Disclaimer:Saban owns the rangers, but as far as I know, he doesn’t own there pets. I love animals, and I always will. If I had it my way, everyone everywhere would have a pet, just so they would know what its like to have something that loves you unconditionally. They don’t care if you’re a screw-up. They don’t care if you’re nerdy or popular. They only resond to what’s in your heart. And when it comes down to that, isn’t that all that matters? ^.^

The Council
By Rachel Lynn

“Okay...All right, quiet down everyone.” The German Shepard calmly surveyed the small garage, and then gave a small woof of dismay, as everyone proceeded to ignore him.

It was absolute and utter chaos.

“SHUT UP!” A huge, tan Great Dane finally barked beside him, drawing the rapt attention of everyone with ears in a ten mile radius.

“Thank you, Angus.” The German Shepard said gratefully, as he ignored the urge to scratch at the flea that had wormed its way underneath his blue collar. “First order of business, how is everyone’s pet doing?”

Boisterous noise erupted as everyone tried to answer at once. The German Shepard rolled his eyes sky ward and resisted the urge to hide his muzzle under his paws. The Great Dane beside him woofed loudly once more, and silence returned.

“All right. One at a time.” He searched the room with his big brown eyes until they fell on the over anxious, excited Beagle. “You first Buster. What’s the status of your pet?”

Buster gave the obligatory woof as he took the floor before the German Shepard and the Great Dane. “My pet Tommy is confused. Too many girls if you ask me.” The Beagle said between clenched teeth as he chewed at a flea on his rump. A Maltese in the background gave a reproachful yip at the comment, and Buster had the good grace to look embarrassed by his actions.

“My pet really likes Kim. But he doesn’t know how to break it off with the cat. He’s losing sleep over it, and its making him cranky.” Buster said with a small whimper. “He didn’t even remember to give me a dog biscuit when he came home yesterday. And when I brought him his favorite red ball to play with, he refused to throw it.”

There was a low mournful howl as the other gave Buster their sympathy. The Maltese in the corner came forward, and gave the Beagle a consoling lick. The orange alley cat, that had been lounging on the hood of the old buick in the garage, also came to sit next to Buster.

“Suzette, how does your pet feel about Tommy?” The German Shepard asked with a gentle woof. The Maltese turned her pert little nose away from the beagle to face him as her long fur shined in the dim light.

“My pet Kim likes Tommy. But she’s afraid that Tommy still loves the cat. She cries at night when everyone is asleep. She remembers to give me my treats, but she gave me five whole biscuits yesterday. She’s distracted, irritable.” Suzette finished with a small whine. Buster licked her soothingly.

“My pet’s name is Kat. Not the cat.” The orange alley cat said calmly as it walked away from the Beagle and the Maltese. He made his way sedately around the collected piles of old magazines and boxes until he was sitting right next to the rather large tan Great Dane.

The room erupted in amazed woofs and yeowls at the orange cat’s audacity.

“What is the meaning of this Tom? This is a serious matter. Doesn’t your pet have any idea of how she’s affecting Suzette and Buster’s pets?” The German Shepard demanded, as the cat settled itself comfortable over the astonished Great Dane’s paws and began to purr.

“My pet is anxious as well. She doesn’t know how to tell Tommy that she just wants to be friend. She knows that Kim still loves Tommy, but she is uncertain of Tommy’s feelings. On top of that, she has feelings for another.” There was a startled gasp among the animals. The orange cat turned his gaze up towards the old wizened Great Dane. “My pet likes yours, Angus.”

Angus nodded solemnly, as he accepted the cat’s admission. “My pet, Rocky also like the cat in return. He worries about breaking friendships, and for now he is content to love from a far. But I know he wants to be closer to your pet than he is.” Angus barked out in his deep voice. He gave the cat, what was meant to be a reassuring, lick on the head. Tom merely looked disgruntled to find himself covered in doggie slobber. With as much dignity as he could muster, he gave the dog an understanding nod, and took his place on the buick’s hood once more.

“I trust you four understand your mission for the coming weeks?” The German Shepard asked. The three dogs each gave an affirmative woof, and the alley cat gave a smart meow.

Appeased, the German Shepard, gave a dignified nod of his head towards them. “Next order of business, BeeBop, how is your pet doing?”

