was never apprehended by the police. The undercover agent whose life was saved by the Defender, is asking officials to donate a day in her honor. The City Council has decided to make tomorrow, Sunday, March, 21,1967 an official holiday to remember the Defender. This holiday will only be celebrated in Houston. The identity of the Defender is not yet known.

She stopped reading as someone knocked at her door. " Come in."

Zack Taylor entered her room. " You packed?"

Trini replied," Yeah, except for this newspaper." She glanced at five suitcases leaned against the wall. She folded the newspaper back up, and placed it gently in one of her bags. Once they got their bags in the taxi, they were driven to the airport. They checked their luggage; they boarded the plane twenty minutes later. Trini and Zack walked down the terminal in Angel Grove Airport and went to greet some old friends.

" I can't believe you're here!!!" Kimberly exclaimed. After a round of hugs, they walked toward the baggage claim," I am soo happy I get to come live in Angel Grove, instead of Paris! "

Trini laughed," Are the Pan Globals over?"

" Yep. I won the Gold!"

Zack said, " We watched Kimberly. You were awesome!!"

"Thanks. Oh I got the congrats cards. They're all in a box."

" Great," Jason replied, " How was the flight?"

Zack answered, " Long and boring."

" Trini, he just called you boring," Jason teased.

She smiled," I probably was to him. I was reading the whole flight."

" I can't even begin to pronounce what the title was," Zack said.

Jason laughed, " So, Trini what were you reading?"

" Um...," Trini thought," let me think of a simple word for it. " She thought for a minute. " Software."

"Adam! Tanya!" Kimberly screamed excitedly. She ran to them and gave them each a hug.

" Zack." He shook Tanya's hand.

" So how was Switzerland?" Adam asked.

Trini replied," Fine."

" It was totally jammin' !" Zack exclaimed. As Zack rattled on about his wonderful experiences, Trini's mind drifted to the task ahead of her. She fell back a few steps behind her friends.If only they knew the danger. They seem so free of worries like there's not a care in the world. I wish I could tell them. I can't. She'd kill them.

She joined the others at the baggage claim. Once Zack had dropped his luggage off at his house, and Trini had asked them to drop her off at an apartment complex, they parked the car in the Juice Center parking lot.

" Why do you need an apartment, Trini?" Adam inquired.

" My parents passed away six months ago. I have no place to stay."

Tanya interjected, " Oh, yes you do. My house. Kim's already moved in. You're coming too."

" Um, I wouldn't want to -"

" Yes, Trini, you are coming. Even if I have to drag you!" Kimberly interrupted, " you shouldn't have to get an apartment if I don't!"

" Okay, okay. I'll come. I'll come." She held her hands up in a gesture of surrender. Am I putting them in danger by staying here? Will she find us? Sabrina said it was safe....

" Good. We'll drop your stuff off when we go home," Tanya said.

Trini replied," Cool." They entered and all seven of them sat at a table.

" Where are the rest of the Turbo Rangers?" Zack asked.

" Oh, well, Tommy went to North Carolina and Kat went to England. Kat's going to a ballet academy, and Tommy is training to become a professional racer. Justin moved with his dad to Vermont," Adam answered.

" Only Adam, Alex, Rocky and I are left," Tanya said fearfully.

" Who's Alex?" Jason asked.

" She's the Purple Zeo Ranger," Trini explained.

" Wow! A Purple Ranger!" exclaimed Kimberly.

" She's really cool," Tanya said.

Zack asked," Trini, how'd you meet her?"

" I left the Conference for awhile remember?"

" Oh, yeah."

" What do you think we should do?" Jason asked the Turbo Rangers.

Adam answered," Dimitria says that we had to find new rangers. We were kind of hoping you guys would do it."

" Hi, guys! Am I late?" asked a petite young woman jogging toward their table, her long wavy black hair flying behind her. Adam's eyes lite up when he spotted his girlfriend.

" Hey, Alex!" Adam called. She sat in a chair beside him. " You're just in time."

"Hey, Trini. Hey, Billy. Hi, people I don't know," Alex said in a rush.

