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Revolution, A Beginning
Part 1
By Mr. Spock

As the sun began to set, an unfamiliar car drove into Angle Grove, it's owners step out and look around at their new home.

"Well son, were here!"

"Ya pops, we sure are. I feel almost like I belong here, its odd."

The young man walks out into the street, starts running and yells back, "I'll be right back!"

"Where's he going?", his mom ask confused.

"I don't know, I'm just sure that he was right, he does belong here, and I'm glad that he's so happy about it."

**** "Ayi, Ayi, Ayi." Alpha 5 said excited, "Ayi, Ayi, Ayi!"

"What's the matter Alpha, why are you so excited this late at night"!?

"Zordon, Alpha said almost shaking out of his metal frame, I've detected another, another, oh Ayi, Ayi, Ayi!"

"Alpha 5, calm down and tell me what's happened, please!"

"The computer has found another power source, another Zeo power source."

**** The Power Chamber grew very silent, Zordon finally broke the silence. "Alpha, contact Billy and the Rangers, tell them to stay out of the Power Chamber until we tell them otherwise, and have you got a fix on that source, is it a Zeo Crystal?"

Alpha contacted the Rangers and Billy, he hated to wake them, but he had to. He then studied the monitors and finally looked up at Zordon.

"It is another crystal Zordon, but it is also alive, it seems to be within a human being, a young one around 14 years of age, and its been activated by all of the Morphing radiation floating around out there."

"Alpha, teleport that person here immediately, and be prepared, this might be one of King Mondo's tricks."

"Yes Zordon, teleporting now.

In a flash of light the control panels activated and a teleport field came in the Chamber.

But unlike any other regular bystanders whitish field, this was black, something that surprised both Zordon and Alpha, and sent alpha laying down his weapon which he was going to use for protection against this could-be danger.

"Whoa, where am I...wait a minute, I'm in the Zeo Power Chamber, but I can't be, the Power Rangers Zeo is a .T.V. show, I know I'm in Angle Grove but, this is ridiculous."

The young man looked around obviously looking confused, but at the same time you could tell that he was very happy, he looked up at the globe and immediately saw...

"Zordon, my name's Derek, why am I here?"

"How do you know my name, Derek, and what do you mean that the Power Rangers Zeo is a television show?

"Zordon, I just moved here from Kennewick, Washington, there, all of this is a show on FOX, its not real."

"Alpha, scan that area of America."

"Scanning, Zordon, there seems to be a dimensional gap, for some reason, the adventures of the Rangers have been transferred over to TV waves, but what that region saw on the .T.V. was from another universe, an alternate dimension!

"Has the Gold Ranger Powers been lost here, Zordon?" Derek asked.

"What are you talking about, wait, did the Golden powers get lost on the show that you saw."

"Yes they did Zordon." "Then that proves that that region is in a dimensional gap!", Ayi, Ayi, Ayi!, Alpha says very excited, Zordon, we can take them out of that gap!

"But that show was shown all across Washington, if you do that, the Rangers Identities will be known by thousands of people, Derek frantically said."

"Not exactly Derek, Zordon said while assessing Derek's personal files. The scans show that the show was only transmitted to your house and to one a mile away."

"Can you give me a visual on that other house Alpha, Derek asked wondering?"

"Here it is, look towards the viewing globe."

Derek smiled as wide as he could, "Yes! That's the house of one of my best friends, Zed, I can get him to not reveal any of the Rangers secrets!

Zordon looked at Alpha and Alpha did the same.

"Derek, if we destroy that gap, we will have to erase part of your friends memory, its to much of a risk for you to tell your friend about this."

"Your right Zordon, but well also have to do a memory wipe on his siblings as well.", Derek said embarrassed.

"But wait!, Derek said shaking, Zed has that stuff recorded, and he has the shows on various tapes, if fact, he lost one of them at school two years ago!, the wipe wouldn't work!

"Yes it would, Alpha said with a squeal of glee, all the parts that tells the identity would be erased once the gap is destroyed because they came from the other dimension!"

Derek couldn't believe what he was hearing, he was going to help keep the Rangers identities secret, but then he got a sad look on his face.

"Zordon, I'll have to have a memory wipe as well, won't I?"

"Well Derek, not really, Zordon said, we have something in mind for you, don't we Alpha?"

Alpha looked up at Zordon and nodded.

"Derek, take this wrist communicator and wear it at all times, don't contact us unless you need to, we will be contacting you." Alpha said calmly.

"But what if I meet the other Rangers, do I tell them about this Zordon?"

In his booming voice, Zordon answers, "No Derek, just act like this never happened and act normal, and please try to become friends with the Rangers."

