Disclaimer: I realize that the Power Rangers Zeo belongs to Saban Entertainment and not me. No profit has been made off of this and none shall be made. Note: Everything is the same as in the Zeo TV show until right before the Zeo episode "Good As Gold". This takes place after: Revolution, A Beginning.

A New Power, And A Dangerous Merger!
Part 1
By Mr. Spock

"I don't know if I trust you father, the first chance you get you'll cut my wires and use my parts for scrap!" Gasket said with a sneer.

"Of course! What are fathers for, besides I can always take pride in knowing that you would do the same to me if you ever got the chance!" Mondo said in his huge booming voice.

"You can always count on me to take the throne from you Father!"

"So you'll team up with me and destroy those Rangers, especially that Black fellow, it would make your mother so happy!?"

"He's yours, just let me at Tommy, Archerina finds him cute...

"I told you that you shouldn't have married her, she'll break your mechanical heart yet, your rusting before your time son!" Mondo interrupted.

"My marriage is not at issue here, as I was saying, Archerina finds him cute and I'm sick of it, she's my mate not his!" Gasket said almost blowing a socket.

"Why dear, are you jealous of Red Ranger, I would never find him attractive, but if were on the subject of who thinks who is cute, what about that Pink Ranger, I always catch you goggling over her!" Archerina said walking into the room in her classy way.

"What, I'd never look at another woman, how dare you think that, why I otta...

"Shutup!" "This is not what we are here to discuss, now lets figure out how to destroy those Rangers, and how to destroy each other! Mondo shouted with an evil laugh.


"Hooch eet, YA!" Tommy shouted as he did a running jump kick and landed right in front of Derek.

"Whoa Tommy, watch out, Derek said as he pushed Tommy off of him, that was a little too close for comfort!"

"Sorry man, I'm a little distracted."

"Why's that man?" Rocky asked strolling over.

Tommy pointed the two towards the table in the corner where Kat sat, talking and laughing with Tanya, Adam and Jason.

"So what's wrong with that Tommy? Derek asked looking confused.

"Nothing, Kat's just looking extremely beautiful today!"

"She always looks like that Tommy." Derek said while shoving Rocky with a smile.

"I know that, but today she's in those tight fitting jeans and that loose fitting shirt, and her hair is extremely golden today and her smile is driving me crazy!" Tommy said almost losing it.

"Man, you really sound like you want her Tommy! Derek commented.

Rocky and Derek looked at each other and then at Tommy's annoyed face, and cracked up.

"Oh great, just what this team needs, another comedian." Tommy said while slapping his head.

"Look Tommy, you know I was just joking, we know that you really want to ask her out, you've done it before, just do it again, just wait till your married before you take her." Derek said seriously.

"Oh har de har har Derek." "It's just difficult, I really like her but...

"But nothing man, you like her, its obvious that she likes you, ask her out! Rocky screamed.

The entire Juice Bar got quiet, and everybody looked at Rocky. Finally, Derek broke the silence, "It's okay everyone, Rocky just wants some attention." The entire place cracked up.

"Alright you two, knock it off!" Tommy said.

"Your right Tommy, Derek is way out of line, Derek, I challenge you to a sparing match, right here, right now!" Rocky said laughing.

"I'm out of line, ya right, you want a match, your gonna get it." Derek said while walking out on the mat. But before he got there, Tommy's wrist communicator sounded, the teens all walked out into an empty hallway.

"Tommy here, come in Zordon."

"Rangers, Gasket and Archerina are in the park along with some cogs, their causing trouble, you must get there immediately." Zordon answered.

"Were on are way, okay guys, lets do it, it's Morphin Time!

In seven flashes of colored light the Teens morphed and teleported to the park, where they were instantly attacked.

"Cogs! Get them!" Gasket ordered.

Cogs came down right upon the Rangers, kicking and punching, the Rangers blocked each attack and got in a few of their own.

"Take that metal head!" Rocky shouted as he trapped a Cog between his legs and did a back flip which snapped his opponents neck in two.

"Good going Rock! Adam said while punching two Cogs in the chest and sending them to the ground.

"Cogs, do better than that, oh never mind, just fight!" Gasket screamed with a head of steam.

A group of Cogs leapt towards Derek with their spears pointed right at him.

"Black Shield!" Derek yelled as a shield flashed in his hand.

Derek fell on his knees and huddled with the shield above him, feeling the blow he pushed up and watched the Cog's fall all around him.

"What do you want Gasket!?" Derek yelled in anger.

