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Bullet Erik Jones Bullet

"Space Reunion Series"

Space Reunion One
The Space Rangers draw back together.

Space Reunion Two
Andros bargains for Karone.

Space Reunion Three
Will Andros save Karone, or lose her forever to the
side of evil......

Space Reunion Four
Will this final chapter find the destruction of Lady Matrix, or
the downfall and total annihilation of the Power Rangers.?


Bullet Kelly Bullet

The truth behind Kimberly and Tommy's lives are discovered
by using the past to uncover the future.

Ultimate Power
Kimberly has turned up missing.

"For Better or Worse Series"

For Better or Worse
Kim becomes a servant for the side of evil.

"X Times 4"
The X-Times meet the Power Rangers!

Part 1
Part 2

"The Evil Harte Series"
There's another "Harte" in town, and she isn't a good girl!

Evil Harte
Kim's sister comes to Angel Grove!

"Stand Alones"

The Light of Life
A Wedding, and a new villain all in the same day!

The Key to the Future
Astronema has her eye on Kim's sister Kelly, also!


Bullet Mandy Bullet

"The Energy Stealer"

Part 1
Part 2


Bullet A.J. Mashburn Bullet

"Tides of Destiny - Rewrite"

A Prelude to "Tides of Destiny"

"Tides of Destiny - The Original Story"

Chapter 1
Chapter 2


Bullet Becky McCulley Bullet

Young Lovers!
Jason and Emily face a dilemma...

Like Father, Like Son
Note: this story directly follows "Young Lovers" and if you don't read that one first, you might be a little lost.

As the months slowly pass, Jason and Emily fight to overcome
the same demon: Emily's father.

The End of RangerHood!
Tommy is in a life- threatening accident in his first professional stock car race.
(tissues may be needed!)

The Dream She Dreams
From the time Kim was a small child she's been a gymnast.
But what put her on that road?

A Time to Die
A terrible accident rends life from someone

One Twisted Valentine's Day
Valentine's day will never be the same, again!

Titanic Revisited
Zedd sends the Rangers back in time and the teens find themselves
aboard the RMS Titanic

Second Chance
Are Tommy and Kimberly meant to be together?

Angel Grove Forest is burning out of control.

Just Another Game of Cops and Robbers
Jason and Tommy get back together again, years later.


Bullet Melissa Morris Bullet

"The Spellbound Series"

A miscast spell leads to serious trouble for the Rangers . . . especially Billy.

Boy's Day Out
Adam and Billy a relaxing day in the pack, and have a man to man chat.

Spirit's Spell
An ancient spell could prove to be Billy's downfall.

Generic Blues
Blue seems to be just about everywhere. Whether Billy likes it or not!

Cry Wolf
Lord Zedd decides to get into the act, causing Billy's spirit animal to howl.


Holding True
Be true...


Bullet Andrew Nelson Bullet


Power Rangers 2089

The Climb

The Gold Team


Bullet Nick0706 Bullet

"New Friends Series"

Green No More
Tommy's final day as the Green Ranger, with {{a twist}}

Return of Twin Man
Lord Zedd summons up trouble with an old monster. And
this monster means a bad reflection upon the Rangers.

What Nightmares May Come!
Lord Zedd uses the Powers of Nightmares to destroy the
Power Rangers, but this mean the Rangers destruction? Or Lord Zedd's?

"Wrath of the Psycho Ranger Series"

Psycho Shivers
Now that Karone has been turned Good again, Dark Spectre
summons an old servant of his to command his forces and
newest weapons against the Power Rangers - The Psycho Rangers.


Bullet Chantel Oliver Bullet

"Elemental Rangers"
Years after Terra Venture another Evil Villenous has come back to earth.

The Prolouge


Bullet Ranko Bullet

Fifth Sacrament
Mystery Notes: Now Where's This From
Two Sides of a Coin: Forever and One More
Rangers 1/2: Japanese Hearts
When Sayoko's Away: Soaring High
Sequel to Rangers 1/2

"Silang Series - Thank You For Always"

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Addendum to "Thank You For Always"

"Walking the Dark Path Series"

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Epilogue: Stepping Stones


Bullet Raven Bullet

The Power Within!
A strange friend rouses curiosity in the Rangers and
the desire to possess in Zedd.