"I will try Zordon, Alpha."

"Goodbye Derek", the two said and Derek was teleported back to where he was teleported from.

"Zordon, are you thinking what I think your thinking, Alpha asked surprised.

"Yes I am Alpha, prepare the medical bay for memory wipe, and prepare the training room for a new member of the team, we have a lot of work to do!"

Part 2

The next day Derek woke up bright and early, excited about the previous nights events.

"I can't believe that I'm actually going to help the Rangers!", was Derek's only thought that whole night. Of course he had to tell his parents a lie about why he was gone so long and where he had been, he didn't like to lie to his parents but it was for the best, besides, he knew that his parents trusted him and that they wouldn't question him anymore.

"Derek, come on, breakfast is ready", his Mom yells in her friendly way.

"I'll be right there Ma", Derek exclaimed.

Putting on his black/gray elastic fake jeans and a clean shirt that he had on the floor he rushed down to the dining room.

"And how are all of you doing today?", Derek asked while giving his parents a hug.

"We're fine, how about you son?"

"I'm doing great Mother dear.", Derek said cheerfully. "Are the moving vans getting here today Mom?"

"No,the driver said that they wouldn't be here until next week, they said that it was because one of the drivers has got sick and a replacement won't be available till Monday." "Well just have to rough it I guess."

"It's a good thing that you brought those toys to keep you occupied Derek."

"It sure is Dad",Derek said with a smile.

"So what have you got planned to do today Derek,"his Mom asked while putting the last of the food on the table.

"Oh I've got a few things planned, I thought that we might go check me in to the middle school."

"That's right, I've got to get you enrolled today, I completely forgot about that Derek, I'm sorry."

That's okay Ma, we better get going, I know that I won't be able to go in today, but the sooner I'm enrolled, the better."

"Did you bring his school records with us in the car or did they go with all the other papers in the moving van, honey." Derek's Father asked with a sip of milk.

"Oh shoot, they are in the van!", Derek's Mom exclaimed.

"Maybe Desert Hills can fax them here." Derek said.

"Good idea, Derek, I'll call the school and check to see if they'll take a fax from Desert Hills," his Mom said.

Fifteen minutes later Derek's Mom got off the phone with Angle Grove Middle School.

"What they say Mom?"Derek asked almost coming unglued.

"We'll have to wait till the van gets here, Derek."

"Oh well, it'll give me a week to get acquainted with Angle Grove." Derek said raising his arms.

"I'd better get going if I won't to be on time for that job interview, and you better get going as well dear."

"Ok, Ronnie."

"Your going with Dad to his interview Ma?"Derek asked.

"Yep, you think you'll be alright here by yourself, Derek's Mom asked.

"Ya, I'll be okay, I might not be here when you get back though."

"Ok, bye son."

"Bye Ma, good luck Dad."

As Derek watched his parents leave he heard a beep.

"Derek here."He said into his wrist communicator.

"Derek, teleport here immediately, we have work to do."

"Ok, Zordon, teleporting now."

In a flash of black light Derek entered the Power Chamber.

"Ok Zordon, how do we do this, how do we get Zed?"

Alpha and me have already done that task, we did it last night when they were asleep, your here because of your good nature and willingness to help others, Derek, we teleported you here last night because Alpha found something in you."

Alpha looked over at Derek and got very excited,

"I found a Zeo crystal within you Derek, apparently, you were born with it inside of you, this has only happened once before, an ancestor of yours probably, since the crystal was activated by all of the Morphing grid radiation in Angel Grove, you will soon start realizing everything about your power, in fact being in here has speeded it up, we know a lot about you Derek, but you are still a mystery to us."

Derek couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"I'm telepathic aren't I, this power is what's made me more energetic even though I am very large for my age, I've noticed my upper body strength rise, this crystal inside of me is what's been giving me medical problems, I'm sort of going through a Zeo puberty stage, my body is adjusting to the power isn't it?"

"See Derek, you know more than you realize, Zordon boomed, your power will strengthen, making you stronger than the Gold Ranger, in fact, we believe that you are carrying inside of you more than one crystal, apparently, you are the living embodiment of the Zeo power, the only question that remains is, will you help us Derek, will you let us access your powers and make you into a Ranger, will you become a new member of the team, its your destiny Derek, when you teleport in here, you teleport in a black field, we know that you've taught yourself another form o Karate, will you help us, will you become Zeo Ranger 6, Black, you could help us more than you know right now, will you please help us Derek!?"

Derek just stood there, thoughts coming through his mind, "I've been given the chance to make one of my dreams come true, to do something to really protect my parents and other people, I can do something with myself, something with my life, I can make a difference!"

