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X times 4
by Kelly

A slight knock at Tommy's bedroom door broke him from his confusion over his new assignment.

He answers the door to see a young woman, a beautiful woman. She was familiar to him yet not too familiar. She gave him that same old smile and he reliezed she was his partner.

Um, hi.

Nice to see you again.


I am agent Kimberly Harte, the newest member of the X-file team. I am here, because you are my partener.

Who would, have figured.

Lets go. We have to head to Roswell.

Roswell? As in New Mexico?

Yes Skeptical.

Ok, lets go.

We're going to meet up with our other team when we get there.

Other team?

Mulder and Scully.

The Mulder and Scully?

Yes Tommy. Lets go and hurry.

They head to Roswell, after they get there they are greeted by agents Mulder and Scully, Harte introduces them.

Spooky, this is agent Tommy oliver.

Hello, I am agent Mulder, and this is agent Scully.

Welcome to the team.

Thanks. You and Tiger here should get along great.

Why's that?

You're both skepitiscts.

She hollared as she walked in to the gorge made by the crashed object they were reviewing.


What is it Harte?

I found something.

What is it?

It's like a piece of metal but it bends back into shape. I heard something once about a guy who found it. His son thought it was neat but then he was forced to return it or something.

Mulder takes the metal from her. He bends it into a u shape then watchs as it shapes back into a square. He looks around and sees hundereds of pieces like it. He hands it back to Harte who puts it in her pocket.

Well team we definetly have something strange here.

Hey Scully, explain this.

She said jokingly, Mulder chuckles and the four walk a short distance from the crash site. A car pulls up and 4 men in army uniforms get out.

Can we help you?

Agents Mulder, Scully, Harte and Oliver, FBI.

I am sergent Jay of the united states army, we are here to clean up the crash site.

We we're assinged to investigate it. You can't touch it till we are done.

She hands him a piece of paper and looks to Mulder, she mouths the words: Trust no one. As he nods his head the sergent takes his men back to their vehicle. They drive off, as Harte begins to ponder.

Mulder why would they send the army out here?

Well, because they were probably trying to get this metal out of here.

Do you think they know about it?

Most likely they were just trying to clean this place up.

Oliver and Scully agreed.

Hush Tiger, you are just being logical.


It bothers me.

Hey Harte lets go out for dinner tonight.

Ask me later.

She and Mulder start to discuss something and they here a ringing sound coming from the ruble. Oliver walks over to the ruble and starts to sort through it, he finds a small computer about the size of a calaculator he hands it to Mulder. He examines it then decides to head to the Airforce base.

Alright, we'll head to the airforce base, you guys go and gets us our rooms. Meet us there in an hour, and don't forget to call and tell me where our hotel is.

Alright see ya.

They go their separate ways and Harte finds their rooms. She calls Mulder on his cell.

Hey there Mulder.

Hey Harte got our rooms?

Yes, the hotel is not far from the crash site, maybe a mile.

Thats pretty close.

Yea, so hows skeptical Scully?

Fine how's Tiger doing?

He keeps asking me to go to dinner with him.

We'll be back in about 10 minuets.

We'll be waiting.

As Mulder and Scully enter, Harte can see from the look in his eyes he's planning something.

Hey Tiger, how about a double dinner date?

Yea, what about it ladies?

Harte and Scully look at each other and smile.

Only if you two pay for everything.

Harte said and Scully nodded in agreement. The guys smile and the girls get ready, Scully wears a nice shirt and slacks, Harte wears a short Pink dress with white shoes that have laces that wrap around her legs to her knees. The guys wear suit shirts and slacks, they all head out.

So about that computer what did you find?

Well I know from it's make that it isn't the technologies we have a hold of now.

Why must you two bring work everywhere?

Because Tiger, thats how we finsh our projects so quickly.

Princess how did I get put on this team?

I requested you as a partner.

How did you get on this team?

I wouldn't know.

I requested her.

Mulder you requested me?I feel honored. Everyone in the academy looks up to you two.

Are you serious?

It's no joke. When I was in the academy everyone was always talking about you guys.

While I was at the panglobals and I got accepted to the academy I had papers coming in like crazy about you two.

Hey don't you guys come from the city where the power rangers are?

They look at each other, then down, then back at Mulder.


What was that all about?