Jason laughed, " Jason."

" Zack."

" Kimberly."

" There's nothing we can do for now, so let's wait until Divatox makes her move," Jason suggested. Everyone nodded in agreement.

Later that afternoon, the Power Girls went to the basketball court in the park. Dribbling the ball, Tanya declared," Alex, you have to sleep over. Kim and Trini are because they both have no place to stay."

" Okay, a Girls' Night! Cool! " Alex cried," Wait. How many rooms do you have Tanya?"


" One for you, Kim and your parents, right?" Alex asked as Tanya nodded. " Where are you going to put Trini?"

" I was going to sleep on the couch."

" Tanya, I am not kicking you out of your bedroom!" Trini declared.

" Trini, will stay at my house, but tonight we sleepover Tanya's. That okay?" Alex suggested.

Tanya agreed, " Yeah. And we're only a few blocks away."

" Okay, thanks Alex. Thanks for offering Tanya," Trini said.

" Cool," Kimberly added, " Now let's play." Tanya passed the ball to Kimberly; she jumped and threw the sphere into the hoop. Alex and Trini exchanged looks as they ran to get the rebound.

Later that evening, Trini and Mr. Cranston were pulling out boxes from the attic. " I can't believe you have so many sentimental possessions!" Mr. Cranston said.

Trini replied," Well, my parents really kept a lot of stuff, especially my mom. Thanks Mr. Cranston."

" Anytime, Trini." Trini brought her things over to Alex's and went over to Tanya's house.

" Ok, I admit Zack is really cute, are you happy now?" Tanya said blushing.

Kimberly giggled, " Yep."

Alex declared, " Personally, I like Adam better."

" You would. He's your boyfriend!" Tanya exclaimed and tossed some pop corn in her direction.

" What about you, Trini?" Alex inquired. She ducked avoiding the throwing food.

" Uhhhh-" Her cheeks started to turn pink.

" Come on Trini," Kimberly pleaded, " You all know my boyfriend Trey. You know I'm crazy about him."

" Billy."

Kimberly shrieked," You two were made for eachother!"

" Apparently he doesn't think so," Trini replied her voice full of melancholy.

" What do you mean?" Kimberly asked.

" We had a relationship when I came back from Geneva. We broke up."

" Oh. And you still like him as a boyfriend?" Tanya said.

" I always have," Trini confessed.

" Uh- Oh. So what are you going to do?" Alex queried.

" I can't force him to feel that way. I can't do a thing."

" But-" Alex began to protest.

" No, Alex. Don't you even think about 'steering him in the right direction', " Trini said with an authoritative tone. Alex was surprised at Trini's tone. It made Alex almost feel fear.

" Ok, I won't."

" You guys want a snack?" Tanya asked her guests.

" Yeah!" Kimberly exclaimed.

Before Tanya even got up, something smashed into the window farthest from them. They ducked and covered their heads to protect themselves from the shards of glass. Trini yelled," Alex put a shield around us!" Alex cleared her mind and a telekinetic shield covered all four of them for a few seconds until the glass subsided. The glass covered the floor around the room. Tanya noticed a shard an inch from her finger. They glanced at eachother for a minute in silence and fear. Alex breathed heavily.

" Look!" Kimberly cried pointing to the long metal object that had broken the window.

" Alex," Trini said," can you lift the metal?"

" I can try." She cleared her mind and the metal began to float toward them.

" What's happening?" Kimberly said.

Tanya answered," Alex is telekinetic." The sword landed in-between Trini and Alex. " Alex!"

" I'm okay, Tanya. Just have to clear my head."

Trini stared at the alien sword as if she were mesmerized. After a few moments of silence, Trini said as calmly as she could trying not to make the worry she felt, evident in her voice, " This sword is not a human's."

Kimberly asked, " Is it Goldar's?"

" No," Trini stared at the base of the sword. She could barely breath, " It's Victoria's."

" Who?" Tanya asked. Trini looked up abruptly. She looked over at the window.

