Disclaimer: Saban owns Lightspeed Rescue, I own Carter's wife Amber and their kids Aileen and Kylie.

by: Kate Yancey

The cemetary was eerily quiet as Amber Greyson knelt down in front of the headstone.

Carter Donovan Greyson
March 23rd 1985 - August 17th 2009

Amber unsuccessfully fought back tears as she ran her fingertips over the stone. "What were you thinking?" she whispered. She wasn't expecting to get an answer.

"Amber..." The voice was so familiar, Amber thought she had to have been dreaming. "I'm dreaming," she muttered to herself.

"Come on, lovebug, you know you're not dreaming," the voice continued. Amber swallowed hard. There was only one man who could call her lovebug and get away with it...and he had died fighting a forest fire in Yellowstone.

"C-Carter?" she stammered. "But...how?"

"Long story, lovebug," Carter said. Amber turned around and saw her husband sitting under the nearby pine tree. Amber just sat there frozen to the spot. "How much time do you have to tell it?" she asked softly.

"Nowhere near enough, so I won't go into it," Carter said, then got to his feet and walked over to where Amber sat. Dropping down next to her, he brushed a strand of dark brown hair out of her eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't come back," he said. "I would have if it hadn't been for that damned tree falling on me."

"Kylie and Aileen are taking it better than I am," Amber confessed. Carter nodded and said, "I know....you want to know why?"

Amber nodded, and Carter said, "Well, it's because I keep visiting them in their dreams."

"Then why haven't you come to see me?" Amber cried. Carter said, "Because I don't think you were ready to see me again."

"Oh." That was all Amber said, but Carter knew how much his wife's heart was breaking.

"Amber I'm so sorry," Carter said. "Can you forgive me for not seeing you?"

"Guess so," Amber said sadly. Carter smiled and kissed her forehead. "I have to go for now...but I'll see you tonight after I see the girls. okay?"

Amber nodded and said, "I love you Carter."

"I love you too, lovebug," Carter said softly. Amber blinked once and he was gone.


Amber looked up to see her mother Dana standing there. "We have to go."

"Okay, Mom," she said softly. With one last glance at the headstone, she got up and followed her mom to the car.