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For Better or Worse
by: Kelly

{In Tommy's mind}

Kim: Tommy help me.

Tommy: What the?

Kim: Something is trying to make me evil, help me.

Tommy: No way Kim you lie!

Kim: Kim is Kim no more.

Tommy: Damn why must I be stubborn?

Zordon: Tommy what is it? Why are you here?

Tommy: Zordon, Kim contacted me and she was taken.

Zordon: Who could have taken her?

{Ritas Palace, the lights are high, Kim is standing in a Red halter top and mini skirt.}

Rita: Kimmy would you please go and fetch the red zeo ranger?

Kim: At your Command my mistress.

Rita: That's a bad girl, go get him and you can have your prize.

{On earth, in the park the rangers are morphed and waiting}

Kim: Oh rangers! Take me to your leader.

{Laughing evily. }

Tommy: You'll never win!

Kim: Oh yes I most certainly will.

{She grabs Kat. }

Kim: Come with me Tommy or pretty kitty here gets it.

Tommy: Then I have no choice?

Kim: Exactly.

Tommy: Then lets go and get this over with.

Adam: No!

Rocky: There has to be another way.

Kim: Oh such friendship, I think I might hurl. Lets go Tommy.

{They teleport out then Kim teleports back and grabs Kat.}

Kim: Its for security reasons.

{Ritas palace, the lights are dimmed a bit and Kim is wearing the dark Pink zeo costume without the helmet.}

Rita: Kimmy you have done well, but why the girl?

Kim: My queen the simple fact that if one escapes we shall have the other.

Rita: You are a very intelligente servent.

Kim: The power rangers have met their final match.

{Kim and Rita explode with evil laughter. Kat glares.}

Kat: You will never win.

{Kim walks over and lifts up Kat's head. }

Kim: Oh really? And who is going to stop us? Certainly not you kitty.

Kat: You will never ever be worth anything.

{Kim slaps her across the face. }

Kim: Silence!

Rita: Kim those power brats are in the park go and stop them.

Kim: As you Command but could I please have my evil reward as back up?

Rita: You mean your evil husband?

Kim: Yes my queen.

Rita: So be it.

{Throws some dust in Tommy's face. Tommy's eyes glow red then he moves to Kim's side.}

Tommy: Let us go my love.

Kim: Yes we shall.

Kat: How could you?

Kim: Hush kitty or we'll feed you to the dogs.

Tommy: Kathrine you should try and be a little bit quieter you might get hurt.

{Later that day Rita sets Tommy and Kat free. Master Vile comes and throws Rita out.}

M.v.: Kim you have failed miserably.

She gets down on her knee's groveling.

{He whips her 20 times.}

Kim: I am sorry master it won't happen again.

{Later that day he whips her again, having reminded her of one of her childhood memories from being beaten by her father, Kim starts to act scared and he sets her free.Command Center, the lights are high and Alpha is running francticly around, as Zordon commands him}

Tommy: Zordon teleport Kim here. Kim are you ok?

Kim: Get away!

Jason: Kim it's ok.

{She runs to him sobbing. He holds her like she's a child vowing whoever did this would pay. She keeps saying something about a man hurting her. }

Jason: I will kill whoever did this to you.

Kim: No don't let him near me he'll hurt me. Daddy beat me so does he.

Tommy: I swear to god she has regressed.

M.v.: Rangers you will be defeated at all costs do you understand?

Tommy: He did it.

Kim:screams. Keep him away!

Jason: Lets go Kim.

Tommy: Where to?

Jason: The medical ward.

{The medical ward Jason is turned looking at a computer screen Kim stands.Kim stops acting childish and vanishes Jason tries to grab her but she's gone. When he goes out to tell the other rangers they don't seem to see him that's when he reliezes that Kim is now serving Master Vile. The rangers turn and face Jason. They look at him with a confused look. Tommy's face instantly goes pale and he reliezes Kim's disappeared. }

Tommy: Kim's gone isn't she?

Jason: Yes she just vanished.

{Suddenly sirens go off they see in the viewing globe that Kim is in the park attacking people she is wearing a dark pink zeo costume. Master Vile is standing beside Kim coaching her on telling her exactly what to do and she does it. The rangers teleport to the park and call her name. She looks up and glancing into the eyes of every ranger they can feel her searching their souls for a weakness so great that it could destroy them. When her eyes fall on Tommy she knows exactly what his weakness is, his feelings for her. He never let her go and never will. Master Vile also notices his fear. When Kim is done she begins working on a sort of computer board, Master Vile is watching her aprovingly and smiles when she hands him her finished work. Tommy has no idea what's about to happen until it does. Instantly he and the other rangers are separated and he is in a sense out of realitly when he finally is able to see more the darkness he see's Kim and her evil twisted mind clearly. And he already seems to know her intentions. He fears for his life, then reliezes he should probably fear for something else......... Master viles dugueon, the lights very dimmed, she is standing in a see through robe}

Kim: Tommy....

