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I'll Love You Forever
by: Kate Yancey

Being stuck in Volcania sucked big time, as Robert "Scout" Baker could attest. Captain Jonathan Power's espionage expert had been captured by BioDreads and thrown in a cell two days before.

Scout heard two voices coming down the hall and swallowed. He knew they were coming for him. Just then the cell door opened and the most beautiful girl Scout had ever seen in his life walked in with a box of something, he wasn't sure what.

"Hey," he said quietly. "What's your name?"

The girl, obviously a Dread Youth leader, gave him a look that said she really didn't want to do this to him, and whispered, "Isabelle Hunter."

"Isabelle...that's a pretty name," Scout replied. Isabelle sighed and reached into the box and pulled out some weird looking torture device. She glanced at Scout and said, "I don't want to do this but I have to...I've fought the indoctrination too long...but..."

"Dread found out and he's making you do this?" Scout said in answer. Isabelle nodded and turned the device on. "Just remember I never meant to hurt you," she whispered.

Twenty minutes later, Isabelle was done, and Scout was passed out cold. She gathered up her torture devices, and looked down at the unconscious young man she had just tortured. "I'm sorry, Robert," she whispered softly, leaning down and brushing a kiss against his forehead. Then she gathered up her torture devices and walked out of the room.

Later that night, Isabelle snuck out of her quarters and down to the holding cell where Scout was being held. "Robert?" she called out softly, hoping he was still alive.

"Isabelle?" came the voice she'd been hoping to hear. "Isabelle what are you doing here? If Dread finds out..."

"I'll just lie my way out of it," Isabelle said, unlocking the door.

"Robert, can you forgive me?"

Scout watched as the young woman he'd come to consider his guardian angel slowly stepped into the cell, almost in tears. "Come here," he said, holding a hand out. Isabelle quietly shut the door and looked at him.

"Come on, I won't hurt you," Scout said. Isabelle glanced behind her then reached out and slowly slid her hand into his. Scout tugged her down until their eyes were level. "I don't blame you," he said quietly.

"Isabelle, I know you're scared. If Dread.."

"If he finds out I'm doing this, I'm as good as dead, and I'd never see you again," she whispered, looking away as a tear slid down her cheek.

"Hey.." Scout said. "Don't go crying on me, Isabelle....oh come here," he said, pulling her into his arms as she burst into tears.

"I want out of here," Isabelle sniffled. "I hate this..."

"I know..." Scout said. "I need to get out of here, too."

"What do we...?" Isabelle was cut off by footsteps. "Oh no...Elizabeth!" She jumped up and hid in the darkest corner of the room. Elizabeth Watkins was probably the most feared Dread Youth leader in existance, and it was only obvious that Isabelle should be scared of her.

"Where is she?" Elizabeth said once she walked into the room. Scout glared at Elizabeth and said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

*Isabelle get out of here...* he thought.

"Don't lie to me, Baker," Elizabeth growled. "She's here somewhere and I'm going to find her."

"You wish," said Isabelle, standing up and holding a blaster on Elizabeth. "You go back and tell Lord Dread that I quit!" With that she shot the door open, dragged Scout to his feet and out the door.

Jennifer "Pilot" Chase peered around the tree and jumped when she heard footsteps.

"Pilot!!" She looked up to see Scout running towards her with a woman she vaguely recognized. "ISABELLE?" she cried.

"Jenny!!" she cried. "We've got to get out of here!!"

"Where's the Jumpship?" Scout asked. Pilot pointed t a clearing and said, "There!"

"Come on!" Scout said, brushing past Pilot and pulling Isabelle behind him. Pilot saw a handful of BioDreads coming up the hill, so she got off a few shots before following them.

Back at the Jumpship, Captain Jonathan Power looked up as Pilot bolted into the front cockpit. "Found him," she said. "He brought a friend of his too."

Jonathan looked up as Scout entered the cockpit, Isabelle behind him. Isabelle shrunk back and stood by the door when she saw Jonathan.

"Captain, she's really scared," Scout said. "She just quit and she has a feeling that Dread's going to send out every warrior he's got after her. We have to do something."

"Wait till we get back to base," Jonathan said as Pilot slid into the co pilot's seat. "We'll figure it out then."

Scout nodded and pulled Isabelle closer. "You gonna be okay?" he asked her. Isabelle nodded and said, "Yeah....I guess..."

She had no idea what adventures would await her once she made it to the Power Base.