Bullet Nancy E. Shaw Bullet

Just Doing My Job
The Zeo Rangers face an opponent like none other.

The Tamlyn Switch
Weird things begin to happen on the MegaShip, and it looks
like someone is trying to sabotague the Rangers.

Reach For Me
Sometimes the best way to remember someone you've
lost is to talk about them.

Andros gets more then he wanted during a day at the fair!


Andros takes journey!

A Fitting Relationship
Tommy gets an unexpected visit from Cassie.

Red Riding Hood
There's howling at night.

The Astro Rangers encounter something very unusual, but is it an enemy?

Scenes From A Mauling
The Psycho Rangers aren't backing down.

Frozen Butterflies
Andros and Ashley have to share their warmth.

Astronema's Blast From the Past
Something is very wrong with Andros.

All the Wrong Places
Andros must find Ashley in time.


Bullet Kirsten Sihlanick Bullet

The Jedi Knights of Earth and Beyond!
Jedi Knights on Earth???

Fighters of Another Galaxy
Billy and Trini receive a mysterious summons for them to
gather their Ranger friends and go to Yavin 4 to meet with
Luke Skywalker. "I got a bad feeling about this...."


Bullet Derik Smith Bullet

The old gives way to the new, but not without teaching
an important lesson.

Untitled Two
A restless Rocky decides to work out in the Command Center,
where he finds an old friend with a difficult secret.

Goodbye, Old Friend
Skull must say goodbye to an unlikely friend.

Angel of Mine
Someone Zack cares for is hurt.


Bullet Stacey Bullet

A Hope For Love!
Meet the two new girls in town, and they make a big splash
on the life of the Rangers.

Days Past!
Even Rocky has his bad days once in a while. . .

The Birth
Sierra has some very important news for Adam, But Divatox likes the news
just as much as they do!!!


Bullet Stephkat Bullet

"Dawn of the Silver Ranger"

Part 1


Bullet The Mystery Author Bullet

"Power Rangers, Return to Zeo"

Episode One
Episode Two


Bullet Tina Marie Bullet
Paladar`'s Exclusive

"The Rangers Destruction"

Part One
The name "Astronema" means trouble for the Rangers!

Part Two
The Astro MegaZord is damaged!


Bullet Emerald J Bullet

"Immortal Rangers Series"

Immortal Rangers
After his Ranger days are over, Billy's life gets stranger.

Immortal Transistions
Dealing with the concept of being an Immortal becomes
a difficult challenge for a friend of Billy's!

Viva La Vie Immortal
Immortality is something new, at least to Adam

"The Poor Adam Series"

Stealer of Rangers
Adam has been kidnapped!

Wedding of the Century!
Adam married to Divatox?

FINISHED Unexpected Delivery FINISHED
A bundle of joy??????

"Into the Labyrinth"

Alpha Did What?
It's up to Rocky, Billy, and Kat to bring Alpha 5 back.

Journey Within
Trying to rescue Alpha, the Rangers meet some strange new people.

The Wonderful World of Oubliets
Billy discovers Lord Zedd's long-hidden secret.

Enter Tesenisis
The Rangers find two friends to help find Alpha.

Bog of Eternal Poop
This Story is Dedicated to the loving memory of Samantha Wegner.

"The Chosen Ones Series"

Fall of Green Turbo
While in a coma, Zordon tells Adam of the changes to the team.

Return of the Black
Divatox does her very best to spoil Adam's bachelor party.

"The Mystic Tales"

The Unicorn's Secret
Carlos' dreams could have more meaning than he had ever
dreamed possible . . .

Winged Legend
After losing everything that he loved, a depressed Carlos learns
a strange secret about himself.

"Stand Alones"

Will I Lost My Dignity?
What happens when one of your friends dies?

Tale of the Feather
The Turbo Rangers find themselves in a world very different,
but discover some familiar faces.

Before I Gaze at You Again
Tommy has chosen betwen Kat and Kim.

Are You a Ghost?
Leo wnats to say something to Kendrix.


Bullet Kay Ensani & Emerald J Bullet

"Vampyre Science Series"

Vampyre Chronicles
A pointed meeting leads to love for two friends!


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