" Victoria Soulless. A killer," her voice was tense, " We're leaving." Everyone got up and followed her downstairs. They stopped running when they saw a tall woman with long blond hair and brown eyes holding a sword to Mr. and Mrs. Sloan.

" So nice of you to come and join us," Victoria said. The blade was inches away from their throats. As an instinctive reflex, Trini jumped off the railing, kicked middle of the blade, and punched her in the jaw.

" Get them out of here!" Trini yelled. Tanya and Kimberly flipped over the railing, landed and grabbed the adults; they ran out the door.

" Stealing what you love most is the best revenge!" Victoria taunted. Alex hurled objects at Victoria with telekinesis. Their enemy backed away as the objects hit her. As Victoria began to glow brown, Trini grabbed Alex's wrist and they ran toward the window . They covered their faces with their arms as they jumped through the glass. Trini grabbed her friend roughly and dragged her toward the road as the house behind them exploded. Smoke filled their lungs before they collapsed.

Alex woke up. Two men in white coats held her flailing arms. " It's okay, Alex. You're at Angel Grove Memorial. I'm Doctor Robon."

Alex moaned. Then she saw Adam standing at the door. She pointed to him, since an air purifier was in her mouth. " He can't come in right now-" Alex started to flail her arms again. " Alright. You can come in, but only to calm her down."

Adam walked in, knowing well what was on her mind. " Everyone's fine, Alex. You've been out for a day. Trini collapsed too. They let her go a few minutes ago."

The other doctor announced," Her brain readings are abnormal." Trini came in the room and stood next to Dr. Robon. Alex had a panicked expression on her face.

" Dr. Robon, may I speak to Alex privately for a minute?" Trini asked sweetly.

" Sure." The doctors talked in the hallway. Alex's mouth was empty of the purifier so she could communicate.

" Not again! What am I going to do?" Alex blurted.

" Alex, you're telekinetic!" Trini said.

" How will that get me out of this?"

Adam asked," How is that going to help?"

Trini explained her plan," Alex can control the buttons on the machine with her mind. They'll be no fingerprints that way. I'll distract the doctors."

" I' ve never done that, but I guess we don't have much of a choice. Two visits and I have abnormal mind readings, people will get nosy." Alex said.

Adam shook his head reluctantly agreeing, " Alex, I'll be here if anything goes wrong." She smiled at him. She cleared her mind once again, and concentrated on the buttons Trini had told her to push.

Out in the hallway, Trini kept talking to the doctors about terrible health care. The next day Alex went home.

In the Power Chamber, all eight rangers were talking about the occurence at Tanya's house. " I can't believe I don't have a house!"

" It could be worse, Tanya," Trini said.

" How?"

" Your parents could be dead."

" Oh. Yeah, you're right. Sorry. I guess I'm just scared."

" Man! Why'd she attack Tanya's place anyway?!" Zack exclaimed angrily.

Trini felt a pang of guilt erupt from inside. You can't tell them! They would get involved and she would kill them! For the sake of their lives you can't tell them!

Alex added, " And until the Sloans' find another place, Tanya, her parents, Trini, and Kim are all moving to my place. My dad said yes." They agreed.

The following evening, Adam and Alex sparred in the Youth Center while Trini practiced on her own. Ernie came up to them. " I gotta go down town to get some supplies. Can you guys lock the place up when you leave?"

" Sure, Ernie," Adam said.

" Thanks." He walked out the door.

" It was nice of him to let us stay this late," Trini said.

" Yeah, Ernie is really generous--" Alex began. She stopped talking abruptly and stared at a tall woman standing near her wearing a green bikini. " Who are you?"

" I am Dulcea." Adam whirled around. " I helped the Rangers earn the Ninjetti powers awhile ago. The three of you must come with me and learn of your innate gifts and your potential of becomming a full Ninjetti Warrior."

" Innate as in born with?" Trini asked.

" Yes. They have remained dormant because you must find your own way to connect with your innermost selves. Then you can become a full Ninja."

Trini said, " Since we never knew it was there in the first place, we couldn't connect with it." Dulcea nodded.

" I'm telekinetic and telepathic," Alex said. Dulcea looked surprised.

