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Destiny Series
Part 1 - Kimís Return
by Kelly

Well, I heard Kimís is coming back.

Oh boy we care so much.

Kat you wrote the letter and it is time we broke up.

What how do you know?

Believe me I have known Kim and I had a chat when she came back.

No I didnít.

Yes, you did.

So what we weíre meant to be.

Not in my opinion.

Well, you and Kim werenít.

Yes, we were.



No, and I know it.

Leave me alone kitty Kat.


Do I know you?


You are?


Oh well youíve changed.

Thank you so much Tommy.

Welcome back. The others wanted to see you but I wanted to see you first.

Why is that Tommy?

Kim there are some things we have to get straight.


Kimberly you left and I was sad about it but a while later a letter arrived at my house. We figured out the last time that you were here who wrote it, but if she wrote it then why did you stop saying you loved me?

Tommy, because Rocky told me all about the letter the night you got it. He was at your house and I called. He asked me why I broke up with you and I explained that I didnít. He then told me that you had gotten a letter breaking up with you and it was signed with my name.

Kim why didnít you tell me when you were talking to me on the phone?

Tommy, because rocky told me that you and Kat were together and I was upset. I went to Paris for a few days came back and finished the routines. Then I came back here was made evil saved and transported to Phados I found out a few things but now is not the time.

I am so sorry Kim. But tell me now.

Tommy you are Rita and Zedís son. I am Dociea and Zordonís daughter. I was waiting to tell you when you would need my destiny powers and when I could give you yours.

Destiny powers? I am the son of Rita?

Yes, Tommy and we are destined to be together but Katherine is in our way. She is one of the obstacles in our way, but nevertheless destiny will prevail.

Well, another thing I would like to know is if we can have a picnic?

Yes Tommy but where and why?

At the lake so we can be alone and because I want to.

Ok then but why did this pop up all of a sudden?

Because I love you and Iíve been very lonely without you.

You have why? Even when you were with kitty Kat?

Yes, even then.

I find that hard to believe.


<at the lake>

Kimberly what do we do now?

I donít know. Is that all you had planned?

No actually I was planning a few things.

Oh like what?

Like this.<he wraps his arms around her waist and starts kissing her>

Oh those types of things well then bring them on.

<they walk back to his house and he takes her in his room they start kissing and their passion rises till it can not be contained, Tommy pulls her close and makes love to her. Kat walks in.>

Tommy??!! No, get off her your mine!!

No actually I am not.

Heís mine.

To the end.

<they continue to have sex>

Bye Kat.

I hate you Tommy Oliver.

Thatís nice. I am glad you told me.

Yea I am glad you told him too.

I hate you too Kim.

Thatís wonderful.

Bye Kat.

Well now we are alone again.

Yea but I have to go to work right now.

Ok I will see you when you get home darling.

<later that night at about 12 midnight>

<telephone rings>


Hi Jase itís Kim have you seen Tommy?

No why?

I havenít seen him since 9 this morning he said he had to go to work and he left.

Well thatís odd, maybe he forgot to wind his watch.

Very funny Jase but I am serious I have a bad feeling. I will wait till tomorrow then I am bringing Zordon.

Alright if he is not home in the morning call me then we will contact zordon.


<the next morning>

Jase he is still missing.

Ok call Zordon. Then meet me there.

Kim I understand why youíre here but I have found him.

You did?

Yes Jason I have.


Kimberly you will not be able to help him.

Where is he Zordon?

He is in a realm across the distance of space, in a realm where the morphing grid does not reach.

Thatís just great how can we rescue him?

Well I have one zord driven by the powers of good not our powers but simply good. It can only hold two rangers though I am afraid.

Well thatís fine me and Jase.

Kimberly you can not go.


Because of the sheer fact that you and Tommy share the destiny powers and getting both of you trapped is a risk I am not willing to take.


No buts Kimberly you are staying here.

I want to help Tommy.

I know you do but you canít.

<crying> Give me one good reason why.

I told you Kim, if you accidentally get caught what do you think we could do?

I donít know.

There would be nothing we could do.

<sobbing> Whatís wrong with me? Why am I like this? Why is he hurting and how come I feel it?

Kim are you ok?

I donít know Jase. I feel weak but I want to help Tommy.

Zordon whatís wrong with Kim?

Alpha run a test.

Ayiyiyi! Sheís feeling everything that happens to Tommy and sheís reacting like sheís chained up and canít help him.

Well she sort of is Zordon doesnít want her to go and itís like a spell fell over her.

Alpha give Kim a sedative.

Why Zordon? What is wrong with me? Why do I have to sleep? Why canít I help <quietly as she falls, Jason catches her> Tommy?

Well now sheís asleep what do we do with her?

Alpha take her to the medical ward.

