The Purple Power Series
Book Three: The Leopard's Roar
By Luellon

Adam Park looked across the table. She had her head bent over, reading an English book, so she didn't know he was staring. Her long blond hair danced on the page as she read and swayed her head to the radio's music.

"I think it's this oneee," Karla sang to the rhythm of the music as she pointed to the answer in the book. He nodded as she hummed to the tune. Once the song was over, she turned off the radio.

He teased, "Keep your day job."

She laughed knowing that she couldn't sing very well. "Okay, I'll keep my day job."

"Good." They laughed.

"You seem to understand English pretty well," Karla began, "so why did you ask me to help you?"

"I just wanted to make sure."


"Wanna go get something to eat at the Juice Bar?"


They walked over to the Bar and ordered two juices from Ernie the owner.

"So, how are you guys?" Ernie asked them as he handed them their drinks.

"Fine," Adam replied as he handed Ernie a ten.

"Adam, I can pay--"

"My treat."

She sighed, "I pay next time."


Rocky walked over to them. "Hey, look at Kimberly and Aisha." They turned and glanced at the entrance. Kimberly Hart and Aisha Campbell heaved a multitude of shopping bags with them as they sat down at a table.

"What'd they do, buy out the mall?" Adam joked. Tons of shopping bags surrounded their table. Aisha pushed a long black braid over her shoulder as she and Kim began to talk.

"They go shopping together everyday. How do they get all that money?" Rocky thought aloud.

Karla flinched. Ever since Aisha had earned Trini's power, Karla had found herself trying in vain to get to know Aisha better. She hung out with Kimberly all the time. Karla knew and liked Kimberly; they'd met in eighth grade. Aisha had just transferred from Stone Canyon a few months back, so she didn't know the perky teenager as well. Adam she'd liked the minute she'd laid eyes on him. Rocky got to know everyone; he was such a friendly, funny guy.

Adam looked back at Karla. He placed a hand on her shoulder. "You okay?"

She glanced at him, startled. "Yeah."

Billy Cranston and Tommy Oliver walked in next. "Hello," said Billy.

"Hi," everyone replied.

"How's studying?" Tommy asked Karla.

Karla didn't answer him, instead she was looking at the floor. Adam answered, "We're fine."

"She okay?" Tommy mouthed. Adam shrugged.

"Hi, Tommy!" Kimberly cried as she kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey." He smiled and joined the two girls at their table.

"Hey, Karla, want to go take a walk?" Adam asked.


"I said, do you want to go take a walk?"

"Oh, sure. Bye, guys."

"Bye," Billy and Rocky replied.

* * *

At the park, Adam and Karla strolled along the sidewalk. They kept walking in silence. "What is it with you lately?" Adam asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I know there's something going on between you and Aisha. You never hang out together."

"I don't hang out with Kim that often, either."

"Yeah, but you talk to Kim more than Aisha."

"I don't know her very well. She always hangs out with Kimberly, and she never talks to me either, except in battle."

"Why don't you talk to her?"

"Why are you acting like it's all my fault?" Karla queried.

"I'm not. I just want to know why you don't communicate with that girl."

"We don't have that much in common, Adam. What would we talk about?"



"Hey, it can do wonders for you!"

Karla laughed at his joke. "Okay, okay. I'll talk to her somehow."


* * *

Trini Kwan placed the last wire into the scanner and closed the hatch. "All done, Zordon."

"Thank you, Trini," Zordon replied.

"You're welcome." She patted Alpha lightly on his shoulder as he slept. A white streak teleported her to the parking lot of the Juice Bar. Arms wrapped around her waist from behind her and the person kissed her on the cheek. "Hi, Billy."

"Hey," he murmured into her ear.

"What's up?"

"Karla was acting strange today."

"How come?"

"I'm not certain. Adam took her for a walk."

"Those two need to wake up and smell the coffee."


"Billy, don't you notice how often he stares at her?"

"Ahh, I see."

"Maybe we could double date if those two wake up?"

"I think that is a great idea." Trini turned around, his arms still wrapped around her, and kissed him lightly on the lips.