"He wants the Rangers, but I want you!" Mondo yelled as he appeared on the front. As he finished saying this he shot a blast at Derek knocking him off his feet.

"Derek, are you okay?" Tanya said while helping him to his feet.

"Ya, I'm okay, thanks...Watch Out!" A huge blast shot from both Mondo and Gasket, combined and engulped all the Rangers knocking them to the ground.

"Ha Ha Ha! How's that Rangers!? Mondo and Gasket yelled.

"Just fine Mondo, just fine!" Derek yelled as he shot a blast at the two mechanical evildoers.

The blast threw the two down and they disappeared as well as the Cogs.

"Oh man this ain't good."Jason commented.

"Just great, Mondo's after me, oh boy!" Derek said exhausted.

"Don't worry man, we'll help take care of him, that's what friends are for!" Tommy said as he slapped Derek on the back.

"Thank's Tommy, now what are we gonna go, Mondo and Gasket's team-up isn't the best thing for the world."

"Yeah, it was hard enough fighting them one at a time." Kat said.

All of a sudden the sky flashed a deep purple-red and Mondo's image appeared.

"Well Rangers, I guess your celebrating our retreat, but don't cut the cake yet, unless there's enough for all of your guests!"

"What are you ta...uh oh guys we got some more company." Adam informed.

"That's right, Gasket and Archerina are here to be real cut ups, mostly cutting you!" Mondo bellowed.

The Rangers took a fighting stance and the battle began. It was mostly jump kicks from the Rangers and energy blast from Gasket. Archerina however, was going alone after Kat, drawing her bow string back, she fired a powerful blast that luckily missed Kat after she somersaulted away.

"Blast you Pink Ranger, I'll get you yet!"

"Not today Archerina, not today!" Kat said as she called fourth her Zeo Disc and with a jolt of pink energy, used her Special Weapon attack and knocked Archerina to the ground.

All this while Tommy was having problems with Gasket while the other Rangers fought a patrol of Cogs.

"Give it up Gasket, your never going to beat us! Tommy yelled.

"That's what you thank Ranger!" Gasket said as he hurled himself at Tommy. Tommy kicked Gasket away and was then held back by two Cogs.

"You've put a thorn in my side for the last time Red Ranger, now it's over!" Gasket drew his sword back and lunged it right at Tommy where it met Derek's shield.

"What!" Gasket shuddered.

With out a word Derek lunged his staff right through Gasket's chest armor, he then did Jason's famous Tornado Kick which knocked Gasket to the ground. By this time Tommy had broken free and did away with his captors.

"Thanks Derek." Tommy said.

"No problem, anything for a friend." Derek said as he pointed at the retreating villains.

"I'll be back Rangers, and I won't retreat next time!" With this, he and his companions disappeared along with Archerina.

"Guys, lets get back to the Power Chamber, maybe Zordon will be able to help us figure out how to destroy this team-up." Tommy ordered.

"Right" everyone answered, and with that they all teleported back to the chamber.

Part 2

"You mean that you didn't succeed!" "We need to distract them, get them away from each other, then we will be able to crush them!" "Klank start working on the best monster that you've ever made, I want it mean and strong, and I want it to be able to capture the Rangers one at a time and let us crush them!" Mondo was obviously very upset.

"Sir, we don't have the resources to make it that strong, it won't be able to capture them one at a time, but it will be very strong, if we combine gaskets resources with it." Klank said shyly.

Mondo took a step forward and with a swing of his arm knocked Klank to the ground. "I don't want to hear excuses you idiot, and if I want you to make a suggestion I'll tell you too, understand!?"

A staggering Klank said yes and hurried away to do his highness bidding, but as he left Mondo yelled something that shocked him, his new orders were to use his own parts if necessary.


"Zordon, how do we defeat Mondo and Gasket, Their stronger as a team." Rocky asked.

"Yes Rangers, but your twice as strong, but even so, this is a major problem for us, I'm afraid that this new alliance has even made their powers stronger, seeing how Gasket and Archerina mainly recharged while they were away. It will be a difficult challenge, even with the idea of revenge involved."

Derek moaned "Help" frustrated. Kat put her arm around Derek and quietly reassured him that he shouldn't worry because he was apart of the team now.

While this was happening the Rangers left the chamber at Zordon's request. Kat also left after her attempt to boost Derek's spirits.

"Zordon, now is the time for me to use my powers once again, listen and I will explain how...