They both claim suddenly, Mulder looks at the two, what a pair he thinks.

So how long have you guys known each other?

About 6 years now.

We used to be a couple.

But when I went to Florida that changed.

Mulder leans over the table and wispers something into Scully's ear.

Lets go back to the hotel.

Yea come on.

They get up and leave that night Harte's sitting on the porch thinking. Mulder walks out of his and Tiger's room.

How's he holding up in there?

He's doing fine. What's a matter Harte?


Don't try that.

A lot.


We'll like I am not sure how I feel about him anymore and like something you said earlier was just drawing up old memories, that were a bit saddening to me.

Of when you were a power ranger?

How would you know?

The look you guys gave a dinner.


She looks down and he can feel he mind trying to sort things out he walks back into his room and tells Tiger to go outside. As he walks out the door Harte looks up, she can instantly tell he was thinking about it too.

Hey there Tiger.

What's new Princess?

Not much. How about with you?

Nothing just been thinking.



You too?


Well then that's interesting.

He walks over behind he and she stands, she turns and faces him. He smiles at her.

Kim whatever happened to us?

I moved and felt bad about leaving you like that so I broke up with you, thats what.

Well don't worry about it Harte.

But I have to Tiger.


Look at Mulder and Scully, it's ovbious to me they have a pretty good professional relationship, but they get along great as a pair too. I can hardly talk with you without the memories flooding back.

She gets tears in her eys, as the trail down her cheeks he kisses them away. He hugs her.

Come on Harte, it's not that hard.

But it is Tiger. I don't see how you can deal with it.

I hid my feelings I have almost always been good at that.

Mulder knows.


When we looked at each other during dinner.

Great has he said anything?

No he just thinks that makes us even better for his team, we believe in aliens and we have be abducted too.

She says smiling as he chuckles.

Has anyone ever told you I love the way you laugh?

You have more then once Princess.


Kim, can we have that relationship again?

I'm not sure, I mean we are professionals now, we're on the same team again, only this time as Parteners.

She says putting emphasis on the word, as she looks up at him he reminds her of all their years as rangers.

But we had a relationship when we were rangers.

That was years ago, Tommy.

Kimberly, please I didn't want to break-up.

Niether did I.

He kisses her and she lays her head on his chest then his cell starts to ring.

What timing.


Hey Tommy.


Yea, how are you?

Fine thanks how about you?

Good, where are you?

Roswell, New Mexico.



Oh yea, I remeber now you are on the FBI. How's Kim? Have you heard from her?

She's standing right here, actually.

What? How?

We are partners.

Go figure.

Yea, thats what I thought.

Well I'd love to talk longer but I can't.

Alright see ya.

He hangs up the phone and she smiles, he pushes part of her hair back and kisses her again. They then go in to go to sleep.

Hey at least we no longer have to deal with Rita and Zedd.

That's for sure.

That's the only type of aliens I don't like.

What's that?

Ugly ones.

He laughs as he goes in and shuts the door, he doesn't notice Mulder standing at the curtians. When Tommy lays down, Mulder starts to laugh. When Kim goes in her room she doesn't see, Scully looking out the curtain. She lays down to go to sleep, then Scully goes out the door. She and Mulder starts discussing something and Kim has a weird dream. When she wakes Scully is sleeping but there is someone on the porch outisde she goes out to find Mulder.

So what was it like being a ranger?

Well sorta weird, I mean I am not supposed tell anyone this but I've been abducted by aliens more then once, Tiger and I both have.


The villians we faced. But any ways thats the past and history. I'm an FBI agent now, and I'm not sure Tommy and I can really have our relationship again. I mean as rangers he always told me that he had to worry about the team, but he always worried more about me because he loves me. he would get so angry if anyone messed with me. I guess he felt he had to, to make up for the comments he made as the evil ranger.

Such as?

He told me that everyone's universe didn't revolve around me then it turned out his did.

Mulder laughs a bit then notices something off in the distance in the direct of the crash site.

What's that?

I don't know lets go!

They head to the crash site to find three men standing their writing things down, Mulder walks right up to talk to them but Kim takes a ranger aproach, a sneak attack. She notices a small black bag next to a brief case and a computer like the one Oliver found earlier, she grabs it then follows Mulder.

