Disclaimer: This story takes place before the alien ranger series. These characters are Sabans and I am using them with no tie what so ever.

The Ultimate Power
Part 1: Home is Home Again.
by Kelly

All of the rangers minus Kim are sitting watching a t.v. movie at Tommy's house. Kat and Tommy have just had a fight.

We interupt this program to bring you late breaking news. From Florida here is Sarah Smith.

Thank you. We here have just been informed that an athlete from the panglobals Kimberly Harte disappered last night at around midnight. There are no clues or leads.

Thank you. We now return you to your program.

What missing?

Tommy it's not that bad.


I don't think so.

Shut up Kat.

Lets get to the power chamber.



Yes rangers I have retuned.

Have you heard?

Yes Rita and Zedd have kidnapped her.


Who knows?


Who is that?

Go see.


How can I help you rangers?

Who are you?

Tommy you don't remember me?


I can change that come with me.

Teleport out.

Where are we?

Where I can

What's a matter Tommy? Don't you want your princess?


Here take her.

Drains her strength.



He leaves and an attack ensues. Goldar having returned snatches Kim from his arms.

Give her back!


Tommy return at once.

Yes Zordon?

Billy has set up his transporter. She was in this area before. She has regained some strength but is quickly losing it as she struggels to get free.

Ok I am going to get her.

Ok fine.


Tommy?! Help me!

I will.

How sweet come for your pink princess Tommy?

Goldar! I should have known.

They engage in a battle. Tommy knocks him down grabbs Kim and teleports out. She having fallen asleep in his arms is awakened to the sound of Zordon's voice.


Yes Kim.

Why are you back?

To help the rangers.



Kat is attaking people in the park.

We'll go.

Tommy you have to help me with something.


I am going to re-open the Command Center.


Because I wasn't here when the explosion occured I can still enter.

How do you know?

Well awhile ago I was having some problems in the panglobals so I decided to drop out. I began crying and must have fallen asleep when I woke up I was in the Command Center.

They enter the Command Center.

You will have to hold my hand because the Command Center will treat you as an intruder until we have it set up right.


Awhile later:

Kim I need my hands.

Ok. Puts her hands around his waist. Better?

Much.Well lets see.

She rests her head on his back.


Very. Thanks for saving me.

All in a days work beautiful.

Ready to test?

Not until I kiss you.

He kisses her.

Aren't you with..

No we had a fight.

Oh I see.

She lets him go nothing happens.

I guess it worked.


He picks her up and carries her into the Command Center. Puts her back down and begins to explain the layout of the new Command Center.

Theres a semi-circle of computors and there are. Its just..

Just what?

The colors. Jason is aqua , Zack is green , Trini is purple , Billy's blue, Kim is pink of course, I am back to white , Rocky is red , Aishia is yellow , Adam is black, and Kat is silver , Tanya is gold..



Well lets go.

Not yet Kim and I have a few finishing touches.


They re-enter the Command Center.

Well how many more rooms do we need?

One but we could share.

True put 2 Beds in my room.

2? Is that necessary?

No not really. Kim!

Gotta love me.

The other rangers enter.

Welcome to our new home.


Yes we have everything here to live here.

What does Zordon say?

I would enjoy it if you lived here.

Agreed then?


Hold on.

Kim teleports to Florida. States she was kidnapped by the power rangers worst enemy gets her things and states she is leaving then with no futher statements she teleports back. She the sits down in her pink chair at her cubicle. She turns all the computors on then reliezes something very wrong is happening in Angel Grove. Little do they know that they alone can stop it. But who is it after? Why is it causing everything to be so different and more importatly what is it?

Part 2 -- Discover The Past Uncover The Future

Well I hope that we can all recover from our busy day yesterday.

Something is after us.


Theres something in Angel Grove I am not kidding.

What the hell are you talking about?

Damn it Tommy! Theres is something in Angel Grove coming after us.

Whoa what is that?


Oh my god it's going to get him.

Not if I can help it!

She teleports out and begins to fight the foreign figure. The figure looks like a man but is taller than an normal human, he keeps refering to the past saying he's back and he's better then ever. When Kim hits him he throws her 10 feet in the oposite direction having distracted him Adam managed to teleport away. Zordon the hurries Alpha to teleport Kim back.

Hurry Alpha!

Teleporting now.


My god what happened to her.

She told the monster she knew who he was he became furious and charged at me, I ran forward and she threw a stick at him. Then he threw a bolt at her and sent her flying.

Adam are you ok?

Yes but what about Kim?

She'll be fine really.

How could she know who he was?