* * *

Rito Revolto spied on Karla and Adam through the Ritaloscope. "Oooh, oooh!! Guess what?"

"What?" Rita screeched.

"Karla and Aisha are having trouble getting along. Karla said that she and Aisha aren't close enough to become good friends."

"Excellent!" Lord Zedd replied, "we'll send down a monster to capture Karla and Aisha. They'll be so busy not getting along, that they won't be able to escape!"

"That's a wonderful plan!" Rita cried.

"What monsters will we use?" Goldar asked.

"Goldar, Rito, go with a batch of Tengas to capture Karla and Aisha."

"Right!" Rito cried as he bumped into Goldar.

"Goldar moaned, "Why me?"

* * *

"Huh?" Adam asked, "what's that noise?"

"It sounds like birds squeaking."

"No, not just any birds, we're Tengas!" one of the large birds cried.

"Tenga? What's a Tenga?" Karla asked.

"Whatever they are, they don't look like friends of ours!" Adam answered.

"It's Morphing Time!" Karla cried.



The Purple and Black Rangers fought the monsters.

"We need back up!" Adam yelled as he was thrown to the ground.

"Guys, we need you at the park now!" Karla shouted into her communicator.

"What are these guys?" Rocky asked as he punched one away from him.

"Tengas!" Adam replied.

Karla and her teammates were fighting hard, but she could tell that they needed a plan. "Retreat!" Karla ordered. They teleported to the Command Center. "Zordon, what's going on?"

"These Tengas are tough," Tommy added.

"Rito Revolto, Rita's brother, gave the Tengas to his sister as a wedding present," Zordon explained as the sirens began to wail. "Rito and four other monsters have grown; they are trampling Angel Grove."

"Back to action!" Karla cried as they teleported to the city. "We need Thunderzord Power, now!" The Zords came as they were called into battle. "Form the Phoenix Ultrazord! Tommy get the Tiger into Battle Mode!"

The monsters blasted at them from all sides. They fell to the ground, again and again as their adversaries kept firing. "The power in all the Zords are overloading!" Trini yelled through her communicator, "The consuls are smoking and I mean literally!"

"Rangers, retreat!" Karla yelled, but the Tigerzord lounged toward Rito instead.

"Karla we can't just quit!" Tommy yelled.

"We can't sit here like sitting ducks, either!"

"I'm teleporting all of you out!" Trini shouted; the Rangers landed on the ground as their Zords exploded.

"We've lost our powers," Billy explained bitterly.

Karla glared at Tommy angrily. "Next time I give you an order, follow it. If you don't agree then we can talk about it in the Command Center." She turned. "Let's go."

Tommy stood silently. Billy informed, "The teleporters don't work."

"Then we'll use the Rag Bug."

"Okay, let's go to my house," Billy said.

"What's the Rag Bug?" Rocky asked.

"A teleporting car," Kimberly answered.

"Whoa! This thing is fast!" Adam exclaimed as the car teleported them to their base. They opened the door to the Command Center. Trini hugged Billy tightly for a few seconds.

"We don't have any more power. The controls were destroyed, but we managed to save enough energy to teleport you once. Alpha says there is another power called Ninjetti. It's hidden in a temple in the Desert of Despair," Trini informed them. Everyone was silent. "Alpha says that the power is like Dino."

"You can't wield it," Billy finished for her. Trini nodded.

"Where is Zordon?" Aisha asked.

"Without power, he's in another dimension. We don't know where. We'll fix the computers while you guys are gone," Trini said.

"Alright, guys. Let's go get Ninjetti," Karla said. Alpha and Trini pushed a few buttons and the Rangers were gone.

* * *

They looked around cautiously studying the sand dunes and rocky cliffs surrounding them. "This place looks creepy," Kimberly said.

"I heard that," Aisha responded.

"Hmm, that way," Billy announced looking at the map Alpha had given him. He pointed to a large rock yards away. "We have to pass that."

"Ohh, I am so hot," Kimberly complained as she leaned against the rock wiping sweat from her forehead.