Yes Zordon.

Jason you and Alex will go.

Yes Zordon.

Good luck and may the powers protect you.

Back to action.

Ha ha Jase.

Well lets go.

<later that day>

Guys how is it going?

We are doing ok how is Kim?

Well she is still sleepingÖÖ

Have they found him yet Rocko?

No Kimmy they havenít.

oh ok.

Kim are you ok?

Not really something is wrong with me but I canít figure out what.



Well it could be.

Actually itís not.

Well ok itís personal anyways.

Jase how you guys doin?

Just fine except that we havenít found Tommy yet.

Yea I know how that goes. Just like when he lost his green ranger powers and he ran off and I couldnít find him.


But when I lost part of my powers to zedd he made darn sure he was right there.

We know Kim, we know.

Youíre so funny, not.

Well how far are you guys? Any clues?

None what so ever.

How is Alex?

Just fine Kim.

Zordon have you figured out what was wrong with Kim yet?

Aaaaaaaahhhhhh! <falls on the floor screaming pink bolts blast from her chest almost like she is having a sever seizure.>


Zordon what wrong with her?

Alpha run some tests, Rocky get her to the medical ward.

Guys whatís wrong with Kim?

Her powers Jase. Bolts just started shooting out from her chest, itís so weird.

Part 2: The Alien Realm

Alex have you found any signs yet?

No none wait, what is that?

Zordon I think Kimís condition is resulting from Tommyís condition.

We found him.

Great work you guys.

Rocko is Kim ok?

No sheís not those bolts drained some of her energy. Her powers are not even touched though. Her powers arenít like ours.

I know. But some times things like that happen.

Well have you seen him yet?

We have him in our zord but we are being attacked. Whatever happened to Kim happened to him.

Well of course they are star-crossed lovers.

Yes they are.

Well we are returning but I think this monster is going to follow us.

Kimís up.

Kim itís Jase we found him. Are you ok?

Yes. If that monster follows you I will have a few destiny tricks up my sleeve.

We know.

We do?

Rocky I have powers given to me by my mother. Dociea. Tommy has powers that make the complete set when put with mine.

Well now you tell me. Where did Tommy get his?

From his mother and father Rita and Zedd, I got mine from my mother Dociea and my father, well youíre looking at him.

Zordon? Zordon is your father?

Yes he is Rocky. Before he met us he was freed to be a person again. He went to Phadoas and married Dociea, then they had me. A few years later Rita took it in her head to kidnap me. They held me captive and Zedd started treating me like his own daughter. He knew Tommy and I would be together eventually and approved of our childhood romance. Rita was another story. She couldnít see Tommy unless she saw me so thatís why she hates me. But to make a long story short when I came back and went to Tommyís house 2 days ago we finally got our powers.

Oh I see.

Guys here is Tommy.

I will take care of him. Good and neutral destinies divide.


Jason you are Tommyís twin brother I give you the destiny power of neutrality.


<in the medical ward>

Tommy youíll be alright now.

I will?

Yes the doctor is in.<bends over and kisses him> what happened to you?

What do you mean?

You have all kind of scrapes and bruises.

Well Mondoís little servants were beating me up. Donít worry about it though Kimmy.

Why not?

Because I have something more important for you to worry about.

Whatís that?

Will you marry me?

Youíre asking me to be misses Tommy Oliver?

Yes I am.

Well of course I will how crazy do you think I am?

Very<sits up and pulls her next to him on the bed.> Youíre in love with me arenít you?

Well yea but I donít call that crazy.


you are so funny Mr. Oliver

well thatís good Mrs. Oliver.

So now what?

Well how about we go see whatís going on in the world.


Guys welcome back.

Tommy are you ok?

Now I am.


You guys are so immature.

Thank you kindly.

So did that monster follow you?

Not really.

Well thatís good, wait what do you mean not really?

Well he came here but he is not attacking.

Oh I see.

Well guess what!


I asked Kim to marry me and she said yes.

Way to go Tommy but we all knew she would.

Yea how stupid do you think we are?

Not very.

Thatís a smart move on your part.


So anyway has anyone seen kitty Kat?


Well she was mean to me earlier and I wanted to ask her why.

Oh well I havenít seen her.

Me neither.

Well I wonder where she is.

I donít really care because she wrote the letter and signed Kimís name. Then moved in and made her claim and I can not believe it.

Well I try not to believe it how about you?

Well lets move on with this conversation.



What Alpha?

There is a monster in the park.

Zordon which rangers will go?

Well let Alex and the turbo rangers go first then you Tommy, and Kim can go if they need help.


So guys have you set a date?

No not really. I want to do it on valentines but I havenít really thought about it.

Me either. Jase when are you going to ask Alex?

What do you mean?

Come on we know you to are together.