"I'd be honored to help you Zordon, I'd be honored to become the sixth Zeo Ranger, I won't let you down.

"Then we have some work to do Derek, Alpha is the training room ready?"

"Yes it is Zordon." Alpha said excitedly.

"Then by the powers of the Morphing Grid....

The Power Chamber flashed all of the Zeo Colors, including black, Derek shined a white and then from the feet up his suit changed, silver boots, gloves, and belt with a silver line down the middle of the suit, a silver shield on his chest, and a black and silver staff and shield in his hands. The rest of his suit was dawned in black and his helmet as well, it had a single lightning bolt lined with silver and Derek shined.

....you are now Zeo Ranger 6, Black!"Zordon boomed happily.

"You will have many new powers to your disposal, including your Zeo and Super Zeo Zords, Derek, I have a feeling that this is a great historic occasion for the safety of the universe, I know, that you will not disappoint me, now power down to finalize your powers!"

Derek did as he was told.

"There won't be any training necessary, Derek, its all encoded in your genes, even how to pilot your Zords, but the other Rangers will be happy to train you and help you reach your full potential any way, oh I'm so happy, Ayi Ayi Ayi! Alpha said.

"Derek, use your powers for good and for defense, never reveal your true identity unless told to by me, or unless you have no other choice, protect the other Rangers and the other citizens as if your life depended on it, you are now part of a team, a team that will help you and you will help them, these are what makes a Ranger, but what makes a Ranger the most is honor, loyalty, honesty, a good heart and a good mind, and a willingness to sacrifice your self for the team, or for one, I hope that you will follow these guidelines Derek, I'm sure that you will.

Being the youngest of our team I expect you to learn from the rest, and to respect them, I know from your files that you will respect them, and me and Alpha. Do you agree to these terms Derek, will you follow them to the best of your ability?"

Derek stood there and smiled. "Yes Zordon, I agree to these terms and I will follow them to the best of my ability."

"Good, this entire ordeal has been recorded so that the other Rangers will know how you came to be, I feel safer knowing that this world has one more Ranger, go home, we will contact you later, you have your Zeonizers, use them if needed, goodbye for now Derek."

With that Derek was teleported back home.

Part 3

Angle Grove Park was extremely beautiful this day, the sun shined, the breeze was cool, the sky was a bright blue and the birds were singing their joyous songs, just right for Derek's mood, he had just been made a Ranger, and he was waiting for his first mission, or battle. Off to the right of the park however, evil was stirring.

"Now Klank, I want this monster to be fierce and fast, is that what you've made?" King Mondo bellowed out.

"Aye your majesty, we've even added some extra fire power, introducing Quick Fire!", Klank said with his Scottish brogue.

"Ha, Ha, Ha, excellent Klank, well destroy the Rangers for sure with this!"

"I don't think so Mondo!" Derek shouted after he heard the evil king speak.

"What, who are you!?", Mondo said surprised and shocked.

"I'm your worst nightmare!, Derek said as he jump kicked Mondo, wow, these powers are are even making me more fit!"

"Cog's, attack this pathetic child, NOW!

Cogs jumped all around Derek, each wielding a staff that was slicing through the air right towards Derek. Derek blocked every hit except one, from out of nowhere a staff knocked Derek in the side, sending him sprawling back, and taking down some Cogs in the process.

As Derek started to get up, he saw the Cog who had gave him such a blow jump towards him, Derek quickly rolled away and watched the Cog land flat on his face. With the Cog down, Derek swiftly punched the Cog between its shoulders and broke its neck, sending it's parts fly all around Derek. Suddenly a hole opened up in the sky and the Cogs retreated, with Mondo shouting for them to get back and fight.

"That's right metal-heads, go back to the hell hole that you crawled out of!" Derek shouted triumphantly.

"Very good human, you almost seem like a Ranger, but the Cogs are mere klutzes compared to the Martial Arts skills of this world." Mondo informed.

All around Derek small explosions occurred, Derek jumped from them but every where he landed another blast would occur, sending him sprawl back.

"I'll right Mondo, you want me to fight your monster? Then fine, I will!"

In a quick movement of the hands and arms, all the while with Mondo watching with excitement, Derek shouted...

"Zeo Ranger 6, Black"

In an almost blinding flash, Derek's clothes transformed into the suit of the Black Zeo Ranger!

"What, how can this be, how are you a Ranger!?" Mondo screamed.

"That doesn't matter, all that matters is that I am and that your monster is done for!"

And with those words, the battle raged on.

At AG High, all the teens listened to the radio with excitement.