"Where to Billy?" Karla asked. Suddenly flames burst from the ground.

"Ahhhhh!" Kimberly screamed.

"Jump!" Karla ordered. Everyone jumped except Adam and Billy. "Billy, Adam come on!"

Billy jumped, as the map fell from his hands, into the flames. Adam jumped after him. Mysteriously the flames vanished.

"Man, that was weird," Kimberly gasped.

"Yeah," Tommy agreed.

"The map's gone," Billy said despondently.

"Aw, man! Now what?" Rocky exclaimed.

"Ahhh!!! Help!!!" Aisha yelled. They turned to see her sinking in quick sand. Karla didn't hesitate, she grabbed her friend's hand and pulled. The others joined her.

"One, two, three, pull!" Karla ordered as all six of them pulled her out.

"Whoa! That was close!" Aisha exclaimed. She looked at Karla, "Thanks."

"No problem." Aisha hugged Kimberly.

"Okay, guys. Let's keep moving," Karla said so the morale of the team wouldn't lessen.

"Guys come here, quick!" Adam yelled. They ran over to him. "Look." Bones were scattered around the desert terrain. Some were still intact.

"Euww, gross!" Kimberly exclaimed.

"Nasty," Rocky agreed.

"Billy, what did the map say?" Karla asked.

"I remember there being a graveyard. This must be it."

"Ok, go in slowly. Separate into groups. We'll cover more ground." They glanced around warily and went separate directions.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Tommy yelled.

"Help!" Kimberly screamed. The skeletons ran after them roaring angrily. Karla gaped as she saw the skeleton creatures running on four legs pursuing her friends.

"Come on," she told Adam. They ran toward their friends.

"How do we get them?" Aisha asked worriedly.

"Everyone remember Biology class?"

"Karla, what does Biology have to do with this?" Rocky queried.

"Bones. That's what these creeps are made of. Pick a spot and rip it off!"

Karla grabbed a leg; she clung to it tightly. "Kim, Tommy stop running!" The monsters soon slowed; their prey had stopped running. "You guys really need to learn to be more hospitable." She yanked the leg off as Adam tore the other one off. The monster crumbled to the sand. Aisha, Billy and Rocky did the same to the other one. A blue armored man appeared out of nowhere and placed the blade of his sword to the neck of Karla.

"You are intruding. Leave while you still live."

"We can't," Karla answered bravely.

"Why not?" an unfamiliar voice asked. Then the person stepped out of the shadows. She was tall and wearing a green bikini. "I am Dulcea, this is Ninjor." She pointed to the blue armored man.

Billy informed, "Zordon, is stuck in a dimension somewhere. We need power to find him and stop Lord Zedd and Rita from taking over."

Dulcea's eyes glowed green. "Yes, I sense residual morphing energy from them. They are the Power Rangers." She glanced at Karla, "You were the Purple Ranger?"


"You are the leader?"


Dulcea thought for a moment, "Come. We will take you to the Temple of Ninjetti."

Ninjor put his sword back in its sheath and they walked well into the night.

"How much farther, Dulcea?" Aisha asked.

"Not much."

They found a cliff intricately designed by mother nature. Ninjor pulled back a rock and entered an underground cave. Dulcea and the others followed.

"A dead end!?" Tommy declared impatiently.

"Not everything is as it seems," Dulcea advised. She walked through the wall. Ninjor followed her. With a shrug, Karla went in next followed by her teammates.

"Look, trees," Aisha said.

"A definite change in the environment," Billy stated.

"Such a beautiful waterfall," Karla said.

"Yeah," Adam agreed.

"This way, Rangers," Dulcea said. She led them to steps that led to a wide wooden door. "This is the Ninjetti Temple."

They entered the dark chambers. Ninjor held up a box with ancient engravings all over it. "Here are the Ninja Coins." He opened the box revealing six coins with animals engraved on them.

"There are only six coins and seven of us," Adam said.

Dulcea explained, "No, Adam. There is a Purple Ninja coin, but it is not here. It's in the garden."

