Notes: This story takes place shortly before the 2nd season MMPR episode 'The Power Transfer'. This is an exercise in non-linear storytelling, parse carefully. All characters, likenesses, terms, (c) Saban Intl. 1999.

Angel of Mine
by Derik Smith

She looked up in utter fascination as the Thunder Megazord took out its sword and swiped it across the creature.

This was such great luck! Things had happened so fast. Only now was the monster alarm belatedly pealing out. She probably had a better view than anyone in the city for this, the fight was just the next block over, she could see the two mammoth forms struggling above the buildings.

And then the creature fell backwards into the building across the street from her, and a shadow passed across her features.

This room smelled of disinfectant, and the walls were an ugly shade of orange that had gone out in the mid 80's.

"Yeah my name's Zachary Taylor, I'm the boyfriend." he said flatly.

We were going out tonight.

Nothing special, just a restaurant.

Ok you caught me, it was the Chez Inakan. You always told me you wanted to go there. Can I help it if I love to make you smile?

"You're going to have to wait outside until her parents arrive Mr. Taylor." The woman answered dismissivly.

You were going to wear that black dress you wore to prom. the one with the killer lines.

"But- her parents are out of town!" Zack protested.

Just another date, nothing special.

Did you remember it was our one year anniversary?

Zack shoved his clenched fist down into his pocket to control himself. There, his fingers found a small shape attacked with a chain. It was a stylized form of an angel, with two pearls dangling from it the bottom.

It was my grandmother's.

He shut his eyes and imagined, his nervous fingers would've reached around, she'd be smiling at him of course, and he'd draw the clasp closed around her neck.

And it was going to make you look. like an angel.

The woman's voice shocked him back to the present. "I'm sorry, I just don't know if we're supposed to."

But somewhere along the line, things got screwed up.

The doctor, overhearing their conversation, drew Zack aside, looked at the nurse with a bit of a smile. "Let him in. He can't do any harm."

You know Lord Zedd, everyone on Earth does I guess. Intergalactic warlord, figures Earth is his next meal ticket.

So he creates this monster. Stupid name- OfficeSupplyHead or something like that.

And I get the call.

Yeah that call.

I'm a Power Ranger- saving the world between classes.

Sorry I didn't tell you before.

Zack looked down the street and bit his lip. His communicator went off again. It was supposed to be a surprise, and the restaurant was right there. If he sent her ahead it'd be ruined.

Angela frowned. "Is that your beeper?"

Zack bit his lip. "Yeah, look, I've really gotta take this call, can you wait for me? Right here?"

"Here?" she looked at the street dubiously.

"Yeah, it'll only take five minutes, I promise."

So instead of telling you to go in, I asked you to wait for me there.

The door swung open, and Zack experienced a sudden chill.

The doctor coughed. "I'll, ah, leave you alone."

The black ranger ran down the street. God, not here. not here.

The building had collapsed under Staplerhead's weight, mixed broken concrete and steel had spilled into the street. Frantically the Black Ranger tore through the rubble. Here, here is where he'd told her-

Using all of his strength, he pulled up a five ton piece of concrete walling.

With an unsteady hand, Zack pulled back the sheet.

"Angela." he choked.

I told you to wait for me.

And you did.

The Black ranger sat down heavily, unbidden his gaze moved down the street. Fifty feet away was the entrance to the restaurant, untouched.

Zack's fingers caressed her cheek. It didn't seem possible, all she had were some scrapes.

His throat tightening, Zack pulled the necklace out of his pocket. Nervous fingers reached around, her face looked back at him impassively, and he drew the clasp closed around her neck.

"And you look." he whispered.

Like an angel.