She hit him once then stopped and declared that she knew who he was and the rangers would again stop him.

Great not even one clue.

Kim wakes up shaking.

Kim who is it?

No it can't be I have to be wrong. I have to be.


It's.. My god Its..

Kim tell us.

Yea girl it can't be that bad.

Rocky, Tommy, Aishia, Adam, and Billy I hate to tell you this but it's Ivan Ooze.

Oh my god!

Hey that would be my line!

Sorry Kim.

It's cool.

Ivan Ooze?

Unfourtunatly yes, he returned, lord knows how but still he has returned.

How will we beat him?

Who knows?

We have to go back to Phadois and talk with Dulcea.

Will we be able to come up with an answer?

That's a big question Tanya.

When will we go to Phadois?

Soon, very soon. Zordon teleport us now.

Part 3 -- The 2nd Quest

Rangers? Why are you back?

Ivan Ooze has some how returned Dulcea.

Good god. I thought you guys destroyed him.

We thought we did to.

Do you have any clue how we could stop him?

Wait! I know!


Our ninjeti powers!

Thats right Kim go on.

They are in us right Dulcea?

Yes thats true.

I remember.

Yes Tommy.

Thats right!

We can use them still.

Kim calls out her powers and instantly is morphed.The others follow,Jason, Trini, Zack, Kat and Tanya are left standing, Kim looks to Dulcea.

Kathrine, Swift and Agile cunning and brave you are the Cheeta.

Ninjeti- Cheeta!

Tanya, strong yet fragile and nice but very mean once provoked. You are the Eagle.

Ninjeti- Eagle!

Jason, strong sensible, and good leader, you are the Lion.

Ninjeti- Lion!

Zack, strong yet playful, quick but also sometimes fearful you are the Hawk.


And lastly Trini, swift, strong and a quick thinker you are the Tiger.

Ninjeti- Tiger!

Once they all are morphed they thank Dulcea and return to Earth. Ivan wasted no time in destroying major areas of Angel Grove and surronding areas. Thankfully this time he didn't touch the Command Center. Once the fight engaged Ivan goes after Kim and Kat first.

Two little rangers alone.

It's morphin time!

Pink Ranger Power!

Black Ranger Power!

Blue Ranger Power!

Yellow Ranger Power!

Red Ranger Power!

White Ranger Power!

Gold Ranger Power!

Silver Ranger Power!

Aqua Ranger Power!

Green Ranger Power!

Purple Ranger Power!

Now morphed the rangers begin to fight Ivan. Ivan grabs Kat and Kim in a beam. They can't break free both yell at the same time.


Tommy runs to them hoping to save them but as soon as he gets near Ivan is gone taking them with him. All though he didn't notice the ranger who snuck up behind him and followed him. Billy now stood in the shadows of Zedds castle on the moon. He powers down to his ninjeti costume. The girls sense his presence that night as they try to get some rest. Billy gets the key to their cell.

Just the Ivan wakes to find the three fleeing rangers he becomes infurated.

Part 4- Three Lone Rangers

{This should have a webmasters warning: Sexual scenes!}

The three rangers are outside the palace unaware that Ivan knows about them. Billy is urging and helping the girls in their hurry to get to the outside area of the castle. Once outside Zordon has Alpha activate the transporter, all but Kim make it. She once again is stuck. But this time Ivan comes up to her, she turns completely morphed. Ivan and she start to fight as she backs up Alpha teleports her.

That was not fun.

We're sorry Kim theres on area on the moon that we can't teleport out of and you were right inside that area.

Ivan attacked me.

She stated pointing to the cuts in her ninjeti costume, plus the bruises she had.

And I don't fell so well.

She goes to her and Tommys room, puts on a movie and slowly sinks to sleep. He walks in and reliezes she doesn't look to well either. He picks her up and places her on the bed at which point he calls Billy, Billy comes in and looks her over.

She is just exushted thats all. Alots happened today, she needs to stay in bed or around here for a few days. Kat has the same thing though hers' is a bit worse more of a reaction to the new powers. He body first excepted the crane powers so shes having a bit or a reaction.

Ok, I'll make sure she stays in bed.


He leaves and Tommy fixes himself something to drink, coming back he finds her awake.


No, not really. I'm tired Tommy. I don't know how we can beat Ivan or if we even can.

Just then sirens go off, Kim, Kat and Billy are the first ones gone. The other rangers find they cannot teleport. The three rangers continue to fight and wonder where the others are, suddenly they are teleported to an unkown realm. There are no walls and no floor technically. There is but they can't see it. When the battle is finally over they start to teleport but they can't. The hours pass and they fall asleep when they wake Ivan is staring at them.