"Why?" Karla asked.

"The Purple Ninja Coin is the strongest of all the Ninja powers. It is the center of Ninjetti. It links all the other powers together." Ninjor handed each coin to each ranger except Karla. "Let us go to the garden."

Karla looked around nervously. It was up to her to find this coin if she was destined to be the Purple Ninja Ranger. She saw the clear waterfall. Yes... That's it. She bent over and looked inside the glass. There were pebbles in the center of the lagoon. She rummaged through the pebbles; she found nothing. She walked slowly across the water. Then she saw it laying on a lilypad. She picked it up and looked at the engraving. She walked over to her friends.

"Everyone go deeper into the garden," Dulcea instructed. They walked a few paces; something growled.

"What was that?" Rocky asked nervously.

Then a large bear ripped through the trees; the bear landed on its four legs and walked toward Aisha. "Rangers, listen to your heart. It will tell you how to access the spirit," Dulcea explained.

Aisha glanced at the floor. She gazed at the bear with brave eyes. "I am the Bear, cunning and fierce!" The animal enveloped her with yellow light.

An ape walked toward Rocky. He closed his eyes, searching. "I am the Ape, mighty and strong!" His Ninja polymer appeared as it had on Aisha.

A crane flew over Kimberly's head. She glanced upward, amazed at how gracefully it flew. "I am the Crane, agile and graceful!"

A falcon circled Tommy, as if targeting prey. "I am the Falcon, just and able!"

A wolf stood near Billy. He's so quiet. Then he realized the answer. "I am the Wolf, silent and sure!"

A small frog hopped toward Adam happily. Adam glanced at it and began to blush, embarrassed. Its kermit was soft, yet full of inner strength. He looked at the frog for a minute. "I am the Frog, courageous in spirit!"

Karla walked five paces forward. She saw glowing eyes in the shadows of trees. The animal leapt and effortlessly ran up a tree. It stood unwavering on a thick branch. Then its jaws opened and it roared. The other Rangers turned their heads swiftly; they saw the leopard and for a minute couldn't breath. Adam let his breath out slowly.

"Remind me never to get her mad," Rocky told the others.

"Sure," Tommy said. All of them were astounded by the power and ease of the cat.

The leopard stood there looking down at Karla. A challenge. She wants me to climb. Karla grabbed a branch and swung herself up the tree just as easily as the feline had done. She stared at the cat for a moment. Karla understood. "I am the Leopard, nimble and determined!" The Rangers were bathed in light. Their powers had joined them as their souls. Their souls were ninjetti; it would never leave them completely if the power was ever lost. She jumped off the tree and joined her friends.

"Not to sound ungrateful, but how is cotton going to protect us from Goldar's sword?" Rocky asked.

"You are wearing your Ninja Ranger outfits, Rocky. You can morph into your Ranger outfits as well," Dulcea said.


Karla walked up to Adam as he blushed furiously. "Y'know, I did find my coin on a lily pad. I have a frog to thank for the lily pad."

He smiled. "Thanks." She appreciates me!

"You're welcome."

"You all must face one last challenge, "Dulcea said," You must face stone beings."

The statues on the temple wall began to move. The four stone creatures attacked the Rangers. Billy tried blocking a monster's punch to no avail; he was thrown on the ground. Adam leapt and kicked the creature in the face before it could hurt Billy.

Aisha and Rocky kicked another enemy repeatedly. They jump-kicked, the creature fell backward, tripping over a rock and slamming its head on the ground. Its hollow body split open.

Kimberly flipped out of the way as a spiked club had almost struck her. Tommy leapt, kicked it, smashing it against the wall of the temple.

Karla ran up a tree. She jumped and stomped it on the head with her foot. She fell forward, rolled, and got up. She twirled and kicked the monster on the head. Its head snapped back in place unaffected by her blow. She leapt, flipped forward, and stood upon the monster's hands. Her foot slid beneath a hand as one stayed on top. "Hiyaa!" She back flipped which sent the creature flying upward. It smashed on the ground as it landed.