On the planet Aquitar, the Alien Rangers were getting their Battle Borg's ready for the long trip to earth, each knew that their mission was going to be the deciding factor for the Zeo Rangers, and each preyed that their mission was a success. In five flashes of light they teleported off their home planet, unaware that they were being watched by the former enemies of the Power Rangers, Lord Zedd and his wife, Rita Repulsa.

"Oooo Zeddy, now we can conquer Aquitar, lets start right now!"

"And just what would we do when those meddlesome walking fish return, hmm my dear?" Zedd said with a chuckle.

"Oh Zedd, your so negative, they won't be returning, Mondo will destroy them and..."

"Oh shutup!" Mondo won't be able too destroy them, he can't even destroy the Zeo Rangers!" Zedd yelled.

"Well neither could you, even when they didn't have the Zeo crystal, you even had to have my father help you, face it, Mondo's doing better than you ever could"

"And you were able to do better, the Rangers didn't even quiver when they heard your name, and as for your father, I would have destroyed them if he hadn't of enter feared, we are not going to attack now, I have a plan already in the making for when Mondo fells, an offer he can't refuse! Ha Ha Ha Ha!"


At the same time as the Alien Rangers Trey of Triforia is also on his way to earth, with only one thought in mind, "I hope that this will help my friends.


"Derek said to meet him at the chamber in 30 minutes", Adam informed Rocky who hadn't heard his communicator because he was in the shower. "I hope everything's alright, I'm still waiting on that sparring match with him." Rocky said.

Just then Tommy ran through the door, jumped kicked Rocky in the back, sending him to the floor and then swipe kicked him as he was attempting to get up.

"Did I hear that you were waiting for a sparring match?" Tommy laughed.

"Yeah, but with Derek." Rocky groaned.

Adam and Tommy looked at each other and said, "nothing like a little practice, get him!"

They then leaped on Rocky and "practice" began.

"I really like Tommy, but I don't know if he feels the same way, he's probably still hoping that Kimberly will come back to him." Kat said to Tanya as they were folding their clothes.

"This Kimberly must have been pretty special to Tommy, but I'm sure that Tommy likes you just as much, probably better, you heard what Rocky shouted at the Youth Center, he was talking to Tommy, and they were probably talking about you." Tanya explained.

Kat smiled and picked up her laundry basket and gave Tanya a thumbs up as she went to her own room.

"Boy, Kat must really be head over heels for Tommy, someone's gotta talk to that boy, and someone is gonna be me." Tanya decided as she grabbed her car keys and started towards the Youth Center.

"Alright, were ready, lets call Jason and explain what to do then call the other Rangers, agreed?" Derek told the Alien Rangers and Trey, as well as Zordon and Alpha.

Zordon nodded at Alpha and smiled as he reached a decision that had been weighing heavily on his mind.

20 minutes later the other Rangers were called, and they were very surprised to see the guest.

"Aquitian Rangers, it's a pleasure to see you again", Tommy led in the formalities.

"It is a pleasure to see you too, especially to see you still grown", the leader of the group said with a smile.

After the formalities were over Derek morphed and told the other Rangers to do the same.

"Rangers, friends from distant worlds, we've all gathered here today to join together in unity of power to help defeat the recent team-up between Mondo and Gasket. With the coming of the Gold Ranger, the Super Zeo Zords were created, and they have helped the Rangers in the past well, but they, and our powers do not seem to be enough to handle this latest threat, that is why I have asked the visitors you see around you to come and help us cast off the regular Zeo power, and to help us form a connection between the Zeo and Super Zeo Zords, allowing them to join together to form the Mega Super Zeo Super Zord, and of course to help us evolve into the Super Zeo Rangers."

The Rangers stood in shocked silence of what Derek had just said.

"Now all join hands and lift them up to Zordon, call upon the Golden Power Staff, call upon the Battle Borg's, call upon the Super Zeo Zords, and call upon the Zeo Zords." Derek instructed them.

Everyone did what was said and with a jolt of blue-white energy the Zords combined as the capabilities of the Battle Borg's duplicated and allowed the Zords to join, the Zeo Rangers all felt a surge of power as their suits faded off and faded on to them again, for several seconds all stood is silence and then put there arms down, the room faded back to its normal coloring and all suits and Zords and weapons disappeared.

"Now Rangers, Zordon informed, you must now morph to activate your new power, initialize it."

With a look of pride on the Rangers faces, they began their morphing sequence.