Three lone rangers.

Let us go you raisin head.

Why would I do that Kimmy?

Don't call me that.

Lets us go.

No never. You tried to destroy me now its time to pay the piper.


Kat screams as Kim jumps over the blast she pulls out her whip and hits Ivan with it. He becomes angrier and knocks her unconcious. Billy runs to her and Ivan leaves. Kim is still unconcious. She wakes screaming, as Ivan returns.

How dare you!

She charges at Ivan with her emotions becoming her strength. She knocks him down and he zaps her. She stands over him with her whip in hand waiting for his next move.


Kim are you ok?


I believe it's actually checkmate.


Teleport us back before I am forced to hurt you.

They are teleported away, and once inside the Command Center, Kim collapses.


She's taken to many hits she has to rest.

I'll take care of it Billy.

Kim you are going to stay in bed you understand?


She falls asleep Tommy lays down and puts his arms around her.

Good night my lone ranger.

That night she has a weird dream, she's back in the old west only things are different Ivan comes in place of the white stranger Kim wakes screaming.Tommy puts his arms around her and brushes her hair out of her face she falls asleep. As she drifts back to sleep she dreams of Ivan again. Only this time all the rangers are trapped in this glass tube. She alone is free. She is morphed standing in front of Ivan. He tries to make her a deal.

You become my queen they go free.

But why would I want to?

If you don't they'll die.

I'll never be your queen.

As she says that the tube the rangers are in fill up with gas Kim watches as the rangers die in front of her eyes Tommy is the last to die. As he dies he gives Kim an evil look. She wakes to find him with his arms around her and she is covered with cold sweat Tommy, wakes and notices how sweaty she is.

Kimmy whats wrong?

Nothing Tommy.

Come on Kim, what happened?

Tiger I dreamnt that Ivan captured all of you then told me to become his queen. That if I didn't he'd kill you all and worst of all he did.

Oh Princess.

He brushes the hair out of her eyes. Then kisses her tenderly. She snuggles against him and sleeps.He kisses her and falls asleep. Unfourtunatley Kim is not mentaly noticing. She is talking with someone else inside her mind. Someone shes not sure she can resist. She stands and walks over to his room.

Kimberly, my secret love.

Our secret may not secret long.


Tommy can read my mind.

Not anymore.

How did you?

Very easy, we are lovers, he's in the way.

This isn't like you.

Just do as I say.

Yes, Master.

Come over here and lay on the bed, take off your clothes and make love to me sweets.

Yes my lord.

Thats a good girl.

As you wish.

She rips their clothes off obviously controled by something. No one knows how long he's been like this but it has been for awhile. The letter to Tommy from Kim was something he told her to write. She is controled by him only part of the time. When he wants her. He contacts her in her mind and makes her come to him. As he lays over her blasting into her again and again, she screams in pleasure. The next day everything seems normal enough, until


What Tommy?

Why is Kim's night gown in your room?

Like I would know.

You would. It didn't just magicly appear there!

And why might I add are the sheets off your bed?

Cause they are.

What have you done to her?

Motions to Kim who is standing off looking at the viewing globe in a trance, Billy calls to her and she walks up, its time to let them know.

I brainwashed her to use for myself.

Yes my love?

Tell Tommy the story.

My Master, he took me into a chamber and said I was sick so her made me drink some stuff and he talked to me, then he told me to kisses him and I did. Then he told me to write you a letter and I did. Last night he told me to make love to him and I did.

You weren't supposed to say that.

Sorry Master.

I am a true genuis. I now can control who I want when I want. Its execllent.

You mean Kim didn't break up with me on her own?

No ever since we got back from phadios she has been under my power. The panglobals were made up they aren't real she never left she came to me and with me everywhere I told her.

Billy this is not like you are you alright?

Shut up Zordon. It's about time I take over this buisness.

Billy he's right you're not usually like this.

Its a charade I tell you. Ivan and I are assoicates. I made them build on the construction site to free him and I made you all think we killed him. Only a true genuis such as myself could do that.


Shut up Kat or I'll have you too, and poor little Tommy will be all alone.

Why I oughta!

Tommy no!

Have Rocky you can't stop him.

You can't either.

But I know someone who can. Kimberly, show Tommy to your playhouse.

Yes Master.

She takes his arm and pulls him toward Billy's room, they hear Tommy start to yell but then they hear sounds of him enjoying himself. Kat storms in.

Leave him alone!


To be continued..



This fanfic was written by Kim Harte, and are posted here with her permission.