"You have proven yourselves worthy to have Ninjazords," Ninjor said, "Rangers, Rito and Goldar are attacking Angel Grove."

"How do we call the zords?" Rocky asked.

Dulcea said, "Your animal spirit will tell you, Rangers. You must leave. May the sacred animals protect you always."

"Thank You," Karla said. She turned back to her team, "It's Morphing Time!"

"Black Ranger Power!"

"Pink Ranger Power!"

"Blue Ranger Power!"

"Yellow Ranger Power!"

"Red Ranger Power!"

"White Ranger Power!"

"Purple Ranger Power!" They teleported to the city.

* * *

"Ninjazord Power!"

"Ninja Apezord!"

"Ninja Bearzord!"

"Ninja Cranezord!"

"Ninja Falconzord!"

"Ninja Wolfzord!"

"Ninja Frogzord!"

"Ninja Leopardzord!

The Cranezord fired lasers at Rito. He rolled. Goldar fired at the Crane. "I'm hit!"

"I'm coming, Kimberly!" Tommy yelled. He swooped down, aimed and fired his missiles from his wings at Goldar. The weapons hit Goldar just as he was teleporting away.

"Yeah, well now you'll just have to deal with me!" Rito declared.

"Listen up, Rito. Prepare to tremble at the might of the Bear!" The zord smashed its front legs into the concrete, cracking the cement beneath Rito's feet. Rito climbed out of the hole.

"Is that the best you can do?" Rito challenged.

The Apezord slashed Rito with its two swords as he fell backward. " Is that better, Rito?"

The Wolfzord leapt, slashed Rito with its metallic tail, and scraped him with its teeth.

The Frogzord hopped up to Rito, opened its mouth and little frogs hopped out of it. They stuck to Rito like flies; they shocked him with electricity. Rito fell to the ground.

Rito said, "This isn't so bad." He heard a loud, commanding roar. "Uh, maybe this is bad."

The Leopardzord jumped and landed between him and the rest of the Rangers. "Go back to Lord Zedd or pay the consequences!"

"Oh, yeah?" Rito's hand had transformed into a large gun. He aimed and fire spewed out of it. The fire blasted the Leopardzord. Karla's zord ran through the smoke and knocked the weapon off of Rito's hand with its claw. "I'm outta here!" Rito vanished.

"Good job, guys! Let's go back!" Karla exclaimed.

* * *

Trini said, "Hi, guys! We fixed the computers, but we need power to get Zordon back." Billy held her close to him in a loving embrace.

It links all the other powers together. Karla remembered Dulcea's words. "If each of you send power through me to Zordon, we might get him back." Each of them held out their coin and pointed them toward Karla. She pointed her coin at the column. "We call upon the powers of Ninja combined!"








Zordon appeared inside the column. "Rangers, it is good to see you. Do you have the power of Ninjetti?"

"Yes," they answered in unison.

* * *

At the Youth Center, the Rangers sat at their usual table.

"Where's Adam and Karla?" Kimberly asked.

"Adam's coming and I don't know where Karla is," Aisha answered.

"I can't believe Adam's the frog," Tommy exclaimed shaking his head.

"Me neither. What an insult to Adam," Rocky said.

Adam stared mortified. He'd heard the entire conversation. They pity me. They think I'm less than they are because of the frog spirit. He walked over to them.

"Hey, Adam," Tommy said as he turned his head to face him.

"Um, I forgot something. I'll be back in a minute." or never. He ran to the pond in the park welcoming the cramps in his chest from running so far. He stopped abruptly as he saw Karla was at the lake too.

"Hey, Adam!" She waved. He jogged over to her. "What's wrong?"


"Oh, Adam, look!" They stared into the water as she picked up a frog. He gulped. She petted its back gently. "Adam?" He stared at the frog. She could see the hurt in his eyes. "Are the others giving you a hard time?"


"Contrary to what others think, Adam, I don't look down at you for being the frog spirit. Frogs eat insects, like flies, that carry diseases that could hurt people. That's what you do Adam, protect people; You always look out for others. Frogs are also fast. I've seen you move, Adam. You're like lightning."