"Rangers, you are now the Power Rangers Super Zeo, you will be stronger than before, you wear the same suits and have the same weapons, the Zords now combine, and they as well as everything else about you, are now more powerful, I truly believe that Mondo and Gasket don't have a chance now."

The Rangers all jumped up and shouted "Yes!". They felt even more powerful than ever before, they were anxious to try out their Zeo update as soon as possible.

"Alien Rangers, and Trey of Triforia, we truly thank you for your help, if you ever need us, just call, we'll be there." Derek said as he extended his hand towards them.

"We were honored to help you, we must leave, may the power protect you." The Alien Rangers said as they and their Battle Borg's teleported home.

"I too am honored to have been able to help you said Trey, use the powers wisely, goodbye."

The Rangers and Zordon and Alpha all felt a special bond between their helpers as they left.

"Derek, in this short time that you have been a Ranger, you have helped the Rangers scare Mondo, and it was your idea to bring in the new power, you seem to be a very capable leader, always watching out for the others, and not for your self, you are obviously the most powerful Ranger here, and you will no doubt become more powerful, you learn from the others what you don't know and respect their experience, you aren't afraid to tell Mondo how you feel, and those are a few of the reasons that me and Alpha have decided that you should take over the roll as leader of the Rangers, Tommy will be second in command and so on down the line. Congratulations Derek, leader of the Super Zeo Power Rangers.

"I...I don't know what to say, Tommy, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take over your job, I'm sorry I...I, oh Aye Aye Aye!"

"Ha Ha Ha Ha, Derek, you sound like Alpha, don't worry, all of us knew about this, we were the ones who also had to decide this, I agreed to you becoming the leader, now, you start learning how to speak with authority some more, and don't worry, I'll help you as much as I can." Tommy answered slapping Derek on the back and motioning everyone to hold out their hands,

"3 2 1...Power Rangers Super Zeo!" everyone shouted as they jumped up.


"What, why were those meddlesome Alien Rangers there, and why was Trey there?! I want to know, are they giving them new weapons, what, they left with their Battle Borg's, so they didn't give them to the Rangers, I want to know!?" King Mondo shouted as he knocked a few Cogs down.

"Now now dear, Queen Machina said, don't blow a sprocket, why don't you see if that monster you ordered is ready yet?"

"Your right my dear, forgive me for getting so upset. Klank!? Where's my monster?"

Klank came running into the room and tripped over the Cogs that Mondo had knocked down, as he started to get up he said.

"We're workin on it right now your highness, we're almost done."

"Well work faster and harder, the Rangers just got something new and I want that monster to attack them before they can get use to whatever it is that they got!" Mondo yelled.

"Yes sir, right away sir!" Klank said as he ran out of the room.

"Those Rangers won't have a chance hopefully, but lets keep them busy until my monster can destroy them, Cogs, go down there and entertain them, NOW!" Mondo ordered.


The Rangers were in the Youth Center when they heard that familiar call, Beep beep beepbeep beep beep.

"My first call to action as the leader, just great, come in Zordon." Derek said as he answered his communicator in a deserted corner of the Youth Center.

"Rangers, Mondo has sent a squadron of Cogs to the park, they're attacking Bulk and Skull!" Alpha informed them.

"On our way Alpha." Derek said as he and the other Rangers teleported to the park.

"We need the Zeo Rangers!" Bulk and Skull cried as the Cogs surrounded them and threw them to the ground.

Just then the unmorphed teens came running up the hill that Bulk and Skull were being attacked on.

"Guy's, are you ok?" Rocky asked knowing the answer.

"What does it look like, help us?!" The two exclaimed.

With a fierce rush the teens ran up and started to work they're way to the two victims. With fierce kicks and punches, but not enough to make Bulk and Skull suspect who they were, they got to the two.

"The way is clear, get outa here you two." Tanya ordered as she was kicked to the ground.

"You don't have to tell us twice." Skull said as him and Bulk went screaming down the hill.

"All right guys, the coast is clear, let's Zeonize!" Derek shouted moving his arms in sync like an X and up over his head forming another X and shouting out SUPER ZEO RANGER 6, then circling his arms and shouting, BLACK! The other Rangers did the same thing.


The Rangers started the battle, amazed at how much faster and stronger they were, with each kick it seemed that another Cog disappeared, most of the time the Rangers didn't even know that they had even fought one. Everything was different, their reflexes, speed, strength, even their breath was, they weren't even half as tired as they normally would be and when they finally finished up with the Cogs, they were still kicking and punching, they didn't know that the battle was over for a few seconds.

"Wow, Adam shouted, that was awesome, where did all the other Cogs go?"