Well I had planned on asking her when we got back but Zack-man said to wait.

Why so he can ask Angela?

That will be the day.

Well go ahead and ask her tell Zack that we told you to.


<Over intercom>

Guys we need your help.

Destiny power up:




Back to action.

Light destiny sword.

Dark destiny laser.

Destiny cannon.


You guys destroyed the monster without even using a zord. How?

Our powers Rocky.

Um Alex I am not so sure you want to be asked right now but will you marry me?

What? Of course Jase I have been waiting for you to ask.

See Zack.

Well I couldnít know what to do.

Look thereís Angela.

Power down.

Hey Angela!

Zack I thought you got lost?

No I couldnít leave without you.


Well call me ok?



Yes Zordon?

This is a strange experience for me but would you please return here.

Yes right away.

What is it Zordon?

We have a slight problem you see Kat has rejoined Rita on her own.

Why would she do that?

To split you guys up.

What no Kat would, well yea she would.

She knows that you can get over stressed at time Kim so she is waiting till she is sure it will affect you.

Well that sucks because I think Rita is trying to capture me through Kat and Tommy through me.

Well that is possible Kim. Kimberly have you contacted your mother since you got your powers?

No I had planned toÖÖ hold on she is contacting me.

<On the viewing globe>


Yes mother.

Now that you three have your destiny powers evil will do anything to split you up. Even more so now that you and Tommy are engaged.

Well I am sure of that but how do we avoid it?

By coming to the kingdom on Phados. You see Phados is actually the dark side of the moon and there is a kingdom here but you were not allowed in the first time you were here. Kimberly your 2 sisters have returned I am sending them to earth for a few days to watch you.

Man, mother I donít need my sisters who are both younger than me even if itís by minuets to watch me.

To late Kimmy.

Katana I told you never to call me that.

Why not sister.

Because only my earth friends have the privilege to call me that.

Who are they?

Meet Katana and Kylina, we are a set of triplets but because I am older I get the destiny powers.

Oh, hello father.

Hello my daughters please donít harass your sister.

Why thatís the fun part.

Tommy I hope you wonít be mixing us up and I hope my sisters donít try and fool you like Ky did to Kata on Giya.

Well itís not my fault Tommyís brothers are so stupid. Excluding Jason of course.


Yes Tommy you are one of a set of triplets too. Meet Collin and J.C.


So how are you bro? I hear your engaged to one of these girls too.


Yes I am engaged to Katana, and Collin here is engaged to Kylina.

Well that makes us all one big happy family.

Ha ha Tommy.

Well I still love ya Kim.

I am not an idiot Tommy.

We know Kim we know.


Well we do. We do.

Ha so now what?

We party because we have 4 engagements going on right now.



What is it Alpha?

Part 3: Phados and 3 Weddings

Tommy you, your brothers and Kim and her sisters must go to Phados now!

What? Ok were gone bye Jase take care.

Kimberly? Katana? Kylina?

Mother we have a slight problem.

Yes my dear I know. How would you like to get married on Phados?



Well why not?

Well I suppose we could.

Please Tommy.

Yea sure that way when we go back we can say we were married the once place they can't stop us at.

Thank you sweets<kisses him>

Kim I think we should go somewhere so we can talk.

Um, ok how about my room.

Kim, look I want you so much but I don't know any of the customs here. I want to be with you etc. but..

Tommy I know but the customs here are no different then earth if you want me come and get me.

Here I come.

<hours later they resurface among the crowds and little do they know they are being followed by a friend of theirs.>

Kim who is that?

Zack how could you?

Well Zordon said not to tell anyone I was here until I found you. There's something we need to discuss.

What Zack?

Kat committed suicide.


She came to the power chamber and was looking around a monster attacked and when we went to fight him she left. When we returned we found out she had hung herself near by in a cave. We had heard that's were the goons that blew up the command center got in.

Well that's a sad statement because I have to keep open the option that it might have been a ploy to make us think the threat was gone so we'd return to find ourselves in a trap.

Kim that's exactly what Zordon said.

I should know he is my father. We are getting married here and I would like you to contact all of the old rangers. I am going to have a tough choice deciding on a maiden of honor.

Ha ha ha Kim.

Well it will be I have to chose between Tanya, Trini, and Aisha.

That will be tough.


I told you.

Well so when is the day?

3 days from now.

Well Kimmy we must be going.

Yes Tommy and I have some "business" to attend to.

Well bye.

<at their make shift house>

Kim can I. Well can I make love to you?

If you want to. You know you don't have to ask.

Well I am not one to just take.

<by slowly taking off their clothes they get their passion to the highest it can go. By the time they finally join its already night.>

You are so hard to resist.

Well then don't.

There is going to be a time when I will have to.

Well now is not one of them.

Yea you're right.