He smiled. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "And in my opinion, they're cute." Adam blushed at her last comment. She handed the frog to Adam and it hopped onto his hands. He looked straight into the frog's eyes, and saw his own eyes reflect back. The frog hopped into the pond creating a light splash.

He glanced at Karla. He gazed into her dark blue eyes. Then he remembered the leopard's grace and ease climbing up the tree; the kindness of a protective animal. He remembered the roar, strong and commanding; the fighter and leader inside her.

He gently pulled her toward him and tilted her head with his hand. He kissed her lightly at first, but then she wrapped her arms around his neck and the kiss lingered. He held her close. The passion of the kiss deepened and they pressed harder to quench the flames in their hearts. Reluctantly, they pulled apart as the kiss ended because of lack of air. They gasped for breath; they smiled timidly.

* * *

Lord Zedd paced on the balcony of his castle. "Ugh! Love makes me so sick!" Rita shrieked. He cringed at her ear peircing shout.

"What is it my dear?"

"Karla and Adam just kissed. Yuck!"

"Not only did the Tengas fail at capturing the Purple and Yellow Rangers, but they have new, stronger powers and now two of them are in love! That is disgusting!"

"Your Majesties, might I suggest sending Rito down again and put the two Rangers inside the Space Loop," Finster said.

"Excellent! Then they won't be able to escape because they'll be too busy avioding each other!" Zedd shouted.

* * *

"Rangers, Rito is attacking. You will need the Zords to defeat him," Zordon announenced in the communicaters. They morphed and their Zords were called. Rito threw a substance at the Bear and Leopard zords. They vanished instantly.

"Karla!" Adam yelled as his girlfriend disappeared.

* * *

"Where are we?" Aisha asked.

"My scanners don't work, Aisha. I'm not getting anything. Try yours."

"I'm scanning the surrounding area. I think we're in a loop."

"That means we can only get out of here if another energy source pulls us out."

"Karla, it looks like we're going to be here awhile." They sat in silence for an hour.



"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For not being a better friend to you. I don't know. In some ways, I felt left out because you and Kim are best friends. In others, I resented you a little for accepting Trini's power. I shouldn't have though. I should've been more open minded. I'm sorry."

"Karla it's my fault too. I should have hung out with you more. I resented you too."

"What? Why?"


"What about him?"

"I thought you liked him"



"I don't like him! I mean not in that way. He's a friend, nothing more."

"Then why do you hang around him so much?"

"I'll give you one word: Adam."

"Oh! Oops!"

"You like Rocky?"

"Don't tell anybody."

"I won't."

"Want me to keep it a secret from Adam?"

"I think he knows."


"He kind of kissed me."

"What? Girl, you have to tell me all the details when we get back."

Karla laughed, "Okay." They laughed. "You have to ask Rocky out. He'll say yes."

"I doubt it."

"Come on. The least he can do is turn you down."

"We're strong enough friends that if it didn't work out, we'd still be friends."

"So what's stopping you?"

"This loop." They laughed again. A light surrounded them. "Whoa!"

The girls looked around them. They got up. "Billy, you did it! They're back!" Rocky exclaimed.

Adam hugged Karla. "You're okay."

"Yep." Karla replied. "Thanks, Billy and Trini!"

"Welcome!" they both replied.

"Hey," Rocky said as he came up behind Aisha. Karla raised her eyebrows. Aisha smiled understanding her gesture. The others teleported home.



"Would you like to go out with me sometime?"

"I thought you'd never ask!" The four of them began to walk out of the Command Center. Karla and Aisha laughed; they high-fived each other.

"I think there's a conspiracy against us or something," Adam teased.

"Whatever you say, Adam." Karla replied.

"Last one to the car gets to sit in the trunk, Karla!" Aisha challenged.

"I am not sitting in the trunk!" Karla chased Aisha to the car.

"I think they're friends now," Adam observed.

"Yep," Rocky agreed as they followed their girlfriends.



This fanfic was written by Luellon, and is posted here with her permission.