If I Die
by: Luellon

Trini took a deep breath. She stood on an ancient, yet sturdy brick wall. She saw at the far end of the building, a wide oval shaped hole. There was a iron board across the hole. Fire burned from the oval gap in the floor. The fire of Death, the only substance in all the universe that can kill Victoria. Mom said that others have tried to kill her and they never made it out of here alive. I hope I will. If I don't, then at least she'll die with me.

" Are you ready to die?" Victoria asked. Trini looked down and saw her opponent.

" Are you?"

" You know, I'm feeling generous today. I'll give you five seconds to leave."

She's scared! " If you're afraid to fight me, Victoria, just say so."

" No, that's not it at all. This won't be fair. I've been here millions of times, you haven't."

" You have limited power here, Victoria. Since when are you concerned with fairness."

" Have it your way, Yellow Ranger."

" That name only gives me pride, Victoria. It doesn't hurt me that I don't have the power anymore. When I had it, I defended."

" Too bad. Where are you going to find the will to fight? Anger is the best source."

Trini narrowed her eyes and clenched her teeth. " My spirit."

Trini leapt off the wall; she rolled in the air and landed on her feet. She held her sword in front of her. Trini grasped the hilt tightly. Victoria swung her sword, Trini blocked it with her blade. " Hiyaa!" The battle had begun.

Trini ducked and slashed her sword. Victoria blocked her move. Trini blocked Victoria's kick. Victoria's blows were becoming forceful. Trini kept backing up. Trini hit a wall. She was cornered. She leapt over Victoria and Victoria spun around, blocking Trini's sword. Their swords clashed as they moved to the middle of the building. Victoria's sword slashed at Trini's feet. Trini jumped, avoiding the blow.

Victoria charged up her sword with her powers, and slashed Trini's blade. Trini looked at her hilt and her blade on the floor, disintegrating. Trini threw the hilt down and ran. She ran up a wall and leapt, kicking Victoria in the neck. The sword flew out of Victoria's hands. Trini ran to get the weapon. Energy shot out of Victoria's hands and disintegrated the weapon.

Trini turned to face her foe. " You think you can handle hand to hand combat?"

Victoria growled. A sword appeared in her hand. " I cheat just for you."

Trini's eyes narrowed dangerously. She's using up her power. A few more shots and she'll be powerless. Your Anger will be my best source for your downfall. " Is that the best you can do?"

Trini back flipped away from the wall. She took a Kung Fu stance. She dragged one of her feet in back of her other leg and jumped high. She stood on Victoria's arms. She slid a foot underneath an arm and back flipped, sending Victoria to the ground. Victoria got up instantly and slashed Trini's arm. Trini landed hard on her feet; She felt a sharp pain. My foot's broken!

" How do you like that?" Trini felt blood pouring out of the gash. She grasped the wound with her hand. Trini rolled. She got up, placing all her weight on one leg. Victoria shot at her with her powers. Trini jumped out of the way. Trini clenched her teeth, trying to dull the pain. Trini ran up the wall, the best she could.

With all the will power she could summon, Trini fought the pain ib her arm and leg. She swung up her arms and leapt off the wall. She knocked Victoria onto the iron board. She punched her enemy.

Victoria threw Trini further up the board. The board shook as Trini crashed. Trini felt blood drip from her forehead. She couldn't move her left arm; it had cracked. It's fractured! Trini breathed in rhythmically to control the anguish.

Victoria hovered over her beaten enemy. Trini swung her bleeding arm at Victoria's sword. The sword fell into the fire. Trini's lungs choked on smoke. She felt her mind drifting to unconsciousness. She willed herself to stay awake.

Victoria picked up Trini. She laughed victoriously. " The first thing I'm going to do when I get out of here is kill Billy. Then I'll go to your mother and father. Then I'll destroy the Morphing Grid and leave your friends and your planet helpless!" She threw Trini into the fire.

Trini grabbed a metal bar sticking out of the iron bridge. She swung her fractured arm around the bar. Victoria's laugh rang in her ears. She was weak. Nearly close to death. How could she beat her? Then she thought of Billy and how much she loved him. She thought of her parents, Alex, Adam, Zordon, Alpha and all the rest of the Rangers. She couldn't let them down.

Summoning the last ounce of her strength, Trini pushed off her bleeding arm and flung herself toward Victoria. " There's a flaw in your plan Victoria! I'm not dead yet!"

With her good leg she kicked Victoria's head. Her nemesis fell into the fire. Trini plummeted downward. She bounced off the iron board and rolled off the other side. Her heart was barely beating. I give my life for others and those who have died. She felt the torrid heat of the fire and thought of all those dear to her, as she fell to her death.