"I think that we destroyed them Kat answered, but I'm not sure."

"Well, at least that's over, and I do think that this new power is going to be enough to handle anything that Mondo and Gasket throw at us". Jason said with confidence in his voice.

"Don't be too sure about that Rangers, Mondo yelled as the sky turned a deep purple-red, I don't know what those visitors gave you, but be warned, it won't help you pathetic Zeo Rangers."

"That's Super Zeo Rangers to you Mondo, and we can handle it all, why, because were a team of good and peace, not of evil and violence like you." Derek shouted.

"What, are you now speaking for the Rangers, isn't that your job Tommy?"

"It was my job but now it's his, he's the new leader of the team." Tommy informed.

"Ha Ha Ha, a mere child, younger than you, this is going to be too easy, now meet your end Rangers, meet the product of the teaming of Me and Gasket, meet the Ranger Crusher!!!!"

All of a sudden the ground split open and a horrifying 8 foot monster lunged out, immediately catching the Rangers off guard and knocking them to their knees with a blast of energy. It was very wide and had three mechanical arms on each side, it's head was a miniature tractor scoop and its body was bristling with clamps.

"You can die now Ranger, ha!" Ranger Crusher yelled as he leapt forward and grabbed Tanya and started squeezing the life out of her.

"Super Zeo 4 Ax". Adam yelled as he leapt in the air and sliced one of RC's arms off.

Tanya had just enough time too wrap her free leg around RC's right leg and trip him, as he tumbled backwards he let go and Tanya flew out of his arms and did a perfect roll landing on the grass.

"Thanks Adam"! Tanya yelled.

"Anytime"! Adam said as he jump kicked RC and sliced another arm off.

"Nice try Ranger! Be squeezed!" RC yelled as his cut off arms came back to life and started to grab and crush Adam.

"Guys, this is getting tiresome, Derek said, everyone, Super Zeo Laser Rifles now!"

All at once six energy blast hit the arms that were squeezing Adam, the arms disintegrated and Adam back flipped to join the others.

"Super Zeo Blaster!" The Rangers yelled as they threw their weapons into the air, the weapons all combined and the Rangers shot their combined energy at RC and knocked him to the ground, almost destroying him.

"Klank, help my monster!" Mondo shouted.

On a hilltop watching the battle Klank and Orbus do what they're supposed too and with Klank's cry, "Round and round and away you go!" Orbus is thrown into the air and and lands next to RC, he feels him with a liquid and then moves out of the way quickly.

"You can't crush the Crusher Rangers!" RC yells as he grows taller and taller.

"Let's show that oversized can crusher what it feels like to be crushed, Derek shouted, Mega Super Zeo Super Zord, NOW!

Through the air the new powerful MegaZord came hurling and the Rangers each teleported into it.

"All right guys, this is it, ready? Good, then lets do it!" Derek exclaims to the other Rangers as he thrust a lever forward kicking RC in the stomach.

For what seems like an eternity the Rangers all work together pushing buttons, pulling levers and beating RC at every turn until finally the Rangers get tired of this game.

"With a quick round of motions the Rangers all call out, "Mega Super Zeo Super Zord Tornado Kick!"

The MegaZord performs the move flawlessly and sends the monster to his knee's as he blows up. The Rangers disembark from the MegaZord and with a look at each other they all shout "Yes!"


"Gasket, come here, where are you!?" Mondo shouts with an angry look in his eyes.

"He's not here Dad, Prince Sprocket informs, he left as soon as the Rangers called on their new MegaZord."

"Well, I'll get him someday, and as for the Rangers, I'll destroy them sooner or later!"


"An excellent job Rangers, Derek, your first time in command could not have gone better, I am very proud of you, of all of you in fact!" Zordon congratulated the Rangers on their victory.

"Thanks Zordon, We did morphanominal, right guys?" Derek asked.

"Oh man, this whole team did awesome." Tommy answered.

Well then, there's only one last thing to be done, Derek said as he sliced his hand through the air and all the other Rangers piled their hands on his.

"3 2 1...Super Zeo Rangers!" They all yelled as they jumped through the air.

"Rangers, I have a surprise for you, say hello to an old friend!"

Just then the Rangers heard a familiar voice, a voice that's source made Tommy faint and Kat curse to herself for not getting Tommy when she had the chance, as well as make Tanya wish that she had had time to talk to Tommy.

"Hello guys, I'm back."

The voice came from the side of the room and came from...Kimberly Hart.