{She states with an evil sort of joy. He looks deep into her eyes trying to convince her not to do what she's about to but it doesn't work, then bam it hit's him or should we say she hit's him. With a force he could not ever fight. He reliezes her mission her mission is to capture him.. mind.. Body...and soul. Whatever it takes. She starts to tear his clothes off his body he tries to pull her off but fueled by her evilness and her attraction towards him she can't be pryed off. Tommy suddenly reliezes he wants her too. They go about having sex and Tommy becomes evil, No one can change that at least not now. When the two evil rangers return to Master Vile he gives Kim a look of aproval. Then comences giving Tommy evil powers. Tommy then gives way to his Master letting him have control over him. Master Vile does a test and finds out that Kim is pregnant carrying an evil baby, belonging to Tommy. Master Vile tells Kim and she is over joyed when she tells Tommy though.. }

Kim: Hey Tommy, guess what?

Tommy: What?

Kim: I am pregnant.

Tommy: That sucks.

Kim: I think it's a good thing.

Tommy: It's mine?

Kim: 100%. I haven't had anyone else come on can't you be happy? Master says it's a boy. Your very own evil son.

Tommy: I.. A son? Oh Kim that's great. You are such a good wife.

Kim: A small change of heart I see.

Tommy: If its going to be a boy I will be happy.

Kim: You think Master lies?

Tommy: No I never said that my dear evil Princess.

Kim: Tell me Tiger, what shall we do to that Master now?

Tommy: Lets get some rangers.

Kim: Ohh sounds like fun. But if they hurt our baby..

Tommy: They die.

{They break off into evil laughter and head for Angel Grove. The rangers teleport in.The park, the sun is over head directly and Kim is firing blast from her sword}

Rocky: Stop!

Kim: Right whose gonna stop us?

Tommy: Once Kim has her baby she and I will help Master Vile take over the universe.

{She smiles as her wraps his arms around her Rocky, passes a weird look to Kat who starts to wonder.}

Kim: So if you will excuse us we are busy.

Rocky: No you are becoming a pain.

Tommy: Thank you. You stupid ranger!

{Blasts him and they telport out}

Kat: If she has the baby to the evil force, they'll never get free.

Zordon: I'm afraid you are correct Kat.

Rocky: But thats not for 9 months.

Zordon: No Rocky, normally it would take that long, but with Vile's spells it could be a matter of days.

Kat: We have to do something!

Adam: And fast!

Aishia: I know lets try something convetional

{They teleport out to her house they brainstrom for quite awhile and finally come up with an idea.}

Kat: What is it Aishia?

Aishia: One thing they can't refuse.

Kat: Whats that? { She asked curious and lost}

Aishia: Evil's own. {She hands Kat a ring that is pure black. Kat looks at it curiously and reliezes that its fake. It looks real and Aishia continues}

Aishia: If we can get it on Kim's fingure when she has the baby it will not be evil. Then once she and Tommy get it on, they'll both break the spell and return here!

Kat: Sheer brillance. Something you could have only hoped for. I hope I get Tommy back.

Aishia: I don't know girl. They seem to still..

Kat: I know but the real Kim would never take him from me.

{They telport back to the park and Kim teleports in alone. The others start to walk up to her}

Aishia: We have something for you. In this ring is possed all the powers you ever had as a ranger. Take it.

{Kim takes it and puts it on, a few days later she has they baby, as Master Vile and Tommy smile Master Vile reliezes that the baby is good. He gets angry with Kim and sets Tommy and Kim free telling the rangers they will pay.}

Kim: Thank you so much you guys!

{She hugs them, then turns to Kat}

Kim: It isn't right that I have a child by your man, but since it was under an evil spell can you forgive me? And be godmother to the baby?

Kat: Yes of course.

Tommy: Glad thats straight.

{They all laugh and they exit as they exit Tommy makes a speech about the rangers, considering now Kim has good powers she is a ranger again. He says:}

Tommy: As a team we stick together. For better or Worse and most of all when it gets tough.

{They put their hands into the middle forming a circle they jump and shout:}

All: Power Rangers!!!!

The End