"At this very moment a battle is raging on in the park between a Ranger and one of King Mondo's monsters, citizens are ordered to stay out of the park until further notice." the radio announcer said.

In a corner of the room the six teens, Tommy Oliver, Adam Park, Rocky DeSantos, Tanya Stone, Kat Hillard, and Jason Lee Scott spoke in a soft tone. Tommy, the leader of the group spoke first.

"Guys, we better contact Zordon and find out about this other Ranger."

Just then Tommy's wrist communicator sounded.

"Yes Zordon?" Tommy spoke softly.

"Rangers, do not go to the park unless we tell you to."

"But who is this oth...."

"You will find out soon enough, goodbye." Zordon broke in.

"What was that all about Tommy?" Adam asked shyly.

"I don't know, but we better do as he says, agree?" Tommy asked.

All of the friends agreed, and the day went on.

"I've got you now Ranger, Ha, Ha, Ha!" Quick Fire said while shooting out another round of flame.

With a back flip and flash of light a silver staff appeared in Derek's hand.

"I don't think so!" All of a sudden lightning shot from the staff and right into the monster, instantly electrocuting him.

"I'm not trough yet, just like the flame, I divide and conquer!" Quick Fire said as he divided himself into four.

"Yes, that's it my monster, destroy him!" Mondo shouted with a smile.

"Uh Oh, I'm gonna need some help." Derek said as he instantly reached for his communicator.

"Zordon, I'm gonna need some help here!"

"I'm contacting the Rangers now Derek." Zordon said.

And back at AGH, Tommy's communicator beeped.

"Uh Miss Applebee, I forgot to tell you, me and the gang promised to help clean the grounds, may we leave to go do so?"

"Well, since we are all obviously distracted already, go ahead." Miss Applebee sighed.

"Thanks, Miss Applebee, and with that, the six teens went out the door, checking to see if anyone was around, Tommy responded to his communicator.

"Come in Zordon, what is it?"

"Rangers, morph and teleport to the park immediately, your help is needed."

"Alright Zordon." Tommy said.

"Come on guys, ITS MORPHIN TIME!







In six flashes of color, the Rangers teleported to the park only to find that the Ranger that they had came to help was just finishing off one of the monsters.

"Divide and conquer my butt Quick Fire!" Derek shouted.

"Zeo 6 bazooka, all of a sudden his staff and shield combined and he pulled the tip off of the staff and threw it to the side of the monster.

"What on earth is he doing?" Kat asked.

A beam of pure black shot from the new formed bazooka and the monster was shrinked with a gut winching scream and put into the tip of the staff and then it was rejoined with the staff.

Lightning shot inside the staff and Derek shot a beam from the staff at him. He then took the tip off of the staff and tapped it with the staff and the monster fell to the ground, regular size and groaning in pain.

"Now Quick Fire, since I've drained you of all your strength and power, you've lost your heat, its my turn to burn you!"

With this said, the Black Zeo Ranger jump/spin kicked the monster and watched it explode as he took a very powerful looking stance.

"No, that was one of my best creations, and one Ranger defeated three of them alone, I don't believe this!" Mondo screamed, steam coming from his head.

"If that's one of your best Mondo, then you should just give up right now!" Derek yelled with a laugh.

"I swear that I will destroy you Black Ranger, Tommy is no longer my main Target its you!" And with that, the evil King disappeared.

"Wow, that was cool, who are you." the Blue Ranger asked.

With a nod, the Black Ranger teleported to the Command Chamber and the other Rangers did the same.

As the seven Rangers teleported into the chamber, Billy came over and took Derek aside.

"Zordon, the Rangers asked in unison, where did this Ranger come from, and who is he!?"

"Come out side Rangers", the Black Ranger said.

The Rangers followed him as did Alpha, Billy and a holoprojector of Zordon.

Now take each others hand and circle the chamber as much as you can.

The Rangers did this and the Black Ranger drew their Power and shot a blast towards the Chamber from his chest, a shield engulped the Chamber and the Rangers knew that the chamber was now very safe.

The group went in and once again asked where this Ranger had came from and who he was.

"Look towards the viewing globe and watch the answer to your questions Rangers." Zordon answered.

As the Rangers watched they all felt a sort of bond between them and Derek.

"Rangers, Derek said after the show was over and as he demorphed, I want to be of help, and I want to be a Ranger, but if you want to give my powers to someone else, or if you don't won't another Ranger, tell me and I will respect your wishes, it is your decision."

The Rangers discussed it and decided.

"Derek, Tommy said, we would be delighted to have you on team, we know that you know a lot about us, and we would like to get to know you."