" You have connected with both of your abilities, but you must train as a Ninja. I will teleport us to Phaedos."

On Phaedos, they walked into the ruins of the Ninjetti Temple. " Why tell us all this now? Why didn't you tell us earlier?" Adam asked.

" Adam, there is a time and place for everything." She put her hand on Trini's shoulder. " You must go to the Morphing Grid and meet an old friend of yours." She looked up at the sky." Where is Billy?"

" Aquitar, why?" Alex asked.

" I am picking up strong evil energy readings from that planet. We must go there. Billy also has an unknown talent. We must go. It will take us a day to get there," Dulcea replied as they teleported to Aquitar. Dulcea teleported Trini to the Grid.

Trini landed in a lush fertile valley surrounded by mountains. She was beginning to wish Dulcea hadn't sent her here. She was alone. The beauty of the land took her despondent thought away.

" Beautiful," Trini gasped. Suddenly, without warning five Chinese stars flew through the air and landed inches from her feet. She scanned the mountains with her eyes searching for the attacker.

Then someone leapt from the shadows of a mountainside. She landed a few feet to the left of the teenager. She wore a ninja outfit, and a belt of Chinese stars. A sword was strapped on her back and she held a delicately carved bo.

" How did you get here?"

" Dulcea of Phaedos teleported me. I used to be a Power Ranger. I'm here to save the spirit and claim the Shih power."

" The spirits said someone would come. I was not expecting you."

Trini stared incredulously. She was speechless. Her stomach twisted in knots and her eyes were brimmimng with tears. The Defender stood in front of her. Her mother stood in front of her. Her mother who was supposed to be dead. She waited to see if the Defender would say anything. When she didn't, Trini decided to keep her mouth shut.

" I am called the Defender. Come." Trini followed her to the tallest mountain. They were teleported to the highest cliff of the mountain.

" Do you know who I am?"

Trini turned to her mother. " Yes."

Mrs. Kwan asked, " How did you find out?"

" Dad told me. He made me promise not to tell anyone."

" Actually, when I fought the gang your father had no idea it was me until he found the costume in a box."

Trini smiled. " How did you get here?"

" After we died, the Saber- tooth - tiger teleported us here. Our bodies were healed. He said we would live forever if we stayed in the Grid or if another power source called us out of the Grid for a short period of time."

" Why?"

Mrs. Kwan laughed," Fifteen years ago, I was working on an beam for rays when something hit the machine and the rays shot into outer space. That night the Saber-tooth-tiger Dino spirit came to me. He told me about the Grid and that I had saved his life. He was weakening from an energy fluctuation; the rays had absorbed into him and balanced the fluctuation. He told me to teach you all I knew about fighting and knowledge. I did. And then years later you earned his spirit."

Trini smiled at the irony,“ Oh. Where’s Dad?”

“ He’s out there somewhere.” She said pointing to the misty void.

“Why is Dad here,too?”

Mrs. Kwan chortled,” He’s the one who bumped into the machine.”

Trini laughed, " He always bumped into things!" They laughed for a minute; she looked at her daughter with loving eyes. They embraced; both of them were crying.

“ You be careful, Trini.”

“ I will, Mom. Thanks.”

" Oh, Trini."

" Yes?"

“ Here. Use this to contact me through the Morphin energy.” She gave her daughter a gold necklace with a small translucent crystal dangling from it. Trini clasped it around her neck; she kissed her mom on the cheek.

She turned and leapt off the cliff into the mysteriously foreboding mists below her.

She saw an ancient marble altar in a clearing. She went up to the altar as a panther appeared on top of it. It turned its head to face her. " You are the one?" It shook its head. " Yes, I see me through your eyes. You are the chosen Shih warrior." The panther engulfed her.

" Trini....." a distant voice called. " Trini answer me."

" Huh?" Trini blinked. " Mom?"

" Hi," she smiled. " You past out."

" The last thing a remember was leaping off the cliff."

" You never leapt off a cliff. You past out after I gave you the necklace."

" But I saw a panther......"

" You made the connection. You possess the spirit of the Panther."