Well then.

Take me you big lug.

<next morning>


What the hell?



Answer the phone please.

Ok. Hello?

Hi it's J.C. do you think maybe that you and Tommy could meet us here at my house?

Yea. But why are you oh my god it's noon.

Well I have been calling you for an hour.

Sorry I was wiped from some um buisness last night.

Sure it was just buisness.

Well it was.

Not! Anyways get over here.

Ok coming.

<at J.C.'s>

Well what's up?

Nothing much here you?

Well we have found out that Kat didn't kill herself.


She is alive and well with Rita and Zedd.

How did she manage that?

We don't know yet Kimmy.

Well that suxz.

Yes we know so how come it took an hour for you to answer the phone?

Because it did.

Oh picky.

Be quiet Katana.

Yes mammy.

Shut up!

Ok already.

We have 2 days till our marriges do you think they will find us?

No do you?


Well Katana and I have some things to do.

Me and Kylina too.

<over communicators>

Hey guys.

Hey Jase whats up?

Nothing here but listen we think Rocko might have joined forces with Rita and Zedd.


No he couldn't.

He could if Kat lured him in.

Part 4: The Past is Powerful

Why would she? What is Rita planing?

Who knows but we have to be getting ready to go see your mother.

My mother why?

She wants to see us.


Yes daughter it is time for you and Tommy to recive your powers.

Our powers?

Your destiny powers Kim you don't have the full powers. You being the eldest get theses powers.


Return to the temple and start from there. The only thing I have to say is: relive the past to help the future.

Ok. Teleporting out.

Kim what does that mean?

I don't really know maybe it has something to do with the last time we were here.

Yea maybe.

Lets. Hmmm I don't know.

The mountain?

Yes thats it we have to get our powers at the mountain like the last time but something tells me that the monsters gaurding them will be fiercer.

Yea I would believe so.

Here goes nothing.

Pink ranger power.

White ranger power.

Lets go.

<as the approch the mountain.

Just as I thought there are 5 now.


Oh my god!

Kim behind you.

Destiny sword.

Destiny cannon.



If these aren't the full powers Rita is in trouble.

I would think so.

Me too.

<they fall to the ground exhausted and then teleport back>

That was trying.

Yes I would agree we have been monintoring you.


The rangers have come here too.

All of them??





Whoa girlie reunion.

Shut up Collin.

Ok already.

Shut up!

Girl how are ya?

I am great yourself?


I have no clue what I am going to do about you and Tanya and Trini.

Niether do we.

Well its off to bed with you all.

Yes mother.

See ya in the morning.

Goodnight my love.

Good night Kimmy.

I hope that all of you stay apart tonight.


You know the rules Kim.

Yes mom.

We'll watch them.

Good night all.

<the next day>

This is the way I always wanted it.

We know Kim we have heard for the last hour.

Now lets see something old?

Her morpher.

Hahahah guys.

Something new?

Her new morpher.

I don't think those count guys.

Oh well.

Something borrowed?

Here wear my necklace.


Something blue?

Her sash the end is blue.

I still don't think blue goes with light pink.



Now lets go.

<after the wedding Kim and Tommy disapper before anything.>

I guess they couldn't stay apart.

Yea one night was to long.


<in their room>

Kim why did we leave?

I missed you and I want you to hold me.


<He takes her over to the bed and then takes the dress off.>

That's not bad but thats bot exactly what I meant.


Part 5: Now what?

Ok so where are Rita and her goons now?

Who knows.

We are right here rangers.



We are here to take you.

No you won't our master wants them.

Kat? Rocky?

Your master?

Master vile.

Light destiny power!

Dark destiny power!

And a little help from nuetral destiny power.

<They begin to fight neither Kim or Jason notice Tommy being dragged off suddenly the cogs drop Tommy and grab Kim they hit her with a large pole and take her away.>


Tommy don't worry.

I have to she's light destiny, shes the good one, they should have taken me<sobbing>

Tommy woa this isn't like you, your powers are effecting your emontional stability.




Tommy has something wrong with him its almost like Kim had, over stressed or something.

<Teleport Kim>



Wait Tommy! They have hurt her very badly.



Tommy they obviously did it to effect you, but on the good side she's not evil.

Thats a good thing.

<In a harsh wisper> Tommy, help me. my powers were no match for theirs, master vile made Rocky rape me, I'm so hurt. Hold me please.

<She starts to cry, Tommy holds her and sees she's almost as hurt as a young child would be. Suddenly everything around them becomes blurred and they can no longer see the Command Center or Jason or any of the other rangers when Tommy comes to he and Kim are tied down in the Command Center while their subconcious minds are in another realm holding a battle with the unknown force.>


End destiny series




This fanfic was written by Kim Harte, and are posted here with her permission.