"Thank you Tommy, Rangers. Billy, within me I hold the white Zeo Crystal as well, will you please except it, you want get the full power at first, as I grow your power will grow within you, will you take it and eventually become Zeo Ranger 7, White? I know that your here visiting from Aquitar and that you have a life there as well as here."

"Billy, this is your chance." Jason said.

"Yes Derek, I will take your gift, thank you."

In a burst from Derek that was the color white, the white Zeo Crystal entered Billy's body and changed his suit to a regular Zeo suit that was white and had a pentagon as a symbol, the suit vanished.

"It is now growing within you Billy, congratulations, within a year, you should become able to morph into Zeo Ranger 7, White." Derek said smiling.

"Thank you Derek, and welcome to the team." Billy said.

"Derek, the phone in your house is ringing, I'll put it here." Alpha said.

"Thanks Alpha." "Hello." Derek said.

"Hey Derek, this is your Mom, Dad got hired and he starts in two weeks!"

"That's great Ma!"

"Any idea where we can go celebrate, Derek?"

"I sure do, meet me at the Angle Grove Youth Center, it's about 2 blocks away from the house, I'd like you to meet some friends of mine, Ok?"

"We'll be there, bye."

"How'd you know that we were all going there, Derek." Tommy asked.

"You always do guys!

The entire chamber exploded with laughter.

"Do I know you guys or what?" Derek asked cracking up.

"You sure do Derek, you sure do!" Kat answered.

"Rangers, now that you to new members of the team, you know what to do." Alpha said.

"Your right Alpha, Ok guys lets do it!" Tommy said while slicing his hand in front of him.

All of the Rangers followed suit, even Billy, Derek slowly put his hand with the rest, and seeing a accepting smile on everyone's face, he pushed the hands down, and with the Rangers chanted 3, 2, 1! And with a jump they all shouted:


And with that said, the Rangers all teleported out in behind the Youth Center, and walked in. They all went to their normal table except Derek.

"Hey Derek, Adam asked, What's the matter?"

"Nothing, hey do you know if she's been here in AG long." Derek said pointing to a tall, stunning beauty with long dark brown hair sitting at the table across the room.

"Wow Derek, she is pretty, but I've never seen her before, why, do you know her?"

"Ya I do, but I didn't think that I'd ever see her again, her name's Jessica, she went to my school in Kennewick, I had a huge crush on her in 6th and 7th, but we were just friends.

Gosh I thought that she was going to Richland High next year, not Angle Grove High."

"Wait a minute, Derek, aren't you in High School now?" Rocky asked coming over to the two.

"Me, no I'm still in 8th grade Rocky, I'm only 14 and a half."

All the Rangers turned their heads and in unity asked: "What?"

You look as old as us Derek, and so does she!" Kat said.

"A lot of people say that, but I'm only 14 and a half."

Derek then smiled and walked up to Jessica, "Hello Jessica, how are you?"

Jessica jumped, "Derek, you scared me, what are you doing here?"

"I just moved here, how about you?"

"I just moved here too, look my parents are expecting me at the table, I'll talk to you later, bye."

"Goodbye, Jessica."

Derek walked back towards the guys and sat down.

"How'd it go, man?" Tommy asked.


"Derek, I shouldn't have been so rude I'm sorry." Jessica said as she ran up to him.

"I'll see you at school." Jessica said as she gave Derek a tight hug and walked away.

"You were saying Derek!?" Jason said as he and the rest smiled.

"Just friends, ya right!" Tommy laughed, with Kat shoving him.

"She's never even touched me before, I swear that were just friends!" Derek said defending himself.

Just then Ernie walked up with Emily, "Guys I got a problem, tonight we were supposed to have someone here sang some Elvis Presley songs to some special guest, but no one volunteered when I announced this last week, Tanya, you and Kat sing, do you know any Elvis?"

"Sorry, Ernie, we don't."

"Wait a minute, I can sing Elvis, acupella, but I can sing Elvis!" Derek blurted out.

"That's true, he can." Derek's parents said as they walked up.

"Then please, please do us a concert, something jazzy at first, ah shoot, just please sing!" Ernie said.

"Go for it man, rock this place." Tommy exclaimed.

"Ok, I'll do it." Derek said nervously.

"Great, Thank you!" Ernie said giving Derek some water and pushing him in the middle of the room. Ernie introduced him and he began. The place was rockin for a long time, with everyone joining in! After the concert, Ernie yelled "Smoothes for everyone and don't hold the party!" Derek introduced the gang and then smiled to himself, "Ya know, he thought, I'm gonna like it here after all! The night went like that and the only one who didn't enjoy himself was King Mondo, who watched from his Empire.

"I'll get you Ranger, I swear I will, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!"

THE END...???