" Trini, I'm going to send you to Aquitar. Dulcea just sent me a telepathic message. She wants you to meet them there. I can land you in the same place they do."

" Thanks, Mom. Let's go."

They landed in a main pod filled with computers and about ten Aquitans. Alex recognized Delphine's voice as she yelled out orders.

" Alex, what are you doing here?" Billy asked. Alex spotted the others hiding in a dark enterway. She heard Dulcea's voice in her head. I am picking up the evil energy from Cestria. Trini will land behind her.

" I have a message for Cestria."

" What is it?" Cestria asked.

" Some old friends are dying to see you."

" Oh, who?" Trini carressed the crystal around her neck as she thought, Mother...

" She's behind you."

Trini launched a kick at Cestria; the Aquitan flew across the room. " Enough games, Victoria. You killed my parents and you stole my boyfriend. You're right ' stealing the things you love the most is the best revenge.' Well here's my revenge......" Cestria's eyes widened in surprise.

" You can't kill me, Trini. You know that."

" I don't have to kill you." Trini pointed behind Victoria. " She can."

Shimmering light revealed the Defender. " Funny, I remember telling you I'd haunt you after death!" Cestria glowed and Victoria's true form emerged.

" How are you standing here if you're dead?" Victoria sneered.

" Easy. You killed me and I was granted eternal life by the Morphing Grid. I'm the Guardian of Shih. I should thank you, really. Now that we can both live forever, I'll be around to stop every plan you make!" Victoria screamed in rage. She attacked the mother and daughter with two swords.

Alex shouted," She's the one who attacked Tanya's house!"

" Alex, get Artemis! Adam hold Billy still! " Dulcea shouted as she ran toward him. Adam ran after her, and grabbed Billy. Dulcea grabbed Billy's head with her hands and started to fight the spell over him with her magic.

" How do I get Artemis from a different planet?"

" You must connect!" Dulcea yelled.

Alex closed her eyes. She saw an owl fly above her. The owl landed on her shoulder. " You are the telekinetic? You are the master of motion? Yes you are. I see me in you." The owl engulfed her.

" Now what?" Alex called.

" Look in your mind. 'Pull' Artemis to Aquitar!" Alex did that and a second later she heard the screech of her Zord. It landed in the hallow other side of the room. " Adam get Billy in Artemis and wait for Alex, then take off! Alex pull Artemis to Phaedos!" Adam dragged his uncouncious friend as they ran in the door of the Zord and it disappeared.

Trini blocked several punches and flipped away from her enemy. Then both the Defender, and Trini flipped forward and kicked Victoria on the head as she smashed against the wall. " This is your only chance to leave in one piece. I suggest you take it," the Defender said.

" This isn't over!" Victoria yelled as she disappeared. The Defender explained everything to Delphine; Trini, Dulcea and her mother went to Phaedos.

" Now all of you must begin to train to become Ninjetti Warriors," Dulcea announced, " Then Trini you must go back to the Morphing Grid and get special training to become Shih Master."

" Then what about this Victoria person? Why did she pose as Cestria?" Billy asked.

Mrs. Kwan informed, " In order to hurt Trini. There was never a real Cestria. Victoria put a spell on everyone else to think she was real. When Dulcea broke the spell on you, everyone else was freed aswell."

" Oh."

Dulcea continued, "You must connect with your spirits, Billy and Adam. Trini your spirit will come after you complete your Shih training."

" Adam connected on the way here, in Artemis," Alex said.

Billy closed his eyes and focused on the spirit. A wolf looked at him from a cliff. Billy stood a few feet away. " You are the chosen master of intelligence? Yes. I see me in you."

" Billy, you must awaken," Dulcea said. Billy's eyes opened. He got up.

" Wait, I don't understand. If you have to know Ninjetti to become a Shih Master Warrior, then how did you learn Ninjetti?" Trini asked her mom.

" Great-Great Grandpa Chang got training from Dulcea in the Temple of Guan Yin. He then was trained to become a Shih Master Warrior. He was the first to stop Victoria in our family. The skills have been passed down in our bloodline ever since."