Excuse me can you tell me what you are doing here?

Cleaning up this site.

You can't we are investigating it.

Who are you?

That's none of your buisness.

It's all my buisness.

We are from an agency that told us to clean this up.

We were told to investigate it.

Well your investigation is over.

No it's not.

You have no proof the crash ever existed.

Wanna bet?

Harte cried as she look the men over, she grabs her keys from Mulder.

Come on lets get back!

He jumps in the car and as the other car comes after them Harte leads them around a small hill area. She floors the car and manages to lose them. They return to the hotel.

Um, next time let me drive.

In my car? I think not.

What's going on out here?


They both exclaim looking up to see Oliver and Scully on the porch. They look at them scolding, it's 4 am in the morning.

Well I think you two should go back to bed.

What about you Harte?

I'm going to practice some old stuff I know, Mulder you should go to bed too.

They go back in the hotel rooms leaving her outside, Mulder and Oliver watch from their window as Harte goes through a few karate moves then does flips and stuff she hasn't done since she was a ranger. Oliver walks outside to the porch continuing to watch her. As she does three back flips and lands gracefully he walks down behind he then quoting an old enemy:

You'll never win you pathectic rangers! I'll be back!

She jumps spinning around to find him there smiling she grins and he puts his arms around her. She looks up to the sky and starts to wonder:

I wonder whatever happened to them.

They never said goodbye.

Why would they?

Who knows.

You never told then goodbye.

I did so.

You lie.

When they had me in the dungeon.


Ok so I didn't.

Mulder walks back out at about 6:30 am. They are standing looking in the direction of the sunrise. Mulder smiles as they start to kiss. He clears he throat and they turn. He's dressed and waiting. They get dressed then head out to the crash site. It's gone everything from the site has vanished except for one thing. Theres like a piece of paper, when Harte picks it up she gasps. Mulder comes over and looks at it theres a simple phrase on it. When Oliver walks over he and Harte exchange a glance Mulder catches it.

What's on that paper Mulder?

Is says: you didn't say goodbye.


Harte what is it?

How though Tiger?

I don't know I could have swore

Me too.

I know I rember it right.

There's no way.

Well you two stop babbiling you aren't making sense.

Tiger, call the others.

Oliver pulls out his cell, he starts to make some calls and Mulder pulls Harte of to the side.

What's going on?

You wouldn't understand.

Yes, I most certianly would.

Let's just say someone from our past is following us.


Just someone.

A friend of yours?

You could say that.

A friend Princess?

I said you could say that.


I can't reach anyone else.

Wonder why.

Harte tell me what's going on?

It's Rita ok! Someone who hates and dispises us! Look you guys should get out of here your in danger.

What are you talking about?

Scully incase you missed it we were the power rangers ok, we've seen aliens be abducted by them and destroyed them.

Princess, I figured out why I can't get anyone.


He flips the cell phone over and the battery is dead. She looks around and once it's only the four of them she pulls out a black bag small enough to fit in her pocket, from the bag she pulls out two coins, Oliver stares in disbelief.

How did you?

He gave them to me before I left. He knew that if I had a copy the power could be channeled. Here.

She hands him a coin, Mulder catches a glimps of it and there is a Tiger on it. She looks at them hopefully.

You won't say anything?

No, I promise.

No never.

Oh and Scully, you've been proven wrong.

The hear a familiar sound and as they turn they see the putties they morph.

White Tiger!


Scully duck!

They flip over her and start to fight the putties they disappear. Harte stands look at he ground in disbelief.

What is it Harte?

I thought this part of my life was a closed case.

Doesn't look that way.

And to the world it is an x file.

Never to be a shut case.

Part 2- Reunion

Welcome back kiddies!


Yes my dear Kimberly.


My dear Tommy, you have been investagating the crahs of Serpintara.

You're history.

The rangers turn to see Mulder in the Red ranger outfit and Scully in the yellow.

I'm confused.

Who are they?

Mulder! Didn't I tell you not to touch those?


Oh, oops.

Well now we have 4 rangers.

How intresting.

So I'm now a power ranger?

Yes Scully, deal with it.

I am dealing with it.

Oh and change the attitude.

What attitude?

Those are aliens. Those right there.

Pointing to Rita and Zedd motioning, a few times before Scully shakes her head.

To be continued