Disclaimer: Only characters I own are Cheetah, Shadow, and Cougar, and I know Ranger was never in season one, but I have to put her in here because I have a feeling she would have been my favorite(other than Scout of course!) Special thanks to my IRC buddy Simon for letting me name the Captain's killer after him!

Who Killed The Captain?
by: Kate Yancey

47-10 Mark 30, 11:00 pm

(11:00 pm, October 30th, 2147)

Isabelle Hunter, aka Cheetah, sprawled out in her seat in the Power Base main control room studying her fingernails. This was the most boring watch she'd ever been put through. Now if her boyfriend would just get back and...

Suddenly Cheetah's thoughts were interrupted by a blood-curdling shriek from halfway across the Power Base. Hitting her wrist-com, she said,

"Pilot?! What happened??"

"Cheetah...it..it's Jon...h..he's...he's dead..." Jennifer Chase was obviously seriously freaked out.

"Whoa wait, Pilot, calm down what's going on?" Cheetah asked as her friend Michael "Tank" Ellis walked in.

Pilot obviously calmed down, but she had to choke back a sob as she said, "I came in to check to see if Jon was okay, and somebody...oh Isabelle you better get in here!"

"Right," Isabelle said, shutting off her wrist-com. "Tank, stay here, I gotta go see what Pilot's all freaked out about." Without even waiting to see if he agreed, she quickly swept her long brown hair into a ponytail as she bolted for Pilot's location.

"Pilot?" she called as she reached her friend, who was crumpled against the wall, sobbing her heart out just outside Jonathan Power's room.

"Pilot...what's wrong?" she said, kneeling down and giving the other woman a hug. All Pilot could do was point to the door. Isabelle glanced up as Christine O'Connor, aka Ranger, ran up. "Stay with her," Cheetah said quietly. Ranger nodded and took Isabelle's place at Pilot's side while the other woman went to see what had Pilot so freaked out. What she found would haunt her nightmares for the rest of her life.

"Captain?" Cheetah called as she crept into his room. "Captain are you....oh...my...God...RANGER GET IN HERE!" There was blood everywhere, and Cheetah's eyes got as big as dinner plates when she realized that Pilot was right.

"What?" Ranger said as she walked into the room. "Oh my God...he really is dead, isn't he?"

"Y..Yeah..." Cheetah said softly. "Who could have done it?"

"One of three people..." Ranger said softly. "Tank told me about them."

"What do you mean?" said Isabelle. Ranger said, "Either Blastarr, Soaron....or Simon..."


"Simon Fraser..." Both women looked up to see Matt Masterson standing in the doorway. "He used to be a member of the team before he went insane...I thought he killed himself overloading his powersuit, but I could be wrong."

"And if it is Simon?" Isabelle said, to which Hawk replied, "Then we're all in trouble."

47-10 Mark 31, 2:45 am

(2:45 am, October 31st, 2147)

Pilot had finally cried herself to sleep, and Ranger volunteered to stay with her. Scout had returned from the supply drop for the New Mexico Resistance, and gotten the news, and he was with Isabelle in the hangar.

"If it was Simon Fraser, we're in so much trouble..." Isabelle was saying.

"Oh God...do NOT remind me," Scout said as Nicole "Cougar" McGowan and Shane "Shadow" Ramsey ran in. "We heard what happened," Cougar said, running a hand though her shoulder-length blonde hair. "You okay?"

"You should be worrying about Pilot, but we're dealing...guess this means Hawk's in command now..."

"No," said Hawk who had joined the foursome. "Cheetah, I found this when I was going through Jon's stuff. It's addressed to you."

"Me?" Isabelle took the letter, unfolded it and read it out loud.

"Isabelle, if you're reading this, I'm probably dead or something. I want you to be co-leader of the team with Hawk, because you always seemed to know what I was thinking, and turned out to be like the little sister I always wanted. I'll miss you and see you again someday. Give this to Pilot when she's able to think about it. Jon."

Isabelle found a gold locket in her hand, and looked up at Hawk. "Guess you lead the team and I'm second-in-command then," she said, then jumped when something crashed nearby. "Oh no it's Simon!" she squeaked. And sure enough...

"Well, looks like I've got the whole Power Team in one place ready to take them out," said an evil-sounding voice. He raised his blaster and set it on wide-beam....

"Not so fast!" came another voice from the door. "You didn't get all of us!"

"Pilot!!" Isabelle cried as Pilot, Ranger and Tank walked into the room, Pilot with her crysblade out, and Ranger armed with as many starbits as she could hold onto. Tank had powered up his suit and was holding his blaster on Simon. "This is your last chance, Fraser," he said. "Surrender or I'll..."

"Or I'll overload you powersuit for real this time!" Isabelle said, jumping off of Scout's lap and grabbing a loose piece of live electrical cable. "After what you did to Captain Power I oughta fry you right here!" She stared Simon down, gloved hands caressing the live cable as if it was the last link to sanity she had. "What's it going to be, Simon?" she asked in a soft deadly voice. "Want Tank to blow your head off, Pilot to slit your throat, or me to overload your suit?" She stepped closer as sparks dripped off the cable. "Make up your mind, or I'll do it for you..."

Ranger glanced around, got a nod from Hawk, and launched a starbit right at Simon's back. it lodged there and discharged just enough energy for Simon to fall to his knees in pain. Isabelle saw her chance and quicky stuck the cable right next to the starbit and watched as Simon finally hit the ground and didn't move. "Pilot check for a pulse!"

"Nah, I know what I'm gonna do..." Pilot walked over, flipped Simon on his back and quickly slit his throat. "After what he did to Jon that's all he deserves."

That night, the two new leaders of the Resistance were going over battle plans.

"So Hawk, think you and I can pull this off?" Isabelle asked. Hawk sighed and said, "We owe it to Jon at least."

"Yeah," Isabelle said, then looked up as Ranger ran in. "Guys, we got a big one! Biomechs in Montana and..."

That was all she said because Isabelle said, "Mentor, tell everybody to meet us at the hangar!" The she, Hawk and Ranger headed for what would probably be the biggest battle of their lives.