" Doesn't that mean that Trini knows it then?" Adam asked.

" Yes, but she has never taken the quest."

" The one to the Monolith?" Billy asked.

Dulcea answered, " No, Billy. You shall recieve the Ninja Power. The Great Power you do not need to become a Ninjetti Master Warrior. The Great Power is what you recieved at the Monolith and the Ninja Power is what you got here, at the Temple." She took the powder in her hands and blew it upon the fire. The fire blazed and the power swirled around them. The Ninja suits appeared. " Adam, your Totem is the Frog, quick and protective."

" Alex, your animal spirit is the Owl, courageous and wise."

" Billy, your sacred animal is the Wolf, cunning and swift."

" Trini, you shall earn the Ninjetti spirit of the Panther during your quest. If you succeed in becoming a Shih Master Warrior, then the Ninja Panther will upgrade to the Shih Panther. Trini, you must connect with your spirit, but I must tell you, after you receive the Ninjetti, you will not be able to use its power in the Nemesis Grid."

The Defender said, " Victoria is the Master of the Nemesis Grid. In order to enter the Nemesis Grid you must tell Victoria, ' I challenge the Nemesis Grid.' In the Temple of Nemesis, Trini must push her into the the Fire of Death, the only thing in the universe capable of destroying Victoria."

" You must begin your quests. Everyone must go alone."

She waved her hand and suddenly they dissappeared.

"OOOF!" Alex declared as she landed in a meadow. She brushed off her jeans as she got up. Alex looked around causiously as she stared into the night. Two full moons hung in the sky, casting their silver glow. Alex looked around and knew she was alone. Fear crept inside her, as she heard a loud screech from the sky.

She looked up and saw a great horned owl land with grace on a branch. Alex stared at the owl's large golden brown eyes, it's white and brown feathers, and sharp, deadly talons.

Without warning the bird took off, screeching and beckoned Alex to follow. Alex ran in the owl's shadow.

Billy walked through the forest. He tripped on a root and tumbled. I am such a clutz, he thought miserably. He got up and wiped the dirt off him. Billy picked some leaves out of his dark blond hair.

He froze. Billy heard a low growl. He turned and a wolf stood a few feet away. His teeth were bared. His gray hair were standing on end, and his claws were sharp. Billy didn't breathe. The wolf's yellow eyes penetrated Billy, as those eyes penetrated the darkness of night. Billy stood as still as a statue and let the wolf inspect him with every enhanced sense the animal possessed.

Billy heard several yelps and barks near by. He saw the pack approach. Tweleve wolves, with their fangs bared and mind set on one goal, the hunt.

Adam cursed as he walked through the swamp. The mucky water was up to his knees. Why couldn't Dulcea or the Defender say I was going to need water proof clothes? Adam trudged on until he found land. Near the shore, he saw a green frog. Adam felt the blush of embarrassment burn his face. Of all the animals to get stuck with! A frog! "You don't even look intimidating," he complained to the frog. The frog hopped into the water.

She had been the original Yellow Ranger, fought all the monsters, faced the fear of losing a friend, and celebrated all the victories, but being on a journey , scared her. She had no powers, just herself. Her friends couldn't come with her. She was the chosen leader of the spirits and she would have to prove her worth to them.

Trini walked in the forest. She could feel the humidity in the air and fanned herself with her shirt in the hot night.

She walked tentatively, studying each shadow, each branch, each flicker of light sent adrenaline pumping throughout her body. She felt a pang of terror as she realized she was a helpless human in the world of the wild. She could barely see and her sense of smell was not as strong as the predators that dwelled there.

She looked into the bushes. She walked closer and knelt on her knees. She saw two brown circles with a black dot in the middle of each circle.

She held her breathe as she realized she was looking into the eyes of a panther. Six feet long, weighing up to a hundred pounds, the female panther could tear her apart with its sharp, retrackable claws, long teeth, and the five thousand muscle groups in her body. Trini knew she was staring at the personification of the perfect hunter and weilder of accurate aim and lightning fast reflexes. Trini stared with fear into the eyes of the feline.

To Be Continued