A Chihuahua in the crowd gave an ecstatic yelp as it jumped up in the air, and then raced to the front center of the mini stage. “My pet, Zack, is in love.” BeeBop proclaimed with a happy yip followed by a somersault in the air. The other animals nodded understandingly. BeeBop never stood still for more than three seconds at a time, and when he was excited he didn’t even make it that long. “Her name is Angela, and she has the sexiest little Yorkie living with her. If its all right with the Council, I’d like to be authorized to make a few moves myself while my pet dates. Maybe Lucille might even be allowed to come to a meeting?” The Chihuahua asked hesitantly. The German Shepard looked to the Great Dane for a moment, and they paused in an understood moment of silence.

“You are authorized to make moves towards the Yorkie, Lucille.” The German Shepard stated with an authoritative bark. “But she cannot come to a meeting until your pet tells her pet the Secret. Understood?”

The Chihuahua gave an affirmative nod of his head followed by a happy yip as he somersaulted once more, and then moved into the background. The German Shepard searched the crowd once more, until he spotted the face that he wanted to bring to attention next.

“Silas, your turn. What the report on your pet?” The German Shepard smiled patiently as the small black cat, made its way to the front and stood still before the members.

“As you all know, my pet, Adam is very shy. He lacks confidence in his ability to be around other people his own age.” The other animals nodded in agreement, they all knew Silas’ pet. Adam and Silas were both very well matched. they were both shy and restrained, but both possessed a wealth of emotion.

“Lately he has developed a rather troublesome problem.” Silas continued. “He doesn’t sleep at night, and he can spend hours staring at the phone, but never once picking it up or dialing. My pet is in love.” The black cat said quietly.

A bright eyed calico, then took that opportunity to move from the back of the room towards the front in long, loping strides. Silas turned in time, only to see the calico launch herself into the air and land on him. The two cats went rolling, and when the dust finally had settled, the calico gave the black cat a playful lick on the nose.

“H...How did you know my pet liked yours, Aubrey?” Silas asked in amazement. The rest of the animals in the room let out woofs of disgusted disbelief. None of them were even a part of this romance, and they knew what was going on. That was something else Silas had in common with his owner. An incredible unawareness of what was going on around him emotionally.

“My pet, Aisha, likes your pet, Adam, as well. She’s worried about it for a long time now, but she’s finally decided to make the first move. She’s going to ask him to the Valentine’s day dance.

“Very good. Well, now that that’s taken care of...” The German Shepard woofed slightly embarrassed as Aubrey licked Silas once again. The two cats appeared oblivious to everyone else until Angus gave a gentle reproachful bark. Reluctantly, they returned to their places.

“Well I think that takes care of everything.” The German Shepard said finally. “You all know your missions. We’ll reconvene next week. Same time, same place.”

“Shep? You forgot me. You forgot my report.” A sleek looking collie made her way up to the front of the garage and briefly touched noses with the German Shepard. The black and tan dog seemed chagrined for a moment, uncertain of what to do. The rest of the animals all watched on in avid interest.

“My pet, Trini, is also in love.” The collie announced. “I’m beginning to think its something in the air.” She muttered under her breath as she waited for Shep’s reaction to that news.

“W...Well, ah. That’s nice. My, um, pet is in love, too. Of course, he’s very scientific about it. He’s scientific about everything. He’s concluded after much research and analysis that he is unlovable.” The German Shepard announced softly. The collie came forward and gave him a small lick as she moved beside him.

“He’s wrong though. I love him. His father loves him. His friends love him. But he is a very stubborn pet. He wants things to be in black and white. He does not see the shades of gray. And love is a shade of gray. It is something that cannot be explained in scientific ways. It just is.” The German Shepard gave a forlorn whimper as he slid down, resting his massive head on his paws. The group drew closer, each siding up against the other until they were in one large circle.

“My pet, Trini, loves your pet, Shep. Don’t worry, they will work it out.” The collie said as she laid down beside him. The German Shepard gave her a tentative lick.

“Billy loves Trini as well, Tabitha. But I worry. Maybe I’m not good enough for my pet if he doesn’t think he is loved.” Shep whined. All the animals shook their heads.

Tabitha gave a wolfish smile, as she gave him one more lick. “He loves you, Shep. And you are doing a good job. You’re his lifeline, just like the rest of us are lifelines for our pets. They come to us when they are upset, or worried. They play with us when they are happy. They depend on us.” She said with a gentle woof. “That’s why you formed this council. They are united by their Secret, and we are united through them. We are the only outsiders they can trust with the Secret. When they need to talk, we are there for them. Billy needs you. More than you think he does. They all need us.” She finished.

Everyone began barking and yeowling in agreement. Shep smiled at the rambunctious group.

“You’re right. Meeting adjourned. See you all next week.” The German Shepard woofed out authoritatively.